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Warped: Multifandom 3.0...ish [ENDED]

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“Oh dear, oh no! What have I done? This isn't what I meant to do at all! All I wanted was...”

Congratulations! You are among the first to witness the resurrection of the destroyer… And the end of the world a first-of-its-kind multidimensional transporter created by the notorious inventor only known as Professor. Alas, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, and as such there have been a few minor mishaps. While the upside is that some of our favorite fictional heroes can now exist, as well as your original characters… The downside is that a bunch of villains managed to slip out of their dimensions! Of course, depending on what you like, this may also be a plus.

You (as in the characters) all meet on a large, recently discovered planet named Mul’tilennaya. It’s pretty, and it’s very similar in environment to modern-day Earth. You're stuck on a turf you’re not entirely familiar with. So you’re going to need to adjust. As Dorothy would say in The Wizard of Oz, “Toto… We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The villains all begin to gather up in one place on Mul’tilennaya, their home base if you will. They start to wreak havoc on the innocent inhabitants, changing the terrain to their liking, and now they’re under the villains’ control, and under a new government name: the Dark Order. They aren’t the most original bunch.

But this newly-established regime isn’t unified for long. With no leader to keep the Dark Order in check, it quickly begins to fall apart, with its members fighting each other for control.

To put an end to the overall madness, one villain rises up and crushes the budding civil war. They divide Mul’tilennaya into different sectors- with each member (or members, if they actually did get along) in charge of a sector. However, they still fight bloody battles amongst themselves, with their “citizens” being drafted quite often. The citizens are suffering more than ever.

So what are you to do? Stuck in an unknown place out of the blue, how will you get home? First you have to worry about all these villains, and then you have to figure out just what the hell is going on. Can you put an end to this madness somehow? Will you be able to make it out of this alive? Most importantly...Who is this Professor, and why did they create this madness in the first place?

With your fellow heroes (or, hell, former villains if you want!), you will try to unlock the mysteries of the multiverse. It works in many mysterious ways, ways that (evidently) haven't been discovered. Now here are the rules.


~General Rules~

  • All Dragon Cave Forums rules apply
  • No god-modding.
  • No suddenly “figuring out the answer to everything”. I don't even know it yet. The multiverse is very mysterious like I said before, so it's not going to be discovered right away. Especially if it's by a character that's usually deemed “weak”. That's not only cliché, but it's not fair to the other people in the role play. It should be a team effort. If you have any ideas, please discuss them in the OOC thread.
  • Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/interact. Don't make another rper’s character do what you want them to do.
  • Try to avoid explicit scenes. My policy: If clothes start coming off, black out. Not sure why you'd wanna do that anyway in the middle of battle or something, but okay.
  • All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored. (Ass is acceptable, but any combination with the word is not and needs to be censored.) And please don't curse all too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth. As stated, keep it PG-13.
  • When we officially begin, please do not begin until I give you the okay to do so. 
  • BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I don't want to see people bashing each other. You will be reported and kicked out of the RP. I'm not playing.
  • Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. But if I'm absent for too long, just send me a message on Discord or ping me in the server. Gently though.
  • TO SIMPLIFY THINGS: We will be using 20 sectors for now, Sector 1 being in the middle and the sectors being centered around it. BUT I can add more depending on how many villains we get.
  • You can absolutely join if you don’t know all the characters. That’s why we have character sheets (see “On Characters”.)
  • Rules are subject to change, be added or removed at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.
  • Have fun~!


~On Characters~


  • THERE IS NO LIMIT ON CHARACTERS! Sign up as many as you can handle!!!
  • You MUST fill out a character sheet. This is so everyone is aware of the diversity of characters and the characters’ personalities, etc. BUT: Your character can’t automatically know everything about another character UNLESS they're from the same franchise. If it's an OC, they can know a character from the same franchise, but you have to put in the character sheet HOW they know the canon character!!!!!! It's not magic, you know.
  • You can use both OCs and canon characters. Just take a quick peek again at rule number 2.
  • NPCs are allowed.
  • PLEASE KEEP CHARACTERS DIVERSE. I had tried this RP on Flight Rising, and there wound up being a lot of a certain fandom, and someone left because of that, among other things. Just check the character rosters before you sign up. :3
  • Two characters can fill one character slot, AS LONG AS they usually work as a unit. Like a trainer and a Pokemon, (going by all seasons except Season 4) a Digidestined and a Digimon, Rey and BB-8, etc. I'm okay with that.


~On OCs~


  • NO MARY SUES. Please.
  • Like I said above (see “On Characters”, 2), your OC CAN know a canon character. But you must say HOW they know each other in your character sheet! Please.
    Don't make them friends/enemies with everyone. Just because everyone is united for a cause doesn't necessarily mean that they're all buddy-buddy.
  • Please don't give your OC’s past away in the first actual RP post. These things should take time to be revealed piece by piece. You do need to give a character’s background when you sign up, but it's not necessary when you start your RP posts.
  • Don't put too many OCs in. If this were an OC roleplay, I would have put that. BUT it's a multifandom. Please put in some canon characters. And make it diverse!!!
  • Try not to break any canon relationships. I will delve into this further in the next set of rules.



  • Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This is a rule that applies for every character, i.e. if Anakin and Padmé are together and you're playing them, don't make it so loud-and-proud that it interferes with everything. There's a reason those two had to keep their love a secret. Other examples: Taran and Eilonwy in the Prydain Chronicles, Max and Fang in Maximum Ride before the book Fang, Alek and Deryn in the Leviathan series, anything that is NOT Twilight. Anyway. Just be mindful of that.
  • Please, for God’s sake, no incest.
  • Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool. But otherwise, if there's romance off the bat, sometimes it becomes either obnoxious or nonexistent.
  • Don't argue over popular ships! If you can't agree on the ship, I will ultimately decide what becomes canon or just say ships with said characters cannot happen. Mika ex machina, if you will.
  • Ships may be based on the sexuality of the character.
  • Like I've previously stated (“General Rules”, 3), talk to other rpers before you make something happen if both characters aren't yours. If they're both yours, fine. But go back to romance rule number 1.
  • Like I mentioned in my OC rules, I would avoid breaking a canon relationship. It makes sense if a character hasn't seen their lover for a long time that new relationships can form. But I don't want this to be abused, so avoid it if you can. And refer to the general rules if you really want your character to fall in love with a character being played by someone else.

    Character Sheet (please link in a google doc)



Hero or Villain:
If a villain: In charge of a sector or roaming free?

Sector number (If villain in charge of a sector) and description of sector (if you wish):


Relationship to canon character (if applicable):

Weapon/Special Power:

Link to wiki/source: 


Notes on the sectors:


  • You can make up the sector if it’s the one your villain is in charge of.
  • Make sure it’s possible for all characters to somehow navigate your sector, as we will be moving around sectors. It can be a challenge, that’s okay!
  • They can be based off of settings in books/games/movies, etc. Not the exact same thing, but similar turf is okay with me.
  • We'll center ourselves around Sector 1, and then have characters land in sectors around S1. With the exception of Professor and the main villain, it'll help if we specify which sector we land in on the OOC thread. It'll be some time before everyone finally gets the chance to unite in one sector.
  • If someone can make a map and update it, that would be much appreciated.  Thank you!


Notes on Mul’tilennaya: 


  • In ways, it is similar to modern-day Earth (i.e. Sustains life, lots of industrialized/modernized areas, plus many rural areas. Continents aren't the same as on Earth, probably closer to the supercontinents right after Pangaea. But the oceans are just as vast.).
    But the sectors can be similar to the environment the villains in charge are from, if they so choose. If not, the environment will be a destroyed version of what I described above ^^^)
  • Villains in charge of a sector can also occupy another sector, as long as it's mentioned somewhere (preferably the character sheet). This also means that a villain can knock another villain out of their sector, but remember that if you're not playing the villain you're knocking out of their sector, come to an agreement with the player whose sector you want your villain to take over.

Our heroes:

  •  Utakata (Naruto, Mika)
  • Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist, Mika)
  • Seto Kaiba (Yugioh, Marie)
  • Hibiki Tachibana (Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Marie)
  • Glail (Fire Emblem, Skwerl)
  • Sarah ‘Swift’ Hood (Once Upon a Time, Swiftphoenix)
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Marvel, Swiftphoenix)
  • Lara Croft (Tomb Raider, Mika)
  • Mòrag Ladair (Xenoblade Chronicles, Felix)
  • Brighid (Xenoblade Chronicles, Felix)
  • Ser Aymeric de Borel (FFXIV, Marie)
  • Ryo Howard (Astral Chain, Felix)
  • Hotaru Tsuchigumo (Naruto, Mika)
  • Lloyd Garmadon (Ninjago, Swift)
  • Tovan Khev (Star Trek Online, Marie)
  • Kirika Akatsuki (Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Marie)
  • Chris Yukine (Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Marie)
  • Akira Kurusu/Joker (Persona, Doc)
  • Nia (Xenoblade Chronicles, Felix)
  • Tyrael (Diablo, Marie)
  • Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia, Felix)
  • Itsuki Junsai (Naruto OC, Mika)
  • Caspian Moselle (OC, Lu)
  • Renarin Kholin (Stormlight Archives, Mika)



Our villains in charge of a sector:

  • Malefor (2, Spyro, Mika)
  • Laharl (7, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Mage)
  • Shem-Ha (7, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Marie)
  • Edward and Lydia (9 The Adventure Zone, NPC)
  • Edelgard von Hresvelg (10, Fire Emblem 3H, Doc)
  • Gaius van Baelsar (Final Fantasy XIV, Marie)


Our villains running loose:

  • Ionhazard (Mother Machine, Skwerl)


Our characters who just don't go either way:

  • Neea (Rise of the Machines, Skwerl)
  • Vinegar Doppio (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Doc)
  • Blixer (Just Shapes and Beats, Marie)
  •  Yubel (YuGiOh GX, Marie)
  • Shiva (Streets of Rage, Marie)
  • Loki (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Swift)


OUR BIG BADDIE- Played by Mika

*NOTE: Professor is my NPC. 

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[New life forms detected]


Professor jumps right out of their seat and bolts to the monitor. Several of them. They can't tell if they're malevolent or not, but by the sheer number of new life forms in Sector 1, they know it can't be good. Professor watches the blips on the screen and sighs, going back to their chair and leaning back. If it's another wave of oppressors, they could be found, and then the planet has no hope of being rescued. 




Maybe they're not what they seem. Could they be more willing to fight for the safety of Mul'tilennaya? 


There are what looks to be a few new dots in a couple of other sectors as well. Interesting, what could be happening here? Professor looks at their monitor a little closer, unsure what could be happening. 


