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New and confused

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So I've been logged into this site for about a half hour, in the hopes of contacting Strifes_Lady about a trade- but apparently I can't do anything! I can't view certain threads, I can't send any messages, nada! Making this post is pretty much my last hope, just in case doing so will unlock even the most basic permissions.

Also hi! Name's Max, I've been on Dragon Cave for a few months now, and I'm slowly collecting new breeds from the Abandoned Cave. This is my first attempt at trading, and gotta say, either I'm extraordinarily unlucky in this field, or it's really dang difficult!

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Welcome to DC!


Yes, new members need to get an intro approved before they can post anywhere or contact anyone. This is to weed out spammers, which we get quite a lot of. Now that you've posted here, you will be able to PM other users and post about the other forums. I hope you enjoy! Good luck in your trading endeavors. You might find the Question About a Trade? thread helpful. Users can help you figure out the rarity of dragon's you want and what you're offering. =)

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