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You feel a tap on your shoulder and someone reaching into your pocket. By the time you turn to see who it was, they're gone. As you check your pocket, you find a small folded notes that reads:


Feel out of place? Can read minds? Or just very out of the ordinary?

Boy do I have the place for you!



A place for the unordinary.




Goodneighbor is a (rarely) quiet, rural town centered in a mountain-hugged valley surrounded by forest. It's safe haven for those who can't find a place to call home. Those specifically being inhuman creatures. While some humans do call Goodneighbor home, most are unaware of their inhuman neighbors.


This is an open-world type roleplay. Virtually any kind of OC is welcome.



For those characters who would be unable to pass for human/ do not have a human form: it's optional that when needed, they can utilize magic to either shroud themselves or pass for human (either changing forms or a "Glamour" to hide their true forms).




1. All DC forum rules apply.

2. Keep it PG-13.

3. No godmodding (unless pre-approved and is reasonable).

4. No killing characters without permission.

5. The rest should be common sense.





You can have as many characters as you can manage (ok no more than maybe five).

Please post in the OOC forum.

[B]Personality:[/B] (optional)

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Username: RavenWolf1010

Name: John 'Hancock' Schnider (sh-ny-der)

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-30s

Appearance: Here. He's 6'3" with a lanky but muscly build. Often wears a black canvas trench coat, jeans, and boots.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Chemist of sorts. Works with magic and spells. Has a limited sense of premonition.

Personality: Hancock is a very charismatic and easygoing guy. He is generally diplomatic and acts as the town mediator and unofficial leader. In times of strife, he's the guy to crack an awful joke to try and lighten the mood. Under his jovial exterior though is a very intelligent man who, when the time comes, can be serious. On occasion, he might find his way to the bottom of a liquor bottle at which point either EVERYONE is his friend, or he seals himself in his house and struggles with old memories.

History: His history is usually shrouded in mystery, and he never even mentions it unless there's liquor in him. The most that is known is that he had a very rough childhood.

Other: He has a thing for ancient swords.



Username: RavenWolf1010

Name: Raven

Gender: Female

Age: Late 20s

Appearance: Like this, but not as... happy. Also like this.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Wolf Shifter

Personality: RP'd

History: Raven comes from a secret government facility that was originally experimenting with genetically modifying the human genome in order to create the 'perfect soldier'. Taking acquired werewolf DNA, they fabricated their own artificial shifter that is (mostly) unaffected by lunar cycles, and able to shift at anytime. After escaping, she sought solace with werewolf packs however, because she was created by humans, she was cast out and shunned. She was eighteen when she stumbled onto Goodneighbor and with the help of Hancock, has since taken up residence in the forest at the base of the mountain outside of town.

Other: She suffers from a few mental illnesses including BPD and PTSD. Often she's plagued by nightmares and flashbacks, all exacerbated by drinking.




Username: RavenWolf1010

Name: Gabriel

Gender: Female

Age: Very old

Appearance: Like this, but with much larger wings. Wing size reference/ "Straight out of Heaven"

Species/Powers/Ect.: Archcangel. Her powers include:

- Healing (Reviving the dead is forbidden, but she can coax souls back into their bodies).

- Resurrection (Her mortal form can be injured/ killed, but her Essence would remain. However it's possible with the right weapon for that to be destroyed as well.)

- Manifesting armor/ her weapon

- Dimension walking/ spirit walking

- Manipulation of perceived reality (Limited and rarely used)

Personality: RP'd

History: Gabriel has been around for thousands of years. She's fought Holy Wars, demons, and the likes, making her a well rounded combatant and fairly level headed. In her recent history after a nasty battle with a group of demons. Using weapons specially forged to kill angels, she was gravely injured and forced into retreat. That's when she stumbled half-dead into Goodneighbor. There, she was nursed back to health by Hancock and Raven, whom she bonded tightly with. However, as soon as she was well she was called back to Heaven for another mission. Between missions or in times of great turmoil, she returns to Goodneighbor.

Other: Her text is gray.



Username: RavenWolf

Name: Dameon (the Damned) Velussi

Gender: Male

Age: ??? Appears to be in his early thirties

Appearance: Here.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Demon. His powers include:

- Teleportation (of himself and objects connected to him)

- Accelerated Healing

- Telepathy

Dameon is one of the few demons who has his original body, rather than possessing someone. His very existence is linked to his remains. His coplanar form can be damaged enough that he 'dies', however after some time he can come back. The only way to permanently kill him is to burn his bones. However, only he knows where he is buried (though that information is accessible with diligent digging and investigating).

Personality: Dameon is an censorkip.gif hole. He's manipulative, sarcastic, and sometimes outright cruel. He wasn't always this way, of course (see history). Deeply buried under defensive layers lives the man he used to be. Sometimes, that man is reachable but more often than not it's like he doesn't exist.

History: Dameon was sent to the Americas as a child from Northern Europe in the 1920s to live with a alcoholic uncle by his parents, they hoping that it would be better than the poverty they currently lived in. They couldn't have been more mistaken. His uncle made him work to the bone. Many days were filled with hard, and sometimes nearly deadly labor in factories. He was the only source of income for the household and what money didn't go to bills, went to alcohol for his uncle. The young boy often went hungry for days until he started stealing wallets, foods, or watches; whatever he could to survive. The time he was caught and the police brought him home, his uncle went into a drunken rage and nearly ended up killing him. After that, he turned to make a deal with the devil.

He got his deal. His uncle was murdered, and Dameon became a very wealthy man through trade. However the deal didn't come without its price. When the Great Depression hit in 1929 he again became poor, the deal forgotten, he took his life. Yet instead of dying like he had hoped, he instead became one of the many demons that roam the Earth. Originally he was a lowly demon who had to possess in order to 'exist'. Yet through working his way up the ladder, he eventually earned his spot and power, and his own body.

He and Gabriel have ran into each other numerous times and are enemies.

Other: His text is maroon.





Username: shadow2345

Name: Shadow

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Human

Species/Powers/Ect.: Shape Shifter

Personality: Shadow has always been a light hearted type of guy. He welcomes everyone with open arms, he loves to give hugs, he loves to make people smile and he often uses his powers to do just that. But this isn't all that he is. He goes out of his way to help people be happy because he knows what it's like to hurt. He tries to befriend everyone because he knows what it's like to be all alone. He wants to make people smile because he knows how precious each smile is. Shadow is a person who uses his pain to help others. He doesn't stand for bullies, he doesn't stand for people being needlessly hurt. Some call him pure in that sense, but no. He isn't pure. He'd kill in a heart beat if he thought it would keep his friends safe. He'd hunt someone down to the ends of the world if he thought it would make the world better.

History: Shadow was born to a family of shifters in a land far away. From an early age his parents knew he would be powerful. He was already shifting forms at a younger age than his peers and his forms were nearly perfect. After a few years when he was still young something happened. He can't remember what and people don't talk about it. Asking about it brought instant suspision onto people since only shifters would care to ask. He had to leave his home, his country. He didn't know what happened, but he knew he was alone. All his family, his friends, dead. He had night mares about if for years on end. Now, Shadow was 19, his powers were at their peak. He could shift seamlessly for dozens of forms and he used this when he needed to attack. Fighting a shifter was hard, especially one like shadow where he gained the abilities of the things he shifted into. Even though the powers he gained were weaker than the original, it still let him fool guards into thinking he was someone he wasn't. And now, shadow was following rumors of a place where he just might find a new home at last.



Username: shadow2345

Name: Imshael Alour

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Here

Species/Powers/Ect.: Imshael has two powers really. He's a teleporter and he has an ability to enhance his body to give him better speed, strength, etc.

Personality: Imshael Alour had always been an oddball. He was the first one to laugh and the last one to stop playing a game. Everyone thought he was weird, but in a good way. That was until he was seen as just crazy, a lunatic, a psycho. Now he hides it somewhat better, but still, the gleam in his eyes never leaves.

History: Imshael Alour had many friends when he was a kid. As said, people thought he was weird but they thought it was cute. Then, one day they found him playing with a knife. He was just tossin it up and down, giggling to himself. People were horrified though. Why? Well, it didn't help that he was nearly covered in blood. It turned out that two kids had attacked him. One of them drew a knife on him, but it got stuck in Imashael's forearm, deep in the bone. While laughing Imshael took the knife and proceeded to cut the kids. When the bodies were found, each had no less than a hundred cuts. Imshael was sent to a home shortly after. A few years in there and his gift awakened and he teleported out. He's been lazily exploring ever since, occasionally leaving a few corpses behind.






Username: Felixr2

Name: Fotein Psychi

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Appearance: A 1,86 meters tall, pale woman with natural golden highlights in her long, brown, waving hair. She has capturing hazel eyes set in a beautiful, round face. Her long, delicate white dress has detailed patterns of various flowers on the chest area and sleeves. On her neck is a golden necklace with a set of smooth, shiny white stones ordened to depict a lotus.

Species/Powers/Ect.: She can brighten souls, making a person less eager to act in selfish ways. The stronger the willpower of the brightened person, the shorter and less notable the effect is. She can also use more extreme measurements and burn one's soul away, most likely killing them, but she will only go that far when she loses control over herself. Doing this will also make her lose most of her energy and she'll turn back to her normal self. She can also brighten her own soul, releasing a faint glow and a bit of extra warmth from her body.

