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Skyclan's Struggle

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It’s been 120 moons (10 years) since the rule of Leafstar in Skyclan, the lonely clan in the gorge, known for their great jumping skills and being driven out by the other clans moons ago. Everything seemed to be going alright in clanlife, prey running well, a surprising lack of twolegs, and a lack of rogues/loners. But, recently, stories of the past have become reality, the rats are back. The clan can’t find their exact location of their home, but they’re picking off clan cats, one by one. Prey is starting to go scarce as well, as these rats have been driving them off. Will Skyclan disband once more?



Hiddenstar’s warriors are slowly disappearing, and the lack of prey isn’t helping the clan survive. The birthrate of kits is on a decline as well, as the clan has been more focused on defending their home. The clan doesn’t have much hope left, but Hiddenstar does, as he has received a prophecy:


Fire will save the clan.


That’s all he received, nothing more. He doesn’t know if it is a cat or even himself, as his warrior name was Hiddenflame. The clan’s main goal is to survive and find the answer to this omen once it is revealed by their leader, and defend their friends and family at the same time. Loners and rogues are returning as well, drawn by the suffering of Skyclan, hoping to claim their territory after they’re gone. Skyclan refuses to move their territory, as Starclan chose it for them and they consider it sacred. It’s almost the middle of greenleaf, and it is extremely hot and dry, random fires being quite common. The clan is struggling to adapt to the climate change, as it has switched from flooding problems to major drought. Could the element fire be the answer?


Perhaps not, as there is a band of loners over the horizon that go by “The Fire”, that have no specific leader or medicine cat. They are generally passive towards outsiders, and are out of Skyclan territory, so they’ve never threatened them. They are much like a clan, but are all equal with no specific rank and no notable skills like Skyclan. They have a strong bond towards each other, much like a clan, hunting and fighting for each other, occasionally willing to lend some paws to others. Could this little bit of help be the true answer to all of Skyclan’s problems?


Predators & Prey:

Skyclan has always thrived off of birds, and they seem to be the only thing around anymore. The fires have chased out most of the ground prey, but birds tend to fly from tree to tree, as they can escape fire more easily. There is a river flowing through camp, but due to the lack of rain and dry weather, it is starting to dry up, resulting in the death of fish. Lucky for Skyclan, they’ve never cared for fish. Other than birds, there’s a rarity of mice and squirrel, found in the forest behind camp.


The main threat to Skyclan is currently the rats. They seem to hang out mainly around the twoleg place, occasionally wondering into Skyclan camp or near it groups. Bands of cats can often chase them off, but when a cat is alone, that’s when they’re most threatened. If a cat isn’t killed by the attack of the rat(s), they will most often suffer from the bites if not treated correctly. Other than rats, Skyclan is threatened by the nature around them, as there is currently a lack of water due to drought. Fires have often been quite common due to the dryness, causing a lack of ground prey. Loners and rogues are also starting to come back in hopes of helping the rats drive out Skyclan and claim their territory, if the rats don’t kill them first.






The territory/setting has been the same since the rule of Leafstar, though now fires have burned down some trees and some rivers have dried up. In the past, Skyclan had been threatened by floods, but it was noted to simply be an unusually rainy season. But now, it seems the land is suffering through climate change, the long-ago rainy weather now dry. Rain is scarce, but it is suspected to be rainy once more around leaf-fall, but that season is far off.




*All Dragon Cave Rules apply.

* No Godmodding.

* No Mary Sues or Gary Stus…

* Either post your Character Sheets in the OOC or PM them to me.

* No romance between your own characters, as that gets very boring. But, I may allow it if you PM me a very good explanation.

* There is no character limit, however, please try to post with each character once a week!

* OOC goes in the OOC thread!!

* REALSTIC cats only! No purple cats with wings and pink eyes… (That means male calicos/tortoiseshells are extremely rare, and if you do make one, they can’t have kits (which is true, though some can))

* If you have a Deputy/Medicine Cat/Medicine Cat Apprentice, you must be active and post at least twice a week. If you can’t and own one, please notify me and I can make an acceptation if you have a good reason. smile.gif

* AT LEAST five sentences per post.

