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The Ember Cup

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~The Ember Cup RP~
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THIS RP IS CLOSED Until I get back. Do not post anything.


All new players will be accepted until the 31st of July. Afterwards, the roleplay will remain open to new people until it reaches 20 users.

If that number is already passed by that date, the roleplay will be closed to new users immediately.


Currently: CLOSED Because I am gone for a while


Character Sheet Approval

OoC Thread

The land we all knew, loved, and cherished no longer exists. There is now only barren ground where dragons used to live and fly free. Dragons have been hunted almost to the point of extinction by greedy humans who wanted to get their hands on their precious scales and other materials. The few that survived the human war were captured and are forced to fight others to the death in huge arenas, all for the humans' amusement.

All dragons who tried to rebel against their human captors would be killed on the spot, and, after some time of this happening, most stopped rebelling and accepted their horrible fates. They might not show it, but they still yearn for their freedom.

However, they are not without hope. News of a new prophecy is spreading throughout the dragons' prisons. There are even rumors that a dragon managed to escape into the outside world unharmed.

Each day, more and more dragons are murdered by their own kind for human entertainment. It needs to stop. A group of dragons must escape and fulfill the prophecy, so the dragons may be freed from their persecution.


The Prophecy

It is not known where the prophecy originated, but most believe the dragon who spoke it was killed shortly afterwards.

"I have been enlightened by the dragon of the sun and the dragon of the moon, and they have shared their wisdom with me. Crystals of light exist deep in the heart of the earth, where everything began, past the hills of blood, and beyond these walls of imprisonment and torture. Each will grant any dragon, upon contact, a great power. With these powers, we will rise and defeat the enemy once and for all."

There is another part to the prophecy that disappeared as it was passed on from prison cell to prison cell, and there are very few dragons who know of it:

"But be warned: without a pure heart, touching the crystal will result in corruption, and, ultimately, death."


The Great Human War + The Osoba Treaty + The Osobanian Kingdom

Because dragons cannot understand humans very well, not much is known about what started the Great Human War. Dragons living during the war usually didn't even notice, but it wasn't until after the war that problems started to arise for the dragons. The humans had created a treaty (called the Osoba Treaty) and united as one, making them extremely powerful-- powerful enough to even capture or kill dragons regularly. It had gotten so horrible that all wild dragons became extinct within a decade. The only ones left are pit against one another in arenas.

After the signing of the Osoba Treaty, the humans created a huge kingdom, which they named Osobania after the treaty. It features a large castle, miles of villages, a towering wall around the whole kingdom, and, of course, the Dragon Arena.


The Ember Cup

Every year, a competition called "The Ember Cup" is hosted at the Dragon Arena. Humans come from miles around just to watch and bet on this famous, month-long event.

Humans will buy a dragon living in the arena in hopes of being showered with gold if the dragon survives the Cup. (This does not mean they have to take care of the dragon. The arena keeps the dragon alive. But the person who has bought the dragon is welcome to buy better food for the dragon or even provide a new place for it to live. Wealthy people will move their dragons to their personal dragon stables, where they are trained and fed better food rations to gain strength for the Cup. However, there very few people that have enough money to do so.) To proceed through the competition, dragons must fight and kill other dragons on their way to victory. Eventually, only two are left, and the final battle between the two determines the winner of the Ember Cup. The day after the dragon's victory, the humans host a feast, with the main dish being the very dragon that won the Cup. Around 50-150 dragons (it varies from year to year) are forced take part in this gruesome, gory, killing spree.


The Dragon Arena

The Dragon Arena is a huge stadium where the Ember Cup and other battles are held. Almost all existing dragons are held in small, dirty prisons there.


Underneath the stadium seats are huge halls and corridors lined with dragon cages. The corridors are linked to the outside world by many human-sized doors, and two reinforced dragon-sized gates leading out onto the sandy arena floor. The Dragon Arena itself is located right at the wall of Osobania, and there was another dragon-sized gate leading to the outside world, where wild dragons used to be brought in before they went extinct. It has since been changed back into a wall, though it is weak from construction.

Inside the arena is what the humans have nicknamed the "Red Room" due to the fact that animal blood is spattered everywhere. More information about this room is below.

Connected to the arena is the auction field, which features stone platforms arranged in circles where humans auction off dragons for the Ember Cup.

A wizard has enchanted the area between the arena floor and the stadium seats to prevent anything from passing through, protecting the people watching. The same wizard has also created a forcefield that acts as a ceiling, so that dragons cannot escape by flying and so that nobody gets rained on.

-Treatment of Dragons-

The dragon cages are just about big enough for one of the largest dragons to touch his head to one wall and his tail tip to the opposite wall. Pygmies, though their smaller size gives them more room, still don't have much space due to the fact that there are usually 4 to 5 in one cell at a time.

All dragons' wings are pinned to their bodies with metal clamps. Their jaws are tied shut to prevent any fire-breathing, though both are removed when fighting in the arena. (Dragons that do not have wings are tied to the wall with a sort of leash connected to the ropes around their jaws)

Dragons are fed once every week. The amount of meat depends on their size, but rations are still small. The dragons are taken through the corridors to the "Red Room" to feed, so called after the blood that spatters virtually everything. After they are tied from head to toe, the head tie is removed, and the food placed in front of them. Once finished, the dragon(s) will be taken back to their cages.


Past the Walls

Past the walls is the land of Dragon Cave. Osobania is located in what was the southernmost lake on the island's peninsula (See the map on the Dragon Cave homepage), which had dried out over time. Use the map as a reference for everything outside Osobania.




Starting Point + Other Info

Your dragon will start in the dragon cages. You may partner up with someone else in the same cage, if you like.

The RP is going to start out with some little adventures of the dragons living in the arena, but eventually, the Ember Cup will start. (This will happen after the roleplay is closed to new users. This is so that everyone, even new players, will get to experience the Cup.)

Remember, the goal of your dragon is to find the crystal(s) mentioned in the prophecy (By the way, these crystals resemble mana, but are in fact a different kind of crystal that is powered by mana.). The crystal for your dragon will be located where their breed's eggs used to be found before wild dragons went extinct (Quote: "...where everything began..."), but, of course, your dragon doesn't know this.





Roleplay Rules:

-Normal DC RP Rules

-Getting a little romantic with your dragons is fine, but please, nothing too inappropriate. However, it is fine to reference "it" as long as you don't actually have your dragons "do it".

-Once your dragon has acquired its powers, do not abuse them. For example, don't go and destroy all of Osobania in one huge explosion.

-Add the words "The cake is a lie!" to the end of your character sheet. This is so I know you read the rules!

-Do not fully complete the prophecy (free all of the dragons) just yet. This will be saved for the end of the RP. Though, freeing one or two dragons is fine.

-Language is allowed.

-Because the Arena is a horrible place to live in, many dragons probably commit suicide, but this RP is for the few that do not commit suicide. Unless you are going to remove that character, suicide is not allowed.

-If you do happen to remove one of your characters, at least make one more post about how they left / died.


Character Rules:

-Each user can have a maximum of 4 dragons in the RP.

-Any age of dragon is allowed, but only adults get to participate in the Cup and find their crystal.

-Your dragon doesn't need to exist on your scroll, but it is highly recommended that it does.

-Do not start RPing until your character sheet is approved.

-Approval will not be through PMs, but through messages on the character sheet approval thread. You should probably take a look at the thread every once and a while to see if your sheet has been approved.

