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Kage-no-Kagami Out-of-Character and Applications

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It is said, that our world runs parallel with another, a dark, seemingly unpopulated mirror of the world we call home. It's been there as long as ours has, it's skies and seas red as blood, it's shadows that move and kill anything they fall across, and it's ever-present Black Moon hiding a terrible secret. Ordinarily, they are like the banks on opposite sides of a river - parallel, but with no bridge between them. You cannot freely pass from one side to they other, and it is even said that humans can't even exist in this other world. Unless...


Within the human emotion spectrum, there is an infinite spectrum of feelings that we can experience, from blissful joy, to crippling pain. Some of these feelings are strong enough to affect the soul. The human soul itself is a bit like the inverse of the Earth's core. The Earth's inner core is solid, believe it of not. It's surrounded by a molten outer core - and that is what most people think of when they think 'Earth's Core'. The soul is like that, only the opposite. The 'inner soul' is fragile, soft, and delicate. It holds within it the memories, experiences and even spirits of your past lives. This delicate light is protected by a hard, impenetrable shell, an 'outer soul'. In particular, one such emotion - despair - under the right circumstances and in the right amount can actually fracture the outer soul, allowing darkness to seep in. This darkness, seeping in through the cracks, doesn't kill you or corrupt you, rather, it coalesces and takes form. It becomes a living creature of despair, a Phantasm, locked away between the two layers of your soul, feeding on your pain and sorrow. The form a person's Phantasm takes is unique to them, but the same Phantasm may have also been born into the soul of one of your past lives. Based on a person's past experiences, their personal identity, and their past lives, a Phantasm's form will vary; however it is always the form of a creature from folklore or mythology. However, our world isn't enough for these creatures of despair, and they lie dormant, usually, as if in a coma, you never even know they are there, and there is nothing setting someone with a Dormant Phantasm apart from a normal human. However, these beasts, when conscious, want but one thing - to drive their human host into despair once more, so that their soul is cracked further, allowing them to break the outer soul keeping them prisoner apart, ripping apart your body as they do so. In doing so, they shift from a form obviously based on a shadowy representation of their mythological basis, to a vaguely humanoid entity that shows design cues to their basis - such as a dragon knight, or a phoenix gladiator. They then have the power to glamour as you, for all intents and purposes, stealing your life and identify.

Just as, in our world, Phantasms are dormant and unconscious, the aura of our world being to for them, and causing them to suffocate, the other world itself is usually dormant. It is there, but since there is no life there, the shadows there have no reason to move. Nothing happens there, and it does not impact our world at all... Unless it were to wake up.

Once awakened, this other world, colloquially known as the 'Inverse Plain' randomly - and violently - snatches those with Phantasms inside of them from out of time and space, and depositing them within it's own blood red space. To those not pulled into this monstrous place, time freezes, and them along with it. While the Inverse Plain is active, everything in our world, the 'Corporeal Plain' halts completely, only to resume when the Inverse Plain abruptly throws the humans within it back into it's mirror counterpart.

Despite the scarlet hue the sky and water have, and the ominous black moon, the Inverse Plain looks exactly like the Corporeal Plain, down to the same cars parked in the same places. The only real difference is the startling lack of any inhabitants.

The air of this horrible place is exactly what a Dormant Phantasm needs to reawaken and take a more active role in pushing their hosts toward despair. These hosts become aware of their Phantasms, and can even communicate with them, whilst the Phantasm itself can actively trying to push their hosts lower and lower. Under certain circumstances, they can even possess their hosts bodies. However, the host can also access a small fraction of the great power their Phantasm possesses. And access it they will need to, if they wish to survive within the hazardous wastelands of the Inverse Plain. The shadows that roam it are, in fact, Phantasms that are yet to be born. Every human has a Phantasm, but very few ever undergo the necessary circumstances to actually create one. Those Phantasms that are never born exist in the Inverse Plain as mindless zombies, known as 'Lesser Phantasms, to differentiate them from the 'Greater Phantasms' that exist within humans. They have no apparent form, beyond being monstrous shadowy apparitions, and mindlessly kill any living thing they happen across. However, these creatures are the least of the hapless hosts' problems...