Personality: She is very loving and will never seek to do harm to anyone. Her ideology is a world where everybody can live together in peace and she believes that that's something that can be achieved. Her strong faith in this belief is what she considers her most important possession. If someone manages to make her lose this faith - momentarily - she will get infuriated and lose control over herself, most likely getting rid of the burst of energy by burning the unfortunate soul that pushed her over the line of sanity. She is fully aware that this can happen to her and frightened by it, although she will only think about it when someone is actively disagreeing with her beliefs. She will then immediately continue to warn people.

History: She was born in a quite normal family in a religious town. In her teens she went to serve in the town's church, where she found out about the corrupt business going on there. This was the first time she lost control. Some of her classmates saw her loudly screaming with a furious glare in her eyes while the pastor, screaming in agony, crumbled down towards the floor. The story spread and in less than a day time she went from loved to feared and she had to run away from home. The town where she settled had a church that was a lot nicer than the one in her hometown. Here she got the clothes she's still wearing today. For many years it all seemed nice and well, but when she was 30, the town got assaulted. When a man killed the really kind pastor in front of her eyes, she lost control again. Once again, she ran. Time and time again, she ran to another town, stayed for a while, lost control, and ran again. Her other powers she found by accident in the process. In all this time, she never lost faith in her belief that it could all become right, that it could all become peaceful, that she'd never have to make victims again...

Other: This is just my first character. I may add more.



Username: Felixr2

Name: Corr Lapidris

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Appearance: He looks extremely bulky, standing at 237 cm with a body shape that gives the impression that even his muscles have muscles. (This has never been researched, so it might actually be the case.) His skin is a very dark grey and deep blue crystal points out in small lines on his arms, torso and legs. He always covers the crystal lines with his clothes. His head is completely devoid of hair - just like the rest of his body - and his face has an angry expression that seems to be set in stone. The only kind of smile he has ever shown is one that gives the impression he's about to eat you whole and alive.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Oroç (based on the Oroç race from Dawn of the Dragons, but slightly different, and with holes in the canon information filled up). Besides his physical power - which is significantly greater than even the power a human of his proportions would have - he also has a great condition and nearly flawless nightvision. He also has the ability to recogize and memorize differences between different locations in cave systems, and he can stay alive by feeding on rocks and crystal, rather than normal food, although he can eat that as well. He can also take hits very well, but all the weight of his body does slow him down. 9 km/h is his top running speed.

Personality: He's not very fond of talking. He'd rather punch a unicorn in the face than have a conversation that lasts longer than 15 minutes. But then again, he really likes fighting. Fighting actually is the only thing that at least gets him kind of excited. He's absolutely not likely to bond with people, but if you let him fight enough he will stay on your side.

History: He never really talks, and if he does, his history would be the last thing he'd talk about. If he, for some reason, decides to see you as something one might describe as someone who's sort-of close to almost being a friend-like person, he might let you know he was driven out of his land of birth, but that's it.

Other: Diddly



Username: Felixr2

Name: Doesn't have one.

Gender: Genderless. Likes to be male, so he/him pronouns.

Age: Centuries.

Appearance: In his true form, you can only vaguely recognize a dimm transparent blue shade, but he can make himself appear as any person he has seen. However, this never changes the ethereal composure of his body. When "disguised", his appearance may also flicker a bit from time to time.

Species/Powers/Ect.: He's an ethereal (plural: ethereal). A species that is hardly known because it's impossible to see an (undisguised) ethereal if you don't know what to look for. Besides the disguising powers and the pros (and cons) that obviously come with being ethereal, the species also excells at the use of arcane magic, and many ethereal are also fairly skilled in elemental magic. However, it is essentially impossible for ethereal to learn any other kind of magic (holy, runic, black, totemic, voodo, spiritual, astral, etc.). This specific ethereal is not the best at arcane magic, but makes up for that with his power in fire magic and ice magic. Just like all ethereals he is able to "speak" using arcane magic, although his words do not come with something recognisable a voice. The ethereal are unable to move through precious metals.

Personality: I'll RP this one out.

History: For now all you need to know is that someone accidentally captured him in a titanium safe, and when he could escape again the ethereal he used to travel with were gone and he was lost. He went into that safe to destroy a dangerous artifact.

Other: The ethereal, while quite resistant to most types of magic, they are incredibly weak to black magic, holy magic, runic magic and alchemy(if performed well). I also want to specify that I did NOT create this character solely to give Skinner something else to geek out about although it certainly did have a little influence on my decision. I mostly just wanted to create a third character and this was what I managed to come up with.





Username: shadow_claw

Name: Namina Waltz

Gender: Female

Age: appears mid to late twenties, is presumably much older.

Appearance: Namina is very tall for a woman, reaching easilly at six-and-a-half feet. Her hair is also unusually long. Smooth and shiny, Mina's black hair is always braided and tossed over one shoulder. Her skin is a dark olive, and her eyes are a deep emerald. Her thick, pouty lips and sloped nose give her an unusual-but by no means unattractive-complexion. Her clothes vary, but usually it's some combination of jeans, sneakers, and a tee shirt. Most striking on her face are two diamond-shaped marks. Below each eye and angled towards her nose, they almost look like another set of eyes. Almost.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Namina is a shape-shifter, and is well gifted in her species. She can adopt any form she has seen, and temporarily takes their abilities as well. The more powerful the being, however, the more taxing it is for her to remain in that form. If she steals the soul of a living creature (killing them is the easiest way to do this), she can take on that form without any negative effects.

Personality: Namina is a callous, sarcastic woman with a grudge against the world. She couldn't care less about who you are and what you're like, unless she can use it aginst you. Truly, she seems to be someone the world chewed up and spit out. Look in her eyes and you see something feral; you see a wild animal with a human figure.

History: Mina refuses to speak of her past. At least, she hates talking about the details. Those who hang around her learn a few things:

- she hates her father

- she has sibling (presumably dead)

- she's had her hands in crime and smuggling for a very, very long time.

Other: Mina is a smuggler and thief, commonly dealing in magical goods. People and monsters alike have passed through her hands in the past. If you want it, she'll get it for you...for a price. She also carries weapons on he: a red-tinted blade(which can take the form of various bladed weapons), and two handguns.





Username: hjy213

Name: Jovanus A. Maunus (Jovanaldironus)

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Appearance: Jovanus appears to be a very business-friendly man, always wearing expensive suits, watches, loafers, and sunglasses. He looks like this, with light brown hair and green eyes. Jovanus is almost always seen with a smile, and despite what others may say, it is always genuine.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Jovanus is a half-human half-earth nymph hybrid and so has some minimal power in controlling earth and plant-life. He mostly relies on information as an information broker, as well as the people he employs, like Idra, though he isn’t completely inept, as he knows his limits and acts accordingly.

Personality: To be revealed in rp.

History: Jovanus is a man of many mysteries, and usually only reveals the fact that his mother is an earth nymph because it’s easy to deduce. He doesn’t necessarily keep it secret, as he does allow people to buy the information from him, though he often manages to convince whoever is asking that the information is pretty worthless, as he personally believes it gives no advantage.




Username: hjy213

Name: Idra

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Appearance: Idra often wears short-sleeved shirts and black leggings, occasionally wearing a baggy sweatshirt over this. When asked to be “business-like”, Idra wears a pantsuit provided by Jovanus. She looks like this, with light brown hair and green eyes. Her expressions and mannerisms vary wildly, but most often has a listless expression on her face, appearing to be staring off into space.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Idra is an earth nymph, and has control over earth and plant-life. Her limbs can elongate and morph into branches, and regenerate as long as they’re not burned.

Personality: To be revealed in rp.

History: Like with Jovanus, Idra’s history is largely kept secret, a circumstance purposely created by Jovanus. It’s worthless to ask her about it, as she refuses to speak of it, but Jovanus does offer it at a price, except much higher than the price for his own history. The usual answer given for this spike in price is that it’s “just that valuable”, though she herself will often say it’s nothing of importance.






Username: CharonDusk

Name: Duren Charon

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20’s

Appearance: Approximately 6 feet in height, Duren is an elegant, willowy figure with a sharply featured face possessing thin lips, high cheekbones and almond-shaped amber eyes, the left of which is slightly paler in hue than the other and has a faint scar running underneath it, and straight black hair reaching his shoulders. His hair is usually either down or, on rare occasions, loosely tied back with a red ribbon. Most of the time, Duren tends to wear a very simple ensemble, consisting of a white t-shirt and black jeans, while he wears a golden choker necklace, a single red stone set in the centre just against his throat.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Duren was born a dragon (seen here) and uses magic contained within his necklace in order to take on a human form. He prefers to avoid switching forms as much as possible, as activating the spell takes a fair portion of energy, and in both forms can use a few basic spells, specialising in healing magic.

Personality: The oldest of the “triplets”, Duren is a sweet, cheerful individual. Always ready to brighten your day with a smile and kind words, occasionally a bad joke or two, he would happily give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it. He clearly loves his younger brothers and takes every opportunity to talk about how proud of them he is, usually to their embarrassment. However, close attention reveals that Duren has next to no confidence in himself; rarely does he speak of himself in any positive way, always belittling and criticising and mocking anything he does.

