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Hybrid Theory

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English! Sorry for my bad Hi! (Yeah, it's not my main language but I try to make everything understandable)


So..you know hybrids are my favorite dragon types on the site, I find this 2 different breed create a third one mechanism interesting and it's fun when a new hybrid dragon introduced and you need to find out which dragon combination give you that result. But while the way of obtaining normald dragon improved a lot in the years and the kind of dragon you get depends on a lot of factors (like day/night, moon phase, season) I feel the hybrid mechanism stucked with the very basics like whenever you want breed the dragons and you get the hybrid (or not) no matter what time is it. So I think it's time to make the obtaining of the hybrid dragons a little bit difficult in the future and I have some suggestion:

*Day/Night: These dragons would be like brother breeds (for example: sunrise and sunset dragons) with the same combination of parents but the result of the breeding depends on the time. 


*Moon phase: I think it's obivous, you get different hybrid results in different moon phase just like you can get different Lunar Herald dragons from cave and breeding.


*Holiday hybrids: Yeah, so what if the next halloween or christmas dragon would be a hybrid and you can get it with breeding previous holiday dragons? (plan b: there will be a new holiday dragon with the regular get it from cave method AND a hybrid one, this way everybody will be happy) Of course you could get this hybrid only in the holiday time period, so because of this it will be a bit more rare, valuable than the common hybrids. 

*Rare hybrids: Maybe the Gold and Silver dragons not that rare anymore it used to be back then, but they still considered pretty rare and valuable. So what if we breed these two to get a extra rare hybrid? (with the same low breed succes % that the parents have)  With rare caveborn parents and low breed succes rate this hybrid dragon could be the most valuable and unique thing on the site.


So these are my suggestions to make hybrid dragons more interesting in the future, sorry again for my english, I hope you guys can understand everything and I want to see your opininons about this subject.

Have a nice day! :)

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Two big things you need to remember:

  1. The hybrids we get are based off of dragon concepts submitted by people here. If you're interested in a more complicated hybrid, you'd do well to create a topic about it. Unfortunately, the Dragon Requests subforum is currently closed, but you are welcome to work on dragon concepts in private.
  2. Users have to find out hybrid combinations on their own. When new hybrids are released, TJ doesn't tell us what the parents are. We have to guess and check. It's not reasonable to expect the userbase to be able to figure out day/night, moon phase, etc when we already have 100+ breeds to sort through to figure out what the right combination is. (Edit: After further thought I think it'd be okay to have something like this, and could be cool.)


Golds and Silvers are still incredibly rare, perhaps moreso now than they used to be. As with Holidays, many users don't have them. Also keep in mind that many users care a lot about lineages, and will be aiming to breed only CB dragons in order to get their first hybrids. Most people do not have CB Golds/Silvers and are missing a few CB holidays. Releasing a Gold/Silver or holiday hybrid would severely limit people's breeding and lineage possibilities.

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I would personally love getting different hybrids depending on time of day/moon phase (lunar herald hybrid anyone?), but I cannot support holiday hybrids, especially if they're only breedable during the holidays. As for gold/silver hybrids, I'm going to say no support. Hybrids involving golds or silvers and another breed? Possibly, but I doubt it'll ever happen. 

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Hard No on holiday or rare hybrids.  Holidays are hard enough to get what you need/want.  If they can only be bred once a year I want to continue lineages not have a New dragon show up from it.  Also with the limits on Christmas and valentines, I just don't feel that hybrids would be feasible. 


Gold x Silver hybrid.  I'm not sure how you don't see them as rare, I've been here since March of '09 and have only a handful golds/silvers ALL of which were gifts or bred from said gifts.  Only one of which of CB.  A few years back you couldn't even breed rare x rare, it would throw a refusal just like holiday x holiday out of season.  I do not even want to see rare x something else for a hybrid.  make hybrids of less desirable breeds so that people have more reason to collect them. 


While I'm not opposed to strange breeding configurations, such as night vs day or the lunar cycle, first a dragon would need to be created as such.  And as Dew mentioned above requests are currently closed until some of the backlog is taken care of.  So feel free to work on such a concept, but it could be awhile before you can post it to the boards here. 

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If you wanted to, I'm sure there's no issue coming up with hybrids related to the moon phases and time of day. Just work on it in private and wait for DR to open back up.


By the time new release day rolls around for holidays, many users have already bred their holidays. It would be unfair to do a hybrid since those users would need to hunt in the AP or trade for them. Additionally, a hybrid holiday would be rather limiting in lineages, as holidays only drop as CBs once.


Golds and Silvers are still very rare. As such, I highly doubt any hybrid would be created for them.

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Yeah, I don't understand why you think Golds and Silvers aren't as rare as they used to be? If anything they are way more rare, since there are way more people playing, and therefore more people trying to get them. I've been playing since 2008 and don't have *any* CB Golds *or* Silvers. It takes me months to successfully breed a rare, and you want a hybrid from them that is even *more* rare? Please please no.


Definite no to holiday hybrids. Holidays can only breed true one time a year, and in this game with hybrids it's random whether you get a parent breed or a hybrid from breeding... I think a *lot* of people would be really really upset if they were counting on their holiday dragons breeding their own kind, and then getting surprise hybrids instead.


As for the others, I feel like hybrids are hard enough as it is without extra restrictions. With hybrids, it's pretty common for many users to only have a couple dragons from the parent breeds, or not have any at all (look in the new release thread right now, there are more then a handful of people posting that they don't have any Ridgewings at all). So hybrids are already fairly difficult to obtain, made more difficult by that I mentioned above, that the parent breeds often throw their own kind instead of hybrids. However, if you are really interested in the idea of a hybrid based on time or something, you're going to have to come up with the concept yourself.

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