Rolling around in their seat, Professor watches, anxious to see what's next. 


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Words themselves.




"Know that I am Shem-Ha, the one you will worship as the god of this place."


Oh how quickly the masses here had kneeled. She had wasted no time in taking them over. Nowadays, she watched the other sectors she could see from the top of the tallest pillar in her corner of this planet, her "sector".


One look skyward was all it took.


Shooting stars?


A grin spread on her face. "Fall, shooting stars. Burn out and fade away..."


And then...




Make history with a light not even the gods know...




"A-Are you sure you want to do this again? You were barely conscious the last time you came back!"


"You of all people know that nothing isn't worth a little risk. The last Duel with him was a draw, and I am not about to let it remain that way."


"...okay... just be careful, Seto."


That was the last time he would hear his brother's voice...




In the distance, that day,
when the stars became music...


<Gungnir Symphogear: Active -> Inactive>




Ouch. God was he sore. Had he calibrated the system wrong?


No, he knew it had been correctly calibrated - he had run through the process a dozen times. So why--


He was forced back down as something landed on top of him, making that sore feeling worse. A voice groaning told him that this something was actually a someone (and in just as much pain).


"...eh? AAAA!!" This person was very quick to get off of his back. "I-I'm so sorry!! I-I didn't mean to land on your back, honest to god!! I was just fighting this monster and--" She paused and looked around. "...wait, where am I?"


He had gotten up and was about to yell at her when he realized that he didn't know where they were, either. This girl also seemed to be the only person around for miles. "...I'd ask you the same thing."


"Bummer..." Then the girl realized something. "O-Oh no!! My friends!! Tsubasa-san?! Chris-chan?! Anyone?!"


"I don't think they're here, short stuff."






"That's my name. Tachibana Hibiki." The girl then took one of his hands in hers. "And it's nice to meet you!"


Is this girl for real?! She'd gone from serious to beaming in a split second. He pulled his hand away, visibly disturbed by Hibiki's behavior. "Don't do that. I'm not here to make friends. ...but if you must know, my name is Seto Kaiba."


"Got it! And it's okay if we aren't friends straight away - I'll settle for being just allies. I get that some people warm up slowly."


"Whatever. We should probably look around. See if we're the only ones here." Kaiba took his Deck out of his Duel Disk and started thumbing through the cards. There were... a lot less here than he remembered.


"Yeah..." Hibiki then dispelled her armor, appearing in more casual clothes. She had a feeling she wouldn't need it for a while. After doing so, she looked back at a visibly distraught Kaiba. "...are you okay, Kaiba-san?"


"NO. No, I'm NOT okay. Over half my Deck is missing!"


"That's not entirely a bad thing. Aren't they just cards?"


"You don't understand. These cards... They're more than fancy pieces of cardboard. Many of them hold powerful monsters inside, and I just lost over half of them..."


"...if that's the case, shouldn't we find them? They sound dangerous."


"That's the plan, Tachibana." Kaiba looked through the cards he had remaining: an Assault Wyvern, a Krystal Dragon, the Lord of Dragons, the Enhanced Counter Trap, the Krystal Avatar Trap...


And a single Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


He nearly screamed at seeing that two of his most precious cards were among those that were missing. "My Blue-Eyes!! Two of them are gone!!"


"...I take it that's your favorite..."


"The three Blue-Eyes White Dragons are my very soul, Tachibana!! We need to get the other two back above all else!"


"C-Calm down, Kaiba-san... unknown place, remember? We need to find other people." If there are any other people, she added in her thoughts.


Kaiba sighed in frustration. As much as he hated admitting it, Hibiki was right. He inserted the remains of his Deck back into his Duel Disk, then turned and began walking. "...well? We won't find other people by just standing around. Aren't you coming?"


"Y-Yeah!! I'm coming!" Hibiki turned to follow him.

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[ Sector: One]
[ Location: Midsection - Near Pond]
[ Nearby People: N/A ]



This wasn’t the grocery store. 


There was a clearing covered by luscious green grass. Thin trees with pale, white bark arched towards the sky, light filtering through their yellow leaves and dappling the ground with sunlight. Scattered across the clearing were what appeared to be stone ruins. Nature had overtook whatever structures they formed long ago as evidenced by the fuzzy moss growing upon their surface and the grass sprouting from their cracks. Not too far off was a small arc studded with colorful jewels. Beyond that arc was a significantly larger one that was so high up, it was hard to see the top of it. 


Doppio blinked once then twice more. He turned around, expecting to see the alleyway he had just exited from, but it had completely vanished. There was nothing left around him save for the untamed wild. Doppio scratched his head, perplexed. He was still in Italy, wasn’t he? He took in a deep breath; the air was sharp and refreshing, completely devoid of the familiar scents of freshly cooked food and the dusty bricks in the alleyway. Doppio glanced around at his surroundings again, more desperate this time. He knew he had just walked around the corner of the alleyway like he did a hundred times before. He couldn’t have gotten lost. He had memorized that route years ago because it let him skip through the crowds without any hassle and it was the quickest way to the grocery store that adorable black cat like to loiter in front of. Doppio’s breath grew ragged, his hands opened and clenched anxiously. What was going on? How did he get here? Was this the work of an enemy stand?


That thought alone shook Doppio to his core. Forgetting all protocols against enemy stands, Doppio shoved his hands into his pockets and began frantically rummaging through them. Where was his phone? Doppio out turned his pockets completely. Nothing. He dug his hands inside his pants hoping that his phone had somehow got lodged between his leg and clothing. No such luck. A hard lump began to form in Doppio’s throat. He needed his phone! How else was he going to contact Boss and ask for help? Doppio felt himself choke up, tears threatening to spill over. Boss always called him when he needed him. Doppio didn’t know how Boss knew to call him, but the fact of the matter was that he knew when the call and he always called when Doppio needed him. What if Boss was calling him right now and Doppio couldn’t answer because he lost his phone in wherever he had stumbled into?


The weight of his failure was too much for Doppio to bear. He fell down to his knees, sniffling.
“Get a hold of yourself!” Doppio chastised himself. He slapped his hands against his face and began pushing his cheeks up and down, “Think, think! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and find the phone.” Doppio sniffed once more before furiously wiping his tears away with his arms. He had this, he had this! Maybe he dropped his phone somewhere in the grass? Doppio rubbed away the rest of the wetness of his face with the back of his hand. Okay, that was simple. He could do that! He could make this work!


Filled with a sudden surge of determination, Doppio leaned over and began carding his hands through the grass. If he had dropped his phone, then it couldn’t have gone far. He might be silly enough to accidentally walk into an open field he didn’t know existed, but he’d never throw his precious phone anywhere! Concluding that the phone wasn’t in front of him, Doppio turned to his left hoping his phone would be—


Something moist bumped into Doppio’s hip. He let out a terrified yelp, falling flat onto his back. In front of him was what appeared to be a pink, gelatinous blob. On the front of it was what appeared to be a cartoonishly happy face that Doppio would expect to see in a children’s drawing or a cartoon. 


“Um, h-hello there,” Doppio said warily, lifting himself up until he was in a sitting position. The slime bounced in place, its smiling face unwavering. “Do you happen to know where I am?” Doppio asked. He didn’t actually know if the slime could speak or not, but he was so used to talking to animals that the question came out automatically. The slime did not react to the question immediately, but when Doppio made a motion to get up, the slime jumped forward.


“Ah! No, no, no, that’s okay,” Doppio said, waving his hands frantically. “You can stay over there. I don’t want any trouble!” Doppio didn’t usually have a problem with animals or bugs, but he didn’t know what the weird slime thing was. It didn’t match of the stands Passione had on record, and, really, what kind of stand was that cute? The slime jumped forward once more, eliciting Doppio to fall back on his back. “No, no, please don’t come closer! I don’t want to hurt you!” The slime was cruel. It must have found enjoyment in watching Doppio squirm like some kind of sadistic pink devil. The slime moved close enough to brush against Doppio’s legs. “No! Go away! Don’t touch me!” Doppio flipped over onto his side and curled into himself, raising his arms to cover his face. Oh the humanity! The monster was crowding into him, no doubt planning to toy with him until it his misery sated it. Doppio whined loudly as the slime bumped into his arm. This was it. This was his punishment for foolishly abandoning his one life line. Oh, how he wished Boss would forgive him for his mistake.

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One moment she was making her way through yet another town in the Drynell Empire, trying to deliver a message to a group of allies staked out in enemy territory. The next, she was... somewhere else. Noelle was a lot of feelings at the moment, confused, concerned, worried, baffled, etc... As now she was somewhere that looked a lot more... peaceful? Certainly not the war torn land she was living in last she could remember.


Glancing around at her area, the messenger was met with the sight of soft, green grass and stone ruins, sunlight flittering down from what seemed to be an upper level. This was a relatively nice area... though it wasn't home and Noelle was a bit concerned on what this meant for the messages she was meant to deliver. She pulled herself up from the ground, dusting off her clothes and fixed her messengers bag more around her.


"Oh no..." She murmured to herself, not knowing what to do about the situation just yet.


Think, think... Well, she couldn't jsut stand around here and do nothing! With a shake of her head, the messenger started marching off in search of anything. People hopefully. As it happened though, one of the first things she spotted was a slime? Oh, but where was its pot? The bright creature was hopping around carefree, though she wasn't about to let her guard down around a fiend.


"Just...stay over there..." Noelle quietly said, lightly trying to walk past it.


Suddenly, she heard some sort of ...shouting? from what seemed to be another person and with one last sneaking glance to the naked slime, Noelle thought it in her best interest to head in that direction. Perhaps someone could tell her where she was. 

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Falling. Falling. Falling. Alone. Unarmored. Empty-handed. 


Just a second ago he’d been in the middle of training. Then there had been a twist, a wrench, and now he was falling headfirst to the ground, his Shardplate gone and Glys back in spren form.


Huh, Renarin thought vaguely, that’s weird. Not any kind of Surge we’ve seen before, and it doesn’t feel like a Voidbringer’s work either. Glys would recognize it if it was. He stared at the ground approaching. ...Right. There aren’t going to be any Windrunners to catch me. Alright. If I have Stormlight on me, I should be able to heal just fine from any impact. Still, maybe…


Renarin curled into a ball and flipped himself over so he’d be landing feet-first. Hit and roll with the impact, that was how you were supposed to land. How Zahel had taught him. Wait for impact, wait, wait…


Hit. Roll. H--


There was nothing to heal.


Renarin blinked, kneeling in a field of grass. Dumb, unmoving grass, like in Shinovar. ...Huh? 


An impact like that should have broken something, but he was unharmed. Renarin pushed himself to his feet and looked around, confused. The field that spread out before him looked like something out of a fantasy, right down to the odd...blob...creatures dotting the landscape. 


