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((PS pad, Hancock just handed Skinner a hedgehog and walked out. ))


Dameon had only just entered when he saw a yellow blur make a beeline for his head, land, and dash off. He was about to cuss it out when he felt something wet start to soak into his hair. The demon froze, becoming still as a statue. Then his eye twitched and he slowly brought a hand to the wet spot and back down. Did that bird just...


The cafe exploded with energy.


"Are you censorkip.gif kidding me?" He didn't care what mortals saw. He would burn their eyes from their sockets for all he cared. Dark crimson and black tendrils of energy spouted from him and whipped menacingly around him. Dameon zeroed in on the little yellow canary that'd perched itself on the table. "You." The bird was far too unbirdlike for it to be normal. It had to be one of the creatures that was 'magical' in some aspect. Why it'd picked him to censorkip.gif on, he didn't know. Or care. He was out for a different set of wings now. He was just about to send one of the tendrils of power that'd manifested to snatch the bird, but a voice stopped him. "Stand down, Dameon."




Gabe had been about to ask another question when she felt the tell-tale chill. Another demon. This one was more powerful. And familiar. "I apologize but I have to go." Her eyes narrowed some what suspiciously at the first demon. Had he summoned the other one here? She didn't know for sure. It was unlikely, given what she'd figured out about him. Besides, if it was who she thought it was, there was no way a demon like Malice worked under him.

Gabe scrambled for the cafe. Her sword shimmered into existence in hand as she threw open the door of the cafe. Behind her, lightening flashed and her wings flared out on either side meaninglessly. She looked like an Angel of Death. "Stand down, Dameon."


((A second showdown of the day. Hopefully Donna can maybe talk sense into the two of them.))

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Yet again, Eleusis stared down an angry demon with the same smugly innocent expression. There wasn't a trace of fear in her eyes, simply a twinkling of amusement. A sudden slam of the door brought her attention to it, revealing an angel. Ohhh, this was definitely getting interesting now. She flew up to her previous perch on Duren head and spectated the unfolding events, noting the sudden lightning. Rain, what convenient timing. Noticing the sudden downpour, many of the mundane humans began to evacuate the cafe, holding umbrellas aloft or ineffectively shielding themselves with newspapers. Part of the evacuation was due to the glamour of the town, part of it was simply due to the annoyance of the rain. Whatever the reason, Eleusis didn't care as long as she got her show.

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She was tired. So was oh so very tired. Skinner's strained expression and the rune against the wall eventually won in this test of wills. And although a murderous look still shown in her eyes, she carefully set the stranger down.


The couch would have been a nice option, had she not been so large. Instead, Mina paced about the room for a short time, unsure of where to rest. She's already been awake for much longer than she usually would have, in a safe place such as this. But she was hard to assuage with feelings like this. Hancock was a nice man and friendly, but his house felt hollow and unsafe to intruders.


The stranger arriving only solified this fear. So, she settled in a corner of the large room, curling up on all fours much like a dog would. Her injured side remained dutifully hidden in this position. Resting her head on her hands, all but her top set of eyes closed.


It was best if she tried to rest a while.

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A darker dressed figure was running down the streets of Goodneighbor, keeping a hand on his hair and wings tucked close to his body as he sprinted towards the cafe, obviously not knowing what on Earth was going on already in there. His feet splashed against puddles formed in the dips and dives of the pavement, getting his black skinny jeans and socks even more wet than they already were. Sterling sighed happily as he hid for a second under the covers in front of the door, brushing through his hair and wiping off his glasses of the water pouring from the sky, soon sighing once more and opening the door to the cafe.


Only to freeze in both embarrassment and shock as to what was going on inside.


His cheeks glowed a bright red as he saw a brawl forming in front of him. So this was why everyone was leaving? Maybe the shop was closing? He wasn't sure. But what he was sure about, that he could possibly die here seeing as there was an archangel, a demon, and some other creatures in here looking like they were ready to unleash Hell on each other, or something. Sterling just hid his beanie over his eyes (he could still kind of see) and wished his invisibility would goddamn work for once, because it'd be nice to watch this from afar and not be the awkward person watching on the bar stool.


Or something.


All that he knew was, as he fully entered the cafe and the door slammed behind him, that he knew he had gotten himself into a pickle here.


(oh sterling you awkward child)

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Begin log-

Employee Identification MCD04-00013

Classification personal security. Category 1.3 Extinction Threat

descriptio MCD04-00013 preferes to be called by his creator given name, Thirteen.He has been working for Marshall, Carter, and Dark LLD for six years and has existed for an unknown amout of time before then. Getting information from Thirteen about his creator, when he was activated, and the other androids in his line is impossible at this given time. All reconds fail to mention Thirteen's existance. Thirteen revealed that was because he hasn't met anyone that lived long enough to write it down. It has informed us that he was created to be the perfect war machine. It has the ability to breakdown matter and convert it into munitions by n unknown process. There does not seem to be a limit to the type or amount of matter ingested. The composition of the matter decides what kind of ammunition it's body can create. Thirteen does not produce a body temperature, aroma, electrical signals, radiation, or life force. Thirteen's exoskeleton is impervious to physical damage produced in the labrotory (Maxing out at a sixty three ton compression force), can withstand the heat of hazardous material incinerators, shows no adverse effects from exposure to radiation or vacuum. Thirteen is ble to produce munitions from it's body using a process unknown to researchers sice MRI and X-ray is impossible. Thirteen should, under no circumstances be approached by any lower level personnel. Subject is always armed and highly unstable.


