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The Ember Cup

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((I apologize for replying late. Things happened))




I'm Khione, by the way. Who are you?"


Lurk perked his ears. She responded! He took a little time to observe her. She had the shape of a Royal Blue, but her patterns seemed to be reversed. She was mostly silver, which was actually cool.


I-It is dull. Sadly, that's how it is until we die. But there is something good after this, right? Like maybe an afterlife, or another life, or something? He started to ramble, trying to become positive again.. There HAS to be something good about this, like maybe- He stopped midsentence and shook his head. Sorry, I have a habit of rambling. Hi, I'm Lurking Angel. Though you can call me Lurk. He gave a nervous smile. The female- she said her name was Khione- seemed kind of friendly.




The pale Magia played weak all morning, keeping humans from buying her. Though she saw Josia! She HAD to tell Xeloh! When she was dragged back to her cell, she noticed it was different...but near the one her sis was in! She internally squealed, then sent out a connection to her sister.

<Xeloh! Xeloh! I saw Josia! And I got something!> She took the tip of her tail and pried a small bone out of her teeth. If she could shape it into something to pick the lock, she could free others!




He noted the other cages around him. They were surely talking up a storm, and it was a little annoying. However, he sighted the Teimarr from before, who flat out ignored him when he tried to start conversation. He also sighted a Black Tea, two of those orange Wyrm things, an Ember, a White, a Hooktalon and others.


((Egad that was horrible))

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Lurk seemed a bit nervous, but ultimately friendly. Khione was glad for that, the majority of the dragons she had met so far seemed to prefer to mope around their cages all day. Khione smiled. "Nice to meet you, Lurk." Lurk had said something about an afterlife, or maybe another life. Wouldn't that be something? "Though if we were to have an afterlife, it would have to be pretty darn good to make up for this mess we're in now." A loud roar from another dragon interrupted Khione's thoughts. She turned her head, straining to see through the cages to... a pink? Were pink dragons normally that violent? She was shouting, yelling about winning the Ember Cup, besting the rest of them in the arena. Khione figured that the poor dragon had been driven mad.


Unless... she really could kill so many...


Humans were coming around the corner, namely a rich-looking couple with a small child. Thier clothes were very fancy, and the woman reeked of perfume, which made Khione sneeze. They were talking loud, and rather obnoxiously, and the child (who seemed to have no respect whatsoever, was skipping around to different cages, shouting things like "OOH MUM WE SHOULD GET THAT ONE!! OH WAIT NO THAT ONE!"




The man was speaking urgently to another guard, and Khione strained her ears to listen. "Well, I know we should have come here sooner, but we were out of town for a few months, we arrived late. Just show us to a suitable dragon!" Khione shrank back against the bars of her cage, but the lady, who was passing beside her stopped and looked at her. Great. "Oh!" she tapped on her husband's shoulder. "Look at that one! How much does she cost?" The guard answered her question, but Khione didn't hear it over the sudden screech of the spoiled child. "OOOOOH SHE'S SO PRETTY!! CAN WE GET HER MUM PLEEEEASE?" The kid stuck her arm through the bars, trying to touch Khione, only to be yanked backward by her mother by the collar of her dress. "I suppose so, according to these papers, she is a fantastic fighter." The child struggled, but her mother would not yield. The papers were signed, and the family left.


Khione was officially part of the Ember Cup. Yay.

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The Golden Wyvern grunted and buried her head under her wings. If that Pink wasn't going to stop that noise, everyone would be kept awake all night.


They were deep underground so they couldn't really tell if it was night, but nonetheless Luca was tired from the auctioning and all she wanted to do was sleep. But that noisy Pink dragon kept roaring and banging her cage, yelling about how she was going to kill everyone and win the cup. And become the humans' main course...


Suddenly screams erupted from the end of the room. Screams of a human child. She was shouting and stamping her feet on the floor, pulling an adult human's hand violently. Luca couldn't make out the shape of the human as it was so far away, but she could see that it was a female. Probably the mother. 'Why aren't you buying it? I WANT IT!'


'Okay, okay sweetheart, we'll buy it for you. Just be patient.' A male human, possibly the father, said while stroking the child's head. She just screamed even louder.