Where is this?


Something dropped in front of him. Renarin startled backwards, reflexively calling for Glys to become a Shardblade.


Nothing happened. The...thing--an amorphous pink blob with a weirdly cute face--didn’t attack, sure, but no Blade formed in his hand, either. Renarin stared at his empty hand in confusion and tried to summon Glys again. There was a kind of tug, and then a kind of thump, like something had run into a wall.


"Glys," Renarin said out loud, surprised by how little fear bled into his voice, "what’s happening?"


I do not know! Glys answered in his mind, distressed. I am trying! It will not work! 


Oh, that was bad. The blob jumped forwards, and Renarin scrambled back. Someone yelled in the distance, making him flinch. Storms, had someone gotten attacked? The unfamiliarity, possible attack, and distracting noise mingled together in his mind, melting everything into a distress-inducing mess of stimuli.


He’d been in battle. He’d fought in wars. This shouldn’t affect him so badly. Logically, he knew that, but his body hadn’t gotten the memo. He couldn’t control what drove him to the brink of shutdown, but this--this was doing it.


Glys chimed out nervous, rambling encouragements. Renarin made himself take a deep breath. "Is there anything you can see?"


Not now, Glys said, but something comes...soon. And here is safe.


"Safe? You’re sure?"


No death here. No death here. 


Renarin took another deep breath. "Alright." 


He supposed he should find out where he was, then. Renarin edged around the blob and started for one of the people-shaped forms.



The landscape changed abruptly beneath him. One second, it was the rocky plains of Vedenar, the city he was heading to in clear sight. The next, it was a gathering of islands in the ocean, their terrain completely different from the Reshi Isles even at this distance.


"What the--" Vyre muttered to himself. He glanced around him. Nobody else was in the air with him, even though he’d been in formation seconds before. He was alone in the air. Vyre cancelled his Lashings, half-Lashed himself upwards, and hung hovering in the air, weightless, to inspect the islands.


...Were they made of storming sweets? 


"This is ridiculous," Vyre muttered, and cancelled his last Lash to let himself fall towards the islands. He picked the largest of them and added a couple quick Lashings to angle his fall in that direction. 


He was getting good at this. All that time in the air was paying off. Vyre grinned.


He wondered if he was as good as Kaladin. The thought sliced through his lightening mood and brought a scowl back to his face. He’d cut off that path for good. There was no going back. He’d gone far past the point where any of them would accept him. And he was fine with that! He’d found a new purpose!

...Had found a new purpose. He was...somewhere else now. Someone should know what was going on...right?

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Glail stood in the middle of their backyard. She was staring intently at a cloth and straw combat dummy that her father had made; Urvan gripped tightly in her hands. She pivoted, swinging the axe overhead in a sweeping arc, severing the arm off the dummy. With a flash, she was a wolf, her padded feat displacing the sand as she darted behind the target; before returning to her humanoid form.

With a loud cry she swung the axe again, sheering straight through the Dummy. It fell onto the sandy ground, along with the 15 or so others that had been prepared by her father for training. Glail let the axe blade fall; loosening her grp as she took a moment to catch her breath; her tail wagging in delight at dispatching her last foe.

Reaching up to rub the sweat soaked bandana on her forehead, Glail shivered with delight. She couldn’t wait to run back home and inform her father of her successful training. Glail’s ears twitched as she heard a loud breeze behind her. She turned to look over her shoulder and saw a small dust cloud billowing towards her. Glail covered her eyes, squeezing them shut as it passed by her; compared to the usual sandstorms this was nothing to fret about.

She felt it pass and to her surprise she felt the air suddenly feel a lot more humid and colder than what she was used to. Opening her eyes, she looked around in awe. The breeze had wafted all the sand away!

“Wowwwww” Glails voice trailed off as she stared around her, high cliffs, trees and grass as far as the eye could see. In her life she had never seen so much greenery. Glail saw several small gelatinous creatures flopping around. Transforming she padded up to one and sniffed it. It gave a delightful squeal at the site of her.

Enraptured by the little creature Glail prodded at it with her paw, it began to hop away but she darted past it and cut it off. She than lashed out, snapping up the creature in her jaws and shaking her head violently; scattering the gelatine this-way and that. Wagging her tail in delight she looked up, wondering whether her father had noticed the change.

Everything looked different but Glail always made sure to keep her father within her smelling range, never travelling too far from him. Her tail slumped slightly as she failed to catch his familiar scent on the cooler wind. She rubbed her nose and tried again, but still failed to smell him. Maybe the fresher breeze was messing with her sense of smell.Glail transformed back and called out “Daaaaaaddddyyyy!” Her voice echoed across the cliffs. She listened carefully, her large ear twitching, trying to hear his response.

No response.

Glail frowned, her tail shifting in agitation.

“Daaaaaaaddddyyyy! Where are you!!!” She called again, her voice rising in pitch slightly. Glail looked around, shifting her head, trying to catch her father’s voice.

Where was he? He was always nearby.
Glail frowned as her vision began to blur. She reached up and rubbed her eyes, feeling moisture. She sniffed as tears slowly began to fall down her cheeks.

“Daddy. Where’d you go!?” She tried to call again, her voice croaking and not letting her call out.

Glail looked around. Now that she thought of it… they lived in a very flat desert. The only cliffs were several hours run away, and the only trees were shrivelled old deadwood and the occasional cactus.

Her father wasn’t here.

Glail felt her legs collapse beneath her, as she fell down onto them, tears now flowing down her face. She cried loudly; her sobs echoing like her voice across the nearby cliffs. As her crying continued, she transformed and gave a desparate howl; hoping that her wolf voice would carry further. Surely the cliffs were just throwing off her voice and her father hadn’t heard her.

Glail howled for 10 seconds before stopping and slumping her head. She ignored the small slime as it blobbed up to her.


Where am I….

Were the first thoughts of Satsuki Kiriyuin as she looked around this unfamiliar location.

What’s more… how is this here?

Her thoughts continued, looking at the familiar sailor uniform that now covered her. The Kamui Junketsu, a powerful uniform made of 100% lifefibres; it had been absorbed into senketsu two years ago at Honouji academy, but now was on her person once again, though lacking in her Seki Tekko that allowed her to utilise its full capability.

Her shattered sword; Bakuzan, was also at her side. While she still possessed it, it had been hung up on a stand at her home for some time.

Something has happened here.

Satsuki took a step forward, her heal clacking on a rock as backlights lit up the area.
She was certainly not in Tokyo anymore; the collapsed resembled the ancient incan structures in South America, but the climate was far too cold to be Brazil or Peru. Small creatures that she was sure did not reside in any of her textbooks, moved around the area. They were round, brightly coloured and seemed to somewhat resemble slugs; lacking in limbs.

I need answers

Satsuki picked up the two halves of Bakuzan and darted forwards; easily traversing across the rocky terrain. As she moved swiftly through the valleys, she heard a nearby sound. A howl. It was long and sorrowful; the howl of a large wolf. Satsuki’s grip tightened on her blades. A pack was dangerous, but this sounded like a lone wolf, so long as she stayed calm it would pose no problem to her. She turned passed a rocky outcropping and came across a wide courtyard like area. Sitting in the centre, surrounded by more of those slug-like creatures; was the largest wolf she had ever seen. It had deep blue fur and looked closer in size to a Great Dane in height, but with the length and proportions of an American Grey Wolf.

What’s more it appeared to be collared, she could catch glimpses of a green sash around its neck, two trailing bands hung off it. As satsuki came into view the wolf looked up at her. Standing it slowly moved towards her; Satsuki razed her blades in defence.

The wolf broke out into a run and pounced at her. Satsuki prepared to swipe but a flash suddenly filled her view, and she felt a heavy weight fall on top of her, pinning her down.

“Sniff… sniff”

A woman was lying on top of her, her head buried in Satsuki’s chest. Satsuki could clearly hear the muffled sounds of crying.

“Where…. Where’d my daddy go…” The girls strained voice sounded from Satsuki’s chest. Satsuki didn’t know what to say. First, she was a wolf, and then a woman. But the way she sounded didn’t sound like an adult, but more the cries of a lost child. How old was she?

Satsuki lightly patted the girls back; she felt the tail slowly thump up and down against her leg. Comforting wasn’t her strong suit, Satsuki decided it would be best to just let the girl cry her tears away.



“Sir, we’ve just had reports of something falling onto the island!”


“Oh? How big?”


“It wasn’t that big Sir, a bit under 2m!”


“I see... alright. I’ll go have a look”

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Sitting there in his chair as he polished the measly looking axe that he had found since losing his main axe that could really do some damage, the King was plotting. Always plotting of what to do next, the robot master found it amusing that he just sort of swooped in and put a halt to the ongoing civil war that was happening. All of them were fools though, unaware of his true intentions as he could tell that there was a sentry bot quickly approaching the throne room. They better have a tale about humans dying or something because a good human was a dead one. He thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories about how humans were pitted against each other, if not watching from one of his sentry bots where he was safe. 


"My King!" the sentry bot came in, bowing to the kingly robot. "There have been reports of the Professor's machine bringing new people into this realm sir!"


"Oh really?" King asked, tapping a finger against the fire axe as he smiled deviously. What to do here? What to do? "If the others haven't already, give them the command to keep watch over any of the newcomers and simply report back to me once they reveal their true intentions." Granted, it didn't matter to him if there were newcomers into the realm- if they were villains, then that would mean more to manipulate into corrupting this world. If not, then good luck to them trying to survive in this world.


"Right away my King," the sentry bot said, bowing to the robot again before scurrying away to send out his orders- the kingly robot going back to polishing his axe again.




This… wasn't the Dragon Roost was Zephyr's original thought was when he woke up to sunny skies that filled his vision with a world that didn't look battled scarred at all. He couldn't feel anyone else around him save for one, one that he could feel that had his pactstone. Not to mention all these funny slime creatures that were without a pot. It was curious to see these things alive without them and he decided that if they approached him, he could easily kick them away with his talons. Looking around to make sure no one was in his way, Zephyr spread his wings, not wanting to hit anyone before taking flight to find the one who with his stone. It looked like the messenger girl… what was her name again? Nicole? Noelle? Noelle! It looked like she was in trouble as he fast approached, the area relatively tiny for its size as he landed.


"Noelle, was it?" he asked, looking down at her. "Are you okay, have these creatures hurt you in anyway?" He didn't want harm to come to the only one he knew, the pactstone would allow her to merge together with him as he glared at the slimes like they hurt him. "I find these slimes to look rather odd, they are without their pots and it disturbs me." 