For at the centre of the Inverse Plain's version of the city in which they all live, is a massive structure, which is the only thing to truly change form during the shift from Corporeal to Inverse and back. While in the Corporeal Plain, it is a massive skyscraper for a multinational corporation, but inside of the Inverse Plain, it becomes a massive, crystalline cathedral. Sleeping within it are the six Wraith Knights - the guardians and de facto rules of the Inverse Plain. They are thought to be six Greater Phantasms who have been released from their hosts to attain their own lives - the goal of all Phantasms. When their hosts were alive, they were like the protagonists, just a group of people thrown into the Inverse Plain at random times. They fought against a terrible evil and succeeded in sealing it away, at the cost of their lives. Their Phantasms were then born into the world from their souls, and, having actually grown to like their hosts, decided to carry on their work, and protect the seal they had given their lives to create.

Though dormant for now, they won't be sleeping for long. Floating above the cathedral is a smaller, more ornate temple. And within it is a massive blood-red crystal, that seams to act as a beacon, for an unknown purpose.

This, however, is bad news for the protagonists, as their mere presence within the Inverse Plain destabilises the seal. Thusly, the Wraith Knights will want to kill them, and quickly.


The Protagonists themselves are, of course just random people with dormant Phantasms. They are humans who have been through a great despair in their past, and thus carry a huge burden within them.

However, when the Inverse Plain awakens and drags them all in, their Phantasms will awaken and immediately begin planning on how best to plunge their host into despair. They will also gain access to a limited power, with which they can use to fight for their right to survive. The reason they were dragged in is because over the past year or two, they received a mysterious, abstract-looking key - the key of their corresponding sin for the seal.


Human Characters:

There aren't that many rules for having a human character. There is no age limit, for instance. No Mary Sues though, or Anti-Sues for that matter.

Simply, they must be a person with a Greater Phantasm.

To have one of those means they must have been through a lot of hell. Like survivor's guilt, a severe nervous break down etc etc... Anything that could make a person suicidal, really.

The Phantasm itself wants to kill it's host remember. It doesn't have to be horrid per se... It could be affable about it. Y'know 'sorry about this, but I want my freedom'...or they can be utterly depraved sadists. Up to you really. They are all based on mythical creatures, however, and once one has been used, it's off the table, period. And you'll need to supply a link to a web page validating it's existence as a mythical creature (like Wikipedia or something).

However each Phantasm has three powers. At first, the protagonists will only be able to channel one, but as time goes on, they will learn to channel a second, and then all three. What they are is up to you, but again, once one is used, no one else can have it.

The three powers do have to be vaguely related, and at least one of them has to be rather weak and/or passive - as it's the first they'll unlock

Each Human also has a past life, one that will advise them on their quest.

This past life has to be a figure from history, or from ancient myth, such as Achilles, or Caesar.

They will, however, disguise themselves behind a moniker, so that the their reincarnations don't get big-headed (I was YOU in a past life? I ROCK) and get themselves killed, or so that they don't hate themselves more (I... Was once you...? Oh god I'm a monster!!).

The German names for the seven deadly sins are the names they will use.


Begierde (Lust) - ??? (Sasha)

Zorn (Wrath) - ??? (Sammy characters)

Unfenscheit (Greed) - Gilgamesh (David)

Tragheit (Sloth) - ??? (Mage's character maybe Pffft)

Fresserei (Gluttony) - ???

Neid (Envy) - ??? (Esko)

Hochfart (Pride) - ??? (Kuro's character)


Wraith Knights:

You can also chose to play as one of the seven Wraith Knights. The Wraith Knights are Phantasms, like those inside of the heroes, and are, thusly, based on mythical creatures (same limits apply for the Knights as for the Inner Phantasms).

However, they were warped by magic into barely humanoid forms, vaguely resembling black knights. So they don't look like what they are supposed to be - and that's a rule, not a suggestion, it isn't supposed to be obvious what they are.

Again, personality is up to you, though remember, their hosts sacrificed themselves, and it touched them greatly. Enough to make them want to become heroes, if they hasn't become so already through communication with their host. They may have been vilely cruel to their hosts and now bitterly regret it. Perhaps they are morose at having to take yet more innocent lives, or perhaps they're so psycho, they really don't care as long as they get their job of protecting the seal done.

