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Exemplary school for the Extraordinary

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At this hidden boarding school children with abilities, unique and strange powers ate taught and trained. The students, small in number already suddenly disappear, with no trace and memories of the said student fade to nothing but a figment of imagination. Several students who still retain their memories band together to solve this mystery before one of themselves are gone.....


We start before hand at the beginning, like any good story would begin. When unlikely students become friends. ((Sheets you can came up on your own, I just added reference name a battle name for mine and took out some things...lazy!))



Username: AroaraAngelowolfe (Aroara)

Name: Legolas (L or lego)

Age: 14

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: homosexual

Mutation/power: He has wings, Controls/makes ice, and turns into a wolf with the same wings

Reference name: Isn't my real name enough?

History: His parents where major LOTRS fans, and vary supportive of their son, both being gay and mutant. They died two years ago and he was sent to live with his Uncle and their son Jake before being sent to the school with his cousin, who is more like a brother to him.

Personality: L is a fashionista with flair and is a total fan boy of several animes and movies referencing them quite often. He is extremely hyperactive and known to burst out in to song and dance randomly, he also hovers when angry or ecstatic. His wolf side is a strong influence on him making him protective, and loyal.

Appearance: Legolas

Other: has heightened scenes due to the wolf mutation. His body is extremely light. has two necklaces he never takes off.



Username: Aroara

Name: Jake

Age: 14

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Mutation/power: has wings and tail, and blue fire that both dispels magic and heals

Reference name: Draco

History: Like his cousin his parents where proud when he was a mutant. When L’s parents died, his own didn’t hesitate to welcome them in. He and his cousin pull pranks on each other and have races to see who could fly the fastest (Jake normally wins)

Personality: Mischievous little devil that acts all cool and tough, but if someone is crying or hurt, he is a huge teddy bear. He is respectful to ladies and teases his ‘little brother’ L constantly.

Appearance: Jake

Other: He doesn’t bother hiding his wings and tail, just don’t pull on the tail


Username:AroaraAngelwolf (Aroura)

Character name: Orion jett Smith (Jett)

Age:15 ½

Personality: He avoids people, preferring his tools and machines. He is shy around girls. Doesn't talk much.

History: he's from Britain, mother works for NASA and he pretty much lives for his machines. More later.

Appearance: Jett has gold medal like eyes 5' 7"

Power: Technokinesis (more in the quote box here)

Reference name: Talus (Greek mythology, mechanical warrior)

Other: He has multiple scars and oddly heat resistant.

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Character name: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Brithe

Age: 15

Sexuality: Straight

Crush/Partner: Jett

Personality: Lizzie is sweet and caring, smart, and has an interest in technology. She is curious about how things work and likes to spend time using her powers to help her take things apart. She is normally quiet although loves a good conversation. Her goal is to find out everything and to be the best she could be.



Power: imaginary constructs

Reference Name/Alias: Pandora

Other: poptartFINALTINY.gif


Character Name: Edison "Eddie" Blanchard

Age: 14

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: Eddie is a shy, silly, compassionate boy who loves video games, playing music, swordfighting, and dancing (though he's not very good at any except swords). He's very protective of his friends, and will go to great distances to protect his loved ones, even at the risk of his own life.

Appearance: Why I can no find good pic oh well I might draw him later

Edison has dark tan skin and a lithe build, weighing in at about 180 pounds (ahaha it's lighter than me I'm fat tho) and about 1.7 meters tall (about 5' 6"). He has curly black hair that falls over his navy eyes. Normally he wears a grey sweater and jeans.


Actually haha he kinda looks like this: https://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/5991038/i...l.305136947.jpg only with slightly darker skin like maybe the 'exotic' one and curly hair

Power: He can teleport to anywhere in his range of vision. He can also teleport to things out of his range of vision as long as he knows where they are, which is why he takes the time to study the locations and coordinates of the areas he visits frequently (i.e. home and school).

Reference name: I dunno just call him Eddie for now

Other: SPACE!

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"Look at this place isn't it gorgeous? It's huge!" L said as he happily skipped in the large rubble doors into the ballroom sized entry way with large squares of marble in a cream and tan checker pattern.

"It's a school......we're staying at a school for weird kids with weird abilities...." Jake followed his fluttering cousin. The two made a odd pair, Jake in converse sneakers, baggy blue jeans and a loose button down with a plaid tie giving him a punk hipster look, whilst L donned on this..... loud and garish attire that would burn a blind man's eyes. "And what the hell are you wearing? You look like the nyan cat and a unicorn vomited rainbows all over you."


