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The Ember Cup

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In the corner of his cell, Goldron quietly lay down. He looked up into the dark sky. The stars were still missing, but the moon shone dimly through the dark clouds. Goldron sang the song that his master sang to him when he was upset.


"The tallest mountains and the deepest sea, keeps Dragon Cave in place. Under the dim moon shall the dragons chime, under the bright sun shall the dragons roar. Deep in the cave where the dragons lay, stood the spirit that calls day at night. Peace..."


Before he could continue, a middle-aged man with blue eyes and a brown beard stepped in front of his cell.


"Oh no..."


Goldron immediately stood. Using all his strength, he let out a small growl. His gem on his forehead glowed and shone in the dim lighting. As the cell door opened, two big guards rushed and and held their swords close to Goldron. Goldron quickly lay down again while the middle-aged man tied a rope on his feet and head. From the corner of his eyes, all Goldron could see was a tied up Magi Dragon, Ember Dragon, Moonstone Dragon and Red Dragon.


"What are you doing to us? Bringing us to a death pit," Goldron exclaimed.


The man just laughed as more guards came in. The dragons were dragged down a long hallway until they stopped in front of a bloody door. On top of the door was a bloody sign that said 'The Red Room'.

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Psychedelic Colors

No! Stay away! Bad Humans! The humans encrounched on them in a circle.Seriously, if you make them kill us, i will never stop bothering you in afterlife. Throwing chains unceremoniously on Psy & C, they dragged them out of the cell. Literally dragged. Wait, more food? If you used your brain, you would remember yesterday. As they were pulled down, Psy was pulling against the humans, but C wasn't. NOOOOO! SAVE ME! NOT THE ARENA!!



Curled up partially on their pedestal, Psy was being unnaturally optimistic, while C knew it was just a matter of time. Their sign read:"Male,21.No Mate. Prime fighter"

<Why world? Why must you be so cruel?>



(P.S. Im sorry its short. i have to leave for vacation soon and im not bringing my laptop. I might be able to RP a few times.)

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Luca grabbed the iron bars of her cell and shook it for the fifteenth time, before sighing and slumping back to her corner. If only she had been a Plated Colussus or a Brute, she might have had the strength to break free from her prison cell.


Stupid humans. Stupid greedy humans. Stupid Ember Cup. She got up and paced her cell, growling beneath her breath. She then let out a loud, rumbling roar, enough for the humans in the Red Room to hear. She didn't care about the consequences of disturbing the humans, and didn't feel a single tinge of fear as the sound of boots stomping on the ground approached.


Five humans appeared in front of her cell, armed with shiny weapons and shields. The gate was unlocked and ropes were thrown around her. One man - the biggest, hairiest one - snuck behind Luca and gave her a mighty push. "Get to your feet, and MOVE ALONG!" The dragon simply snorted and gave him a flick of her tail. Immediately shields were raised and swords pointed towards her. Quick as a flash she reacted smartly, dropping her head to the ground, shaping her eyes to make them long and droopy, and whining sheepishly. She'd seen those small furry creatures - the ones humans kept as pets - doing this, and it worked everytime.


The humans turned and marched out of the cell. Luca, knowing better than to fight back, followed reluctantly. It was only when they turned into a large corridor that she realized she had never been here before. Startled, she looked around. This wasn't the way to the Red Room - where were they bringing her?


Just then she heard something. A loud noise coming from one of the rooms, full of human voices: laughing, shouting, scolding. And a few dragon roars. Curious, she turned her neck, and immediately she recognized it.


The Auction Room!


She had never been there before, but she had heard it described many times. A room full of dragons being sold, As well as humans, bidding for the highest prices. It was noisy and rowdy like a market. The human in front gave the rope a strong tug and chained her to a post. Beside it was a sign '17. Golden Wyvern. Amazing Beauty. Unbelievable Strategist in Battle.'


It was as if the atmosphere in the place had shifted. All the humans and dragons in the room fell silent and turned towards Luca. Her glimmering golden scales almost seemed to glow with light. No one could take their eyes off her.


Then all of a sudden, a fat, female human shrieked, "Look at that BEEE-YOOOty!!! I'm buying her!!!" There we go again...


Chaos erupted everywhere. Humans all over the place: bellowing, screeching, pushing and shoving, stumbling over each other, doing whatever it took just to get near her. It was barbaric - their behavior was even more uncivilized than the wildest of dragons. Some even reached out to lay their grubby fingers on her scales, as if desperate to be in contact with her. Luca cringed at the scene.


There used to be times before the good humans were captured and thrown into jail, when humans and dragons were friends. Now we are treated like property to them, being bought and sold... She sighed, recalling the good times as a hatchling with her master: that time she watched as he, day after day, worked himself exhausted building a cozy cave for her, lazy afternoons napping in the woods, going on wild hikes to the mountains and being carried by her master when she got tired...


Those days were long gone.



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The dragons looked on in horror as the bloody door opened. Inside, there were long tables and blood everywhere. Everyone was speechless except Goldron, who said,


"I see. You are bringing us to kill us, right? You stupid hu-"


Before he could finish his sentence, the two guards who were dragging him drew out their swords and threatened him repeatedly. As the dragons were dragged to a large table, Goldron heard a small whimper. He quietly turned around and saw the Magi Dragon shaking his head. All Goldron could do was to give an assuring nod. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the dragons' head tie were removed. Plates were placed in front of them. Goldron frowned. Instead of his usual five kilograms of meat that he eat everyday when he was back with his master, he was given two small and thin pieces of dry meat. The Ember Dragon next to hin asked him,


"Is this our fate?"


However, Goldron, who was usually quiet, said nothing. He just stared his bare plate with sadness.

