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Rosebud Breeding Plans!

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I know these darlings have been around forever, but there's been an influx of really lovely dragons in the last year or so that I think look gorgeous with them, so I figured a new Rosebud centric thread was in order!


I'm thinkin:

- Crystalline

- Stratos

- Venturis

- Aquilo

- Statarae

- Obidar

- Elux Lucis

- Mistra


And maybeee:

- Aqualis

- Aeria Gloris

- Tercorns

- Xol

- Alcedine (both colors)

- Labradorite

- Cantomaris (blue)

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Umbra and Aso, maybe?

I'll definitely be looking for 2nd gens from Mistra!

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You sent me straight to Heart of Blue to look at this one.



I think I like it.

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Thanks for heart of blue, forgot that was a thing! Crystalline looks as good as I hoped. ❤️

DC5.png.79e3f1bba8c312b0afa7738b3a7bbfd2.pngMy favorite! Flora lizards and nice earth green looks good with soft pink.

DC7.png.04231cfea53bf2057c771a337d45c3ea.png This is pretty cute.

DC3.png.1a89c8d676566c1809ed3cd8b1d29639.pngThis too.

DC1.png.e78315793e73c61b978f18ca1c1eeeeb.png Does anyone know how to show the other colors?

DC4.png.18eb8c32a0c04cf8ab001bbc91744dee.png ...Stats CAN breed true, right? XD 

DC6.png.3db870688f64f005b261d27a415cb2ad.pngMaybe a bit dark for my tastes.

DC2.png.fda0c6cf3e438a46f4c04af7e7204199.pngI love Venturis but the male does not look good in lineages. :


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