'NO! I WANT IT NOWWWWWWW!' She screeched and fell to the floor, legs and arms kicking the air. Luca watched in disgust. She recalled her cousin, a Shimmerscale who was the same age as her. As a young hatchling he was the most bratty dragon everyone in the lair had known, often throwing temper tantrums which included biting, roaring and shrieking. All the dragons had dubbed him 'The Storm'. Even he was better than this human child.


The child turned her head. Her eyes met Luca. And all of a sudden, she stopped screaming.


She scrambled to her feet and rushed towards her. She gripped the bars of Luca's cage and pressed her head against them. Luca could see her face up close. Every inch of it she hated, and the more she looked at her the more hatred boiled up in her belly.


'Mommy, Daddy, buy her for me. Now.' The little girl stared expectantly at her parents and demanded. What a spoilt little brat. You're so young and you're already talking to your parents like that. Well, maybe they deserve it. Greedy humans who love to watch us rip our kind to pieces. Luca thought to herself. She gave the girl a snarl and barred her teeth. It didn't work. The girl stared at her, even more interested.


'Oh, honey! Of course we'll buy it for you. Whatever you want, just ask for it. You're our little precious angel. We've got all the money to buy all the riches in the world. Then you can go to school and tell all your friends that your parents bought a dragon for you. Wouldn't that be nice?' A low, female voice said, and laughed.


Uh oh. No. It can't be. That voice. That laugh.


The body walked nearer, or maybe the word was ambled, as it was so big and fat. And Luca saw it.


The fat lady from before.


Suddenly Luca changed her mind about the Ember Cup. Send me to the Ember Cup. Let me die. Anything is fine. Just not this woman. Please. Anything but this horrible bag of fat and evilness.


The fat lady moved nearer. She was smiling. Her smile - it was more like a smirk. It looked terrifying. She stopped at Luca's cage and turned towards her.


'Ahhhhh... It's you, isn't it? Such a beauty. Get ready, because my daughter's going to have you. It's gonn be exciting.' She said in that terrible voice of hers, then laughed like a maniac. Luca froze. She didn't understand what was happening to her - why was she so afraid of this woman? She didn't dare move. She just stared back at her with terrified eyes. This wasn't Luca. She was fearless, immune to weakness. Then why did she have such a strong fear of this woman? She felt traumatized. The fat lady walked away, chortling.


Luca sobbed the whole night.



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[No, it's okay Tomato Juice. Do as you want. ^^


Just... My dragon is already bought, so he's not anymore in the auction room, along with Xeloth and the others. And now Luca is being bought in the auction room ? Have I missed something ? :/ ]

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((Yeah, I thought that Luca might have already been bought, which was why she was moved to the cells with the other dragons. P:))

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((back! sorry I couldn't post for a while))

Alia stopped, she stopped and fell back, laughing in a maniacal way. Death by axe? Fine! Better then dying from some other dragon in an exciting way cooked up by the humans!

Silencing herself she stared at the other caged dragons in with a complete frown.

"so you would die in some horrible way being clawed to pieces?" Alia stopped dramatically "than try to at least get a quick death?" sighing she turned to her back to them, hiding underneath her wings, their deaths were not going to easy, talking to something was hard because you couldn't just believe that they had done horrible things in the arena to, you felt like a murderer in a room with millions of saints. They're morals and beliefs were things to be feared.

Silently she cried, death might just be a gift at this point.


((Alia is very interesting character to play, cause I gave her a very bad personality, she has killed and doesn't mind killing again, but she has some weird morality thing to))

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To answer your doubts, the people know she's going to be bought so they moved her there. But they can't decide who's going to buy her yet.

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((Uh oh, the fat lady returned. Poor Luca. sad.gif

O-Oh, and as for Mye and Uki... I guess you can try and woo them, Ragnorok, but Mye is kind of hard to deal with. Not to mention that Uki is a tad shy. So I don't know if they'd share the crush.))


Mye and Uki


Uki tried to keep up with the conversation... But to be honest, her concentration was wavering. Nothing important had been said in a while, and aside from seeing an excited Xenowyrm rather similar to the first one, nothing new was happening either. With a sigh, she flopped onto her side, much to Mye's annoyance.

"Uki," she complained, opening an eye to look at her, "when will you remember that we share a body? I don't want to lie down yet."

