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Nine Lives [Edited, Open, SANDBOX]

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~Nine Lives [SANDBOX]~


Every person has a certain number of chances before they leave the earth for good. The norm for most is one life, and this life is a very sacred one. Humans are free to do what they wish with their lives, free to fulfill their heart’s desires. But it is imperative to fulfill at least one wish before they die. It is important to remember that the average human has only one life to fulfill these wishes,


To some, the ideal way to go is to fall asleep and never wake up, finally at peace. People can pass in other ways, as long as they have fulfilled at least one wish. To fulfill a wish, this wish must be a major desire, a goal that one ultimately wishes to meet.This can include reaching a certain career goal, finding the love of one’s life, being able to retire, etc.


Those that don’t fulfill a wish become twisted versions of themselves. They turn into grotesque, contorted monsters who attack innocent people in the night. These are called the Lost Ones, and they are not particularly strong, but fast and can regenerate small wounds.The Lost Ones cannot be killed by conventional means, such as guns or knives. If one unlucky soul is attacked by one of these creatures, they become one of the Lost Ones. Furthermore, Lost Ones are only visible to those that are being or have been attacked by a Lost One. New Lost Ones are typically listed under Missing Persons, as a body is never found when an attack occurs. These Missing Persons are gone forever, never to be seen again.


There are a select few who can defeat them, and these are the anomalies of the world. Each has nine lives, hence the title of the RP. These extra lives help to keep these elites alive when they fight the stronger Lost Ones, which is their main advantage. Other advantages include superhuman powers and the ability to see the Lost ones.


Underneath the streets of New Brunswick, NJ, lies a secret organization, the Shadow Seekers. These seekers come from all over the world, found by secret scouts who have the ability to sense the potential. Typically, it’s through the special power that the Seekers possess. Seekers can wield one of many powers. The list below provides examples but I will approve powers on a case by case basis. So don’t worry if your power isn’t on the Wikipedia list, it most likely is. Here is the list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_superhuman_features_and_abilities_in_fiction


The base itself is, in a sense, a giant underground bunker. Discreetly created by nine-livers with a series of tunnels linking civilian bunkers from the Cold War, it’s a vast base with many different rooms. The most common rooms are the living quarters. The Seekers live in suites of three people, one person to a room. These suites are said to be very nice, probably to keep the Seekers’ morale up. There are rooms for training, eating, and recreation. Meeting rooms are peppered throughout, making it easy to have meetings in different areas of base. How was the base kept hidden for so long? Fairly simple, the base was created using the powers of the Seekers who could manipulate earth, to keep the base hidden from the government eye. They worked during the day when most people were at work, to avoid risking noise complaints.


New Seekers are put in a very intense training regimen. They work hard so that they can fight Lost Ones with full force when they’re ready to go. Right now the Lost Ones are reproducing at a rapid rate. Can the Shadow Seekers keep them under control?




What RPers will do is explore different areas of the town by night, at least at first. They will fight Lost Ones in the area until all enemies are eradicated or until the group is much too tired to finish fighting. By day, they will carry on with their normal lives, interact with each other, and go on little trips to gather supplies for base and carry out recon missions. I will clarify these as the RP comes along. There currently is no main boss, I will figure something out as time goes, but for now just focus on the Lost Ones. Perhaps there may be an even stronger enemy lurking about...


The Rules:



  1. All Dragon Cave rules apply.

  2. Treat each other with the utmost respect.

  3. DM me for the Discord link

  4. No god-modding in the Discord or the RP.

  5. Don't powerplay or use your characters as if they're OP when they are not. Big battles are supposed to be a team effort.

  6. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/etc.

  7. Try to avoid explicit scenes, and fade to black when they come. Keep gore ambiguous as well! This is a PG13 forum.

  8. All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored, and please don't curse too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth.

  9. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. If I'm absent for too long, just send me a message in Discord or ping me in the server.

  10. If you have any ideas for the RP, feel free to share in the Discord!

  11. Rules are subject to change at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.

  12. Have fun~!


On Characters:

  1. Yes, they can be pretty boys.

  2. Age range is 13-30 years of age.

  3. Original universe means original characters! They may be based on a canon character, but the line between OC and Canon is at my discretion.

  4. Please fill out a character sheet!

  5. No Mary Sues. Try to leave room to develop your characters as you go along.

  6. Make the characters diverse! Don’t make everyone from the same country or the same region.

  7. There is no character limit!

  8. Try to vary powers as well, variety is the spice of life!


On Romance~

  1. Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This isn't a romance RP.

  2. No incest, unless it's joking. Crack shipping moments are allowed, as long as they aren't too raunchy.

  3. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool, but otherwise no.

  4. Relationships may be based on the sexuality of the character.

  5. Don't argue about the pairings that people create. If the owners of both characters agree on it, it's not our problem. That being said, please make sure that any relationships that occur come naturally, alright? Thanks.


Character sheet:






Lives Used:




Special Power:



  • Mikasa361-
    • PMrFjej.jpg Jehan Durand
    • WvoLSPK.jpg Evonna Durand
    • WKQKwED.jpg ChikakoTanimoto
    • EHo0Wx9.jpg Lavender Calabria 
    • 5PalbtP.jpg Lucian "Peridot" Chevalier-Doxiadis
    • SvZ6CZc.jpg Zhibek Akhmatova
  • Skwerl56767-
    • aRC7JYT.jpg Heather Larkracios
  • BlueLatios-
    • OYOngaJ.jpg Will Shadowen
    • tDj1FyY.jpg Dylus "Doggo" Traven
  • ThatCoolOfAChick-
    •   utPuzCg.jpgRoxanne “Blood Sugar” Scarlett
  • bloodbathe-
    • wJWPVF7.jpg Nico
    • 3VRfhtb.jpg Lilith "Lily" Babylon
  • trmizu-
    • fYmMW3H.jpg Alice Chiura
    • KPxLntk.jpg Raymond Quinn/Dylan
  • TehUltimateMage- 
    • RJxt0SZ.png Eliphaz Samuel Rayden







Rooming arrangements: 


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~Lucian “Peridot” Chevalier-Doxiadis- Not today.~


Lucian took his usual spot outside Passion Puddle, taking out the book he borrowed from the base. He glanced at the faint shimmer around the nearest tree, his key back to base in case he was needed. It was fortunate for him that nobody was around, though, otherwise it would be o
n the news that he phased through a tree. Peridot remembered the scout telling him that he needed to keep the base a secret, and to never be seen entering or leaving base. If it were up to him, entrances to the base would’ve been much more hidden- like, oh, an alleyway? It never made sense to him, but yet he always went along with it. Oh well, he wasn’t going to question those who knew more about his powers than he did. Last time someone did that…

Oh, bother. He didn’t want to think about it. He just wanted to read.

Suddenly, a fight broke out somewhere near the student center. He sighed. Lucian hated fights. All he wanted was to read and eat the egg and cheese sandwich he bought from the nearby deli. But no, here came the disturbance of the peace, which annoyed Perri more than words could say. He walked over, hoping and praying the two men fighting weren’t taller than he was. Perhaps he needed backup……



~Lavender Calabria and Evonna Durand- Sparring time!~


Lavender punched at Evonna with her left glove, which Evonna dodged effortlessly. The girls grinned at each other. This was the usual, checking their training progress with a quality boxing match. Lavender hadn’t been that good in the beginning, but with training she had begun to reach Evonna’s level. Was she quite there? Nope. Was it still fun to try? Hell yeah. Lavender just barely left her train of thought to evade a jab to the shoulder. The girls were definitely enjoying themselves. 



~Chikako Tanimoto- Haircuts~


Chikako sighed as she stared at the doll in front of her. “Okay, you little mother **** … I am gonna style your hair, and you are gonna love it. I swear to god, your hair is gonna collaborate with me, and these layers are going to be PERFECT.” She sighed again as she looked to the side at the many doll busts that lay in the corner of the room. All of their cuts were of various lengths and colors, none of which looked right to her. It sucked when she had her own expectations to live up to, in spite of what her parents would tell her. She never felt that she could live up to what she dreamed to do, even if her friends told her that her haircuts were fantastic. 

This was going to look good to her. It had to. Those layers and the pixie cut were going to be immaculate, even if she had to stop and take a minute to breathe. Chikako wanted to think that she was good at her craft, but she was scared she would never get it right if she tried on a real person. What if they hated it? What if they never wanted to talk to her again because they hated how she made them look? At least makeup was easy to fix and undo. Makeup was second nature to her. Hair? Damn. 

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~Will Shadowen- Lost In Thought + The Encounter (with Mikasa361 as Lucian)~


Will was out in the open taking a walk as usual, heading aimlessly amidst the waves of vehicles and people moving about. It's already usual for him to find himself being awkwardly stared at by a few people, as he nonchalantly returned the stares with a quick look, and continued walking. Out of those few, indeed some of them couldn't help but ask a variety of questions. Among them are questions that go by "Are you a foreigner? You look new." Or the classic "What's up with that outfit?" while criticizing his choice of fashion. But mostly the questions center around the sword handle (hilt) that is seen pointing to the sky from the back of his shoulders. As swords are barely even used as weapons in the modern era and in most areas, most people assumes that he attend some sort of weird sword-fighting club. Others assume that he's just a weird freak who fantasizes in becoming a knight, or making an attempt to roleplay as one. Because of these self-assumptions, no one takes him seriously... so far. Will had given up trying to explain why he always carry a sword with him, so he just acknowledged their views as possible truths to satisfy their ears.


"Where to go next?" he mutters to himself. Daylight is shining brightly, the sky is painted with shades of white and triangles of flying birds. "It's a bright day today. Honestly, I hoped to talk about the day with others..." Will walks down the streets, facing towards the pavement. "I've tried talking. Nobody understands the tragedy I face. Nobody has experienced it before. Nobody knows." Will lets out a small chuckle. "Who knew that I had to live life alone in this world? Maybe I should've given up on that day... No. I must continue living. I still have mysteries to uncover." After a while, the lonely boy lifts up his head and views his surroundings. His eye caught something of interest. "Douglas Campus..." The tragedy that struck him was so sudden. Back then he had just graduated from high school, it was indeed the time to celebrate. The storm destroyed the calm, and his plans for the future shattered like broken glass. Two years later, today he finally reconsiders what has escaped his mind for so long. "Should I dedicate a part of my life to continue studying instead?"