Technically, none of the Wraith Knights are actually released. They are still in their hosts' souls, it's just that their hosts themselves are now dead, and only exist as part of the seal. The Wraith Knight's 'bodies' are nothing more than Lesser Phantasms melted together and galvanised into a suit of armour-like body that the disembodied soul is then placed into - that's why they look nothing like what they are. The exposed, Re-armoured souls of their hosts are visible on their chests somewhere as glowing red cores.


The two exceptions to that rule are Avaritia and Luxuria.

Avaritia was once a human whose Phantasm was the Phoenix, and one of the powers he received was regeneration. This revived his mind as the others died, however, before his body could be regenerated as well, his soul was placed into the Wraith Knight body that would become known as Avaritia, preventing his soul from regenerating a body since he already had one - albeit a black suit of armour, but still. Thusly, Avaritia's mind is human, and the Phoenix Phantasm is still in his soul.

Luxuria's host was the anchor of the seal, and this, her body was not crystallised like the others were, and thus, she inhabits her former host's body. In that respect, she's the opposite of Avaritia - a Phantasm in a human body, whereas Avaritia is a human in a pseudo-a Phantasm body.

Wraith Knights have access to all three powers already.

If applying as one, you need to choose one of these names:

The Wraith Knights themselves, take on the responsibility of protecting the seal, and take it VERY seriously. Being painfully aware that they are creatures if sin protecting the holy, they refer to their Wraith Knight Bodies as 'curses', and hide their identities by taking on 'Names of Bane' - that is, each takes on the name and identity of one of the seven deadly sins. Thus, you must pick which sin you wish to play when filling out a form.


Ira (I-ra, like in irritation) - Wrath

Acedia (Ah-ked-i-a) - Sloth

Invidia (In-wid-i-a) - Envy


I included notes on pronunciation as well, since the names are latin.

On that note, the other (taken) four are:

Superbia (Soo-per-be-a) - Pride

Avaritia (A-wa-ri-ti-a) - Greed

Luxuria (Luggs-oo-ree-a, as in Luxury) - Lust

Gula (Goo-la, like in Ghoul) - Gluttony


~So, to recap, rules for Wraith Knights are:

-They must vaguely resemble a Black Knight. I mean, they can have wings, tails, extra limbs, missing limbs, etc, but generally, a black knight is the basic idea. If the face is exposed, it can only be partially so.

-They must have an exposed red sphere (Their Core) on their chest somewhere

-Remember that (barring Ava-chan and Superbi-nyan), they aren't human, and even though they don't look it, they're actually the mythological-based Phantasms of their deceased hosts, like the human characters have. They're inhuman, though not evil anymore. Although Phantasms as a race ARE evil, those that have become the Wraith Knights have had a change of heart

-They don't have to look anything like what Phantasm they really are

-Nor do they have to act like their sin at all, they're just names they chose out of self-loathing over not being able to save their hosts. They can do though, they can take their self-loathing one step further and act as an embodiment of their sin as well.



-Have fun!

-Be nice

-This is a plot-based RP. I've had A LOT of problems before with people twisting and changing my plots, and making up new rules as they see fit - which has caused me great mental stress. If you're going to join, please make sure it's because you like the plot, not because you like what you think the plot should be

-The world, lore, and plot are fully planned. So please don't try and decide things.

-Lilraaos and Requiemx are co-deputy heads after me (assuming they except said permission) so listen to them if they say something!

-Our word is law

-Romance is allowed and you can imply whatever the hell you like, just abide by the forum rules, please. And if two users have agreed on a ship (like Lilraaos and I have for David and Luxuria), then do not muscle in

-No sue characters of any kind

-No godmodding, power playing, or killing another character

-Please be active, or specify if you can't be

-Have fun!

-I may change or add some rules at my discretion

-Break a rule three times and you're out - though you will be warned/reminded of your current strike count with each offence.

