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Visions of Valkemare

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From reviewing pending descriptions, it quickly becomes obvious that there is a wide variety in how users view Valkemare. Magic, size scales, social standards, population density, even timescales are variable between scrolls. What do you see? Discuss.


Remember, there are no wrong answers. This isn't about who read through TJ's Official lore AMA thread nor how anyone interpreted it. While some individuals' interpretations may follow it closely, others may not. You may reference it, but please try to add your own thoughts and more in-depth interpretations, to make it clear what you think. All that matters is what an individual has in mind when they set about describing their dragons.


Feel free to comment on and be inspired by other peoples' descriptions/interpretations of Valkemare. Ask questions of your fellow users if you want, but don't demand an answer. Not everyone has thought out everything.


Last of all, remember that this is all essentially speculation. Have fun!




As for myself, I see two 'main' versions of Valkemare; this stems in part from my interpretation to the time travel question I asked (page 33 of the AMA thread) as being "parallel timelines exist to a limited extent; travel between them does not". I see a parallel-split very early in Valkemare's history at the inception of the first GoN. One version the GoN is a very serious dragon, and serious laws of physics apply - very similar to the canon world described in the AMA. In the other, the GoN is a goofball, and that reality reflects it. In both worlds, I consider the average natural lifespan for a dragon to be between 1200-2000 Vakamarian years, depending on breed and individual variation. Drakes tend to live 600-800 V-yrs. Pygmies are around the size of cats, drakes the size of a small-medium horse, and true dragons range from ~8 ft at the shoulder (smaller breeds) to ~20-22 ft (larger ones). Many small-winged breeds ( are flightless without the use of magic. Except where otherwise noted, females tend to be slightly larger than males, but average ranges still have 90% overlap.


In the serious world, death is permanent and magic is very finite - from an average location, it would be unlikely for more than one wild mana-source to be within than a day's flight, even assuming you knew where to find it. Dragons must have some way to get food, be it by hunting, scavenging, farming, or purchasing it with coin earned through a craft. There are no scrolls, teleport-trades, nor abandoned pile of eggs, as dragons take care of their own offspring. Those that end up far away traveled as young adults, rather than being teleported as eggs or hatchlings. There are plenty of wild monsters that can be dangerous, even to large dragons - especially if the dragon is tired from other activities. Dinos exist much as they did in their respective eras from earth's history. Some chickens that are effected by time or life mana begin to grow on the timescale of dragons; these 'dragon hens' are not much brighter than their normal counterparts aside from what can be learned in a longer life; few make it to adulthood beyond those raised by dragons as pets. Humans are of marginal importance, with a highly limited geographical range and much less advanced understanding of the world. Dragons who live far from where they occur tend to consider them no more intelligent than a raven (tool use) or decorator crab (clothing). Many consider them a delicacy and plenty treat them as a pest. Farming them for labor and meat is not unheard of. Those that take a interest in them as sapients are a small minority.


In the goofy world, dinos are rampant, chickens really do come from outer space, and getting sat on by a plated colossus will render an individual flat until they are ignored for long enough or a white dragon pokes them with his/her stick. It is perfectly normal for an entire jungle's worth of neotropicals to hold strange and oddly specific delusions about bananas (and other fruit). Throughout the world, individuals can be found who have seen through the Fourth Wall to glimpse Earth and gone mad. A lot of individuals with terrible names like "Welcome to <username>'s scroll" or "0o0 Growing Hatchlings 0o0" can be found. Eggs spontaneously appear from standing around in daycare, and the old couple that runs it is known to steal them and throw them in the AP. Survival skills are limited (if at all present), but unnecessary to the ridiculousness of everything. Magic in this world can become more powerful than in the serious one, but only if it leads to hilarity.

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From the ways people often view their "dragons" as something they have personally interacted with, some with even some ownership abilities or minor influence or imprinting upon in their head cannon, I've been forced to think of Valkemere as a multiverse. Where a few "Dragon Scroll People" live, but somehow have ongoing contact & correspondence with other Scroll People from their multiverses. There is overlap, and things that are different and not different in each world. I imagine teleport able to transcend time and space and dimensions and communication between people is able to exist, but they don't actually all exist in the same place.


I just don't see with the number of dragons people own & the number of users (even if you only normally communicate with a group of 150 people or less) wouldn't be likely to me to exist on the same "planet." Versions of it, yes. And communication and transportation and even visitation to each is not a problem. But with all the different dragon descriptions I read, or even just the numbers of people and dragons, I cannot imagine all of that existing on ONE planet. Not even one solar system with multiple planets that all exist with the same sort of lines.


tl;dr - Multiverse with no problem transferring & communicating & visiting with others, no matter where they fall.

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