Being unable to decide, he continued walking, but shortly afterwards he heard what seems to be a fight. This time, the noise it produces has distracted his thoughts. Will decided to move towards the source and interfere, or even better for him, get involved in it. As Will approaches the cause of noise, he sees two men beating each other senseless. One of them is screeching as he is evidently losing the fight. There is a certain sketchy-looking bag nearby. Some ways away there is a young man with a book, his hair looking like he did a faceplant in green paint. Will rushed to the young man's position, and demanded an explanation on the chaos that's happening before them. Lucian sighed. “It literally just broke out. Just now.” Without further considerations, Will stepped in between the fight, making an attempt to directly halt the fight. "That's enough! Both of you have disturbed others long enough." Lucian sighed. "Well, thanks." The two men, meanwhile, ran off with their metaphorical tails in between their legs.


"Tch, and they call themselves students? What a shame." Will turned back to the green-haired student who stood nearby. He sighed when the unfamiliar man made a comment. "I haven't really seen them around before. Nor have I seen you, to be honest.” Without hesitating, also with a second purpose in mind, Will thrusted his arm towards Lucian, opening his hand out towards him. "My name's Will, " he replied, with a somewhat softer tone. "Lucian. Call me Luke, Peridot, whatever you want." Lucian took Will's hand and shook it. Will grinned for a moment, realising something funny about himself. "Can I just call you the green-haired, if I forget? I have not personally introduced myself, or being introduced to anyone, for quite a long time." Not wanting to abruptly end the fresh conversation he is experiencing at the moment, Will fires another question at him, "Is it really a strange sight for someone with a sword to walk around these areas? Because personally, I have seen weirder people around moving about unnoticed." Lucian shrugged. "Ah, just a teeny bit, I've seen much worse to be honest." Lucian's reply gave him the confidence he needed.


"Do you study here? I plan on studying here too, I was hoping you could... help." He toned down a bit, clearly he was showing a tiny bit of excitement.

"I do, I'm trying to be a doctor."

"Good dreams. Perhaps as a doctor you would be able to identify..."


Will's mouth paused. He reanalyzed the conversation. Someone who is going to become a doctor is usually intelligent, but to him, also stubborn or uncreative. Again he was lost in his inability to decide his next actions. Peridot raised his eyebrow. “Identify what? Are you injured? Is everything okay?” Will saw the interest in the teen's eyes. He finally decided to give it one more try. "Mysterious creatures of the night. Preys on humans. Do you believe such things exist?" Peridot looked taken aback. “Lost Ones... I’ve fought them before. Do you, by chance... have an unusual power...?” Will's eyes raised in amazement. After all these years of travelling, a tiny speck of light has shun onto him. "Perhaps, you have already identified them long before I do?" (He wasn't aware that he had dismissed Peridot's question, and forwarded his own instead.) Luke nodded. “You should... come with me.” The shimmering around the tree began to open up a portal. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing sinister.” He chuckled. “But you and that sword might provide some help. And we need that help.” Will took a quick check on his surroundings, then hastily followed Lucian into the portal.

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   You shouldn't be in the game.
   Get out there, player!
   Black Team is pushing hard, we need someone on the front lines!
   Heavy footsteps, ringing gunfire, people exploding into bits - virtual bits.
   Worry about the assassins! Deal with them!
   Round the back!
   A swipe and a kick. Two kicks. A hit in the shoulder, and a blade whipped around to dispatch the attacker.
   Focus on them!
   I've locked on them.
   Hey, where are you going-?
   A kick. An explosion that sends a group of players into the void.
   The bridge is collapsing!
   She's a threat!
   Why are you so good at this?
   I like to fight.

   Heather.... Heaaatherr.

   Elara. Elara and CIDAR. Yes, I remember them-


   "Stop it..." The teen rolled over in her sleep, muttering and pressing the blanket to her head; an old habit from dealing with morning light, yet being a nightowl. Already though the dream was broken. Did someone kick me from the game?
   Heather, wake up. It's almost noon. Despite the voice being different, the girl just frowned, associating the words with her mother. I don't want to get up... she thought.
   A pair of mechanical hands grabbed the blanket and yanked it off, before dissipating back into dust particles. Heather looked over and scowled at the visored face.
  Get up! Elara barked.
   "You're in my head..." Heather mumbled. The machine huffed, crossing her arms.
   I'm also you, and you've also dreamed me before. I can boss you around all I want, she said, feathers flattening in distaste. The girl finally sat up, glaring at the supposed figment of her imagination. The words "you're not my mom" tickled the back of her throat, and she cracked a smile and barked out a laugh before becoming sullen again. The android was still receptive to it though.
   Technically, I am a mom. Think about that for a second, she scolded, I'm you, but sci-fi and a mom.
   "I'm glad I haven't mastered you yet," Heather grumbled, still sitting hunched on the edge of her bed. The corners of Elara's mouth twitched.
   Maybe not, but you've met someone twice, and it looks like you're growing five-hundred-caliber barrels, she teased. Heather stared at her for a moment, her groggy mind barely processing the comment as unusual, before she habitually stood up, put on her glasses, and walked in front of her closet doors, which had a mirrored finish specifically for her to practice her... mutomicanimus, the scientists called it? She stood there for a long moment, trying to wake up; then she realized one arm indeed had three massive barrels swelling up out of it, and her eyes bore an unusual red color and her skin a bronze hue. Her mouth dropped open in surprise.

   "Oh-!! Fidds, get out!" she panicked and shook her arm violently, as if it would make it change back. Elara laughed in her head, grinning at the scene. "You're not helping!"
   At least you didn't try to turn into an entire spaceship again, she said. Now that Heather was more awake, another, more masculine, sly voice entered her head, but she didn't understand what it said as Fiddlesticks's defiance shot through her. Heather growled in response, still shaking her arm and mentally ordering the animus to let go.
   Finally, the bizarre, swollen shape began to shrivel back up into an actual arm, the bronze metal slipping into dark skin before fading to white.
   Well, at least you get another morph soon... the sly voice quipped, although I regret that it's not me.
   "There are fifty of you in there. I can only handle so much, guys," Heather sniffed, carefully watching the chilling process of the barrels splitting and shrinking down to human fingers. "Yeesh! I keep forgetting how heavy she is..."
   She's a tank and an AI in one. What did you expect? Elara said. Her visage flickered as the sly voice tried to manifest beside her: a column of near-black smoke, practically shapeless as he couldn't hold his form. The being didn't have another comment, simply tilting his triangular head at the girl. She wrinkled her nose at him, before checking herself more thoroughly in the mirror.

   No weird brown pigment, no red eyes too close together, and no barrel arms. Good. She didn't need to be sludge this morning because an animus tried to take over her body... Heather cricked her neck, simultaneously ordering all animus to dissipate so she could concentrate on actually being alive and making breakfast, and the images of Elara and the sly creature vanished in an instant. Before exiting her bland, blue room, she took a moment to check on the animus that tried to possess her: the mech that she was in the dream.
   Unresponsive, with a heavy feeling of fatigue. She wasn't ready to enter the real world any more than Heather was to handle her being there.
   "How're you doing?" she asked the entity, walking up to her wooden door, past the canopy bed, and taking the handle. The machine just let out a soft whine that made her regret forcing her out so quickly.
   Approximately 20% of your body mass was converted at the peak of the simulation, a mechanical voice informed her: the Archivist. The mental conversion was close to 89%.
   "Sounds about right," Heather murmured, exiting her small room. She fully recalled the playful violence of the machine's mind: the combativeness of an Ice Spirit, but with the perspective of a gamer... or perhaps that was just because the dream's setting was influenced by a recent film she saw with the other Shadow Seeker recruits.
   Don't forget that awesome techno track you found, Elara reminded her enthusiastically. A small smile formed on Heather's face as she walked down the short hall, with its thick concrete walls and rust-red carpet runner reminding her that she wasn't home anymore.
   "I love that song," she said.
   You say that about everything! a chorus of voices responded.
   "It's true!" she argued. She glanced to her right and saw that one of the suite doors was open, and promptly lowered her voice in case someone was still sleeping: "But you're right, I love a lot of music."

   Heather grabbed the handle to the door going out of the suite block - the old bunker the SS organization used had quite a few "inconvenient" doors as a safety precaution - and opened it up, walking into the great room. In truth, it wasn't very big, but the accommodations were nice, with a living area ahead, a kitchen to the right and a dining area in between, with the latter two being raised up a bit.
   Her morning grumpiness already gone, she listened to the quiet chatter among her animus while they debated the time, ascending to the kitchen area to grab something to eat. She went through her muscle-memory routine of opening the fridge, closing it in disinterest, then opening the cereal cupboard and closing it in disinterest too, before going and leaning against the corner countertop. As always, she was tempted to ask her animus for opinions on breakfast, but she would be answered with everything from oatmeal, to roasted rats, to raw egg, rusty bolts, bones, and even rocks and souls. "Drink gasoline" was a serious suggestion at one point.
   She decided to fall back on classic oatmeal, letting herself be completely distracted by her psychological creations as she eyeballed the measurements in a bowl, cooked it too dry, poured in too much milk, then cooked it for even longer and ended up with boiling soup. Not thinking anything of it, the teen went over to the dining area, pulled up a chair, and plopped down into it, placing her "oatmeal" on the glass table and letting it cool for a bit. It was always fun to sit there, and become lost in her thoughts, letting her animus tell her wild stories and jump around in daydreams... but she also had work to do. Maybe. She didn't check the time.

