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 My Wishlist || My Art || My Scroll 

I'm more active here: http://wcrpforums.com/ 

I will breed anything on my scroll if asked. Please don't be afraid to ask. ;) Includes the CB Tinsel.

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    Morganville, Texas
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    Fun Facts about My Dragons:

    I seem to name most of my dragons after one of two things: Inspirational music lyrics or things in nature. It's not a strict rule, but I really enjoy and feel those names have great meaning.

    My Scroll is custom sorted in the order I got my dragons. So the one at the very bottom of my scroll was my very first and so on.

    I don't mind inbred lineages or commons.

    I'm working on a very long lineage using Moonstones and Sunstones

    Please tell me if one of my dragons has a misspelled name. I'm not the best speller in the world.


    Interests include:
    Reading-- I read any genre, but I like Fantasy and WWII Fiction the best.
    Drawing-- My character, fan art, or really anything that catches my attention. I work in all mediums.
    Writing-- Fan fiction and fantasy mostly.
    Roleplaying-- Crossovers are the best, but I'll RP just about anything. Just don't be surprised if I draw your characters and mine.
    Procrastinating-- I am very skilled in this section.