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Mye and Uki


Uki was still listening to the other dragons talk. There was nothing better to do-- and besides, the topic was rather interesting. She almost wanted to join in, but she couldn't quite bring herself to do so. Talking was Mye's specialty. Sort of. And besides, she thought glumly, if she were to talk, I don't think the other dragons would like us very much...


In reality, Mye wasn't even interested in the conversation, being lost in her miserable thoughts. Images of a bloody death in the arena, or being served on a silver platter upon victory, flashed through her mind uncontrollably. She curled her talons into a fist and clenched her teeth. This can't be the end! I'll kill all of them if I have to; I'm not going to die like that! But... how? Suddenly feeling ill, she wanted to think about something else. Anything else.


"Hello, my name is Palan."


Almost grateful for the interruption, Mye twisted her head around to view the Pyralspite, quickly switching back to her usual caustic attitude. "Good for you. You know, I'm not in this to make friends." She glared at him coolly, then sighed. "My name is Mye, and my other head is Uki. Be nice to her, or you'll regret it. Understand?"





If one walked past Elly's cell that particular day, they could have sworn she were missing altogether. Only three dejected dragons were to be seen by the naked eye. Yet in the darkest corner of the cell, there she was-- shivering with absolute terror.


P-Please no... P-Please no...


She didn't dare move for fear someone would see her, but she slowly blinked her pale yellow eyes once before scanning the room again. Elly knew that if the humans saw her, she would be dragged away too. Dragged away to the auctions, to the Ember Cup, to death. She would die just like her beloved sister and mother had, long ago. Komaa... Elly whimpered, shutting her eyes tightly. K-Komaa, why did y-you have to go? Now I-I'm alone, and... I d-don't know w-what to do...


In the worst possible answer to her question, the gate slowly rose to reveal a group of three humans, who walked by the other dragons and straight towards her. Elly's eyes practically bulged out of her head as she tried to run away, but to no avail. She was grabbed roughly, bound, and dragged down the hall. "N-NO!! N-NO!!" she cried out, pulling against her restraints and roaring loudly. This only made them give her a sharp jab to the stomach to make her quiet. "P-PLEASE...! No... no..."


Her roars slowly died down as she was prodded into the auction room, despair settling in and weighing her down with each chain that bound her to the platform. A sign was hung underneath her, but she didn't bother to read what it said. With a low moan, Elly lied down limply, almost appearing to be dead. This was the end; she just knew it. It would be the end, and absolutely no one would care. With this unhappy thought, she tried to block out the world around her... Yet one thought lingered.


I'm coming, Komaa. W-We'll... We'll see each other s-soon.

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(@Windra Wow. That post you made above me is so sad. You nearly made me cry.)



As Goldron was dragged back into his cell, he thought,


"If anyone buys me, my days will surely be counted."


Suddenly, his mind when back to his master, who died while defending Goldron and his clan from the hands of the corrupted humans.


"If only you, master, are still alive, you will be shielding me from these people!"


Suddenly, a voice interrupted his thoughts.


"Stop right there!"


Goldron turned. The guards drew heir swords out, in case a dragon had escaped and was trying to rebel. However, a man came running down the hallway with a scroll in his hand. A glimmer of hope shone in Goldron's heart. Was he released from the torture of the humans?


"His majesty, King of Osobanian Kingdom, had requested Goldron De Dragnaire to be placed in the Dragon Auction Room."


Goldron's eyes widened. He glared and bared his teeth. He let out a loud roar and tried to resist the guards' grip.


"NO, NO, NO! I will never be sold off, neither will I be tortured by you greedy humans!"


Goldron continued to struggle and scream as he was dragged to the auction room. As he entered the Auction room, his roars grew louder until...




Goldron yelped in pain. He was struck by a spear by one of the guards. As he was chained to his platform, he tried to read his sign, although his vision was blurred by tears of agony and his blood from his wound flowed onto the sign.


'Goldron De Dragnaire.

Age 25 years old.

Extremely rare Gold Dragon.

Superb Fighter'


Goldron wept silently. He did not want to be sold. Even his blood flowed onto the sign, making it very difficult for anyone to read.

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((@FlameWingzz You didn't update the character sheet, but you PMed me back acknowledging it'd been approved, so I think I can RP as Komaa?))




Palan's tail twitched slightly, the only sign of his displeasure. "I was not planning on it. If I came across as rude, I did not mean it." The Pyralspite folded his wings against himself, blinking. He then gestured with his tail, as if referring to Uki. "She appears to be listening to the other's conversation. I would do so too, if I were you. They seem to know much more about the arena than I do." His voice took on a tone of slight bitterness. "I was born in the wild, after all." The dragon placed his head on the floor, closing his eyes, and listened to the conversation of the dragons in the other cell.




Komaa opened her eyes slowly, blinking to clear away the blurriness. There were humans in her cell, and one of them had awakened her. She yawned, assuming she would be taken to the Red Room, and stood up obligingly. They took me to the Red Room a week ago, she mused to herself. But I would not mind more food. The humans have probably forgotten again.


The humans guided her out of the room, but caused her to stop in momentary shock when they took a different path-- Towards the arena. She was shoved forward by a human. "...no." She whimpered, beginning to shake softly. "No, I don't want to fight and die just like mother! No! NO!" She roared, earning herself a jab with a spear, causing her to whimper and move along, bleeding a bit from a wound on her leg.


However, they went right past the arena, causing Komaa to blink. They're not... They're not taking me to die in the arena...? Then... Where... She kept walking, watching them open a giant gate with a sickening crank. Komaa flinched at the loud noise, then gazed in horror at the room in front of her.


