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Hello. My name is Draighean. Let me tell you a story about the Planet Earth.


Sea worms. Insects. Dinosaurs. Dragons. These are the races that have ruled this rock suspended in space, with each race succeeding the others and reigning supreme for millennium. But then, more than ten thousand years ago, a new race evolved and become one of the most powerful races in all of history.


They were called humans.


They were small, fragile, and short-lived, but their raw potential was unimaginable. They were strong enough to conquer the Earth-masters at that time - the dragons. They drove the winged serpents nearly into extinction and began an era of industry and expansion. Mankind became a force to be reckoned with - they laid waste to the world around them, only to rebuild their cities and renew the wilderness. War, peace, war, peace… they could never decide. They could never find equilibrium. If they continued as they had always done, they might have even destroyed this planet - but such a thing never came to pass.


Two thousand years ago, mankind uprooted itself and abandoned the Earth, the planet that had cradled them since their race's beginning. They never realized the power they might have possessed. They never knew about the ancient fire that kindled them. They left behind a scarred world, a vast landscape that had been burned and re-grown so many times over that most species had long since died out. Their cities did not last. Soon enough, the wilderness reclaimed them, but something else rose up from humanity's wasteland along with the wilds.


Two thousand years ago, I was born, along with the rest of my kind.


We are spirits, gods and goddesses, manifestations of the raw power that the humans could have possessed if they had been more conscious of the world around them. We spirits spread across the planet, seeking out the remnants of life that the humans had not managed to extinguish. When we found these last creatures, we each took pieces of the wilderness and created sanctuaries for them. I do not know the fates of the ones my siblings took under their wings. I tend to my own.


Two thousand years have passed since the exodus of mankind, and the creatures under my protection have flourished. I claimed a vast mountain range as my territory, as their territory, and since that time they have grown strong. Once mankind called them wolves - but they have changed. In the same surge of power that gave life to us spirits, the animals remaining on Earth were touched by the energy now unleashed from the planet's core. My wolves are sentient, and they can harness the same elemental energy that gives me life.


They have become Fainwolves. They are powerful alone and more powerful together. They will defend their homes and their families, if need be.


Until recently, they had no such need. But a new enemy has arisen and seeks to bring desolation to my creatures and my territory. Mankind thought they had vanquished the dragons, but this is not true. One dragon by the name of Aife still remains, and she is ancient beyond imagination. Once I had thought her peaceful, but desperation drives us to do the unthinkable. She is the Last Dragon, the guardian of a city trapped in a vast desert - the Bone City, home to the last of the humans. While most of the humans were oblivious to the power available to them, a few could sense it and were ostracized from the human race for their taboo beliefs. These Posthumans are under the protection of the Last Dragon, Aife, and they flourished under her care - until the elements conspired to obliterate them.


Sandstorms swell around the Bone City, and not even a dragon can fight them. The cruelties of age and desperation have taken their toll upon Aife, and she has fallen to madness and rage. Now, she brings her wrath upon my mountains, the mountains of my wolves. Perhaps she imagines that my powers can help restore her city and its inhabitants. Perhaps she is simply so far gone that she believes she must destroy the rest of the world, as it destroys her charges.


I will not pretend to understand the Last Dragon's motivations. I will only defend my own… but a lone wolf spirit cannot defeat an ancient dragon. Dragons are creatures of an older, warmer world - the Earth has long since turned cold. The snow will keep Aife at bay for a time, but she will come. Already she sends her undead Saurian servants to slaughter my creatures, and they are few compared to the hordes Aife can summon.


I call to the Mother Earth to lend me aid. My voice reaches deep into the ground, into the metal and fire. Hear me, Mother Earth. Hear my call.


I call to you. I summon you. I summon the purest blood of the world. Bring me metal. Bring me sharpness.


Bring me speed and strength and ferocity. Bring me compassion and curiosity and loyalty.


Forge me a warrior of steel and soul and ancient fire.


The ground shakes. The snow upon the mountain swirls as a blizzard, and the howls of my wolves echo throughout the forest. The power of the old world flows through my fur and fills my lungs. My howl calls to the metal and fire beneath my feet and stirs it to shape. I invoke the image of mankind, in honor of their defeat of the dragons so long ago. We will defeat Aife and defend our mountains, or we will die in the attempt.


Steel rises from the Earth in human form and burns with cold blue fire.


My warrior is forged.









This RP centers around the last known creatures remaining on Planet Earth. The last of the dragons, Aife, has gone mad out of desperation to save her city and its Posthuman inhabitants from sandstorms. In her madness, she seeks to capture the Wolf Spirit Draighean and use her elemental power to combat the sand. In order to defend her Fainwolf charges, Draighean has created a mech from the metals in the earth, a warrior who will help her fight the dragon. You will play as a Fainwolf or a Posthuman, and depending on your choice your character will have a different experience and different objectives.


If you make your character a Fainwolf, you will begin your story in the icy forests of the mountain range known as the Fain. You will be preparing to face the dragon Aife along with your packmates, and you will be defending the Fain against the occasional horde of zombie dinosaurs. You will also be searching for other ways to possibly defeat Aife, or maybe even a way to escape her.


If you choose to play as a Posthuman, you will start your journey in the Bone City. Your guardian, Aife, the Last Dragon, has abandoned her position and declared war on the Wolf Spirit, and your character can choose to either attack the Fain and help the Last Dragon, or you can try to help the Fainwolves protect themselves from Aife's madness. If you want to help the Fainwolves, you're going to have to find them and tell them in person - there is no long-distance communication outside of the Bone City. You will be cut off completely as soon as you step outside your City's walls.


The progression of the story will mostly be up to the players and their characters, but keep in mind the overall plot - the dragon Aife will eventually reach the Fain, and unless a way to stop her or escape her is found before then, she will have to be fought. There will be consequences whether she is defeated or not - if she succeeds in capturing the Wolf Spirit, the Fain is most likely doomed, but Aife may not be able to use the Spirit's power to save the Bone City. So, it's probably best that she's stopped before that happens. It will probably take the combined effort of all the players to defeat her… but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. It should take a good, long while for the dragon to find the Fain, so there will be plenty of room for some good old roleplaying. As the story progresses, who knows, maybe I'll throw in a few twists and turns if players give me some good ideas. So far the only playable races are Fainwolves and Posthumans, however there might be potential for one or two other special playable races to be unlocked... but it all depends on the roleplay participants.







The Fain is a vast mountain range, covered in snow and ice and evergreen trees the size of redwoods. The highest peaks are bare rock, and the valleys are often occupied by frozen lakes. The forests are inhabited by deer and other alpine herbivores, as well as packs of Fainwolves. In the deepest, most secluded part of the mountains, the wolf spirit Draighean watches over her wolves, who make their dens in the massive, widespread caves that dot the mountain peaks. The wolves live in various splinter packs, but they all interact with each other and come together in times of strife. Whenever Draighean walks through the mountains, wildflowers spring up inside her footprints. The sky is almost always dark, but the mountains are still brightened by the constant presence of the Northern Lights, and the perpetual glow of a distant sunrise.


The Bone City is a sprawling metropolis carved from the earth with old human buildings mixing with a more natural landscape. It is the last city of the great era of mankind, kept intact only by its residents and the elemental power of the dragon Aife. It is trapped at the center of a seemingly endless desert, and within the last hundred years it has been besieged by massive and ferocious sandstorms, and the city has begun to crumble. Its once great skyscrapers have since been reduced to rubble, and the inhabitants of the city struggle to survive the fury of the sand. The very air is filled with sand, and the vertical farms that have supported them for generations are withering in a burning heat. The only way to leave the city without becoming entombed in the desert is to travel down the river that flows from the interior of the city out to the lands beyond the desert.







Fainwolves: These sentient wolves are among the last races that exist on Planet Earth, and they live in scattered packs in the Fain mountains. Each pack controls a portion of hunting and den territory, and they respect the borderlines of the others packs' domains. Their pack hierarchy is not very strict, and packs are organized more like large families. All of the wolves (with the exception of young pups and sick or old pack members) participate in hunting, caring for their packmates, and defending their territory. Some older members of each pack are respected for their skill and wisdom, and are often willing to share advice, but no single Fainwolf has dominance over the pack. They do not resemble the wolves that mankind would remember - they now bear feather manes and snow leopard tails and are larger in size than the wolves of the past. Fainwolves are also born with markings on their shoulders and chests. These patterns resemble ancient draconic sigils and allow them to channel elemental energy with great efficiency. They are the watched over by the Wolf Spirit Draighean, and though she almost never directly intervenes in their lives, they do talk to her and ask her for advice from time to time. Fainwolves are among the animals that were touched by the surge of elemental power that was released after the exodus of mankind, and they can harness this elemental energy and wield it as a tool or weapon. Fainwolves are not limited to one specific element, such as fire or air or rock - instead, they can manipulate the energy that permeates all living and non-living things. Fainwolves can focus this raw energy into blasts of heat or cold, or connect their life energy with that of another wolf in order to help heal them. They can fuse the natural elements, such as the speed of wind with stone to create large projectiles, or air with ice crystals to create veils of fog. The wolves can even sense the life-energy trails of living beings, which functions like a supernatural sense of smell. Their power becomes stronger and more fine-tuned as the wolves mature, and they can combine their energy to produce more powerful elemental effects. The wolves live in large packs, but do not have alphas - instead, the wolves share every aspect of pack life, such as hunting, teaching, and caring for pups or old wolves. Some wolves specialize in certain areas of elemental summoning - there are wolves who can quickly and easily connect to the life energy of their packmates, and these wolves are considered healers. Others can easily command stone and fire, and make better fighters, and others use wind and darkness to give them speed and stealth.