"But Mye, I'm tired! Not to mention bored. Can we play a game? Like, a talking game?"

Mye rolled her eyes slightly. She didn't necessarily want to 'play a game,' but she knew if she didn't humor Uki, she would have to listen to her whining for the next hour or so. "Fine. What game?"

"I-Spy~." she responded smoothly, nudging Mye's cheek. "I'll go first. I spy, with my little eye... something, uh..."


She scanned the room, frowning a bit. What did she spy? There wasn't much in the full, featureless cell-- or any of the others for that matter. Maybe I should have thought this through. Oops.

But then Uki saw something-- something cool, for once. I have to show Mye! she thought excitedly, blinking as she spotted an impressive dragon a few cells away. She's always saying that there's nothing cool or exciting around, but there is! Won't she be surprised when she hears that there's a--

"A Guardian of Nature?" Mye spoke in a monotone, decidedly unimpressed. "I can read your thoughts, you know. Especially when they're loud. Which they usually are."

"A-Aw..." Uki pouted a bit, her head drooping. "Mye, you're mean sometimes, you know..."

Mye shrugged. "Please. Guardians of Nature are overrated, anyway. I'll bet all of their 'powers' are made up."

"M-Myeee!!" Her eyes widened, and she blew a ring of smoke in clear distress. "Don't s-say that in FRONT of him!"

"What, do you think I'm scared?" Mye fell silent for a moment, then piped up loudly, despite Uki's clear protests. "I mean, not only are the powers unlikely, but that dragon looks so sluggish, he couldn't catch a mouse if it sat on his talons. I'd be surprised if he lasted one day in the arena."




Elly shivered, slowly lifting her head as the clanking noise faded away to laughter. The laughter was clearly maniacal-- bordering on insane. Hearing it almost caused her to hide again, but she balled her claws into a fist of determination, straightening rather daringly (for her). No, she thought, I-I will not... r-run away. Not a-again.

The Pink seemed to almost be more worked up than before as she looked straight into her eyes, speaking slowly and precisely.


"So you would die in some horrible way being clawed to pieces... than try to at least get a quick death?"


A quick death? That's her goal...? She regarded the Pink with solemn eyes that almost seemed to glow in the dark gloom of her cell. It made sense, in a morbid sort of way. Fighting with other dragons would be rather painful, compared to a merciful end by a long, sharp knife. Kill or be killed... more painfully, at least.

And yet...

Rather surprisingly to all those present, Elly stepped forward, speaking in a voice so soft and quiet, it could scarcely be heard. "...e-excuse me... may I s-say s-something?"

She took a deep breath before continuing. "I... I-I understand h-how you f-feel... B-but you would be in a l-lot of pain in between b-battles, w-wouldn't you? Y-You would get wounded, a-and be forced t-to bear the... the pain..." Elly almost lost all of her resolve to finish her speech, but she bore through, letting the words slip out as tears gathered in her eyes. "T-There would be p-physical pain, but also e... e-emotional pain! D-don't you understand... t-that every dragon you would kill has a name, a l-life, and maybe..." she choked a bit, "a... a... f-family that c-cares about them?!"


Like Komaa.


Looking up at the Pink again slowly, she spoke in but a whisper.

"I-I'm not saying t-that dying by another dragon w-would be better, but... I... just don't think getting through and winning is a b-better a-alternative."

Finished with her little speech, she backed up a bit, actually quaking from what she had just done. Pouring her heart and feelings out to dragons she barely knew? What was wrong with her? She suddenly wished she could take her little outburst back, but as they say, what's done is done.

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Oh god, that fat lady had a child?

Poor kid. And poor father, for that matter. From what he had seen, the woman was unpleasant and possibly cruel. She seemed like the type to be so. He watched in horror as his new cellmate was purchased, and one surprising thought rang in his head;

I can see the appeal.

He thought that? Maybe it was an impulse thought. He now took a peek at the silver Royal Blue, who was now apart of the Ember Cup. He wanted to say it was alright, but it wasn't. Yeah, it better make up for this. He grunted. Was he NOT supposed to be positive?

He suddenly wanted Khione to survive. He wanted to her to stay...with him? What? No, they only just met. But how could he keep her on this planet if....

He came up with the strangest idea yet. I-I might have a way to keep you out of the Ember Cup. He tried to get her attention. But you m-may not like it.