It was an auction. A dragon auction.


She was taken to her own stand, placed there with a sign reading "Undine, 24 Years. Very Smart Fighter." She whimpered softly, gazing at the dragons around her... And her gaze rested upon another Undine, looking half-dead upon her platform.


And, in an unusual -for Komaa- moment of hope, she murmured...



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Shard of Sky


The striped dragon had been, for all appearances, sleeping. She lay curled about herself, with the soft rise and fall of her chest—as well the occasional twitch of her tail—being the only movements she made. The dragon was facing towards the back of her cage, and was lying near a corner, so there was no one to see that her amber eyes remained open. They were trained on nothing in particular, for the black and gold dragon was preoccupied with her thoughts.


Carefully, Shard tilted her head. She could hear the quick shudder of breath coming from the Undine on the other side of the cage. The striped dragon turned to regard her, and could see what looked like a quivering shadow in the other corner. Shard flicked her tail again, unable to feel sympathy for the Undine when she had been dealing with the misery of this place her entire life. The gold-striped dragon lowered her head back to the ground, wondering when she used to display her terror like that. It must've have been a few years ago, for Shard didn't feel so much fright as she did an aching dread. Shard wished she had the luxury of being able to wonder when she would die. It was so hard to think of anything else but the dreaded event; the Ember Cup.


She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, trying to block out the images of battered and bloodied dragons limping back to their cages after their match. The roar of the crowd out in the arena was like the hum of death vibrating through the tunnels. Shard would always wonder what the loser looked like if the winner of the bout seemed like the walking dead.


Now, there was an audible creak as the door to her cage was opened. Three humans—only three?—strode in, making for the Undine in the corner. Shard sat up abruptly, narrowing her red-hued eyes. The striped dragon watched silently as the Undine was bound up despite her protests. Shard tried to stop herself from quaking as they dragged her out, and down the hall. It was a long time before Shard could stop hearing her pleas.


Abruptly, more calls began to echo down the corridors. Some angry, some frightened. It was apparent the humans were taking the dragons out of their cells now. But for what? Was it feeding time? It was hard to keep track of time when you lived underground.


The door opened again, and a large group of humans came striding in. Shard shifted her wings by her side, eying the armor-clad group warily as they approached her this time. Spears poking into her sides told her to stand up. The striped obliged, making no protest as the humans checked her binds, then forcefully pushed her forwards. Shard obliged, letting the knights lead her on. They took her passed the Red Room—odd—and down a tunnel Shard had never walked through before. The voices of both humans and dragon reached her ears, and Shard lowered her head, bracing herself for the abundance of noise.


It was the auctioning market, which meant that Shard's time was finally nigh. The Ember Cup was fast approaching. She looked around dejectedly at the dragons chained to their platforms. The spears poking into her haunches led her to one such platform that was unoccupied. Quickly, chains were wrapped around her legs, body, and snout. Once the hands were off her scales, and the knights marched away, Shard sat herself down. The striped dragon figured she could at least avoid getting in the Cup this year if she acted uninteresting.


Shard's gaze wandered, and she spied the Undine from earlier. Of course, she was laying limply on her platform. The striped dragoness blinked at that. Hey, that might actually be a good pose. Shard figured a human wouldn't want to buy a dragon that seemed to have given up on life.


The black striped dragon turned back, looking to see some buyers had already gathered to examine her. Their eyes flicked back and forth from her to the sign nearby. Shade looked at it too. It read, "Shard of Sky. Uncommon Striped. 20 Turns. Young. Agile."


Short and sweet. Certainly, now that Shard thought about it, she probably looked like a prime fighting contestant. Sure, she was small, but she was at the prime of her youth, and a dragon one didn't see often here. Which, of course, translated into bad news for Shard. She would have to look like she was going to flop down in the arena and die if she wasn't to be bought.


Slowly, Shard extended her head, and lay down on the platform. She lowered her eyelids, and looked at the crowd with as morose a gaze as she could manage. Almost immediately, she could see hesitance in them, and a few began to drift away. It helped that there was a Golden Wyvern nearby who everyone was excitedly bidding on. Shard could hear the numbers shouted, and they just kept going up and up and up. That wyvern was doomed, and although Shard felt a flash of pity, she knew the wyvern's presence was helping to make sure she survived to witness another year.


"Thank you," she said softly aloud, too quiet for Luca to hear over the shouting. Shard curled up again, deciding that she ought to try and look like she was sleeping. She closed her eyes, and felt a shudder pass through her. Oh gods, what kind of dragon was she? Being glad that another was going to die in her place? Her name was truly apt, for she must be broken inside.

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Every shout made Goldron panic. He thought that someone had bought him. Looking around, his gaze fell upon a beautiful Golden Wyvern. Everyone was bidding for on her. Goldron thought,


"What makes her so popular?"


Goldron didn't feel jealous but he felt curious and pitiful. He tried to wave at her, but suddenly, a fat lady came dashing towards him.


"LOOK! He is AWEEEE-SOOOOME! What is he?!"


A man came and answered,


"He is Goldron, an extremely rare Gold Dragon. Superb Fighter."


The lady grinned and said,


"I must buy him! He looks perfectly healthy! The other dragons look half-dead with wounds!"


Goldron brighten up when he heard the lady's statement. If he showed his wound, the lady would not think he would be 'perfectly healthy' and thus would not buy him! Goldron pretended to be bored and sleepy by letting out a huge yawn. Then, he stretched and turned around, showing the wound on his leg.


"WHAT! A 'superb fighter' with a wound?! What kind of dragon is this?!"


The lady shrieked and stormed away, leaving Goldron in a cloud of dust. Goldron heaved a sigh of relief.