* The codeword to put in the code section of character sheets is flame.

* When applying for Deputy/Medicine Cat/Medicine Cat Apprentice, please add a roleplay example.

* If a character is not roleplayed for two weeks, they will go up for adoption. If not taken a week later, they will be killed. If you’re going away or plan on being off for a while, just let me know, even if you don’t have much of a reason, I don’t bite. smile.gif

* One text color per character. You don’t need one, but it is preferred.

* One image per character.

* No text talk please!

* Plots are always welcome!

* One The Flame member per user, it's meant to be a small band of loners/rogues. If there aren't many users, I may expand this to two.

* What I say goes. I may add rules as the roleplay goes on, but I doubt it.



Key: <Character Name> (Text color)


Hiddenstar (silver)


Frostlake (lightskyblue)

Medicine Cat:

Ivoryfeather (teal)

Medicine Cat Apprentice:



Applefrost (chocolate)

Envyflower (magenta)


Sparkpaw (f94609)




Tinykit (Color Unknown)





The Fire Members:

Blazing (Color Unknown)



Blank Character Sheet:

[b]Roleplayer Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Alliance:[/b] (SkyClan or The Fire?)
[b]Image:[/b] (Please link!)
[b]Family:[/b] (Can all be Deceased if wanted)
[b]Past/Current Mentor:[/b] (Optional unless Apprentice)
[b]Past/Current Apprentices:[/b] (Optional unless a Mentor)
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else you want/need included, like fears, favorite things, etc.)

Helpful Links:


Warriors Wiki

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Accepted Character Sheets:


20mia08's Characters:


Roleplayer Name: 20mia08

Character Name: Hiddenstar

Alliance: SkyClan

Rank: Leader, Lives 9/9

Age: 28 Moons

Gender: Tom

Appearance: Hiddenstar is an overall handsome and strong tom, with unusually great height and a muscular build. Just a simple glance at him tells cats that he's in charge of SkyClan, and is one great power house. Though he's a talented fighter and a great jumper, he is slow due to his great height. He has powerful shoulders and a long tail, larger lungs with a powerful heart. Hiddenstar's paws are powerful and blocky, while his muzzle is large and broad, like his very back. His ears a well-shaped, his right ear having a notable notch in it. His chest is large and broad, fitting a massive tom like him.

Hiddenstar's pelt is quite a sight as well, cats often describe it as...Unusual. He's jet black with ghostly silver stripes (black smoke tabby), his stripes well-defined on his dark pelt. His short yet thick fur clings well to his sturdy and strong body, but it doesn't reveal any scars. His eyes stand out quite well on his oddly "pretty" pelt, as they're lime green in color, making cats often melt in their depths. His voice isn't too deep or intimidating, but it's definitely the voice of a powerful tom. His claws are fairly sharp but of an average length, his teeth a yellow-white and rather sharp. His pale paw-pads are quite thick and strong, allowing him to jump to and from jagged surfaces.

Image: [Link]

Personality: Hiddenstar, despite his high authority and great strength, his quite a humorous and friendly cat. Of course, he does take his job and Clan's current situation seriously, but he does enjoy a laugh for two every once in awhile. In his youth, he had a tendency to prank other cats, frustrating them, but getting a laugh out of them occasionally. He's a laid back cat who enjoys friends and tends to have a large amount of friendships, whose bonds are strong and generally unbreakable. Hiddenstar is quite the goof-ball, but as things are going down south around his Clan, he is starting to get his act together and take things seriously.