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[R - Sector 1 -North Midsection]


Of course she's relieved when the Colonel makes it out of the fight alive. But she's also royally pissed off that he didn't stick to the plan. 


"Whew... I barely made it." NO ****, she thinks to herself, her blood beginning to boil, her feelings of worry and anxiety subsiding. Yes, she's relieved, but he just gave himself away just like that! What kind of spectacle is he trying to make of himself?


"Colonel.... Why the hell did you leave your post?! No matter what happened to us you could still have kept your involvement a secret! That was the whole idea, right? But you just come waltzing in here, plain as day! ARE YOU AN IDIOT?"


"Yeah, fine, I'm an idiot--"


Silence. That irritates her even more. But it's strange. She hadn't expected everything around her to go dark. She hadn't expected the feeling of someone yanking her by the waist backwards with an invisible rope. The thing she least expects is landing on her ass with the worst motion sickness she had ever felt in her life. The breath escapes her lungs in a yelp, and her stomach lurches forward. Considering she hadn't eaten much, Riza feels more miserable because she has nothing to expel. Looking around, Riza does the first thing she knows how to do: take a look at her surroundings. 


It's the oddest thing she's ever seen. She notes that she's located in some sort of ancient ruins. Perhaps she's at the bottom level? She doesn't know. But in a way, it's beautiful. 


It's a shame she's still annoyed at the Colonel's antics, and he's nowhere to be found. What she can see, though, are a pair of travelers in some rather strange clothing. They seem to be bickering, she hears something about cards. It makes no sense to her, so she carefully moves to her feet, keeps a hand near her holster, and walks to approach. She couldn't let her guard down, even if it's a lovely environment. 



[U - Sector 1 - East Midsection] 


"Hota... ru.... You must... Live..." Utakata croaks as he picks up the pipe to blow one more bubble. He hopes the message can reach her. 


He feels himself getting picked up by the waist as he gets lifted off to only God knows where. His eyelids feel heavy, had he really used that much chakra? He feels just how heavy his limbs are as well, they hang as if they had weights tied to them. He knows, though, that they aren't. Utakata closes his eyes and accepts his defeat, knowing he wouldn't ever see Hotaru again. 


I'm sorry....


Wait, the hell--


It feels as if he gets thrown to the ground. Had he traveled far? Or had this strange pierced man set up camp nearby? Utakata doesn't feel any sort of body heat like he did before. He lands limp on the ground with a thud, the breath leaving him with a loud cough. 


....He can't open his eyes anymore. 



[K - Sector 2 - Avalar]


It's a surprisingly beautiful place. Listening to the sound of the river, Kouji closes his eyes and takes in the breeze. It gently caresses his face as he walks with his new companion, a small girl of around his age. She seems nervous, and he doesn't blame her. Nor does he mind- taking the lead for now seems like a good idea. He glances down at the Biyomon by the girl's side, who seems to have the most energy out of the three of them. Kouji sighs. At least he has Lobomon back. Initially upset he couldn't digivolve into anything else, he let that feeling go a while into wandering this place. Had he gone back to the digital world-- No, none of this looks familiar. 


That's why he never truly let his guard back down. He opens his eyes and glances at Naomi, who seems to be looking more at the ground than the scenery. Again, he doesn't blame her. Even he is overwhelmed by the sudden change in location. Knowing how it felt last time, though... But at least then he had a smoother transition into the digital world. He initially felt rather sick when he landed. 


Kouji leans down and pats the grass, which is plush underneath his palm. Maybe by the river is a good place to rest, he wonders how tired Naomi is judging by his state of exhaustion. "Here," he says gently, "why don't we rest here for a bit? I'll grab firewood, I still have that pocket knife and matches from last time...


Still, he has a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. As pretty as this place is, there has to be some danger. There always is.



[M - Sector 2 - Temple Courtyard] 


A nap seemed sufficient.


In fact, a nap was quite nice. 


Yet the Orc that decided to interrupt his slumber... Malefor lifts his head and glares the Orc down. They drop their axe and salute. 




"Master, we've found a couple of beings in the sector.  Two of them, sir. They're in Avalar, not their designated spot, sir." 


"Are they inhabitants?"


"I... We don't actually know, sir, but we assume so."


Malefor grins. He knows none of the inhabitants of the sector would ever leave the Burned Lands... It has to be some treacherous fellow sector leader, trying to claim his rightful spot. No other explanation would do.


"Send a small unit to scope out the area. But get the army ready." The Orc salutes again and grabs their axe. 


"Yes, sir!" They say in affirmation, turning and running out of the courtyard. Malefor closes his eyes and lowers his head back down. With any luck, this should be an easy finish if they didn't report a whole army coming his way...

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Seto Kaiba
<Status: Stable>
<Location: Sector 1, North Midsection>
<People: Hibiki | ???>


Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive>
<Location: Sector 1, North Midsection>
<People: Kaiba | ???>




Hibiki is the first to notice the newcomer. "Look, Kaiba-san! We're not alone!"


"Thank God." He thought he'd have to listen to Hibiki's irritating voice forever. Something about noise and armor and other things that sounded more and more like magic the more he heard of it.


Not that he didn't believe in magic - he did - but he was of the opinion that nothing good ever came out of it. For Kaiba, technology was superior to magic in every way.


It didn't stop Hibiki from being just as annoying as the geek squad back home, if not more so. He didn't think anyone could be more annoying than them. Oh, how wrong he'd been. Even now, Hibiki had taken one of his hands and was dragging him over to meet this newcomer with her.


She was... surprisingly strong for her height and build.


Still, Kaiba pulled his hand away once more when he saw that the newcomer was on-edge. Naturally, this left Hibiki a little confused. Why is this man so cold? "Why did you pull away, Kaiba-san? We found another person; we should be introducting ourselves!"


"You really can't see that she's on-edge, Tachibana? I know a gun holster when I see one and I do not have any plans to get shot in a place I don't even know."


That shut Hibiki up fast - Kaiba had a very good point. The smile doesn't fade, though; she still has hope that this person is at least an ally, if not a friend.


And Kaiba took notice of her falling silent. Even if that irritating smile was still there, the silence was a start. ...hmph. At least she listens. That's one thing Hibiki had above the geek squad, was that she listened to him when they didn't.


The only problem now was whether this newcomer would actually resort to shooting them...

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   This wasn't Zirhon.

   Her last experience on Zirhon had been scrambling up a sand dune, thrusters roaring after her, the screeches and threats of Superiority models closing in. All she could see was sprays of sand and the crest of the dune coming so painfully slowly. They were too close to attack, but they were close enough to grab her. For each passing second she could almost feel the claws grabbing her-

   -but then they weren't there.

   The dim crest of the dune suddenly flashed to a bright mixture of green and blue! The Xinschi-uual mech who was fixated on climbing up slick sand suddenly screeched as she found herself abruptly falling forward. Her attempt to backpedal only confused her senses. Which way was up? Which was down!? The sand was stone and the sky was blue and it was so bright-!

   She forced herself to run forward again and immediately tripped.

   Clunk! The shock reverberated through her body as she hit the stone face-first. Her arms found some sort of gap under the stone and she wrapped them around it, hugging the surface to stay stable. For a few moments her confused threads fully expected the weight of a Superiority model to land on her, pinning her to the spot, but... there was no impact. No roar of thrusters. No angry Xinschi directed at her cowardly back...

   Neea, a Sniper model banned by the government who designed her, assembled only by the loving hands of persecuted Xinschi-uual, slowly looked up.


   Blue! The amount of deep blue was utterly shocking. It was clearly daytime, and the blue was the sky. The sky wasn't blue, it was yellow... but this was definitely blue, and faded to a light turquoise at the horizon.

   The mech looked down at the stone that had appeared from nowhere. It was a more familiar grey color, almost the color of the sky she had expected to see, and was assembled from disproportionate bricks. Somehow they all held the shape of this narrow path perfectly... or at least, what she thought was a path. It seemed to dip down rather abruptly in front of her, and she could feel gravity trying to tug her that way because of the weight of her engine. She couldn't see where it went, but not far from her was a narrow, tall mountain range, consisting of brown stone and rising up out of more blue... water?

   Neea's eye widened, and carefully she pushed herself up and walked backward up this strange path until she found the crest of it. Then she swiveled slowly, taking in her new surroundings.

   No way this was Zirhon! The sky was blue, and there was water for miles, and it was also blue! Far below the narrow path she was on she could see a great expanse of green, stretching ahead and behind her. It looked like it was once a taller peninsula, but some strange ruins - all built with the same disproportionate brick - covered and penetrated the land's core. Some parts of it had fallen away, leaving big holes that led to more water below. She didn't recognize the architecture at all, and the amount of green on it was mind-blowing! There was so much grass and vines, and there were these weird puffy trees with tiny yellow blades on them, vaguely resembling leaves. Below them were poofs of red foliage with the same semblance. The "leaves" were so thin... were the plants storing water somewhere else? They looked nothing like succulents. Yet, with the rich, lime-green grass carpeting every level surface, maybe they didn't need to?

   The mere idea was like magic to the mech. Her previous terror fading away, she gave the air in front of her a cautious scan.

   Nitrogen! The air was nitrogen! That explained the blue skies! It was extremely wet too, to the point that Neea briefly worried about rusting, but her curiosity destroyed any concern. This same curiosity prompted her to look around some more, to learn about this bizarre green place that had somehow saved her from the redemption lines of the Empire.


   There were brightly-colored blobs along the landscape. She had been so taken aback by the green and the blue everywhere that she nearly missed them. They were obviously alive to some extent, as they bounded around aimlessly, sometimes jostling each other or falling off cliffs. They didn't seem the least bit alarmed when they did fall. She stretched her camera foci to zoom in on a particular group: a pink blob, and two grey blobs, both with beaming faces. The grey blobs had little points on their heads, and blobby tails on their bums, but the pink one was just a blob. It didn't look the least bit sad that it was just a blob, gleefully hopping onto a grey blob's head and somehow balancing there.

   Neea didn't have a clue what these things were, but she felt safe just looking at them. They were like big, happy water balloons.

   Suddenly streaks of green flooded Neea's vision, making her flinch back and reset her cameras. What was - whooaaa! The mech was temporarily taken by awe as a huge creature with glimmering green wings flew past her! It went by so quickly that she couldn't get a good look at it, but it had a white body and some yellow bits and a tail. The creature flew away to circle the landscape before landing on it, not too far from her. Neea looked around for other creatures like it, but only spotted several, much smaller creatures scattered about, and an arching piece of metal in the distance that looked vaguely organic, which wasn't moving. The smaller creatures were bigger than the blobs, but not even half as big as the flying creature. Like her they were bipedal, but measured smaller, and they had poofs of hair on their heads. They must be civilized, too, because they wore some kind of clothing, though each one wore something more different from the last...

