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What do you think about the Ban on the Sale of Furs in Los Angeles?

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11 hours ago, angelicdragonpuppy said:


Interesting. Of all the things I'd imagine are missing from a vegetarian diet, I would've pegged iron, calcium and protein as higher on the list above B vitamins! But I'm an unhealthy pig so I don't know much about vitamins, haha.



Protein is DEAD easy - pulses in particular are full of it; also oats. Both also have iron. And pulses have calcium.  They also lower "bad" cholesterol. Then there's nuts - also good on Calcium. For calcium - dark green leafy veg, and - improbably - rhubarb.


I am voluble on how healthy it all is. I just don't want to do it myself.



8 hours ago, LightningBug said:

On the topic of how making it illegal will solve anything; short answer: it won't. Not completely. But every change has to start somewhere. And while the people who really really want furs will still find ways to get them, there will be some - possibly many - people, who will reconsider their standing on furs. It will get people talking on the subject, as it has here. And some people really value the law, and will take the change to heart.



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