Legolas turned and gave him a look. His blue hair was partly spiked, black eyeliner made his blue eyes stand out along with the gold eyeshadow he had . His canary yellow ripped skinny jeans and electric blue zumba belt and the darker blue half shirt with a bright pink leopard print heart on the chest. He had bangles up his arms, a lip ring, three studs in a ear and a cuff and a stud in the other. His shoes was yellow T-strap two inch heels. "It's called peacocking. It's saying, "Hey, I'm single and available" and what screams gay more then bright girl clothes on a guy? He huffed and shook his head taking his suitcases (he had three, two large rollers and a duffel bag all pink leopard print and a additional Adam Lambert shoulder backpack) and trotted inside the house more. Jake, who only had a plain duffel bag, followed more slowly after his bright cousin. It wasn't like he was going to lose sight of him.


((I thought Jett and lizzie would like to enter together, and they already know a bit about each other))

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Ahahhaaha he's adorable

Oh god I'm turning into Sammy))



Lizzie grinned as she walked in. She and her friend Jett had seen each other when they were dropped off, and the two decided to walk in together. They didn't know a lot about each other, but they had met awhile back and had been sorta-friends since. She wore her golden hair down and had one of those weird beach hats thrown on her head since it wouldn't fit in her orange-trimmed black backpack with the folded-down dragon and her laptop, and her suitcase was full. She was wearing her normal outfit and a green bolero jacket. She also had on red Converse calf-highs that went to her knee and stripey maroon and pink knee socks. Plastic soles clicked on the checkered floor as the two walked through the large entryway, Lizzie looking down the halls and marvelling at how big it was, making her wonder just how many other 'enhanced' kids there were here.

"Whoa! How big is this place? It's so cool to know we aren't the only ones with powers!"

((screw it I like the outfit on her picture okay I just made it more modern))



Edison ran a hand through his black hair. He had only been there for an hour and he was already homesick, but who could blame him? Living there until who knew when with only the holidays to visit his family? Four years seemed like such a long time. He had already found his room, and his roommate was yet to arrive. ((Either Jake or Jett but not Lego pls.)) He was organizing his stuff in his drawers and screwing around with moving stuff around.


((aaaand I'm out of ideas.))

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Jett followed her in, his mechanical lion followed beside him, a suitcase and a duffle held his things. He had on his normal vest and tie with his button down shirt a black leather trench coat with circuit board stitching and the Archimedes sphere patched on the back. His head phones around his neck played the Mission Impossible II theme, oddly it was fitting. "Yeah.. i guess it is. I'm not to fond of bunking with someone though."


((jake jett and L would hit it off and be good freinds them nerds))


jake huffed and rolled his eyes as he went into the large sitting room with a dozen kids looking at a wall that had a poster board set up on it, the bulletin had room numbers and names for bunk mates. He checked it and said he was with a guy named eddie and headed to the room not wanting to be around other kids who might pull his tail. he knocked on the door. "Yo, its your roomie. name's jake. open up for me?"


Legolas looked at the names. Orion.. Ooo! he had a odd name like him. this would be interesting! he went and talked with a few girls who asked him where he got his shoes and earrings. he could tell they where being snarky and mean but that never fazed him. He chatted away on where he got the clothes and very soon gave them helpful makeup tips to bring out their eyes and lips more. Knowing that the kid who bunked with him would be shocked at such a name he'd say it outloud and something like "you've got to be kidding" and then he'd pounce and introduce himself. Hey with two strange named guys in the school they got to have something in common? of course he was always very optimistic.

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"It can't be that bad. Who knows, you might be bunked with someone with the same interests as you! I found you." She shrugged. "I can see where you're coming from, though. Less privacy and space." The pair had meandered their way into the lounge, where a group of teens around their age trying to get a peek at a pair of papers tacked to a corkboard. "Hmm. Must be sleeping arrangements. I'll go look." She elbowed her way through the crowd, looking for Jett's name. Samuels, Caelan... Shelton, Cody... Sinclair, Jerald... Smeets, Windsor... Aha! Smith, Orion. Legolas [insert surname here]. Interesting name. She took a mental note as she scrolled down the girl's list, looking for her own name. It wasn't too much of a challenge as her surname normally came rather early in alphabetical lists. Azarola, Elvina... Baardson, Aliyah... Bellrose, Keldah... Braden, Tamsen... There I am. Hmm... Axelson, Clarity. With her newly acquired knowledge at the forefront of her mind, she pushed her way out of the mass of bodies, arriving back next to Jett. "You're with some guy named Legolas. Wonder what he is. I've got some girl named Clarity."