-After you have been accepted, it is perfectly fine to add new characters or remove ones you don't like.


Character Sheet

Please post the sheet in the OoC and Character Sheet Approval thread and wait for it to be approved.

Username: <The username you use to login to Dragon Cave>

Name: <Your dragon's name. (Last names should be in parentheses.)>

Gender: <What gender is your dragon?>

Species: <What species is your dragon?>

Age: <Hatchlings are anywhere from 1 to 10 years, while adults are usually 20 to 150 years>

Mate: <Name of mate (Last name of mate if there is one) {Breed of mate} [username of owner of mate if not yours]>

Personality: <Your dragon's personality>

Appearance: <This is optional. If not included/left blank, your dragon will be assumed to look like a normal dragon of their species.>

Background: <Any information about your dragon's past>

Skills/Talents: <What is your dragon good at?>

Other: <Optional. This would include anything that wouldn't fit into any other category.>


Here is an example of a completed sheet:


Username: FlameWingzz

Name: Tide (Piscari)

Gender: Male

Species: Black-Capped Teimarr

Age: 57 years

Mate: Aura Piscari {White Dragon} [FlameWingzz]

Personality: Optimist, kind, brave, knows when to joke around/be serious

Appearance: Because of his father, Tide has developed faint, star-like spots on both the top and undersides of his wings that can glow, though the glow can only be seen in complete darkness. The glowing of these spots can be controlled individually, giving Tide the ability to "sparkle" his wings.

Background: Tide's father was a Nebula dragon who disappeared shortly after the prophecy was first spoken, and the day before Tide was born. His mother, a Teimarr named Althea, was killed in the arena a few years ago.

Skills/Talents: Incredible eyesight inherited from his father, ability to expertly mimic various sounds

Other: Tide has an unusual love for the stars. For hours he will stare out the barred window of his cell in the arena at the night sky.



Be sure that you have read EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING. I know it's quite a lot to read, but without much of the information above, you won't be able to understand much of what's going on. Especially, read the rules.

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The RP has been approved!!! Let the RP begin! biggrin.gif
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As usual, the view of the stars was blocked by the many large dark clouds in the sky, which seemed to glow in the moonlight. A loud sigh erupted from Tide's maw as he lowered his forelegs from the small, barred window of the cell onto the ground. "Another starless night?" said Aura, the female white dragon occupying the same cell, and also Tide's mate. Tide sparkled the glowing spots on his wings slowly and lowered his head. "Yes. It's been cloudy for ages. I haven't seen the stars in weeks..." he spoke as he let out another deep sigh.

Aura stood up and came over to Tide, stroking his cheek with her tail. "Look, it's alright," she sat next to him. "They aren't going to be hidden forever."

The two were still for the next half hour. Boredom started to arise in Tide. He wished he could stretch his wings, to be free from his shackles and to glide in the high winds and hunt in the ocean. Quickly, he crushed away those thoughts. Tide knew that daydreaming about freedom would only make his life in the arena harder to handle.

Eventually, he lowered his head onto the ground, his eyes closed, and slowly, his mind began to drift into sleep.


Suddenly, it was daytime. Aura was lying on the cold floor of the cell, her breathing deep and calm as she dreamed, with Tide curled around her, their tails intertwined. Not wanting to wake her, Tide remained still. 'She's so cute...' he thought, as he gave her a light, gentle kiss on the forehead.

A few minutes passed until the silence was broken by the sound of quick footsteps approaching the cell door. A metallic thud was heard as the lock was opened. Aura awoke and rubbed her eyes. "What's going on?" she said, watching as the gate was opened. "I don't know..." Tide spoke as he raised his head. "We just ate yesterday, so they shouldn't be back for a week. Unless they got mixed up and are bringing us to the red room to feed us again."

Humans poured in wearing metal armor and wielding razor-sharp swords. This wasn't unusual: the humans usually did this when bringing out the dragons to eat. Tide and Aura stood up and prepared to go with them, but Aura was immediately forced to the back of the cell. "Hey, wait! Why aren't you going to let her eat?!" Tide growled to the humans, knowing they wouldn't be able to understand him anyways. His response was a small jab in the foot with a sword. That was alright, he would get it healed by Aura later.

After the humans led him outside the cell, the gate was closed and he was herded down a corridor which he knew led to the arena. 'Wait, what?! There's no battle scheduled for today!' he thought, confused and terrified at the same time. To his relief, they instead went down into another hallway Tide had never gone through before. It opened up into a small room with one of the largest gates he'd ever seen. It was slowly lowered down by humans using ropes.

Tide widened his eyes in horror. It was an auction. A dragon auction. Hundreds of dragons were chained to stone stages arranged in a huge circle, with signs below them stating information such as age, breed, and amount of battles won. And, in the middle of it all-- a sign that read, "The Ember Cup - Dragon Auctions Open!"

Of course Tide knew about the Ember Cup. Every year, hundreds of dragons are bought by humans, and, if the dragon they bought survived all of the battles, they'd be showered with gold and treasure. Tide, however, was never included in the Ember Cup before. And he certainly never knew about these auctions.

The humans led him up to a platform, with a sign underneath that read, "57 Years. Teimarr. Strong Male. Amazing Fighting Skills."

This was Tide's worst nightmare. He was going to be auctioned off, and then be forced to fight in the Ember Cup. Yes, he had been in the arena before, but it had been two terrifying experiences for him, and he dreaded the moments he had to take the other dragons' lives. At least the Cup wasn't going to be for another month.

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The dark clouds felt choking, and little light cast on the cell floor. Skaol was curled with Illia, who had a bulging stomach. Eggs were in there, his own eggs. As the seconds ticked away, the Guardian of Nature rubbed the bump, a slight smile showing. Hopefully the wretched humans were not cruel enough to harm a pregnant dragon; after all, they probably did not want this torture to end. Skaol wished that his children could grow up in a world of peace and freedom, like many GoNs before him. Then he felt Illia shivering again, hearing a slight wimper escape her lips.

Shh, it's okay. He assured, stroking her cheek lightly with a talon.

I-I just want my babies to be okay. To be happy, to be healthy, to be free. I-I just want the best for our children! She cried, the tears running down her cheeks. Skaol gave her a small forehead kiss and wrapped a bit tighter around her. The egg bump was right up against his belly, and he shed a single tear.

Someday....someday. He whispered, then gave her a sweet kiss right on her lips. She slolwy stopped shivering, and Skaol lightly broke his face away. Now let's sleep, my dear flower. And the two twined tails, slowly falling into sleep.




The Shimmer sighed softly, the moon's absence allowing a gloomy feeling to grow. Being half Shadow Lurker, he did like sleeping in dark corners. But the moon's light was so...comforting, and gave him hope that someday, somehow things would get better. The absence of the moon and the stars made his heart feel dank and dim, which was never a good feeling. He looked across to his female cellmate. The humans shoved him in with her, probably in hopes of them mating and producing eggs. Nothing happened yet though, and Lurk wanted to let her approach him. Sleep took over as he drifted into a land of endless possibilities, a land of....freedom.

((If nobody wants their single female in a cage with Lurk, I'll make his cellmate an NPC))






A sword in his face awakened him, and he let out a small growl. They are yesterday, so what was going on? Illia, wake up. Humans are here.

The poor female woke up confused, her bump not getting any smaller. The humans gently led her to the side and violently chained Skaol before he could take action. Leading him outwards, Illia left out a small cry as he was dragged away. He grunted through his muzzle, as he was led through the corridor...to the arena? But there was no fight today! Skaol was relieved when he saw the humans drag him a different way...but his relief was replaced by dread.