End Log-


Thirteen thundered along the heavily neglected paved road that led to the human settlement closest to Goodneighbor. It planned on 'stocking up' on supplies there before cutting through the dense forest to get to the Fae town. It's lower body had transformed so each leg was now the tread of a tank and was traveling at a brisk eighty miles per hour. It was still full from the Skinwalker it ate back at HQ but it knew that more matter meant more weapons. Oh how Thirteen loved an overkill of firepower. There might be the problem of Fae being extra resistant to injuries inflicted by guns and other meapons but if there was something it knew for a fact, enough violence can kill anything. Like that skinwalker, they are suppose to only be able to die from a complecated ritual or decapitation by a silver blade. Thirteen ddn't do any of those things and he was still dead. thirteen coulnd't feel worried but knew he wouldn have no reason to.


Thirteen's thoughts were interrupted by the squeal of tires and the loud curse of the human driving it. Thirteen had come face to face with a bright red Viper driven by a white collar type with a bluetooth hanging off the side of his head. The man began to yell until he saw Thirteen changing his legs back and standing in front of his hood. The man cursed again and tried to drive through the android. Thirteeen grabbed the front end and lifted it off the ground, the rear tires screaming with effort as they grinded against the pavement. Thirteen Slammed the front in down with enough force to break the front axel and blow both tires. It grabbed the edges of the hood and ripped it off like the lid to a sardines can and shoved it into it's 'mouth' The driver, horrified by the naked bronze man eating his car, slammed the car door and started running the way he came. Thirteen pointed at him, the bak of his head exploded into red mist as the .22 round destroyed his brain. He was dead before he hit the ground. Thirteen didn't want it's surprised to be ruined by a loud mouth and it could use some more organic material for when he gets to Goodneighbor.


Several minutes lter the car was gone and so was the dead driver, not so muh as a small bloodstain to tell where it was. Thirteen's face slid back into it's beautiful originality before he was off again. Off to terrorize the next town with his own brand of horrifying.




Unbeknownst to the residents of Goodneighbor, a murderous robot growing closer to their safe-haven. Skinner sat of the front steps of Hancock's house, Bubblegum scented smoke hung in the air above his head. He was staring down the dirt road that lead to Goodneighbor's main drag. He absentmindly puffed smoke cube into the air as he watch for...he wasn't sure. Skier often found himself on edge in the most comfortable place. He blamed his paranoia on his line of work but it always felt like something more. his mother could always tell if something bad was going to happen, a gift Skinner did not end up with as he grew older.


Skinner found himself thinking about his old partner. Things were getting just weird eough around here for him to thrive in Goodneighbor. His name was Fette, just Fette. Skinner ould never get a last name from him and really began to belive that he just didn't have one. Fette had been the best witch doctor he had ever met and while he was often to blame for the trouble, He got Skinner out of his fair share of close calls. He specilized in voodoo and hoodoo, showing off most when curses were involved. They had met in Greenfield several years before he moved. They had taught each other so much over the years. Everything Skinner knew about substituting ingredients came from himad he was sure Fette learn something from him as well. Sometimes, especially on complicated jobs, he would call Fette and ask him his opinion on something. He might have to give him a call if the situation kept rising above Skinner's head.

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((Looking forward to Gabriel's response to this.))


Malice smirked. So THAT'S why his gut was telling him to either get as far away as possible or turn the girl to mincemeat. Mostly the former. He'd heard stories of Angels, of what they were capable of doing, especially to demons like him, but up until now, the fact he had spent so long jumping from one host to another without encountering one had led him to believe they were either just a myth, completely uninterested in the mortal realm or really, really dumb. Mostly the last one. After all, any normal creature would, from just a glance at the writhing mass of shadows behind him, be able to tell he was most certainly not human. SO maybe angels really were just dumb.


"A demon? Oh ding ding, give the gal a cigar, she's a smart one -"


He stopped mid-sentence as he felt another cold wave of energy, this one twisting his somewhat amused expression into a cold snarl of unfathomable hatred. Behind, the formerly still mass of shadows had sprung into life, twisting and contorting, giving the impression of a multitude of writing tentacles and baleful eyes. The angel had barely left him before he erupted from his hiding place, all pretence of humanity dropped as he flew down the street, body shifting beneath the blackened cloack, leaving a trail of black behind as the shadows raced after him, bursting through the cafe doors with a hissing screech, razor claws extended from under the sleeves of the cloak. From under the hood, crimson eyes glowed as they fixed onto their target, the demon who had dared to wander too close to the master, and the voice that came out was no longer that of the cheeky youth, now it belonged to the beast within.


"Stay the censorkip.gif away from my master, you sulphurous waste of flesh,"


Inside the cafe, Duren had merely smiled at what Fotein had said, chuckling at the antics of the small yellow bird and gently beginning to scold her for stealing food, but that had been before the man had walked in, and Duren had recoiled, eyes turning back reptilian in a combination of fear and anger as a loud hiss erupted from his throat. All instincts were on high alert, even before Eleusis had used the man's head as a latrine, and already was his body starting to shift oh-so-slightly in preparation of a fight, arms turning black and a thick layer of scales replacing soft human skin, nails becoming wicked talons, the necklace on his neck glowing a brilliant red color. When the wave of energy had swept the room, he positioned himself between this demon and Fotein, lips pulled back to reveal a mouth filled with dagger like teeth.