Did that Hooktalon head just say that?!

Of course the powers were real! It's this magic the humans placed on us! They keep us from busting out of the place! Ooh, when I get my claws on those crystals, I will show that Hooktalon who doesn't have powers! Bah!

But he caught his outburst with a look from Lillia. Then, he decided to return the favor in a more sublte manner. Two-headeds are overrated. It would surprise me if they could even work together in battle. Won't last a day. He said, loud enough for the Hooktalon to hear.


Then he heard the speech from...was that a Undine? He never heard they had guts, even to stutter. But the lass had a point. That Pink made him wonder if he was violent, which he wasn't in comparison. How funny. It surprised him that the Pink had the heart shaped tail point that all of the females had. How could being eaten be better than killed by another dragon? It was like the predator being eaten by the prey, and the Pink seemed to believe herself as the predator. It was shameful, gruesome, and absolutely horrible. He would rip her to pieces in the arena later. She deserved it.


((Mye is my new favorite head, confirmed xd.png))

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Khione was disgusted at the child. As she and her parents left, she let out a low snarl. The bratty kid was excited about seeing her die. Skipping around choosing which of the prisoners should die for thier amusement. Absolutely disgusting. When Lurk said he knew of a way to keep her out of the Cup, her ears perked up a bit. But then she replayed his words.


"I might have a way to keep you out of the Ember Cup..."


He never said anything about keeping himself out.


Khione was honestly quite surprised. But also curious. A way to escape the Ember Cup sounded beyond fantastic. Still, she looked around at the hundreds of chained dragons around them. Every one of them deserved freedom as well. But maybe, the prophecy could be fulfilled. They could all be free, if that miracle happened. Lurk's idea might be risky though, he had said that she might not like it. But she would try anything. And there was definitely a way to help Lurk escape too, right? If it worked...


She turned back to face him. "Really? I'm willing to try anything." She laughed softly, the first time she had laughed in, goodness knows how long. Strange, she had only just met Lurk, but she felt strangely happy. A prisoner about to die, maybe, but she was happy. For the record, it wasn't a very common emotion around these parts. Remembering what Lurk had said, Khione was now determined that somehow, she would find a way for Lurk to escape too, since he was willing to do that for her.

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((May be inactive for a while. Gotta tend to the new release eggs))


Goldron turned Undine. Did Elly actually said a whole paragraph? Wow! Even Goldron himself couldn't had said that! Suddenly, a shiver ran down his spine.


"Everyone will die. Big, small, young and old."


Death. Goldron shook his head. There is no such thing as 'better death' and 'worse death'. They still lead to death. Of only they could escape. He can't escape this hell house alone. Yet he could not say the prophecy out loud. Looking at the humans climbing up the stairs leading to the surface, Goldron waited before saying to the dragons around him,


"Does anyone know about the prophecy? "


Goldron sighed. If he perish, let it be.

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Alia frowned, still lurking around in the back of her cage, until the Undine spoke up surprisingly, stepping forward she spoke softly

"...e-excuse me... may I s-say s-something?" Alia perked up, "I... I-I understand h-how you f-feel... B-but you would be in a l-lot of pain in between b-battles, w-wouldn't you? Y-You would get wounded, a-and be forced t-to bear the... the pain..." Alia felt her resolve falter for a moment, it seemed her determination wasn't as strong as she thought, but despite the Undines hesitance she was continuing "T-There would be p-physical pain, but also e... e-emotional pain! D-don't you understand... t-that every dragon you would kill has a name, a l-life, and maybe..." the Undine faltered "a... a... f-family that c-cares about them?!" Alia growled silently, she knew just how much pain it might give her, but she also was going to postpone death as much as possible. Their families might grieve, but part of her was jealous, her family was killed in the arena in their first matches, pinks weren't made for battle, but these dragons still had dragons they cared about, dragons that cared about them, Alia doubted any of these dragons even gave a thought to her health.

Why can't I have a family who cares Alia's heart wailed why do you get to love


The Undine looked up again, this time the words were much more soft and hard to hear

"I-I'm not saying t-that dying by another dragon w-would be better, but... I... just don't think getting through and winning is a b-better a-alternative."



