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Your opinion on the dragon above you?

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Saw this on another forum (except not dragon themed, rather around the creatures that game was centered around) and decided to put it here.

Objective is simple. Poster posts a picture of a dragon along with its name, next poster gives their opinion on that species, along with another dragon... etc. Example below.


Poster #1: Black male (Black Dragon)

Poster #2: It's my favorite!


Frostbite adult (Frostbite Dragon)

Poster #3: Its design is good, but I don't like it in general.

Two-Headed male(Two-Headed Dragon)


Don't post dragons from your scroll, use pictures from the wiki. Don't take opinions seriously. Otherwise, have fun!

I'll start:


Magelight Pygmy Wyvern male (Magelight Pygmy)

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21 hours ago, SyntheticSiivally said:



Magelight Pygmy Wyvern male (Magelight Pygmy)

They're adorable! The magelight in the Holiday game was what tempted me to collect a pygmy.




Avatar of Creation.

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Probably my favorite of the Avatars because blue! Also it's lines are less "fussy" than the others.



female Anagallis

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I really do love the Anagallis! It has the look of a stereotypical dragon, but those cool patterns give it a brand new twist.


Morphodrake adultMorphodrake

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