When Gabriel and Malice burst through the door a few seconds later, Duren still remained ready to strike, though the sight of his demonic brother was a sense of some relief. But at the same time, another thought sent a chill through his body.


"Malice, where's Zaren?!"




For the first time since being in the town and outside of his brother's presence, Zaren was smiling. The lightning was beautiful, and filled the air around him with such vitality and power, it made his heart soar. Unconsciously, he had started to drum his fingers against the air, each tap creating a small spark of electricity and sent a pulse of pale light through his necklace. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to shed the fake skin he wore and take to the clouds, to dance and ride the lightning as it split the sky.


A bump brought him out of his revelry, and he glared at the petit woman who had collided with him. Her smile was one he did not like, and he noticed the way her eyes fixed onto the gentle glow of his necklace, and he felt his lips twitch into a cruel smirk. Let her try to take it, she would soon regret the action. If she survived.


"Watch where you are going,"

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((Gabe is pretty focused on Dameon right now but had she not been I agree the response would've been entertaining.))


A voice of reason rose above the snarls and other din within the cafe. "All of you need to calm the heck down." Donna, the waitress and long time resident of Goodneighbor, stood on the counter with her arms crossed. She was a plump woman, and wasn't that tall. Overall, she had a more sweet nature than intimidating. But standing on that counter, armed with nothing more than a rolling pin, and facing down varieties of the Supernatural, you had to give her some serious credit. Fear wasn't even eminent on her face or in her posture. She meant business. "You." She pointed to the small canary on the table across from her. "Would you do me a favor, hon, and either join me up here or maybe go back in the kitchen for a bit?" She then turned to Dameon, her eyes narrowing dangerously at the demon. "You need to get the hell out of my diner."

"Just what makes you think that I'm going to listen to some old hag-" CRACK. The rolling pin was thrown with enough force at Dameon's head to break in half. He howled with pain and started to curse again, the tendrils that had appeared around him vanishing. Donna pulled another from her apron pocket. Scanning to see if she had any other challengers. "Now either you all calm down or take it outside. I will not have my diner torn up by you kids." Gabriel's eyes widened at Donna's display.She began to edge back out the diner door, an iron grip on Dameon's bicep.

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What the censorkip.gif is going on? "Uh... oops?" Sterling spoke up awkwardly, one of his eyes poking into view slightly from underneath his black beanie. He tried to keep himself calm, he loved a good fight, but it was clear he'd be dead before he knew it if he decided to join in. "Did I happen to cross at a wrong time or something?" Probably did, as Sterling spoke he found his hand winding back around the cafe door handle just in case he was told (or yelled at) to leave. Shaking his head, he laughed, his wet hair slipping off droplets of rain from the outside. "I'll make my exit if I need to." He said, reaching down to tie one of his boot buckles back into place, just to make sure that he didn't trip over it on his way out and make even more of a fool of himself than he already had. Edited by petewentztheemogod

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Rap rap rap


Knucles beat heavily on a wooden door, exerting a terrible amount of force even though the beast was showing restraint. The door trembled, struggling to hold onto its hinges.


Doors weren't used to withstanding the force if an Androsphinx.

"Mister Zeke, sir, I ask that you open this door before I open it for you! I have been sent to retrieve four overdue books." The beast stood on its haunches, leaning one paw against the door to keep its balance. Anyone who had Phix on their tails was in for a heap of trouble. Usually it was about bookkeeping. Being the head librarian of Goodneighbor, he was in charge of every book involvibg the supernatural.


There was a different librarian in charge of the "regular" books, for Phix had plenty to do with his part of the library. The Arcane books were locked in a room, bound by runes and spells to keep theives out. And it was built like a bomb shelter. The Sphinx was diligent in making sure they were all returned.


"Three more seconds and I'm entering, whether or not you are prepared! And the Library is not responsible for any damages to your property!"

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Following the path of destruction through the human town would lead you right to reflective robot standing at the edge of the forest. Its hips, it peered emotionless and motionless into the trees, turning it's head slightly from side to side every so often. It seemed to be having trouble locking on to the antenna embedded in Raven's flesh. Thirteen could catch it, just for a second, then it would move position again. Feeling more and more of it's equivilant of frustration, Thirteen suddenly lashed out and struck the nearest pine with it's bronze fist. The point of impact exploaded out the other side, causing birds to take flight and the innocent tree toppled to the forest floor. Thirteen shut off the tracker and swiched to a route finder overlay. Thirteen dashed into the woods, it's pathfinder program giving it the path of least resistance through the underbrush.


As steady progress was made to the top fof the first mountian, Thirteen could get a much clearer read on where Raven's signal is. There was some sort of...interference was the only thing it could think of to describe the phenomenon. It was comming from the mountians that made this valley. Thirteen adopted the 'don't know, don't are' attitude and shifted it's attention of the valley below. At First it didn't understand what it was looking at. It was as if Thirteen could barely make out a small cluster of buildings nestled in the trees but it was obscured by a mirage like effect. The town seemed to bend the light like air off a hot car. Thirteen assumed that was the right place and kicked off the ground, launching himself off the top and down the side of the mountian.