History: The twins came from a relatively normal background; their parents had passed away before they had hatched, and were raised by their extended family, namely several uncles. Duren was always the more restless of the pair, constantly wanting to go on adventures and explorations, often accompanied by his less-than-willing brother, and many times did they find themselves in precarious situations due to Duren’s insatiable curiosity. When they finally became adults, the pair left to travel the world in search of a place to call their own, but it was during one of their many explorations that Duren found something completely unexpected; whilst combing through the crumbled remains of an old church, they realised they were not alone and, despite Zaren’s reservations, Duren sought out the entity. What he found was beyond his wildest imaginations; the shadow demon, Malice, severely weakened after years of solitude without a living host. Sorrowed by the demon’s plight, Duren happily agreed to become the host, resulting in the “twins” turning into “triplets”.

Other: Duren's left eye is partially blind, due to a childhood mishap, and makes him skittish about anything or anyone approaching him unannounced.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Zaren Charon

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20’s

Appearance: Zaren is considerably similar in appearance to Duren, with the same sharp features, almond eyes and tall, thin build. However, there are still blatant differences; Zaren’s eyes are a vibrant blue shade, while his black hair is much longer, almost to his waist, and is almost always in a braid that rests over his shoulder. He is also noticeably thinner and of a paler complexion. He usually wears a black turtleneck over a white shirt, with black slacks and shoes, with a similar choker, this time in silver with a blue stone.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Zaren was born a dragon (seen here) and uses magic contained within his necklace in order to take on a human form. What Zaren lacks in physical strength he makes up for in magic; he does not feel the strain of changing forms like his brother does, and can manipulate any form of electricity, though this does cause some exhaustion depending on the source.

Personality: The middle brother, Zaren would describe himself as a calm and quiet person, whilst most other people, including his brothers, would call him distant and cold. It is uncommon for him to say more than a few words to someone he doesn’t know, with those few words often being abrupt and curt. To put it bluntly, Zaren is cold, condescending and sometimes outright cruel to almost everyone, viewing social interaction as a waste of his precious time and won’t hesitate to tell you exactly that, preferring to use his barbed tongue to wound rather than his fists. The only people he acts differently towards is his brothers, especially Duren, who he treats with an affection bordering on worship. He is over-protective of his older brother, and causing anything he views as harm to Duren (even if not meant in a harmful way) will cause Zaren to react violently.

History: The twins came from a relatively normal background; their parents had passed away before they had hatched, and were raised by their extended family, namely several uncles. Even as a child, Zaren was the colder brother, always acting as the voice of reason whenever Duren’s wanderlust got the pair into trouble. When they finally became adults, the pair left to travel the world in search of a place to call their own, but it was during one of their many explorations that Duren found something completely unexpected; whilst combing through the crumbled remains of an old church, they realised they were not alone and, despite Zaren’s reservations, Duren sought out the entity. What he found was beyond his wildest imaginations; the shadow demon, Malice, severely weakened after weeks of solitude without a living host. Sorrowed by the demon’s plight, Duren happily agreed to become the host, resulting in the “twins” turning into “triplets”.

Other: Zaren has a disturbingly wide knowledge of poisons, and is always looking for ways to "test" new ones he has discovered.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Malice

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20’s

Appearance: Once again, Malice possesses the same sharp features and tall build, though Mal is slightly more muscular. His eyes are a deep red shade and his black hair is slightly curly and is not as long as Zaren’s but longer than Duren’s, down to his midback and is always worn down. Mal wears a black full-bodysuit, covered with a heavy black hooded cloak depending on the weather, and is usually barefoot unless forced to wear shoes. His only accessory is a pair of sunglasses or, occasionally, black goggles.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Malice is a type of shadow demon; in order to exist in the mortal plane, he needs a mortal host in who’s shadow he can reside, taking a similar physical form as theirs. He CAN live without a host, so long as there are sufficient dark areas for him to hide in, but not for longer than a few months and he is much weaker in this state. He as the ability to manipulate shadows, giving them a physical form with which to attack, and can himself turn into an incorporeal shadow. However, his shadow-manipulation takes a great deal of energy, and his shadow form is extremely photosensitive, so both are used only when necessary.

Personality: This guy can be summed up in one word; jerk. He is loud, brash, so foul-mouthed he would make a sailor blush and, above all, loves pulling pranks on people and laughing at their expense, though these pranks are rarely designed to do more than slightly embarrass the target. Always happy to start a fight – usually between two other people, - numerous are the time the trio have wound up in a mass bar-room brawl because of Mal’s antics. However, he isn’t 100% evil, just a bit of an a-hole. He can be very sweet when he wants to be (which is rare) and despises bullies, with them usually being the reason he gets into so many fights, while if he thinks he has truly hurt someone with a prank, becomes apologetic and will do anything to make up for it. He loves his older brothers, though he’d rather be tarred and feathered than admit it.

History: Little is known about Malice’s past before meeting his brothers, as it is something he wishes to not discuss, even with them.

Other: Malice is naturally photosensitive, with strong sunlight causing a great deal of pain and making it difficult for him to see. As a result, he rarely ventures out during the day unless heavily protected.





Username: Dalek Raptor (Okay, fine, it's Raptor of Dragons)

Name: Zoey Smith

Gender: Female

Age: Presumably 25

Appearance: Zoey stand about five foot five with short brown hair and emerald eyes. She has three distinctive parallel scars on her face, one narrowly missing her left eye. She wears a camouflaged outfit completely with camouflaged boots.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Zoey has the power to turn into a Velociraptor. In this form, her claws are black and the feathers that it seemed that she once had are burnt off. The scar marks shift across her muzzle. Across her body she has an orange line (much like the raptors of Jurassic World). She can also make great weapons in this form as she finds it easier then her clumsy human form.

Personality: Zoey has a carefree attitude that she doesn't really care for anyone. The only time she'll care for someone is if they're her client and wants there money. She has almost like a rebellious attitude to authority and will try to get away with as much as she can.

History: Zoey doesn't really talk much about her past unless she's working in her forge and chatters away into that topic. What she will tell people is that her dad was a blacksmith and she used to do very risky antics that often times she did it just for a thrill, often times ending up in handcuffs.



Username: Dalek Raptor (must I? Raptor of Dragons)

Name: Theo Shade

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Theo is sort of a tall and lanky guy standing at six feet seven with pale skin, scruffy looking black hair, and sapphire eyes. He usually wears a black T-shirt with an equally black vest over it, his parents however are blue jeans, with blank sandals. He wears black leather gloves over his hands.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Theo has the power to turn invisible and can hold it until he wills himself to be visible again. When doing this, he slows down a bit and can't really hurt anyone when invisible.

Personality: Theo hardly utters a word, when he does, it's usually because he can't dodge a question or someone trying to talk to him. He will help people sometimes if he really feels the need to do so, but otherwise he'll mind his own business

History: Theo hardly utters a word about his past. One would have to tear down his walls to truly know him. Sometimes this could be done if you can get to figure out what he likes to do, eat, etc.






Username: Padfoot

Name:Luke Skinner

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Appearance: Skinner is built like a scarecrow, standing at 6'2" and weighing 150 soaking wet. He has a head of deep red hair that he tries (And often fails) to keep tidy and often keeps it covered with a old leather wide brimmed hat. His eyes are green with the milky film of a caterac in his left eye (accident when he was a teenager when he tried to artificially give himself heterochromia). Unless you caught him on a day where he is trying to look nice he has the stubble of a beard on his chin. His right arm is covered in keloid scars and his back is a mess of burn scars that came from when the Catholic Church burned his house down.

Species/Powers/Ect.:Human. Vocal and Rune based magic


one (1) aged cigarette holder

one (1) heavily repaired hockey stick

one (1) alchemy pad (rolled with a piece of twine and slung across his back when not in use)

A worn leather black duster jacket that belonged to his father

a hip satchel containing:

three (3) pieces of chalk in white pink, and blue

a pair of brass knuckles

four (4) small glass vials (2 empty, one 1/3 full of mercury, one full of a viscous lavender fluid)

one (1) tattered infinite pack of Lucky Strike brand cigarettes

two (2) keys carved from oak

a swiss army knife

a leather bound notebook

Personality: (optional)

History:his official job title is an Exotic Matter Researcher and a doctor (although he does not have an official licence for medical practice). Technically he would be a considered a wizard or mage, do not let him catch you calling him that.He is the son of Bryce and Amellia Skinner. His father is known as the leading authority on fae relations and his mother is a rune translator and potion professor at the University of Gallia. That being said Skinner does not have a great relationship with his parents since they disapprove of his rejection or his magical talent. After a recent situation in his last base of operation, Skinner made a living as magical informant for the police. Since then he is in need of a place to lay low. He is still able to pay his bills doing odd jobs, magical or otherwise. Every so often, he recieves a job request in the form of a envelope slipped under his door. Skinner often uses his gifts for illegal requests for the right price.




Username: padfoot

Name: Jean Petro

Gender: male

Age: 50's

Appearance: Petro is a average height muscular build with heavily graying hair. He had a jagged scar on the left side of his neck.