-Since this RP is about interaction, if you have multiple characters, they can't know each other


Form (Human):










Reason for Despair:




First Power:

Second Power:

Third Power:

Past Life:


Phantasm Personality:



Form (Wraith Knight)




Phantasm type:





First Power:

Second Power:

Third Power:

Core Location:

Former Host's Name:

Former Host's Appearance:

Former Host's Personality:

Former Host's Reason for Despair:



Reserved Powers:




Instant Psych Profile




Vocal Manipulation

Water Breathing






Super Speed


Reserved Phantasms:




The Fae






Reserved Past Lives:




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Name: David Beale

Username: Millennium07

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: David and his other selves, the Dragon Phantasm and Unfensciet/Gilgamesh


KnK-David's bandage/cast detailing

David is a tall young man, with very pale, sun-deprived skin. His visible eye is a dark brown, whereas the other is concealed by a Japanese-style medical eyepatch. His hair is a rusty red-brown, falling to his mid-back in length, and with a jaggedly-cut fringe, done by himself, so it's rather sloppy, to hide his eyepatch as pest as possible. He had a rather androgynous build, with broad shoulders and wide hips, with a narrow waist and a rather lithe, slight figure. His body is covered in casts, stitches and bandages, meaning he is rather frail and prone to reopening his wounds if pushed too hard. As a result, he wears thick, concealing clothing and covers any skin or bandages he can. He wears a black turtleneck shirt under a crimson turtleneck wooly jumper, black jeans paired with black heel boots, and a pair of black leather gloves to hide his bandages hands. When going out, he completes his ensemble with a black long coat and a scarlet silk scarf.

History: David's childhood was a rocky one. He was bullied a lot in school for not being as masculine as the other boys, and for his preferred interests in music and art over sports. During this time he was very badly depressed, and for that reason, he left school, and was educated at home - which was something he much preferred. He stabilised as time went on, and even became rather happy and comparatively outgoing.

This changed after his Phantasm was born. After that, he spent over a year in the hospital, most of which was in a psych ward as well. The injuries that David's many bandages and casts cover were self-inflicted, and they still exist to this day because he has not let them heal properly. However, eventually, he relented and saw a therapist, who persuaded David to cut down on his suicide attempts, to the point where he could be released, and although he still self-harms, he is more stable overall now, even if only slightly. David's loft apartment was a gift from this therapist, whom David still sees to this day.

Reason for Despair: David was at an anime convention with his family, finally feeling happy and safe in the outside world... Only the convention centre was bombed severely, and any survivors shot by terrorists. David, who was buried under rubble, was the only survivor of this massacre, and, when being carried to an ambulance, grabbed the nearest scalpel and started slashing away at himself until he was sedated, blinding is right eye and causing the many injuries he still has.

Sin: Greed (Unfensciet)

Personality: a bitterly unhappy young man, David is rather scattered and aloof, often shutting out the world as a whole and focusing only on whatever task he is currently attempting. He is also eerily silent much of the time, and this trait, coupled with his withdrawn, stoic attitude and abstract mindset give him the appearance of an emotionless pr*ck. However, the truth is just the opposite. While he has an odd way of thinking, and a rather detached persona, he is in fact, a gentle soul who tries his best for those he loves. It just so happens that he believes all those people to be dead. He loves nature and has even been allowed to have a garden behind the museum that he lives above. He also adores both art and classical music, both of which he is adept at producing himself as an accomplished artist, with works of his own in the museum and a skilled violinist. While at first he seemed monotonous and barely distinct from the scenery, as one gets to know him, they'll learn to identify subtle cues in his behaviour and mannerisms that will allude to how he truly feels, along with, eventually, promoting him to display those emotions facially, causing him to smile, blush, and even laugh.

Weapon: One-handed swords, such as Katanas.

First Power: Precognition - the ability to see the future and an opponents next move

Second Power: Emulation - the ability to copy a power that has been witnessed in use

Third Power: Vision - Enhanced range of vision, including infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray and telescopic

Past Life: Gilgamesh

Phantasm: The Dragon

Phantasm Personality: Completely clairvoyant due to mastery of his powers, The Dragon Phantasm is a sociopathic sadist who enjoys the misery and pain that his very existence causes his host. He has reoccurred several times throughout David's many reincarnations, and as such, has learned a lot about how humans behave. He was, in fact, actually rather fond of Gilgamesh, not unlike the Wraith Knights with their hosts. However, by now, millennia later, he is twisted and cruel, eagerly putting his vast intelligence to use manipulating people with ease, playing the role of the chess master or puppeteer. He prefers to toy and play with his prey before moving in for the kill.

However... There is more to Dragon than simply destruction. At his core, there are still long-forgotten virtues and morals buried by centuries upon centuries of pain and anguish. Perhaps he just needs someone to remind him of the hero he truly is deep down...