The cages for a moment were completely still as each dragon took in the Undine's speech, finally the Gold dragon from before spoke up

"everyone will die. Big, small, young and old" Alia almost let a tear fall, then caught herself. Tears were for those who had some to give, they were precious, let the others who had family or mates cry, but she shouldn't use up her tears on words. Life to was precious, especially in these times, Alia realized, that was what she was? A taker of the precious commodity of Life? Alia stood there stock still as she realized just how much of a monster she was, taking the gift she was supposed to protect.

Then again, she already knew how much of a monster she was.

But these dragons, she wouldn't kill them, she couldn't know that she heard the Undine's speech, the guilt, she couldn't stand it if these ever so hopeful dragons blood was on her already stained talons, Alia's eyes flashed

"everyone has their time, but now is not ours" Alia muttered to herself, that was her oath, she would not let these dragons die. The Gold continued

Does anyone know about the prophecy?"

Alia wanted to laugh, who didn't know about the last hope of all dragon kind? It wasn't exactly spoken about openly though, the humans didn't like words of rebellion.

"yes, but the prophecy requires escaping, and almost none of us keep our powers outside of the arena, and the arena is the most protected place this building has! how do you proposed to escape?" Alia snapped.


((and now I've completely destroyed Alia's pride and morality. sorry Ali))

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((@Tomato_Juice: Ah, so the people auctioning her off are just seeing how much money they can squeeze out of her? Makes sense, as the auctioning probably lasts a few days))


Shard of Sky


Crying. So much crying. She could hear the sobs of the dragons around her, and lowered her head between her paws, wishing she could block it out. Shard didn't want to hear, didn't want to know about the hardship these dragons faced. They were in the same situation as her, and although it made her feel hollow inside, she accepted that they would all be dead within a moon-cycle.


What would it be like to die?


She would know soon.


Mad laughter rose from the pink, echoing the noise Shard had made earlier before crying herself back down to sanity. Shard shifted uncomfortably, eying her cell-mate warily. If she made so much as a twitch in the Striped's direction . . .


Shard hunched her wings over her shoulders, but paused when the Pink began to speak. "Perhaps my death would be quicker than yours," she retorted softly. Shard definitely did not support the idea of prolonging her death more than necessary. Sure, she wouldn't roll over and offer her neck the first opportunity she got, but she had no intention of staying alive to the finals, when the definitely more vicious dragons would take a pleasure out of making her death a slow one.


The Undine nearby (hey, it was her cell partner from earlier!) offered a lot more than Shard did to the Pink, albeit in a stuttering voice. The Black Striped's mind strayed to the thought of her standing, wounded and battered, struggling to survive another day. She shuddered for what had to be the umpteenth time today. Somehow, she had to keep herself from becoming idle and thinking about dying.


Unfortunately, it seemed hard to avoid it. All the dragons around her seemed to talk only about the Ember Cup. Shard sighed, and looked over wearily at a Gold commenting on their inescapable fate. Shard's soul craved a spark of hope to feed on through this misery.


As it turned out, it was that same Gold who offered that glowing piece of joy. "Does anyone know about the prophecy?" he said. Shard sat up at that, even though a part of her argued that it was probably just something a desperate dragon made up. She tilted her head as the pink spoke, shooting down the idea with an obvious point. How did one escape a prison imbued with magic and manned by many human knights?


"Hmmmm," Shade said aloud. "Has anyone ever actually tried to fly out of the Arena?" There were probably magical forcefields surrounding the whole area, but it wouldn't hurt to try. The Striped flicked her tail, and for what felt like the first time in forever, she had a sincere smile on her face. She had hit rock-bottom now, and the only way she could go was up.

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"well... Not exactly" Alia frowned at the memory "I got flung into the magic roof once by a Electric dragon, you can go past it yes, but a numbness came over me, I couldn't flap my wings at all to fly or direct myself, then I felt like I had slammed into something hard and all the air got pushed out of my lungs, but when I had fallen down past the top of the arena I could flap my wings again, so I'm guessing a numbing spell and a barrier or something...?" Alia smiled embarrassedly "I have no idea how magic works..." Than folding her wings dejectedly she sighed, Alia had no idea how she was supposed to help at all when the problem was caused by magic, or even if the other dragons would want her help, seeing as she had just threatened all of their lives a few hours ago.

Why am I so violent and rash? Pink dragons are supposed to be kind!

