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Prismfights A Nightwing-Icewing

Heyo Peeps! :3

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poptartFINALTINY.gif Hi i'm Prismfights, yes I have a account on the main sight and i'll love to rp, as you can see I AM ONE OF THE MANY QUEENS OF DRAGONSSS! :3 I love Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Wolves, Dinosaurs, and being in danger. I'm a female if you haven't figured that out yet and I love Everyone who will be kind, Just. Say. Hi....Well thats 'bout it. Byee! happy.gif

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. There's a lot of great things here, like the Common Collector's Competition, where you can be given rares just for raising commons. Might be a good opportunity for you. ^^


Many people share your interests here. I hope you enjoy our RP section!

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