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The egg game! v... OVER NINE THOUSAND

Please vote for the below sprite  

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The egg: user posted image

This egg seems to vibrate and roll.



Must be GIF or PNG.

Must be a true sprite.

Must have a description.

Must be 100 pixels or under.

Must be PM'd to the advent organizer.

Vote for what matches the egg best, not the best sprite.

Don't advertise for votes anywhere.

Don't display the art anywhere until after the competition is over.

Don't submit more than one sprite.

Don't vote for your own sprite.


1.user posted image

Velu Dragons are known for their telekinesis movement of objects. They can move an object from up to 50 yards away. Velus will use this when they hunt, stalking up behind their prey, much like a cat would, then pulling their prey to them. Then they will use their very venomous bite to finish off the helpless animal.


2.user posted image

The maned pygmy seer dragons are just as they are named. Incredibly small for a dragon, being only the size of a basset hound, they look as though they are easy prey. Do not be fooled, however, for they have adapted a thick coat of fur that prevents them from getting too badly hurt when bitten or clawed. Another thing to note about them is their ability to see into the future. With a small jewel that they craft themselves, they carry it around nonstop and slink about, messing with the future and holing themselves up in small tunnels.


3.user posted image

The plainshopper dragons get their names from their impala-like run. They are very fast and efficient nocturnal predators and must constantly seek food in order to sustain their very high metabolisms. While hatchlings are fast enough to keep up with their nomadic family groups, eggs must be carried in their mothers' tails until they hatch. The tufts of hair on males' tails are usually larger than the females' and are used to attract mates. Unlike most winged dragons, plainshoppers prefer not to use their wings because they are too small for efficient flight. Instead, they use their wings to help balance while running and will only fly in order to escape predators.

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I must agree. smile.gif I'l say this'll end in a week's time, the 9th?

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I really like how the first one shares the egg designs on its body

And the scond one holds that little orb/fire thing smile.gif

And I really LOVE the third ones wings biggrin.gif


I need talent like zis! tongue.gif

Edited by Tatrina

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Thanks for the votes, everyone. ^^


Love the markings on the first one, btw, the fur on the third, and the 'stache on the second.

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Thanks, Cort.


Cort has won with his/her Velu dragon! smile.gif Nice job!

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