Posthumans: Two thousand years and the touch of elemental energy have changed the Posthumans to the extent that they only superficially resemble the humans of old. Their bodies are slim and their bones are hollow, and they have sacrificed physical resilience for speed and a superb aptitude for elemental magic. Their most defining physical trait is that they possess moth-like 'wings'. These appendages are not meant to be used for flight, since they serve as templates for elemental summoning - the wings are designed to be natural conductors of the elements. Posthumans can glide short distances on these wings, but they can't fly. Their light bodies make them good runners and jumpers, but their greatest strength is their natural affinity for the elements. Like the Fainwolves, they can harness heat and cold and darkness and light, as well as the inorganic and organic world around them. Unlike the Fainwolves, whose use of the elements is instinctual, the Posthumans must be deliberate when they channel the energy. The amount of concentration needed to summon elements is a handicap in a fight, but they make do with good reflexes, and they can amplify their natural powers with sigils. These sigils are usually tattooed to the skin or wings, and if applied correctly they can help make summoning easier. The Posthumans - who usually just refer to themselves as human - have always lived in the Bone City under the protection of the dragon Aife. Their society is a mishmash of various old human cultures, and it is centered around the elements. The Posthumans have no singular leader, and instead they have created numerous guilds that are each devoted to studying a particular kind of elemental power. These guilds run on a socialist mindset, with all members partaking in their own studies as well as larger group projects. The economy is similarly constructed, with food and other resources being produced in vertical farms and automated factories. Citizens of the Bone City each have a basic monthly income of food, credits, and other necessities, and can barter for other items in the markets. There have been cases of Posthumans asserting violent dominance over others, creating gangs that occupy sections of the city that have fallen into disrepair due to the strain of the sandstorms. Most of the city's citizens devote themselves to researching the origin of the elemental energy, as well as experimenting with new ways of harnessing it. They are an innovative people, but they have almost no interest in the lands outside their city, and only rarely do they travel down the river to the world outside the desert. This xenophobia can be traced back to the origin of the Posthuman race, when the few humans who felt the touch of the elements were outcast from the human race. However, while they are mostly detached from the other creatures that inhabit the Earth, they maintain the philosophy that all things touched by the elemental energy have as much right to exist and flourish as the Posthumans do. For this reason, many of the Posthumans disagree with their guardian dragon's decision to wage war against the only other known haven of element-harnessers. On the other hand, since none of the Posthumans are powerful enough to openly defy their now-insane guardian, the majority of the Posthumans have decided to ignore the plight of the Fainwolves in favor of their own survival.


Spirits: These are the purely elemental entities that were released two thousand years ago, in the wake of the human exodus. They spread out over the globe in search of the remaining creatures on the planet Earth, and so far the only one who is known to have succeeded is the Wolf Spirit Draighean. She is considered a goddess by the wolves she protects, though they do not worship her. The whereabouts of the other spirits is unknown, even by Draighean, simply because she only cares about her wolves and the mountains they call home. Spirits are not naturally tangible - they can move through the world regardless of physical boundaries such as walls or mountains. Spirits can also transfer their power to other entities, though they can't overwhelm the mind of the entity they are possessing. Instead, they have to share the consciousness.


Dragons: The dragons were the rulers of the Earth before the human race and were almost completely wiped out by mankind as the industrious race rose to power. The only remaining member of this once-mighty species is an ancient dragon named Aife. Dragons can live for tens of thousands of years, feeding off of the light of the sun and the warmth of the Earth, which is why they flourished in the warmer environments of the past. Now, the Earth is much colder, and the last dragon can barely sustain herself. Dragons are natural manipulators of the elements, except on a much larger scale than the Fainwolves or Posthumans - these races are merely touched by the power, while dragons are infused with it. Dragon scales and wings are covered in markings that are often referred to as draconic sigils, and these sigils can be recreated to help access the power of the elements.


Zombie Dinosaurs: These are undead dinosaurs summoned by Aife to attack the Fain. Their skeletons are summoned out of the earth, and the dragon sacrifices already-living creatures in order to give the bones new flesh. They move sluggishly unless actively attacking a target, so the best way to avoid them is to not be seen or heard, since these are the only senses that remain intact. They have no elemental ability whatsoever. They're zombie dinosaurs, and that's pretty much it. Generally, Aife conjures large raptors, ceratopsians, carnotaurs, and the occasional Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fight them as you would fight a slightly decomposing dinosaur. They release a very bitter smell, so they're not the sneakiest of enemies. However, they are a decent bit harder to kill than normal living creatures - they have no concept of pain or fear, and will continue to attack until their hearts have been destroyed. They have no minds of their own - instead, the souls that were once attached to their bones are suppressed by Aife's superior willpower. Perhaps if one was to sever their connection to the dragon, they would regain their sense of consciousness and individuality, for dinosaurs were once sentient rulers of the Earth before they were destroyed in a meteor impact.


Mechs: The only known existing mech is the Wolf Spirit's vessel, named Fiontann. He was created by Draighean in mankind's image when she called out to the Mother Earth for a warrior to help her fight Aife. Whenever he fights, Draighean possesses him and gives him her knowledge of combat and the elements. He is her weapon of choice, and the only way she can directly interact with the world. While he is the only known summoned mech, any of the other spirits (or a combined force of similar elemental power) could very well create another of his kind.







**All DC Forums rules apply here.

**PM all character applications to me.

**If you have an idea for a big event in the story, PM me about it first.

**Be respectful to other players.

**No godmodding or godly characters. The ONLY exceptions to this rule are Draighean and Fiontann, who I will be playing, and that is only because Draighean is essentially a goddess, and Fiontann is a giant robot.

**If you decide to write a few dinosaur zombies into the plot, MAKE SURE other characters have the opportunity to avoid them or fight them. Don't force people to fight if they don't want to.

**DESCRIBE your character and give them a decently fleshed out personality and backstory.

**Use appropriate grammar and spelling. No text-speak or emoticons.

**Try to write at least a good two paragraphs when posting.

**Use italics to show if your character is thinking.

**No swearing.

**No unnecessarily graphic gore.

**No sexual content. Flirting with other characters (PM their players first!) is perfectly okay.

**The passcode is Last Of The Wilds.

**Use ((OOC: insert-text-here)) if you need to talk out of character.

**Last and not least, please have fun!





[B]Character Name:[/B] (Include pronunciation if you think people will have trouble with it)
[B]Species:[/B] Fainwolf/Posthuman
[B]Age:[/B] (measured in regular human years, can be a child, teenager, adult, whatever you want)
[B]Personality:[/B] (Be detailed!)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (For wolves - normal wolf colors, natural-looking reds and blues are allowed, feathers can be any naturally occurring bird color you want, feathers should stand out but correlate somewhate with pelt color, no neon or unnatural colors please! For humans - skin, hair, eye color, tattoos, wing markings. Eye color can be more unnatural, but no neon or anything like that. Try to use moths as reference for the wings.)
[B]Background:[/B] (Brief overview of your character's life so far)
[B]Elemental Skills:[/B] (What is your character's proficiency? What kind of elemental combinations do they specialize in?)
[B]Accessories:[/B] (For humans only - just think general fantasy/sci-fi. Clothes, jewelry, weapon, etc.)
[B]Other:[/B] (Passcode, link to a character picture, and any other details)


--> At the beginning of the RP, each player is limited to two characters. These can be both wolves, both humans, or one of each. I am the only exception to this rule, because I will be playing Draighean/Fiontann, who count as one character, and one wolf and one human. Draighean/Fiontann don't get to do much, so they will have only a little impact on the overall story until the big fights start happening. Technically I will also play Aife, but she won't show up for a good while - and she's more of an abstract enemy, anyway. As the RP progresses, there might be other playable races revealed, along with the opportunity to play as one of them. But this is only a maybe, and depends entirely on the events of the RP and ideas from players. In the beginning, it's just going to be Fainwolves and Posthumans trying to prevent destruction of what sentient life remains on the planet Earth.


--> When it comes to naming your wolf characters, you may find this link very helpful, since I envisioned them having somewhat Gaelic names - either that, or you can give them a name that represents something significant about them, such as their personality or appearance or something they achieved in their life. You can also use this site to name your humans if you want (after all, their guardian is an ancient, Gaelic-named dragon, so she might have influenced them in that respect), or you can just use the normal human names we have today. The Posthumans are a mishmash of all kinds of human cultures, so you could - for example - give them Japanese or German or Native American names. Be creative!


--> IMAGES FOR REFERENCE: Fainwolf, Posthuman female, and Posthuman male. Please, feel free to color these linearts, upload them to an image hosting site (Imgur is recommended) and then include a link to them in the 'Other' section of the character sheet. Remember, even if you include a picture, you still need a written description of your character's appearance. Pictures can be used from the Internet so long as you specify if they are yours or not, but I wouldn't advise it since these are my own species.


--> Both of the above pieces of art belong to me, so if you use them, CREDIT ME. Do NOT use my artwork outside of this roleplay. Don't even use it on the rest of the DC forums. I drew it for this roleplay. That's where it stays.