   The minutes ticked by, breakfast was consumed, and the dish was promptly washed with soap and water. Heather glanced over at the stove clock while drying her hands, and frowned: Elara was right, it was almost noon.
   Her animus groaned at the mental realization. Daytime meant no monster hunting, and no monster hunting meant lounging around doing nothing exciting for seven hours, and "exciting" to them usually meant fighting. Their collective disappoint impacted Heather, making her sigh despite knowing that she had a computer and could occupy herself easily. Her animus needed entertainment just as much as she did, and the Shadow Seeker's management demanded she have a couple hours of exercise every day; being some sort of shapeshifter didn't grant you laziness. That left practicing animus forms... or rather, running around in the city as one of them just to occupy herself. It would also give her a mental break from the stronger voices. Maybe it had something to do with how she couldn't have multiple animus active at once, but things become very quiet when she transmutes herself and lets only one mind reside beside her own.
   Deciding on a quick run through the city, Heather quickly chose an animus to try out and briskly headed out of the great room toward the exit. The exit was just a small room, but technically led nowhere: the Shadow Seekers couldn't afford having an obvious entrance. Instead, a portal was set up in the center, and a holographic projection decorated the walls so a member only needed to glance around to make sure no citizens were around to witness someone suddenly materializing out of a tree. Yes, a tree; apparently the least conspicuous spot in the entire city was one tree in a park near a student center. It didn't bother the girl though. She had the perfect animus for sneaking in and out of the portal.

   Heather paused in a corner of the room and summoned up an animus, focusing on the sterile, white form in her mind. Clarifying the mental image made the other voices distant in her head, and she felt an intruding consciousness as she began to force the change on herself. The first thing she noticed was the sensation of dropping from a greater height. The floor came up closer and closer to her as her head and body sank, yet her shoulders remained in place. Her senses all migrated to one spot excepting the eyes as they merged, her abdomen blended into her chest and hips, and she lost a couple of fingers on each hand. There was a strange pulling sensation on her legs as, like taffy, her feet stretched out and reformed into slender hoof shapes. The internals came next, and she lurched before tightening up in place, feeling that she was filled with both air and stone as organs stretched, shrank, solidified and even merged with each other. Then, finally, her skin sucked inward like vacuum packaging before hardening to a slick metal finish.
   Heather blinked, yet had no eyelid, instead mimicking it with the sharp heighten and dip in brightness of her surroundings. She allowed the eye to readjust before moving each limb, ensuring that the change was complete.
   As solid as ever! she thought, pleased by the ten minute transformation. She waited a moment to see if the animus's consciousness was responsive, and she was; she didn't have much to say though. Sister Turret was a very quiet by default.

   Heather trotted in place for a second, listening to the whirring of the joints and the clacking of the hooves, before activating the animus's cloak and heading toward the glowing particle field that was the portal. It was so much more convenient than dealing with random park-goers all the time! Just turn invisible and viola-!
   STAY BACK! Sister Turret's voice suddenly erupted in her head, and she involuntarily halted mid-step and jerked backward. Heather barely processed the order by the time the quick conscious had made her dodge into the corner. Her new body collapsed against the wall, and Heather struggled to maintain control over her half of the mind.
   What?! What is it? she asked quickly. The AI didn't respond, letting her take a moment to see the people who had just stepped through the portal.

   She recognized one of them: Peridot, the glasses boy with green bangs, dressed casual just as always. Heather's mechanical eye glazed over him, lingering on the other boy: a stranger. He wore a black coat that covered most of his form, and his hair looked messier than Peridot's. He also looked much more tired by comparison. The gleaming hilt of a sword could be seen peeking over his shoulder, sending mixed feelings through her.
   Friend? Lost citizen? Or foe?
   Heather was thankful of her animus's cloak, and circled the man, with only the faint clopping of the hooves giving her away. Sister Turret was quiet, busy assessing his threat status. The voices of her other animus were just as silent, but she could feel their mixed feelings as well; most of all though, they fixated on his sword, wondering if it was real or just a cosplay toy. Fencing swords were often thinner rapiers, but this looked more like a traditional broadsword...
   All right, Peridot, she thought, keeping a close eye on the two, what are you up to?

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~Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett - Smoke Break~


Blood Sugar breathed out with a sigh, smoke billowing from her mouth. She had stepped out to a balcony for no reason other than to fuel an honestly expensive addiction. She tended to use this time to reflect on her current situation. Leaving Texas to go up north to New Jersey, fighting Lost Ones an a regular basis, seeing how many heads she could make turn a day, for better or for worse. It was still a new and interesting experience for her, and her job was fun. She figured she was just homesick and missed the constant trouble she would get into back at her estate. She figured she may as well head to base since she didn't have much else to do now that the cigarette had burned down to the bud. Blood Sugar snuffed it out and went on her way.

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~Nico - Discovery of the Shadow Seekers~


  Nico was exhausted. He had been traveling for 5 years, honing his skill to the utmost limit. He visited a lot of cities and villages, and killed many humans. After
a while he found out that he can "store" his armies for later use, simply by ordering them to do so. A command he used after every battle, "Dismissed", the exact
command he used just now. The skeletons in front of him crumbled to dust, returning to the place Nico likes to call 'The Land of the Dead'. He also learned to

communicate with his army by telepathy, but it is a tiring task, so unless it is absolutely necessary, Nico don't telepathically communicate with them. "There goes

this family", he thought to himself as he looted all the treasures available. The house he just destroyed was owned by one of the elites of the organization he was

hunting down. As he finished up his looting, he carried his camping bag filled with money and jewels.


  During his travels, he found out that there are beings other than humans, a stronger and more twisted beings, and apparently only he can see them. People says that
he's crazy when he tells them about the monster, but whenever one appears and attacks humans, the humans will turn to them. Not knowing who to talk to, he grew quiet
as he keeps following his feet. He thought that the monsters have something to do with his powers. Out of boredom, he approached the nearest kitten, and tried to pet
it. When the kitten tried to run, he throw his dagger at it. The kitten died. He raised it from the dead, and put it on his shoulders. This is how he always act. He
was never afraid to use his powers, as normal people cannot see the skeletons. Only the people that are attacked or going to be attacked by him could see the skeleton.
"I'm calling you Garo, and from now on, you're my little kitten."


  As he travels south, he found a huge bridge crossing a river. Cars pass by, and a few human rushed around. He did not know where he was. He only followed the beings,
and destroyed any members of the organization if he ever gets near them. And there it was, a monster approaching the humans. He rushed to it and struck it with his
daggers. He knew it doesn't affect them at all, it was all to get the attention of the monster. He then run while the monster followed him. He tried to find a better
place to fight, as to harm no civilians. Nico went to the alley and stopped. "This is a good place", he thinks as he summons a few skeletons. Fighting with the
monster are always different than killing the humans. They are a lot faster, and tougher to kill. That's why he always stands in the back and let his army fight. He
did not want to get killed. Due to his many years of fighting them, he knew the most efficient way to kill them. As the skeletons sliced it up to bits, the monster
fell. He then ordered the dead to go back to the earth.


  Nowhere to go, nowhere to stay, Nico was lost in his thoughts. He don't know when his hunt will end, when will he discover his true potential, when will he die.
He then proceed to summon a few of his skeletons to scout ahead, as he did not know what lies ahead. The skeletons have abilities based on their previous life.
If the human is fast, then so will the skeleton, and thus, the scouts are always the fastest. After a while the scouts returned, along with new information. One of
them saw two humans walking into a shimmering tree. It seems impossible, yet he could summon skeletons, so why not. He ordered the skeleton to lead him, and there

he arrived. A single tree in an open field. It looks too odd, but humans never cared. Nico scouts the tree...

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~Jehan Durand- Starbucks run


Jehan woke up at a solid 2 PM. Groggy-eyed, he checked his alarm clock and cursed himself in French. He had meant to wake himself up earlier to go train, but his lazy-ass brain decided otherwise. No, it’s okay, I totally meant to wake up this **** late. Sighing, Jehan slumped over to his dresser and picked out his clothes for the day. After a purposefully frigid shower to wake up, Jehan dressed and left his suite. He waved at Lucian as he passed, too tired to question the new kid that walked with him. He just kept walking to the George Street portal. 

When he passed through, Jehan was in Downtown New Brunswick, at George street and New street. Just a few blocks and he would be at his destination. He walked, as homeless men and women asked him for cash. On his salary, he really didn’t have much to spare aside from what he could afford to get for himself. But since he was a good person, and also felt bad if he said no, he gave each person a dollar. In total, he lost about five dollars. He still had enough to get a grande cold brew coffee. It was good enough for him, a good shot of caffeine was exactly what he needed. Jehan considered getting a shot of espresso, but last time that happened he couldn’t sleep right. It was not a good idea to do that unless he actually woke up in the morning. 


Jehan finally make it to the intersection of George st and Paterson st. It was nice to see how busy the city was at this time, there were always some interesting people around. He heard down the street a man playing the saxophone. When he got change, he told himself that he would have to give it to the man. He had been wanting to do it for a while but he always left his change at home. Not today, he was going to remember to do his duty as a person with money- share the wealth. He walked forwards, past Chipotle and into Starbucks. Maybe he would go back out for dinner and get some Chipotle. But being awake for some training was a priority. He walked up to the pretty barista, a young girl he knew from class. She had rich dark hair, a round face and big brown eyes. Her nose was pierced with a delicate silver hoop on the right nostril, similar earrings adorned down her cartilage. On her neck was a small engagement ring on a dainty gold chain. Jehan always questioned it to himself, but never had the guts to ask her directly. It could’ve been her mother’s for all he knew. Maybe he would ask her to hang sometime, when she wasn’t rushing out of class. But damn was she cute.


“Hello, Jehan, it’s a pleasure to see you. What can I get you?”


Can I get a grande cold brew? I need to wake up.” Zhibek giggled.