One customer down. Many more to go though. If only that Golden Wyvern had something to make a crowd go away."

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((@ForNarniaMC... Sorry to make you cry, friend~. Don't worry, I depress myself sometimes, too. It's a problem I have. 0~0))



Mye and Uki


Mye wrinkled her snout in displeasure, her tongue flicking out and in much like a snake's. What was with this dragon? Usually, upon talking to her, dragons would leave them alone-- or at the very least get angry. Why was this one so... so... calm? But she had to admit that Palan's advice was sound. As much as she didn't care for the other dragons, they might have some information she and Uki would need. So she, too, turned her head towards the other dragons and began to listen to the conversation.





Elly didn't dare move a muscle as she lied on her platform, but she did listen. All around, she could hear voices-- loud, excited, cruel voices-- and too many as far as she was concerned. She couldn't help the small tremor that went through her body. Even if she weren't being sold, Elly had never been good with crowds.

Besides this, she was beginning to feel a faint glimmer of hope. The humans that came to look at her didn't seem interested enough to make an offer. To be honest, they were outright disappointed with the shy, insecure Undine. One even went so far as to insult her aloud. Watching Elly for a moment, the rich lady almost spat as she turned up her nose.

"I say, it truly must be a bad year for the Auctions, if they choose to offer this kind of riffraff. Why, the beast looks half dead! Along with the pitiable Striped dragon I saw a few platforms away..." She shook her head in disgust. "No, this simply won't do. I'm going to spend my hard-earned money on something else. Perhaps the crowd gathered around that area over there conceals something far better."


Elly winced as the woman walked away, the criticism making her feel a pang of shame and unhappiness, but something she said caught her attention. A Striped d-dragon...? Opening one eye, she slowly scanned the area until she spied another limp form. A Black Striped-- one that looked strangely familiar. Elly frowned, her tail twitching. Recognition was just out of reach. W-Where have I seen her before...?

Then it hit her with a jolt. She was one of her cellmates! One that Elly had never worked up the nerve to talk to, just like, well, every other dragon she encountered. Besides her relatives... But of course, they were all dead, weren't they? She sighed miserably, closing the eye again. I wish I c-could talk to someone. I-I really do, b-but... Whenever I try, all I c-can do is stammer. I... I really am a coward, aren't I...?


Frustrated and upset, she closed her eyes, trying to block out the noise. She never even noticed that her long-lost sister was watching her from across the room, not dead after all.


((O-Oof, that was so long, I couldn't add Flame. H-He's alive, I swear.))

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((@Windra Oh, its ok! I really do love emotional stories like yours smile.gif ))


Being spat and shouted at didn't seem to bother Goldron. It seems that the fat lady had brought an army of haters along with her, screaming and hurling vulgarities at him. At least no one's buying him.


"I wonder how others feel about being in the auction room."


He wiped off the spit on his scales then turned. He wished he had someone to talk to, like his master. Looking up to the heavens, Goldron murmured,


"Master, where have you gone? Now I'm all alone, in the hands of the enemy. What should I do now?"


Then, he looked at the people. He knew that he would soon be bought, even though he had a wound on his leg. He could not stand his loneliness anymore. Summoning all his courage, he turned to an Undine Dragon, looking half-dead, and said softly,


"Uh.. hello... My name is uh, Goldron. Uh.. nice to meet you."


((Im talking to you, Windra. xd.png ))

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Alia stalked around her cage, slashing her tail back and forth glaring at the other dragons beside her cage weaklings she thought destructive little weaklings who do everything the humans say, why don't they die and make room for the better dragons turning to the side she peered out of her cage, shifting her tail to the end of her cage. She had been deemed dangerous to other dragons and so her cage was empty and roomy.

"Humans have been unnaturally busy these days, I wonder what they're up to?" she mumbled, "there have been no battles for the past few days and we're all fed" then her eyes snapped open no... The Ember Cup? when the other dragons came back they were either sad or relieved, so it could be... was she next?

Snapping her head to the side she heard the humans approaching her cage, glaring at them with her dark blue eyes she roared angrily to try and scare them away, or at least make them think twice. The Ember Cup was a death sentence, and there was no way she was going to let them take her into that butcher house without a fight.

The humans laughed at her act of rebellion, merely opening the cage with chains in their hands, growling low in her throat she lunged forward and chomped at the nearest human with her sharp front teeth, the ones that should have fallen out on her first adult spring season, Alia should have had herbivores teeth by now, but her conditions and constant meat eating had hardened them.

The human roared in surprise and pain as the teeth snapped off his hand, taking out the little pointy sword that he had around his waist he growled angrily at her aiming for her neck, but the one in charge stopped him instead wrapping Alia up in chains and taking her out to the auction, extra chains were wrapped all around her as she was tossed roughly on her podium.

Alia smirked, the move had been stupid sure, but if she was going to die in a petty competition she might as well mark a human to spread the story of how his hand came off. Looking down at her podium Alia read the sign


Alia Sweetsong

Age 20

Common Pink

Ferocious Fighter, Tends to Beserk


Alia frowned, it had been forever since her last name had even been brought up, she wasn't much of a sweet song anymore. Turning to the podium beside her, she growled a GOLD! had humans had any idea how close they were to total extinction!

Turning her head in disgust Alia saw a fat lady admire her.

"she is a pretty colour" the fat lady frowned "but she's so chained up! and such a common dragon!" turning her nose up the lady walked away "I'm spending my money on a rare dragon"

The other buyers all gaped at her,

"but-but she's a ferocious fighter! I've seen her in the Arena before, that dorsal was ripped apart!"

Suddenly large crowds of humans swarmed her.