Not a soul, dead or alive, doubts the great loyalty of Hiddenstar. All through his life, he has shown compassion and bravery to his Clan, promising to serve them with his very life. Not only is his loyalty strong and vast to his Clan, but to his friends as well. He would be loyal to his family, however, none of them are alive, as they have all been killed by rats. Hiddenstar can be quite sweet and compassionate, but when things get ugly, he becomes serious, focused on the tasks ahead of him. When a friend or Clanmate is in trouble, Hiddenstar naturally races off to help them, even when in battle, which is quite a problem. He can be quite an adventurous and curious cat, but is slowly growing out of the curious stage in life, but he remains adventurous and brave.

Family: Father: Nightfang (Past deputy), deceased.

Mother: Birchstripe, deceased

Sisters: Mallowdawn, deceased. Applefrost, living

Mate/Crush: None, Open

History: Born to a warrior named Birchstripe and the deputy Nightfang, Hiddenkit was treated just the same as the other kits in the nursery. He grew up with two sisters, quickly learning how to treat a lady. However, he eventually became the "trouble" of the nursery, taking a liking to pranks. He was adventurous and daring, taking friends to the Medicine Cat Den to "raid" the "twoleg place". Of course, Hiddenkit received many talks from his father Nightfang, but he never listened to the deputy, as he gained many friends and loved them dearly.

As an apprentice, Hiddenpaw was apprenticed to their leader, Snowstar, a majestic and bold leader. Hiddenpaw was inspired by him, learning much from his mentor. Nothing else major happened in Hiddenpaw's apprenticeship.

As a warrior, there was a fire, on the night of Hiddenshade's warrior vigil. He and his sister warned the Clan as quickly as they could, but they ended up being too late. The fire took the lives of his mother and his sister, Mallowdawn. He, his father, and his sister Applefrost mourned for their loses, but Hiddenshade seemed to be effected the most by the loss. Nightfang, deciding to honor his lost mate and daughter, asked Snowstar to rename his son Hiddenshade. Thus, Hiddenshade received a new name, Hiddenflame.

Moons later, Hiddenflame finished mentoring his first apprentice named Squeakpaw, but his father was growing sick and weak soon after a large battle with some rogues. Hiddenflame managed to chase a majority of the loners and rogues off before noticing that the battle weakened his father even more. Hiddenflame and Applefrost sat by his side, every night, exchanging stories of their happy past with him, until the night he died at their very paws from Infection. Snowstar, after watching Hiddenflame grow into an honorable and strong warrior, named Hiddenflame deputy.

After seven moons of being deputy, Snowstar died, leaving Hiddenflame leader. He has now been leader for a moon.

Past/Current Mentor: Snowstar

Past/Current Apprentices: Squeakpaw (Past)

Other: His sister Applefrost is still alive, and he's become rather protective of her.


Roleplayer Name: 20mia08

Character Name: Applefrost

Alliance: SkyClan

Rank: Warrior

Age: 28 Moons

Gender: She-cat

Appearance: Unlike her large and intimidating brother Hiddenstar, Applefrost is a smaller cat with a slender build. She has smaller, well-rounded paws, with stronger hind legs for jumping. Applefrost is a rather thin she-cat, with a well-shaped body and larger lungs like her brother. Unlike him, she's designed for running and jumping rather than battle. She's a rather pretty cat, her whiskers long and her fur unusually soft yet feathery despite it's short length. Her bone structure is rather thing but fairly strong despite it's thinness. Applefrost doesn't have any scars as of yet, at least any that can be seen underneath her thick pelt.

Applefrost has beautiful eyes, looking quite like her brothers, but with a small hint of blue. They stand out well on her torbie-and-white face, often shining happily when she's around friends. Her pelt pattern is a pale torbie, made of pale ginger and silver tabby patches, while her front legs are splashed white all the way up to her soft yet strong chest. Her hind legs are snow-white as well, just like her well-rounded muzzle. The fur on her paws is extra soft and unusually fluffy, her paw-pads under her fluffy paws being strong and thick, yet a cute pale pink like her nose. Despite Applefrost's cute and rather pretty appearance, her claws are long and quite sharp, her teeth a yellow-white and an average length. Applefrost's voice is rather soft and sing-song like, making all who hear it soften.