Other: David lives in a loft above the museum on the outskirts of the city, which is much closer to nature than the violently metropolitan city it borders. It should also be stated that his memory is cloudy at times. It's not that he's forgotten areas of his past per se, it's more that there is a layer of fog over everything, blurring certain details. He is also prone to psychotic episodes, breakdowns, bouts of suicidal panic and sudden flashbacks if the correct stimuli occur. His right eye - unlike his left, which is brown and in complete working order - is a misted grey-blue, and is utterly dead and useless, except when channeling his powers. Together, David's three powers are known as the 'Eyes of Babylon' and are a recurring fixture in myth and legend, dating back to their namesake and first user, Gilgamesh, the first hero.


Wraith Knights


Name: Avaritia

Username: Millennium07

Phantasm type: Phoenix

Gender: Male

Appearance: Avaritia

Avaritia appears as a dauntingly tall and large knight, clad in armour black as pitch, outlined with gold. A long violet cape descends from his back and numerous ruby-like crystals adorn his being. He possesses eight golden horns on his body, four on the head, two on the upper back, and one each on his forearms, underneath the elbow. Powerfully built and muscular, his foreboding appearance is topped off by six shining red eyes on his helmet/face, three arranged vertically on each side.

Personality: Mighty and wise, Avaritia is the undisputed leader of the Wraith Knights. He has far more knowledge about the seal, the Inverse Plain, and even their very nature than any of the other Knights. He is forceful, and merciless in conducting his duty of killing the 'infidels' who have entered their sacred plain, and has a highly keen intellect, capable of deciding strategies and operations of startling intricacy. However, he comes across as rather weary, like an old general, and, towards the other Knights, acts much like a father figure, trying to protect them and help them as best he can. However he is also quite enigmatic, and extremely hard to read, with no one being quite sure what he's thinking at any given time.

Weapon: A Longsword and blade-like Greatshield, capable of being combined into a colossal Greatsword.

First Power: Regeneration - Avaritia can heal from any wound, and even regenerate from death, along with gaining immunity to the cause of injury.

Second Power: Pyrokinesis - the ability to manipulate fire.

Third Power: Psychokinesis - Enhanced mind powers, such as telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and psychometry

Core Location: Centre of the chest.

Former Host's Name: Leo Kaiser

Former Host's Appearance: See Gallery.

Leo stood at a decent height, around 6"2, and had a rather lithe, slim build. There was definition there, and he did daily exercises, but he didn't have massive guns or a rock-hard eight-pack. His skin was pale, but with a slight tan evident, and his eyes were sharp and unyielding, shining a piercing midnight blue. His hair was a glorious golden blond, sweeping in windswept spikes over his head, before falling into a low-rise ponytail that fell to below his waist. He was usually impeccably dressed in the finest suits and ties, seeming to have an endless supply of identical business suits to don when one became unbefitting. However, toward the end of his life, he began to don a suit of heraldic armour from his family's noble past when in the Inverse Plain, and it was in this that he perished.

Former Host's Personality: Personality: Leo had the appearance of a harsh and calculating young buisnessman, and to some extent, that was true. He was always extremely cautious with who he trusted, and didn't offer praise lightly. He was a gifted strategist with a knack for knowing when to fold. He was also a strict purveyor of the concept of 'Nobilesse Oblige' that is, 'the obligation of nobility'. Coming from a long line of English nobles, this way of thinking was firmly inground into his mind. It's basically a sense that 'those who have, must provide for those who don't', therefore, despite his usually indifferent demeanour, he was actually quite selfless and would willingly share anything he had with his allies. He was, it must be said, also rather dissonantly calm during moments of crisis, rarely letting his own feelings of panic and terror show - so as to set an example. In general, he had the aura of a 'stern but caring' father- or elder brother-type, and this was evident whenever he witnessed something that clashed with his own sense of Justice. If something managed to anger him, he'd pool all his resources into a single-minded determination to scale that obstacle.

To those that took the time to get to know him, however; to those who waited for his icy facade to melt away, he was an incredible generous and compassionate individual, with far more insecurities about the decisions he had made in life than he let on normally. Despite appearing to be the gallant knight in shining armour, he had a great deal of worries and concerns lying just beneath that knight's vizor, waiting to overflow. And overflow they did...