"I heard she ripped a whiptails tail off"

"One of the guards who placed on the podiums hand was gone"

Closing her eyes Alia wanted to scream, so many humans and she couldn't defend herself, tears threatened to spill out her eyes as she remembered the dorsal previously mentioned, it wasn't even fully grown, barely out of hatchling hood. ducking her head down she tried to ignored the crowds.


((sorry about that little bit about the hand, I was thinking along the line that the captain though she was going to die anyway it wouldn't matter about that guards hand))

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Komaa scratched her platform with her claws, her tail lashing slightly. Elly was alive, and in the same room as her. She growled softly, her eyes softening as they rested upon her sister. "Elly... Elly, I'm probably not going to see you again." The Undine whimpered hopelessly. "I'll die in a fight, or you'll die, or-- HECK, MAYBE WE'LL FIGHT EACH OTHER!" Komaa spat out, a couple tears forming in her eyes.


A couple humans nearby jumped at the dragonesses' roar, and -to Komaa's dismay- a woman wearing a violet dress with gold trimming walked up to her. "My, my, you're a fierce one, aren't you? The woman walked closer. "Ah, yes, she'll do." Komaa's eyes widened. She was being bought. Into the Ember Cup. Into guaranteed death.


The woman filled out papers, and smiled slightly as the guards approached her with chains, preparing to lead her off. However, Komaa began struggling. "NO!" The dragonesses' roar cut above the clamor, even that of the people bidding on the Golden Wyvern. NO, -I have to see her- NO! ELLY!" With a yelp, Komaa earned another wound on a different leg, causing her to limp.


"No... no..." The dragon whimpered, allowing herself to be dragged of to a cell. She was shoved into a cell alone, and she hid her face, wrapping her wings around herself quietly. "I'll... Never see her again."


And so the Undine, with seemingly nothing but a bleak future ahead of her, wept quietly in the corner of her cell.

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Luca sat in the Auction Room for a long time.


Not because people didn't want to buy her, but because a fight had broken out between the auctioneers, and it took a while for everyone to calm down. In the time she spent there, many dragons came and went. A Gold dragon was placed next to her, as well as a black Striped. The Gold dragon seemed rather friendly - he had waved to her before the fat female human rushed towards him.


Hey. She said through telepathy. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Yeah. I'm just gonna die in the Arena.


She noticed two Undine dragons at different parts of the room, almost identical looking. Were they sisters? Before she could ask, one was chained and led away, or more like dragged away while she roared with protest. The other Undine was whimpering sadly. It was heartbreaking. Luca shuddered.


The fat lady from before, the one who had screamed when she saw her, was now going around the room, shouting at the top of her lungs when she saw a dragon she liked, screaming and yelling insults at everyone when she saw a less-than-desirable dragon. Will she just shut up? If you want us to die let us die in peace then. The lady had just yelled, "OOOOOHHH! That dragon looks like he can tear a Brute apart! That'll be lots of blood. AHH! Wait! This dragon should fight against this dragon! Let them rip each other to pieces! Then we'll have a nice, gory battle! The bloodier, the better! WE LOVE BLOOD! HA!!" She bellowed, laughing maniacally. She then went around saying which dragon should fight against which, reminding the dragons in the Auction Room about their deaths in the arena. It was miserable just hearing her.


Hours later, ropes were thrown around her. Luca heaved a sigh of relief - finally she was going back to her cage. Still not a pleasant place, but much more peaceful. But she soon realised they were taking her to another place.


She turned and saw a large room, full of cages. There was already a group of dragons there. "Is it this one? Let me see." A large human asked, peering at a scroll in his hands. "Ah, she's that one. She has 8 people still wanting her, even after the auction. This cage." 8 people fighting to get me? That means I'm in the Ember Cup for sure. Unless something happens... She sighed. Her fate was sealed.


A burly man swung open the door of one cage, and with a mighty push she was inside. A loud bang and she was locked inside.


Thankfully she was not alone. There were about 5 other dragons around. An Almandine Pyralspite was talking to a Hooktalon. Actually only one head was talking, as the other head seemed to be dozing off. An Undine wept in a corner, possibly thinking about her doom in the Arena. A Black-Capped Teimarr with Nebula wings lay in his cage. A Mageia Xenowyrm was writhing around in her cell uncomfortably, stealing glances at a large muscular Ember dragon - was she flirting? Anyway, it was a good thing that the Mageia was there, as Luca needed help with some magic. Some simple magic that could possibly save her life. She would ask her about it later. But that would wait, because she saw something else.


There was a Black Tea dragon in his cell, sitting all alone. She estimated him to be about 20. He seemed to be talking to himself. He was small and his pale pink body was nothing remarkable, but Luca found him strangely attractive. Not in the drop dead beautiful way, but a subtle beauty. His wings were complete darkness. Not a tinge of any other colour. Just black. It was like staring into space.


Luca found herself interested. She listened. The Black Tea didn't seem to notice her, he was lost in his thoughts. He was talking about everything - from Cassare bones to the Arena to magical spells. He seemed... Wise? He talked in an odd way, but it was strangely interesting.


She was absorbed. Captivated. She found herself drawn to him. For hours she sat there, just listening.

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[Okay... So I'm kind of lost in all the new replies. Internet was gone for a long moment, so... Yeah, maybe I'll forgot to answer somebody's character, or I'll not notice that a very important event has happened and act in the wrong way... If so, please tell me.]


Bloody Black Tea


Suddenly, Bloody realized that somebody was listening to him. The effect was instantaneous. He stiffened, almost as if an unbearable pain had taken control upon his entire body. The next second, he was standing still, like if nothing had ever occured. But he had stopped talking.