“You spent too much time studying last night, didn’t you? I know I did.” She frowned. “Damn, do I hate comm 101. It’s basically like the psychology classes I had to take last semester. Anyway, coming right up.” She took the money Jehan handed her and began to work. The way she moved around the workstation was so graceful, it was almost like a dance to Jehan. He wished he knew more about her, those eyes of hers had a story to tell. He sat and waited for his coffee, daydreaming about what could be if he had the guts to ask her out.

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~Will Shadowen - Skeletal Chaos (with Mikasa361 as Lucian and Bloodbathe as Nico)~


It took a few seconds for Will to realise the situation. He had just entered a completely different area, an unknown territory. Will rushed his hands to the sword's hilt, noticing something not right to him. "Hey Peridot, is this place busy? I hear quite a number of footstep sounds around here." Peridot looked around, waving at one of the Seekers that passed by. "Kinda, but they're all pretty cool. Welcome to the base of the Shadow Seekers. I've got to take you to one of the scouts. " Will hesitated when he finished the sentence. The Shadow Seekers? This is their base? Will paused his movements. "Wait a minute... I am not going further without clearer explanations." Peridot paused and nodded. He waved back at Jehan, who looked exhausted. The boy must have fallen asleep again. "Alright. So the main point is that everyone in this base has superhuman powers. There's also something a little weirder, if you're okay with me telling you." The dark-coated teen found it difficult to process the new facts being established in such a short time. At last, he simplified the situation in one simple sentence: There are others similar to me. "Show me what you can do, so that I know I'm not under an illusion or hypnosis," he demanded. Peridot nodded. He took out two objects- a marble and a razor blade. "Now watch." The two objects merged into a small glass knife. "I can merge objects into something new and better." Will wasn't convinced, it seemed to him like magic show acts. "Merge objects, you say?" Will took out a coin and threw it into Peridot's hands. "Merge that knife with a coin of mine then." "Will do," Peridot nodded. He placed the two next to each other and closed his eyes. Three objects merged together was going to be a rather interesting task. He had only managed two... With concentration, though, it soon became a small metal knife with glass accents.




Just then, a Seeker was seen running away from the portal room, warning the others to arm themselves. There appeared to be something foreign appearing. Peridot jumped. "Oh God, is there a...?" Will finally pulled out the sword he had been holding on to with his right hand for a while, assuming a battle stance, focus set onto the place where he had been. Still calm, Will proposed another question, "is this also a normal thing around here?" "Not really. Base is usually more peaceful." He grabbed the little knife. "This better work." Will took the first step forward. "Since you've shown me what you can do, at the very least, let me show you what I can do. It's not much, but it should be enough." A gloomy, dreadful aura started to emanate from his weapon, then his body. "Whoa," Peridot whispered. One of the nearby Seekers shouted, “Skeletons! Prepare for a fight!” Peridot sighed. "Of course. Of course this ** happens to me. Okay, let's get moving." Before Peridot could finish, Will dashed towards the skeletons, while loudly telling the others to stand back. "Just watch, this is probably nothing." He stood a few inches away from the skeletons. "Alright, boneheads. Where did you come from?" Peridot quickly grabbed his glasses and merged them with his knife, making a larger dual-bladed weapon. "I oughta be ready just in case." The skeletons move as though they were living humans, and have similar strength. Peridot stepped back. "Oh God, let's hope you can do this, Will." Without answer, one of the skeletons assaulted Will. He dodged the attack with incredible agility, then proceeded to swing his somewhat ghastly weapon aggressively against its skull, shattering it into half. Not over yet, he proceeds to chain the offense by pulling his arm, then thrusting his sword directly through the undead's rib cage and backbone, shattering whatever was still standing in front of him.


"Alright, I'm giving you guys a second chance to talk before I eliminate every single one of you. Else, I'll destroy you and your master." Knowing that these creatures are brainless, he realised that starting a conversation with them was rather pointless, and dull. Right then, one of the skeleton talks, "You. Human. Not. Monsters. Must. Be. From. Bad. Guys." It then proceeds to attacking further, but with more strategic and elaborate moves. More skeletons appeared from the portal and decided to team up against Will. Peridot lunged forward at one of the skeletons that decided to make its way behind Will. "Not today, son of a--" Will's blade almost struck Peridot's arm. His eyes widened at the thought of killing an innocent soul. "You... really don't want to be around me when I'm in combat. I have never fought alongside a single living creature before." Will proceeds to rush into the waves of skeletons, leaving Lucian behind, hacking and slashing through multiple backbones per swing. As the combat goes on, the skeletons realise that some of the people have powers of their own. The next wave of skeletons assumed a more defensive stance, and guard the entrance to the portal room. As the defense tightens up, a person appeared from the portal. "Who are you people? I've never heard that the organization have people with powers?" Will momentarily stops his berserk, and pointed the tip of his sword directly to the white-haired man, while standing among the disassembled skeleton bones. "Surrender now or die." At that moment he was hardly able to control his rage. Peridot looked up. “Will, how about we not anger the guy who seems to be able to control the skeleton freaks?” Will did not even turn his head, nor did he move his sword away. His focus was definitely somewhere else. "Good idea. Since it seems you don't understand what I'm talking about, I'm not going to kill you guys. You have powers, which makes you a bit likeable. Let's talk." He said as the skeletons lower their guards. Will, however, did not lower his sword. He slowly walked towards him, mercilessly shattering a skeleton along the way.


"You better talk fast. I do not like what you're doing."

"Don't be too agitated, death is less painful than you thought. Anyways, I'm hunting for monsters. It seems only I can see them, and humans turn to them when they're attacked by those monsters. Killing them is fun, but it's way better if you are able to control them."


Will accepted the sentence, however, it did not calm him down. "Hunting monsters? If monsters are what you're after, then why did you kill humans? Tell me, can you resurrect yourself the moment I stab this blade into that thick skull of yours?" said Will with an evidently agitated tone, while pointing a random skeleton. Peridot blinked. “I wonder if this has to do with what’s been on the news... I heard something about people going missing, there’s been a spike, so it can’t just be Lost Ones...” "Oh I'm not actually here you see. The boy standing in front of you is one of my skeletons. I can control them, thus I am able to transform them. Although transforming them fully is hard, turning the head more human-like is simple. Add a little dress up and you won't notice the difference. I don't risk myself to combat unless it's required." The 'human' opened his clothes as he speak, showing a body made of skeletons. Peridot backed up. “U-a-i—“


"It's been a nice talk. I wished to see you in your real form, but perhaps you're uglier than these skeletons. If you see me, pretend to be normal and don't show your necromancy here again. Ever." Will couldn't keep it in any longer. With a loud cry, he charged to the portal entrance, raising his sword, swinging it like a whirlwind, jump-slashing from a skeleton to another. Lucian noticed something peculiar in that battle, Will was tearing up a bit. Just after Will jumped and slashed a couple of the skeletons, the rest of the skeletons crumbled to dust.  With no more skeletal figures in sight, Will calmed down, the aura dissipating around him. He stood firmly still.

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clarified and changed a few details, especially the number of people around the portal and how there can be many skeletons in a small room, edit because a part of plot doesn't fit in the story as a whole (approved by RP members)

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~ Alice Chiura - Hunger Problems and A Ghastly Sight ~


Exhausted from having just finished her daily training, Alice slumped against the pillows on her bed. It's only been a year since she first joined the Shadow Seekers, and although new Seekers usually finish their intense training early to proceed with normal regular trainings, Alice felt she was still receiving the same intensity—or that was just because of her weak stamina. Her supervisors kept scolding her  to cut down on her diet. She was completely aware of her slightly larger build compared to the other girls, and how her body gets tired easily from physical activities, but... 

"But it's not like I want to be this way, " Alice mumbled to herself as she drowned further into the pillows, "I've never thought —never once—in my life that suddenly my body should be fit so I can brace myself against ruthless killing machines!"

The silver-haired girl frowned as she stared up at her bedroom ceiling.


"Having one or nine lives doesn't change anything. I can't even live one life right."


She planted her face into a pillow when realized that she was still in her combat attire, drenched in her own sweat.



She quickly shot up and got out of her bed, only for her legs to be experiencing crams soon after. Flinching from the pain, her eyebrows squeezed against the center as she tried her best not to let curse words escape from her lips.

Alice stood still for a few moments. She sniffed an unpleasant scent which, in embarrassment, soon realized was her own. 

I really have to take a bath, she thought. But her growling stomach demanded otherwise. This happens after every training session she had. 'I can't help it... I need to regain energy after burning some... '—was the reason she always uses to excuse herself for frequent snacking. It clearly doesn't help that she also loves to eat.

But the sharp scolding comments from her supervisors rang in her head. An internal conversation with herself was starting;

No. Snap out of it, Alice. You can't live this way anymore. Stop snacking so much! 

But I really am hungry! A few biscuits... won't hurt... 

No! Don’t you know how many calories biscuits have? 

...don't actually. 

But they're sugary! And sugar is a one-way ticket to gaining weight! 

...Aghhh!!! Shut up! I never signed up for this! 


Her expressions continuously shifted from one to another as Alice just stood there. Her thoughts troubled in the intense battle against herself when a louder growl finally made up her decision to grab a bite before washing up.

Her crams already gone, but still in fatigue, she stumbled out of her suite towards the kitchen and hoping that no one would smell her sweat. It seemed as if it was a long walk for her, as she could feel her knees about to give in at any moment. Stopping at a distance before entering the kitchen, she saw a brunette exiting from where she was headed.


Ah, Heather...right? 


Alice never really spoke to her before, despite sharing the same suite. Alice was too reserved and Heather's mind always seemed to be elsewhere, so she never really had a chance to talk to her. Not that she wanted to actually.

Alice would hate to be remarked for her current disgusting moisture, so she hurriedly stepped back to a corner while wishing the other girl wouldn't spot her. The brunette seemed to be going somewhere in a hurry, as she briskly dashed out of the great room towards the portal exit, not noticing Alice's presence. She glanced at her for a moment, then quickly scuttled off into the kitchen.


