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  2. These are fantastic and were fun to collect. Is the tiny pink one a soul gem from Madoka or a Faberge egg? I freaking love it either way! So many of these are wonderful. Great job spriters!
  3. I too wish the drop rate were a bit faster, this will be the first year I haven't collected all of the eggs. Oh well, maybe next year.
  4. HAVE: (click image for lineage) 3EG F Bronze Tinsel x M frilled checker WANT: bloodswap offers Make me an offer I can't refuse I use decline! If your offer stands, I'm considering it or haven't seen it. Cheers! Shala
  5. Trying to get a PB *Mint*, the pair made one egg and hasn't been interested since, even with fertility. Swapping mates isn't an option as they are CB Foolish Mints.
  6. apologies .. was so amazed .... forgot my manners still looking at these lovelies thank you ...
  7. I'd love to see the drop rate tinkered with, something more in the range of 5-8 minutes instead of 10-15. 62 eggs does seem like a lot, but it's actually not *that* much more then we've had past years... each year since 2013 we've had over 50 eggs, and we actually did have 62 eggs before, in 2015. There are so many awesome, beautiful, and fun eggs each year I'd hate to see it limited to less, much rather see the drop rate change.
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  9. Was standing on the edge of a cliff in Minecraft, and got shot off of it by a skeleton.
  10. Jowan Allies: Duke, Kelsier, Dynarst, Fiddlesticks, Typheus Location: Outside Jowan nods, engrossed in Kelsier’s explanation. Zinc and brass sounded less powerful and versatile than the mental applications of blood magic, but perhaps faster to cast and more subtle? Far easier to block, though, if any allomancer could just eat some copper to stop it. “Do you think copper could be used to block magic from other worlds?” Kelsier finishes his explanation, and without warning Jowan is hit with a sense of awe. Wow, that was amazing -- the Lord Survivor didn’t even look like he’d done anything and just -- wow. “Um, y-yeah, think so,” he mumbles. It’s a little terrifying to be in the presence of someone with so much presence, so he steps back and clings to one of Duke’s arms for some measure of protection, then looks up and -- Seeing the Lord Survivor didn’t prepare him for Duke, with his infectious smile and sun-touched hair and wide, open eyes. "You’re really pretty, aren’t you,” he breathes, amazed that such a person could exist. So powerful, yet so kind and willing to help -- how? And he’d even managed to remember how to spell ‘hug’ the first time, despite how little attention he had seemed to be paying! He’s smart (well, maybe not really, but there’s hope) and incredible and -- The effect ends and the awe drains away, leaving in its place dregs of horror and betrayal towards Kelsier and disgust at himself for being so easily manipulated. No wonder Loghain had managed to trick him so easily, if he practically fell at Kelsier’s feet as soon as the man used a bit of magic on him! “Y-you -- what is wrong with you!” He means to yell, but his voice comes out strangely hushed. “Maker, you didn’t give any warning, you just!” He tries to take a step backwards, away from Kelsier, but he’s still clinging onto Duke’s arm. Shocked, he drops it, even as a voice in his head whines at the loss of contact. A fresh dose of horror runs through him as he remembers what he’d done under the effects of the spell. “I need to --” He doesn’t know what he needs. To get away from Kelsier. Anything. maybe it's a dream maybe nothing else is real
  11. That is a beautiful lineage! I have gay dragons; guess that reviewer never saw them go through.
  12. Typheus listened to the stranger's explanation with interest. He clearly hadn't iron-pulled to the pond, which was the only type of allomancy Elise had told him about, because he wouldn't have shot up into the air like that. The other types were interesting, to say the least... He had a passing wonder if the emotion types - brass and zinc - would have any effect on him or Fiddlesticks. That would be useful in the future; at least, until the man figures out how to make one of them angry. He'd been unreasonably angry once. He didn't want to be steeped in so much negativity again. Gryn knows how Fiddlesticks feels then, considering how often she's been mad for no good reason. The Pusher model jerked a little bit when the trio noticed them, but actually hesitated on her own without Typheus sticking his claws into her. He gave her a puzzled look, still uncertain of why she came here in the first place or how she knew of the fight. While Duke waved at Dynarst and said.... "hufh"?, the Superiority model quickly opened his emitters and stole a peek into his partner's mind. What are you doing? she immediately asked through the console. Outwardly she only glanced at him, ears perking a little bit. He blinked, not expecting her to be so acutely aware of him. I'm trying to figure out why you're so sullen, he said vaguely. He searched her mind, and found that it was unusually still. Usually threads were going off like fireworks in there. Besides the argument? she pointed out. I withdraw my case. What a formal way to say you're sorry, she joked; a few threads lit up, but her levity quickly disappeared. You don't have too... Why not? I was rude. I was just thinking... about what you said about us not needing to be here. So I was going to the Gateway to see if I could figure out how it works. Typheus didn't say anything, but he did try really hard to contain his amusement. Unfortunately it didn't really work. Oh, shut up! You're a novice and it's alien tech! he laughed. Doesn't mean I can't dream! And the fire caught your attention? ...Yes. Typheus looked at her for a moment, then closed his emitters, severing the connection. He looked back at the three men, the previous flames that they had been standing in now reduced to smoldering ash. Duke had struck up conversation