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Make Sakuhana Lineage Image Look Less Cramped

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So I want to suggest a simple adjustment. I noticed today when trying to plan out some event lineages I'd be interested in that the Sakuhana lineage image looks really cramped.




It's almost like their nose is being squished to the left edge of the frame. Not to mention that their head and horns together form this awkward triangle in the top left corner which gives me the impression of their head being stuck in there.




Could we possibly get the dragon moved down and to the right a bit to give the sprite more 'breathing space' on the top left, similarly to the Royal Crimson image shown in this example lineage? It wouldn't need to be as dramatic for the Sakuhana though, I just think they'd look much better in various lineages if they had a little more natural space in between their head and the top left corner. I know the wing pattern would be nice to show and all, but I would much prefer some of it being hidden to the dragon in the image looking so uncomfortable.

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I don't like lineage tiles like the Royal Crimson that have so much null space, and prefer the current Sakuhana. This is a purely subjective thing and isn't really an improvement so much as an arbitrary change, so I don't support it.

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