Alice scanned the fridge for snacks. The kitchen was a shared one, but that didn't mean anyone could take anything out of the fridge. Each buy and store their own food, and no one would want someone else to eat theirs without permission. Alice knew this well, as she's quite possessive of her own food, but she'd definitely share them to people she liked. Her cravings though ended in disappointment, as she learned that she had ran out of snacks and now must go outside the base to buy more.


This will be another long walk... But hey! I'm burning extra calories already from doing this. I totally deserve the snack, right?


This time with confidence, Alice made her way to the portal exit, when she stopped midway.


Ah. Shower.

She scurried back to her room with haste, threw off her garments into the laundry basket, took a ten-minute bath—the quickest bath time she has taken so far—and soon changed into a casual short-sleeved grey dress, black stockings and her usual red flat pump shoes. All ready to go out.


Or so it seemed.


An unexpected commotion has happened in the portal room while Alice was returning from the kitchen. From a distance, she stood by in horror at the ghastly scene before her. Piles of skeletons—or what was left of them—eerily scattered on the floor. Her face turned pale and she could feel her stomach churn, this time not from the hunger, but from the unease towards the bone-chilling sight of the seemingly haunted room. She was never good with horror films and anything alike, hence the scene was an absolute nightmare for her.


Trying to calm down, she practiced her heavy breathing as she closed her eyes and placed her hands on her chest.


Relax... Breathe... In... Out... There must be an explanation.

She slowly opened her eyelids and tried not to focus on the bones. Her gaze shifted towards the two men standing near the portal exit.

That's... Lucian. Or was it Perri? Again, she had never really spoken to the green-haired man properly, only hearing other people who have talked of him or called him by his name. 


And that's... 

The man with the full-black attire was one she had never seen. The strange gloomy atmosphere he was giving off somewhat intimidated her. Though for some reason, she also felt it was a bit sad. She was curious of the man and of what had happened, but ultimately concluded not to be involved, for she couldn't stand the sight any longer and retreated back to her room.

...I don't feel so hungry anymore.



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~Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett - Fashionably Late~


Frantic clacking of heels halted by the time everything was over. Dust and debris covered the floor, "Hell, did I miss all the fun?" Blood Sugar pouted in a strong southern draw, blood drawing itself back into her arm from a deep red crystalline structure that encased her forearm. She slumped herself slightly, "And just as I got back too, damn the smokes.", She looked around for a bit, and took notice of the unfamiliar person next to Lucian. "Who's the new blood, Peridot?"

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~Nova Mori - Working.~


While Nova had heard the commotion, she was a bit busy and decided her skills wouldn't be useful enough in a fight to go help. She was working on some of the heaters, as a few of them had decided to stop working, leaving parts of the base colder than others- And as they were underground, it already tended to be on the cooler side enough. She sighed, wiping dirt and black rust off her forehead- only succeeding in smearing it more so than before, not that she particularly cared- as she sat back and looked at her work.

It still had a ways to go, but taking the moment to assess her work and see what needed to be done helped, and she right away got back to it, her tools beside her, her body having become made of tungsten, the high melting point preventing her from getting burnt or otherwise damaged from the hot temperatures. Her skill was incredibly helpful when it came to things like this, she admitted to herself. While she felt useless in other ways, having no real benefit in battles, she could at least manage to aid them in daily things, like... Repairing when the water system, or heaters, or such got out of hand. But that was all she was good for, wasn't it?

Well, no use thinking about it now. She had a job to do, and she needed to focus. She turned her attention back to the metal, the familiar in her hands calming her the smallest bit. She hoped that no one got injured in whatever had happened. 


~Aurelia "Aura" Enid - Absit Omen.~


Aura's presence was made known with a sigh as she entered the room from behind Roxanne, depowered at the moment as her gaze drifted across the room, amber eyes focusing on the dust for only a moment before moving to scan Lucian carefully, then shifting to the new male, her eyes narrowing slightly at the sight. She didn't speak for a few seconds, studying him, before she shook her head, relaxing slightly at the sight of no hostile beings. Well- He looked on edge, but that was none of her business, and she was sure he had a reason to. And it didn't look directed at anyone in here, after all, so...

"I hope, for once, you made sure to check that he was, in fact, one of us, and not a threat, before you let him in, Lucian."

Her tone was guarded, and somewhat pointed.

"What happened here? An attack?"

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   The Culprit

   Peridot was chatting with the boy, casually telling him everything about the Shadow Seekers. Some animus hissed in Heather's head while others groaned in exasperation. Peridot, what are you doing?...
   He's giving us all away! one of the animus barked.
   Easy fix. Kill him, the Archivist deadpanned.
   Great idea!
   What? No! That's a terrible idea!
   Maybe he thinks Peridot is just messing with him...
   What makes you think that?
   You mess with me all the time.
   Heather scanned the exchange between the two boys as Peridot demonstrated his merging capabilites, turning a knife to blown glass. She disliked this part of being an animus wielder: too many suggestions, so many possibilities, not enough knowledge to know what's best. She defaulted to the most venerable animus, who somehow knew more than she did.

   Elara? Shadow? Zhera?? she asked. There was a sniff.
   What do I know? It's a clueless boy, Shadow said, Kick him or hug him, I don't care.
   I have nothing to add, Elara said flatly. Nothing but cold judgment emanated from Zhera.
   I think you should give him a chance, one animus, Zen, spoke for her. He's clearly not hostile.
   Until he watches me turn into a Secutor, Heather grumbled in response to the phoenix-like being.
   Do you have a better idea?
   The teen had nothing to say to that. Many of her animus were wiser than her by default; their pasts were so much more exciting. Her past, should it flash before her eyes, was certain to look like a weird, sedentary drama advertising food and ways to shirk work.
   Focus, Elara reminded her with a snicker.
   Trying, Heather said numbly, trying to switch her focus back to Peridot and the stranger; the former had somehow given the knife a metallic finish, now.
   FOCUS! Zhera suddenly roared. Alarm flashed through Sister Turret's mind, and the animus wrenched Heather away from the portal for the second time. She was about to scold her when she noticed something materializing from dust in front of her.

   Skeletons! From thin air?!
   Not another animus user, Zhera hissed, knowing what she was thinking. Heather deftly dodged two more as they materialized in her spot, many more following them. All of the skeletons rising in the room were turning on Peridot and his guest, like they had a debt to pay to them. The stranger whipped out his sword, and it caught the light and glowed; Heather's animus weren't too impressed. Peridot promptly merged his glasses with the knife, creating two glass hand blades, and hopefully was still able to see properly. Then Heather caught a name: Will.
   So the stranger is Will, she thought. A shout came from the portal, catching her attention and letting Sister Turret's blades slide out. The animus was prickling with apprehension, itching to assassinate each of the intruding undead-
   Wait! Heather halted her. The voice!
   Protect! the animus argued, making her look at Peridot and Will. They were rushing forward toward the skeletons-
   Heather wrenched the machine's focus away and forced her to pick up her feet, dashing toward the portal. No one here can summon skeletons. There has to be someone outside! she reasoned, the holographic park turning to a very real one as she came out the other side, still invisible. Someone knows about the base! We have to find him!

   Sister Turret halted a few feet away from the disguised tree, uncertainly looking around. Heather scanned the area as fast as she could, trying to find anyone suspicious: some out-of-place guy, or a skeletal overlord, or even a Lost One... the park was largely empty though at this time of day. She hesitated, a little confused, and took a moment to calm Sister Turret's anxiety.
   Where...? the animus thought. Heather turned, before circling the tree, searching for literally anyone.
   There were people on the streets. There were a couple of kids outside the student center. A family was at the other side of the park, and one girl sat on the curb of the nearest street. The street closest to the tree. But there's no telling if she knew about-
   Boy, Elara corrected, it's a boy.
   Ijegefghilmndgh, Heather's mind sputtered, long-haired boy, knew anything about the base. He's just sitting there.
   Sister Turret sent a strong feeling of distrust and apprehension to the girl, and she spun in place, only skeptical of the trench-coat boy. Goths are common. Is there anyone more obvious around?

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~Lucian “Peridot” Chevalier-Doxiadis- Whoa whoa whoa~


Peridot saw Roxanne walking in, in her stunning scarlet dress. She looked disappointed that she missed out on the battle, which wasn’t much of one considering Will was able to wipe out most of the skeletons. He was ready to respond when Aurelia came in, her holier-than-thou aura making his mood ever the more sour. She confronted him for bringing in a stranger, blah blah blah. Listening to her scold him just made him more and more angry. He really didn’t like her attitude, not one bit. But he kept it civil, as he usually liked to to. Peridot raised up his hands as if to say “one at a time, please.”


Hey, hey, take it easy. Look, Will here has some freakish powers. You should’ve seen what he did with that sword! I’m taking him to the scouts to see if they’ll let him stay. I think he’s one of us, Aura and Roxie—


“I’m here, Lucian. Take ease.” A tall man with porcelain skin and long white hair made his way into the area. “Something about a new Seeker?” He eyed the sword. “Is he hostile?” He looked around the area to see skeletal remains. “And what the HELL happened here?”


I was going to get to that, Aurelius. He just killed a bunch of moving skeletons. I think there’s a necromancer around here. There’s someone who was controlling them. Will was able to defeat them, though, they weren’t like the Lost Ones.


“Thank the gods. Well, get someone to clean up this mess. I’ll take Will with me. Come along, I must take you to the higher-ups.” He turned and started to walk, but slowly as to wait for Will.

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~Nico - Joining the enemy~


-Flashback to before the battle in Shadow Seekers base-


  As Nico scouts the tree, he discovered a good spot to sit. He summoned a skeleton, and as it appeared from thin air, he devised a plan. He pulled some clothes from
his bag and dressed the skeleton up to look like  him, while altering the face a bit to appear a bit human-like. He then proceeds to dress himself using ragged coat
that he looted after taking an interest on it and sits on the other side of the road. He planned to lead a few armies in to scout ahead, and see whether the people
inside are negotiable. If they are, he's going to send his doppelganger in to talk. As he can communicate telepathically with his undead, he is going to speak
through his "clone".