with Dynarst, with Jowan standing beside him, rubbing the same arm that was wounded during the mission. The stranger was sopping wet, but didn't seem bothered. None of them were wary of the mechs; even when Fiddlesticks attacked Duke, the most he did was pass out, and Dynarst referred to Typheus as a friend, earning him a look of surprise and gratitude from the machine. It wasn't like they weren't welcome here... "How about this," Typheus began, catching the Pusher model's attention again, "clearly we messed up with the mission. I'll take the blame for that. I should have tried harder to convince you it was the wrong planet." Fiddlesticks mumbled something, but he continued, "But we have proved that these people do go onto other worlds, and do try to amend them. There are a finite number of us here, and it's desirable to take missions in familiar places. So what if I talk to Twilight about our situation, clear up some things, and we can do a mission for us? To try and find Cyrii? Would you be okay with that?" Fiddlesticks perked up at her pilot's name, but the brightness of her eye kept fluctuating, reflecting internal conflict. For several long moments, he thought she wouldn't answer, or try to find an excuse to do everything herself. Then, she finally said quietly, "I would like that... but what about the crystal?" He slowly blinked in relief, his internal worries calming down. "Who needs it? We have three men who can raise walls that can stop you, use metal for magic, and start fires. I haven't met everyone here but it can't be that much different, can it?" "Can they take cosmic fire?" He laughed. "Guess we'll see about that." He finally relaxed his posture for the first time since coming through the Gateway, and let Fiddlesticks go. Atypically for her, she lingered for a bit, looking around uncertainly before she saw Duke waving them over. She kept her feet planted on the ground, suspecting another maze; Typheus didn't even think of that and casually walked over, glancing back once to see if Dynarst or his partner were following. So, a little bit reassured, she followed, before coming to a hesitant stop beside him in front of Duke. "I'd be happy to take a tour if you're willing to provide it," Typheus responded to Duke's offer. "I didn't think there would be time with the missions going on." He then took a moment to introduce himself for the stranger with wet clothes, "Typheus." He then looked at Fiddlesticks for her input, but there was just a long pause where she just stared at Duke, ears twitching. Then she said, out of the blue, "I thought you were going to crush me with that maze." Typheus shot her a sharp look and smacked her arm. She beeped and pulled back. "It's a genuine concern!" He stared judgmentally. "Okay fine! I stabbed you because it was fun, cape guy," she admitted, breaking eye contact, her voice lowering to a mumble. "Duke," Typheus introduced for him. "What? He's a duke?" "No, just Duke." He gestured to the man beside him, "Jowan," then next to him, "Dynarst," then to the stranger, "... the new guy." "Fiddlesticks," she added for herself. Interested in quickly forgetting her failed assault so she didn't have to explain to the others that she did stab Duke, she asked the trio, "Why did you guys stop fighting? We were just watching."
  13. Oh jeez, not sure why I thought festival of eggs meant new dragons, especially since I've been here for a few. There was an April release last year, so yeah, hopefully there will be one within a week.
  14. Whoever made that Stargate egg, you are a pure genius! I love SG1! and to see a Stargate egg... just Eeee!!! ETA: Sorry, I know, I'm such a nerd. lol. xD
  15. Every Easter we go to my Grandma's house to eat an Easter Ham. This year was no exception. When I was younger we did the coloring eggs and egg hunt things, but now we just get a chocolate bunny and my parents "hide" it in the pantry for me.
  16. Dragon cave birthday is 22th of May, usually there is a big release around that week. I dunno if April will have one, if it does I belive it will be a small one to compensate, hopefully this weekend.
  17. I've finished my little egg collection for this year. It was good fun, I didn't get most of the references but the MBMBaM and Lugia ones really made me smile, thank you spriters for submitting your wonderful works of art.
  18. should be a release sometime this month. same as every month. FoE is separate and has nothing to do with releases.
  19. Dracaena

    Z Project

    Is also clueless about the current discussion (at 59, maybe too old to get it?). But here's a couple cb Z commons from AP if anyone wants them. Z cb electric! Z cb ridgewing!
  20. Will there be new dragons released soon? I can't remember when they came out last year compared to the festival of eggs.
  21. Round 4 Regular R28. A messy lineage where every dragon is Neutral-aligned bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/t1XjL R29. Something that is forever nameless... Aww no I'm now sad that I didn't manage the snatch Slipknot song "The Nameless" as a name for one of my dragons R32. Prize-fail that's also a miscolour of the non-prize parent bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/r4rDt Cascade Cas2a. Nebulae of all four variations (blue, purple, red, green) Cas2b. CB nebulae of all four variations bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/KE3QD https://dragcave.net/view/JNLRK https://dragcave.net/view/Q87CI https://dragcave.net/view/KKVNF Cas2c. CB nebulae of all four variations from Alpine and CB nebulae of all four variations from Desert
  22. 62 is a bit much tbh. Enjoying the artwork and appreciate everyone who made an effort, but maybe it's smart to keep a limit. Especially since the drop rate can be up to 15 min.
  23. Oof, managed to collect all of them in time! Lots of great eggs this year, but my favorites are the one with the octopus and the one with the purple dragon
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