The individual concerned was... Well, the first thing that came to his mind was : "There is no such sun that can shine as radiantly than this lady of light." It was a female, a Golden Wywern to be meticulous. And not the ugly type.

But he quicly recovered his pragmatic mind. Those kind of female were often conscious of their own beauty, and sometimes used this major advantage in order to seduce the dragon of their dreams. The Ember was without doubt the male the most interesting in the near neighbourhood. Xeloth had reasons to be worried.


He quickly made a step backwards, searching for the cover of the dark. Of course there was none, but this was a reflex.


"Pray, so nobody will see you" he thought, and then he closed his eyes.


That was not fear. Neither shyness... or diffidence. It was just... the way he has always acted.


He opened his eyes and watched closely around him. Nothing has changed. Nothing would ever changed.


"Quel tristesse..." he whistled.

["What sadness..." Or "What a shame..."]

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She was snapped back to full awareness with a jolt, opening one eye to look at the Gold dragon next to her. Did he just talk... t-to me? Or did I just imagine t-that? She straightened a bit, looking him over quietly. It was a tough call, but judging by the way he was looking right at her... No, h-he did. He s-said his name was 'G-Goldron.' Elly simply sat there staring for a bit, then frowned. Wait. If h-he spoke to me, t-then... She blanched, shivering a little. O-oh no. O-oh no, he e-expects me to answer back, d-doesn't he?

In Elly's defense, she did try, looking down at her feet shyly while mumbling her response. "H... H-Hhhh..." She cursed internally. Ever since she was torn from her family, Elly had developed a problem with speech; nervous stammering. It sometimes even made it impossible to get words out. Like it is now, she thought miserably, before getting up the courage for another attempt. "H... H-Hello." Elly paused briefly, taking a deep breath, then blurted out, "M-My name i... is... E-Elly. Nice... to... m-meet you t-too, G... G... Goldron."

Elly blinked, surprised by her own bravery. Two complete sentences? Spoken by her, to a complete stranger? It was quite possibly a new record. But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, maybe even attempt an entire conversation, she heard screams from a farther corner of the auction room.


Familiar screams.


Her head snapped towards the source of the commotion, limbs quivering as her gaze landed on an Undine being dragged away from its platform. The Undine was just like any other... Except for two gleaming red eyes filled with pain and grief. Eyes that Elly thought she would only ever see again in her most vivid dreams. Yet here they were-- her sister was.

"K... Komaa?" Elly paused with numb disbelief, then dread and panic set in as she pulled against her chains, crying out. "N-NO! KOMAA!! THEY CAN'T TAKE Y-YOU AWAY!! Not... again..." Tears streamed down her face, her cries settling down to quiet whimpers as the sister she loved was tugged out of the room. "Please..." she whispered, reaching out as if to pull Komaa back, "let me s-see her again... just o-one... last... time..."


Elly curled up on her platform, the Gold dragon, the noise and even the humans forgotten. She felt grief, yes, but that was not all. She felt... Helpless. More helpless and worthless than she had ever felt before. Her sister had just been taken away, and she had done nothing but cower in fear-- like she usually did. What was wrong with her?

"Komaa... I'm... Sorry."


Meanwhile the humans, their curiosity about the Undine piqued by her outburst, gathered around Elly with new interest. It was inevitable: a man who had lost several previous bids for other dragons finally triumphed in buying her. Papers were signed, and Elly, who now appeared to have given up all hope in herself and her future, was taken off the platform and led back to her cell.


She was glad it was now empty. Now no one could see her cry.






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((Why were we all pointing to that fat lady? Lol ))


Goldron didn't get offended the Undine's stammering. He knew that he himself is akward at speaking too. What made him shudder was the grief and helplessness he saw in the Undine's heart.


Losing someone you love is heartbreakin, but this is inevitable, as we are stuck here forev-"


Suddenly, Goldron smacked his head. He realized that him and the rest of the dragons could escape by fulfilling the prophecy. Now how are they going to fulfill it?


Looking at the Undine being dragged away, Goldron said,


"Someone must fulfill the prophecy, someone must save the dragons. I'm sure that one day, all these dragons shall escape from their doom, and that is a promise. I shall cross my heart and hope to die!"


Goldron never felt so determined. He didn't bother to scream at the people who were starting to bid on him. Finally, he saw someone filling out some papers and two guards rushing in. The Gold Dragon was back in his cell again, but this time, with hope and determination.

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Eventually the crowds died down and Alia sighed, maybe she wouldn't be bought? That would be nice, being returned to her cage and back to the relative peace of a month or so of no fights except those in the ember cup, the only thing bothering her would be the other dragons whimpering.

Loud screechs ripped through the air and Alia used her limited body movement to look past the Gold dragon at the young Undine that had screamed. Alia snorted and looked away from the scene, trying to avoid feeling, she was weak and Alia was strong, strong enough to fight, strong enough to kill, strong enough to beat this cup!

That made her jolt, she was strong and had been in the arena before, she was going to beat the cup, she might actually have a chance! If she won the cup, than she was certainly going to be considered an impressive dragon, one that if had offspring, they would be strong to, breeders would clamour to buy her, Alia would be fed by people who knew what they were doing, ones that would care for her properly!

Growling fiercely Alia realized that she would do anything for that, anything for a smidgen of niceness, she would tear, she would rip, she would kill!


Surprised by her sudden fierceness the clamour had died down for a bit, and Alia saw a black haired greasy man sign a few papers, then she was pulled back away, the chains wrapped around her tugged and pulled and Alia started to tug away roaring angrily, suddenly a terrible scent touched her nose, is that.... Alia fell away into sleep.