It was an auction. A dragon auction. Hundreds of dragons were chained to stone stages arranged in a huge circle, with signs below them stating information such as age, breed, and amount of battles won. And, in the middle of it all-- a sign that read, "The Ember Cup - Dragon Auctions Open!"


Oh no.

Oh no.

The Ember Cup! Every year, the bloodfest known as the Ember Cup takes place, with many dragons dead by the end. Skaol never took part in it before, and hoped he would never. Welp, that hope was crushed like a grape. The humans led him to a platform and chained him there, leaving a sign that said '28 Years. Guardian of Nature. Fierce Male. Amazing Speed.'


That was it. He was going to die. He gloomily sat on his platform, and noticed a Black-Capped Teimarr next to him. The dragon had a starry pattern on his wings, with was surely odd. Across from him in the circle was a Shimmerscale with black fur and hints of blue. He turned his head to the Teimarr and used telepathy to communicate. Hey.

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The cage surrounding Khione's curled body was getting too small for her. She growled to herself and tucked her tail in closer to her body, rolling over to gaze up at the starry sky. How was it so peaceful up there, when there was so much violence and bloodshed below? The moonlight flickered across her silver and blue scales, casting shadows of the iron bars surrounded her across her body. She stared up at the sky, mesmerized by the stars, which were not too different in appearence than little diamonds strewn across black velvet. She sat there, dreaming to herself of what her life might be if she wasn't here. She could be completely free, flying among those stars, perhaps teaching her children how to use thier wings.


Yeah right. Like that will ever happen.


She could see know way of escaping this rancid hole. No sooner had the thought passed through her mind than the familiar creaking sound of the gate screeched from down the hall. Khione sat straight up, snarling as three humans approached her, swinging open the door to her cage and dragging her roughly from it, as she snarled and swung her tail at her tormentors. But to no advail. They dragged her through the stone halls, up to the auctioning field.


The Ember Cup...


There was no way of escaping it. If you lose, you were killed. If you win, you're eaten.


I'm going to die...


She fought, biting and hissing like a wild animal as she was chained up, with the sign below her reading, "Royal Blue, female, incredible speed + fighting ability" The worst possible place a dragon could be, and here she was.




Heidrun sat under his pole, feeling miserable. Why him? It's not like he wanted to be here. At all. But here he was. Heidrun figured that if he acted lazy, he wouldn't have to go. No one wanted a lazy dragon to fight in the arena. So he sat there, pretending to be asleep. His sign had mentioned something about 'incredible strength' , but he certainly didn't appear to be fullfilling that promise. Heidrun was curled up in a ball, scales glowing dimly to show his lack of interest or motivation.


Funny how this is the best idea I've had in... a few months now.


But he could only pray it worked. His mouth curled into a smirk, which he hid beneath his curled wing. Even so, fear gnawed at his insides, the voices inside his head telling him that he would not live very long through the ordeal...

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(I know I already posted yesterday but I CANNOT RESIST THE URGE TO RP. MUST. RP. Oh and, it's like, really late at night right now, so I'm probably not going to write as well as I usually do.)


'NonoNONONONOONONONO!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO HIM?!?!' Aura screamed in her mind as her beloved mate was forced away from her, and then separated from one another by the cold, hard, iron gate. She wished she could rush forward towards Tide, but the humans surrounding her kept her from wanting to do so. 'I saw them cut his foot! It's going to get infected! What if... what if he gets sick?! OR DIES?!' she stiffened at the thought. In the time these nightmare fantasies swam through Aura's mind, the humans had left and closed the gate, leaving her alone in the cell. "I'm never going to see him again!!!" Aura roared, collapsing onto the ground and weeping.

Suddenly, dirt was flung through the barred window of the cell, right on top of Aura's feathers. Surprised, she jumped up into a standing position, then shook the dirt off. 'What... wait... isn't this... earth?' All previous thoughts were set aside and replaced with curiosity and happiness, for this was the first time Aura had ever touched something from outside the Arena.

'B-but where did it come from?' She wondered. Placing her forelegs on the ledge below the barred window of her cell, she peered outside. There was a group of humans digging a long hole outside, planning to build something, and when disturbed by Aura's roar, they flung mud into the window to get her to shut up.

Aura left the window and walked slowly back over to the dirt pile, and proceeded to pick some of it up in her talons, feeling every inch of the soft earth, wanting to know what it would feel like to be free. Then, remembering that she would probably never be able to leave this prison, a tear slid down her snow-colored cheek, and dripped onto the mound of dirt in her claws. "I... I j-just wish... I hope... th-that the prophecy is true..." Aura mumbled softly, her eyes shut tight, remembering the words passed along by the dragon in the cell next to her.

After a few minutes of reciting the prophecy in her mind, and praying with all her might to the dragons of the Sun and Moon that it would come true, she finally opened up her eyes. Only, something had appeared out of nowhere. A beautiful flower, completely white, except for bright blue tints on the edges of each curled petal, had somehow materialized on the dirt mound out of thin air.

Aura blinked a few times, questioning her sanity. There was no possible way a flower could've grown there in just a few minutes. "I must've gone insane..." she mumbled, crying once again. Another tear landed upon the mound of dirt in her talons. Where it landed, a small green shoot grew with lightning speed. Aura observed with awe as it grew in height, and within minutes, it had bloomed, looking exactly like the previous plant.

The realization hit Aura like a horse-drawn carriage (because trains don't exist in this age, obviously). Her tears can grow flowers! Hope filled Aura, and she smiled with joy at this. All those days and nights spent living in a prison cell, and she never knew she had such a beautiful power. She wondered if other dragons of her breed could do the same, but she set this aside to think about at a later time. Exhausted from going from frightened and sad to extremely happy in just a few minutes, she placed her body on the ground, and let sleep engulf her consciousness, all thoughts about Tide's situation disappearing, at least until Aura awoke.



#Foreshadowing #HintHint #WhyAmIEvenUsingHashtagsInAnRPAnyways #IDKI'mJustWeirdLikeThat
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[Hmm... I may do errors, since english isn't my natural langage.]


When Bloody Black Tea opened his eyes, he immediatly felt things were moving around him. It wasn't only the fact that dragons were being shifted, no ; deep in his guts, something was telling him that somewhere, outside this infernal prison, a change was being done. It was more like a transient impression than an absolute certitude, but it wouldn't leave his mind alone.


" I presume my imagination has overflowed my rational sens." he murmured.


He slowly stood up, taking his time to arouse each and evey fiber of his body. An evanescent smell of rotted herbs reached his nostrils, and he growled. Once, he would have enjoyed his own scent, and thought about all the fantastic plants that grew in the real world. How many of them were they ? Were they all different ? And, of course... What kind of drinks could you prepare, with all those herbs on the menu ?


Some humans broke the line of his thoughts, with their gesticulations and orders. All of this was soooo superfluous. He arrogantly ignored them, like he has always done since his birth. Humans were so vain.

But it quickly became obvious that they were trying to get him out of his cell. One of them opened the door and brandished his sword. Just like a children playing with a pointless toy. How sad.

Obediently, Bloody Black Tea got out of his "little metal home". He has never responded to those humiliating manners, and it will not began today. Bloody Black Tea was too weak ; He was too small ; and, more importantly... He was too clever to begin a foolish insurrection, which could only lead to his own end.


