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Trading Terms?

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I recently got a Magi Dragon, and its still a hatchie but soon I'll be planning to use it.. anyway, I look at the trading section and there's loads of terms I don't understand.

I've managed to figure out that CB is Cave-Born which I'm assuming is basically this site's version of a 1st Generation dragon (correct me if I'm wrong). But the others like "[number] g" (is there gems or something?) and "lineage" + "BSA" I don't understand. 


Also I noticed shards are thing.. I presume you can buy any dragon egg as long as you've unlocked it, but then is it CB or does it count as Bred? Also, are shards tradeable?


I think I need a basic outline of trading to be honest...

Thanks in advance!

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[Number] g - refers to the number of generations. This is a 4g - a 4th generation dragon. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZOfwh


Lineage - the ancestry of a dragon. Most are listed here: 

The one I just posted is a 4g checker.


BSA - Breed Specific Action  - most are listed here: https://dragcave.net/help/actions#bsa


You'll find a lot of info here:

And no, shards are not tradeable; you can only use them to buy eggs from the market. Market eggs are CB - but some people prefer lineages with no market bought dragons in them.

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Market dragons are also not tradeable so you can't spend shards to get that 1st gen someone is asking for.

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GOOD point - a timely reminder !

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