((I have an idea that Lizzie went to the same middle school as Jett for three months in the eighth grade before she moved again and they knew about each other's powers maybe but it's not necessary and she was like 'holy crap I know him' when she saw him entering the school.

and then that idea evolves into she moves a lot 'cause her mom is paranoid about someone finding out about her))

((Haha Lizzie's the only girl atm unless you want me to make another girl although I'd prefer you make one so I don't have to do conversations with myself))



Eddie slid his suitcase under his bed when he heard a knock at the door. Must be his roommate. He smoothed out his clothes and walked over to open the door for him. "Hi, I'm Edison, call me Eddie. Need help with your bags?" he asked, grinning.


((Not much to do with him so far...))

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((esko may join they want to. although they may steal legolas away.. ))



Jett tilted his head. " Legolas? who is legolas?" " Oh that'll be me sweetie. Oh my i love that blouse! Im legolas call me L. are you seriously listening to the ending for Lone ranger? Jett blushed and ndded turning off his i-pod. " So Orion?" "Jett. i'll be in.. the room..... wait, you have the one ring necklace..." the two said goodbye to lizzie and went up to the room they where in talking about the new MMO game jumping from topic to topic like nothing.



Jake shook his head. " Nah man. I got it. i don't have much. for warning, my brother would come by some times. he likes to talk to me.


((at a loss for this.. XP)

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(On mobile. Can't be bothered to do the titles but I might make it later...)




"Oh, no, that's fine. Who is your brother? Do you guys get along? Actually, I take that back, if you two talk a lot then you probably get along..." He scratched the back of his head. "Do you play any video games?" He asked. He really wanted to get along with his roommate, but he tended to be really awkward when he was nervous.



"Haha, alright, see you later," Lizzie giggled. She held in an 'I told you so' and waved, meandering in the general direction of the girl dorms. She was in D-6, which was a whiles off. She pulled out her sketchbook and looked at the picture of the hoverboard, imagining it in 3-D. When she opened her eyes it had materialized in front of her. She hopped on and rode off on it, her hair whipping behind her as she held onto her hat, stopping at her room. Her bag came behind her on a board similar to it only with wall-like things. Both boards dissapated and she knocked on the door before turning the knob.


((If you want to do Clarity it's okay with me but if not I'll do her. Her power is probably something with the arts like music or drawing but whatever))

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((kinda want a girl for jake.... idk. if you dont want to play her i can.. i thought i would pick it up easily but got lots of others im in now.. it have to be really slow))


Jake chuckled. "Well, he likes to be called L. He's more of a cousin by blood brother by bond type thing so yea... we're close. What kind of games? Mario, Zelda, League, Wow.. gotta be more elaborate. I kinda play it all. If you like Lord of the Rings and MMORPG's then pleased to meet you eddie." He smirks and started putting away his things.





Orion and L started setting up the things in their room. the two continued to talk all the way the main dinning hal where everyone gathered to have their fist dinner there. L Hovered in the air talking to a girl with bird wings and another fairy.

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((I'll take her, then, I guess. And if you want her for him then that's all good but if not I can make another girl tongue.gif

I know, I saw! And you made another one with Voltage? Whatever happened to Outcasts?))



"Mhm. And I really like all games. When I was a kid, we didn't have a lot of money for stuff like games because I had a big family of poor people, so I basically buy any I can get my hands on that I can afford now, haha. I like LoL, but I suck at it." He shrugged and sat back on his bed. "My favorite is probably Super Mario Sunshine. It's just really nice to look at."


((I genuinely suck at LoL and it's been about a year since I played (I can't play on my shoddy chromebook) so don't count on my knowledge and just correct me in your head as we go along if that comes up please))




Lizzie stepped in the room. On one side it was empty, generic white sheets on a bed that she could switch out with her own. On the other side, the sheets were black with red music notes. There were wooden poles lashed to the side of the bed, a black, semi-transparent cloth thrown over them, making a kind of makeshift canopy. A girl with black hair and shiny black headphones on sat at a desk across the room, her back faced to Lizzie. Lizzie tossed her backpack onto her bed, leaving her bag by it. Now to decorate. She pulled her own red comforter out and tossed it over the bed. She pulled out the dragon and placed it on the ground, watching as it expanded and grew to it's full size, climbing up and laying on her bed, curled up like a dog. She giggled.




Clarity was listening to Dan Bull when she heard metallic grinding and a hissing sound. She turned, pausing her music and pulling her headphones down, to see a metal dragonlike creature expanding, then moving each of it's limbs relatively silently. A blonde girl stood by it, watching. It then hopped up onto her bed, curling up. The girl giggled. Clarity giggled too. "Hey, who are you? I'm Clarity," she said.

