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I love to breed on request! Check my profile for info and please ask politely. My wishlist is also there. -- Always on the lookout for eggs with Nadat/N4dat/N4d4t/Nad4t as the code.Seeking CB metallics, magmas. Also shimmerscales; will raise supplies of common/uncommon hatchlings for any of the three breeds. I have a CB Frill and a CB Yulebuck I can breed for eggs/IOUs; Also have two hollies I'm willing to IOU eggs with for shimmerscales.Nebula army count: 71 adults (will take even inbred ones)See My Scroll! -- See my wishlist -- Accepting and giving of IOUs.

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    Willing to breed! With most dragons/eggs I'm very happy to breed and give away offspring for free. I can't do that with my metallics as they're not big on the whole reproduction thing and I'm hoping to start trading them, and 3rd and 4th gen tinsels are also for trading with in most events. Shimmers are also reserved, sorry.

    Scroll surname theme:
    Inbred = a'Fate
    All others = Fate

    Looking for:
    Shimmerscales (will trade Holly IOU for 2nd or 3rd gen or raise hatchlings, anything; looking to do shimmerswaps)
    Any nebula* (gen/lineage doesn't matter)
    Tinsels (will trade Holly IOU for 2nd or 3rd gen or raise hatchlings, anything.)
    1 male-line 6th-gen or lower tinsel, silver or gold, not related to Inextrica, Living in Sin, or Gold Epica
    A 2nd gen pygmy egg from pygmy father and pumpkin mother

    CBs of: (in an attempt to get two CB pairs of each breed)
    Magma (male)
    Gold (male)
    Summer (male)
    Silver (male)
    Black-cap (2 male)
    Copper (all colors and genders)

    ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR ANY DRAGON WITH A CODE OF NADAT. Any variation of caps or lowercase, and n4dat, nad4t, or n4d4t. Will trade offspring of my dragons for these (except holly unless it's a CB gold or silver) and can raise hatchlings too. I'm a poor catcher, so I can't really make IOUs for CB things.

    *Have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gen even Neb that you want a bloodswap for? I can breed and trade!

    IOUs I OWE:
    Bronze Tin egg from JenUK - Rukii bii. (Bred Ap. 25th, tinselfail)

    Egg from http://dragcave.net/lineage/iBNcL from Gistofeverything (payment for hRMXt)

    rayden54 - 4 hatchlings from list
    Zzela Busya - 7 hatchlings from list
    blackdragon71 - 3 CB Spitfire hatchlings
    Shae - 8 cb male pillow and/or lineaged purple hatchlings
    Siliconrose - CB hatchies of GW, Neb, Electric and Stripe
    Siliconrose - 10 CB hatchlings off list
    Azureocean - bronze shimmer egg