Questions invaded his mind, not allowing him to drift away from reality, as he always did when the later wasn't pleasant enough. Where was they taking him ? Not in the red room, he has already eaten a few days ago, and they only fed him once a week. In the arena ?

Bloody Black Tea hadn't been given, thank God, a cowardly nature. But he felt his scales shiver and bang together. The dragon has never been to the arena. Not a single time. He was too young. But now, he was an adult. He would be forced to fight, and win, or be defeated and die. In pure disgust, he revealed his fangs. Humans, were barbarians. No doubt of that.


They chained him, along with other dragons. He understood what was going on, when he read the sign "The Ember Cup - Dragon Auctions Open!". The solace almost forced a relieved sight out of him. Of course, the Ember Cup was an abomination. But here, they were selling dragons. And who would want to buy a small, pale, inexperienced male like him ? It wasn't hard to tell that Bloody Black Tea was one of the worst dragon to place bets. He was even surprised they bothered to bring him in this place.


If he hadn't been so confident, maybe he would have taken the time to read the sign under him. "21 year. Black Tea. Yound male. Quick and prime fighting age." A very tempting announcement, that will be sufficient to attract the most untrained purchasers.

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Artemis sighed, curling hair tail tighter around her talons and staring at her bloated belly with pity.


"A mother-to-be should not feel pity for her unborn children. Why must this always happen?" The Royal Blue/Plated Colossus dragon sighed to her mate, Ramses, a dragon who was a cross between a Guardian Dragon and a Brute Dragon.


Her mate simply grunted in response, though he did come over a gently butt his head against hers. It was his way of showing affection, from what she had been able to surmise. Her mate was not much one for words, after all.


Ramses was five years older than Artemis, and it showed. He had far more battle scars and broken scales than his smarter, faster mate. He couldn't help it if he was a bit slow, that was how he was bred. Just as Artemis was bred for speed and intelligence. Combined, they were supposed to create the "perfect battle dragon, by order of the King of Osobania" or at least, that's what the petty humans kept telling them each time one of their sons was killed in combat.


The pair had yet to breed a female offspring. That was the only reason the pair had remained mates for so long, after all. When Artemis was young, not long after she had met Ramses, she had heard the rumor floating through the dank cages and had excitedly shared it with her mate. He had grunted in reply, hiding in a corner with his tail-shield facing her as if he were saying "leave me alone". Frustrated, she took the first opportunity she saw to escape, only to be recaptured and dragged back to her cell less than an hour later. The guards had threatened to kill her, but they couldn't yet. She was still pregnant, and had yet to produce the "perfect battle dragon" the king was looking for.


So here she sat, belly extended and nearly ready to bring her egg into the world, a world that knew only death and sorrow.


Headbutting her slightly harder this time, Ramses offered Artemis a smile- "Maybe they not kill. Maybe sell you?" He tried, but they both already knew. There was only one way out of this hell.


With a sigh, Artemis rolled over so that her mate could curl around her.


"...Do you want me to tell the story again, Ramses?" She asked, nuzzling the top of her head against his. He nodded, and she spun the story that had sprouted from that same rumor that was nearly her death all those moons ago.

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The first day of auctioning had gone quite well. In that, Khione meant that she hadn't been sold yet. A few bidders had come to look at her, but she was rather unappealing as a battle dragon, lacking thick scales or deadly sharp claws. Besides, most buyers seemed to prefer power over speed. So, at the end of the day, Khione was dragged back to the cages, tossed in a different spot then last time, and in a larger cage. The humans were probably going to give her a cellmate. Khione sighed. She would much prefer a dragon that she could become friends with, instead of just having to breed. She curled in the corner of the cage, and thought back to the days when she was living free with her family, so long ago.


((If anyone wants to be Khione's cellmate, go for it smile.gif ))




He was looking very lazy indeed, his large body draped over his stone column, which was a bit too small for him. He opened an eye to see two wealthy looking humans looking at him, obviously interested. Heidrun grunted and rolled over, smacking one of them in the face with his tail. The human yelped, backing away, as Heidrun pretended not to notice, but was holding back laughter all the same. The day passed, and Heidrun was dragged back into a cell, this time with a pretty female Moonstone dragon. Despite his attempts at making friends, she wanted nothing to do with him, not even responding to a "Hello, I'm Heidrun, what's your name?" So Heidrun resorted to sitting in the back of the cage, feeling hungry and rather miserable.

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((Psst. Forest. Can Lurk be the cellmate? Great guy to make friends with xd.png))




Two humans approached him, a male and a female. The female seemed much more energetic than the male, and they looked a lot like each other. Same brown hair, same green eyes, maybe they were siblings? They sure did not act like mates, and they seemed to be bickering.


After quite a bit of bickering, the female walked off in a different dragon, while the male stayed to look at him. In the slight breeze, the cloak he was wearing flapped like the flags around the arena. After a long while of studying the Guardian of Nature, the man was talking with another man. After signing a piece of parchment and leaving, the guards took him and dragged him back to his cell. There, he met Illia once again.

Skaol! You came back! The GW cried, waddling over with a seemingly bigger belly.

I know, I know. I am back. Skaol replied, before wrapping his gigantic wings around her and giving her a kiss. They gained tails once more and stood there, enjoying the sweetness of the reunition.


---Meanwhile the female human walked over to a young Black Tea...---



((Surprisingly, Skaol is quite the romantic guy))




A day of utter failure. Nobody seemed to pay the Shimmerscale any mind, much less buy him. The poor Eastern made his way back to his cage in chains only....this was a different cage, with a different female. They shoved him in and locked the door, and Lurk sat sharing at the other female. Time to make friends and not just sit there waiting for something to happen. He let out a quiet Hello?

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[i was going to offer Bloody as the cellmate, but it seems like Esko was faster. ^^ In the same way, if anyone want to share a cell wih my dragon, I wouldn't say no.]


Bloody wasn't really paying attention to the agitation around him. Humans always act crazy. They were pointless, stupid creature. Above everything, they were slow, weak, easily frightened. It really was a disgrace for a dragon as proud as him, to be held in slavery by such ungracious creatures.


But, he couldn't refrain from sustaining the sorrow of his congeners. He saw a young Guardian of Nature, almost as young as himself, being bought by a man, and this vision made him gnash his teeth in anger.


"Il était une fois, the story of the most powerful dragon, sold and bought by the foolish creatures." he said with a bitter tone. "This couldn't be more laughable and tragic."


A female moved closer to him, and Bloody Black Tea observed her during a few seconds, before he conspicuously turned his back. What he had seen was clear enough. Eyes like discoloured leaf, hairs similar to dirt. Nothing more than a regular human - she was idiot and uninteresting.

When he realized the female was reading the sign under him, he almost feeled ill. Such a disgusting creature, she could buy him ? Unbelivable.

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(( @Esko: Of course he can! smile.gif ))




Khione hadn't really moved much from her position in the corner, and it was a small surprise to her when the other dragon spoke. She turned her head to see a Gold Shimmerscale on the opposite end of her cage. "Hi there," She responded, giving him a small smile and sitting up into a better position, (As opposed to a curled lump in the corner). It was, after all, one of the few times anyone had spoken to her. "Kind of dull in here, isn't it?" She smacked the cage bars lightly with her tail. "I'm Khione, by the way. Who are you?" She couldn't help feeling a bit more 'out of her shell' towards this dragon, whether that was due to her loneliness or her eagerness to make a friend or two in this horrid place. She had seen the Shimmerscale once or twice from her other cage, but that was about all.