After a long while of searching Thirteen finally found an uncivilized road that seemed to lead to the mythical town of Goodneighbor. Stiking to the center of the road, it powered forward, it's legs splitting apart into individual plates and rearanging into something that resembled tank treads. The surface of Thirteen's arms split into small plates, angling outward. Glock 9mm barrels erupted from within thirteen's body, pointing outward like a deadly bouquet The palms of his hands rearranged into mini-gun barrels. all of the guns were plated with the same reflective bronze as the rest of his body.


The same process repeated, the beautiful surface of the android expanded outward and guns of every variety pushed out from within it's body. Thirteen pushed for more, pulling matter from the stuff it ate to sprout two independently controled flamethrowers. each glowing tip mounted on the end of a flexiable tenticle, as well as two rocket pads restingover his shoulder. Thirteen's face bulged outward and a long howitzer cannon extended like a deadly beak. It was a rolling deathmachine, a sentient mass of guns and flame and slag. Thirteen thudered forward, on a war path for Goodneighbor.





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One. Two. Three.


With little effort, Phix sprang forward to topple the door, pushing it off the hinges. The door gave little to no effort and fell to the floor. Satisfied, the sphinx fell back to all fours and passed inside. It was a mess, really. Papers and leftover takeout containers were strewn about all over the place. His nose wrinkled as he further entered the small house. It was clear this Zeke fellow didn't take care of his belongings. But he wasn't here to pry. He was just here for the books.




His round ears swiveled behind him at the sound of wood splintering. That wasn't very far away. The loud, sad groan of the tree soon followed, and then a final, deafening thud as it settled to the ground.

"If a tree falls in the woods..." He mumbled, fur sticking up in suspicion. that settled it. He would gather what he came for and leave.


Wandering over to a shoddy desk, the Sphinx stood on his haunches to sift though the desktop's contents. Papers, papers...Aha! Practical Traps for the Supernatural Huntsman, with a cup of cold coffee resting on it, was the first to be spotted. A stack of papers was shoved into the book, serving as an unorthodox bookmark. Interested, Phix gently opened the book to where the papers lay.


Yellow eyes narrowed as he read over the papers. They were hand-written notes, done in a hurry. A name kept coming up. Raven...Raven...where had he heard that name before? Shuffling through all the notes, He lingered on a final page. A business letter, crisp and fresh, sat at the back.


To whom it may concern:


Catch the girl and bring her back. You're losing our support by the minute.


This is your last chance.




No, that certainly wasn't a good sign. Folding the letter back into the book, Phix tucked the volume into a satchel that hung around his neck. The other books lay just below the first, and were in arguably the same condition. Gathering them up, he stowed them away and made for the door. This was best left for police, not nosy scholars looking for overdue books.



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Although at first she was less than happy to oblige, seeing as her source of excitement had been suddenly cut short, she perked up again at the mention of food. The angel was dragging the demon out slowly, and she noticed another not-quite-usual figure near the back door. There was a choice to make here. Would she get food, or continue to watch the fight? Fights weren't available all the time, but food certainly was... however, it wasn't every day that someone invited her into a kitchen. She could just teleport into the kitchen later, but the sudden appearance of a bird likely wasn't going to be welcomed. Still, the brothers had plenty of food back at their house, but not plenty of fights. After a moment of deliberation, she fluttered off of Duren's head and circled above the counter. This way, she could keep an eye out on the progress of the duo yet still go back to the kitchen if it proved boring. She certainly didn't look forward to getting wet if the fight moved outside, but it was better than sitting inside and being bored.

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Hancock was scrambling down the street in the rain. He had to find Raven. He had to find Gabriel. Something big was coming, he could feel it. But what it was exactly, he didn't know. There was no shaking the impending doom he felt. His cool, friendly exterior evaptortaed as a tense, serious one took its place. The rain fell steadily now, and thunder rumbled every few minutes with a flash of lightening. Where could that wolf had gone? He cursed, wishing he still had another shifter around to help. Alas, she wouldn't have gone far. Rushing down the street, he didn't even notice the ruckus at the cafe.

There. The large man that had asked to fight a bear. What was in his hands? He prayed it wasn't some other misfortunate animal that had been chosen as one of his opponents. Growing nearer, he could see a disgruntled wolf. "Raven!" Hancock ran up to her and Corr. "What happened?" His eyes raked Corr accusingly.


Bear mauled me.


The man could see the wounds now, knitting slowly back together. They were jagged slashes. "I see. Come further into the barrier, it'll help."


Something's wrong, isn't it?


The wolf's amber eyes were locked on Hancock intently. He knew she'd be able to see the lie if he tried. "Yes. I feel something is about to happen. Something big." Raven struggled from Corr's arms before dropping clumsily to the ground. The wounds were mostly closed now, but it had a toll on Raven.


Who else knows?


Hancock shook his head. "No one yet. I didn't want to cause a panic." The wolf mused this over before looking back at Corr. Hancock followed her eyes. "Why don't you go to the cafe? I'm sure everyone headed there with the rain and all."


Where's the guy that took you? He seems to know his magic. Maybe he can do something.


Skinner. That was a good idea. "Alright, come on. We're going back to my house."


Do you know which direction it's coming from? Maybe I can go check.


Hancock shook his head. "No, not yet. Let's just meet with him first." They both took off at a dead sprint for Hancock's house. As they passed the cafe, Raven slid to a stop. Isnt that Gabriel? Donna was standing on the counter and everyone seemed primed for a fight. Hancock slowed and looked. "Donna has it handled." Raven didn't think so, but Gabriel was there. From what she knew, Gabriel could level the whole town if she wanted. Or something like that. Gabriel had it handled.

