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ANSWERED:Missing a dragon!

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I caught two CBS holly dragons, and one has vanished off my scroll!  I didn't trade it, and I have screen grabs of the code, and the dragon is alive but not owned by me anymore??


Scroll name : sequiro 

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This has happened to me as well. So far at one of the CB Yulebucks and the Holly I caught have both disappeared.


I went back to the precog screen when I still had them, so I have proof.






So I looked at my action log and apparently they're being auto abandoned because I'm at the limit? I own absolutely no caveborn Yulebucks or Hollies. Is it the same for you?


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sounds like a continuation of the limit problem with getting CBs from cave and AP. Might be a good idea to PM TJ with your screen shots so that he is informed and can resolve the problem

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