Personality: rped

History: Has never been to Goodneighbor and is the CEO of Dawkens plumbing and sewage




Username: you know who I am

Name: Thirteen

Gender: agender


Appearance: Here.

Species/Powers/Ect.: rped (Pretty soon but he likes to fight)

Personality: (optional)

History: rped (There's a lot)

Other: works with Dawkens Sewage



Username: Padfoot

Name: Zeke Santa

Gender: male

Age: 22

Appearance: Zeke is a tall Native American with long black hair and peircing black eyes. He is a lean build and thearea around his eyes and forehead is in a constant state of blackout by soot. He has a intrecate series of tattoos covering his neck, face, arms and torso. He always has a pair of shackles loked to his wrists

Species/Powers/Ect.: Skinwalker. Zeke has the ability to shift into whatever pelt he happens to be wearing. His favorite forms are a wolf, a hawk, a bear, a crow, a middle aged asian female, and a man named Steven Mailman. After shifting, he has accelerated regeneratio of damaged tissue. Zeke can mimic the voice and cries of any sample he hears with minor difficulties. The voice and ries of pelts he owns comes much easier.

Personality: (optional) rped

History: Zeke has been in goodneighbor for about two months and is mostly a drifter. Not seeming to want to settle down, Zeke lives in the woods that surround Goodneighbor.

Other: He ded.



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Eleusis or "Canary"

Gender: Female

Age: ...looks young?


As a canary, she looks like a small puffball of soft yellow feathers, complete with an endearing expression of annoyance. When she takes her human form, she has bright golden eyes and long blond hair flowing down to her waist. Her hair is such a rich shade of blond that it looks almost dyed, yet the variations in it seem too natural to be the product of hair dye. She stands at a rather short 5' with a skinny build and delicate features.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Phoenix Hybrid - still technically a phoenix but her bloodline has been mixed.

- Teleportation: Can teleport decent distances, but longer distances are more tiring. Also cannot rapid fire teleport.

- Rebirth: Will disintegrate into ashes when taking lethal damage, but will reform after anywhere from a few days to a few years. Usually takes a few weeks, but it depends on the state her previous body was in.

- Bird Shifting: Can morph into any species of bird or gain the wings of that bird while in human form.

- Fire Resistance: Can walk through normal fire unharmed, but will still feel heat and be burned by hotter fires.

- Magical Affinity: Can utilize magic to create various effects, most commonly elemental attacks.

Personality: Eleusis is spirited, stubborn, and reckless. Her natural ability to rebirth herself makes her rather uncaring of current situations to the point where she has done several risky things "just for fun". However, she is also incredibly lazy when her interest isn't piqued. Though her nature combined with her diminutive stature can be endearing to some people, others find her immaturity and lack of foresight irritating.

History: When she was young, she was raised by her parents who taught her about her abilities. After her first rebirth, she was left to fend on her own in the traditional phoenix way. While most creatures disliked being separated from their parents, phoenixes usually didn't mind as they tended to live flighty lifestyles. For a while, she simply traveled where the wind brought her until she stumbled upon two brothers and a demon. When she discovered they had brought delicious food with them and were quite entertaining, she decided to follow them around (and steal their food). Eventually, she became Zaren's pet of sorts, though she has never revealed her human form to them.

Other: "Hey! Who're you calling a simple bird!?! I'll have you know I was descended from a phoenix!"





Username: Chrysophylox

Name: Qingxuan "Cyan" Lie (just call him Cyan)

Gender: Demiboy (prefers he/him)

Age: 16

Appearance: Cyan has flaming red hair in a shoulder length bob that covers his right eye. His eyes are onyx, with a spot of peacock blue eyeliner on the inner corners of his eyes. His outer corners are outlined with bright yellow eyeliner. Cyan is very pale, and his resting face always looks very melancholy and despondent, which leads to many people wondering what upset him.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Cyan's not fully human; he's a mix of nameless ink creatures and various other beings. He's basically made of ink, so all his bodily fluids (blood, sweat, tears, etc.) are ink. His magic is art-based, and anything he draws can come to life if he wills it. He can use any materials he wants, but the higher quality they are, the less energy it takes for him to use his magic. In a pinch he can draw on his own skin, although it will hurt when the drawing "rips" off the canvas and comes to life. He mainly uses his magic for defensive purposes, drawing large walls and other objects to block attacks. He draws large animals that will circle around him and ward off threats, preferring to back up Honey as she whacks things around. He can also control ink and paper to some extent, but that's a skill he's still developing.

Personality: Cyan is timid and quiet, always looking down when he walks down the street and talks to people. In a situation where he's with Honey, he'll just duck behind her and let her do everything. Honey (and his close friends who don't live in Goodneighbor) is the only person he will open up to, showing her smiles and laughs that he wouldn't show anyone else.

History: Cyan grew up by himself, and his only caretakers were a few ink creations left behind by his parents, who were long gone. A person named Honey moved in with him after learning of his conditions, and the two soon grew close as siblings. Cyan was a quiet kid, never talking unless he needed to. He trained himself in his magic whenever he had the time, which was plenty since he never bothered with making new friends. The few friends he had were nonhumans that he had grown up with and known his whole life, introduced to him through Honey and a network of other nonhumans that his parents had been active in. He left his hometown after a few kids at school found out about his identity and started ostracizing him even more. He moved to Goodneighbor with Honey, and he's been happily living there for a good 2 years now, writing letters to his outside friends and using his drawings to deliver them.

Other: A small, ink bird sits on his shoulder and is maintained with bits of ink and paper. It's designed after a Japanese long-tailed tit.


Username: Chrysophylox

Name: Honey Huanxin Hsu

Gender: Female-presenting agender (she/her or they/them)

Age: 19

Appearance: Honey is a short girl of barely 5 feet, but her personality makes her seem much larger. She's chubby, but all that fat only makes her stronger. She's also a creature of habit. She always keeps her black hair in a ponytail, and she always has a jade pendant around her neck. She almost always wears a white tracksuit that has black stripes down the sleeves and legs, the jacket being much larger than her frame. Underneath her jacket is a black tanktop and a pair of large, mottled brown and white wings.

Species/Powers/Ect.: She's some sort of harpy-, angel-esque creature. Her wings are strong enough for flight, and even enough for one other passenger, usually Cyan. Her preferred weapon is a long stick of bamboo, so green that it seems to reflect the sunlight and almost glow. She knows a style of Chinese staff combat that roughly translates to the Dog Beating Method, which she learned and perfected by reading the Kung Fu novels they originated from.

Personality: She has a loud, sunny disposition, always clapping people on the back (or as high as she can reach) and cracking jokes. She's fiercely protective of her friends, bristling at even the slightest injury against them, though she can take quite a few hits and insults herself.

History: Honey never knew her parents, and she lived with her grandparents until they passed away when she was 11. She grew up in the same neighborhood as Cyan, and since both were nonhumans in a largely human town, they quickly bonded. After her grandparents died, she immediately moved into Cyan's house with no warning, declaring that she would have to take care of him from then on, when really she just couldn't bear to be alone in her house. She left her hometown with Cyan after he started getting bullied for who he was. By that time, her threatening and fighting people no longer had much of an effect, and the two decided that leaving would be a better choice.






Username: petewentztheemogod

Name: Sterling Guildeforde

Gender: Male

Age: It's debatable and mostly unknown, but a best guess would be around 400-500. But he doesn't look a day over 24-25.

Appearance: kinda like revenge!mikey way (oops) | another reference for appearance | eye reference (kinda like this but the iris is larger) | wing size/look reference

Species/Powers/Ect.: Hybrid (angel/human)

-Flight (obviously)

-Invisibility (only sometimes)

-Weak manipulation of emotions other than fear (which he has great power over)

-Enhanced strength, speed (both in flight and on the ground), and senses

-He has long black claws (usually hidden) that form on his fingertips at will

-Naturally has a cloak (kind of a mist-like thing?) of sorts on, keeping his eyes, claws and wings hidden from human's view unless he willingly removes it. This cloak just makes him appear like a normal everyday human. That cloak does not apply to supernatural creatures, however, as they can see right through it.

-Has an aura of depression, despair, and hopelessness floating around him almost always.

Personality: RP'ed

History: If you had to use one word to describe this guy, it would be unholy.

Born as a mistake between an angel and a human in around the 1600's England (or somewhere, it's not really known), understandably he had a rough start in life. People shunned him as a little kid, before he got the visible signs of what he was (wings, eyes, etc) because one, even as a child he still let off that strange aura, and two, he could not and would not go into churches for his skin would blister and boil and burn and his insides would feel like they were set on fire. Yeah. Paired with the screams of pure hellish agony it was never pretty. And then when he got his wings and eyes (rather painfully, I may add) it only got worse. He only narrowly avoided the Salem Witch Trials when he was forced to go to America. He wasn't able to keep friends, he wasn't able to stay in touch with family due to his hybrid, unholy status and in turn is often irritable and won't talk about his past much. Angels and demons normally take an immediate disliking towards him due to his appearance and overall feel, making life even more difficult.

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Hancock. Goodneighbor Cafe. 8:30 A.M.


