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Treasure Hunter now liveMy Scroll http://dragcave.net/user/DragonLady86 I can breed anything on my scroll, just ask. :) my boyfriend's scroll http://dragcave.net/user/marrtoCollecting all unwanted Aria dragons, regardless of lineage. Warning: If you are makeing Zombies: Un-name before you kill.  Dead dragons can not be renamed and the name will be lost if they don't revive. 

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    Need CB:
    Baikala (blue) (f)
    Copper (green) (m)
    Copper (red) (f)
    Firegem (green) (m)
    Gold (m)
    Imperial fleshcrown (f)
    Lunar Herald (gold) (f)
    Lunar Herald (silver) (f)
    Neotropical (m)
    Neostrife Wyvern (m)
    Pillow (f)
    Sinomorph (f)
    Sunrise (m)
    Sunsong Amphitptere (f)
    Tri-Horned Wyvern (f)
    White (m,f)
    Zuemorph (white)(f)