Heidrun's stomach was growling rather loudly, causing his unsociable Moonstone cellmate to cast him rather unkind looks. Eventually, two rather burly looking humans came and dragged him out of his cage, down the corridor and into the Red Room. Blood was spattered across the walls and floor, drying into maroon stains, as the humans never bothered to clean it up. As the clamp around his jaws was removed, a carcass of some sort, mutilated beyond obvious regognition was tossed in front of him. Heidrun was never the picky type, wolfed it down rather quickly, just in case someone tried to stop him from eating the whole thing. It wasn't enough to satisfy his hunger, but it seemed that that was all he was getting. He was dragged back to his cage again, still with the Moonstone. (These humans were rather persistant pests, after all,) He was becoming rather bored, and soon discovered that by superheating the embers near his tail, he could draw faint designs on the metal cage. Happy to finally have something to do, Heidrun spent a few hours showing his creative side. It wasn't like anyone really had a reason to stop him, right?

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((Sorry, didn't have my laptop for a week, but I'm back. Phew, I had a lot of reading to catch up on here. By the way, it's kind of late right now, so my writing might not be the best.))




For what seemed like hours, Tide was left chained on the platform, with nothing to do but to observe the humans scuttling around the area. Dragons came and went (including a golden shimmerscale and even a guardian of nature), humans took some looks at the dragons, sometimes signing pieces of paper. It was utterly boring.

Tide sighed, sparkled his wings, and peered over to his right, where a female hellhorse had been chained. "I wish I could just... just leave this hellish life..." Tide lowered his head. "But I can't... not without hurting Aura. She couldn't survive without me."

The hellhorse's expression darkened. "I know... the humans have no idea how much pain and suffering we have to go through. I wonder how much THEY would like to be cooped up in a cage all day long. With NOTHING TO DO BUT SCRATCH TO WALLS WITH YOUR HOOVES. I WISH THEY COULD JUST UNDERSTAND!!!" she stood up and pounded her front hooves on the hard, cold stone of the platform, snarling. "I WANT TO DESTROY EVERY HUMAN ALIVE! TO END ALL OF THEIR LIVES AND END OUR SUFFERING!!!" Pounding her hooves against the surface again, she spotted a human standing behind her, and kicked it square in the nose, hurling it towards the ground, its face covered in blood.

A human cried out "KILL IT!" and suddenly, the furious hellhorse was surrounded by a group of knights, all with razor-sharp swords. Tide watched on with horror as they attacked the unforunate dragon, the swords stabbing and slicing through the hellhorse's skin. Yet, she didn't give up, and managed to break a few of the humans' legs. It was only when her neck was severed when she finally gave up, her body limp and lifeless.

That was the horrible truth about the Arena. Any rebellion would be punished with death, no matter how small or insignificant.


((Darn it, my computer is going to die in a minute, and I don't have a charger. I guess I'll have to end it here. :/))

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Ramses cast one last look at his beloved Artemis before he was dragged out into the auctions. He hadn't been allowed out there on the first day- probably because they didn't have enough auction blocks for dragons of his size. Today they would both be sold. Ramses from an auction block, Artemis from her cage. Pregnant females were usually only shown to privately interested buyers rather than auctioned, because they fetched a higher price. Two for one, after all.


He was lead out, walking along behind some humans who pulled unnecessarily hard on the chains that bound him, almost as if he were a horse or a goat. They tied him down securely, and then he laid down in wait to see what would happen next.


He had spent most of the day on his small platform, when suddenly a human dressed in very soft-looking cloths and multitudes of metals and gems stopped in front of him, examining him with interest.


"You say he is part of the King's requested lineage? Are you sure? He's quite ugly." She said to the meek-looking man next to her.


"Yes m'lady, he is. However, I believe he was mated with a Royal Blue dragon, if you wish to see her instead, m'lady. I think she is still in the cells, according to this sheet she is pregnant and should give birth to her egg any day now." The small man explained.


Ramses stood up, growling around the clamp over his mouth as they spoke of his mate. They can't take her away from him. Not now. Not when he has to protect her. Protect her and the child.


"Hahaha! If the hatchling has even half of the fight her father seems to have, it will make a wonderful addition to my collection. Take me to the female." She finished, already walking off with her skirts swishing through the dirt.




Artemis spent the day trying to look dull. She scratched at the floor of her cell and did her best to make her scales stop shimmering in the torchlight like stars. Humans like stars. If they like her they'll buy her. If they buy her, she'll die. If she dies, what will happen to her hatchling? To Ramses?


No. Stop thinking. Keep digging.


"Here she is, m-m'lady." A small human male said as he approached Artemis's cage. She felt her stomach drop when the lady clad in royal blue fabrics and silver gems peered between the bars.


"Oh, wonderful! And in my favorite colors, none the less! She looks perfect!" The woman cried excitedly, wrapping her hands around the bars of the cage.


Artemis growled, slamming her tail against the bars just above the human's head. The female didn't even flinch.


"Yes, yes I like her. How much is she?"


"Well m'lady, you see, she uh- she has this one condition, alongside her sale. I apologize, I didn't read farther ahead. Please forgi-"


"Enough of that, what's the condition?"


"Once she gives birth, she must be forced into the arena against healthy dragons until she is killed. You see, m'lady, she attempted to escape, but they could not kill her right away because she was pregnant with the King's Prized Lineage and hasn't yielded a female to continue the line yet. I am terribly sorry m'lady."


"So what? She's going to die anyway. Might as well make the betting clear. I'll take her, and I'll follow whatever conditions the crown forces on her."


Artemis stared at the woman. How could they be so cruel? So heartless? It dawned on Artemis that she might not even survive long enough to see her child grow wings. Her baby might not even remember her. She prayed to whatever was out there that this child was a boy, if only so that she could live on just a bit more borrowed time.

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(Yay, new character! More info on the OoC thread)




Xeloh watched in awe as she projected her thoughts into the air with magic, the glowing shapes bright red-orange like herself. They showed two flying, snakelike beings, one slightly bigger than the other, caressing one another with their tails. The larger one placed what seemed to be a kiss on the smaller one's nose, and they proceeded to wrap their necks together in a "hug".

'Ah, the things I would do to have a mate...' Xeloh daydreamed, her tail swooshing back and forth underneath her slowly and gracefully as she levitated. She was alone in her cell, being one of the very few Xenowyrms in the entire arena.

The noise of faint steps upon stone became apparent to Xeloh, so she instinctively landed back onto the floor and used her magic to dull the color of her scales. This was her way of seeming weak to the humans so that they would never use her in battle, for Xeloh knew that she would never stand a chance against another dragon.

A thud sounded as the lock was opened and the gate raised. 'Hm, didn't I eat just yesterday? I wonder what they need me for,' Xeloh wondered. Many knights in shining armor wielding swords poured in, the usual. The dull orange wyrm raised her head "weakly" as if she hadn't eaten in months.

The humans started herding Xeloh towards the gate. 'Maybe I'm being fed again,' she realized as she slithered across the floor, like a snake. 'I love it when the humans mess up our feeding schedules... then again, that means that somewhere here, a dragon is going without food. Um, never mind.'

Strangely, the humans turned left instead of right, which wasn't the usual way to the red room. 'Wait, they can't be taking me to the arena! I can't fight!' Xeloh started to slow down a little in fear, but the humans pushed her along. One of the main two gates to the arena floor was just up ahead, and was coming up fast. She was helplessly going to be forced out there and die.