   It suddenly dawned on Neea: the far, far descendants of whoever built these ruins? Did they bring her here? What was this place, anyway?

   Maybe you could ask them, one of her threads said. Immediately she felt a flash of anxiety.

   What if they're dangerous? she asked back. She didn't have an answer for that, other than to be reliant on herself. I've never been reliant on myself... there had always been another mech...

   With that thought, Neea looked around to see if she could find any familiar faces, metal or scaled, but not one living thing from Zirhon was present here. It seemed... she was the only Zirhon native in this place.


   I'M ALONE! her mind screamed. Neea gasped and roughly shook her head, shoving down panic. No no, it's fine! There are no Superiority models! It's okay! The others still made it... It's fine, you're not alone. There are other people here.

   But they look weird and would be scared of me, she thought. Yet, it was the same thought she had though when meeting a Xinschi-uual for the first time, one of the race who built her. He wasn't scared, not in the slightest. Overjoyed, for sure, and that's an understatement. These new people though looked nothing like Xinschi-uual: they were so much taller by comparison, despite being short compared to her, and she didn't see a scale pattern on them and their faces were flat. They might not like her at all.

   But what if they did bring you here? They wouldn't be scared, her threads butt in, Heck, you're more scared of them, right now.

   I don't know them, she argued, it only made her feel conflicted, and she hummed uncertainly to herself. ...I need to do something, though.


   It took a few minutes, but eventually Neea decided that she needed to talk to one of these clearly-intelligent people. After a far-too-cautious descent from the path she was on - which turned out to be a massive archway rising up from the ruins - she landed on a large tower beside it, and walked up to its inland corner closest to the people and the blobs below her. Being a bit closer didn't help her make a decision on who best to approach, though. The two people closest to her already seemed tense from a third person nearby. Farther to her left she could see a tall person who was largely brown, and across from him a good distance was another person standing at the foot of the giant flying creature that passed her earlier. That thing looked wild... she didn't want to get close to it and find out it had a taste for metal.

   Actually, are these people geovores too?... No, I better play it safe, Neea quickly decided. She looked down and decided she didn't want to cause a stir among three people who looked so wary to begin with, so she pulled away from the edge and wandered along the tower top, nearing the last person she saw: the tall brown one.

   Granted, even upon nearing the person, it was still short relative to her, but her scope told her it was tall compared to the other people she had seen. The fluff on its head was curly and streaked by yellow - a pattern funnily close to hers - and its upper clothing was dark blue and its legs grey. It had been walking toward her position when she came toward it, so by the time the tower she was on stopped it was almost beneath her. Again, Neea hesitated to say anything, simply leaning over the edge and staring down at it; which worked out fine until she put her foot right on the edge and the brick sank a little.

   It wasn't too drastic, but it did make a loud scraping sound and shower down some loose dirt, the roots of the vines holding it together compacting down under her weight. She froze at the noise. Normally she'd run. This creature would definitely have heard that. She needed to talk to it though, so she couldn't run.
   So instead she stood there, terrified, and speechless. Hopefully it won't be hostile...




   Much farther from the overly-anxious mech, another thing, much bigger, came into Mul'tilennaya, in the joyous sector of slimes. The warp wasn't perfect: his sheer size caused many of the nearby cliffs to crumble and fall in a great roar of soil and stone, as though a block of dynamite had gone off in the mountainside. Thankfully no one was nearby to be buried, but the noise could be heard for a mile, and the distinct, slumped form of something big and metallic sat in the area. For whatever reason, it wasn't moving... at least, not yet.

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Stuck in a new land with no idea where to go, well, Noelle just had to follow what she thought was the best course of action. That happened to be investigating her surroundings. This place didn't seem like it could be too big, hopefully and the wind carried the sounds of voices from people in the area. That was something easy enough to sense, being attuned to the wind and all ...and that wasn't it she could sense either.


Just as suddenly as just had earlier realized she was in this odd place, the messenger could now sense a dragon- Zephyr! Had holding onto his pactstone allow him to find his way to this place too? It was a shadow cast over the ground that was her second sign of his appearance. Pausing in her step, Noelle looked up to find the bird dragon hovering above. It was relieving to see a familliar face in a place so strange- she'd have to thank Ilia they were both friends of the prince to even know each other.


"I'm, uh.. fine..." Noelle managed out, nodding delicately. Talking was never her strong point, butat least it was easier towards someone she regonized. The messenger could easily agree with the slimes being weird though as she eyed another one hopping by. "Do you know where we are?" she then asked, glancing around.


From here she could see a purple figure on the ground some distance away being bothered by a slime..? She couldn't tell in full, but glancing to Zephyr again, Noelle pointed at the figure. "Should we..?" Glancing back, the messenger decided to make her way for the person crying by the slime before momentarily jumping as a large sound boomed throught the area.






Today was a simple day, or at least that's how he planned it. Vuljak had only a few things he wanted to do today; the first of which was invade the human city as a 'human', the second of which was steal from the humans, the third was cause unspeakable mayhem, forth- well it was all really just fooling with humans. They were the easiest to fool, after all. None of them were the wiser when it came to his illusions and trickery, the best power of a Zoroark such as himself. As such, he had been eagerly making his way through the streets of the city. It was a lovely day out today, the sun was shining, Pidgey were singing and none of the humans looked twice at the human form he'd taken. Perfect, just perfect. It was when he'd ducked into a nearby alleyway to switch his illusion that... something happened.


As if in an instant, the world around him started to shift and Vuljak panicked as he was suddenly lurched onto ...soft grass? Stunned from the feeling of not meeting pavement, the oversized fox lied there, illusion gone for the moment as he tried to get his barings.


First, he gave a sniff- the scent of lemons and cool, fresh breeze. Very uncity-like. Second, he sat up and looked around, there were ruins, archways of stone, grass. That was also very uncity-like and very much not where he was before. Was this an illusion of another of his kind? Sniffing more, no, he couldn't hint at an illusion nor another Zoroark. But he did smell something slime- slime?


Leaping onto his paws, Vuljak eyed a few creatures nearby, growling defensively at it before the scent of people caught his attention. "People, hm..?" He mused to himself, standing up on two legs as he dusted his fur. Sneaking a few glaces to his sides, the Zoroark pulled up his ~personal~ human illusion, giving a happy hum to himself. "...What are you looking at?" Vuljak said to one of the nearby creatures who just witnessed him change. "You saw nothing."


Holding his head high, the illusioned Zoroark followed his nose towards the other being he could scent. More ruin, rock, grass... This was a strange place for sure as he wandered into a courtyard of sorts.


It was there that he spotted the people- two woman by the looks of it. "Hey there! Fine day we're having today!" Vuljak called out as he approached, making himself as non-threatening as he could be. "Do you two ladies know where this is by any chance?"


Metal Man

If there was one thing Metal Man had been getting used to, it was how strange everything was here. The entire land that is. Split into sectors by a multitude of other villainous forms that decided they needed to have an ego comparing contest and set up their own bases. Something the robot master felt no reason to really compete in, he was just here to cut down any so called 'heroes' and hold strained truces with others. It made the land look really weird though, when there was water that suddenly turned to lava or a whole cake in the middle of the sea. That was to say nothing of the other residents. He'd been here for how long now? A month, maybe a few, at least enough to get a lay of the different territories and know a certain someone he didn't like was here. The robot master wasn't particularly keeping track.


Right now he'd been making his way from one sector to another- frankly, the dark, dreary lands of like half this danged land had was getting on his nerves and he needed something *nicer, Metal Man could only strainedly think to himself. This was how he found himself walking through the brighter and grassy land of... Avalar? If he remembered correctly, twirling a metal blade on his finger for mild entertainment. The fat purple dragon ruled over here, the Robot Master didn't care if his presence got on the other villain's nerve. He'd play friendly if the other did.


Walking along a river now, Metal could only really mull about the fact he hadn't gotten to fight something recently, not even for fun- twas the fate of trying not to make other mad by bullying their minions. They should be thanking him for being so considerate. But that's when the Robot Master noticed something ahead- humans in the distance. They were hovering by the river and obviously not residents of this area and had funky little creautures with them. No, the usual residents were hideous, which meant...


Hopping up onto stone ledges for leverage over the two, the Robot Master flung a metal blade to whizz past them into the river in warning. "Well, what do we have here? A pair of humans looking for trouble?" Metal Man greeted not so nicely, a few more of his blades between his fingers.

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RSP (Small).png

Today was going to be one of those days. It was likely that it was even going to be one of those weeks, months, or even (hopefully not) years. Being dropped into a completely unfamiliar world was a rather obvious indicator of it. Immediately having a random man dumped in front of him just added to it. 


Renarin startled back again, but the man clearly wasn’t a danger. In fact, he looked like he was on the verge of death. 


Oh, storms. Renarin knelt in front of him, hands hovering nervously over the man. Should he try to heal him? Would it work? Glys couldn’t turn into a Blade, but he’d had healing before that. “Can we still heal?”


Glys hummed for a moment in thought, then let out an excited sound. Can still heal! Only Blade is lost!


Blade and Plate, Renarin thought to himself. While it was frustrating that he’d lost his Shards after so long trying to prove himself worthy of them, at least he wouldn’t have to let someone die in front of him. He breathed in sharply, and the Stormlight in his spheres--thank the Almighty he hadn’t lost those--flowed into him, concentrating around his hands until wisps of the pearlescent light rose from them. He placed his hands on the man’s chest and healed.


Stormlight washed away his injuries. Bruises faded, cuts knitted themselves together, color returned to his face. But Renarin didn’t have time to wait for the man to stir.


A loud scraping sound came from somewhere above him, along with a rain of dirt. Renarin froze. Was something about to fall? He’d survive that, but he’d just healed this storming man and doing it again would be an annoying drain of his Light. He looked up slowly.




That was his first thought, anyways, but as Renarin kept staring, frozen, at the...thunderclast-shaped whatever it was, he realized that it couldn’t be. Too small, for one thing, though its position made it seem larger. Not made out of stone for another; the shiny, reflective material it was covered in made Renarin think it might be metal, although not any kind he’d seen before. Painted, perhaps. Bizarrely, its striped coloring made him think of his own hair, or perhaps Adolin’s, although he supposed you’d have to throw in a brown-haired mother to get a child with all three colors--ech, why was his mind trailing off there?


Renarin shook himself and focused on the situation at hand. A thunderclast-adjacent being was the simplest way to think of this thing, and it could attack at any moment. He’d taken down thunderclasts before, but not without a Blade. He was unarmed, his only advantage his ability to heal at a ridiculous rate. And he had a civilian with him.