It was a dreary morning. Clouds blanketed the sky, an angry purplish-grey that promised storms in the afternoon with an occasional rumble of thunder for emphasis. Fog filled the streets. Hancock sat sipping his morning coffee in the town's little cafe as he awaited for his order. A few locals sat at the counter, drinking coffee and quietly chatting. The diner was otherwise empty except for him. "Can I get you a refill, John?" Donna, the cafe's waitress asked with the hint of a southern drawl. "That'd be lovely, thank you." He set the paper down and folded his hands under his chin, watching as she poured. "Who was it this time?" She asked, gesturing to the paper between them as she set down the coffee pot. The front page read in big bold letters:




followed by a grainy black and white picture of an upright form hidden in foliage. Hancock sighed defeatedly. "Raven again, eh?"

"I keep telling her she needs to be more careful but she won't listen." He shook his head. "She claimed it to be apart of her 'healing process'." Donna chuckled. "At least she isn't drinking every night now. It's an improvement."

"I suppose." He pushed the paper away and took up his coffee. "Your order should be up in just a minute." She said with a smile before picking the coffee pot back up and walking back to the kitchen. A shadow moving down the main street caught his eye before disappearing behind him out of sight. The bell on the door of the cafe then tinkled, announcing the new arrival. "Speak of the devil." Hancock muttered over the rim of his coffee.




Raven. Somewhere outside of Goodneighbor. 8:00 A.M.

It felt good to run.

A dark shape flowed through the forest like water. Each leap and bound it made seemed like it was just floating. An obsidian wolf was at a dead run through the trees. It then suddenly skidded to a stop and cocked its head. For a few seconds it was motionless and then it sprung to the side. A scream broke the silence of the forest as a rabbit scurried from it's hiding place, the wolf on its heels. They moved in tandem through the foliage until the wolf put a small spring into its step and closed in on the rabbit. The death was swift as she slammed a paw down at the base of its neck, snapping it. Panting, the wolf stood a few moments catching its breath before it began to devour the rabbit. It didn't take long and once it was satisfied, it turned and headed for the town.


8:30 A.M.

Upon reaching the edge of the town, the wolf stopped and shook the dew from its fur. Upon approaching the base of a large oak tree, the shape then changed to the form of a bare young woman. She reached into the tangle of roots at the base of the tree and pulled a black backpack out from which she then pulled clothing. After dressing herself she pulled the hood up, slung the backpack over her shoulder and headed into town towards the cafe. "Ah, Raven." She heard a familiar voice call her name and dropped her hood before turning to see no other than Hancock. "Howdy."

"Have a nice run this morning?" Her face was smeared with dirt and blood, as was her hands. "Because you have something a little... all over." Hancock pointed to his face. Raven cocked a brow and self consciously pulled her hood up before ducking into the bathroom. She came back out a few minutes later looking more like a normal girl before sitting down across from Hancock just as Donna came with Hancock's order. "I got an Eggs Benedict here for ya with biscuits and gravy on the side just like you like it." She set the order down before Hancock along with silverware. "Thanks, Donna."

"Sure thing, hon. What about you, Raven? You want anything?"

"I'm good I already ate, thanks." Donna nodded and gave them a farewell before she went off to serve other customers.

"So care to explain this?" Hancock slid the paper over towards her. Raven only shrugged. "You can't keep doing this. There's more than just you living here. Humans may be stupid, but they aren't that stupid, Raven." She only shrugged again. "You really have to be more careful."


"Raven, I mean it. You can't keep joking around like this. What if They find this place?"

"I know, ok!" She snarled, curling her lip back in a very wolf-like way. A few of the people at the counter turned their heads for a few seconds but didn't pay much attention otherwise. "We all have to be more careful." Hancock said calmly, watching with hidden concern as Raven seethed across from him. "Something's coming soon."

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A woman staggered into the café, seemingly thrown in by some unseen force. Her green eyes darted about the room wildly, a feral gleam sparkling in her gaze. Clearly, she was no native to the area. Flyways stuck out from a once-taught braid, making her look unkempt and frazzled. A few tense seconds, however, and she shuffled over to the front counter.


A wad of twenties was thrown on the tabletop. Glaring at the cashier, she only briefly broke eye contact to study the menu.

"Coffee...largest and strongest you got."

She remained there, towering and intense, until her drink was given to her.


The stranger stalked to the napkin dispenser with her coffee in hand. A large wad of napkins was snatched from the appliance, and promptly held to her side. Although it was hard to see on the brown napkins, the paper's shade darkened within minutes.


She was bleeding.


The strange woman remained inside the café for moments, before darting back out into the world. A coffee was left at the service island, where she had favored what little medical help napkins supplied over her drink. The remaining bills and change for her order was too left behind. Whatever was on her mins clearly had her distraught.


The cashier stared worriedly as the stranger left, anxious eyes on the abandoned drink. "Should...should we call the police?" He asked, biting his lip.

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Donna observed the spectacle with a furrowed brow. "Why don't you hold off on that? Let me have a chat with John." She looked to where he sat and saw he was already getting up. Raven remained unmoving though. "What was that?" He asked as he walked up to the counter, eyeing the untouched coffee. "I don't know, but I haven't seen her before and she was bleeding."

"Bleeding?" His expression shifted to concern as he sprang into action. He tossed two twenties at Donna with a hurried apology before scrambling back to his satchel he had stuffed into the booth and running after the woman out of the cafe.

"Well then," huffed Donna as she took the abandoned coffee and money. "Back to work." This is one strange town. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it.




Raven sat still sulking, eyeing the untouched food. Despite eating already, she was actually pretty hungry. Her stomach eventually won out, and she began wolfing down the gravy with biscuits. Hancock had left in a hurry chasing after some woman who had reeked of blood. It seemed interesting, but not enough to investigate yet. Most blood made her queasy anyways. The smell dredged up too many memories of fighting. With a huff, she shook the thought out of her head before it could get any deeper and focused on her (swiped) food.

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Fotein was running. She didn't know where to, she just had to get away. Again. She didn't even remember how many times this had happened by now. Every time she arrived, stayed for a while, lost control, killed and ran. With stories of her spreading through the area, some rumors even claiming that she caused the misery that made her lose control, it became harder to stay in a town for a decent amount of time. Whe should she go next? If she went to a town, she would be safe for a while, but wouldn't she be bound to lose control again if she remained among people? Someone would blindly go against her eventually, it had happened so often now. She had to move farther away. How far could she go? It would probably be safe to remain in a town for a day, nothing bad had ever happened the first day. A journey from town to town, untill she reached a place that seemed safe. That was what she was going for.


Hours had passed, the sun had set. Fotein arrived at the first town of her new journey. Before she could go to an inn, she felt someone tap on her shoulder, but when she calmly turned to look, nobody was there. A piece of paper somehow stuck to her dress. As she picked it up, she noticed something was written on it.


Feel out of place? Can read minds? Or just very out of the ordinary?

Boy do I have the place for you!



A place for the unordinary.


Goodneighbor... this place sounded very promising. This was where she wanted to go. This was where she had to go.




Corr was at the tavern where you could usually find him 17 hours a day. He didn't drink much, but at this specific tavern there were a lot of armwrestling contests and - although it wasn't as great as the real thing - this still satisfied his eager for battle. Of course, nobody could even compare with his power. It was starting to get boring, and he decided to put more power in it, so he could enjoy it a bit more and smack down even more people in the same timespan. Broken tables, wrists, arms and a single broken spine were the result. Now challenging him wasn't just seen as self-overestimation anymore, it was seen as being masochistic. And that meant a lot less people wanted to challenge him. He still went for the occasional unlucky fool that still wanted to challenge him. He started to feel like this wasn't the right place for him. In fact he always did, but there was never somewhere he could go. Not that there was now, but the feeling of being misplaced was stronger than before now he couldn't even do something close to fighting.


When he got back home he noticed something in his pocket. A card that said something about a town called Goodneighbor; a place of people that are out of the ordinary. Out of the ordinary. Perhaps people over there could compare to his power. Perhaps he could have real friendly fights there, that wouldn't be over in less than a second with him being sent to jail (or well, people desperately failing to send him to jail) and his opponent... dying. He decided to leave, rather sooner than later. He had to seee if the "Goodneighbor" place was better for him.

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Seeing Mina come out of the café, Jovanus smiled, checking his watch. He waved Idra off to deal with the woman. He didn't feel like getting his hands dirty, nor was it his place. Letting others see him do the act was worse too. He had a reputation to keep up, couldn't sully it with one incident. How horribly unprofessional that would be.


Just have to deal with this rat and my schedule can get back on track.


Flipping open his flip phone, Jovanus sighed, seeing the weak signal. "Well, I guess it wouldn't be a sanctuary for inhumans if it weren't far away from society. Idra knows the usual anyway, I don't have to notify her." Placing his phone in his inside pocket, Jovanus looked at the café, smiling. "Might as well get a drink while Idra works." Walking in, Jovanus looked around with the attitude of a prospector, as if he were getting ready to put together a price to buy the place from the owner. Going up to the cashier, Jovanus gave his order. "Hi, how are you? Great weather, wouldn't you say? I would just like some ice coffee and a bottle of water, good? Good."