Image: [Link]

Personality: Applefrost, despite her adorable and beautiful appearance, is all but elegant. She's a daring ball of fun, who loves to get down and dirty. Her fiery personality often embarrasses her brother, who believes she'll get gravely injured one day due to her carelessness. As a kit, Applefrost to part in Hiddenstar's pranks, though he did most of the dirty work and got the blame, she just helped him. Applefrost will concur just about any dare, no matter how gross or scary. One of her greatest hobbies happens to be embarrassing her brother, so anything that does that is something she'll happily do.

Much like Hiddenstar, Applefrost has a great amount of loyalty and has a great sense of humor. She isn't a prankster like her brother, but enjoys telling jokes and hearing long stories, as long as they end in something funny or adventurous. She loves her Clan and her brother, but tends to get sick of his protectiveness, wanting to live her own life and start her own adventure. Applefrost would give up her own life for her Clan if she could, but her brother tends to make sure all harm is out of her way. She's adventurous like him as well, with surprisingly large and warm caring side, which her friends often get to see.

Family: Father: Nightfang (past deputy), deceased

Mother: Birchstripe, deceased

Sister: Mallowdawn, deceased

Brother: Hiddenstar, living

Mate/Crush: None, Open


(See Hiddenstar for kithood)

As an apprentice, Applepaw was mentored to a typical warrior, finding herself in her brother's shadow of glory. She was jealous of his great mentor, Snowstar, and wanted her father or Snowstar as a leader as well. Deciding that complaining wouldn't work, Applepaw trained hard in hopes of catching the attention of others.

During her warrior vigil, Applefrost and Hiddenshade lost their mother and sister, leaving them devastated. The loss of two family members drove Applefrost to Hiddenshade, making the two close once more. When he received a new name, Hiddenflame, after their lost family members, Applefrost grew proud of her brother. After the death of Nightfang, Applefrost eventually told herself that one day she wouldn't have her family any more, or at least Hiddenflame wouldn't have her, as he was made deputy. Thus, Applefrost set out to seek new friends other than her brother, who ended growing more protective. She became annoyed of him, but didn't reveal her annoyance, and acted like he was a typical brother. When he became leader, Applefrost became very proud, and enjoyed the attention she received because she was the sister of the leader. Now, she's simply looking for more friends, praying to StarClan that SkyClan will survive.

Past/Current Mentor: Unnamed Warrior

Past/Current Apprentices: Sparkpaw

Other: Whenever Applefrost's sister, Mallowdawn, is mentioned, she becomes gravely upset and tends to start crying, causing Hiddenstar to get angry at whoever mentioned their sister.


Tigerkitten18's Characters:


Roleplayer Name: Tigerkitten18

Character Name: Envyflower

Alliance: (SkyClan or The Fire?) Skyclan

Rank: warrior, might become a queen someday. When she was apprentice she wished to be a medicine cat though

Age: 16 moons

Gender: female

Appearance: She's a Calcio cat with neon green eyes >:D

Personality: nice, sweet, caring, swift, helpful,

Family: (Can all be Deceased if wanted) Deceased

Mate/Crush: Impress her

History: Nothing important, really.

Past/Current Mentor: (Optional unless Apprentice) _________.

Past/Current Apprentices: (Optional unless a Mentor) No apprentices.

Other: (Anything else you want/need included, like fears, favorite things, etc.) Nope


Roleplayer Name: Tigerkitten18

Character Name: TinyKit

Alliance: (SkyClan or The Fire?) Skyclan

Rank: kit

Age: 6 moons

Gender: female

Appearance: A tabby with sea blue eyes

Personality: Cute, Nice, can't  think of anything else

Family: All deceased

Mate/Crush: N/A

History: Mother died in childbirth and father died in a fire.

