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Silvermoon Wolves

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Welcome to our territory!


Back in 2013, I started a lineage dedicated to wolves. I ended up getting very busy with IRL matters, so the thread eventually went inactive and was closed. But I'm much more consistently active these days, so I've decided to revamp it! This lineage will use Storm/Gray Dragons, because their colors are reminiscent of gray wolves and reflect the name Silvermoon well! I initially chose the name Silvermoon because it was the name of a wolf pack I roleplayed with as a child. This lineage will be similar to the original lineage, but with a few tweaks.


If you were part of the original lineage, you will have to reapply, but all of your old Silvermoons are still considered a part of the project, so you won't have to wait to get a new egg.


The goal of the lineage is to have something fun to do with common dragons, as well as promoting some good ol' wolf loving! While gray wolves are not an endangered species, there are several subspecies that are endangered, such as the Mexican Gray Wolf. Wolves are great ambassadors that can be used to teach people about ecology, social animal behavior, hunting behavior, and the environments they live in. Wolves are good umbrella species, as they occupy large territories, many of which are in imperiled ecosystems. So, while not all wolves are in need of saving, they are certainly very cool animals that can be used to teach a lot of valuable lessons.


Pack Operations


In nature, wolf packs form when a male and a female come together and have pups. The pack is usually made up of the breeding pair, some adult offspring from previous litters, and the current pups. But very rarely, super-packs will form, with many unrelated adults joining the pack and having many litters of pups each year. This is the goal of the Silvermoons: they want to grow their pack! Like all wolf packs, there was an original breeding pair: Silver Moon Lupus and Silver Moon Arctos. Their offspring must now set out and find mates of their own!


To join the lineage, you will first get an egg from the main Silvermoon line, descended from Lupus and Arctos. From there, you will be able to breed it with CBs! You can breed them in any pattern you like - spiral, stairstep, evengen, etc. Just make sure that the lineages are purebred and don't incorporate any bred dragons that aren't part of the lineage. In the future, we will likely have side lineages to represent different wolf populations. These will be allowed to be interbred, but in the meantime, keep it Gray exclusive, and try to incorporate an actual Silvermoon descendant in your lineages!


Reporting every Silvermoon egg is not required, but members are encouraged to report new eggs/lineages they are starting!



Pack Law

And the wolf that shall keep it will prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.



  1. All dragons in the lineage must have "Silver" or "Silvermoon" in the name. It doesn't matter to me whether it comes at the start or end of the name. "Silvermoon" is preferred, but "Silver" is acceptable if you need the extra space for the name itself. Mates of Silvermoon descendants don't have to follow the naming rule, but it is preferred. 
  2. Keep the lineage purebred. There will be exceptions to this in the future, but for now, Grays only.
  3. No inbreeding.
  4. No gifting or trading. Silvermoon eggs should only ever be given to fellow lineage members or people on the waiting list.
  5. No abandoning, killing, freezing, biting, earthquake, or neglected attempts.
  6. Optional: Having your Silvermoons mate for life is preferred. It is also preferred that direct Silvermoon descendants be included in all purebred lineages. Neither of these things are required!!



Pack Forms


I would like to join the pack!

Scroll Name:

Preferred generation of starter egg:

Do you want to breed on request for new members:


I've given an egg to someone on the waiting list!




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Pack Information


Once the pack has grown in size, we will use a different breed to start a side pack. This is where all information regarding side packs will be found.

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I would like to join the pack!

Username: badakokkili
Scroll Name: n/a

Preferred generation of starter egg: Whatever's available and convenient is fine!!

Do you want to breed on request for new members: yes!

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