It wasn't long before the duo reached the house. "Skinner, I think we have a big problem." Raven flopped down panting. She needed food, and she was beginning to wear herself thin. She needed rest. However, whatever she needed to do she would to protect the town. Even if that meant running herself into the ground, or laying down her life.

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A man showed up in the café, then a fight started and things happened quickly.


As she got her thoughts organized again, she couldn't see Duren anywhere. But there was someone with scales who wore the same clothes, standing between her and the violent man. Gotta keep a wild dog chained. Was this what Duren had meant? There also were some other people that had come in, under which were a winged boy and a tall man with shimmering blue lines on his skin that seemed to have depth... was that crystal?




Corr had arrived back at Goodneighbor, with the wolf still in his arms. It had tried to escape his grip at first, but on the rest of the way it had been quite calm. Lucky for Corr, he ended up in the town by just walking in a straight line.


Then the man who had given him permission to fight with bears showed up, who seemed to be looking for a raven. The wolf was Raven. Why would he call a wolf Raven, rather than... Wolf? Wait... did he understand this wolf? He did seem worried... so that meant he wouldn't get any punishment for hurting that bear. Good.


In the distance, he heard something that sounded like a fight, he decided to check it out. He had come after Donna's first attempt to calm things down.


"Why suddenly so silent?! I heard what was going on here and came as quick as I could, so I'd be able to pack some punches!"




His explanation had not convinced the man. He had once again underestimated him, thought the simplified explanation would do. Both men had now left and he was left alone with the extradimensional creature. Not wanting to hide any secrets from them (her? he? it? something else?), he let go off his disguise, arcane energy fading into the air before quickly being reabsorbed into his body.


"Although I do not know who you are or what you are", he started, "I do sense one very familiar form of energy coming from you. One that can only belong to an Adder's Stone. To make sure you don't get your hopes up if you don't know what it is, I have never been able to tell which Adder's Stone does what, without looking through it. That's because the energy that causes the effect, is perfectly contained in the hole in the middle; there is no way to sense a difference. I also noticed that you are not from this world, or any place physically linked to it. Very intruiging, I'd like to know more about that."

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Thirteen could see Goodneighbor coming into view at the end of the road. It poured a little extra diesel over it's motor and increased it's speed. The equivalent of excitement bubbled inside Thirteen. more weapon's sprouted from it's body, adding to the mass of deadly force that was now it's body.


Thirteen ground o a stop when a transmission from HQ ame into his head. It sat i teroad, listening to it's new instructios with indifference. Finally, it spoke outloud, "Oh Come on! I just got here and i'm all ready to run in guns blazing..... FINE!". Thirteen couldn't slam his reciver for it was build into his head but he would have if he could. SLowly, the mass of guns began to deconstruct, leaving the reflective android standing in the road once more. Grumbling to itself, it continued to the town on foo.




Skinner was jolted from his thoughts when He saw running forms obscured by the rain. As they grew closer, he could see who it was, "Hancock! Raven! What happened?" He yelled, rising from his seat on the steps and jogged into the rain to meet them.

"Skinner, I think we have a big problem"

The man's statement was both confusing and annoying.

"Could you be more specific?, he asked, pacing back into the house behind them.




Thirteen's bronze foot made footfall in Goodneighbor. The rain had gorwn more intense as it grew closer and was now on it's way to being a full on monsoon. The water didn't matter to Thirteen, it was focused on several heat signatures on the other side of the market he was in front of. Smoothly, Thirteen walked up to the group arguing and fired a pistol into the air, "Hello goodneighbors. Can anyone tell me who is in charge in this dump?, It asked in a projected voice. Thirteen's mouth did not move when it spoke and rather its voice came from somewhere itside it. He had new instructions and it hated them. It would have much rathered opened fire on this crowd and be done with it.


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The soft sound of paws in the mud soon followed behind Thirteen. Calm. Quiet. Feathers drifted in the air, shuddering in the downpour. The Sphinx himself was soaked. His mane was plastered to his skin, making him look scrawny. And he faced the war machine calmly, brushing against its legs as he walked past.


"Leader? Hmph. The human Mayor is of no use to anyone but humans." He remarked cooly. His ears flicked raindrops from his fur. "Most do not come here looking for leaders. So tell me, metal man, what are you truly in search for?" Phix smiled much like a snake would smile at a mouse; it was devoid of any actual warmth.


Not that he was in the safe zone. Far from it, in fact. The Sphinx felt dizzy from what a threat this creature was. But he had what this golem didn't: knowledge. And truly, it was stronger than any machinated piece of destruction the bronze man could muster. Phix tilted his head slightly, before shaking water violently from his coat. "I can direct you to the municipal building, but I have a feeling that isn't what you want."

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Hancock shook his head. "I wish I could. Unfortunately, the premonitions I get are limited to only feelings." He answered as he followed Skinner back into the house. Thats why we came back here. Maybe you could do something to refine it and he can get a clearer image.

Raven longed to shift back into her human form, curl up, and take a nap. The chill from the rain had soaked into her fur and she was starting to shiver. I've been through worse. We should just get Gabriel, she would be able to do something. The canine rose to her feet, fairly steady now. You guys firgure it out, I'll get Gabe in case all else fails. With that, she headed back down the steps and down the dirt drive to the town. She was dying to see Gabriel. It'd been nearly two years without contact. Despite the press of doom all around her, exciemtent flickered at the thought of seeing her friend.