-After the battle-


  Nico stays still after dismissing his armies, as to not attract unnecessary attention. He is lost in his own thoughts. "The boy with the sword, he was too agitated,
but toying with him might be fun. And the people there are quite friendly for someone who can easily kill. They can't possibly be in the organization, those guys
can't do anything right. I need someone I can use to train and exact my revenge, as well as finding out more about my powers. They seemed to know about the monster
and the unique powers."


  He looked around, trying to look as normal as possible. He's trying to see if anyone is looking for him. After a while looking around, he got up, believing that
nobody noticed him, and started heading east. He's returning to the alley where he fought the monster for he knew that place is not crowded. He was trying to clear his
thoughts, trying to figure out if he should join them or not. After a long while, Nico decided that joining the group might give him more benefit than leaving them be.
Moreover, he can meet the guy with sword again, who sparked an interest in him. "Alright, I better expect they're gonna be trying to kill me." Nico thought as he
headed back to the tree.

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~Will Shadowen - Ghost of the Past~



Will quietly put his sword back into the old, custom-made scabbard hanging on his back. The battle that just broke out was very similar to the tragedy that had struck him 2 years ago, it was a painful vision to remember. That day, he fought for nobody but himself, and the end result was none. The last thing that he wishes to see in his entire life is dead bodies, for even though he has never seen one before, he knew what it feels like to lose a life from the people around him... from everyone around him.

He snapped out of it and recollected his senses, he had been standing among the skeletal junk for a while. He noticed that a few Seekers did watch him battle, one or two are busy in conversation with Lucian.  It took him a while to find out that someone had signaled him to follow the man's footsteps. Words that had passed his ear began to be processed. "Higher-ups? Hey-" Will turned his head back to Peridot, who had been kept in check by the two feminine figures. "He trusted me, guess I'd have to repay that trust somehow."

"Alright. Lead the way."

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~Lilith - Take a break people!~


  During the battle with the skeletons, Lily was in her suite studying. She knows that she isn't going to be of any use in the fight, as she can't hurt anything.
That's why she was thinking of helping the others in any possible way. Lily had learned all the medical technique. She did it to be able to heal the wounded. When the
battle quieted down, she decided to cook a huge banquet. She was cooking honey roasted turkey with mash potato filling, a bowl of caesar's salad, butter toasted bread,
and some pasta with melted cheese for herself as she can't eat the turkey. After a few while she shouted through her megaphone which she previously created for fun,

"Guys! Lunch is ready!"

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~ Alice Chiura - Intimidation (with ThatCoolOfAChick as Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett ) ~ 



When Alice started to head back to her suite, she saw the angelic cream-haired girl Aura passed by to witness the commotion of the portal room. A distinct mature voice of a woman was also heard approaching the same scene, and Alice recognized whom it belonged to; only Blood Sugar, aka Roxanne, would speak such a strong southern accent.


Aura and Roxanne. Those two intimidate her honestly—not in a direct manner; she never spoke to them properly. In fact, she never spoke to anyone properly. But there was something about those girls as they gave off somewhat of an "aristocratic" aura. Herself? Hah! Definitely not in their league. Those kinds of "high-class" people always scare her. But she had to admit, they sure are gorgeous as heck. 


Snapping out from her thoughts, she looked back at the ladies now pestering Lucian with their questions. She has always been interested in the green-haired boy—not romantically—but she's observed him for a while and concluded that he might... be nice. It was hard for Alice to make friends, and harder for her to maintain the friendship. Images of her past friends and a particular boy appeared in her head, triggering a guilty feeling in her chest. 


"No!" Alice unintentionally let out a yelp as she shook her head. She gasped, her hands covered her mouth and she froze in place. 


Oh no. This is awkward. Please, please tell me no one heard that...... right?  


"Well, I'm going to head to the suite. Peridot, you know the rules." Blood Sugar said playfully. She enjoyed teasing the fact that Lucian and her were roommates. When she turned to head out of the room, she spotted Alice.


Alice peeked over her shoulder to check whether anyone had noticed her awkward squeal. Her eyes met with Roxanne's, unintentionally.


Gasp! Is she looking at me? Did she heard me just now? Did I look weird? What should I do? What should I do? Alice's mind went frantic. 


"G-good morning!" Alice's squeaky voice gradually turned into a whisper, "I-I mean good afternoon! H-hello..." Her eyes shifted towards the floor, mainly because she was embarrassed but also because, well, she couldn't resist the Texan lady's sharp gaze. 


"Howdy, hun" Roxanne replied to the stammering Alice. She found it kind of charming, in a way, at least in cementing her own mental image of her intimidation more.


Alice gulped, not knowing whether to continue it as a conversation or leave it as a simple exchange of greetings and be on their respective ways. She somewhat felt a little happy to be greeted back though, initially believing that she would just be ignored, or worse, teased.


Alice slowly walked over a little closer to where Roxanne was. 
"D-did something happen here?" She decided to start a conversation, though still a bit intimidated. She thought it seemed rude to just leave.


"Apparently," Roxanne gave a short pause, "but sadly I missed the whole thing." She was practically pouting at this point. "Oh well," she shrugged with an immediate expression change, "don't cry over spilled milk, you know"


Alice gave an awkward smile, easing up slightly from her previous tension. "Y-you really like to be in action..."  


" I was born into action! " Roxanne said with a bit of dramatica in her tone, before heading off to suites for lunch when Lilith's call echoed throughout the hall.


Alice remembered her initial objective and with a bit of enthusiasm, followed after.

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~Will Shadowen - Tunnel Walk (with Mikasa361 as Aurelius (and a bit of Chikako))~


As Will walked through the surprisingly well-lighted tunnels, Will noticed a few markings on the wall, as well as the styles of the walls themselves. Perhaps Will was still somewhere locatable in Earth. However, he didn't feel like pouring any questions at that time. He simply followed the Seeker to a decently large area. Aurelius looked around as well, always fascinated by all of the architecture he saw. It was his study in university, back when he lived in the Bronx. He still had his New York accent, even though he had lived in New Jersey for quite some time due to the organization. As a scout, it was his duty to help collect the Seekers and keep their powers secret, but was living in a bunker worth it? Were these people not capable of having their powers known and retaining their status? What would they be? ....Freaks, nothing more. That was the cruelty of the society they lived in, that any anomalies would be shunned. He truly wanted to change that, the idealistic young man he was. But for now he was to do his duty. In contrast with Aurelius, from the way Will lives his current life, he had not a single care about people with abnormal or supernatural abilities. As long as they're alive, that is good enough. Despite having no interest in changing the society, the swordsman is a person that cannot be easily changed by them. At some extremes, he'd fight against them, even. He will try to make it clear from that point of time that he is not here for help, but for answers.


As they traversed the tunnels, some scouts came and went, as well as a few Seekers. Aurelius heard an exasperated screech come from Chikako’s suite. It sounded like she was ready to throw a pair of scissors at the door. Aurelius decided to move away from the door. He kept walking with Will in tow. Perhaps the young man would speak eventually, but for now they stood in silence. Aurelius decided to break it, though. “Perhaps we’ll find an empty room for you. I believe Lucian’s room has an empty spot. He’s the one who brought you here, right? I’ll make sure you get acclimated to the place. Lucian is willing to help, too. Are you hurt from the battle? Lucian is our doctor. He’s pretty good at what he does, I assure you.”

"I'm fine," was the reply that Aurelius could get. He needed a few more seconds to understand the statements that had been said. Spotting nothing odd in them, Will questioned the man. "Is this your method of keeping me boxed in your base?" as he looked over the suites with no interest. Aurelius had a quick chuckle. “I assure you, we all go out enough that you wouldn’t be boxed in. This is just where we live, sleep, make our meals, et cetera. The suites are very nice, and believe me, I’ve slept in many different types of bedrooms before. These are probably the nicest.” He knew Will had his doubts, as did he when he became a scout. But living here as long as he did, he knew Will will get used to it eventually. “We’re almost there,” he stated, opening the door to the main room.

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   Heather trotted around the tree, her animus muttering amongst themselves. With most of them having experience in fighting, their tension was winding up with every second their host didn't find something. Several were entertaining the idea that another supernatural had raised the skeletons, perhaps on accident; Heather hadn't stuck around long enough to see if there was any explanation of why they showed up.
   This is pointless. We're missing out on a good battle, one of them grumbled.
   The train of thought was valid, but we're not seeing anyone, another argued.
   Someone who is also invisible?
   Check any parked cars.
   Look on the buildings.
   In the tree?
   It's very likely a supernatural and not some kid toying with a hologram...
   Do other people even have holograms?
   Heather mumbled to herself, letting Sister Turret patrol the park. This wasn't some freak accident, that much was obvious, but a perpetrator is never far from his crime! Right?

   Maybe summon some of us and we can try finding him? her Secutor animus asked.
   "So you can hug him to death? Gee, I wish," Heather laughed quietly under her breath. "I can't have more than one of you active though."
   The Secutor paused for a moment. Voice is wrong, she reminded herself. Heather blinked, also reminded that her voice changes when she shifts; its such an obvious fact, yet so easy to forget when your internal monologue sounds the same.
   "Well," she murmured in Sister Turret's flat, filtered tone, "I could always shift out and send one of you to a rooftop." She glanced at a couple on the park's sidewalk, whom she nearly alerted, and switched to her thoughts. Who's less likely to kill him if he shows up?
   Heather was answered by several laughs and many more grins. Okay, fine, stupid question, she huffed, I need to dream of Mez so I can summon something cute and friendly instead...
   Fight your foes with kitten-pillows. Brilliant idea. two animus said in tandem. One of them was Krysis, a rather obvious - but highly accurate - sniping machine, and she figuratively smirked at him.
   Are you volunteering? she asked.
   Do you want a molten hole five quli - excuse me, six feet wide? he deadpanned.
   Just don't shoot.
   Uh huh.