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~Accepted Characters~



Username: Lumikkja

Character Name: Draighean/Fiontann (pronounced DRAY-fen and FEE-own-tan)

Species: Elemental Wolf Spirit and Mech

Age: Two thousand years for Draighean, a few months for Fiontann - both are technically considered immortal

Gender: Considered to be female and male, respectively

Personality: Draighean is an ageless embodiment of the elements, and as such she does not experience many of the emotions that mortals possess. She does not feel anger or hatred - her closest equivalent to these emotions is the desire to defend her mountain home and the wolves who inhabit it. Her thoughts towards the Fainwolves could be considered motherly love, and she often acts as a maternal figure. She is very patient and quiet, and she rarely speaks unless the wolves have dire need of her wisdom. Her demeanor can seem very detached, since she understands that all the wolves under her care will someday die, while she continues to exist and remember them. While her duty first and foremost is to her charges, she firmly believes that the other inhabitants of the world deserve the chance to thrive as much as her own wolves. Draighean's closest companion is the mech Fiontann, a creation of the elements that Draighean conjured to help protect the Fain. He is the closest thing she can have to a child, and she spends much of her time teaching him. Fiontann is a curious and compassionate individual, and while he loves spending time amongst the Fainwolves he is constantly worried about accidentally harming them due to his size. Much like Draighean, he is very soft-spoken, and enjoys privacy and silence - also like Draighean, he is quick to defend the Fainwolves and all their potential allies.

Appearance: When Draighean assumes tangible form, she appears as a gigantic Fainwolf with elk antlers and glowing eyes. Her body is shaped of mist and cold fire, and her 'fur' is a combination of soft blue and orange colors. She has no impact on the material world and can travel without harming any plants or animals, despite her size. Fiontann, on the other hand, must be careful when moving about due to the fact that he is a towering metal humanoid. His armor is colored similar to Draighean, with a prevailing red color offset by dark purple and gold accents on his limbs and chest. His face is covered in a mask, and his head is adorned with a bladed chevron.

Background: Draighean was created in the aftermath of the human exodus from Earth, and since then she has devoted herself to protecting one of the few sentient races remaining on the planet Earth. For the past two thousand years she has not deviated from this duty, though in recent months she has been forced to take dramatic measures to protect her creatures against a looming threat. Through use of her elemental powers, Draighean created the sentient mech named Fiontann, who she has since been teaching and training to protect the Fain mountains.

Elemental Skills: As an embodiment of the universe's elemental power, there is virtually no limit to Draighean's abilities. She can harness any combination of elements she can imagine, and she wields them with tremendous skill. However, due to the sheer power she possesses there is always collateral damage, and as such she restricts most of her elemental abilities. Her most useful ability is the power to merge with the mech Fiontann, becoming fused to his mind and body and imbuing him with her knowledge. Fiontann is capable of short-distance flight and can dissolve incoming elemental attacks, but if he is attacked by a relentless barrage of elements he will eventually weaken and become vulnerable. In battle he wields a lance that is charged with electrical energy. He has no actual ability to channel the elements on his own, and must rely on Draighean for any and all element conjurations. In combat, Fiontann is often assisted by various Fainwolves, who ride on his shoulders and use their own elemental powers to assist him during fights.

Accessories: N/A

Other: Passcode is Last Of The Wilds... and one would really hope I would know that! Also, Draighean and Fiontann will rarely be participating in the roleplay, especially in the beginning. They especially will not be fighting, though they may pop in and out just to interact with the wolves. Their entire purpose in combat is to fight Aife, the dragon, who won't be showing up for a while, either. If anyone's wondering what Fiontann looks like, I imagine him looking something like this, just with the color scheme I already described. Image belongs to ZeroSenPie on deviantART.





Username: Lumikkja

Character Name: Hakon

Species: Fainwolf

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Personality: First introductions to Hakon don't always go smoothly - he is a rather gruff individual with an apparent allergy to smiling. He is very serious at the best of times, and takes it upon himself to be alert and prepared to defend his packmates at the first sign of trouble. Rarely can he be persuaded to relax - usually one has to show up with a group of friends and practically force Hakon to take the day off from pack-guarding. Whenever he does unwind, Hakon often spends his time with his young daughter, Glass, who is otherwise cared for by the other parents in the pack. Hakon has trouble figuring out what to do with his daughter, since she was much closer to his deceased mate, but he does his best, and he is at his happiest when playing with his pup, or when celebrating a successful hunt with his friends. He is a cooperative hunter and fighter who knows when to rely on his packmates, but he does have a tendency to ignore his own injuries and refuse healing, a habit which greatly frustrates his friends.

Appearance: Hakon is primarily a dark gray color with orange-brown accents on his lower legs, head, chest, and tail. His hackle feathers are a soft golden color, as are his tail feathers, which are additionally tipped with pale blue. His eyes are a similar shade of blue, only slightly darker. His sigil marks are a prominent silver color, and glow white whenever Hakon harnesses the elements - a sign of his considerable elemental skill. Hakon has shorter legs and a stockier build than most Fainwolves, which limits his running speed somewhat.

Background: Hakon is one of the older Fainwolves in his splinter pack, and as such is often respected as a good leader and reliable packmate. He bears these titles with pride, though is quick to refute any ideas that he is superior to any of his fellow wolves. Hakon once had a mate, but she was unfortunately killed in one of the earliest encounters with a group of undead Saurians. His only remaining family is a single young pup named Glass (so named for her love of the beach glass that is found around the lakes of the Fain).

Elemental Skills: Hakon is extremely skilled in combining aspects of heat and speed with naturally abundant earth elements - he prefers to create fast-moving heated projectiles from small stones. He has some skill in lifetapping, the process of encouraging a wound to heal by manipulating life energy, but he only uses this power in an emergency. Otherwise, he leaves the healing to more skilled wolves, and focuses on his combat proficiency in fire and rock.

Accessories: N/A

Other: Last Of The Wilds, and this handsome devil is Hakon.




Username: Lumikkja

Character Name: Tikvah Locklear (TEEK-vah Lock-leer)

Species: Posthuman

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Tikvah is a very mentally active individual, with a vivid imagination that sometimes backfires on her, especially when she's trying to focus and her brain keeps creating distractions. She craves intellectual stimulation, especially in the realm of discovery, which has lead her to become very adventurous. Tikvah is constantly on the move, searching for new bits and pieces of knowledge, no matter how trivial. She is always interested in learning more about elemental power, but she is particularly interested in finding out how the elemental surge affected other species on planet Earth, not just the Posthumans - this curiosity tends to set her apart from her more inwardly-focused peers. She enjoys her privacy, and tends not to participate in conversation unless the subject includes things she wants to learn more about. Tikvah abhors violence, even though she understands that there are situations in which self-defense is necessary - in these cases she would rather flee than fight. The only time she would ever willingly stay and fight would be if someone she cared about was unable to escape, and in this scenario Tikvah would do her best to fight and protect her friends.

Appearance: Tikvah is tall for a Posthuman, with dark tan skin, bright lime green eyes, and long dark red hair shaved on one side of her head. The markings on her wings mimic those of a Cecropia moth, and Tikvah often matches her clothing to her wings. She is thin and wiry, with just enough muscle on her bones to be able to survive in a fight - if judged solely in physical terms, she has no hope of ever winning a conflict.

Background: By the time Tikvah was born, the dragon guardian of her home city had already gone mad, succumbing to the craze of desperation and fear. Since learning of Aife's plan to capture a spirit and use its elemental nature to stave off the sandstorms, Tikvah has been of mixed opinion. On the one hand, she wants her home city to survive and would do almost anything to ensure such a fate. On the other hand, she disagrees with Aife's choice of violence to achieve her goals. So far she has decided to try and find a different way to protect the Bone City from the sand, and as such she has left the city in the hopes of finding help before Aife destroys what little sentient life is left in the rest of the world.

Elemental Skills: Tikvah specializes in electrical manipulation, a skill she has honed since she was a little girl who discovered she was immune to electrical shortages. She prefers to use shock and awe rather than brute force in a fight, and as such she is very good at creating momentary bursts of lightning to both blind and deafen attackers. She can also create an electrical circuit within her own body, creating an incandescent effect on patches of her skin.

Accessories: Tikvah wears a loose-fitting pair of gray denim overalls that she tucks into a pair of sturdy boots. Under the overalls she wears a long-sleeved red silk shirt, though she usually rolls the sleeves up to her elbows. Like most Posthuman clothing, her shirt and overalls are strapped on through natural gaps in her 'wings'. Aside from her clothing, she is never seen without a certain carved coral necklace, an inheritance from her late grandmother. She isn't comfortable using most traditional weapons, and instead relies on her elemental skill to defend herself.

Other: Last Of The Wilds, and this is what she looks like.



Username: Freezeon

Character Name: Charadin

Species: Posthuman

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Personality: Charadin has lived through quite a few dangerous situations, including being overthrown and kicked out of his own gang. His harsh lifestyle has left him confused and detached from the world. He still retains his commanding attitude, but due to a mild insanity caused by his elemental powers he can sometimes appear to be light-hearted, even a little goofy at times. He has no real opinion on the Dragon Aife's decision to attack the only known Element Spirit, and for the most part he ignores the rest of the world, doing what he has to to survive.

Appearance: Charadin has pitch black skin, red eyes, and no hair. He has purple tattoos up and down his arms and chest. One of his wings was torn off during a fight that went horribly wrong, and the remaining wing is tattered, thus denying Charadin almost all of his elemental power.