Past/Current Mentor: (Optional unless Apprentice) [ Mentor is going to be Envyflower  mad.gif ]

Past/Current Apprentices: (Optional unless a Mentor) N/A

Other: (Anything else you want/need included, like fears, favorite things, etc.) Nope


Myamouse's Characters:


Roleplayer Name: MyaMouse

Character Name: Sparkpaw

Alliance: Skyclan

Rank: Warrior Apprentice

Age: 7 moons

Gender: She-Cat

Appearance: Sparkpaw has a fluffy orange tail and a soft, downy bronze-ish pelt. Her coat is pretty thin, but during the winter it gets very fluffy and thick. Her deep, intelligent eyes are a glossy sea blue with orangy tints around the pupils. Her paws are rounded with sharp claws.

Image: Sparkpaw

Personality: Sparkpaw never thinks about her father, and even if she could've she wouldn't because she is loyal to her clan, and if she thought about him she's get curious and want to see him. She's kind and intelligent, and they say that she reminds them of her mother. She's known for her battle tactics even though she's just an apprentice. She has a hot temper and is pretty reckless, and refuses to change her mind when she's decided on a plan. Curiosity may kill the cat, and if she still remembered, that saying would almost be true in her case, but most of the time her curiosity is too overwhelming to control.

Family: Only child, mother Cloudheart died giving birth, father's in The Fire.

Mate/Crush: None yet.

History: She doesn't know much of her family except that her mother was a traitor and died after giving birth to her. She grew up hearing many tales about her mother, whom was a great warrior. She was raised by a couple of queens that she didn't get really attached to. On the day she became an apprentice she decided to be a warrior like her mother. On the way back something happened, making her forget her kithood and apprentice ceremony. The cats told her what happened and her name, but it took a while for her to get back into the swing of things around the clan.

Past/Current Mentor: Applefrost

Past/Current Apprentices: N/A

Other: She's deathly afraid of water. She doesn't know why, she just is. She can't remember much of her past but she was born into Skyclan.


Roleplayer Name: MyaMouse

Character Name: Blazing

Alliance: (SkyClan or The Fire?) The Fire

Rank: Well, none.

Age: 21 moons

Gender: Tom

Appearance: Bronze, fluffy fur with bright hazel eyes. He's thin and built for running or attacks that require less brawn. His fluffy pelt doesn't change much during winter but during summer he tends to use sharp stones to cut it short.

Image: Blazing

Personality: Mmmn. To be RP'd, because there's no one else in the Fire, so I won't be using him much.

Family: Sparkpaw (Daughter)

Mate/Crush: Cloudheart (deceased)

History: When Blazing met Cloudheart it was in the midst of a battle. The two locked eyes and knew that they couldn't harm each other. Every moonhigh during the new moon, they would meet to talk and soon their feelings for one another grew. Blazing and Cloudheart eventually became mates, but soon for a whole 5 moon cycles Cloudheart disappeared until she came to him on the last moon cycle. She had a large belly and Blazing knew that they would be having kits. She delivered with him that night, right before the sun rose. She died soon after, and in mourning of his lost love almost named the kit Cloudkit, but decided that her name would be Sparkkit, as the kit had the same unmistakeable spark in her eyes that Cloudheart had. He then did the right thing and took Sparkkit to Skyclan, where he dropped the kit off to a Queen and told the drowsy cat that he 'found the kitten and a dead warrior, and that the warrior told him that the kit's name was Sparkkit and to take her back home.' The queen, still half in-sleep, nodded and went back to dreaming. He went back to the Fire and he's lived there ever since, still wondering about his daughter.

Past/Current Mentor: None

Past/Current Apprentices: None

Other: Deathly afraid of water.


Koalanoob's Characters:


Roleplayer Name: KoalaNoob

Character Name: Frostlake

Alliance: Skyclan

Rank: Deputy

Age: 36 Moons

Gender: Female

Appearance: Frostlake is a small, lithe, pale-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She has a long, marking-less tail, and her fur is short and cropped. There are a few slightly darker patterns on her body, and rings around the bottom of her legs. She is not well-muscled, which makes her seem thin and underfed. Her ears are neatly pointed.

