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Come on in and never return * cough * aloha, dear visitor!

This is my little drawing thread Where i show you my drawings and sculptures of dragons and cats.

But i don't want to restrain you for too long, so please enjoy!

~You can also visit my deviantArt~


HOT: Sneak Peak on my newest picture:

Fursona Painted4 Sneakpeak by PureFluffiness


herzchenyvy.gifAbout meherzchenyvy.gif

A few things are said about me. You can call me Dukah, I'm 16 and I like ... drawing. I draw digital as well as traditional and i do create sculptures!

  I'm happy about any comment, whether critique or positive feedback and will answer everything! I welcome critique a lot to help me improve x3

As for my experience, I have 3 years of digital experience (since 2012 with 2 years break) and i draw traditionally since i was like.. 3? : D

 Sometimes I only draw with Pencils, with copics, or other utensils! I only recently started sculpts, (Christmas 2016) and therefore I need a lot of criticism,

so I can improve myself quickly ♥ I especially like to draw dragons, but also cats now and then. I hope you like it here and leave a comment,

I would be very happy :3 ~ Dukah


herzchenyvy.gifGeneral Stuffherzchenyvy.gif


To draw digitally I use a GT (Wacom bamboo) with the program PainttoolSai and for animations I use GIMP.

Traditionally I work with pencils of different strength and copics. I also work with acrylic and watercolors a bit. For sculpting I use steel wire,

aluminum foil and SuperSculpey Firm, as well as hand tools etc. If you would like to have a tutorial for this you can say it in the comments!


NOTE: These are my Pictures and Characters! Please do not use my Art in any way without asking me! Thank you <3

Also: To see my Art in full resolution, please just use my deviantart link




herzchenyvy.gifFINALLY - The Artherzchenyvy.gif


Dragon Drawings





Here Comes Another Scream by PureFluffiness












Felines/Canines Drawings



Cute Chibi Apagi by PureFluffiness


Wisper by PureFluffiness


100 Watcher Special | Yoma by PureFluffiness


PC | Rabenschatten by PureFluffiness


RQ - Mistake by PureFluffiness




Pixel/Sprites/Animations Drawings





Tivon - Pixel by PureFluffiness


RQ-Rosenblatt - Pixel [ANIMATION] by PureFluffiness


Time - Pixel [ANIMATION] by PureFluffiness


Pixel Kanaja by PureFluffiness



Sculptures Drawings


coming soon~


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Thank you all very much for your nice comments <3

Here comes a new art piece: (on da: https://purefluffiness.deviantart.com/)



It's my third time drawing a human-like creature so I'm fairly new to this!

She is one of my Characters, Dukah and she's like... a rouge / assassin :D

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Your art is amazing. I can only imagine how good you'll be in a few years. Keep up the great work! 

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