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Dusk Lineage

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New eggs up for adoption. Can be found on the first page in this post.


That's where I'll be putting them from now on.

I got http://dragcave.net/lineage/jVI6j


<3 the Dusk lineages, always thought Dusk was such a pretty name to have in it, and i'm a fan of black bred with anything! haha



My fav Dusks:






When i get more, i'll make a Dusk section on my scroll, like with my dorkfaces and thuweds biggrin.gif

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I have a 3rd gen Dusk nebula that I would like to give to someone. PM me if you are interested. biggrin.gif




If no one is interested in the next hour, I'll just gift it to someone random. *never has room on scroll* ^.^;


Eggie taken. smile.gif

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▶ I've updated the information in the second post if you want to read through that.


▶ I have added a form in the fourth post where you can suggest names for my unnamed dragons.


▶ I have added a list for Low Gen Dusk Breeders.

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Uh . . . the one that says black hatchling is a repeat of the link for one of the glories. sad.gif

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