Background: When he was a child, Charadin wanted to be in control of at least some part of the Bone City. Unfortunately for him, every attempt at gaining power through the years ended up with him making a fool of himself. As he got older, he began to train himself to harness the elemental power of darkness, an element that is useful difficult to master. Charadin accomplished his goals of mastering darkness, but his skill came with a price, and he became a monster. Harnessing the power of darkness came with a caveat for Charadin - as he removed photons from his environment and created pure darkness, he started to lose his own sanity. However, he was still a powerful elemental summoner. Many years after mastering this power, he gained a following, and formed a large gang in one of the abandoned parts of the Bone City. Charadin's gang rampaged through areas of City, mainly making robberies. His gang had a central 'base' of sorts, in the form of a large black mansion secluded in a run-down part of the city. Years passed with Charadin ruling this small area of Bone City, but eventually his gang decided they had enough of him as their leader. In a violent mutiny, Charadin's gang attacked him en masse and ripped off one of his wings, crippling most of his magic powers. Now he is a wanderer, detached from society and constantly searching for a way to support himself.

Elemental Skills: Charadin has significant skill in alchemy, which a Posthuman version of chemistry which involves using elements as well as per-existent chemical formulas and compounds. He can mix potions that create small, temporary elemental effects. Before his wings were crippled - preventing Charadin from harnessing the elements - Charadin had perfected the art of creating darkness by removing photons from his surroundings. Charadin also created an increase in pressure in the areas where he created darkness, and he used this power to intimidate and cripple his enemies. He could even surround a person in a concentrated 'pool' of darkness and pressure, killing them if he kept up the effect for a long enough time. However, when his wings were damaged Charadin was partially traumatized, and while he could still harness the elements without his wings his mind is too unstable for him to perform any kind of elemental magic. Now he must rely on his cleverness and alchemical skill in order to survive.

Accessories: Walking stick, old corncob pipe, and dressed in a dark grey robe.

Other: Last Of the Wilds. shades.png




Username: Drakeofbones

Character Name: Keegan Umbratic

Species: Posthuman

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: While physically looking dark and gloomy, maybe perpetually angry at certain points, Keegan tends to be bright and cheerful when actually conversed with. His past gave him a hard shell, one hard to break through that kept him distant, but deep down he's just lost in himself. Once warmed up, Keegan is a bit of a show boat, a hell of a smart mouth, and dangerously over confident. He often can be found sitting on the edge of the river bank, day dreaming about life and love. Stubborn and proud, he rarely backs down from a fight, whether or not it is his.

Appearance: For a male Posthuman, Keegan stands rather tall. His body is lithe and sleek, against most of his more brutish peers he wouldn't stand a chance in a toe to toe fight, but his speed and agility make up for that. Keegan's wings resemble that of the Cinnabar elves, his fore wings shadowy black with some dark, bloodish red markings, while his hind wings are completely red. The young boy's eyes smolder with the same red color, peering out from under coppery red hair, which is kept medium length, parted down the left side of his head and combed wavily over. A nigh permanent scowl resides on his face. Rarely wearing a shirt, he proudly bears the burn-scarred sigils that decorate most of his torso and arms, standing out an angry red against his pale skin. Each sigil represents a uniquely cruel ritual performed within his guild, and are a constant reminder of his tragic past.

Background: Keegan's father specialize in organic magics, focused primarily on plant life and growth. In Keegan's younger years, he had the fortune to travel with his father on a few expeditions out of the city in search of more efficient and resilient food sources to withstand the coming storms. After falling in love with the stars at night and the serenity of the forests, Keegan has hated living in the dry city his people call home, entranced by the idea of a wilder life. As his powers manifested however, he was kidnapped for his potency, his family massacred in the shadows by a guild of shadowy Posthumans called The Scars. Beaten and tortured until he agreed to train, the militant rogue group shaped him into a fiery assassin The guild quite literally left it's mark on Keegan, his burn scars a sign to all of who he is and where he came from. And while he hated every minute of it, he had no where else to go. The Scars had claimed him, and anyone who took him in would pay the price.

Elemental Skills: Keegan's powers spout from a contradictory combination, that of fire and darkness. Maniacally destructive and sinisterly deceptive, he was trained in acts of misdirection. He creates black, shadowy fires that absorb light as they char flesh. He can create clouds of smoke that burn the eyes and singe the lungs. Furthermore, he can create red-hot weapons of dark fire, weapons that can wisp away at a moment's notice.

Accessories: Grey jeans adorn his legs, while his hands and feet are wrapped tightly in cloth for feel and mobility. While he doesn't carry any weapons, his go-to creations are either a large scythe or a pair of bladed tonfas.

Other: Last of the Wilds




Username: DrakeofBones

Character Name: Fenik (FAY nik)

Species: Fainwolf

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: If Fainwolves HAD alphas, Fenik would be eying the position with intent. Cocky and every so slightly arrogant, he struts around showing off and attempting to garner attention. He is not, however, rash or disrespectful. Fenik will not put himself in an overly difficult position of not necessary, though being fiercely protective of anything on four legs with fur, he's found himself in a bind more often than he'd like.

Appearance: Fenik is a large male, standing tall with broad shoulders. His coat is snowy white, and two bright green eyes smile out from the back of his snout. Black sigils adorn both his shoulders, as well as one along his spine just below the end of his mane of feathers. His hackle feathers  are a dark grey, while his tail feathers are a light brown near the spine, fading to a bright green at the edges.

Background: As a younger Fainwolf, Fenik has not accumulated the respect or responsibility he necessarily wishes for. However, he tries his best to hunt when he can, acting almost as a trapper with his elemental abilities. Between hunts he acts as a kind of farmer, tending to the few hardy species of vegetation that both grow in icy wilderness as well as fall into a wolf's diet. Having lost his mother in childbirth and his father just after, he grew up an orphan, passed from wolf to wolf. It didn't bother him much, he knew nothing else, though occasionally he felt jealous of his peers' relationships. With the recent attacks, however, he could feel himself growing less and less jealous each time he saw a friends family ripped to shreds in front of him.

Elemental Skills: Fenik specializes in plant manipulation, light, and his personal favorite earth. Specifically he used crystals, usually in a more defensive way than most fighting styles. Spiked walls and barricades, each tipped with parasitic seeds that would bind limbs and destroy flesh, their growth aided by his light. He would bounce around blindingly bright mazes of mirror like crystal, confusing his enemies until he could get close.

Other: THE LAST OF US! I mean er... The Last of the Wilds




Username: Zeditha

Character Name: Zeditha. (hard th - 'Zedita' would be a more accurate spelling for the pronunciation. This is also the correct pronunciation of my username.)

Species: Fainwolf

Age: Young adult - equivalent to 15/16

Gender: Female

Personality: Zeditha is a tiny bit shy around strangers, but it doesn't show all that much. What's far more obvious is the fact that she rarely has something to say, and therefore keeps to herself a lot. She tends to hide at the edge of any social gathering, practicing her elemental use. When she can find a willing friend, she practices connecting their life energy, because she wants to be a healer; however, she is built to be fast and stealthy, and her fire sigil makes using fire a lot easier than most elements for her - especially when angered or scared, because the sigil is completed then. When particularly angered or scared, she may accidentally cause small fires or blanket areas in shadow - something she tries her hardest to avoid. For mainly this reason, she tries to look on the bright side of life, but it is a difficult challenge because she is a natural pessimist. She doesn't tend to make friends easily, but once her friendship is secured she will care deeply for another wolf and protect them with her life.

Appearance: Zeditha is a fairly slim wolf, built for speed. Her fur is a light bluish-grey, with black wisps and maroon speckles, and she has one white paw. Her eyes are a deep amber. She has some feathers in several places: in a small mane around her neck, two small tufts on her back (they rise when her fur does, and they look like tiny wings), and a thin line along her spine as well as a circlet around each paw. Her feathers are mostly reddish, with the exception of the feathers around her white-furred paw which are black, and the small bluish patches on the red feathers. She has three sigils in total; one on her forehead, and one on each of the feather-tufts on her back. The feather-tuft sigils cross several feathers, and are completed when the feathers stand up. The one on her forehead is for wind, and the ones on her feathers are fire and shadow.

Background: Zeditha has recently begun to involve herself in the roles of adult Fainwolves, having completed her particular packs coming-of-age ritual. She has proven herself to be responsible and now participates in hunting and caring for her packmates, as is expected of an adult Fainwolf.

Elemental Skills: Good at wind, fire and shadow, the last two particularly when angered or scared. Trying to master healing but isn't very good at it.

Accessories: She has a strange obsession with shiny stones. She has collected several in her den/part of the den, and is in the process of creating a necklace using a long strip of Ash bark as 'string' for it and using stones with natural holes as she can't make holes by herself.

Other: Last of the Wilds




Username: Zeditha

Character Name: Mia

Species: Posthuman

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Personality: Despite her age and maturity, Mia is still a little kid at heart. All she wants is to fly, and she loves any animal that can, keeping several endangered birds in her care. She has equal respect for herself and every living creature, with slightly more respect for anything that can fly. She has a much higher consideration for herself in comparison to Aife than many other Posthumans, and therefore feels safe to speak to her. Not that she brings up many serious topics - she simply likes to see the dragon and speak about elemental use, hoping to learn how to accomplish flying. She has heard of the Fainwolves, and regards them as highly as any other earthbound creature. She is concerned about Aife and her plan to attack them, and wonders if there is another way to accomplish what Aife wants. Actually, she wonders what Aife really wants - surely the city can't be all that important to a dragon? She has no intention of leaving the city on her own, but might be convinced to leave if there are flying creatures involved and a group to ensure her safety. She has no religious beliefs.