The girl turned and grinned. "Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzie."

Clarity smiled back. "What's your power?" She inquired.

"Imaginary Constructs. You?"

"Music Manipulation. Did you make the dragon with your mind?"

"No, I built him myself. What is Music Manipulation?"

"It's like, I can play a music note and it does something depending on what I want it to do, say, Cmajor on my uke makes a sword and C7 or Cminor swings it. Why didn't you make him with your mind?"

"My constructs are only semi-permanent, and so once I stop thinking about him, he would just disappear."


Lizzie turned back to her own things, and so Clarity turned back to her laptop, playing her music again.


((So, would this be too OP for Clarity's power? I personally think it's got a crap ton of applications but *shraug*

Clarity (but she has black hair) ))

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((Oops, I didn't even see the dining hall bit. I'll do that in my next post.))

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((I'd say about half of those can be used or choose a section of those and use it. It is a bit too much. Volt and I kinda lost touch with the characters and couldn't think of another baddie unless Abbigale goes bloodthirsty and nuts. He wants to work on making his rps better. I'm helping with that))


"Oh.....um...." Jake suddenly looked uncomfortable in his designer clothes. He came from money. Not really millionaire status, but in the mid thousands range. He wasn't exactly spoiled though. He coughed before starting to decorate his side, only laying out a thin but plush blanked with a blue fire pattern on black and a ghostly Chinese Dragon in the middle, a picture of him and Legolas cosplaying in Lord of the rings gear, him as a random wood elf and.... L... as his namesake. His parents dressed as star trek workers, their weapons out at a couple dressed as Aragorn and Arwen. That was it of his decorations.

((Its fine, I only know of it. Never played it.))




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((Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm definitely going to use musical attacks. Not sure what else though.))




Eddie noticed that his roommate was uncomfortable and then realized what he was wearing. "Oh! I didn't mean to make you feel unconfortable. I've got enough money for myself now, even though I'm still only really a kid. Plus, I don't really need much, since the school supplies our food and water, and there isn't really a TV to plug in game consoles, ha." Eddie twiddled his thumbs, looking at his own decorations. On the bedstand, his silver Apple laptop and plain black DS was plugged in and a picture of him, his twin sister Aradia, his four other brothers, Eli, Everest, Ashton, and Michael, his mother and stepfather, and his stepfather's mother Trystan standing in front of their small home together rested behind it. "Hey, it's almost dinnertime, you want to get going?" Eddie asked.




"Hey, you coming? It's mealtime," Lizzie asked Clarity.

"Hmm? Oh, no, I'll play catch-up. You go on ahead."

"You sure?" Lizzie inquired.


"Alrighty-dighty, then." She walked out the door, imagined her hoverboard again, and stepped on, closing the door and shooting off.


She arrived at the cafetorium, looking around at the big room. The school banner hung from the ceiling, low enough that you could touch it if you stood on the table on your tippy toes and reached up, but high enough that you could see the Headmasters' table. She looked around. Fairies, dragons and other winged people hovered in the air. Others sat at the tables. She immediately saw her friend and drifted towards him. "Hey," she said, plopping down next to him.

((Daah since we only have 3 pairs it's hard to make a hate relationship because Clarity is paired with Jake and so she can't hate L and her roommate is Lizzie so she can't hate Jett (well she can but she doesn't want to ruin things with either of them) and Lizzie's got the same problem as Clarity only backwards and I really don't want to have to play out a hate relationship with eddie and clarity

Maybe Eddie and Jett.


Eddie just seems too nice, though.))

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((Jake could react to Eddie's picture

Eddie and Jake could go to the dining hall together, or Jake could refuse his offer

Jett could acknowledge Lizzie, or just sit in silence

We could introduce a new character for Clarity to hate.

I don't want to make you feel like you have to but I really want Clarity to have a hate relationship with someone.))

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((i know what i can do, but im not feeling it right now. as for the whole hate thing, i like to develop things as they go. Love relationships are set for me. I may or may not make a NPC character later to make her jealous....something like that.))

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((Eek! Sorry!))



Jett jumped, looking up from his notebook that had the schematics of a dragon head on it. "Oh hey lizzie. Everything go well with your roomie?" he asked slipping his book in his shoulder bag where he kept his lap top.



Jake nodded and took off his vest before turning to him. "Don't know 'bout you but I'm starving. That your family?" He waved to the photo his voice had a pang of jealousy in it. "wish I had brothers and sisters. Although, my cousin can count as both at times. It isn't the same. He said and shrugged, it looks funny when he did that for his wings rose and fell slightly spreading when he did so. "Hard for my parents to have another kid when they're usually in two different continents half the time anyway."