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Goldron wearily smiled. He softly spoke,


"Wouldn't the main gate open during the Ember cup? Despite the crowd and the guards, we could try to crash through them and make our way out."


Goldron grinned for a moment. Suddenly, his grin faded away. What was he saying? Someone would get hurt or die during the escape. He would be risking his life.


"And if I perish, so shall it be."

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Palan spoke up, rising and stretching his wings. "You would do that?" He gazed at the Gold Dragon, his pink eyes a mix of awe and shock. "Well, I suppose if we are all going to die either way.." He glanced at the Pink, the Undine, and even the Hooktalon in his cage. "If we were to do that... Then I... Would risk my life defending you all." And, with that, the Pyralspite swept his tail under himself, sitting back down.




Secluded from the conversation in a far-off cell, Komaa sat, curled up in the corner of her cell. Within her cell, a Two-Headed dragon that had just brought in gibbered madly, as if insane, and a small Silver dragon stared at him, as if scared.


Komaa looked at the other cells near her. There weren't many dragons, the cells either empty or holding single dragons. A Pyro Xenowyrm slithered back and fourth across her cell, tail lashing. She was enormous, far too big to have any cellmates. A bit further down, a quivering Purple sat with her front talons over her ears.


Komaa sniffed, another tear slipping down her cheek. There was no Elly, and she could only hope that the distraction had kept Elly from being bought. She wanted to protect her sister... That was all she wanted. Was it too much to ask?


And then, quietly, she answered her own question.


"Of course it is. This is The Ember Cup."

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Alia blinked

"it would be no mean feat to break through the gates, but if there's a will there's a way" she thought for a moment " I was wondering though, what happens if the two dragons just refuse to fight? Have any of you tried it?" that was a thought, she realized, if the run for the gate didn't work they could try that.



((I won't be here for most of August just needed to tell you guys))

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Goldron smiled at the Pyralspite. If they had more supporters, they might be able to escape! Suddenly, the pink spoke up,


"It would be no mean feat to break through the gates, but if there's a will there's a way. I was wondering though, what happens if the two dragons just refuse to fight? Have any of you tried it?"


Goldron thought for a while. That wouldn't hurt, unless...


"The humans would force us to fight, wouldn't they? I mean, don't they love blood?


Suddenly, footsteps could be heard. Goldron gestured the dragons to be quiet. Then, he laid down again, closing his eyes and pretended to sleep.

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((Finally I stop lurking!))


Fluttering Swallow


"...take three times a day, no excess activity, I'll be back to change the bandages."

"But can't you just heal me?"

"My energies are reserved for severe maladies."

His bedside manner needs work, she thought. A shame, with his talent.

Seve was working away in the next cage, as per usual. The dragon there howled up a storm with every injury.

Flutter lay, wings arched as a sunshade in the hot room that was made of two cages knocked together, head down waiting for the next patient. She had an "office," (stone cages again) Seve made "house calls." Her eyes closed.

It was very warm.

She was very tired.


She fell into the pool of memory...


The sun was just rising over the mountains.

"It's awesome! You're going to love it! I put in a bed and a ton of these teak shelves and some of our other friends got these medicines for you to use and everything!" Brightwings danced in the air, those gorgeous wings pulling at a thermal. "Come on!"

"PATIENCE! I'm coming!" She laughed, but then stopped as she crested the ridge. The sea, so blue, the cliffs, so tall, the waves, so white. The island sands, so clean sugar white. "I..."

"Yes? There was another cove but the island was teeny and no trees or anything-"

"Love it. Is there a cave?" she said as she circled down to land with a slight splash in shallow, turquoise water.

"Yeah! I asked some of the magis to help me teleport stuff so it has all your things in it." He leaped from the air onto a breaking wave and rode it into a small archway of pale sandstone. Inside was a sleek stone cave, hung with shelves

"Wake up, healer."

and a tapestry, woven out of-


The dream, again. she thought. My crystal has to be there. It's my heart, where I belong. But I know the place so well. Where could it be hidden?

"Um... Sorry to wake you up..." Back to the daily grind. She sighed. At least it's not lethal.

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FlameWingzz can't possibly be gone for so long?


I... need... to... RP...


Can you delete your previous post. Its embarrassing xd.png

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