Appearance: Mia is very slim and rather small, with wings on the larger side of normal. Her skin is pale with some freckles around her nose, and she has pale lilac eyes. She has three wind/air sigils tattooed on each long, golden-brown wing.

Background: Mia was born to a fairly normal Posthuman family. She was always fascinated by birds and tried to fly with her own wings, with little success. She once found a strong updraft of air and glided upwards, and enjoyed it so much that she just wants to fly again. It's been her goal since then. She's visited Aife several times, and was often turned away without seeing the great dragon. She has spoken to Aife often enough to have learned about the elements and sigils. She found a few injured birds and began learning how to heal, something she has become able to do reliably, although by no means easily or quickly.

Elemental Skills: Mia has proficiencies in elements related to wind, air, and healing. She got a bit carried away with the wind/air one.

Accessories: She loves feathers, and has a small assortment of feathers tied together with thin string and fastened behind her ear. It also keeps her hair from going in her face from that direction.

Other: Last of the Wilds




Username: Lilraaos

Character Name: Alyssa

Species: Posthuman

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Raised with a loving but over protective father, Alyssa is a very open and honest person, giving most the impression of a sheltered and innocent girl. She is very sincere and a kind and gentle person. Though very slow to anger she won't hesitate to help someone in need, especially when it comes to someone she cares about. Growing up with gang leader as a father and most recently cast out on the streets has caused her moral values to be a bit warped despite her good nurtured personality. She is not above stealing, a decent liar and actor, she isn't afraid to lie and cheat her way out of problems. She only does this out of necessity, somewhat aware when she is doing wrong. She is very caring and supportive of her father, doing the best that she can to keep them alive.

Appearance: Alyssa is short for a Posthuman, standing at a mere 5'2 she has a slender figure, suggesting she could easily be snapped like a stick. Her long auburn hair is naturally straight and reaches down to her hips, bangs combed straight down go past her eyebrows and brush the tops of her eye. Her eyes are big and green- not vivid Photoshop green but pale glass green. Her cheeks are a noticeably chubby and she always seeming to be smiling. Her lips are a bit pinker then her nearly white complexion. Her wings are akin to those of the green-white luna moth.

Background: Picked up from the streets by a powerful gang leader as an abandoned child, Alyssa has spent most of her life in the luxury of a large black mansion. Because of her overprotective father (not to mention he was a criminal), and her fear of her father's men her human interaction was rather limited and though she longed for a companion her age, she was content with her father's company. Her father's men decided that they no longer wanted him and late into the night, they attacked him. The two are now living on the streets.

Elemental Skills: Alyssa is a skilled healer, besides that being her main elemental skill she has excessive knowledge on medical herbs. She has decent control over plants being able to beckon them to grow faster but she can't make a plant spring out of nowhere, it has to exist somewhere nearby. Alyssa has a soft voice and is known to sing for tips in the town square.

Accessories: A strapless white sundress hugs her body comfortably, stopping a few inches below her knees. She has a straw basket, which she carries her herbs and the food she managed to find for the day. When wondering the streets and especially at night, she covers herself in a hooded grey cloak.

Other: Last of the Wild, Yes I know my handwriting sucks





Character Name: Fintan (FIN tan)

Species: Fainwolf

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Personality: Always positive and friendly, Fintan has no problems with acquiring new friends or solving disagreements between two parties, gladly holding the neutral third-party position. Fintan doesn't really like to fight, and prefers to leave most of the brutal work to others, keeping to the back and working as a support, a solid rock to which the others can anchor during the battles. Although usually very sweet and motherly-like, Fintan can turn out to be very cold and brutal should anyone's life whom she keeps close to her heart be in danger, turning from a support to a ferocious beast. One could describe her change of nature be similar to a rubber band (if they would know what a rubber band is) - the further you stretch it, the more it hurts when let go. Fintan is very patient and prefers to take things slowly, which is also one of her flaws; making hurried decisions or acting rashly make her fur stand. She has troubles of making up plans during fight and, thus, is not a good team leader - but better the team worker, instead.

In the pack, Fintan works as the healer and takes care of the pups when she has time. Also, if anyone have something on their heart they often find themselves before the friendly healer, who gladly puts aside her work and listens to their worries or thoughts. Fintan is very intelligent and excellent company, but this intelligence is quite often hidden by her soft and sweet nature.

Appearance: Fintan's fur is primarily natural white (FEFFE6), leaning towards a very, very soft yellow with light blue (D2EEF6) accents on her chest, tail, and ears. The accents also swirl slowly around all her legs twice, coloring the tips her paws with the same shade of light blue. Her lower layer of hackle feathers are slightly longer than that of the norm, and possess the color of soft lavender blue (BDABFC), which is also repeated in her tail colors. The upper feather layer is the same shade of light blue as the accents on her fur. Fintan's leopard tail spots are also blue, maybe a shade darker than the blue accents (66D2F3). Her eyes are also the color of the spots, glittering happily when she smiles.

Background: Living a life with a large and a loving pack, Fintan learned from early age to love others with all her heart, a skill she has mastered over time. When times were bad with hunting or there were many pack quarrels, Fintan was the one who would cheer up her pack mates and volunteer for doing some extra work, allowing others to catch a breath. She rarely had any disagreements with anyone, or if she did, she would usually try to solve the matter as quickly as possible, to avoid any toxicity from forming. Fintan discovered herself to be skilled with life energy and realized her call was to be a healer. Spending a few summers under the watchful eye of her mentor, a grumpy old she-wolf with a dry humor, who taught her the ways of alternating life energy and how to use nature's gifts to enhance recovery even further. Even though Fintan has mastered the skill of using life energy and nature's herbs to heal, she sometimes loses a Fainwolf - each and every death etched into her soul, forever taunting her and working as a grim reminder of the cost of a failure she might do.

Elemental Skills: Primarily life, light, water, and wind energies - during healing combines life and water to boost up one's healing speed and during fights combines light and wind, first blinding her enemies and then pushing them back or slashing them with wind.

Accessories: N/A


Edited by Lumikkja

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Well this looks awesome! I'm certainly going to be PMing you some forms fairly soon.

I looked over it and spotted just one typo - when describing colour limitations for posthumans, you wrote "no neon or anything like tha." I would assume that you simply missed the 't' button.

I see nothing wrong at all with the story or concept, and since there's only one typo I spotted I'm sure it will get approved soon! smile.gif

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Username: Freezeon

Character Name: Charadin

Species: Corrupted Posthuman.

Age: 52 (But looks around 20)

Gender: Male

Personality: Confused and detached from the world, he's fairly goofy, but tries to be commanding, and that usually ends up in his goofyness.

Appearance: Pitch black skin, with red eyes, and no hair. He has purple tattoos up and down his arms and chest. His wings are tattered (And possibly one is missing).

Background: When he was a child, he wanted to control and rule, and a Darkness/Void Elemental was his Idol. Every attempt for power through the years, ended up with him making a fool of himself. As he got older, he trained in BLACK MAGICS and learned various spells. But that came with a price, he became a jet-black monster, corrupted by the magic. Many many years later, he gained a following, and made a small army. They rampaged through areas of Bone City, mainly making robberies. His army grew bigger, and bigger. They decided to make a 'castle' for their King. Even though it wasn't as big or good as a REAL castle (It was basically a big house painted black and purple), it's what they called home. Years passed with Charadin ruling this small area of Bone City, and his followers decided they had enough of him as their King, so, they overthrew him, and ripped off one of his wings, crippling most of his magic powers. He's now a wanderer, looking for employment.

Elemental Skills: He's good at Alchemy, and Cooking. Very low power BLACK MAGICS.

Accessories: Walking stick, old corncob pipe, and dressed in a dark grey robe.

Other: Made as kinda the comic relief. Last Of the Wilds. shades.png <--- That's gonna be my thing now.

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Freezeon, please PM me the character applications. I'd like to ask you to delete the post in the actual thread. PM the character to me, I'll look him over, and then I'll put him in the Accepted Characters. Please don't post your characters in the thread. smile.gif

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Don't post character applications in the actual thread - in the rules it says to PM them to me.

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Hello! Your RP is looking really great. I'm just going to go through and provide some cursory crit really quick.


But then, more than ten thousand years ago, a new race evolved, and become one of the most powerful races in all of history.


No comma after evolved.


They drove the winged serpents nearly into extinction, and began an era of industry and expansion.


No coma after extinction.


We are spirits, gods and goddesses, manifestations of the raw power that the humans could have possessed, if they had been more conscious of the world around them.


No comma after possessed.


When we found these last creatures, we each took pieces of the wilderness and created havens for the last creatures.


Saying last creatures twice here seems a tad redundant. I would replace "the last creatures" with just "them".


Once, mankind called them wolves - but they have changed.


No comma after once. I would actually replace the dash after wolves with a comma, but that's a stylistic choice, not a necessary change. :3


They are powerful alone, and more powerful together.


No comma.


But a new enemy has arisen, and seeks to bring desolation to my creatures and my territory.


No comma.


While most of the humans were oblivious to the power available to them, a few could sense it, and were ostracized from the human race for their taboo beliefs.


No comma after sense it.