When she woke Alia was beset by a horrible headache, getting up she glared around, she was moved, beside her cage was the gold dragon from before, snarling Alia attacked the bars that surrounded her, roaring at the top of her lungs.

"I'll kill you all! you hear that! I'll beat all of you in the arena! I'll WIN THE EMBER CUP!!

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Goldron quickly lay down in the corner of his cell. The pink dragon had roared so loudly that his ears hurt. He did not want to aggravate her, so he looked out into the cell window, humming the song that his master sang to him. He wanted to fall into a deep sleep, so he could get rid everything in his mind. However, the rattling of the bars kept him awake. Suddenly, a man came over and grinned. He said, "Another dragon would be with you, Gold dragon." Another dragon? ANOTHER DRAGON? Goldron felt worried for a while, but he looked at the pink dragon still attacking the bars and Elly, the Undine, being dragged away in another cell. Surely this dragon needs help, like the other dragons.


((Sorry this was a bit rushed, as I needed to go to bed soon.))

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((Lol, I noticed the thing about the fat lady. She's totally my new favorite character. Just saying~. XD))




Time passed, and Elly's condition had still not improved. In fact, she was almost worse, with bittersweet memories and gruesome flashes of her imminent death running through her mind. It was enough to drive a dragon crazy-- or that's what it felt like-- but it just filled Elly with unbearable grief. She strained her wings against the clamps that held them to her body, thinking about how wonderful it would be if she could just fly away from all her troubles...


But evidently, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.


"I'll kill you all!" Elly's head snapped towards the Pink dragon with shock, trembling at the bloodlust in her eyes. Were Pink dragons supposed to be like this? She suspected otherwise. "You hear that! I'll beat all of you in the arena! I'LL WIN THE EMBER CUP!!"

Strike the shock she was feeling before; now she was just plain terrified. Who was this scary, violent creature? Why was she so excited to win the Cup, when that only ended in becoming the main course at the celebratory feast? Maybe, Elly thought with another shiver, backing into a shadow where she couldn't easily be seen, she just likes to kill.

She tried to block out the noise, looking around desperately for a better area to hide in, then spotted something peculiar: the Gold dragon from before was in the cell across from hers. Curious, she hesitantly took a step closer. He's... n-nice, I guess... b-but... What would I-I even talk a-about? There's n-nothing to say...

With a sigh, Elly was about to dismiss the idea entirely and return to her misery, but something made her stop. She had been a coward ever since hatching, always hiding behind her sister or mother for protection. More than twenty years later, and she was still the same way. Scared of her own shadow. Terrified of any approaching dragon. Elly looked at Goldron again. Can I-I... change?


Taking a deep breath, she tried to steel her nerves, taking in a breath to speak. This is i-it I-I'll try my best. Even w-with that P-Pink dragon... yelling... Quaking, she noticed with dismay that the roars and rattling of the bars just seemed to be getting louder. And louder. Her resolve was wavering...


Suddenly, Elly just couldn't take it anymore, burying her head between her legs and wailing. "P-Please be q-quiet...! P-Please...!" The rattling was cutting into her thoughts; making it so she couldn't think. Loud noises were startling enough to her, but with the constant clamor? Elly was so frightened, she felt as if she couldn't breathe. The noise had to stop.



Fidgeting Flame


Flame paced restlessly in his cage, the air around him growing uncomfortably hot and forcing the dragons in his cell to the wall opposite of him. Usually he would apologize and turn down the heat, but he was far too preoccupied to bother with manners. Here were the facts: The Ember Cup was soon, Flame was bought a few days ago by an ambitious, wealthy old man, and he needed to train so he could survive in the arena for as long as possible.


He whipped his tail through the air experimentally, the tip hitting the bars of the cell with a satisfactory clang. No matter who fought him, he'd be ready. Totally. Look out, he thought with childish glee, refusing to think about the true horrors the Arena would contain, I'm comin' fer all of ya!


((Flame lives! Oh, and I couldn't find the right pink color for the text relating to Alia. Whoops! ^v^"))

Edited by Windra

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[Yeah, got it, Tomato Juice. xd.png My dragon is just... Not the type to communicate and doesn't plan on finding a soulmate. But I wanted him to have a mate one day. So, yeah, I'm glad you asked. ^^

To respect his personality, however, I need him to be indifferent. At least now, not later in the story.


No RP, I don't have anything relevant to say, so I prefer to don't do anything now.]

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Shard of Sky


Soon enough, it seemed, the Golden Wyvern had some competition for attention. There was a Gold next to her that, being rare, had garnered some eyes, and a pink who, from the things the people around her were saying, was actually pretty vicious. In another world, Shard might've gotten a kick out of that. A pink, doing all of those horrible things? She'd have laughed, a brassy note that would've held itself for a few seconds. Even despite the circumstances, a chuckle thrummed in Shard's chest, albeit a dark, bitter one. For she could not truly be amused when she knew that pink was going to die. And the dragon nearby, the gleaming Gold, he was going to die. And next to him, that Wyvern was going to die. On and on, Shard looked down the line, and every time she saw a dragon being bidder on, she knew. They were going to die.


Shard had known this simple yet terrible fact since she was a wingless hatchling. But now, it really struck home, as a woman with meticulously curled black hair approached her, fire in her eyes, and said, "How much for this one?" She, too, was going to die.


No. Please no. I'm not ready.


The boy watched her, scruffy haired and red-cheeked, had been dozing off. No one had been paying attention to the dejected dragon, so he had figured he could relax. This woman though, she was an oddity. Out of the crowd of screaming and jostling people, she had come like the reaper to guide Shard to inevitability. Silent. Stony. The Striped didn't bother to hide her trembles. Perhaps, showing her fear would turn her away. But then, nothing stopped Death. Just delayed her cold hand for a few moments longer.