Donna nodded, seeing that everyone had simmered down some. Getting down slowly she straightened her apron and replaced her trusty rolling pin. "Now that's out of the way, who wants hot chocolate?" But Gabriel was shoving by people and dragging a somewhat dazed Dameon through the door into the rain. "You're not welcome here."

"Just the angel I was looking for." Dameon grinned cockily, pulling the blade he'd had hidden in his jacket and slicing at her upper arm. The blade sliced through her jacket and skin like a knife through warm butter. The angel exclaimed in surprise as blood flecked with gold quickly soaked the already sopping jacket. However, Dameon looked past her to see a large, reflective looking man. And... what the hell was that? A mountain lion? The rain obscured most of what he could see. The momentary lapse in attention was enough for Gabriel to drive her sword into his abdomen. Dameon looked down in shock. " censorkip.gif ." His form began to dissolve. Flesh sloughed off into inky, writhing masses and socked into the ground, staining the sidewalk. Then muscle, and finally bones all together liquified and marred the ground as they vanished. He would be back. Gabriel exhaled and braced herself against the wall. Her sword dissolved into small partlicles of light and shee raised her hand to clutch her opposite arm. The blood oozed, but it was healing. The blade could've seriously injured her form, but thankfully she'd dispatched Dameon before he could do any more harm. He wasn't an easy opponent. Something must've distracted him. It didn't matter. He was gone for now.



The wolf headed down the street uncaring. Humans by now were tucked into their homes taking shelter from the rain. She didn't have to worry about anyone questioning her. Raven inhaled deeply, trying to pull in any scents to see if Gabriel had possibly left the cafe. The rain washed out almost everything, leaving an unusual lack of scents. But... what was that? She inhaled again, a taste of metal settling on the back of her tongue. Ick. That was strange. The town was old enough though that picking up rusty metal when it rained wasn't that strange. It was just that it'd never happened before.

As she appoached the cafe, she saw something looming in the middle of the street. Odd, but it was Goodneighbor after all. As she got closer, the stench of metal began to grow overpowering. Now she was becoming unsettled. Something in her stirred and began to writhe, screaming that she turn back and run. Memeories surged against the dam in her mind. The wolf slowed to a stop. Her hackles rose and a growl rumbled in her chest.

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"Um..." Sterling said, biting his lip as he was rather rudely shoved past by this weird looking guy holding another dude. He still didn't know what was going on, and contemplated leaving all together. It was clear he did not belong anywhere near this place, this wasn't his business, wasn't his fight, wasn't his... anything. Honestly he could go for a hot chocolate right now, actually. "I'll have one." He spoke up to the cafe employee, carefully walking up front ad sitting in one of the chairs there. "How much?" He asked, lifting up his beanie ever so slightly so that he could see under it. This was weird.

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Though the faint aroma of food wafting through the building tempted her, Eleusis ultimately chose to follow the duo. But before she could make it past the door, a different sound made it through the commotion of the cafe. It sounded... faintly like a pistol. The drumming of rain and roll of thunder drowned most of it out, but it had certainly drawn her attention. An exclamation drew her attention back to the duo as she noticed the door was beginning to close. Letting out a slightly panicked twitter, she dove through the small gap and narrowly avoided being squashed. She made it out in time to catch the angel stabbing the demon in the stomach. So much for that being an interesting fight. Having nothing better to do, she decided to investigate the gunshot. Although the pouring rain made it rather difficult to see, she could make out the faint gleam of metal in the direction of the gunshot. There was something else too, a faintly lion shaped figure.


The growing heaviness in her wings prevented her from trying to analyze further. She was getting soaked by the rain. If this continued, she wouldn't be able to fly anymore after a few more minutes. Casting a quick glance to make sure that no one could see her, she quickly darted under an awning and shifted into a goose. It wasn't the most graceful form, but it kept the rain off of her. That was all she needed at the moment. Taking off again, she headed towards the gleam of metal. Flying as a goose was nowhere near as maneuverable as a canary, but she managed to keep a steady pace. At least her larger form kept her from getting swept away by the constant gusts of wind. Still, the wind only grew stronger.


Eventually, flying became so inefficient she actually began to get blown backwards. She was close to the two figures now, close enough that she could make out what they were. One was some sort of statue, the other was a sphinx. Currently, she was hovering above them, but she wouldn't be for long. She needed to land somewhere and shift back into a human. Spotting an especially tall roof, she forced her way towards it, barely getting a grip. Quickly, she shifted back into a human and grabbed onto the chimney of the house. She was naked for a few seconds, but a quick summoning spell gave her a navy blue raincoat, gray t-shirt, and slightly worn jeans. Her bright yellow hair stood out slightly, however with a bit of magic it was soon changed into an unremarkable brown. Satisfied with her quick camoflauge, she perched on the edge of the chimney and watched the two figures. From what she had judged, this was where the gun had fired. Something interesting was bound to happen here.

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The black cloak twitched and twisted, the shadows beneath already reshaping his body in preparation for a fight, one he had no intention of losing if the hateful glow of red from under the hood was any indication. But just as he was preparing to launch at his intended target -




The sharp sound of snapping wood filled the air, and for a moment, the demon was frozen, as if stunned by what had just occurred. Then, as Gabriel dragged his would-be meal from the cafe, howls of laughter erupted from the hood, Malice's whole body shaking as he struggled to contain his glee before flashing a wide grin at the tiny woman with the extraordinary aim.