My howl calls to the metal and fire beneath my feet, and stirs it to shape.


No comma.


The Bone City is a sprawling metropolis carved from the earth, with old human buildings mixing with a more natural landscape.


No comma.


they now bear feather manes and snow leopard tails, and are larger in size than the wolves of the past.


No comma.


These patterns resemble ancient draconic sigils, and allow them to channel elemental energy with great efficiency.


No comma.


Fainwolves can focus this raw energy into blasts of heat or cold, or connect their life energy with that of another wolf in order to help heal them.


No comma.


The dragons were the rulers of the Earth before the human race, and were almost completely wiped out by mankind as the industrious race rose to power.


No comma.


Their bones rise from the earth, and flesh binds to them.


No comma. I'm also not completely sure what "flesh binds to them" means?




This is fantastic! Do you write stories/have you tried to become published? You've really woven a fascinating plot here and the only issue I really came across was comma splices.


I do have a few odds-and-ends questions you may want to consider talking about in the OP.

What does Fiontann look like/what are his main abilities?

What kind of leadership do the Fainwolves and Posthumans employ? Could people RP as leaders or is everything more socialistic than that?

What kind of long distance communication is used in this world? (Ex. if a Posthuman wants to help avoid war, could they get communications to the Fainwolves?)


Other than that, once the commas are fixed, I just want to check - will you want this in Other RPs? =3

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Fixed the typos.




As a matter of fact, I do indeed write stories, and I hopefully will get them published at some point! Glad you like this RP idea, it was very spontaneous on my part...


Okay, revisions. For Fiontann, I didn't want to use just any old mecha picture since most are so recognizable (and he was inspired by Gundam) but I added a reference picture just in case. I thought his abilities were pretty clear, but I added a couple bits and pieces that might make it better.


Added a bit more to the 'governments' of each race, and yeah, I did kind of envision them as being more socialist/anarchist, acting like groups of friends who work together and don't really have a set system for how things get done. I gave the Posthumans a little more depth on that part, and a friend of mine already had an idea about gangs, so I put those in there as well. If people want to have a leader character, they could be a very influential and respected member of a guild, or a gang leader.


Added the specifics of communication. The Posthumans probably have digital communication in the Bone City, but outside of the city they have nothing. The Fainwolves just talk to each other or howl messages throughout the mountains.


(Yes, 'Other' is the category I would like it in. Hopefully more people start noticing this RP!)

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((With that, I think you're ready to go! Would you like extra/crit posts cleaned before I move?))

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((Absolutely! So far I have, hmm, let's see... almost no one, so yes, anyone interested is welcome to join!))

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((Seven characters, or nine if we're counting Fiontann/Draighean... well, I think that's a good number! Let's get this party started!))

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Her movements were absent directive or awareness of her surroundings. Her considerable mass brushed past the forest around her, crippling the trees and leaving a trail of stripped bark and shattered trunks in her wake. The edge of the trees was more of a wasteland now, and she payed it no mind. The inhabitants of the forest fled before her, but none of them got very far before their legs gave out beneath them. A few of the animals struggled, but eventually all of them accepted death. Glancing down, she nudged the fresh carcass of a bear. It was one of the forest's larger inhabitants, and it was smaller than her paw. Ah, the small ironies of life... the bear must have imagined itself to be powerful. But it was nothing compared to her.


She was a dragon, the last dragon alive on the Earth. By all rights she should have withered away by now, but she was kept alive by her determination to preserve the Posthumans she was tasked with protecting. She had isolated herself from them in recent weeks, and in that time she had not even heard her own name spoken... but she remembered it. Aife. She may have been the last of her kind, but she was powerful. She would protect the Posthumans of the Bone City from the sandstorms that conspired to destroy them. She would give anything to keep them safe. Looking around her, Aife rested her eyes upon the hundreds of fresh corpses that littered the ground. Prey and predator alike... she had killed them all. She felt no regret. Their deaths were necessary, in order to preserve the Posthumans.


Bending her head to the ground, Aife nosed the dirt. Far below the topsoil, she could smell rock and bone, the residue of an age long past. She snorted. And mankind believed it was impossible to raise the dead, she mused. It had taken her the better part of a decade, but she had found a way to re-activate the life energy that clung to the petrified remnants of the long-extinct Saurians. When they died, pieces of their souls remained. Aife didn't know the purpose these pieces had, but she had found a way to make them useful.


She could exploit this petrification of life.


Flaring her wings out from where they were pinned to her sides, Aife reared up on her hind legs, towering over the forest canopy. A rumble sounded inside her gut, and as it traveled the length of her throat it was accompanied by a surge of elemental energy. This surge continued into her wings, and upon reaching her wing-claws it leaped from her body and charged at the ground, like a storm of red lightning. Slamming herself back down to the ground, her claws digging deep trenches into the ground, Aife called out to the bones. Immediately the ground began to tremble, and within minutes the crust of the earth started to crack, forced apart as if something was clawing its way up from the planet's core. Aife watched as bones suddenly sprang from the cracks, pulled as if by invisible hands before falling to the ground. She counted hundreds of fossils, and for the first time since the sandstorms had arrived, she smiled. The first half of the process was complete.


As soon as she had the fossils, Aife turned her attention to the animals she had so recently killed. Bones alone would do her no good - they needed skin and flesh, and Aife now had an ample supply waiting to be recycled. A hum penetrated the air as she began to call to the corpses, and she closed her eyes in order to concentrate. A moment later the corpses began to disintegrate, transforming into raw elemental material. Ribbons of blood and chunks of organs spiraled into the air and began to attach to the fossils. At first the process was slow and deliberate, but soon it picked up the pace, and Aife allowed herself to open her eyes and witness her masterpiece. Before her eyes, the fossilized remains of the Saurian race were gaining new bodies. The bodies themselves were already decomposing from the strain of their unnatural existence, but Aife would suspend them in a state of perpetual decay. They did not need to be intelligent or self-governed - they just needed to be mobile enough to hunt down Aife's target, and kill anyone who stood in the way.


All around the dragon, a horde of undead raptors, carnotaurs, ceratopsians, and even a few tyrannosaurs stumbled to their feet, their skin clinging loosely to their skeletons and their breaths ragged and choked. They turned their heads to the night sky, milky eyes staring without any trace of the consciousnesses that once belonged to their bones. The bones may have held a sliver of life energy, but they did not retain the memories and personalities of the extinct Saurians... or at least, Aife didn't think they did. Life energy was elemental, and it made sense that it would remain after death. She did not imagine that the actual sentient beings would return when she reanimated them.


She almost laughed. No... no, these monstrosities were not 'alive' in the traditional sense. They were weapons, and Aife would put them to effective use. A few of the Saurians chuffed and snorted, but they were otherwise silent. They were nothing but automatons, and they stood awaiting Aife's command. Straightening up proudly, Aife let out a victorious roar. Her voice echoed across the landscape, but it faded in time, leaving behind only silence. For once, Aife was content with that.


Narrowing her eyes at her horde of newborn thralls, Aife growled hoarsely, "Scour the mountains, the canyons, the plateaus. Every wasteland, every secluded sanctuary... chase the scent of the elements. Chase the stench of energy bleeding from the earth and sky. There is a Spirit out there somewhere. Chase them, hunt them, and when you find them... call to me. Scream until your patchwork lungs break, and then keep screaming until I hear you. Then we will take the Spirit. Their power will be enough to destroy the sandstorms. And if anyone or anything tries to stand between you and the Spirit... kill them. Rip their hearts from their chests and their breath from their lungs."


At first there was silence. Then, the raptors began to screech, and soon enough all of the Saurians began to bellow and roar. While Aife had never seen a living Saurian, she recognized the sounds they made. These were the sounds of hunters. They were war cries provoked by raw instinct. Almost as soon as Aife had given her command, the Saurians turned and poured into the forest, vanishing into the night as they began Aife's hunt. The dragon was left alone, but she did not waste her time. Spreading her wings, she launched herself into the sky and left the forest behind. As she soared over the desert that bordered the trees, she let out another thunderous roar. A plume of smoke and fire exploded from between her jaws.


The Bone City was many hundreds of miles away, but the night was clear. Perhaps the Posthumans would see Aife's display, and perhaps they would understand her cause for vicious excitement. Not long ago she had made a public announcement of her decision to hunt down and capture a Spirit in order to use its power to defend against the sandstorms. Her decision had been met with mixed reactions. Some of the Posthumans did not agree with her plan.


Too bad, she thought to herself. Even if they disagreed, there was nothing they could do to stop her. She was a dragon, the most powerful of creatures. Nothing could stand against her and hold any hope of defeating her. But if the Posthumans had inherited anything from the human ancestors, it was stubbornness. Some of them would inevitably try to take the side of the Spirit, and it would be such a waste of life.


Aife would do everything in her power to protect the Bone City. If that meant she would have to fight the very ones she was protecting in order to keep them safe... so be it.




Fiontann was nervous as he approached the edge of the cliff. He realized he should not be so uncomfortable, but the events of the night had forced him into an uneasy state of mind. While he could not feel it on his metal plating, he knew the night air was unusually cold. As he paced the length of the cliff, the mech cast a glance back at the massive outcropping of rock behind him, and at the caves bored into the stone. Even from this distance, he could sense the heat rising from the bodies of the Fainwolves. All of them had been gathered here tonight per the call of the Wolf Spirit. She had urgent news for them, and none of the packs had taken well to what their protector Spirit had told them. Fiontann was amazed that the Fainwolves had managed to sleep at all.