Image: [X]

Personality: Often misty and detached, Frostlake is an odd dragon. She has a habit of turning up wherever there's a discussion and offering weird opinions. Strangely, those weird ideas are almost always plausible. In normal interactions meant to involve her, though, she really couldn't care less. Her overall demeanor can only be described as distant. However, her tactically genius mind has pushed her further and further up Skyclan's hierarchy, and she is asset in the end. Also, she will not take any disobedience, and delivers punishments swiftly and harshly. All her decisions will be defended resolutely, with no room for wavering. She does not look up to anyone, and will follow no examples. She sets her own life the way she wants it to be.

Family: Parents are deceased, no siblings.

Mate/Crush: N/A

History: Frostlake was born as her parents' final litter, right before their synchronized retirement to elders. As such, she grew up independently, with nobody familiar to guide her way. She quickly made her way past apprenticeship and into warriorhood, where she became much of an advisor to the leader. Though she wasn't the most physically talented, her mind saved the clan from drought, flood, predators, and starvation countless times. It is for this reason that she was chosen as the new deputy after the old leader died. As she was never close to her parents, their passing from old age never affected her.

Past/Current Mentor: None, but if anyone wants a cat in this, feel free to ask.

Past/Current Apprentices: None, but if anyone wants a cat in this, feel free to ask.

Other: Frostlake's colour is lightskyblue


Tiga's Characters:


Roleplayer Name: Tiga

Character Name: Ivoryfeather

Alliance: Skyclan

Rank: Medicine Cat

Age: 17 Moons

Gender: She-Cat

Appearance: Ivoryfeather is a cat of average height, but her slim muscles and frame makes her seem smaller. She has long limbs and clean, sleek white fur.

Image: http://harmonyhypocrisy.weebly.com/uploads...721630_orig.jpg

Personality: Seemingly fragile that one strong blow of wind could get her into the air, when provoked she almost becomes a completely different cat. She doesn't like to chat, but if she is interested she can spark up a conversation. She tends to hand around the back of a group, letting the others mess around while she remains quiet. She has bared her teeth and claws before, and she gladly will again if needed.

Family: Rabbitleap (Father/Deceased), Blossombreeze (Mother/Deceased), Amberkit (Sister/Deceased), Lightningpaw (Brother/Deceased)

Mate/Crush: Not allowed.

History: As a kit, everyone doubted her abilities as a warrior. As she hung back and allowed her brother and sister to tussle with the moss ball, the clan didn't know what to do with her. There couldn't be anymore medicine cats, and hoping to prove herself, she and her siblings trekked out of camp. They ran across a fox, where in panic, they fled. However Amberkit struggled behind and was killed. When they returned, Ivorykit was more fragile than ever, fear evident in her eye. She never got the fear out of her, even as an apprentice. Apprenticed to Streakedflight, a strong warrior, hoping that her mentor was able to get some strength into Ivorypaw.


As the current medicine cat ran into some trouble with badgers while collecting horsetail, the nearby patrol came to help. However, Lightningpaw and the medicine cat was killed, and Ivorypaw almost ran up to the Leader's Den to beg and volunteer to be apprenticed as a Medicine Cat.


She was, and found her strength back. Helping injured cats heal and saving lives, that's what got her muscle back. However at the tender age of 15 moons, her mentor caught greencough, and in a harsh leafbare and limited supply of catmint, her mentor forced her to give the herbs to the sick warriors. Her mentor died, leaving her, a young medicine cat without a mentor. She was an apprentice at that time, and was able to receive her medicine cat name by her mentor in StarClan when she met him. She knew all the herbs there was to learn, except for a few here and there, but whenever it is halfmoon, she is taught by her mentor from StarClan.

