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  2. a third vine... https://dragcave.net/lineage/5vgZG https://dragcave.net/teleport/496aa8bd1b406b84122a565483d848fd anyone want it?
  3. Only five action log pages today instead of the nine yesterday. I didn't get all my greens bred -- didn't realize I had so many. Blue tomorrow is an impossible task! Many of my favorite breeds are blue! I have over 1400 Splits alone. Shall I try for a wall of those?
  4. It's been resolved! Thank you!
  5. The forum upgrade a few years back caused some issues with old expired warns for some users. No worries - no consequences are associated with the glitches. They should be gone now - let us know if they are still there.
  6. Form is closed! Results will be posted soon!
  7. 46,797 See Darien's correction above.
  8. Yeah, I guess I'm gonna out myself here, but it says my account has two warning points from......many years ago, and I was wondering if those could be cleaned up somehow? (Sorry to be so demanding upon my return, lol)
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  10. @Sesshomaru yeah, that sounds about right for august.... i'm actually about an hour northeastish of center city Philly, in Bucks County. i've actually been to the Franklin Institute when i was a kid, and one time i took my kids there when they were kids (they're 18 and 21 now o_O) i've been to Independence Hall when i was in high school. i LOVE cheesesteaks. yum. is your family in/near Philly, or was that just a tourist thing?
  11. CB precog'ed female Bolt eggie! Claim my eggs/hatchlings.
  12. Along with the tree, several death records came down and plopped by her with more details about the lives of each member in the branch. Some where war heros, her quadruple great grandmother held a contract with Jach but was under a maiden name the reason was to get away from a abusive step father (who tried to become her husband after her mom died to get the money left to her) and married into the Weil family starting the company with her gift, but it would take a few generations to get to where they were today.
  13. I've got family on the East Coast, though I only ever visited in August and September. The August trip was really hot, and the other times featured pretty mild weather, accordingly to my sensibilities, anyway. I was only six the first time, but I remember driving from the Jersey Shore to Philadelphia, and visiting the Franklin Institute and Independence Hall. I think my favorite part was trying a Philly Cheesesteak from Philly. It was highly satisfying.
  14. Most of my dragons hate each other. 😢 Guess I'm going to have to work on getting more of what few I have. LOL
  15. Adonis came in sweaty and covered in wood shavings and saw dust from his pedal saw blade looking exhausted. "I have to deliver the product today so I can set it up tomorrow in the house so I'll be back after dark. Don't wait up for me love." He said and headed back out and pulled a wagon with the pieces out and pulled them to the village.
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