The best idea would probably be to grab him, run, and hope it doesn’t catch up, Renarin thought to himself. But that’s not likely to work. I thought Glys said this place was safe. 


...Hold on. Glys did say this place was safe. He’s only been wrong one time, and that was because Jasnah broke the pattern. Maybe we’ll get out of this after all.


Comforted by that thought, Renarin waited for the not-thunderclast to move, tensed in case he needed to run.


A loud roaring sound came from somewhere in the distance, but he figured he could deal with whatever that was later.

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[U - Sector 1 - East Midsection]


Somehow, he feels significantly better. A bit sore from being thrown around by those explosions, but overall, it doesn't feel as painful to be on the ground. Utakata opens his eyes at last, perhaps after minutes of unconsciousness, and lifts his head. His stomach hurts a little, but looking at just his hands, they don't seem to be scraped. Had he... been healed?


Looking up, he has more of an idea as to what's happening. He sees a man, rather tall and dark skinned, with a rather peculiar uniform. It's certainly nothing that he's ever seen. But looking around, none of this is at all familiar. And better yet, the man with the metal in his face is nowhere to be seen... Judging by the look of this man, he doesn't think they'd be in any way associated. 


Wait. His hands. He looks back to them, not seeing the pipe. Oh no. He feels the panic start to rise when he sees it next to his left hand. Close call. Utakata looks back up at the man, who seems to be staring at something. That's when he shifts his gaze to what it is. 


Immediately he bolts up to his feet. The panic finishes setting in as he looks at what this thing is. Whatever it is, it's huge, looming over him in a way that is more than intimidating.  Looking at it, it looks as if it is made of different shades of brown metal, and the appendage sticking off of it looks like some sort of weapon. It also has something that looks like a singular eye. Whatever it is, it looks like it could kill him. 


"...What.... What the hell is...."



[R - Sector 1 -North Midsection]


The girl seems very talkative. She may not be danger, but Riza can't be too careful. Cautiously, she approaches the two. Something the man says seems to shut her up real quick, he mentions the gun Riza has at her side. So he's smart. What an odd duo, considering how drastically different their clothing is from each other. Riza continues to approach, and once she's within a couple meters, she stops, keeping her hand close to the holster. 


"Who are you? Where are we? Do you know?"

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   The person she approached did notice her, quite quickly in fact. Both their eyes widened as they locked on each other, and just like her, the other person didn't move, nor made a sound. Staring into this things face didn't help Neea muster any more courage. It was fleshy, and brown, and had two eyes and a very small mouth. It didn't look menacing, but civilized things didn't need fangs or claws to be deadly. She still expected for it to have some kind of electric baton or a plasma gun or something that could take her out quick. She could rely on her reflexes then, right?


   Neea was so fixated on this person that she didn't notice the one laying on the ground beside it was awake until it started moving. Before it was immobile, seemingly incapacitated, so she thought she wouldn't have to worry about it. Now though, this person - who had longer, straight black fur on its head, and wore some kind of long, blue blanket - had pushed itself off the ground, and grabbed some kind of smooth stick nearby. Neea's threads devolved deeper into worry as she stared at that stick, her eye shining a bright pink.

   Two seconds passed. The second person looked up at her.

   Fwoosh! Up on its feet!

   "AA!" Neea couldn't help but shriek out surprise at the sudden movement. Immediately her combat programming screamed to attack, but she didn't have the pipes! So she just yanked back to the ledge, opting to take cover instead and fully expecting a bullet or a rock or something to come flying at her. "Itnes kana ineesa tek tisnaiai za idikia!" she yelled apologetically. Please don't be mad at me! I just don't know where I am! Where am I?!

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Satsuki lay in the soft grass. There was little more she could do, the woman on top of her was considerably larger than she was and had yet to stop crying. All Satsuki could do was think.

Where were they? It seemed they had both been misplaced but the girl was clearly not human, so where did she originate from?

As she lay there, her thoughts were disturbed as a rumbling sound echoed through the valley. This was enough to stop the Girl, and she raised her head in conclusion. Her eyes were still quite watery and red.

“What was that?” She asked wearily, looking down towards the nearest cliff walls.

“It sounded like something crashing…, or something big moving” She said.
Satsuki noted her ears seemed to be twitching in the direction that the sound came.

As Satsuki went to speak, they were interrupted by a man arriving.

"Hey there! Fine day we're having today!"

A fine day? Perhaps he knows where we are.

"Do you two ladies know where this is by any chance?"

I guess not.

The girl atop her shook her head, looking from the man to the direction the sound came.

“It appears that none of us are where we should be. And I’m certain we are not the only three here,” Satsuki said. The Wolf girl allowed Satsuki to stand up.

As the girl herself stood up, Satsuki noticed a huge two headed axe lying at her side. She picked it up and clutched it tightly to her chest.

“And I believe it would be wise not to go towards that sound. The architecture here is old and it may be unstable. Let's move!” She ordered, taking a step forward; her heel clacking against the ground and dazzling spotlights enveloping her. The wolf girl squinted and shielded her eyes from the sudden light. Satsuki started moving forward, the lights fading, her blades were clutched in each hand. She glanced cautiously behind her, towards where the sound had originated, and her eyes narrowed. She could see black smoke rising above the mountain. Concerned she grabbed the Wolf girls hand and increased her pace, not worrying about what the man was doing.

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[ Brother, where art thou? ]

[ Location: Sector One ]

[ Form: Human --> Sword --> Human ]


What just happened?


The last thing he remembered, he thought, was seeing his brother get pulled away by some ephemeral force. He called his name and Rude turned around, barely having time to scoff before he felt the floor disappear from under his feet. They were about to leave the estate to meet up with their meisters for an important mission and they were already caught in a witch's trap? Rude's emotions remained cool, almost eerily cold. The witch was smart enough to separate them at the get-go, but a witch attacking his household was not just stupid, it was downright suicidal... If his father didn't end the witch by the time he returned with his brother, Rude would personally tear it apart for--


Right. This wind rushing by his ears told him he was falling. No time to think.


Squeezing his eyes shut, Rude pictured the sleek form of his blade to call upon the magic within him. Focusing on the image, he felt his body getting enveloped by a warm yellow light and take an entirely different shape. He wouldn't tell anyone that he rather preferred his human form, but the benefits of being a weapon hard to ignore -- in this case, how durable they could be.


The sword pierced through the air and thrust itself into the grass like a dart. Landing nearby two people, it seemed to miraculously miss falling upon anyone's head. Not even any of the nearby slimes ended up getting hurt. Rude himself barely felt the impact. The softness of the earth absorbed most of the shock before it could get through his metal. Before landing he saw three significant shapes, so where was the third? Even the two here... it was hard to say if they were hostile. He couldn't seem to sense souls as clearly anymore, not unlike losing the ability to smell when his nose was stuffed. Was it another witch's trick? Without a partner, he was as good as a sitting duck among these people.

Rude's weapon form melted away into light and re-manifested into his preferred human shape. He landed delicately, both feet touching the ground at once and his arms outstretched. The tail of his coat billowed in the wind of his transformation and once it settled, Rude tucked his hands in and lowered himself into a boxer's stance, flashing the rings on his fingers as a potential weapon. He glanced cautiously from side to side, taking in the rocky and grassy landscape. His vision snapped towards some movement he saw in the corner of his eye, revealed to be the bright yellow something he saw earlier trying to hide on a ledge. It could potentially spell trouble. He tried to avoid exposing his back to it.


No one on the ground seemed like they were ready to dice him into tiny pieces with magic right away, yet Rude was still cautious. He was still skeptical of whatever trick they were pulling. He leveled his gaze onto the two people present with steel cold eyes -- one of them looked entirely japanese right down to the kimono, while the other was dark-skinned with hair peppered with blonde. He couldn't sense if they were humans, witches, or witches pretending to be humans; not with his stuffed senses. Maybe through this roundabout process the witch was trying to extract information from him or his brother? Grip... That idiot better not be blabbering out any secrets. His brother was hard to kill, but still... Rude hoped from the bottom of his heart that he was alright.








[ More trouble... ]

[ Location: Sector Two ]

[ Digimon: Biyomon (Activate: Hyper Wing) ]


Kouji was the only familiar anchor this land had to offer, and even then, it was something that even Biyomon admitted was weird. A human turning into a digimon? That was absolutely unheard of. Naomi had many questions but all of them seemed to get caught on the tip of her tongue, as if her lips themselves were actively working against her. Or were they simply protecting her from making a fool of herself?


For now, though, she was content with simply following the boy in relative silence as he made his way through the grassy fields. If she interrupted him with her questions, would she annoy him? And if she did, there was always the possibility that he would simply abandon her in this wilderness for being too annoying, which would definitely spell trouble because she wasn't sure if she could hold her own with the limited amount of cards she had on hand--


"Why don't we rest here for a bit?" Kouji's voice caught her off guard and she snapped to attention, just barely stopping herself from crashing into him. She nodded. Naomi didn't even notice how tired she was getting, and was thankful that he decided to call a break.


"About time," Biyomon commented. From the springy movements of the bird, she didn't seem tired at all. Her digimon seemed to be the most adaptable out of all of them. Silly thing. "If only I could digivolve, making a fire wouldn't be a problem at all..."


Oh, right. That seemed to be her fault too, Naomi recalled. The blue card was one of the cards that went missing from her battle deck. It felt like she was back to square one. Her exhaustion hitting her all at once, combined with the weight of her emotions, was enough to force her to lower herself onto the grass and lie on her back, staring at the puffy white clouds above. There were a lot of overwhelming things in this world. All they seemed to be doing was run away--


A sound ripped through the air. Naomi suddenly sat up and turned to look at the source of the splash, wiping away with the back of her hand the stray droplets that scattered onto her cheek. 


"Well, what do we have here? A pair of humans looking for trouble?" The person she heard call out was high up on a ledge, armored, and dangerously held two circular saw blades with a third one seemingly glued to his forehead. He sounded so much like a cartoon villain that for the first time in a few days, Naomi croaked then threw her head back in laughter. Even Biyomon stopped and cocked her head at the strange occurrence, looking on with slight concern as the girl stumbled to her feet.


After a whole day of tepid one-word responses, Naomi's laughing fit had opened something within her. "The only one looking for trouble is you," she shouted back, pointing an accusing finger at Metal Man. "And you're gonna get it! Biyomon, let's fly!"


"Got it, sarge!"


As her digimon leaped into the air, Naomi unhooked her digivice from her hip and drew the right card. The enemy could throw things based on that thing that landed in the river earlier, which gave him an advantage if he was higher up. The tamer didn't want to give him the luxury of doing that, and so a hyper-offensive approach would be best. "Digimodify: Hyper Wing activate!"