Former Host's Reason for Despair: His parents, owners of a multinational, highly successful company, were killed when a group of bitter rivals had their estate razed to the ground. However, despite the fact that this have birth to his Phantasm, he held on, and rebuilt the company from the ground up, even more successfully than before, and it's his main building that is at the centre of the city, where the cathedral appears in the Inverse Plain...

Former Host's Past Life: King Arthur



The Superbia twins:


Name: Vanitas

Username: Lilraaos

Phantasm type: Banshee

Gender: Female

Appearance: Wrapped in black armor and standing at six feet, Vanitas is able to look down on quite a few people because of her height. Cloth wraps armor her waist and forms something of a cross between skirt and a cape. Black gantlets wrap around her arms.

Personality: Cruel, self absorbed and vain, Vanitas knows the world doesn't revolve completely around her, but it might as well by the way she acts. With a haughty demeanor she isn't afraid to abuse any power that she has and carries herself with elegance and never loses her cool in public. If she doesn't get what she wants, behind the scenes she is prone to throwing giant tantrums, she is carefully to keep these outbursts hidden to everyone but Superbia.

Vanitas has a complete disregard for others, believing them as nothing other then puppets to control. Her rash behavior and stubbornness is something that she shares with her former host, some think its admirable how she'll never give up if she wants something, but her mind is quickly and rather easily changed.

Envious and paranoid, Vanitas is really insecure and easily hurt despite the way she carries herself.

Weapon: Usually she supports Allen, but if she must she pulls out a dagger.

First Power: Invisibility- The power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye.

Second Power: Sound Manipulation- The ability to manipulate sound and sound waves.

Third Power: Replication- The ability to replicate oneself, others and/or objects.

Core Location: Forehead

Former Host's Name: Riliane 'Rin' Avadonia

Former Host's Appearance: Standing at 5'7, had a slim build. She was rather pale but not extremely so. Her hair was long and a golden blonde that she would usually style in a bun that would quickly get messy. Her eyes were a dark blue and she was somewhat lacking in curves.

Former Host's Personality: Rin carried herself with a fiery determination. Far from the feminine delicate flower that her appearance suggested from afar, she wouldn't shy away from any challenge or person. Short tempered and rash with a strong sense of justice, Rin always did what she thought was best and almost never thought of the consequences of her actions or words she would always do or say whatever was on her mind.

Despite her loud and somewhat tomboyish personality, she had a girly side was a bit vain and put effort into her appearance. She looked forward to falling in love but she told herself that she wouldn't be a love stuck idiot. She harbored a great dislike for charismatic men.

Former Host's Reason for Despair: The guilt of not being able to fully protect her younger twin brother.

Former Host's Past Life: Marie Antoinette



Name: Luxuria

Username: Lilraaos

Phantasm type: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Appearance: Luxuria is on the shorter side, standing at about 5'0. Three years have allowed her to grow in her host's slim young body, gaining the much desired hourglass figure while the lack of sunlight in Inverse Plain has made her extremely pale. Luxuria really stands out in a crowd because of her long white hair, styled in layers the the tips reaching the bottom of her knees and her pale violet eyes.

Personality: Being a completely newborn Phantasm, Luxuria is extremely naive and innocent when it comes to the world. She had a interesting way of attacking her host- actually, she didn't even know that she was hurting her host whenever she would innocently and honestly ask a sensitive question. Luxuria had found her host as an interesting character at the start and didn't actively try to break out of her host, not minding experiencing the world through her host's body and actions though Luxuria would always offer lots of suggestions and wishes.

Luxuria is very adventurous, always wanting to try new things but she was also has a strong will and a strong morality. She does what she thinks is the best without much hesitation, and has locked herself inside the temple for three straight years not once stepping foot outside of the cathedral.

Having been spent most of her life in the Inverse Plain now, Luxuria has almost no knowledge of human etiquette. She is brutally honest, very curious and oblivious whenever she asks the wrong or a hurtful question or when she makes a comment that is regarded as offensive.

Despise that, she takes her relationships with those that she cares for seriously. A supportive friend, she will do whatever she can to prevent her loved ones from being hurt and will do anything in her power for their happiness but knows full well that the world is a cruel place.

Weapon: N/A

First Power: Healing- The power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health.