In the meantime, Idra was dashing towards Mina, her fingers already elongating and morphing into menacing branches. With one aggressive but swift move, her right arm stretched outwards, looking like some fast-growing tree or vine, her sharp fingers reaching towards Mina's back with considerable speed.

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She was running. Somewhere. Anywhere. As long as she could find some place to rest, she would be-


A harsh cry escaped her lips, sounding neither human nor animal, but some crude mix in-between. First it was surprise, then pain, and then rage. As she turned, the black spots beneath her eyes flickered. Once they were black, and then they were green, with snake-like slits for pupils. Anyone in the dealings of majiks knew what it was; glamours could only hide so much when its user was weakened.


What once appeared to be eyebrows revealed themselves as a third set of eyes, making six in total. Square, human teeth faded to reveal needle-sharp fangs. Namina stared at her assailant for a moment, before a wide, feral grin spread across her face.


Her form shimmered, shrinking and compacting into that of a young, brown-eyed girl. Instantly did her wounds mend, flesh knitting together the gaping tears in her body.


But sweat rolled down her face, and her knees shook. Soon, she was forced out of the form all together, her wounds only half-closed.

"If you want The Artifact; i's too late. I've already hidden it far beyond your reach. In fact..."

Namina's facial features shimmered once again, this time smoothing over what she had been hiding. Six eyes became two once more. A wide smile spread across her face. She knew Jovanus wanted the object they had fought over. Killing her was like throwing it into the abyss. Without her, he'd never find it

"I have no time for puppets. Tell your half-breed friend that if he wants it, he'll have to come to me himself. If he can find me, that is." Her form shimmered violently, as if she was struggling to remain glamoured. Even if partially healed, she was still exhausted.

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It was a beautiful morning, sunlight dancing off of the dew that carpeted the grassy floor. The only sounds that could be heard were the chirping of the dawn chorus and a brief, sharp hiss as the window pulled up and he peered out. The young man took a deep breath, feeling the crisp clean air flood his lungs and escape again with a long exhale, before shaking the dew from his black locks and turning to the room with a wide grin, amber eyes glittering gleefully.


"Rise and shine, lazy bones! Time to get moving," he declared in a jovial, almost sing-song manner. Inside, there was a groan from the nearby bed as one of the two figures sat up, followed shortly by the other. Eyes - one pair as red as blood, the other an electrical blue, - glared at him as the young man seemed to dance across the room, a merry whistle on his lips as he flung clothes this way and that. One of the two, he of the blue eyes, yawned and stretched as he stood up, glaring at the red-eyed man, who had retreated back under the covers with a snarl.


"It's too bright out for this BS, boss," came another snarl from under the covers, prompting the jovial young man to giggle whilst the other merely rolled his eyes and began running running a comb his long black hair. Behind him, the other seemed to have finally settled on his clothes for the day - a white T-shirt over dark jeans, hair pulled back from his face and tied with a deep red ribbon, and was already heading towards the door, pausing only to grab a jacket from a nearby chair before disappearing through it. The long-haired man could hear merry humming coming from the living room of their small apartment, punctuated with the occasional snippet of lyrics and finally a call.


"Morning coffee run, Za! Mal, you want any food?"


From behind him, the man heard the rustling of bed-sheets and turned in time to see the other emerge with a grimace, eyes now hidden behind thick black goggles. "Do they sell cyanide pills? Because his cheery morning crap makes me wish I had one," he muttered darkly, earning a not-entirely unamused glare from the man with the comb, cold glare widening into a vague smile when he heard the chortle from the next room, followed closely by the click of the door closing. In one fluid movement, he had stood and was beside the window, watching as the young man moved away down the street.




The air felt even better once he was fully immersed in it, and he fell into a steady rhythm, one breath after the other, in time with his strides as he jogged, simply enjoying being able to move and breathe. Granted, it still felt claustrophobic, as his hand unknowingly reached for the necklace at his throat, and he longed to REALLY be able to stretch and run and fly, but it was, for the time anyway, as close as he could get. At least he could enjoy the moment as it was happening, for soon the cafe came into sight and he began to slow down as he drew nearer, still merrily humming away as he entered.

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The cashier looked as if he wanted to say something but shook his head and relayed the order to the cook of whom grumbled something about 'not being a Starbucks'.



Raven was finishing up when the familiar scent of earth washed over her. The tinkling bell had announced yet another arrival, however she hadn't bothered to look up until now. A man in a suit stood out against the much more drably dressed patrons. Curious. His overall persona put her on edge. It echoed men she had met in her past who always felt entitled to everything. Yet his smile was seemingly genuine, and his earthly scent was calming. Curiosity won the best of her and she stood, and slunk by him "Since when did this place start hosting business meetings?" She muttered, looking him over before turning to leave, now satisfied. She of course, crashed headlong into someone coming in. The contact sent something like an electric shock through her as she jumped back with a growl of surprise. Once the initial shock had been replaced with the registration of understanding, her mumbled a quick apology and ducked out.



Hancock was huffing as he ran to catch up with the woman from the cafe. She wasn't hard to find with drops of blood dotting the sidewalk. The sight he came upon was not quite what he was expecting, however. There were now two women, one of whom's arm was elongated and had a branch-like appearance, and the other who was from the cafe. They obviously were locked in battle. One of these days I'm going to get myself killed, John thought as he walked up shouting. "Woah, woah, woah. I don't know what the hell forest you two came out of, but you can't just duking it out in the middle of my town. Now while I'm all for the occasional catfight (not really I'm more of a pacifist if I do say so myself), you guys can't do it here." He slowly moved himself between them, his eyes darting worriedly to the glimmering, injured form of the woman who was now behind him. "Let's say we just talk this out over some coffee or something? Maybe a stack of pancakes? There's the cafe back there and it has the best banana hazelnut pancakes around."

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What a waste of time Skinner thought as he made his way back into town. However, the town in question was not his new home in Goodneighbor, but a different town. A human establishment about a hundred miles south. Skinner had woken up at the ass crack of dawn and traveled there to answer a job. His client had found his services using his newspaper ad he managed to spread to papers well outside the secret bounderies of Goodneighbor. It was vague and really only noticeable the the desperate or the abnormal.


This particular job was to investigate a strange string of disappearances in a swampy part of town. People claimed to see huminoid creatures of "impossible stature" stalking the area. Hoping To find a occurance of a bog sprite or even a lizardman, he graciously took the job and started his investigation.


Turns out this case of paranormal activity turned out to be a rather mundaine case. Skinner spent the whole day tromping around in the swamp and battling a possiable strain of EM resistance mosquito. When it was getting close to sundown and he was ready to set up camp it happened. He was jumped by dirty man with a knife. Skinner incapacitated him by distorting his vision to perceive his surroundings as infinate and broke him down into a heap of sobs and cries of horrors. Skinner knocked him out when he traied to claw his own eyes out. He understood that he may have gone a bit overboard but hey, who hasen't?


After dropping the unconscious man off to the police and collecting his payment from his client, Skinner walked into the closest bar he could find and immediately walk to the bathroom, keeping his eyes forward and ignoring the strange stares he was recieving from some of the more observant patrons in the bar.


He clicked the stall door shut and fumpled through his leather satchel, mumbling agerly to himself all the while. "What kind of professional has to travel using the public loo?" he said, finally pulling out his keyring of wooden keys. He held out a rather ordinary looking housekey to the stall door. A spark of red xm arced from the wooden key to the plastic door, creating a keyhole. Unlocking the lock and swinging the dor open, he was no longer in the bar.


He closed and locked the ornately carved wooden door behind him. He was standing in his laboratory. It was a octagional room with a operating table positioned in the center. Lining every wall were shelves, desks,machinery, lock boxes and finally, and two doors. The one which he exited from was actually his storage closet. a lot of people, especially Hancock, didn't know Skiner had that particular skill. He was currently the fastest was in or out of Goodneighbor.


After a shower and a change of cloths, Skinner thumped down the stairs and grabbed his coat hanging by the door. He stepped out of his house and the door locked behind him. Skinner didn't love many things but one of the major things he cared deeply for was his house. It was a round brick building with two stories and a basement. The exterior was compleatly covered with a strange species of purple ivy. His home was his fortress. Armed to the teeth with traps, weapons, charms, incantations, and escape routes, Skinner had worked hard to ensure he would be safe while he slept. Digging a cigarette from his bag and loaded it into his long filter, it lit as soon as he took a draw. Exhaling a cloud of baby blue, cotton candy scented smoke, he stepped off his stoop and into Goodneighbor. After his job turned out to be regular murder lurking in the woods, he needed a drink, Skinner was really hoping for something spooky. At least that way he would have somethig new to put in his notes. The bar was only two houses down from his. Even so, he could hear what sounded like a argument. None of his business. All the Fae in the town seemed to be in a perminante state of contest. He stayed out of it unless someone got hurt. Skinner was the closest thing to a doctor they had, especially since he specializes in Fae medicine. He headed towards the fight, keeping his attention on his cigarette.

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Fotein had made her way to Goodneighbor. She hear some weird noises in the distance, but nothing to worry about too much. Most life seemed to be going on in the café at the end of the road, so she decided to go there. First day, nothing's gonna go wrong on the first day.


