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So, what do you guys do here?

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I'm pretty new around here and I'm just starting to figure things out, so bare with me lol.

I've been browsing around this forum for a little bit here and I find myself struggling to get a good grasp on what you guys are alll up to. I see the occasional mention of a lineage, but I have no idea what any of this really is. Could anyone give me a quick run down of what there is to do here or what everyone else is doing? Or if it's more convenient, link me to a topic or two talking about this? 

Thank you so much in advance! It's much appriciated!

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Welcome!  :3  You might want to give the mentoring project a look, but we'd also all be happy to answer questions here!


So!  First of all, "what do you do here?"


That's a bit variable, so I'll break it down!


The Bare Bones Basics:


You obtain and raise dragons (and a few other critters but those are hard to come by).  This is done by a few methods:

  • Steal them from the cave biomes
  • Pick them up off the abandoned page
  • Purchase them in the Marketplace
  • Breed them
  • Trade for them
  • Be gifted them

Most of your stuff is going to come either from the cave biomes or the AP (abandoned page/abandoned pile), at least at first.  Once you build up enough you may end up with most of them coming from your breedings, if you decide that's something you want to do.


Why do you raise a dragon?


Because you can!  There's multiple reasons to collect dragons:

  • You like the way they look
  • You like their lineage (I'll get to that later)
  • You want to use them for a lineage
  • They have abilities that you find useful (again, later)
  • You like their unique ID code
  • You like collecting sets of things

Most people collect their favorite dragons, and they may or may not want to collect specific sets such as having their own personal goals of "at least one adult of every dragon image available" or "a breeding pair of 1st generation dragons for every breed possible".  Other people may want, say, 15 adults of each type.  Or they may not want any adults and just want frozen hatchlings.  They may want to meet an arbitrary minimum and then gather more for favored breeds.


All those and more are valid ways to play--your collection goals are personal and there's no right or wrong way to go about it.  You can even change your goals over time!


Basic actions:

  • Steal an egg:  Obtain an egg from one of the cave biomes.  Also can be used to refer to eggs obtained off the abandoned page.  You're not stealing from other players, however, and don't need to worry about your eggs being stolen by others.
  • Kill:  Smash an egg in an attempt to force it to hatch early, though it may either hatch and escape or die as well.  When used on hatchlings or adults, they may dodge and you have to wait to the next day to try again.  If successful, they're dead.  Dead egg shells and tombstones for hatchlings/adults will stay visible for 2 weeks, and for growing hatchlings and eggs they will take up an inventory slot for 24 hours.  Dead egg shells as well as tombstones from things that died due to sickness or running out of time will also remain for 2 weeks, but they will not take up an inventory slot.  Limited to 5 kill slots used per 2 weeks.  Named things that die have their names permanently taken up, so be wary there.
  • Fogging:  Hide your egg or hatchling in a fog!  This allows you to still see them, but other people will be unable to.  This prevents them from obtaining views, and also prevents them from having other actions performed on them.  They also are unable to hatch or mature into adults in this state, you need to unhide them to dispel it.  Unlimited uses.
  • Freeze:  Stop a hatchling from growing permanently, at whatever state it's at.  A "stage 1" or ungendered one will remain that way.  A "stage 2" or gendered one will remain that way.  Limited to a set number of users per 2 weeks.  The number can be increased per your trophy level, with higher trophy levels getting more freeze slots.
  • Abandon:  A growing egg or hatchling may be abandoned if you don't want it to allow other players a chance to raise it.
  • Release:  Only for adults and frozen hatchlings, releases them to become wild dragons.  They're removed from your scroll, and if they had a name then the name is removed--but unlike killing those names can be reused.  If they've bred, or are part of a lineage, they're still visible in those lineages.
  • Breed:  Breed a dragon with a compatible dragon of the opposite gender.  Dragons may breed and fail to produce an egg, show no interest, or refuse.  If they refuse you can never breed them, but if they just have no egg you can try again next time.  One week cooldown.
    • "Regular" dragons can all breed with each other.  A dragon is "regular" if it doesn't fall into one of the following categories:
      • "Pygmy" dragons can only breed with other pygmies
      • "Two-Headed" dragons can only breed with other two-headed dragons
      • "Drakes" can only breed with other drakes
  • Use Breed Specific Action:  Result is variable depending on action.  Cooldown is also variable depending on action.
  • Name:  Give your dragon a name!  All names must be alpha-numeric with a small selection of special characters.  Names must be unique--there cannot be two dragons named "Bob" for example.  Certain characters cannot be used at the start or end of a name (you can have 2 space in the middle of a name, but no spaces at the end of a name for example)
  • Revive:  Only available on dead hatching and adults, it gives you a one-time attempt to resurrect them.  This will usually fail.  If successful, they may instead become an undead/zombie dragon.  Or they may be revived as they were.
    • If you successfully revive a hatchling that ran out of time, it is given a short amount of time for you to try and mature it into an adult or to freeze it.
  • Describe:  Give a description to your frozen hatchlings or adults!  These have their own specific guidelines and rules to follow, as well as must be approved (and the queue for it tends to be pretty long) before they will appear to others.  They can give a little extra flavor to your individual dragons if you choose.