To Xeloh's relief, they only passed by the gate, and continued on to the many corridors of cells. They finally stopped at one with a sleeping white dragon inside, and started to unlock the gate.

'So... they're moving me?' Xeloh was filled with joy at the fact that this new cell had a window. Now she could finally see what the outside was like! And, even better, she would finally meet another dragon. Hopefully, the one who might become her mate.




Aura was awakened by the sound of the gate being locked shut. She immediately shot up her head, expecting to see Tide back from wherever he had gone. But, instead, she was shocked to see not her mate, but instead a giant, dull orange snake in her cell. Well, at least she thought it was a snake. It had a face similar to a dragon, and large, thick spikes all over its body.

"Oh, hello, I'm sorry to wake you," the strange creature said as Aura stared at it in disbelief. Before her very eyes, the stranger brightened in color and started levitating in the air!

"U-um... may I ask... um... Wh-what are you?" Aura mumbled in fear, not knowing if she should hide from this strange beast.

"Oh, me? I'm a wyrm. A Xenowyrm to be specific. Of the Mageia variant. We're like you, except, well, no legs, and no wings. Oh, and, we can levitate. And we are very powerful magic-wise." it demonstrated by making its eyes glow for a moment. "You don't have to be afraid of me, by the way. The name's Xeloh," the creature levitated over to Aura. "What's your name?"

"A-aura..." Aura scooted away a few inches, still a little frightened by Xeloh. She had never seen anything like it. "Oh, you're female..." Xeloh said, losing her smile as she hovered away from Aura and up to the cell window. "I thought I was moved here for breeding or something."

"You could've been... I-I mean, there's a male that lives here but-" before Aura could finish, Xeloh teleported over and said, "REALLY?! Oh my gosh, I bet he's tall! And handsome! Oh, I can't wait to meet..." she trailed off before she could finish her sentence when she noticed Aura's expression. "He's... your mate, isn't he..." Xeloh frowned and placed her entire body on the ground, blushing and looking down. "Um... I'm sorry."

"It's alright..." Aura placed a gentle talon on Xeloh's head. "Anybody could've made that mistake."

Aura realized that she is usually much more shy around other dragons, and realized it might be instinct to act this way around dragons she knows she will spend a lot of time with. After all, they would be living together in a cell, now.

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Bloody Black Tea


After a long, long time, the human female stood up, and said with hesitation :


"Yeah I... I think I'm gonna buy this one."


This sentence made Bloody Black Tea shiver, even If he made a point to not showing his true feelings. He just stared right at his new "mistress", before he turned his head with the most feigned indifference, while "she" was taking care of the paper work. But inside... Inside, his peaceful, wonderful, lonely world was collapsing.


He headed back to his cell, droping his tail, so low that it was scratching the floor. He didn't even noticed they had changed his cell. He just entered, and sat, and remained silent for a moment.

He couldn't help but hear the outside world. This had always prevent him from finding the true peace, where he could forget each and every dark aspect of reality. Therefore, when he heard the discussion in the cell next to him, a word drew his attention. "Xenowyrm".

This gave him a start, causing him to hit the top of his cell with a metallic sound. He ignored the pain, and watched closely his neighbour, two female. Yeah, one of them really was a Xenowyrm. He had never seen one, so this was new. A bizarre creature. More a snake than a dragon, really. No limbs, no wings, just a quite long tail. He evaluated her to be between twenty-five and thirty-three years old, but wasn't sure. He sweared he would keep an eye on her : just to see how this race was living, what were their specific feature. He wanted to develop knowledge.

He realized that observing another dragon with such intensity wasn't really polite. So, he did as he've never seen her, noting that this other female was a White Dragon.


Bleeds under the Moon


Her dreams were filled with the dead corpes of her defeated ennemy. Blood, bones and screams of pain were her life since she was born. It was a disturbing atmosphere, but Bleeds under the Moon was now used to it.

Her name came from the day of her first victory, one against a Storm Dragon. It was in day light, the Strom Dragon was more powerful. Eveyrone had thought this would be an easy and quick fight. In fact, it had been a tough and long battle. But the Bleeding Moon had won. When she finally ended her rival's life, it wa night. The red dots on her back had spread like a river of blood, since she had fought under the sun for several hours. So, the human named her this way. She didn't care at all, as long as she was fed and could fight.


But today, the humans didn't take her to feed her. Neither they did to make her fight. They just chained her, and let her to rot. Now that was odd.

She violently send her mind against a mix between a guardian and a Brute dragon.

"What's going on ?" she asked.

She knew him from sight. They cells were close from each other. He had a mate, which called him... Ramse ? Rames ? Something like that. She didn't remember.

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(I kind of forgot to mention Josia in the last post... heh. You'll find out about him in a minute. Also, I literally got no sleep last night, so my writing here is probably going to suck)



After the incident with the hellhorse, things slowly went back to normal, with humans scattered around taking a look at the available dragons, including Tide. The sun had just started going behind the horizon, and it seemed like the auctions were going to close soon.

Tide was about to be consumed by sleep when an orange-haired, freckled human suddenly walked over. It seemed much more cheerful than the others and was carrying many pieces of paper. 'Wait, those are all from dragons he's purchased, isn't it! If he can afford that, I wonder if he'll feed me better food!' Tide raised his head, excited, but then immediately placed it back down onto the cold, hard stone of the platform. 'But if he does purchase me, I'll die in the Cup...'

The human chattered with the one who had been watching Tide, and was given a piece of paper which was signed and put in with the others being carried. The Teimarr didn't listen in to their conversation much, depressed at the thought he would die in battle, and never live to see the next year.

Knights crowded around Tide and took off his shackles, leading him back towards the cell. The gate was raised, and what was inside gave him quite a shock. A giant snake was attacking Aura!



"So... you're not a snake?" asked the Teimarr, scratching his forehead. "Yup, I'm a Xenowyrm." replied the levitating creature, waving her tail back and forth after she finished her explanation. Aura looked over to Tide. "We met this morning when she was moved here into our cell," she explained. "By the way, where did the humans take you, anyways?"

Tide sighed. "The dragon auctions... I was bought." Both females gasped. "Some rich, orange-haired human bought me, so I think I might be getting better food for a little while though."

"Wait... orange hair? Did he also have freckles?" Xeloh asked, realizing that it could have in fact been Josia, her human BFF. "Yeah... how did you know?" the male replied. The wyrm gasped. "THAT WAS JOSIA!!! OhmygoshohmygoshohmyGOSH!!!" Xeloh teleported upwards and did a backflip midair while the others just stared at her in confusion.

"Oh, I didn't tell you guys about him yet. He's a friend of mine. I can communicate with him using magic. Sometimes he sneaks in extra food for me. He doesn't hate us dragons like the other humans do" she explained, as if being friends with a human was completely normal. "I don't know what he's up to, buying you from the dragon auctions. I can ask him later, though. Whatever it is, it must be important." she smiled.

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Apparently, pretending to be a lazy bum didn't always work. a rather fat, nasty looking human had apparently been interested after all, and had come to Heidrun's cage to inspect him. The human hadn't even reconsidered when Heidrun burned his hand with a clever flick of his scorching tail. The fat guy had a long conversation with the humans in charge of Heidrun, and eventually, he signed off on some papers and left, probably to tend that nasty burn on his hand.