   Someone's approaching the tree, Elara alerted Heather. She stopped Sister Turret mid-step and swiveled around.
   It was the long-haired goth boy! He must have walked away at some point while she explored the rest of the park, but now he was coming back, and headed straight for the tree. There were plenty of other trees around, but for some reason he was walking toward the tree.
   Her animus had mixed feelings about that. Rather than risk it being arbitrary, Heather promptly changed course and trotted toward the portal, keeping an eye on the boy's trajectory. It was more important to defend the portal than look for some kind of supernatural summoner; at the same time, he could just be looking for a shady place to rest. Her time with the Shadow Seekers had disconnected the girl from "normal" peoples' lives, so she had no place in judging the boy until he came too close to the entrance. If he did...
   Guys! You're not helping! Heather mentally shouted in distress.
   Just hit him on the head! Zhera laughed.

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~Nico - The first meeting~


  As the tree got nearer in sight, Nico grew more and more excited than he was before. He know getting in the base will grant him a new chapter of his life, perhaps
a better one. When he is several feet away from the tree, he slowed his pace. "If there's the power to raise dead, and a doorway made of tree, then perhaps there's
someone watching me without me knowing." He thought. He then proceed to look around the tree, acting as if he is searching for some shades, when in reality, he's
looking to find the entrance.When he finds it, he sits and looked around. After a brief moment of scanning the surrounding, he finds no one watching him, at least
no one that's normal. So he fall on his back and enters the portal, pretending to look as confused as he can be, and since he was once a thief, acting is easy.

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~Will & Dylus & Aurelius and boss (by Mikasa361) - Will’s Prologue~

From another tunnel that's connected to the room, its door flew open and a man zoomed in his plain white T-shirt and black sports pants with white stripes. The man had black sunglasses hanging on his nose, a sign that the accessory was equipped for style purposes only. He ran towards Will and Aurelius, and stopped in front of them, almost tripping himself. "Whoa, a new person!" His eyes glittered with both curiosity and joy at seeing Aurelius with a new person with him. “Hello Dylus, this is Will.... er....” Aurelius rubbed his temple. Of course this one would show up. Will resisted to react.

Dylus wanted to strike a conversation so badly, but he won't do that now, not in front of Aurelius at least. "Right, I got a bit distracted there. Dylus, ready at your disposal! I heard something wrong happened at the portal, I'm ready to aid!" Dylus was energetic as usual when it comes to missions, regardless of its priority. “Um.... Will.... Your last name? Im sorry,” Aurelius asked after a long pause. "...Shadowen," he muttered. He wasn't expecting a guy as energetic as Dylus either. But the words that came out of his mouth was enough to excite the Seeker. "Oooh, a somewhat introverted guy? So quiet, so mysterious!" It was then Will decided to say something about this. "You can go back to wherever you were, whatever mess that happened has been cleaned up." It didn't work, Dylus was still there. "Cleaned up? Something interesting happened? What, how, why?" “Will Shadowen. Interesting.” Aurelius nodded. “There was a battle, probably with a necromancer. We’re not sure, but there’s a lot of bones.” Dylus, without permission, started dashing towards the area of the battle, leaving them behind. He's definitely very good at sprinting. Will wanted to know more, but he remained silent once more, letting his experience around the underground base show him more of the place. Aurelius sighed. “I’m sorry about him, Will, that’s Dylus. Everyone calls him ‘Doggo’ because he does behave very much like a dog. He’s a sweet kid though, just a little much.” He continued onward.

There was the main scout, sitting in his large chair which Aurelius envied. He wished he were in charge, things would have been so different. He would have made things so much better here, much more to his vision. Perhaps if he did well enough, he would have been able to move up the ranks. This was a goal. That would be his chair. “Hello, Aurelius. Who may this be?” The head scout raised a bushy eyebrow. Aurelius stood up taller to assure he wasn’t afraid of this man.

“This is Will Shadowen. He has powers, and I believe he has multiple lives, like the Seekers. I request that you allow him to stay here, sir.”

With nothing else in mind, Will was able to quickly understand what he had said this time, and the immediate reaction was him taking an awkward step back. "Hold on. Multiple lives? What's the meaning of that?", he questioned.

Aurelius looked at the boss. “Permission to explain?” The man nodded, the light shining on his bald spot. Aurelius then faced Will. “You see, those who have superhuman powers also have the advantage of having nine lives. Think like a cat, although for cats that is merely an expression. If you die once, you use a life. You retain your memories before and during your death, but you will have no scars from your previous death, or deaths. You disappear for a while and reappear elsewhere when you die. It’s.... interesting, to say the least. We as scouts are obliged to find those with nine lives and make them Shadow Seekers. We fight Lost Ones at night, in small teams usually. We tried a large team once, it did not go well.” Will took a brief pause, not sure if he understood all of that. The keywords he caught so far are "nine lives", "superhuman", "scouts", and of course, "Lost Ones". That's right! Peridot told him that they knew of the Lost Ones already. "Alright, let me try to make myself clear," said Will with a more openly voice as he repositioned himself to face both the man who was beside him and the man sitting in his front, "First, I'm not even sure if I have superhuman strength, I don't know what powers I have. Second, I came to find out more about the Lost Ones, and where did they originate from. If I can find the source, perhaps I can end them once and for all." Aurelius nodded. “That’s what we’re trying to find out too. We did find one crucial piece of information, though. Lost Ones are the remains of unfulfilled human beings, distorted and twisted around. Their souls are now empty, and they have no idea who they once were. Death, for them, was painful because of this transformation, I can only speculate. But now they attack humans, as you already know. Those with nine lives, as well as the scouts, are the ones who can see the Lost Ones. This is how I know, Will. No average joe would be able to see them first hand, only when they’re being attacked, and they’re usually the last thing one sees before... well.... you may already have guessed.”

Will froze silent. It now makes sense why no one believed me, why the locals on my previous home walked in an uncertain fear. Why of all people, only me... Will gently took out his sword and glanced at his own reflection on the edge's surface. How is this my power? Did I summon this sword out of nowhere, or did I inherit this from another person?

“Permission to make this one a Seeker, sir.” Aurelius looked up, his pale grey eyes eagerly shining. He wanted to see what this young man could do, he wanted to know more about this man without a past. Who knew? Maybe he would prove useful. “Granted, Aurelius. Send him to a room, we will put it in our records. What is his power, Aurelius?” "Excuse me," Will interrupted with a softer voice, "I was wondering if there are experts who can identify a superhuman's special abilities." “Aurelius is our top researcher,” the boss replied. Aurelius stood a little straighter. He couldn’t help but be proud of what he did. He truly loved what he did, although sometimes it was hard. Aurelius did want that power, but he loved his job. Maybe if he moved up he would continue research on the side. It would be good for him to try and learn more about the Seekers and the Lost Ones. “He will figure it out. Aurelius, feel free to take him to the training area to figure out his powers. You may do this before or after you send him to his suite. Report your findings to me. Dismissed.”

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   Heather anxiously watched the boy as she came closer, and her shifted animus wasn't helping in keeping her calm, repeatedly analyzing the boy like she expected him to have a bazooka under his coat. He was walking around the tree like he was looking for a good place to sit, but he neither looked tired nor finally stopped in the shadiest spot.
   Then, he casually plopped down on the ground.
   Heather stopped Sister Turret's quick step. The rest of the animus quietly watched the scene. The boy looked around, but his eyes didn't linger on anything, and his expression was flat.
   It's just another civilian, Heather - or perhaps someone else - thought. It wouldn't be the first time I worked myself up for nothing... The machine turned in place, scanning the park again for anyone she might have missed before. Again, though, her evidence came up short.

   Maybe this really WAS a psychic attack, Heather began to doubt, It's not too far-fetched that someone summoned the skeletons from afar, and then left, right?
   We'd have some input had you stuck around for the fight, one of the animus growled.
   But then I'd be out here doubting that I was fast enough to see anyone, she argued quickly.
   We're missing the real question here, the sly animus from before breakfast spoke up, why would anyone attack in the first place?
   ...Some kind of arch nemesis? Elara laughed.
   Oh please, this isn't a superhero flick, Zhera growled.
   It kind of feels like one, another animus said, Besides, is that outlandish, or would it be normal at this point?
   Fighting giant monsters with stuff I make up in my sleep? Completely normal, Heather said sarcastically, turning back around.
   Who said you made us up? someone challenged, but Heather didn't hear him. She was instead staring at the tree. The faint buzz of the animus' thoughts quieted.
   ...Where's the boy?

   Heather silently cursed herself. Her fleeting attention span strikes again! Sister Turret lurched into action, taking Heather straight to the tree with the sudden thunder of footsteps. The girl unsheathed the machine's blades, one on either arm, and leaped through the portal; there's no way she's paying for this mistake!
   THUD. The metal body collided with a fleshy one at high speed, keeping the boy on the ground. Heather dropped her cloak and reared up to look intimidating, swiping one blade in front of his nose in warning while pointing the other at his chest, all while loudly threatening, "How did you find this place? What are your intentions? Are you a summoner?!" She suspected that he had something to do with the recent attack, as ordinary people couldn't fall through the portal on accident. There was a chance that he was another supernatural that just happened to show up at the same time, but it was too easy to associate his greyscale clothes and grim expression with the skeletons.

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~Dylus Traven - I can help!~

As he ran along the corridors towards the stairs, Dylus became more and more excited. “It’s so rare for an attack at the base, in the base itself! Maybe I can sniff out the weakness of our base layout.” Dylus stopped in his steps, and looked at himself in disgust. Sniff? I should really find a synonym for that. The elite has stayed in the base for a few years, and at one point, he was self aware that his behavior actually reflects his nickname. Is it a bad thing, anyways? He just doesn’t seem to like it, to him it just sounds strange.


“Focus! It doesn’t matter what people think of you, what matters is what you do for them!”