Useful terms:

  • AP = Abandoned page/Abandoned Pile. All things you abandon go here.  This also automatically happens if you try to breed dragons while you're "locked" and they produce an egg.  All of these abandoned critters go to one page where it's a free-for-all.
  • Egg/Scroll locked = you're out of inventory space for more growing dragons!  There are 2 individual limits--egg and total.  Your egg limit is 1/4 your total limit, so you can have more hatchlings than eggs.  If you are egglocked you can't obtain more eggs but can obtain more hatchlings.  If you're scroll locked, you've run out of room entirely and have to either abandon some things, freeze some hatchlings, or wait for things to mature into adults to get more.  Killing them causes them to retain their slot in your inventory for 24 hours.  So it can be useful in certain circumstances, but is almost always easier to simply abandon something if you need room.
  • Scroll = The record of your dragons that you have, which may or may not be visible to other players (you can control this to a degree in your settings).
  • BSA = Breed Specific Action.  These are unique abilities that only certain breeds possess.  Most frequently you'll see this in the context of dragons that can impart special effects to other dragons, but some have them as things that only change themselves.  There's a whole bunch of them.  The wiki has a list of them
  • "CB" = "Cave Born" this is used to refer to dragons that are "1st generation".  Largely only important if you plan to get into lineage stuff.
  • Lineage = well, a dragons' family tree!  Dragons that come from the marketplace or the cave biomes are "CB".  An example of a CB dragon is here.
  • 2nd/3rd/4th/etc. gen = which generation, after the original 1st gen, a dragon is.  This is usually pretty straightforwards.  An example of a 5th generation (so, it has 4 generations of ancestors) can be found here.
  • "Even gen" = "even generation".  In that 5th gen I linked above, it's what's called an "even generation"--that is, you can see how it has the same number of gen 1 ancestors.
  • "Stairstep" = a type of lineage that resembles stairs.  You can see one example here, and a different example here
  • Inbreeding = a dragon has related ancestors.  This causes no ill effects in-game.  You don't have mutations that will crop up, or dragons won't be more prone to sickness or dying or anything.  Some players avoid inbred dragons for a variety of reasons, but there's no actual in-game punishment for it.
    • An example of an inbred dragon is here--for this one, take a look at the names.  (All dragon names must be unique--so if the same name shows up multiple times in a lineage you can tell that it's inbred)  Here you can see the "CB" ancestors are all the exact same pair of dragons, and that each generation is comprised entirely of siblings.
    • A lot of inbreeding happens by mistake if you don't double-check lineages, but some like the example I linked are done intentionally for a variety of reasons.
  • "Messy lineage" = something that's sort of all over the place with no real pattern to it.  These are also often long.  This would be a "messy" example.  Again, there's no negative impact in-game for these.  It's entirely aesthetics.  A lot of players dislike them because they like to build a lineage that, when viewed laid out, has a pattern to it or some other sort of aesthetic sense.  This largely only matters if you plan to do trading.
  • There's actually a bunch of lineage terms, but those are probably among the most common ones you'll encounter.  There's a topic here that defines a bunch as well!  But, also, definitely feel free to drop questions here in the help section, or in the "Tiny Little Questions" thread if you don't think it's enough to warrant it's own topic (which is really largely at your discretion).  Don't worry about trying to read through that entire thread, by the way--the TLQ is a huge thread and by now a lot of older stuff will be out of date and a lot of us just use it as a quick "hey, I need a reminder on this detail" type thing in addition to newbies asking a variety of questions.


I think that should be a lot of the basics, but there's plenty to learn and many of us happy to answer questions as we can!


For the most part, you just kind of...  Collect what you like, and have fun with it.  It's a pretty laid-back, easy-going game for the most part.  :3

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At the forum, there are games to play in the Forum Games section, and a chat thread if you just want to talk to people.

Lineages are created by breeding dragons, sometimes trying to produce a specific look, like this, a spiral. It was bred for a contest. There are threads for certain lineages, but you're not obliged to join.

A mentor is definitely helpful. Try here for a mentor.

Mostly, have fun!

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