"Oh, sweetheart, I LIKE you! You just gotta give me lessons some time!"


As the demon continued to shower amused praise on the owner of the cafe, Duren allowed himself to relax a small amount, though it would take some time for the physical modifications to recede back into their previous disguise. He turned and was about to give Fotein a shaky smile, but the look on her face, the way she seemed to eye his scales and talons, made him pause, then look away with lowered eyes.


"Guess you see what I meant, huh?"


Before she could respond, his head shot back up, eyes narrowed and nostrils flaring. Something was wrong, something was very wrong. As the youth in the beanie sat down, Duren was on his feet, seemingly about to bolt away. But instead he paused, then turned back to Fotein.


"Something big is about to happen, and I think you'll be safest here,"


Then, he swung around to the recent arrival, and now there was a hardness in his eyes, a red-hot glint of something dangerous.


"Do me a favour; anything happens here, get her to safety. If you don't, you better pray something else finds you before I do,"


Duren turned away, jacket flung over his shoulders, and stormed towards the door, slowing only to whisper something to the demon as he passed. Whatever he said, the effect was instantaneous; gone was the mirth and laughter once again as Malice's body straightened up and, with barely an acknowledgment, he followed his master out into the pouring rain.




In the square, things had heated up with the arrival of the metal man. But with the machine's rather spectacular arrival, another more quiet one had gone unnoticed. Barely a whisper in the rain marked the passing of the petite figure; one second it was there, a dash of colour in the monotone rain, and then it was gone again, leaving behind only miniscule shards of ice where it walked. As the situation in the street escalated with the arrival of some variety of feline beast, the ghostly figure materialized briefly at the foot of a nearby building, and only a keen eye would've seen it as it darted upwards and onto the roof.


Now the figure was still, perched on the corner of the roof with a stillness that would make a gargoyle jealous. White eyes scanned constantly, the only sign of life in the figure, and all around, the rain turned into a fine mist before it could even touch the pale skin and coal-black hair. If the happenings below interested him, his cold expression revealed no trace of it, and truthfully, they did not. The only thing he cared about was that those he watched over were not involved, and so long as that remained the case, he had no reason to do anything other than watch.


A flash of yellow seemed to catch his interest, head tilting to watch it descend into the roof behind him, and the appearance of a young girl only seconds later caused him to stir, but within seconds he had made his judgment and, finding her just as uninteresting as the rest, returned his attention to the situation below.


"Hmm...how shall this play out..."

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Skinner scratched his head and thought back ot all the material he has read on premonition, but drew a blank. Everything he read about future sight and things that help it along was specific to the person that has the gift. Things like rituals done everyday to strengthen the bonds to the future or meditation techniques. Skinner never had luck with the 'look within yourself for power' method. He was sure if he was given more time he could find something in one of his textboks but under this pressure...


"No, Sorry Hancock. That stuff is out of my depth.", he said apologetically. Skinner turned back to look at Raven's injuries just in time to see her bolt out of the room. He thought they had mentioned that she had been hurt? Skinner rolled his eyes and wished she was consistent. Skinner turned back to Hancock and thogut about what he had said. I something big was coming Skinner was horribly under prepared. He would like to be in his house with all his supplies and traps. Hancock's house had it's charm, but it wasn't nearly as protected as his place. He frowed, "Alright fearless leader, what's the plan?"



Thirteen turned around slowly to face the lion hawk that spoke to it. Whenever it stopped moving, it became perfectly still like a statue. "Where is the one caled Hancock?", it asked, it's body remaining still. Thirteen would have prefered to fill this lion full of lead but his last minute order made him hold back. Petro gave him a list of names to keep alive. Anyone that attaked him was fair game though. "Where is the one named Hancock", he said again.







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"Well..." Plan. They needed a PoA. "We have no idea what's coming so that makes it pretty hard to prepare." The man racked his brain for something. Anything. Tea. He needed tea. Turning from Skinner, he went into the kitchen. His boots crunched over the unfinished sweeping of the previous broken tea cup. Once he had poured another cup, he felt the embargo that had bogged his mind begin to let up. "We can assume that this threat would he here to cause harm to either someone in the town, or the town itself." Hancock paced now, his brow furrrowed in thought. "So we should find all of the residents and let them know. I don't think it's a good idea to go in guns blazing. Maybe we can talk them down."



Raven swallowed the snarl that gripped her when she heard the creature speak. Hancock? What did this thing want with him? She didn't think he was looking to move in. Her instincts were still screaming at her to run, cutting off her question. Dare she speak? I've never seen this... thing before, and yet... Maybe this thing wouldn't even be able to hear her. It didn't smell organic. In fact, it didn't smell like anything at all. Thats not weird.

Gabriel turned around when she sensed a life form she'd tuned herself into. "Raven?" Through the downpour, she could just make out her large, dark form. Her posture seemed to be rigged and defensive. Gabriel followed where she was looking to the large form stopped in the street. The warm light from the cafe provided little help in trying to discern what it was, but squinting, Gabriel could just make out a... statue? She could hear a voice but the rain drowned them out.


