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ANSWERED:Confuse about Luminas

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So, I just bred all of my Luminas, both dark and light, but only one of the dark Luminas is naked.


One of the light successfully produced and egg with a Turp, but is not naked, in fact none of the light Luminas shed their scales.


Can someone explain this to me?


Group: https://dragcave.net/group/122466

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When bred to either Turpentines, Waterhorses or (I think) Albinos, both kinds of Luminas shed their scales for 24 hours. I didn't look at all your Luminas, but the first scaled one was bred more than 46 hours ago...


Didn't now about this off the top of my head, but Black Truffles also lead to Luminas shedding their scales. Oops.

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They only pick out their scales when they are bred with Turpentines, Black Truffles, Waterhorses and Albinos and the effect only lasts 24 hours. It looks like most of yours were bred with other breeds. The one with the Turpentine egg seems to have been bred more than 24 hours ago.

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