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DUPLICATE:Valkemare Cooking Channel (Holiday 2012 event)

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Hey y'all! I was hoping we could start up a thread to swap recipes that we discover on for the cooking event! Below is what I have so far -- I'll try to update as I find more things and as people make new recipes known!


Baking recipes!


Water => Boiling Water

Spices + Sliced Mushrooms + Boiling Water => Mushroom Soup

Plain Dough + Apple Slices => Apple Pie


Prep recipes!


Fruit => Apple Slices

Eggs + Sugar => Meringue

Mushrooms => Sliced Mushrooms

Egg + Flour => Plain Dough

Nuts => Peanut Butter


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Prep recipes:

Eggs + Flour = Plain dough.

Nuts = Peanut butter.



Oven recipes: 

Plain dough + Apple slices = Apple pie.


I'll update as I find more.

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I totally need some flour - I have dozens of recipes where I need plain dough, but I can't prepare that stuff without flour!


On the other hand, I could deal with Yeast (7), Meat (5) and  Spices (5) -_-'

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6 hours ago, eleutheria said:

... important note, make sure to add the ingredients in the right order =n= turns out order matters

It doesn't, though. I've definitely added ingredients in orders that's different from the card or wiki. Did you use the right type of card?

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By the way, I'm a bit irritated that I won't get any beer with Water x Grain + Yeast. *shakes head*

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