Second Power: Animal Empathy- The power to empathize with animals.

Third Power: Force-Field Manipulation- The power to manipulate force-fields.

Core Location: Chest

Former Host's Name: Evangeline Sinclaire

Former Host's Appearance: Evangeline was a small girl. She had long black hair that reached her hips, cut in the hime style. Her skin was pale from the lack of sunlight and her eyes were a light shade of green. Her cheeks were noticeably chubby and she at the beginning always seemed to wear a blank indifferent expression.

Former Host's Personality: Though she was the youngest in the group, Evangeline seemed incredibly mature for her age. Though extremely sensitive, the young girl put on a cold front, always rejecting others harshly whenever invited to something. This is an extremely bad habit that she wanted to break, wanting instead to form close and meaningful relationships with the others.

This was a result of bullying from a young age, other children had told her that she had no personality and was boring claiming that she was only respected for her status. She realized that what the others had said was true whenever an adult would defend her and take her to her caretakers, completely forgetting her as soon as it was mentioned that her defender's name would be passed to the head of the family.

Former Host's Reason for Despair: One of her caretakers who genuinely cared about her saved her from being hit by a car, exchanging her life for his.




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well, once I have time to make a sheet, maybe two and write up Sasha's fight sequence already gosh I really need to do that. Anyways, count on me!

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and for my powers

wait do i need to list like six of them since i'm making two characters?

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okay for my powers

for one it will be the ability to manipulate people by whispering in their ear, the ability to manipulate matter by his voice (at first he has to actually talk, but later he can just hum) and the ability to breathe underwater.


for the other it will be the ability of water. like, he can control ice and water and he can suck someone of all the water in their body and kill them that way dehydrate someone (while he is touching them)


also cool you reserved siren and mermaid for me thanks~~ <3

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Well.... it'd be crazy if I didn't join.


If possible, I'd like to reserve Pride and a single character slot.

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Okay.. I wanna reserve Envy and Wrath

I wanna reserve...dammit Chaos, you took the dragon! Lemme think....oh! A hellhound and griffon!


Powers....controlling shadows and sound wave manipulation.


Can you guess who I bring into this?


Wow, I see David there yup.


Edit: is this based on something? Because if it is I would gladly look at it.

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Dang. I was going to reserve Envy and shadows, though I guess I'll tentatively take Sloth. Will think of another power later. Probably flash-stepping or something.


And to clarify: are these sins reserved for Wraith Knights or Phantasms?


Edit: I'm not reserving any mythical beasts because what I have in mind is something so obscure from chinese mythology.




okay for my powers

for one it will be the ability to manipulate people by whispering in their ear,

hey lil mama let me whisper in yo' ear

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Actually, scratch Wrath. Lust doesn't look like it's taken, so I take that.

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Look closer. Lust IS taken ^^""

I even mention the only WK spots open are Gula (Gluttony), Ira (Wrath), Invidia (Envy) and Acedia (Sloth), and in the rules that Luxuria is Lilly's character, who we're pairing with David.


Unless you mean the PROTAGONIST spot for lust.




Hellhound and Gryphon reserved~

Each character has three powers though, so you'll need four more, but I'll reserve your Nyctokinesis and Sonokinesis no problem~


And you can reserve sin positions for WKs or Protagonists~

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Protagonist Lust.


Oh god. I need to turn on creativity..




Here's a hint to who I am bringing in. Twins

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Hellhound is actually a bit too close to a Grim for me to accept it, can I ask you to change it? ^^""

Sorry, sorry, I'm so strict, I know


Also reserved super speed for Mage just in case~


And yep, I thought as much~

No Robin this time though, so sad~


EDIT: Didn't see Kuro's post, reserved protagonist spot for Pride!

Though remember, if you're importing your character from last time, you'll have to massively rework things and come up with a new pairing for him if you want him/her paired~

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Okay, THIS is hard....hellhound shall be....Chimera? I know, I am a Greek myth nerd.


No Robin? The world cries.


Okay, I am gonna have to warp the twins since the two roleplays are different. Be warned, I might ask for fan art. Muahahaha >:D

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Yeah, RL gets in the way of EVERYTHING. Believe me, I know.


Yay Chimera!


Oh noes, I might bring the twins into a lot of roleplays OH NOES.

Eh, it's fine.

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