As she entered the café, she saw a lot of people that looked fairly normal, although the girl that Fotein just saw leave the café had leftovers all over her face and didn't seem to mind it, as if she had pushed her face in a meal on purpose. Fotein made her way to the bar and checked the menu. Just as she was ready to order a cup of green tea, she remembered she had no money on her. Well then, no tea for her today. Tapwater had to be free, right?


"Uhm, excuse me, I would like to have a drink, but... I don't have any money on me. Could I get some tap water?" She asked politely, hoping it wouldn't be a problem.




Corr had just arrived at Goodneigbor and he already saw people fighting. Great.


"Mind if I join the fray?!" He asked with his rumbling voice. He was very excited to pack some punches. On his way to the town he had even felled some small trees with his bare hands to get the urge out a bit; it hadn't helped much.


((Of course Corr arrived at the fight between Idra and Namina, just putting it here to avoid confusion))

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If there was one thing that Duren loved more than the feeling of the fresh morning air in his lungs as his limbs pleasantly ached with exertion, it was the sensory overload that was called breakfast; the deep earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the gentle but insistent sizzling of bacon on the grill, the delight for the eyes that came from a lovingly presented platter and, of course, the widest spectrum of flavours designed solely to please the tastebuds. Even as he opened the door, he was already running through the myriad of options of what he could eat, so engrossed in his thoughts that he did not see the woman until she had already collided with him, causing him to issue a startled yelp before turning a beetroot shade as he realised what had just happened.


"Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you - oh," words came stammering out of his mouth so fast, as if in instinct, that it took him a moment to realise that whoever he had bumped into was already long gone, the door gently clicking back into place behind them. With a sigh, he shook his head and turned back towards the counter, softly whispering to himself, "Idiot. Can't even go one morning without messing up," as he walked over, the bounce from his step gone momentarily until he began to survey the menu, smile returning, too, as he took a seat.


"Good morning! Could I please get a large stack of your delicious pancakes, please, with extra syrup and some bacon? Oh, and a coffee to go, please, an extra strong one, please,"


After placing his order, he took a moment to look around the cafe. Though he knew basically none of the names of the faces he saw, he still recognised them as people he had seen on the few trips he made around the small town, and returned any eye contact with a wide smile. Sometimes the smile was returned, most often it wasn't, but he did it all the same. But this morning, the smile faltered and fell as his gaze fell upon a person he did not recognise, a clean-cut man in an obviously expensive suit, and Duren couldn't help but shudder as he looked away quickly, before eye contact could be made. Whoever this man was, he had an air of danger about him and was not someone to be trifled with.


The clanging of the bell drew Duren's attention back to the entrance, and he watched as a woman entered and made her way to the counter, listening keenly as she spoke and her face seemed to redden. Quickly, he slid off his chair and made his way towards her. The air around her was one he was all too familiar with, and it hurt.


"Excuse me, ma'am, I apologise if I am bothering you, but please, feel free to order something more substantial. It's on me,"

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Jovanus smiled as he received his coffee, sipping from the cup with his right hand while taking the water bottle with his left. He knew his appearance looked out of place in the small town, but it wasn't like a little attention was going to make him shrink back. In fact, Jovanus relished in the attention. It helped pick out future targets. Making a note of both the woman who made a remark at him, as well as the gaze of the man who didn't dare look him in the eyes, Jovanus chuckled for a moment.


Ah, I think I love this place already.


Checking the time, Jovanus stood up from his seat, gulping down the rest of his coffee and setting the cup down on the counter. Flipping the water bottle up in the air and then catching it, Jovanus whistled the tune of "Scarborough Fair", winking at the woman the man from before was talking to and smiling at the man himself before heading out the door. Seeing the deadlock in battle ahead, Jovanus sighed, looking at his watch again. "Maybe I'll just push everything back today. Nothing is going as planned."




Idra narrowed her eyes at the man who came forward, and then the older man. Interference, how bothersome. Her arm morphing back to a normal appearance, blood dripping from her fingertips, Idra ignored the two who came in, looking at Mina.


"I take offense to your calling me a puppet, but I don't suppose it's false. My orders are to deal with you, not negotiate. I can knock you out if need be."

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Mina's green eyes darted from the blood on Idra's hands, and the blood dripping onto the concrete. It had a rainbow shimmer, much like oil leaking from a vehicle. It swirled and twisted, displaying its instability to the world around it. Look at me! I'm so changeable! A shape-shifter's blood had more magic by the ounce than a whole family of humans had in their bodies. But then again, humans were mundane. Ordinary.


Lots of times, Namina Waltz wished she had a normal, human name with a normal, human life.


But here she was. Un-ordinary. Bleeding. Because of some mix-up in stealing a priceless artifact. Her lips curled upwards once more, but not in a smile. In a snarl. A warning, to those humans daft enough to forget the most basic of body language. This warning became increasingly hostile as another joined the fray. Teeth bared, muscles coiled. But she was in no condition to fight. In fact, if everything boiled down to it, she would run.


"BACK OFF! Both of you, get the hell away from me." She spat. Her free hand-the one not clutching her wound-drifted to her belt, where she removed a plain black pistol from her waist. Nothing fancy, but bullets didn't need a flourish to kill. There weren't many humanoid creatures that couldn't be stopped dead with a bullet in their skull. Wild eyes trained on Idra, no longer playful. This was no longer a game.


Namina was a cornered animal, and just as rabid. If not for the already gathering crowd and her waning strength, she would have already shot the two and gotten on with her life. But she was weak. There had already been a fight between she and Idra, and it had lasted quite a while. If Jovanus hadn't joined the fray-the double-teaming pair of weasels-Namina would have likely come on top. But no. Whatever the man had stabbed her with refused to clot right, and the new injury (also in her back) only made things worse.


Time was running out for the thief.

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Theo sighed as he came out of his home. He had just recently moved to this new town called Goodneighbor and he didn't know whether or not to feel right at home. His eyes scanned the town, trying to determine where to go and what to do. The first thing that caught his attention was a café and immediately thought about having a cup of coffee. Strolling to the place with his hands in his pockets, Theo made his way silently without a word and seemed to glide into the café. Taking a menu, he walked over to a seat trying to ignore all the noise going on. Maybe this was a mistake. If anything, he could just turn himself invisible and get out. He concentrated on the menu, trying to decide what he wanted along with that cup of coffee.




Zoey yawned as she stepped outside before a cheeky grin spilled across her face. What kind of antics could she get into today? She cracked her knuckles and scoured the town, looking for people she could easily target. She barely had any money with her cause she could just easily nab what she wanted to. No, it wasn't one of her powers, it was simply years of being rebellious that taught her these things. While her human clumsy form may pickpocket people, her much more maneuverable raptor form could easily get away and blacksmith. Her dad drove her into it as soon as he marked her face with his claws, leaving the faded scars on her.


She easily got a wallet from an unsuspecting passerbyer and went to a nearby café to get a bite to eat, still holding that cheeky smile of hers. She looked around, sort of interested in what was going on before slipping to a table, looking at all the things to eat. Waffles sounded good, but so did an omelette!

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Skinner hesitated in his stride and he watched the soft brown haired girl. What is going on with her fingers? he thought, racking his brain for possiable species. Looks familiar. Oh! That time in California. What were those agains? Forest Sprites or something like that. He studied the girl d the aproaching man from the corner of his eye. Business like and clean cut. Unusual for the street of Goodneighbor.


As he drew closer to the taller woman, he noticed something alarming about her. Fresh blood was umping to the pavement from a deep wound in her side. The fact that the fancy duo was attacking a wounded person told Skiner that they probably gave her the wound to begin with. Skinner's brow furrowed with concern.


The apearance of a massive human being made up Skinner's mind. The injured woman was groosly outnumbered and Skinner had bills to pay. Skinner drew a slip of paper from is satchel and altered his path to aim at the woman.


Skinner ducked around the large man itching for a brawl with a polite 'excuse me'. He walked calmly across the open space to the black haired woman's final stand. He held out the square of paper to her, face up to show that it was his business card;



XM Specialist, Paranormal Investigator,

Exorcist, Cursed Object Trading

Will do anything for the right price


Press for directions


Sknner winked at the woman, "I'm a doctor", he said to her a matter of factly. He shifted his gaze to the pair ganging up of the poor woman. He shifted his ciggarette holder to the other corner of his mouth, greenish smoke that smelled of vic's vapor rub swirled in the eddies his duster created. He looked the woman with the exendable knife fingers, her brilliant green eyes meeting his faded ones. He shook his head solumly, warning her against the act they were planning.

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Cyan and Honey had left the cafe before Mina entered. The two took a leisurely stroll down Main Street, while Cyan mentally went through the remaining amounts of art supplies he had. "Do you need to buy more watercolors?" Honey asked, breaking him out of his thoughts.


"..." Cyan was silent for a moment as he quickly jumped from cataloging his oil paints to trying to remember which colors he needed for his watercolor pencil collection. "I need another peacock blue, and also a brush pen."