As soon as she had swiped the card, energy materialized around Biyomon's arms and formed into two ghostlike wings. With a few effortless flaps, the bird digimon soared then hovered. Wind currents gathered around her beak until they formed visible green clouds that she prepared to launch at her opponent in the form of an aggressive spinning stream of air. "Spiral Twister!"


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Seto Kaiba
<Status: Stable>
<Location: Sector 1, North Midsection>
<People: Hibiki | ???>


Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive>
<Location: Sector 1, North Midsection>
<People: Kaiba | ???>




"Who are you? Where are we? Do you know?"


Short and to the point. Kaiba had a feeling he'd like this woman. "For your first question, I am Seto Kaiba, and this is Hibiki Tachibana."


Hibiki's smile fades a little, and she even looks a little nervous. "...as for the other two... we don't know where we are. We don't even know how we got here..."


"Well, I do. ...sort of. I was trying to reach a dimensional counterpart to my own, but something in my transport system must have been calibrated wrong. Damn scientists..." Kaiba was not, nor was he ever, going to admit that the miscalcuation may have been his fault. Sure, he'd been a little hasty in trying to jump worlds, but... That was beside the point.


Hibiki, meanwhile, re-explained her entry for the newcomer. "All I was doing was fighting a threat to my home with my friends. I didn't even so much as blink before I found myself on top of Kaiba-san's back."


"Yeah, thanks for that, by the way. As if that weren't bad enough, over half of the cards I had with me went missing, and those cards are more than just pieces of paper, so Tachibana here has agreed to help me find them."


Hibiki smiles and nods. "By the way, what's your name? We can't just call you 'you' all the time."


Before a response could even come out, both Kaiba and Hibiki jolted from what sounded like an explosion. Both of them suddenly turned towards the east.

"...what the hell was that?!"

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[K - Sector 2 - Avalar]


You have GOT to be kidding me.


Naomi had just laid down to rest, and Kouji wasn't too far behind. Of course, like his adventures in the Digital World, that never seems to last long here. He sighs as they're approached by something humanoid, appearing to be some sort of robot with wicked looking blades, saying "Well, what do we have here? A pair of humans looking for trouble?"  In response, Naomi starts laughing maniacally, as if she had somehow finally cracked. He stands for a second and watches her laughing fit. Is.... Is that normal for her? He does admit, it's almost cartoonish how this guy seems to look, but he's not sure if it's that funny. 


Naomi is, funny enough, the first to spring into action, taking out what  she called a digivice and sliding a card through it, which appears to make her Biyomon a little stronger. Interesting, he thinks to himself. Of course, he shouldn't be sitting here and gawking, should he? 


No. There's no way he could let Naomi have all the fun. He takes the D-Tector out of his pocket and smirks. "That makes two, doesn't it? Naomi's right, we were just chilling until you came along. But this... This'll be fun.




Spirit Evolution!


Coming back into the form he once knew so well, Kouji grins somewhere underneath the mask. "Ready, Lobomon? Let's do this! Lobo kendo!" With that, he takes his blades of light and lunges at the predator. 



[U - Sector 1 - East Midsection]


From the random gibberish coming from the metal creature to the random sword landing nearby and turning into a human, Utakata takes at least seven steps back. He's not hurt anymore, but he's tired and weak, and he knows it. Looking at all of it, he keeps a firm grip on the pipe and the tube of bubble fluid. He's more than willing to defend himself if needed, or if absolutely necessary he'll create a bubble and float away. 


Sword-man seems just as cautious as he, looking at him and his healer with cold eyes. Utakata stares back, his eyebrows knitting together. A human... As a weapon....





[R - Sector 1 -North Midsection]


What... What is that noise? In response, Riza takes her gun out and looks around, unsure what it is that made that loud sound. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be too close by, so she puts the pistol away and turns her attention back to Seto and Hibiki. "Well, Seto, Hibiki... I am Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. You may address me as any part of my name, or my title, and I will answer." She looks around again, still wary about the noise. "...I suppose you two heard that noise as well, yes? ....It might be best to investigate."

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Well, this day was only going to get weirder and weirder Vuljak thought. It was already considerably strange, what with the warping to a strange place and now the two woman in front of him. One of them was even crying, but the Zoroark wasn't going to call attention to that. Instead he wanted to put on a good first impresion and hopefully figure out what was going on ...and what that loud crash was. It was sudden, but everything felt like that right now.


Having addressed the two of them though, Vuljak was met with the unfortunate response that none of them knew where they were either. Great, that was just *wonderful*! Humans were truly foolish creatures if they couldn't help him out of this strange mess. But there were others here, so perhaps someone else knew.


"A terrible shame we all seem to be lost- but perhaps someone else knows?" Vuljak questioned, also looking in the direction of the sound.


However, the more mature woman advised not to go near the loud sound, though going towards the sound sounded like just- A sudden bright light caused the human guised Zoroark to yelp and jump back as he clutched his eyes.


"H-Hey what'd you just do!? That's very blinding!" he exclaimed, hands over his face and feeling like he just got hit with a Flash.


Good thing something like that didn't disrupt his Illusion, but he couldn't really focus his sight as he blinked. Everything was spotty and blurry, though he noticed the vauge shapes of the other two having gotten up. Oh well, he had a nose and hearing and smelling the other two heading off, the Zoroark followed.


"This sure is a strange place- say, how did either of you get here? I myself was in a city moments before being suddenly lurched here," Vuljak chatted, trying to make conversation with them. There wasn't much else to do after all and he might as well find some entertainment.


"The name's Vul, by the way." Obviously, he wasn't giving out his full nam right away, not when he barely knew these two. But the best way to gain someones trust was to act friendly and 'offer' your trust to them. He wasn't actually sure how long he'd hang around these two- though it was probably until something more interesting caught his attention.

Metal Man

Having wished for some form of entertainment, it seemed Metal Man was about to find it. Two humans with a little creature by their side. He'd call them strange if everything he'd been experiencing for the past few months hadn't been strange. Apparently this world just attracted weirdos, but maybe he should be a little thankful there weren't more killer robots like himself. What the Robot Master wasn't expecting however, was the girl to burst into laughter at the sight of him.  Eyes narrowing, he was obviously annoyed by that. What? Did they think his Metal Blades were *toys*!? Obviously, it seemed like he had a point to make.


"Yes, a wacky bird is really going to hurt me and my painful metal sawblades aren't going to leave you bleeding," Metal Man deadpanned, watching as the Biyomon flew up before leaping out of the way of its attack.


"Let me see if I can demonstrate."


If there was one thing he excelled at, it was dexterity and agility and he chuckled sinisterly to have evaded it. Oh, but apparently the second one wanted to fight now. They were just chilling said the boy.


"Do you think I care what you were doing?" he replied, eyeing the other as he did... something to change his form.


Before he could make any snide remark however, the Robot Master was charged with swords, something he narrowly evaded as he lept from the stone perch. He stuck the landing on the ground below the stone he previously stood on, bringing him to level with the human, ready to take more shots once he saw his chance.


"How about we play a game of frisbee? Catch it- I dare you!"


Tossing one blade to his other hand, Metal Man put a spin on his blade before whipping one at the boy and the undefended human girl- unfortunately, the blade went whizzing right past her into the stream. Metal Man would pretend that was a scare shot as he glanced away. 


"It'll tear you to shreads," he scoffed, alert of his targets around him.

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If there was one thing that made him glad to see in this new world… realm… whatever it was, it was the one one he entrusted his packstone to as he flew over to Noelle. Human names were normally a bother to learn sometimes, but Zephyr was glad this time it became important and had to slightly wonder how he got to this world. Was it due to the pactstone she held? Or was it just a random stroke of luck that they both managed to get here? From his view point in the sky, the dragon could see other people in the area- something that didn't surprise Zephyr in the slightest, but people that he couldn't trust yet as he landed near the delivery human. 


Tilting his head down at Noelle as she mentioned she was fine, Zephyr was relieved that the human was okay and that none of the potless slimes had harmed her. Scanning the land as Noelle asked him if he knew where they were, the dragon can safely say that weren't in Alberia. However, he did notice someone being harassed by a potless slime- the poor human was crying.


"I can say we aren't in Alberia," Zephyr answered, looking back at Noelle. "I know not what this land is, but I cannot sense nor smell any of the other dragons from the Dragon Roost." With Noelle catching sight of the man as well had the dragon nodding slightly. It made him shift slightly, bothered by the sight of it. "I think that would be a good idea, best let the human not suffer at all." Following Noelle as she started walking towards him, the dragon was on the lookout for more powerful fiends just in case this was an ambush as well, spreading his wings as he looked around as a loud booming was heard.






The Galarian Ponyta trotted through the sector- the sector with the slimes. She knew how to avoid them, but she was going somewhere else for the moment- humans typically avoided this sector so she was free to trot about to help someone else in need. It was exhausting sometimes, the unicorn had to remind herself to pace sometimes. Ears perking up as she heard voices, a group of humans seemed to be in her path, seemingly from other sectors? O-oh, perhaps they were here to conquer this area? Stamping a hoof nervously against the ground, Mystical gathered the courage to start walking towards the group, hoping no one caused her harm. She made no noise, just the clomping of her hooves as she tried to cut through the middle, seemingly unafraid. Being tinier than humans made it a lot harder as everyone seemed much taller than her, especially since one of the humans had a gun, something that she was hoping the human wouldn't just turn and shoot at her.

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[ Sector: One]
[ Location: Midsection - In Pond]
[ Nearby People: Noelle,Zephyr ]


The ground shook violently, rattling the pebbles beside Doppio’s hands. His eyes popped opened and widened. What was it? An earthquake? An enemy stand? Just as quickly as the rumbling began, it vanished without a trace. Doppio could feel the absence of pressure against his arm that was there just moments prior. Cautiously lifting up one of his arms from his face, he saw that the pink slime was no longer rubbing against him. Instead, it began slowly rolling away, its face still plastered into an unfazed smile. Doppio raised an inquisitive eyebrow before propping himself up on an elbow. He was about to push himself off of the ground and into a sitting position when two shadows suddenly loomed over him. Doppio froze in place, breath hitching. There was an enemy stand! He had been a fool to think otherwise. Doppio raised a hand and shoved it into his pocket. He fished around the pocket, his searching growing more desperate as he felt about the empty space. Not only did he not have a phone, but he didn’t have his pocket knife with him! How could he be so careless as to leave home without a means of protection? He was a member of a gang for God’s sake! How could he be so lax about walking out in the streets alone? 


