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I don't have a blog, so against my better judgment, I'm posting this here. I realize there is a thread specifically for religious discussions, but this goes beyond religion and deals with, arguably, the overarching element that permeates all religions. There are also paranormal and supernatural topics, but I intend this one to be all-encompassing, unlike the others.




People: Religion or science?

Me: Magic! And what's wrong with all three?


Let me start by saying that according to the shrinks, I have no mental disorders. (My empathy scores are lower than 'normal,' but not on the autistic spectrum.) Most of them have said "TL;DR you're weird (neurodivergent), but not certifiable." If you're like me and you didn't need that disclaimer to justify someone's right to their beliefs, allow me to move on.


I haven't redecorated in a long time. Intentionally. My room at my primary residence is still a 10-year-old's dream: it features dragons, unicorns, glass figurines, novels, beanie babies, dolls, costumes, action figures, Pokémon cards, flowery prints, posters, diaries, stationery, hope, and fairy dust. Barring the unthinkable, it will always stay that way. Most people who've known me say I was never really a kid, but never an adult, either. They've changed over the years; I haven't. As though I always was what I was meant to be. In a word: different. Very different. Most commonly-held concepts that adults in this world subscribe to still leave me scratching my head.


I like to think, in my heart of hearts, I'm not the only person on this planet who's like that. That's why many of us are on DC or the internet at large, right? We're the misfits. We still want to believe in something greater. The world told us one thing, our hearts told us another, and perhaps some of us refused to conform. (Personally, my heart's satisfaction is the only proof I've ever needed.) Call it magic, magick, miracles, the Force - we just couldn't give it up, as much as it sometimes hurts to be stuck in a world where, to paraphrase the Mad Hatter, everyone wants a magical solution to their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic. Options 1 and 2 never did it for me, and I dabbled intensively in both. Religion is a system of belief rather than belief itself (one that usually comes with a large list of rules I could never follow), and science is a method used to attempt to understand just the physical through observation and experimentation, but is only as infallible as the humans who utilize it. However, there's always Option 3. It's still there, even if you get laughed out of a building for believing in it. Maybe you're getting rather tired of having to justify yourself to people, on or offline, who only want to ridicule you as soon as they find out what you believe without ever attempting to understand you (as if they could). Maybe you like to pick and choose which elements of 1 and 2 agree with you. Maybe you just want to believe whatever the hell you want, and no longer wish to fear rejection because of it. Quite frankly, I've never understood what many outsiders find so absurd about what I subscribe to. Apparently, Earth is a place that was once ruled by building-size lizards who were succeeded in power by Bigfoot, and now it's where robots do your chores and Donald Trump is the leader of America. And after all this, many still believe there is such a thing as 'impossible.' Ha. Smh, tbh. I've memorized the Webster's Dictionary back-to-front, along with just about every encyclopedia and atlas in print across the planet, but nobody ever said I had to believe in any or all of it. I have a genius level IQ, but I couldn't care less. I've been to church, but - no offense - it put me to sleep. I've explored all over this world, but I still like my world best. Maybe I am a little crazy (or is it sane?) for believing in basically everything most humans don't. But I have my reasons, and at least I haven't lost my soul.


Feel free to use this thread to discuss your magical, supernatural, and paranormal experiences. Everyone is welcome: those who study magic, mysticism, and all things metaphysical, those who specialize in the study of the magical elements of certain religions, open-minded scientists/researchers/scholars, or those who simply believe. All I ask is what DC's Terms and Conditions require: no hate posts/bashing. We don't need one more place on the internet where e-trolls have leave to bully others for what they believe.

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Considering that not everyone who practices magic also ascribes to the theistic part of it, I think this is should be fine as a topic on its own. 

I've been pagan for about 3 years and then on and off before that. It's taken me a long time to accept my belief in magic and the supernatural due to societal norms and such. But I think I'm finally there, just still carrying a healthy dose of doubt where ever I go. I attend a pagan/Wiccan convention every year and the magic that happens there is amazing. I'm a polytheist, so I use it as my religious denotation. 

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I have been a/n (unconventional) pagan for the last 10+ years. I am dedicated to my Goddess. Personally, I adopt a live and let live policy. I don't have to subscribe to your belief system, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work for you. You show me respect for my system of beliefs and I'll show you respect as well. I think religious/spiritual belief is like a mountain. There are many paths to the top, but we are all striving to reach the same place. You simply have to find what works for you. I don't like or tolerate religious hypocrites, however. Those who would hide behind their beliefs as an excuse to look down on others don't deserve my respect. That being said, I enjoy hearing about other people's religions and spiritual beliefs and engaging in open and honest discussion, not someone preaching at me about the "One True Way"©.


As far as the supernatural and paranormal goes, I have had experiences that I cannot explain under conventional science. I honestly believe that things like, empathy, ghosts/spirits, cryptids and other supernatural/paranormal things all have scientific explanations, science just hasn't caught up with them yet. For example, I am slightly empathetic, in that i can sense emotions of those that I am close to. It is harder for those I don't know well. I honestly believe that empaths simply are better at picking up on subtle body language and reading it better than others might be.


The earth, the plants and animals, minerals and fungi, and even us, are all, at our most basic, made of energy. We all manipulate that energy everyday, some of us are just better at it than others. But I don't believe that knowing or understanding the science behind it takes away anything from the magic/k.

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Wiccan - 21 years pagan, about 27 years.


Magic and science to me are one and the same - or nearly so. I often sit back and stare in awe at the wonder which is my cellphone, and how I can tap into the collective wisdom of humanity. Take and send pictures across the planet in mere moments. Flick on a switch and have power to illuminate a room, power which travels through guided conduits and is essentially invisible. I can take potions in pill form or liquid form to heal ailments - although some are dangerous to take and can do weird things.


I have seen the power of casting spells, I do them sparingly.


I have an unconventional take in my magic, as I use Decepticon Seekers as my guardians/watch towers - but they are pretty good at that task. Paranormal - I have seen ghosts, my family has a history of seeing ghosts and things of htat nature, my husband is also aware of ghosts. We are both sensitive to earth energies, however we do seem to feel like/dislike different ones, I've dowsed a pair of major lines in Hamilton using a compass.


I am extremely empathic. I feel overwhelmed in times of tragedy so I have to avoid some situations. I am sensitive to the well being of plants and animals. As I am a meat eater, I will privately thank the animal for its sacrifice. I do live by a live and let live rule, however I will not stand idle if something needs my help and I am in position to give it.  I may or may not believe in a deity, however I do believe in the powers that be, sun, moon, gravity, earth, air, water etc -  you get the drift. I avoid using the term hate in my language as much as possible as I do not believe that it should be used lightly -  with that said, I have many levels of dislike.

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