"I-uh-are you sure, ma'am?" The stableboy exclaimed, looking up at Shard uncertainly. She regarded him bleakly in return. Please, please, please, go away.


"I know the man who bred her. Fine dam; she lasted long for me in the arena before that colossus took her down. The daughter, I think, would be an excellent contestant," the woman said, and Shard's face blanched as she heard her speak of her mother's fate. Offhand, uncaring, as if her mother had only existed to make this horrible human some cash. Shard had never known what happened to her mother, only that her breeder had sold her, and to hear that she was dead made her blood run cold. I'm alone.


Shard's eyes grew glassy, and the conversation taking place below her grew out of focus.


"If you insist ma'am. Since no one else is interested in her, you can have at the default price."


Momma's dead.


"Excellent. Let me get my bag—hold on a moment, if you will."


She killed my mother.


"Alright, here you are. You can count them, if you wish, I might have miscalculated."


You killed my mother.


"M'kay . . . yep, this is enough. Good luck, miss."


Don't let her have me.


"Thank you. Oh, and make sure she gets some food; she looks scrawny."


I hate you.


"Of course. Have a nice day!"


I hope she dies as horribly as I will.


Shard glared daggers into the woman's back as she sauntered away. Her wings rustled by her sides, and she stood up abruptly. She knew they would come to take her back down the tunnels, possibly to the Red Room to feed her. Quickly, Shard looked up at the sky, hoping to soak in its beauty before she was swallowed by darkness again. The next time she would see this, it would probably be to face another dragon in the arena.


The knights came all too quickly. Shard keened her misery, but didn't put up so much as a claw as they unchained her from the platform, and took her away. She twisted her head to get one last glance of that beautiful sky, but her head struck a wall, and she instinctively closed her eyes. By the time they opened, it was to greet the familiar dim corridors.


They took her to Red Room first, as Shard suspected. She tried to refuse her food, if only to spite that horrid woman, but the spears that poked into her sides hurt, and her stomach ached, so up the carcass went. She felt like a prisoner of war being led to hang for her crimes as the humans guided her to a new cell. No, wait, she was. This noose just took a while to tighten, and the doors below the person standing beside her might open before hers did. But it would open. Eventually.


Blindly, Shard stumbled into the cell, feeling the door slam shut beside her. She caught a flash of pink from a sleeping dragon already inside. It was the supposedly ferocious Pink from earlier. The creature was a bit smaller than Shard, but just to be safe, she wandered over to the opposite end of the cage, and flopped down.


A few moments passed, and then the pink stirred. Shard's head shot up, and she regarded that pink with wide eyes as she suddenly sprang up and lunged at the bars, possibly trying to unnerve the gold on the other side. Shard would've been frightened, if it weren't for what the pink said.


She blinked. Her heart stilled. And something, something inside her clicked. Or, depending on how you looked at it, snapped. Low and slow at first, it bubbled from Shard's mouth. A sound, chilling and rough, out of place in this death-hole. But here it was, rising in pitch, in volume. A laugh. And not the one of someone who's heard a good joke, or saw someone do something silly. This wasn't innocent, this wasn't cheery and joyful. This was the cackle of someone who isn't right inside, the kind of laugh one makes at another's pain, or in sheer hysteria.


Abruptly, though, a shudder passed through Shard, and her eyes began to glisten with moisture. Fat, wet tears rolled down from her cheeks, and the laughter subsided into broken sobs.


"D-don't you get it?" She asked. "Don't you know what h-happens to the winner?"


She knew, she knew. She'd learned it from others, had it passed down the grapevine. The pink probably didn't though; Shard could see the hope in her eyes, the determination. A sad smile passed across Shard's face. "Well, I'll tell you." Tears still rolled off her face, but her shudders had subsided.


"They take him out of the arena. They put him on display, show him so that everyone knows. He's showered with flowers, with adoration, and the one who bought him is showered with gold. Then, they take him into a special place. There's a block there, and they tell him to stand in front of it. But there's an axe there too, and they swing it," Shard paused for a moment, her eyes gleaming sharply. "And that dragon's head falls off." She knew more of course, like how the head was mounted on a wall along with all the other heads of those who won the Cup. And how the rest of the body was eaten in a special feast. But she kept that to herself; another dragon could tell the pink about that.


"Everyone who goes into the Cup dies."


We're all going to die.


((Hope this is okay. I made up some stuff about what happens to the winner, but the fact that they die and are eaten is still there. Let me know if I should edit.))

Edited by Capella

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((flame249 hasn't posted yet, so I assume that the noise wouldn't stop yet))




Clink Clank Clunk!


Goldron's head started to spin. What is wrong with that Pink dragon? He started to scratch the floor of his cell in fustration.


Clank clank clink!


Trying to block out the noise, Goldron looked past the annoying pink dragon. There was another striped dragon, who seemed to be talking to herself. He was trying to make out the striped dragon's words when a voice rang out,


"P-Please be q-quiet...! P-Please...!"


Goldron turned around, surprised to see Elly, the Undine, was in a cell across from his. He really wanted to start a conversation with her, but the noise kept getting louder.


Clunk Clink Clank!


Goldron's heart started to beat faster. His gem glowed red with anger. He tried to plug his ears, but to no avail, the noise was loud enough to enter his ears.


Clunk Clank Clunk!


Goldron snarled. He couldn't stand it anymore!


"I must stop this madness. Scream or die!"


Goldron let a loud roar, before bellowing,




((Uh... Forgive if I chose the wrong color for Elly. Undines are green, aren't they? (Except the alts)))

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