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Where's The Fair Use

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Apologizes to the mods in advance if this topic has already been created. Feel free to close if it had been.



How many have heard of or perhaps even been effected by Youtube's actions lately regarding punishing those it claims abuses its 'fair use' policy? Many videos are being blocked or taken down and sometimes the channels they belong to get a strike or have their channels shut down because of claims from other sources. Whats worse, the people making these claims get into no trouble whatsoever for sending false reports to youtube.


The videos and channels affected by this end up loosing a lot of money to which they never get back. And it's effected many MANY youtubers. From those in the Brony fandom, to movie reviewers, to gamers to everyday people. What they post and the footage they use falls legally under the 'fair use' policy which allows people to use content provided they use it for education, criticism, etc.


Doug Walker aka The Nostalgia Critic explains it much better in this video:


So many people I sub to online have posted their own videos, from AlphaOmegaSin to Josh Scorcher to TheGamer'sJoint to HMK and so forth.


What is going on with Youtube? Why are they letting this happen? Why are they just sitting back and doing nothing?




Anyone else have thoughts on this issue or know other youtubers who are dealing with this same problem?

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there seems to be a big problem with scammers on youtube making very generic music tracks and ripping sound effects from other videos and putting it in their music on youtube in order to claim ad revenue even if the video doesnt have any music in it. cuz as long as the audio matches they can copyright claim it, even if they stole it from someone else.

someone i follow got copyright claims on a cooking video without any speaking or music because some random person took a 10 second clip of the plastic rustling noises they made in the video when they were cooking and put it into a "song" they uploaded on youtube (it was barely music, just some electronic beats and then the sound effect they ripped.) their channel was full of other videos like that: random electronic music with sound effects from other youtuber's videos inserted into it so they can try to get ad revenue.


i really hope youtube changes things but the website doesnt seem managed very well so i kind of doubt theyll do anything significant :\ prominent youtubers speaking about it could help tho...

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At this point, YouTube's copyright and claims system is completely messed up. I've seen a lot of news in the last month or so, notably from some of my favourite youtubers, get their videos claimed or even striked for either their music or a short clip (e.g. one example which sticks with me is that a company is falsely claiming to have the rights to the 'Damn Daniels' clip, claiming random videos containing the clip no matter the context of the video.) cough Merlin CDLTD cough


Anyway, Nostalgia Critic uploaded a new video stating that the copyright office is looking for feedback on the outdated DMCA

, stating that the way companies/people strike content creators could be stopped/changed, hopefully to protect channels from these things.


I don't know if what i've written is completely upto scratch, but Nostalgia Critic says that if we put a claim here, we could stop this. Sadly, the timer's counting down and we've only got about 8 hours until the Office stops taking in feedback.


It hurts seeing my favourite youtubers getting their videos claimed and i'd hate to see it carry on at this rate.

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