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ANSWERED:Invisible egg

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I went egg hunting and collected eight eggs, however one of these eggs, although I have it, I can't actually see it.
Where the egg is is just a blank space, but you can see it's code number, actions, number of views etc. The only way I can actually see the egg itself it to click on actions, and then the egg (a red dorsal) is visible.
I have tried hiding and unhiding, different browser, etc, but it will still not show up in my normal dragons page.
It is the invisible egg between the deep sea hatchie, and the howler drake egg.

invisible egg.png

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Do you have any kind of adblocker turned on? Sometimes they block dragon images if something in the image's code has 'ad'. I can see it just fine on your scroll.

edit: Oh, I just noticed the code actually has 'aD' in it. So yeah that's probably what's happening.

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