Heidrun slumped back into his cage, alone now, since the humans had removed the grumpy moonstone. Although, they hadn't quite given up trying to find Heidrun a mate. For the next few days, they tried putting him in cages with a green dragon, a rather angry black dragon, and a sunstone with a pretty boring personality. It seemed like the humans were starting to lose thier patience. They put him in his own cage the day afterwards, next to a white dragon, a teimarr and an orange xenowyrm. Being a bit bored, he figured that he might as well get to know them a little bit. "Hello," he said, trying not to start an awkward conversation. " How've things been going with you guys?"

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[it's more or less late on my side of the ocean, and I'm tired, so I might do more mistakes than usually. Sorry. ~ ]


Bloody Black Tea


An unpleasant burning draught flowed out over the dragon's scales, and he shivered, a little irritated. Another guy had joigned the conversation himself was avoiding, and, seeing the blazing ligth coming from his skin, it was an Ember. Very ''hot'' specy, and not in the romantic meaning.


"How've things been going with you guys ?"


What a stupid question. Almost worthy to be asked by a human ! A shame, really, an aberration. Could a dragon be so idiot ? Maybe that was just a way to start a conversation... Bloody Black Tea couldn't help but noticing the male was now talking to two beautiful females...

He stiffened : He was being mean. But the shock of being bought in order to fight until he died was still present in his mind. He was scared and furious, and wanted to make somebody pay for this. Even if it was an innocent, of his own kind.

Really, this wasn't how a gentleman should act. He was better than that.

He feeled stupid and ashamed. In order to grant redempetion to himself, his head gracefully came out of between two bars, and he said, even if the question wasn't asked to him :


"Quite catastrophic, to be honest. No, more than that : completely désastreux... Hmm, disastrous. And you, dear anonym, what about you ? I dare to hope you had a better day than mine. Otherwise, well... Destiny can be mischievous sometimes."


He growled in his mind. What a poor entry point ! He knew other dragons didn't like the way he was talking, but still, it was stronger than him.

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Mye and Uki




"So when are they coming to feed us, Mye?"


Mye sighed with annoyance, tapping her long, curved talon on the stone floor. Her sister had been asking this question-- this one, stupid question-- since two days after they were taken to the Red Room. What did she expect? Meals every day? A nice bed made of velvet cushions? Honestly, she sometimes wondered if Uki's heat had managed to fry her brain. She thought this, but of course, didn't say it."No, Uki, no food yet. In fact, food isn't coming for a couple of weeks. That's how it always is. Remember?"

Uki frowned, looking rather upset, and squinted at Mye. "Hey, I heard about the fried brain! Be nice."

Oops. Mye almost forgot they could hear each others' very thoughts. Not to mention how sensitive Uki was to her counterpart's criticism. "Fine, sorry." Her expression softened a bit, and her head nudged Uki's with affection. "You know, they might forget or something. It's happened before. Who kno-"


She was cut off by the sound of the cell's gate rising-- a horrible, clanking sound that made Uki flinch. Speak of the devil; humans were swarming into their prison friendly as ever, gleaming swords and durable restraints in hand. Judging by the way they ignored all of the other cowering dragons and headed towards them, it was clear that they were coming for the Hooktalon, and only for the Hooktalon. As they were being ushered out, Uki began to panic, her head swerving back and forth. <W-What's happening?! Why are they taking us, Mye? What's h-happening?>

Mye could feel her own legs trembling slightly, but she managed to hold back her anxiety. Uki came first. Not only did she feel an extreme sense of loyalty towards her, but if Uki was allowed to continue with her panic attack, she would drag both of their moods down. <Calm down. Remember what I said? They probably forgot, and they're bringing us to be fed right now.> She glanced at Mye, seeming to weigh her words, then closed her eyes. Maybe she was right. Maybe they were being brought for a nice meal, rather than something horrible.

All of their hopes were vanquished, however, when they saw that this pathway led not to the Red Room, but the Arena. <T-The Arena?!> Yuki let out a muffled roar of fright, almost rearing and earning herself a jab to the side, <No! NO!!> Mye said nothing, but stiffened, fear struggling to break her calm demeanor. Were they going to be put to death? Was this another act of cruelty by their human captors?

But no-- to their immediate relief, they went right past the Arena. Before they could breathe a sigh of relief and calm down, however, they were forced to stop in front of a large gate that raised slowly, oh so slowly, to allow them access...

And they saw a large room with dragons of all kinds chained to stone platforms. Signs hung underneath each dragon, stating information about each of them, which wandering humans occasionally stopped to examine and mull over. A dragon auction! This was almost worse. It meant the beginning of the Ember Cup, but the end of their lives. Uki teared up as they were led up to a platform and chained there, a new sign hung up beneath them.

"34. Hooktalon. Blazing, numbing hide certain to confound any opponent."


For once, Mye just didn't know what to say, looking at all of the dragons around her with dumb shock. This was it. They only had a small amount of time left in this horrid life until their lives were claimed. Suddenly, for the first time in ages, she felt the urge to cry alongside Uki.

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Sorry for the inactivity. Got kind of busy… (Minecraft is very distracting, lol) I’m going to start using colors for the dialogue, by the way.

Oh, and while I was writing this, I came up with the PERFECT plot for the story. I included a little bit of foreshadowing. Heheh~



Some time passed as the three had a long conversation about Xeloh’s life and what it was like to use magic, etc. Tide and Aura became fascinated with Xeloh’s spells and tricks, but were saddened to hear that her magic was not powerful enough to remove their wing clamps or escape. “I don’t know why or how, but the arena is… almost magic proof,” Xeloh explained. “I’ve tried many times to open cell gates and remove the clamps from other dragons, and failed every time.” She remembered all of the failed attempts, trying to free the neighboring dragons but never succeeding. “There’s a human wizard who enchanted the whole place.” Tide rememebered, sparkling his wings, “Every single wing clamp, every gate, and every individual brick that has been used to build the arena is protected with his spells. I didn’t know they could block other magic, though.”

Xeloh went into deep thought for a moment. “I didn’t know wizard magic could be that strong...” she rubbed her forehead with the tip of her tail. Despite not being raised with the knowledge of a proper Mageia, she did know a few of the rules and limitations that apply to magic. Those facts had somehow been learned when she was young, perhaps by her deceased ancestors passing on what little knowledge they could from the heavens. ‘It’s not possible… a wizard would have to have so much energy to do so that they would have exploded before doing any spells…’

Suddenly, it came to her. The key to not only escaping but also ridding the world of the arena altogether was to—her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the gate being lifted. Heat swarmed over the cell as a handsome male Ember Dragon entered. The wyrm’s eyes widened as she examined his amazingly strong muscles. “How’ve things been going for you guys?” the lava-like dragon spoke as the others turned their attention to the newcomer. A black tea in a nearby cell said something in response, but Xeloh was too engulfed in her romantic daydreams to hear.



‘What a strange question to ask upon meeting us…’ Aura thought, staying silent to avoid joining the conversation. ”We’ve been doing alright. I was bought today, but the wyrm here,” Tide gestured to Xeloh, ”told me that the human who had bought me is on our side.” He sparkled his wings. ”I’m Tide, by the way. This is Aura, and this is-“ ”-Xenowyrm, and I’m a Xeloh. Wait, no, the other way around. I mean- Err, um, just call me Xeloh…” the Mageia interrupted, blushing wildly.

