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ANSWERED:what do y'all use to sprite?

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You want to start incredibly simple.  Most of my first sprites were made in good old fashioned Microsoft Paint.  Paint's gotten a few more tools since I used it, but the basic pencil and eraser don't do any anti aliasing.


I use an ancient version of Photoshop now, but I know what tools NOT to use (most of them) as they will destroy pixel art.  You still want to be placing one pixel at a time, and make sure you aren't using anything that's going to blur, smooth, or add anti-aliasing.


However, there are some programs out there that are designed for pixel art.  GraphicsGale is a popular one.

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I still just pull out MSPaint for it usually, maybe Clip Paint Studio if I need to be able to zoom in more than Paint allows


But really anything that let's you place color pixel by pixel can be used.

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I'm not a spriter, i'm an animator but my best advice is:

I personally use adobe photoshop.  It's probably the best multifunctional art program, but is pricey if you don't already have it for work and stuff. 


Anything with a pencil tool or a way to turn off anti-aliasing will work. (Anti-ailiasing is the way many tools blur line edges slightly at a pixel level. It can be useful, but you want to avoid it in pixel art.)


If you want something that's free and has similar functionality to photoshop, then i'd reccomend Gimp. I used it several years ago and I remember it being very good and it's similarity to photoshop made learning it far easier later on.


MS paint is quite limited, but also much easier to learn to use if you're new to digital art.  It's a good tool to start learning, but when you upgrade you might find things like layers and blend modes a big learning curve.

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2 minutes ago, ShadowMistaken said:

Ah aight thanks! I have gimp and I'll be working on that :)


Thanks again!


If you want any help or tutorials with the software, let me know!

If you have questions specific to pixel art, this community is always super friendly and willing to answer. :)

Good luck!

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I like to use Photopea for spriting. It's mainly a photoshop software but is good for spiriting. (Use the pencil tool for pixel art.) It doesn't need to be downloaded and is easy to use.

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