With no means of immediate protection, Doppio swallowed nervously. He tried to muster the courage to confront his likely enemy. Slowly, Doppio turned his head away towards the origin of the shadows. The figure closest to him was a young girl probably around his age. Her clothing differed from that of most members of Passione and her face held no malice, only gentle concern. Any relief Doppio might have felt upon looking at the girl was dashed when he saw that she had a larger companion behind her. His eyes drifted upward, catching the sight of a large green bird—


Doppio shrieked, stumbling backwards. The breath left his lungs as he felt himself falling, deeper and deeper until—Splash! Water splattered all over Doppio’s clothes as he landed at the edge of the pond. He took in rapid breaths, looking in each direction. There didn't appear to be anyone else around, but, more importantly, the water was shallow. He blinked, lifting one a wet hand out of the water. If he stood up he doubted that the water would reach any higher than his ankles. From the corner of his vision, Doppio could see the pink blob from earlier floating on top of the water, its gleeful face submerged underwater. Doppio visibly cringed. That… probably wasn’t good.


Remembering that the girl and the bird was still there, he turned towards them.


“Y-You!” he exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at them. “You brought me here, didn’t you?” Doppio pushed himself onto his knees. He raised his hands above the slime, biting his lips. It had jumped him earlier, but he felt bad watching it happily drown right next to him. He hesitantly placed his hands on it. He let out a soft eep! as he felt the slime’s sticky surface. He placed his hands on and off the slime several times before finally taking in a deep breath and flipping it over until its face was above water once more. He exhaled a sigh of relief and then, remembering for a second time he wasn’t alone, glared at the strangers.


“It was you, wasn’t it?” he said, frowning. “You and your stand!” He motioned towards the large bird behind the girl. “You won’t get anything out of me so don’t even try! Send me back and we won’t have any trouble.” That probably wasn't true. Boss wasn't one to let anyone quietly slip away after messing with the gang, but Boss wasn't here and it wasn't like Doppio had access to King Crimson at the moment. The best he could hope for was for the enemy stand user to give in and not do whatever it was she was planning to do to him.

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Noelle wasn't going to figure out what that loud sound was just yet, not when she barely knew the terrain, let alone what threats could possibly be here. She considered herself both lucky and thankful she had a dragon by her side at least. The messenger sure wasn't defenseless- she had wind mana coursing through her of course, her job wasn't an easy one in warring times. But a dragon ally was all the more powerful and helpful if something went wrong. Frowning slightly to hear Zephyr affirm they weren't in Alberia anymore, Noelle could only worry inside about what was going on. There weren't even other dragon from the Dragon Roost.


"This seems... troubling," Noelle murmured, a grip on her wand for safety.


Shaking her head, the messenger knew all this worry wasn't going to get them anywhere as she made for the purple man ahead. He seemed to have shaken the naked slime away from him and already seemed wary of their approach.


"U-Um... hey-" the messenger tried to muster up in greeting, her face holding both caution and concern.


However, the man caught sight of Zephyr and flipped! Oh that wasn't good! She wasn't meaning to scare him and she doubted the dragon bird was either, but there he went into the water. Grimacing, Noelle looked from the purple man to Zephyr, wondering how to handle this. She wasn't looking for a fight or to be a threat, yet she didn't know if they were or not. Trying to ponder her next steps, she returned her attention back to the man as he finally spoke up- wait, wait! She didn't bring him here, they were all lost then!


"No, uh... I..." She spoke again, alarm evident on her face, but her words weren't really forming.


Sometimes the messenger thought she was doing so well with talking to others directly and then she gets out of her comfort zone and its back to square one. This man sure was something as he took a moment to help the potless slime from drowning before returning a glare. Noelle clutched her wand tighter, this was clearly a misunderstanding, but one wrong moev and something terrible could happen.


"...What's a stand?" Noelle asked in confusion, out of everything, that was the statement that caught her off guard.


No wait, she had to clear things up! The messenger definitely couldn't send him back and needed to clear that up, but how..? She glanced up at Zephyr for slight assistance. Oh! She perked up with an idea coming to her. Maybe she should write a note- yeah, that was easier than talking to someone clearly unnerved as well.


"Just... Just wait a moment, sir..." the messenger more whispered to herself. And thus, Noelle went for her bag to dig around for a pencil and parchment to write on.

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Glail rubbed her eyes, hurrying along behind the older girl as she swiftly walked. She kept glancing behind herself, passed the strange smelling man and looking back towards where the loud sound had come from. Glail didn’t know what to think about the man yet. He smelled funny and there was something about him that made the hair on the back of her neck raise up. The lady seemed nice, she had big eyebrows though which was weird.

“You smell funny” Glail said to the strange man.

She rubbed her ear, the humming noise coming from the cliffs was annoying, it was just a constant hum that reminded her a little of when her father took her to the city, but it didn’t have that nice feeling of people.

“Someone stop the noise!” Glail complained, wrenching her hand from the nice lady and rubbing her ears.The nice lady stopped, turning back to look at Glail’s ears, there was another noise; it was like the sound her axe made when she would land a blow on her father’s armour but really quick and not as clingy. She didn’t really know how to describe it.

“Your hearing must be superior to normal humans. You can still hear a noise?” She asked, lowering her voice, the softness in her tone increasing.

“Uhhh, I don’t know. It’s like… the sound the doors make when they shut… like a really loud uhh bang or a clap. I don’t know. I’ve never heard something like this. I wanna make it stop,” Glail groaned through her teeth, holding her hands firmly on her ears now.

“The sound of a door? I’m not really sure what it could be,” The lady looked to the man, wordlessly asking him what he thought. Before he could respond Glail turned and ran off back towards the noise.

“I’m gonna go tell it to shut up!” She called out to them, before a flash of red light obscured her and she sprinted off in wolf form.

“Wait!” Glail heard the lady cry out after her.

Glail padded swiftly back up to where they had been and continued, following her sense of hearing towards the noise, she passed by several of the blobby creatures; they bounced away in fear as she bolted passed. She sniffed her nose; it was starting to smell like a blacksmith. As she grew closer to the cliffs, weaving passed the trees she slowed her pace as she ducked under a circular entryway. She slowly trod forward, looking around. The sound was near deafening at this point, and the smell had grown stronger. She slowly walked forward, the area started to open up and she saw something that didn’t match the environment. Glail's head slowly moved upwards as she took in the dull metallic sheen.

She could hardly describe it; her father had taught her about the dragon laguz; their huge size and armour like scales but this seemed even bigger than what he had described. Like someone had taken armour plates and swords and stuck them all together. It was big and spiky. Glail walked slowly towards it and sniffed it. It didn’t smell anything like the steel she was used to, but it was arm. She could feel heat radiating from it’s centre.

Curious, she licked it. It was definitely metal. Glail tilted her head and transformed back.

“Hello!?... Are you a dragon!?” Glail called out to it. She walked up and pressed her face against it, wagging her tail and rapping it around the creature, as best as she could. This usually made people like her when they went into town. Her mother always called her ‘cute’ when she did it. Though she didn’t know if this thing had eyes or not, she couldn’t see any.


“Dammit that Idiot! I never thought I’d meet someone as stupid as Mankanshoku… ugh but I’m not Ryuko. I shouldn’t go save her for doing something so idiotic!” Satsuki exclaimed. She was angrily smacking her forehead.

“You don’t simply charge into the unknown! We should have regrouped, met up with others and observed from a distance!” Satsuki declared, her voice directed at Vul.

“Well I am going to stand firm and continue on the path I have chosen! If she dies, then she was simply too weak to survive. If she is like Mankanshoku then she should be able to survive,” Satsuki said. Turning away from where the wolf had run off, she continued onwards.

“My name is Satsuki Kiriyuin. I do not know how I arrived. All I know is that I am wearing clothing that I haven’t worn in years and thought lost. Yet it is incomplete; no matter, I am perfectly capable without it,” She replied. She could hear water; there were ruins ahead of them that looked like rundown walls. Satsuki could see a way through them and pushed through.

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Seto Kaiba
<Status: Stable>
<Active Monster(s): Assault Wyvern>
<Location: Sector 1, North Midsection>
<People: Hibiki | Riza>


Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive>
<Location: Sector 1, North Midsection>
<People: Kaiba | Riza>




"I am Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. You may address me as any part of my name, or my title, and I will answer."


So she's part of a military unit, Kaiba thought. It made him a little more at ease, since military personel were typically trained in the use of guns. As long as neither he nor Hibiki gave her a reason to shoot them, they were in the clear.


Hibiki smiled that usual smile of hers. "It's nice to meet you, Riza-san! And... yeah, we probably should investigate that noise. Kaiba-san?"


"In a second. I need to make sure my Duel Disk still works after that mess of a transport." Without wasting a moment, he activated the Duel Disk on his arms, and the two blades joined together into one and swung into place. He looked through his four remaining monsters, debating on which one to put on the Disk.


He ultimately settled for Assault Wyvern. Sorry, Blue-Eyes, you'll have to wait for something of greater importance. He took the card and put it on the Disk, Summoning it in a mock Duel in his head...


And at once, the wyvern depicted on the card was made real.


Hibiki nearly jumped back, yelping in shock when she saw Assault Wyvern suddenly appear. "Wh-- Kaiba-san?! Is that--?!"


Kaiba himself was pretty surprised, but only one thing could confirm whether or not what he thought was true. He tentatively put his hand on Assault Wyvern, his eyes widening in shock when he felt the dragon's scales underneath his fingertips. "...it's real..." He looked at Hibiki in somewhat of a panic. "I swear, this doesn't usually happen. It's supposed to be a hyper-realistic hologram, but... somehow, some way, it has become real..." It honestly wasn't the first time Duel Monsters had become real on him, but last time, the monsters themselves had been violent.


This time, however, was different. Assault Wyvern just... stood there. Staring down at the one who had summoned it. As if waiting for a command.


Something about that transport had to have affected the Duel Disk, Kaiba thought. He'd have to tinker around with it when he next got the chance. "Let's go figure out what that sound from earlier was. Hopefully it wasn't anything too serious."


"And if it was?"


"We'll deal with it however we can. It sounded like it came from the east." Kaiba turned to the summoned dragon. "Come, Assault Wyvern."


Without question, the Duel Monster turned to follow its master. Hibiki wasn't far behind, but stopped short when she almost tripped over something small. Said small thing happened to be alive (and not even afraid - wasn't it scared of being stepped on or something?). It looked like a... unicorn?


Kaiba, too, stopped short. Is this some kind of joke? The last thing he'd expected was a unicorn, especially one that was so... small. He'd at least expected it to be his height. Not this... tiny thing.


Hibiki, though, didn't care much. "Oh, look at you! Aren't you the cutest thing!" Her face was beaming - there was that 180 in personality again.


...things here are both interesting and strange, Kaiba thought to himself.


Getting back home was going to be a wild ride.

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