That has always been Doggo’s motto, it was his way of doing things since his preschool days. Then again, his childhood wasn’t so bright, he was the center of bullying abuse, he neither had real nor fake friends. He naively believed that he was doing something of benefit. Fast forward to present time, he still hasn’t changed, but he has a number of friends, and is able to aid anyone in missions. Perhaps he has a workaholic side to him, or maybe he just has nothing better to do. The latter may make sense, because he spends most of his spare time in his suite, doing his daily stuff (most of the time, it’s probably sleeping). He likes his job here, and he will take on any work available, even if it’s not requested of him.

As he ran down the stairs, he saw a commotion in the direction to the portal room. He saw the metal shapeshifter and an unknown, confused person.


Heather! Argh, I am late! As he was finding other ways to make himself useful, he noticed the ground around them was littered with bones. He rushed to grab one with his arms, then used his powers. Nothing changed in his appearance. But the way things appear to Dylus changed. He was able to see “paths”, a great timeline from where the bones came, a history of the paths it had taken, limited only by his human vision. “If I can touch that boy and see his paths, then I’ll know for sure whether he’s the one causing this mess,” he muttered to himself. He has always been afraid of Heather’s animuses, but something urged him to go forward and do his part. He slowly approached the tense interaction.

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   [Bloodbathe, Latios, and Skwerl] Portal Room Confrontation

   When Nico saw the blade pointing at him, he was stunned. But his expression turned immediately to that like a delighted child's. He then asked questions like a gatling gun, "WHOOO! What is this place?! Who are you? How do you look like a machine? How did I get here? Is this magic? How can you be a robot and still look amazing?" This, was of course, an act to deceive the machine, although the act was almost real, as he is truly fascinated by the thing in front of him.

   At first Heather is surprised at the change in expression, then at the flood of questions that came from the boy's mouth. That's a change from the first impression. She also wasn't amused though.
   "Hold up!" she interrupted sharply, "I'm the one asking questions here! You've trespassed on a highly-guarded government property, so I have a right to slay you on the account of defense! Answer me first." She tried to hide her flattery about being called "amazing", since most people who look at her animus either scream or try not to stare for too long, but it was easy to retreat into Sister Turret's job-oriented mindset and bury the emotion. It wasn't so easy to keep her posture threatening, at least not without giving the animus full control and risking accidental damage.

   Nico, not bothered by the mech, continues his questions. "Can I touch you? You look so cool, I'm sure you did a great job at protecting this base. Why would you kill me?"

   Retreating into Sister Turret's mind wasn't so helpful when the boy kept asking questions. All the AI pruned out was "touch permission denied. Compiling reason to execute..." and Heather had to seize more control again, resulting in the machine showing some confusion. Was the kid daft? He knew there were secret military bases all over the place, right?
   Get to the point, Zhera reminded her, How can he be confused when the portal doesn't let EVERYONE through?
   Also important, he just said 'protecting'. He knows the base was attacked, the sly animus said, sounding very far away thanks to Sister Turret's control. Heather suddenly felt stupid for not noticing the problems earlier.
   What should I say, what should I say... she frantically thought, What would an interrogator say?...

   She decided to use the direct approach. "You know it's a base and was attacked?" she asked her suspect. She heard the sudden thunder of footsteps, and looked up. Just now she noticed Aura and Peridot standing there - the former she avoided eye contact with - but the noise was coming from Doggo. As soon as she recognized how he could help the Seeker had already bent down, touching one of the bones left from the battle - it was a quick, skirmish, wasn't it? - and she watched him expectantly. Maybe she could skip this awkward interrogation if he found something.
   ...He muttered something, sounding disappointed, and looked up in her direction. Great, that meant he had to touch the boy. Nothing weird about that.

   "All right," Heather said, turning back to the silver-haired boy, "we can make this simple. You know there was an attack. I think you're involved. If you are, we'll have to continue this elsewhere, but if you're not, I'll answer all of your questions and you can stay for a while. Understood?" She got up off him so he could stand, switching her left blade's aim to his knees and pointing the right one at Doggo. "You're still answering my questions before I answer yours, but first, you might as well meet your witnesses." She waved Doggo closer. "This... is our bomb technician. ...Go ahead, shake hands with him. It's not like I'll attack you for that."
   Subtle, the Archivist observed in her head. She mentally sputtered.
   I'm trying my best, here!

   Nico knew it's not gonna be a simple handshake, something ought to happen if he does shake hands with the boy, so he worked his mind to respond. "Uh. No. I don't mind being asked to talk, but I don't like talking to other humans, I prefer talking with.... uh... do you have a name?" Nico said to the mech.

   Heather stared at him incredulously, and shifted in place. "You'd rather talk to an AI?" she said flatly. She looked at Doggo for support, but was unsure of what else to do.

   "I was abused by humans my entire life, so no humans for me."

   I know that feeling, Elara said darkly while Heather continued to stare. It sounded really exaggerated for him to be abused all the time, but maybe he was just going through "that phase". Thankfully, her awkward silence ended as Doggo quickly jumped in and put his friendliness to good use.

   "Hey, we have something in common already!" shouted Doggo, as he was already near enough to listen to the last few words that had been spoken. Heather's short glance at him indicated approval of his interference. "Greetings, fellow stranger! Ooh nice hair, looks kinda, umm... gothic? I forgot the word. Anyways, you seem lost. Do you mind me helping you?"

   Oh right! I forgot about it again. With the deceased bone still at his left hand, Doggo stretched out his right arm and proposed a simple handshake. "My codename is Doggo. Do you have a name to be called with?"

   "I'm Nico," the boy said. Heather was surprised to see Doggo give his codename so readily to the stranger, and the stranger's compliance to give his name in turn.
   Nico, Heather mentally noted, I wonder if he gave himself that name.
   Would you like to know the chances of that? the Archivist asked.
   Not really.

   Nico was still wary, probably from being tackled and threatened earlier, and said, "Why do you insist on the handshake? Is it really necessary? The last time I shook my hands with someone was 5 years ago, and it ended up with me being tazed and waking up tied to a chair and naked." The last part is a lie, but no one knows that, Nico thought to himself.

   Heather tried vainly to keep her animus from making her burst out laughing, but only ended up choking out a cough, trying to ignore the roaring inside her head. That story...! She buried her face in mechanical hands in embarrassment, even though she wasn't the one who told it.

   Luckily, Doggo either had a different impression or simply didn't care. "Gosh! You've had experiences far worse than me. That's sad," he said in astonishment, pulling his arm back. "Well, for starters, handshaking is a common courtesy in most nations. But if you're shy, you don't have to. Trust me, the first time I came here, I was as confused as you are." Doggo then gave a sudden pat on his back, then immediately raced towards the portal. "Sorry, but I have a few errands to do. See you later!"

   Good, contact was made, the machine thought as the sprightly man jumped through the portal. She let Sister Turret take hold of her posture so she wasn't so obviously embarrassed and renewed eye contact with Nico.
   "See? He's friendly," she said in relief. "So, if you really don't like talking to people-" she shot a sidelong look at Aura and Peridot, "-I'll talk to you. Only me. Outside of the base." She dropped her raised blade and pointed the other one to the softly-thrumming blue portal. "You're not trusted to be in here yet."

   Just outside of said portal, Dylus was already moving, searching for clues. One touch. That's all I need to uncover his previous movements. Dylus's powers have its limitations: he can only see one object's traceback at a time. His plan, therefore, is to look and remember the paths that the stranger took, and then use his ability again on the leftover bone that he picked up to compare the two paths. Being an elite scout, he had once risked one of his lives in a mission to track down a group of Lost Ones by approaching to touch one and flee, despite it being an only recon mission. He helped the Seekers greatly, but in doing so, he took a fatal risk. His spirit to do more than was being told was considered self-endangering by the other Seekers, and thus he's summoned for vital or trivial missions only.

   This time will be different than the last time, I'm dealing with a human, not a Lost One. No danger in doing that! Now, my memory, don't fail me now!

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~Chikako- Time to eat.~


Chikako found herself feeling more than exasperated with her work. Nothing ever seemed to satisfy her, although she had to admit that for once she was semi proud of this one.The trim was straight and the color was just as she wanted it. It was progress. But now it was time for her to get something to eat, so Chikako quickly cleaned up her room and turned on her air conditioning, so that she could avoid getting yelled at by Jehan for using hair dye again. She swept up the clippings of faux hair and dumped them in the small garbage can she kept. Chikako left her room and started heading to the dining room, where Roxanne, Alice and Lilith were either still eating or just finishing up.


The delicious smell of turkey filled the air. While she was used to her Japanese foods such as gyoza and others, she did appreciate a good roast once in a while. Chikako filled her plate with turkey and salad, going to the table. She put her hands together in front of her chest and said, “Itadakimasu. What a lovely meal this is going to be.” Chikako took her fork and started eating.


~Lucian “Peridot” Chevalier-Doxiadis- To my suite.~


Lucian shrugged as everything seemed to settle down and everyone returned to their normal routines. He resigned himself to go back to his room. When he did he noticed Chikako on her way to the dining room. Peridot waved at her, and Chikako seemed happy for once. Maybe she finally got her hairstyle to her standards. Peridot noted to himself just how high those standards really were and started moving his way into his suite. Ah, suite one. The place has become his home, and he wouldn’t go back to that old apartment any time soon. Aurelius was right, these were some of the best rooms Peridot stayed in. He took his shoes off on a mat by the door and went to the couch, turning on the TV. It was time to relax.


~Evonna Durand and Lavender Calabria- Ooh, food!~


The two girls finished sparring and bowed at the waist, their usual custom for finishing a round of fighting. They then decided to go their separate ways and go back to their suite, where they would probably see Nova working on her usual work. Evonna sighed. Lavender took a look at her, noticing she was a little more tired than usual.


You okay?


Oh. Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit tired, I think we went a little bit too far this time, either that or I just need food. I’ll grab a protein bar or some… You smell that?” Lavender took a huge whiff of the delicious turkey smell as they went down the stairs.


Food. Let’s go.

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