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My scroll blackpearllineage.pngsl181t.pngEgwenna.gifTinselBanner2.gif2ep1y1f.pngPersonal LineagesWishlist: CB Gold, CB Silver, Alt sweetling x GW/stripe, profile?Please PM me if you're offering IOUSs

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    See something you love? I take requests for non-metallics and 5G+ tinsels
    NOT ACTIVE ANYMORE, but feel free to send me a PM for breeding requests :)

    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    Alt Sweetling/Holly x Stripe
    Old Pink/White/Black/Stripe/Pillow/Sunsong/Red/WM/SA xGold
    White/Black/Stripe/Hellfire/Moonstone/Nebula/Fog/Marrow/SW x Silver
    Gold Wyvern x Alt Sweetling
    2G from holiday alts/tinsel

    Low Priority:
    2G Sweetling/Alt/Silver/Gold/Holly/Tinsel x Marrow
    PB Trios
    Summer from Summer start (5G)
    3G from holiday alts
    Nice even gens

    If you have 0-1 non-inbred metallics, I will trade IOUs for two of the following options:
    CB Blusang (1only)
    CB Spring/CB Summer (M) (1only)
    CB Mint (M)
    CB Canopy (M)

    Black x blue Neb (personal)
    Turp x Lumina (hiatus)
    GW x Red
    Thunder x Turp
    Blusang x Ice
    Magi x Gold Horned Tanager
    Cave Lurker x Purple Dorsal