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Fairy Tale/Myth/Folktale/Legend Disscussion Thread

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What's your favorite fairy tale/myth/folktale/legend? I don't have a favorite, I like them all.

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It's tough to say exactly which fairytale is my favorite. I like the Brother's Grimm The Robber Bridegroom along with The Nixie of the Millpond which have proactive female protagonists. The Fisherman and his Wife is another that I would LOVE to use as the basis of a future story project.


Outside of the Grimms I also like the Native American, Shawnee story of Waupee in The Celestial Sisters (I believe there's a similar Blackfoot variation with a different protagonist name). I live in the midwestern United States and have a deep respect for the Shawnee who use to reside here and would love to make a graphic novel/animated adaptation someday.


Another non-Grimm fairytale I like is The Nutcracker and the Mouse King written by ETA Hoffman in which the famous ballet is based from. After finding a great English translation, I wrote a college paper on it last year and compared it to an obscure 90s animated adaption. Hoffman's version has a lot more background information about the nutcracker than the ballet and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys the performance.


For anyone interested in reading fairytales, here's a great source that a literature teacher once showed me. smile.gif


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Some of the ones I enjoy are Cinderella, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, The Tale of the Old Bamboo Cutter-which is a Japanese fairy tale, also called Kaguya-hime (Princess Kaguya)-, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. Edited by GuardianOfBelief

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Personally I see the terms "fairytale", "mythology" and "folklore" as distinct from each other.


Fairytales are like the brothers Grimm or HC Andersen. Often about make-belief kingdoms, fairies, witches and stuff. They pretty much always have a moral.


Mythology is about gods, heroes, legends, or world-origin stories. Sometimes they have a moral point and sometimes they don't, or they are just there to explain something about the world order.


Folklore are more local legends. They are often about ghosts and supernatural creatures wrecking havoc on the human world, like trolls, changelings, draugen, mylings, or Rå/Huldra. The stories rarely have morals as much as they are precautionary tales, like scaring kids away from going too close to the river, or plainly explain strange traditions of a local place like why you always have to add a rock to any cairn you pass by when you're out wandering.

Thinking about it, it's pretty much like our modern day urban legends.


Out of these I've always preferred folklore most of all. It's a shame you can't make a living out of that because I'm a walking book of folklore from all over the world.

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