"Alright, we can see if they've got those in stock today," Honey offered. She took a few steps, and then stopped dead in her tracks. "Wait, hold that thought. Did you hear that?" There had been a bloodcurdling scream just a few meters back from where the two were standing.


Cyan whirled around and watched as a tall woman shrunk into a little girl and then grew to around six feet again. Shapeshifter, probably. Honey already had her trusty bamboo staff out, just in case anything bad came flying their way. Cyan couldn't do anything to defend himself; not while there was risk of being seen and found out by humans. He couldn't let history repeat itself. He took another look at the fight, which was really just one strike. It had calmed into a quiet discussion now, but he could feel the waves of enmity rolling off the gathered people even at that distance. Cyan wiped his palms on his jeans. What looked like clear sweat instantly smeared the denim with a greasy black. Honey wrinkled her nose at the sight. "You should really stop doing that. Do you know how hard it is to wash off?"


"I can't help it if I sweat..." Cyan mumbled. Wanting to direct the subject away from his inky sweat, he quickly said, "Do you think we should interfere?"


"Nahhhh, let's just watch. I'm curious."


"Morbidly so," Cyan muttered again.

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((Pad's character is way outdoing my own. xd.png I like theirs a lot more. I might go back and change Hancock.))



Raven, upon exiting the cafe, could hear quite the commotion down the street. Must have been where Hancock went... Torn between solitude and curiosity once again, Raven unknowingly started humming

It all sure smelled interesting. Maybe I'll just watch from the sidelines. Hoisting her bag up on her shoulder, she glanced around. The fog was beginning to lift, but a rumble of thunder promised rain. Not enough cover. She jogged into the treeline and shifted. Struggling out of her clothes, she stuffed them as best she could back into the bag and loped off to observe.

There was indeed a lot of people. Some familiar, some definitely new. There was a huge grey man, of whom Raven immediately took a dislike to with an instinctive growl. The wolf moved low to the ground, keeping a low profile. There was Hancock, in the middle of the fray, playing mediator. She shook her head. That man was insane.



"Ok, ok, all of you knock this censorkip.gif off." Hancock was growing increasingly worried as more people were egging to fight. There was a familiar man; one Hancock had seen around. He had hoped he might lend a hand, but upon seeing the square-shaped paper which, judging by the man was a business card of some sort that he handed out, his hope deflated. Is he really using this as a buisness opportunity? "Everbody, let's just take a time out. There's a lot of you, so allow me to introduce myself now. My name is Hancock, and you all have just stumbled into the nice town of Goodneighbor." He scanned the group, seeing one or two familiar faces from those he'd seen and invited. "Now, listen. Goodneighbor is supposed to be a haven for misfits. A safe place. I can't have all of you trying to kill each other now. Those seeking solace here are under my protection." He shot a direct glare to the sharply dressed man, and then at the woman. "Now, if all of you would be so kind as to disperse, in an hour I would like to welcome you all personally at my house with some refreshments and get to know you better." A stab in the dark, but he was desperate. The woman was bleeding and running out of time. He backed up some and carefully kneeled beside her, casting a watchful glance every so often at the group around him. "I'm a little short on supplies right now," he said to the man claiming to be a doctor. "You have anything on you?"



Gabriel absolutely loved rain and storms. It often made for the most spectacular sights and flights. Upon descending into Goodneighbor, she felt right at home.

She landed on the east edge of town, unaware of the mess further west down the main street. No, she was set on finding Raven and Hancock. It'd been nearly two years since she'd last seen them. While both had tried to get her a phone to stay in touch, electronics like that simply did not hold up in interplanar travel. After that faux pas, Hancock had decided to keep a phone for her at his house for when she came back for a few months. Utilizing a bit of town's Glamour, she tucked her wings to her back out of sight as she strolled down the street. She still clad in armor but appeared to be dressed in simple jeans and a jacket. The town hadn't changed much in the two years she'd been gone. Out of all the houses, only one had gotten fresh paint and seemed to have been moved into. The rest of the houses and stores appeared just as rinky dink as when she'd left them. Well, besides a large but faded burn mark going up the side of one of the stores. I'll have to ask him about that later. Unsure where else to start, she headed to the cafe.

The cafe was emptier now than it had been ten minutes ago. The mortals must've sensed something and cleared out. That meant something must have been happening. "Is that Gabriel I see?" Came a bright cheery voice. Donna came around from behind the counter and pulled the angel into a hug, careful to avoid crushing her wings. "Hey there, Donna." Gabriel said, hugging the much shorter woman. "Goodness! It's like you've gotten even taller!"

"You know I don't grow." Gabriel said grinning. "I just must be getting shorter then! Darn old age." When Gabriel hugged her, she could sense her life force was waning. She has less than a year, if that. She quickly pushed the thought away and forced a big smile. "Where is everyone? It's like a ghost town in here."

"You just missed this big commotion. Some young woman came in bleeding and John ran off after her, Raven following a bit after. Today, we've seen quite a few characters come through. Lots of new faces. A lot of the old residents moved on so there's only a few left scattered here and there."

"So I see." Gabe sighed and absently fiddled with a menu. "Got any goodies for me? The flight here was a long one." She sat down at the counter while Donna went around again. "Let me fix something special up for you."

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"Are you sure?" Fotein said, putting her hand on her chest in endearance, voice and eyes full of gratefulness and surprise. This might've been the kindest thing she saw someone do since... And he's like... And I... Wow, this town already feels a lot like... She looked at her necklace, lost in thoughts. Drawing herself back into reality, she turned her eyes back towards the guy who had offered to pay for her. "Thank you", she said, and turned towards the man behind the counter. "Some green tea then, please."




Corr had almost ran to the man dressed in a fancy suit when his path got blocked by someone else, who scurried to the wounded woman. Not quickly after, his attention was caught by a wolf growling at him. Was it trying to frighten him? Heh, nice try. He roared back at the wolf, about three times as loud as the wolf had growled, if not louder. That should learn it to not mess with him.


Yet another man showed up, preaching about how they were not supposed to kill eachother. But Corr wasn't looking to kill, he was looking for an enjoyable fight, an opponent who could last in battle against him. As the man invited them to his own house, he decided to wait telling him this until they were there. Although he could not put away the urge to ask one question: "Am I allowed to go to the forest to wrestle with the bears while we're waiting?"

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Skinner chewed on the mouthpiece of his cigarette holder, causing the tip to twitch and eject a small shower of glowing embers. He was only vaguely aware of Hancock moving closer. He was still focused on the brown haired girl across from them. He wasn't about to lower his guard in front of these two. There was something different about them. Not in what they where, in who they where. Skinner could feel malicious intent in the air, from both sides.


His long cigarette twitched again when heard Hancock's promise of tea and crumpets so everyone could talk it out. He risked a glance at the man. Skinner would say he respected Hancock. He had been in Goodneighbor as long as Skinner has. He was, in a way, in the same field as him, so they had that common ground. However, while Hancock is always steps into to disperse disconduct, Skinner usually made a quick buck off it. Skinner couldn't help be annoyed by his innocence from time to time.


Now was not one of those times. When Hancock asked if he had any supplies he frowned, "No. I just got back from a job and left my bag at home", he said, jerking his head slightly back the way he came, "I was going to get a drink, didn't expect to have to give thirty two stitches to a stranger". He nudged the wounded woman with his elbow, "Thats how many stitches you'll need," he added as 'assurance'.

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((I laughed pretty hard at Corr's question.))


Instinctively, Raven shrunk back from the roar. Her ears folded to her head, now ringing. That was certainly unexpected. With her nose twitching indignantly, she slunk further away from the beast and continued to only watch. While his size was intimidating, as well as his general appearance, he himself didn't seem to be hostile. Her suspicions were confirmed as he asked if he could wrestle bears. She couldn't help but snort and her toungue lolled out of her mouth in a silent laugh. I know where you might be able to find some, but I seriously doubt they are looking to be suplexed.



((I'll wait on Hancock until shadow replies))

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The injured woman only seemed to grow more agitated as a crowd formed. A few people had been tolerable, but this? This was a nightmare. Green eyes locked on the stranger before her, and then on the business card in his hand. Holstering her weapon, she snatched the card from his extended hand.


She only seemed to be more disconcerted after reading. Or, struggling to read. Switching from reading with six eyes to reading with two was...difficult. For lack of a good description, she merely coined it as Dyslexia. Several glances between the card and the smoking stranger, and Namina scowled. She opened her mouth to speak, flashing her teeth as she did so.


It was when another stranger appeared did she seem to lose sense. Hancock, he said his name was. Bristling, she took several steps back. She swayed slightly, her mouth set into a hard line.

"You, your business sound?"

A scathing gaze raked over Skinner as she spoke. Doctors weren't trustworthy...Especially not human doctors. So shady folk like the man before her were her usual remedies for wounds. Blinking rapidly, Mina swayed a little more violently than before. The glamour she had struggled to keep on dissolved, this time with no sign of coming back.


She had to make a choice. Either she trust a stranger with her life, or she bleed out in an alley. Her free hand balled into a fist, crushing the business card in her palm.

"It's not like I have a choice. Here,"

rifling through her pockets rewarded a thick wad of twenties, secured with a thick rubber band.

"Take it. All of it, for all I care. Just get me the Hell out of here."

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