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  2. thank you indeed~ I took the Soulpeace! Very much appreciated will be well cared for!
  3. 3G Purebred Hybrids Carinae - X / X / X Soulpeace - X Thank You's are always appreciated! Take as many as you like!
  4. Work in progress! When scientists discovered that shifters existed they decided to test their capability to be cooperative with another Apex species within the same living area, or see if it lead would to their destruction and war. Two species was chosen amongst the main species subspecies were allowed to be included in this experiment. The biome they chose and created was that of an African plain and jungle. The plains belong to the Panthera species, mostly known as large cats that roar. This consists of mostly Lions, leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars with a few tigers and smaller cats with the Felidae marking. (Lynx, cougar, serval etc) The jungles belong to the Canis species. Mostly wolves of different types from artic to European, African wild dogs, jackals, coyote, and mained wolf. Will the two drastically different species come together and live in harmony and peace, or fight over resources and for dominance? -------------- Rules:
  5. @Shadowdrake thank you! Im so relieved there is a way 😌
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  7. She walked with him to the inn to get Ray and then continued walking with them them towards the tunnel that led to both his den and the grotto. She k let down Anne started to pick the petals as well after telling Ray that she could due to Culacin giving her the ability to do so as a wedding gift. She then kissed Adonis back when he kissed her before he did the same to his mom and then left to head to the cave where she had first met him and she watched him go before having her attention go back to picking the petals until the basket was full.
  8. My opinion, just my opinion, not trying to speak for anyone else. No one is ever forced to do anything. You choose your own actions. No one can "make' you mad. Getting angry over something is your choice. When someone gets frustrated at the AP it is their own choice. No matter what is in the AP taking or not taking what is on offer is a personal choice.
  9. 1) abuse? What? 2) no one is forcing you to pick up these eggs. and i have trouble understanding why its so important for you to get eggs from the AP *right then and there*. If the AP is showing a wall of something, it means that that is the lowest time thing available at the moment. This doesnt keep you from enjoying whats behind the wall, it just means you have to *gasp* wait a little while. Why does it matter if you lock yourself now, or in an hour or two. If your problem with AP walls is that you "cant find anything to do on DC", and that bothers you that much, then it sounds like youre addicted and might need to step back. I still hold that adding an extra line of non-wall eggs is the best solution to help everyone. It doesnt penalize breeders/massbreeders, and it also means people can sift through different stuff. If that stuff is "highly valued" or whatever, itll be snatched up. If not, then we'll have a wall plus a line of eggs no one wants (which is what the ap is when there arent walls btw)
  10. I would love a dedicated breeding manager to do things like -Linking mates together for easy finding and breeding -A search bar when you want to breed something -pagination and/or group selectors -showing the cooldown on your dragons for breeding in a quick and easy location - "Scheduling" breeding to better remember those dragons you breed on a regular basis -heck, something like our wish lists and contact info can be added in a small section here as well instead of naming a hand full of dragons. Think alternative profile page for breeders. So many things could be added, tweaked, improved on in a dedicated place globalized around breeding, since it is also just as much a major part of the game as raising dragons are ^^
  11. I would be for it. the reason I would be is that myself have 2 different reasons to struggle with the current system- 1) I am dyslexic 2) I am not a native english speaker the second slows my reading down some for it, but is not the major issue. Its the first. Reading the brief phrase is actually a struggle for me more often than not. It not only takes me longer to read it, but sometimes I need to a few times over just to properly read it. Anything that is rare, I will practically never have a chance to catch. I have caught a few here and there out of luck and on one of my good days, but often require trading for the eggs in question. I prefer sitting in the AP for this reason because then I at least see the egg and can at least feel like I have a chance to get the things that I want. Of course, the whole thing shouldn't just be changed for me, but some consideration or some minor changes like the egg showing if its in the encyclopedia would be a huge god send for me and probably many others
  12. Calling something like this abuse is a little uncalled for, not to mention a little disrespectful. I'm sure you don't mean to be of course, but that's really, really a poor choice of wording. It's not abuse - you're not even being forced to pick anything up. Nobody is grabbing your hand and making you pick those eggs up. Abuse is a very very strong and uncalled for word for this. Nobody's hurting you physically or mentally - and nobody is responsible if you feel victimized by something as simple as a perfectly allowable and legal mechanic of the game. I think Olympe's suggestion is the most sensible from what I've read to so far (there's a lot of pages of stuff bear with me). A lot of the problems I see are with some of the suggestions boil down to forcing eggs to hit the uninfluenceable time limit or just simply dying. I have certain irreplaceable dragons that gendered wrong, and I can't do anything about it but they came form the AP at a time too low to influence. Other people might get these same things by choosing to not show eggs in order of age - it does kinda feel meh to get an irreplaceable egg, only to have it gender wrong and ther's nothing you can do to replace it. Or if there is, it takes an extreme amount of luck or trading to do so. Granted I don't think there needs to be any fix - I'm literally massbreeding all 1,200 of my turpentines right now. And you know what? It's going to take four hours, and that's extremely draining. Mass-breeding isn't something you can just easy click and do - it takes hours to build a wall that blocks the AP for enormous amounts of time. If i had to chose an option here, I do like Olympe's last suggested one somewhat.
  13. HAVE: CBOn cooldown https://dragcave.net/view/K69si WANT: How many CB Summers will you offer? Pm me. In five hours I will either accept an offer or post a trade link for it.