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((You know things get real when I get the headings back tongue.gif))


"Yeah, everything's fine. She's kinda quiet. Music-based powers. I would ask you the same, but I'm pretty sure I know the answer. Whatcha looking at?" She asked.



"Me too. Yeah, my twin sister and all my half brothers. Aradia's my sister. We're the only kids from our dad Ezekiel, who left my mom a little after we were born. Then my mom married my stepdad, and they had Eli, who's 12, Everest, who's 10, and Ashton and Michael, who are 6. Ash and Mikey are twins, but identical instead of fraternal like Dia and I. Then we have to take care of our Granny Tris, who has breast cancer. Grandpa Elowan died of a stroke not too long ago... I wasn't close to him, but his death affected us all... He used to live with us too. We're kinda poor, so we only had enough money to pay for me to go here. Dia has powers too, but she decided to stay home and help work around the house so I could go to this school," Eddie said regretfully. "I miss them, but that doesn't keep me from using this opportunity to get better. Call it a motivation." He stopped and grinned. "So, can I demonstrate my powers, first?"

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"Oh, still working on big Festus. Jr is in my room. And actually, L's powers involves ice and oddly a wolf transformation.." his narrow eyebrows bunched together as he was still confused how a guy with fairy wings could turn into a wolf. Powers were odd like that.



"I'm sure we're aloud to send and receive letters. If you want too." He shrugged again. He was as talkative as his cousin. His tail lit with a blue ghostly fire that never burned anything flicked like a cat's.

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((*squeaks now that she gets the references*

I just finished the first Heroes of Olympus book yesterday))



"Mmn. I remember him," Lizzie said, "I can help make the big one if you want." She half-smiled at Jett. "He can turn into a wolf? He's a shifter? Whoah! I thought they were all gone! I mean, I could tell the ice thing just from looking at him. But I'd never guess he was a shifter," she marveled. "



Eddie shrugged. "Alright," he said, and placed a hand on Jake's shoulder. Then, with a feeling of falling backwards and dizzying vertigo, they were right outside the dining hall. Eddie breathed deeply- whenever he teleported with passengers it seemed he always got the breath knocked out of him. "Hah... We're here..! Can you.. give me a moment.. to catch my breath..?" He panted. He felt like he had just run a marathon, minus the aching legs. He stopped breathing so hard and stood straight again. "Alright, I'm good. I need to work on that. I always feel like someone uppercuts me in the gut whenever I teleport with other people, it's weird. It doesn't happen when I do it alone unless I do it in rapid succession, like if I do it five or six times in a row."

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"I thought so too and didn't believe him until he showed me. It's an unusual wolf too, but it suits him. " He said softly. "You can help me with the jaw. I'm not sure if I want a hinge or a hydraulic system for it. " He took out the drawing again and studies it.



Jake looked uncomfortable when they appeared at the dinning hall. He quickly recovered though and cupped his hands together forming a ball of blue fire, then split it in his hands and spread it on Eddie's hands. It briefly covered him taking all symptoms away. "I only heal. Nothing big." He shrugged and went inside only to be dive bombed by his cousin who changed into something less gaudy but still blue. "jakie! Hi darling!" He nearly tackled his cousin giggling.

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((Internet falls. On moblie. No title colors this time.))


"Personally I'd use a hydraulics system, because since it's horizontal, gravity will be pulling down on a hinge and wearing it out faster. Hydraulics are stronger, and are pretty easy to use once installed. The only reasons I wouldn't use it in this scenario is because it requires oil or electricity for the motor to work, it might be a while before we can get all the parts, and hinges are easier to come by." She shrugged. "It's up to you, though. I'd make the parts for you, but I can't keep it permanent." She sighed. She had always wanted for the things she made to last longer, but she could only keep up her concentration for so long. Her concentration had to be fully on the item, too. Once she made a tack on a bully's chair, but she had to stare at it to think about it consciously and so they knew it was her.


((I know more about hydraulics than I do hinges so I had to goolge some of that and make up the rest ^^' don't blame me if it sounds like a bunch of bull))



"Thanks." Eddie was about to walk in when Jake got tackled by a boy with blue hair and pretty wings. Eddie moved to the side. "So, am I right to assume this is your cousin?" Eddie grinned at the pair. "L, right?"

((Gah the shortness

Just assume Clarity is there. I'd rather you start a conversation with her and one of them but I can do it if you want.))

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