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ANSWERED:Way to get more views

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Is there an area in this forum to post a link to your dragons to get more views for your hatchlings and eggs? I have an egg that needs to hatch in a little bit over 1 1/2 days, so I was wondering if there was a place to show my eggs and hatchlings so they can get more views, unique views, and/or clicks. If not, that is fine, I just wanted to check.



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Here is the regular hatching thread: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/185752-official-dragon-cave-forum-hatchery-post-your-eggs-and-hatchlings-here/


Here is the thread for hatching things that are already ready to hatch: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/185753-official-dragon-cave-emergency-room-less-than-4-days-left-only/


Here is a link to a bunch of off-site hatcheries that most players use; they're automatic and rely on players to help give views: https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Click_Sites


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Thanks so much! This will help me quite a bit. I did notice after I posted this, that the egg I am talking about is starting to crack. 

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