  14. Yes, there's a temporary sort on the top right of your dragons page and if you sort by breed, your nebula hatchie will sort below the color of nebula adults it will become. So it'll be purple/blue adults, potentially purple/blue hatchies, red/green adults, potentially red/green hatchies. This does not work on eggs, only ungendered nebula hatchies.
  15. Bumping again bc breed page is still big and unwieldy for anyone past plat or on mobile.
  16. Cracking a whip over the horse's heads they lurched into a full gallop down the mountain. As they neared the town a owl appeared and hooted and Zeroth jerked on the raines and they slid twords the bad part of town. Flying down the crowded streets full of last minute shoppers and families coming into town, nobody seemed to notice the black sleigh swerving through carriages and crowds of people before they slid to a sudden halt outside of a rundown Home for young girls just beyond the edge of a district in a not so friendly part of the town. Zeroth looked in horror at the place as Dawn followed a younger looking girl, about maybe eight or nine out the front door and down the street. Dawn was trying to talk to the girl, and looked at the sleigh with a icy stare before running after the girl who had on a tattered stained pink dress on and a thin coat with a large needle pinned to the lapel. Zeroth, the always level headed and laid back jokester seemed to give off a sicking sweet smell, one like a fly trap makes. Jach sprang from the roof of the home and landed on the street looking on as Dawn still tried to get the attention of he girl, telling her to run before she gets sucked in, but it was clear that the girl didn't hear her. Jach, although it was during the day was in full demon form due to the overcast and dark clouds of the ever falling snow, looked at Zeroth who looked ready to pounce on anyone who walked into the house. Jach gave him a nod and waved him to dawn and the girl. Zeroth then jumped off, fixed his suit and walked over to the cold and frightened girl. He crouched and begin speaking to her, ignoring Dawn who berated him then walked with the girl back to the house going inside as Dawn stood outside looking defeated. "He won't hurt her. I didn't know this place existed, so with my blessing he's making an offer on my behalf. Buying the property and the occupants inside. She's your sister isn't she? " He said softly standing by Dawn. "I don't trust you! Or him!" She shouted and started hitting his wings. "You're a demon! A devil! You love these kinds of things! I don't believe you!" She screamed and started to cry. "I'll kill you if you hurt her! I'm already dead! You can't kill me twice!" Jach simply looked sadly at the door of the building. "Zeroth is an offspring of lust, an Incubus. But that doesn't mean that he is bad. " He sighed. "He grew up in a place like this. Him and his twin sister, a human girl, not much older then you at the time both experienced what you had to. When she died, he promised her to find all places like this one, and destroy the people who run them, save the children and get them help." She said softly setting a hand on Dawns head. "No, they can't join us at the house, but I will send a guardian here. From now on, your sister and any child inside will be safe. " ((If you are confused I'll send a pm to you explaining. ))
  17. Its been years since ive raised Nebulas. I need someone to jog my memory please: is there any way to determine a Nebulas color before it genders? That way I dont go five days raising the wrong color? I want to start a lineage that requires purple nebbies. (Im scared of how long itll take if I wait for each dragon to gender just to come out green 😣)
  18. I just bred a 4th gen Gold perfect Dorkface checker. Make an offer on my egg!
  19. This is what I agree with and what I do. I just did a quick count of the Nocturns on my scroll and, counting a baby on my scroll, I have 76 of them. The hatchie is one of the rare CB Nocturns that I actually found in the AP. Needless to say, it was not part of a wall or I would not have picked it up. Now I might refresh a wall a few times to see if something interesting (aka non-wall) pops up, but that soon gets tiring. Then I look in the biomes to see if I can find a newer release or an egg to raise for the limited amount of breeding I do for my scroll, but that fills my slots quickly if I'm in luck. It's really hunting in the AP that keeps me active on the site. Frankly, since I feel I have more than enough Nocturns (or, with just a few possible exceptions, probably any breed the wall might be made of) I eventually wander away to a different site. So, this leads me back to the line I quoted above. It is not logical and it doesn't make sense, however it has been said (but not by Albert Einstein) "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results." IMHO, many of us have become addicted to this site and, since we do sometimes get nice rewards, we continue clicking even when we know we are being abused by a small number of members who force their unwanted eggs on the rest of us. Sooner or later there will be a new release, or the wall will end, and we can enjoy DC again. At least, until the next wall comes...
  20. I don't support showing the eggs. I like a little bit of randomness added to the game, and I find it exciting when I pick up a red CB frill, or a tan ridgewing. It would also mean pygmies and drake eggs would be much harder to pick up. And to be honest, it would get confusing - a lot of the eggs already look like eachother. I don't want similar descriptions and similar eggs at the same time.
  21. I had a good number of encyclopedia entries completely unlocked before the Market was introduced, which was a bit of a relief after finding out the Market was tied to the encyclopedia that way. I used hatcheries, as others have said, those are especially good for newer breeds. I also had a list of actual user's scrolls that have a lot of dragons (a lot of frozen hatchlings, or a lot of zombies, etc), that was very helpful just to go through scrolls and click on everything. The scroll list I had was simply made from clicking forum-users signature links.
  22. He got up when she touched his shoulder and walked to the inn, picking up his mom and then took the secret tunnel to his den, then the river tunnel to the grotto. He sat and started plucking the red petals off the flowers and dropping them into the basket. He then kissed Sam and his mom then went to collect the ones that grew where his blood had fell in February when they delt with the monster.
  23. This weeks round of gift exchange is now open! Hope you have fun! ❤️
  24. My 1st Ylw Undine stage 2 hatchling, for those who need to fill in your Undine alt sprites. Current project for however long before reality or another game reclaims me 😅 28 hrs and counting left before adulting
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