Donna smiled brightly. "No cost, it's on the house." The waitress looked up to the reptilian looking man, and winked. "I took a few self defense classes in the city. I'd be more than happy to show you a few things." With that, Donna went into the kitchen and spoke with a very concerned cook. To him, there had been a rowdy group of teenagers that'd nearly gotten into a fight. Now she was giving them hot chocolate? He shook his head and obliged, helping her. She reammgered a bit later with a plate of mugs topped with whipped cream. Thay oughta keep the peace.

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She could've been in the town days ago. Could've. If it weren't for her runes keeping on failing, making her spend way too long on hunting and tracking. She could hardly even manage to cast Týr powerful enough to kill a rabbit, let alone a deer. Luckily she did know how to use Logr properly to search for water. She couldn't even master the Elder Script, but there was also a New Script and tons of other runes that were created even later. But nobody knew if those could even be used with glam. That means, Dagny and her Norse god ancestors didn't know.


Now she had arrived. A town full of people that had no other place to go. The runemark on her throat began to glow, a sign other runic magic was close. Since she still was fairly young and untrained, she could feel the heat of it. That made her throat quite an uncomfortable place to have her mark, but it was no different. She considered materialising Týr in her hand as a sword, just to be sure, but it would only wear out her glam without any effect. At least she knew how to use Thuris, her own rune, which had potential both defensive and offensive, fairly well. If only she had found out about her powers sooner, she'd be so much more skilled by now.


A statue-like thing and some winged feline creature were circling at eachother in the middle of the street. She slowly walked into the first building she could find, keeping her eyes on the man of bronze. "Eeeh", she screamed softly, after bumping into someone with her back. She turned around, she was at the counter of a café and she'd bumped into a winged man.


"Hey, watch out!" She shouted at the man while fiddling with her fingers to create Thuris in her hands. "You don't want to mess with me!"


((The idea of the Elder Script and New Scipt is directly pulled from Joanne Harris's RUNES series, it is not mentioned anywhere in the actual Norse mythos as far as I'm concerned - but that goes for most important details of this use of runes, which I will all include in Dagny's powers, except for the language of Chaos. This is a complete list of the Elder Script (Fé - Logr) and the New Script (Ethel - Gabe)))

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Sterling was just about to reach for his awfully yummy-looking hot chocolate, content with the world, before he felt himself lurch forward with an "Oof!" As somebody ran into him. He whirled his head around in anger, his glasses nearly flying off of the bridge of his nose as he sneered at whatever had just done so to him, the tips of his fingers both blackening and hardening as dangerous claws started to form. "And you don't want to mess with me!" He shot back in annoyance, his wings flaring angrily at this person's remark. I can twist your reality into a horrifying nightmare with just a single stare. He thought, although biting his tongue to prevent his rather impulsive mouth from saying anything else.

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Skinner frowned, a thunderhead seemed to form over his head as the smoke drifting off the tip of his cigarette darkened to the color of tire smoke. It was his turn to vanished from Hncock's residents but he was going to disclose what he was doing, "I'm going to sound an alarm" he said. Skinner grabbed his coat on the way out nd stepped inot the downpour.


The storm was not wanting to let up. Since his break on the porch the rain had intensified. Skinner's worn boots sunk deep in the mudslick that was ow Hancock's driveway. Of course, Skinner could have generated a phenomenon that kept the rain off him but he didn't believe that was necessary. He wasn't one to use his gifts to fix his little problems...well, not all of them.


Skinner honestly ould not see where the road began and the dirt ended. His only clue that he was back on the main drag was the fact that he felt the hard surface of the road under the two inch layer of mud he was walking on. Skinner removed his cigarette holder from his mouth and ejected the soggy cigarette out of the end. He aimed the end straight up over his head, "A'antank he said firmly. The tip of his holder erupted into a brilliant yellow light. There was a sound like a potato gun firing and the light rocketed ito the air. When it reached a hundred feet, it stopped suddenly, hanging under the stormclouds like a second sun. The area was bathed in a dim, yellow glow. The formula he released into the atmosphere was designed to make the viewer feel a sudden but brief urge to run. He had only used this phenomenon to warn the town of approaching storms, never for any type of real attack. Skinner turned and started to jog lightly back to Hancock's house. Even the caster wasn't immune to the memnic effects.



Thirteen was growing inpatient. It slowly turned it's head and looked to the right noticed some kind of shop with a lit storefront. The rain made it difficult to tell what it was that it sold but that didn't matter to the android. Thirteen made a 'thumbs up' which he showed to the Spinx. Thirteen then detached that hand and caught it in it's other one. With one fluid motion, it lobed the hand to his right, feeling 'satisified' at the sound of shattering glass. A second later, the interior of the store exploded. The front of the store was blown outward, spraying the street with shards of glass and brick. A fire started somewhere inside the remains of the store. Thirteen turned it's back on the lion hawk and spoke up again, "WHERE IS HANCOCK!" it roared with vocal amplification, "BRING HIM OR MY PEACE WILL END!". Behind it, Skinner's fear sun rose into the sky and began transmitting it's message to all who see it.




Skinner stepped up to the porch and aimed his holder at his forehead,"Gazenfurzen. There was no light this time, the water clinging to his soaked body suddenly beaded and ran off his body and cloths, leaving a puddle on the porch. Skinner stepped inside, "I sent up a lux to warn the town. Hopefully it will be enough". Skinner was cut off from his next sentance by the hollow boom of a distant explosion. Skinner turned towards the sound, it was the direction he had just came. It came from Goodneighbor.





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