Still, they were silent now, and would wake eventually when the sky was pierced by the Aurora Borealis that served as a 'sunrise' in these mountains. At the moment the night was still, and Fiontann wished he could sleep with the wolves. Instead he was riddled by anxiety, and he had to get it off his mind. Pausing on the cliffside, he turned his head up to the sky and watched the stars for a moment. Then he let out a deep sigh.


"Draighean," he whispered, seemingly to no one, "Are you sure we can fight this?"


The snow whirling around the mech seemed to congeal in the air, and in the same second that his voice faded the image of a gigantic wolf materialized in front of him. The Spirit hovered directly at his eye level, and she shook her antlered head. "Just because I'm a Spirit doesn't mean I can tell the future, Fion," Draighean chided, her tone lightly amused. Then she sobered and continued, "The Fain is isolated. It will take some time for Aife to find us."


"But she will get here someday," Fiontann countered, his metallic voice rasping inside his artificial throat. "And I just... I know I'm supposed to fight her, but how do you fight a dragon?? If she's powerful enough to raise the dead..."


Draighean cleared her throat, or at least made a sound similar to clearing her throat. Fiontann silenced himself and let his creator speak. "Fion, the Saurians she now controls are nothing but flesh-puppets, extensions of her will. If she had really renewed the dead, the Saurians would still possess their souls and their individuality. To raise such flesh-puppets does not mean that Aife is insurmountably more powerful than us. Aife's power is no greater than the sum of her experience, and between myself, you, and the Fainwolves, I believe we have more than enough experience and elemental talent to defeat a single dragon, ancient she may be. But I hope we do not come to that."


Fiontann looked at the Spirit curiously. He wished he had a mouth to frown with - that would help him convey his opinions much more efficiently. "You... do you not wish to confront the dragon? She means to kidnap you. Destroy you." Ever since realizing the dragon's plan through the strings of elemental energy that connected her to the rest of the world, Draighean had been surprisingly passive about the whole situation. Fiontann knew the Spirit would not tolerate attacks against her Fainwolves, but she was strangely comfortable with the idea of someone threatening her.


This did not sit well with Fiontann. Draighean was his creator... she had crafted him from raw metal and gifted him with the fire of life. He did not appreciate the idea of her being destroyed so that her elemental power could be used by a mad dragon.


Draighean seemed to overhear Fiontann's thoughts, as she was known to do from time to time, and she drifted forward and nipped the tip of one of his chevrons. He flinched back in embarrassment as the Spirit scolded, "Fion, do not pretend to have forgotten Aife's circumstances. She is driven by desperation. Do I agree with her solution? Not at all. It is not right of her to condemn the entire Fainwolf species in order to save the Bone City. Desperation is a slippery slope to madness, yes, but do not blame her for it. We will do our best to protect these mountains, and if Aife reaches us, we will fight her. But I hope we can avoid a fatal confrontation. There may be another way to resolve her problem. The sandstorms that threaten the Bone City are not natural. I will try to find their source through the elemental web... but it will take time."


Fiontann huffed, folding his arms across his armored chest. "Last time you navigated the elements, you did not materialize for a month. Are you sure it's a good idea to leave the Fainwolves without your protection?"


"They are more than capable of defending themselves, and besides, some of them may wish to seek out other methods of defeating the sandstorms. If we remove the problem that motivates Aife, she will not longer be looking for me. They understand this now. If they try to find another solution, they may leave the Fain, and if they do so I will not be able to protect them even if I am materialized."


The mech still wasn't completely satisfied. He understood that the Fainwolves were free to leave, and he knew that during Draighean's gathering some of them had expressed a desire to go and try and find some other way to stop Aife or the sandstorms, but there was still something that no one had really discussed yet. "Draighean..." Fiontann started hesitantly, "What about the Posthumans? If we end up having to fight Aife, and if we defeat her... what happens to them? The sandstorms will destroy the Bone City. You said it was wrong to condemn another species in order to preserve ourselves, especially when might be another way to solve the problem."


The Wolf Spirit did not answer for a long time. Instead, she circled around Fiontann's shoulders, eventually coming to rest on top of his head. Her touch was the only thing Fiontann could feel. The sensation was like slippery ice, and warmth, and calmness, and a whole surplus of other juxtapositions. When she finally answered him, her voice was heavy with an uncertainty that Fiontann did not expect from her.


"I do not know what will happen to them, Fion," she whispered. "I believe many of them will side with the dragon and try to find me and capture me. But I think some will try to find another solution. Perhaps some will just leave, and seek refuge from the storms in some remote part of this cold planet. I do not want to condemn them to the desert. I want to find another way to help them, I truly do. But in the end, it is not up to me."


Draighean's presence shifted, and Fiontann followed the direction of movement until he found himself looking toward the caves. The heat signatures of the slumbering Fainwolves pierced his optics, and beside him he could feel Draighean's emotions seeping away from her ethereal form. Pain, love, sadness, fear... sometimes the Fainwolves forgot that Draighean felt these things, too. Fiontann could sense that his creator was feeling them now.


"In the end, who survives and who does not... it is not up to me," Draighean murmured softly. "It is up to them."




((And so we begin! I think characters should start their personal storylines a little while after this big meeting. Just to make things interesting.))

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Keegan cursed to himself as he sprinted through Bone City. "Just haaaaad to kill him didn't you. Freaking idiot. They'll never let you get away with this." came his thoughts as he slid under a cart, rolling out of the maneuver back into a sprint. Keegan had just been in a meeting with his... boss would be the closest term for it. His guild, The Scars, was less of a family and more of a militia or a mafia. He was supposed to have gotten a mission, likely a breaking and entering job, but his contact had made a snide remark. A comment about "The Orphan Star", and it was the straw that broke Keegan's will.


Not much was left but a corpse with the consistency of charcoal, still smoking from the short fight. He would be found out any minute now, and this wasn't his first offense like this. They usually gave him a break, as he was good at his job and had been a large investment for them, but he had been on thin ice alread. He was in deep trouble. He needed to get out of the city, but didn't want to go alone with the sands raging all the time. He needed a partner...





Fenik sat on a small, flat boulder of quartz, staring at the sky. The Spirit Wolf's news had... disturbed him to day the least. He both couldn't, and did not want, to sleep lately. Fenik felt for the Posthuman's plight, he would want to use any means necessary to save his people as well. But to potentially wipe out a races existence... was that worth living through? He barked softly to himself, a sort chuckling scoff. In this world was anyone really living? Constantly fighting for food and survival... and now a nearly all out war between sentient beings? If a diffent route, a more moral and sustainable route, didn't show up, it was gonna be a blood bath.


Fenik whimpered, laying down with his head between his paws. "But what in this world could end the endless barrage of sandstorms... and if we cannot find a solution, who could fight the dragon Aife? Sure Draighean and Fiontann could battle her, but if the lose the rest of us are like ants compared to the monstrous, ancient dragon..." Fenik's stomach growled, and he stood up. His 'farm' was not ready to held, but he did not have the motivation or energy to hunt. Perhaps he could find a partner who would push him to find food with him...


((I apologize for any mistakes, I am not home currently and my phone hates typing on this website.))

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Zeditha awoke in an unfamiliar den. Her eyes opened to slits, then flew wide, and became slits again as she realised that this was, indeed, her home. She clumsily got to her paws, unfamiliar with even the length of her legs, and padded out of her den. Why did everything have to change? She just wanted to play with the other pups, who ran around her, almost coming to greet her as usual, but veering away in the last seconds as they remembered her new rank. Just because of a ceremony, she was no longer allowed to run and play; she must help the Pack. As much as she enjoyed hunting, and wielding the elements, she didn't like the unfamiliarity, the speed at which her entire world had changed. In the distance, she heard the calls of their parents as they chided her siblings for some scrape they had managed to get into. With a heavy sigh, she continued to pad towards the rest of the pack.



Mia sat on her large windowsill, stroking the bird she had been nursing for the past two months. "Are you better, birdie?" she asked, sadly. "I think it's time for you to fly..." She held the bird out to the air and it turned, gave her one last chirp, and flew off into the distance. Mia sighed - she wished she could fly, but her wisp-thin wings would never support her. Unless, of course, she managed to gain control of the air element, guiding the wings to take her where she wanted to go. She fluttered them slightly and concentrated, willing the wind to catch her outspread wings and carry her aloft. A breeze drifted in through the window, caressing her hair, but it wouldn't be enough. She closed her eyes, focusing harder, and a slightly stronger gust reached her, pulling a few strands of hair away from the ears they were tucked behind. Deciding to trust her wings, Mia took a deep breath, stood up, and jumped. The wind hit her wings and she flapped hard, hoping to climb into the sky like the birds she adored, but her unnatural wind was weakening, and now served only as a cushion to stop her hurting herself as she drifted slowly to the ground. With another sigh, Mia waited until she was back on the ground, and then trudged off in a random direction. Perhaps she'd see someone, perhaps not.

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The sun was struggling to rise over the dense swellings of sand to the west, and Tikvah couldn't deny that she felt a sense of dread when she saw those looming storms. From the skyscrapers of the Bone City, she could see for hundreds of miles, but knowing that the sandstorms were out there at all was a foreboding feeling. These days, in the early morning, the sky was all too often hazy and cloffed with dust. Usually it cleared up by the time the sun properly rose, but sometimes the sand lingered in the air. Tikvah felt her throat dry out just by thinking about it.