Aura smiled. “Do you… like him?” Aura spoke, projecting her thoughts only to Xeloh so that the others didn’t hear. ”N-no! He’s just… um… just… okay, yes, I like him. But DON’T TELL HIM!!!” she responded as she blushed even more. “It’s alright, I promise I won’t tell him, or anybody. Actually… I could give you some advice… if you want. Maybe. I don’t know.” Xeloh flicked her tail excitedly, but resumed her calm state so that the males wouldn’t know about their conversation. “Really? You’d do that for me?” ”Sure, why not?” Aura nodded, although she was a little nervous. She’s never given love advice before.


(I’m going to end it here… it's getting quite long.)

Edit: Yay, second page!

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The minute that Heidrun spoke, he regretted it. 'How have things been going?' Gosh, that was so stupid. But then again, he had never really had the best social skills, especially when trying to meet someone. The looks on the other dragons faces projected the same sort of confusion upon him asking his question. At least they weren't mean about it though, he was at the end of his pateince with the grumpy, 'I'm-going-to-just-openly-sit-here-and-hate-everybody-for-no-reason' sort of dragons the humans kept wanting to put him with. But, he was at least going to try and socialize with these other dragons, who were at least talking to him, not to mention that they had, after all, introduced themselves. Heidrun felt like he didn't mind the setup here. The black tea dragon was the first to speak, and in a rather... odd (which was probably the best way to say it,) way. Not that Heidrun really cared at this point, but it was an observation. "Well, not too great myself, just been bought by some fat guy who smelled like old meat." Heidrun sat down, trying not to make the same awkward conversational mistakes that he did before. "My name's Heidrun by the way, nice to meet you guys." He paused again, before continuing, "And sorry about my weird question before, I'm not too great with words sometimes." What were thier names again? Tide... Aura... and Xeloh. (He made a mental note of this, trying his best not to let his short attention span ruin the moment.) He hadn't seen Xenowyrms much before, and couldn't help but sneak a few glances at Xeloh. A bit stange looking, but Xeloh herself seemed nice, and (though he didn't want to admit it,) kind of pretty. He decided that he should at least try to start a conversation with her at some point, but he wasn't quite sure what to say at the moment. Instead, he smiled at her introduction, and replied to the teimarr. "Strange though, that a human would be on our side, but hopefully that means you'll be treated better, at least. Who is he?"

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(Quite late again. Really, sorry if I make mistakes)




As soon as the other dragons began to speak, Bloody Black Tea winced and retracted his head inside the "safety" of his cell. Noise. Too much noise. Wasn't used to it. He had lost the gift of eloquence that had been his own since birth, as soon as he needed to talk to some of them.

He close his eyes, like if a tremendous pain was striking his entire body. But he felt nothing, nothing but the lack of social capacities.

When he finally reopened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the Xenowyrm's romantic glance she was taking at the Ember Dragon. He slightly sighted : great and strong males always deserved more attention. He wasn't jealous, not really, but even him would have liked to find the perfect match for him. But nature hadn't been very kind : he was small, pale, weak. The only thing he could mastered was his own mind, and this was just making his fellow dragons drive away.


He suddently started to talk to himself :


"Maybe they've use Cassare's bones to build this arena, the clamps, everything... This unbelievable atrocity would have protected the buildings...But no, this would have created a no-magic zone, and the Xenowyrm would have felt it... Or maybe another dragon gifted with magic helped them ? If a stupid and weak human can be "on our side", then maybe a dragon could be "on their side"... Who knows ?"


While he was thinking out loud, he wasn't looking at anyone in perticuliar, just watching each dragon one after the other with a abstent-minded look. He realized : nobody has asked his name. This was totally good, he would prefer not to say it. It was a weird name, after all.



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Mye slowly scanned the open area with the various dragons and humans gathered, forcing herself to stay calm. This can be fixed, she reminded herself, lifting one foot to examine the chain clamped around her ankle, all we have to do is look uninteresting. Lazy. It can't be TOO hard... right?

Unfortunately, Uki was not quite as optimistic. <Mye...> she "spoke" softly, ducking her head behind her counterpart. Mye could hear the faint trembling undertone to her voice clearly. <What are we going to do? Can... Can we survive this?>

<Of course we can.> she said flatly, trying to cheer her up, though the clamor of humans gathering around them made this difficult. <Just make your eyes droop a bit. Try to blend in. Think uninteresting, alright?>

However, Uki didn't seem to buy it whatsoever. <"Blend in?" With the sign hanging under us, Mye? Everyone in here is going to know about our power before long! Humans are always looking to get the best dragon to enter, right?!> She snapped her tail, becoming more worked up with each bitter, confused thought she sent. <I hate them, Mye!! I h-hate all of them! Wh-Why are they so... s-so...>

Mye listened patiently for a while, making certain Uki had trailed off before answering gently - unusual for her. <Mean? Horrible?> I wish I could tell you, Uki. I really do. But...> She sighed. <I guess that's just the way they are.>


Uki said nothing. There was nothing to say. So for a long time, they both sat in silence, watching the humans with the numbness that often follows grief. A small crowd had gathered around the platform, seeming extremely interested in the miserable Hooktalon lying there. Though Mye wasn't making much of an effort to listen to what they were saying, she did catch that they were shouting various numbers, each higher than the last. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. Were they bidding on them?

After a while of this, there were soon only two humans left; a male and a female. The number got higher... higher... Then stopped with the male. By the smug grin on his face as the woman walked off with stormy eyes, and the way he walked to another human to do paperwork, both Uki and Mye miserably concluded that he would be their new owner. That was that. They were doomed to die.


They didn't say a single word when the paperwork had finally been completed, and they were being led back to their cell. They still didn't say a single word when they were proded into the aforementioned cell full of cowering dragons. What did snap them out of their misery, however, were the voices of dragons near their cell having a conversation. Mye was too depressed to look but Uki, surprisingly, stretched her head out a bit to peer at them.

A Xenowyrm, an Ember, a Black-Capped Teimarr... And that was just mentioning a few of them. A Black Tea was saying something about the usage of Cassare bones in everything. Uki decided to listen, gazing at the others with solemn, flickering eyes.

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((I hope this isn't too hasty-- I wanted to make sure I was where everyone else was.))


Palan paced his cage, claws tapping on the hard floor of the cage as he walked, grumbling to himself. He felt something was different today, something unusual. Which was why, when his cage door opened with a loud crack, he backed against the wall, tail lashing.


One of the guards seized his tail, keeping the spike on the end at bay. The rest prodded him on with their swords, leading him towards... Well, somewhere. However, his nature quickly turned to fear when they took a different path. No. He thought frantically, getting nervous. They can't be taking me to the arena! There's no battle, and I've done nothing wrong!


His fear was swapped by momentary relief, only to bubble back up again when he realized where he was being taken. A room, full of hundreds of dragons, chained to stones with signs under them. With horror, he read the sign in the center. "The Ember Cup - Dragon Auctions Open!" He was led to his own platform, a sign underneath reading: "34 Years. Pyralspite. Swift and Strong. Very Hot Fire." Palan sighed softly, his eyes drooping. This is it, he thought. Time to join Spirit.


He was purchased by a young man who looked as if he was mulling over which shirt to put on that day. With a low growl, he watched as the man signed various papers. He didn't resist as the knights surrounded him, leading him towards a cell. He blinked as he entered-- he had a cellmate now. He settled down in the corner, gazing at the Hooktalon curiously. "Hello." He murmured, almost too quiet for the pair to hear. "My name is Palan." His tail curled around himself neatly, the spike on the end gleaming in the light.


((I talked to Windra about being her cellmate IRL, btw!))

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