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ANSWERED:Link to Dragon With Taken Name for Unavaliable Names

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I think that it would be a nice feature if when you try to name a dragon and the name for that dragon is taken, a link to the dragon with that already-taken name is provided, if an option on the Account Settings page that would allow the dragon to be displayed on the unsuccessful naming page is enabled. 


I believe that this would be something that people would enjoy, as it would allow people to connect with people with similar ideas for naming dragons, which would allow lineage-exchange possibilities for theme naming. This would also satisfy people's curiosity as to "Huh, somebody already thought of that name already, that's quite impressive given how obscure it is!" type moments. 


Because this proposed feature could be toggled off and on, people who want privacy would be able to have privacy,  while people who wouldn't mind their dragon's naming schemes being shared for other people to enjoy seeing would also be happy.


I propose that the link be given as such:  

The name you entered is already in use. Names must be unique; try again with a different name. 


(with the dragon with the entered name being linked in the underlined text.)

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I'm not sure what this would accomplish? There isn't, and can't ever be, any direct communication on the game site itself, so this idea wouldn't actually help with 'connecting' with people about naming, lineages, etc. You can already very easily find the dragon in question by simply typing in the actual URL (https://dragcave.net/view/n/whatevername). I'm not sure what exactly this would be used for.

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