Unfurling her wings to catch the inklings of light, the young woman clapped her hands together and sent sparks cascading over her fingertips. Flicking her fingers one by one, she sent small chains of electricity spiraling over the side of her apartment balcony. In a few hours she would normally be expected to come to her guild's laboratories, and normally she would be excited. A few weeks ago they had started a long-running experiment to find more efficient ways of conducting electrical impulses through nonmetals. If the experiment worked out in their favor, it would help the electrical grid run more smoothly, and maybe it would help the factories. Unfortunately, Tikvah wasn't sure how man people would want to show up today.


Aife's announcement from a few weeks ago was still hanging over everyone's heads... Tikvah secretly felt vindicated. Aife had told them that she planned to capture a Spirit. From what Tikvah had gleaned from the reports of Posthuman explorers of the world beyond the Bone City, Spirits were in charge of protecting sentient life, much like how Aife protected the Posthumans. That meant there were other races, other societies, histories, and methods of harnessing the elements. Most of Tikvah's peers didn't want to involve themselves in what happened beyond the City. Tikvah felt rather proud for being proven right.


The downside of knowing there were others out there was also knowing that Aife wanted to destroy them, and that... that just didn't sit well with Tikvah. Surely there was another way to solve the problem, one that didn't involve destroying another race. If the sandstorms could threaten the Bone City, who was to say that capturing an Element Spirit wouldn't doom the race that spirit protected? Tikvah had been careful to keep her opinions to herself, but she thought the dragon was just a little crazy.


And call her just as crazy, but Tikvah wanted to be the one to find an alternate solution to the sandstorm problem. Turning away from the balcony, she headed out through her small, sparsely furnished apartment, grabbing a coat and zipping it around her wings as she moved. As soon as she was out of the apartment, Tikvah headed for the nearest elevator and descended down toward the street level. She didn't want to spend one more day here, near the sand and a mad dragon and 'friends' who were apathetic toward the plight of another sentient race. There were always boats waiting at the river - it wouldn't be hard to get out of the City. Tikvah's only qualm was that she wasn't sure if she wanted to do this on her own.


As she stepped out into the slightly sandy street, Tikvah imagined that there had to be someone who wanted to get out of the city as badly as she did.




"Papaaa. Wake up, Papa. Wake up!"


Hakon felt small paws kneading against his side. Growling, he rolled over onto his stomach and forced his eyes to open. As soon as he did so, he found himself inches away from the grinning muzzle of his entirely-too-awake daughter. "Go back to sleep, Glass," the aging Fainwolf grumbled before sinking back down onto the ground of their thicket den.


Glass, unfortunately, had no interest in listening to her father. Pouncing on him again, she yapped, "Papa, s'time to wake up! Wake up wake up wake up! The au-ro-ras are here early! And they're red, red, red, redder than they used to be! You gotta see!"


Hakon's ears twitched. While he was reluctant to disturb his sleep patterns, a change in the auroras that served as the tepid light of the Fain mountains warranted his investigation. He'd learned to take his pup seriously when it came to the green and blue lights that occupied the sky during the 'daytime'. If they were turning more red than normal... that didn't sit well with Hakon. Rising up from the dirt, he stretched out and rolled his tongue out in a deep yawn. "Alright, Glass," he said, "Show me."


There was little doubt that Glass's eyes were lighting up with excitement, though Hakon couldn't exactly see past the crown of wayward an spiky feathers that sat on top of her head. The feathers flopped down over her face, and while she usually brushed them out of the way she didn't seem to care if they hid her eyes or not. Tail wagging ferociously, the pup turned and sped out of the den. Her father followed at a slow, trudging pace, still not accepting of the idea of being awake.


"See? See?" Glass yipped, skidding to a halt near the slope that lead down into a snow-covered valley. The large outcropping she and her father stood on was occupied by a dense cluster of trees and bushes, as well as a few boulders, and the location served as the main den site of their pack. The outcropping had a good view of the auroras when they crossed over into the Fain's part of the sky... and lo and behold, they were much redder than they used to be.


"I can see, Glass," Hakon said lowly, standing so his pup was framed between his front legs. He didn't like this, not one bit. Glass didn't realize it - she was still too young to really understand what was going on - but with the announcement the Spirit Draighean had made only a few weeks ago, Hakon was wary of any and all unexpected changes to his home. Reddened auroras could mean nothing, but he didn't like it.


He liked it about as much as that putrid, rotting stench that had led him to the corpse of his mate just a few months ago. Whatever had killed her left a foul scent in the air and a bad taste in Hakon's mouth. That taste was creeping back onto his tongue now. "Glass," Hakon growled, "Thank you for showing me. Now, didn't you say yesterday that you wanted to show the other pups some of the stones you found?"


Glass bounced on her paws happily, and she seemed to completely forget about the auroras. She had a very narrow scope of observation, and had a habit of forgetting everything else once she was distracted by something exciting. Hakon learned to exploit his daughter's one-track mind, and often used that to keep her happily ignorant when things started getting bad. "Yep yep! I found lotsa stones that glitter and make little lights!" she barked, heading back toward the main den site. "Can I show Ze-di-ta, too?"


Zeditha... that was the pup who recently gained adult status, wasn't she? Hakon snorted. In his opinion, the young Fainwolf was still just a bit too young to assume adult responsibilities, but it wasn't his place to contradict basic sensibility. She'd proven herself to be mature and capable, so now she was considered an adult. Hakon wondered how she was adjusting.


"Go on, Glass. Show whoever you'd like," Hakon murmured, gently nuzzling his pup behind her ear. She liked him back on the muzzle and then raced off toward the other dens, leaving Hakon to trot after her slowly. He resolved to not let the changing auroras bother him, at least for the time being. There were other duties he needed to attend to, but he would keep a watchful eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Until that happened, he hoped life would continue as usual.




((Zeditha, is it okay if I write that our characters are in the same pack? If not, I'll take that part out.))

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(I also would enjoy writing my wolf intoat least one of y'alls pack, if you two wouldn't be against it.))


Keegan's sprint brought him through the market area quickly, ducking and weaving between people and stalls. A few shouts and screams echoed in his wake, and he grinned. He knew he probably wasn't being pursued, at least not yet. When he was, though, he hoped to leave the most confusing trail possible. Exiting the marketplace, Keegan took a sharp turn into an alleyway. It was short, with a dead end at the back, and Keegan cursed his wings. A scythe made of red hot burning shadow materialized in his hands, and he got a running start. Just before the dead end, he swung the weapon over head, digging it's blade into the ground and vaulting himself up onto the roof. Follow that ya censorkip.gif***s...


He stayed on the roofs until he had nearly reached his own home. Hopping off the roof he glided silently down the street, hitting the ground with a running start. He turned his last corner, and was moving as fast as his feet would carry him. A woman, out of nowhere, jumped from her windowsill (Mia) and landed on the street in front of him, while he was looking back over his shoulder. Keegan turned his head back as she turned in his direction, and he dove onto the sidewalk next to her to avoid running into her "****, sorry maam. Didn't see you there."




Fenik padded his way passed his crops, a ball of slight floating out above them. Besides food, he needed fertilizer as well. Unfortunately for him, fish was harder to come by than most game for his race. He walked into the main area that his pack hung out at, shaking his body wearily. He could tell he wasn't the only one that hadn't slept well, and nodded slightly to some of his peers. HE pawed at the snowy earth, digging toward the soil. He was too hungry to wait for a hunt, and the bonus of his powers was that he rarely stayed that way long. Within a few minutes, a strawberry bush had sprouted and fruited. It wouldn't last long in this climate, and the lack of nutrients in the soil meant it would bear little more than what would tide him over until he could find something more bloody. Hate ate quickly, leaving a few morsels for anyone that would want them.


With a small meal in his belly, Fenik howled for a moment, signalling that he was going out for a hunt if anyone would like to join him. Shaking the sleep from his body one more time, he took off into the woods in search of anything to bring back home. Hopping up on a large rock, he took a deep breath, focusing his energy. Tracking was not his strong suit, but with a little focus he could manage. As his eyes opened, dull trails of light zigzaged here and there, flickering in and out of 'existence'. Fenik couldn't put a pad on which way most were headed, and non that he could were large enough to feed more than him and maybe one other wolf. He growled softly, stepping toward the largest trail he saw, and set off in one of it's directions.


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After scraping together whatever money he had left for medical bills, a pitch black 'Posthuman' walked through Bone City. He had no real goal, other then 'Get money, Buy food.' His stomach rumbled again, he hadn't eaten anything today. Potion ingredients, and Tobacco for his pipe would have to wait.


He pulled the last of his money out of his pockets, probably only enough to buy a bag of peanuts or chips. But at least it's food...


He proceeded to walk to the nearest store, but someone in an nearby alleyway grabbed him and pulled him in by his cloak, the assaulter had a knife, and was ready to attack. Charadin hit him in the gut with his walking stick, and he dropped the knife. Charadin was getting ready for another attack with his Staff, yet before he could swing it, he was met with a swift kick to the face, sending sprawling to the ground.


His face slammed into the ground, his nose bleeding his lightly muted blood. "Good 'ol gang culture..." He mumbled quietly, before blacking out.


His pipe was thrown on the ground, breaking the two pieces apart from eachother.

His former Staff's decorative crystal had been cracked.

And he lost his Money.


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