Past/Current Mentor: Streakedflight (Old Warrior Mentor), Greytail (Deceased Medicine Cat Mentor)

Past/Current Apprentices: None


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Reserved just in case. smile.gif (Also, this is my first Unapproved Roleplay, so don't be surprised by my mistakes)

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I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll try and give a bit of critique. smile.gif


-There are some capitalization issues. Only proper nouns should be capitalized in the middle of a sentence, so whenever you use "the Clan" (which is quite often), it should actually be "the clan". Also, seasons and cat allegiances like "greenleaf" and "rogue" shouldn't be capitalized either.


-Canonically, the clan names only have the beginning of the word capitalized. The "C" in "clan" isn't, unless it's been changed (I haven't been reading the newer ones).


-Why doesn't Skyclan try to move their territory, if the rats are such a big problem?


-How are the birth rates? Shrinking population or too many dead weights could be an interesting part of the story.


-From what I remember, Skyclan mostly had problems with flooding, not droughts. Perhaps add a small bit on how the climate is changing and the cats are having trouble adapting?


-Why have the non-bird prey left, and why do the birds stay?

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I've looked it over, and your grammar seems to be good throughout. However, we need information on "The Fire", and a bit more on Skyclan. A brief but describing each is fine, as long as players are aware if who they are.


Also, the reason for Skyclan's territory changing from floods to drought hasn't been explained.

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[ Sorry if I interrupt anything, but I would like to post a form on the OOC but I cant really find it. ]

That's because there is no OOC yet, just PM them to me or post them here. wink.gif

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Also in 7 weeks im going to America in a plane and might not be back for a long while. I might get free wifi in the hotel though, just telling so Envyflower doesn't get adopted or killed

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Alright, but your character really needs to be detailed, as "looks like Spottedleaf" and a bunch of random letters aren't going to do it. Please remove the unnecessary letters/words and actually fill it out, including the password. If you don't want to add a bunch of detail in the description, simply link a photo of a cat that looks like her. For family and history, simply state "all deceased" and "nothing dramatic or important happened in her life".


And I must create the OOC so I can edit it.

Edited by 20mia08

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Have you edited in the things I pointed out? You've replied twice, but I don't see any changes once you've done so, I'll do a final check and approve. smile.gif

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Sorry, I had been on my kindle, and had a game coming up soon (which I scored eight points, yay). I've added onto the post, how's it now?

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((Alright, your character has been accepted, you may delete the character sheet post, so others don't see the code and don't read the rules wink.gif ))


Hiddenstar, Leader


The massive leader lay in his den, his body sprawled out due to the increasing heat. He groaned slightly, blinking open his pale eyes blindly as sunlight trickled into his usually shady den. Great Starclan, I've overslept! Hiddenstar quickly rose to his paws, flattening his bristling pelt before shaking moss and dirt from it. He didn't want to be seen as lazy, as he wasn't at all like that. Flattening his ears in embarrassment, Hiddenstar stretched out before angling his ears outside. Patrols should be set out soon...I better see how things are going, maybe check on my sister. With those thoughts in his head, the black-and-silver leader pushed his way outside, his pupils shrinking as the intense light shown down on him. Camp was bustling with activity as usual, cats speaking in low murmurs as they sat in the shade to keep cool. Hiddenstar searched for his sister, hoping she wasn't getting herself into trouble as usual. He eventually made out her slender shape near the shaded warrior's den, sitting on a larger rock as she spoke with a young apprentice. The leader sighed in relief, deciding that she was keeping her nose clean and simply explaining something. Once she ceased her talking and sat back on her haunches, Hiddenstar strode closer to her.


Applefrost, 'morning. He called to his torbie-and-white sister, watching her flinch in surprise and prick her ears. Applefrost nodded her greeting, her whiskers twitching slightly in amusement as she gazed at her littermate. Hiddenstar simply grunted, deciding that his fur must be ruffled and dusty, as if he just woke up, which he just did.

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[[ Done. Also at 3PM im going to a friends party and wont be back till 5PM ]]


Envyflower woke up in the warriors den and padded out then sat outside the den, and looked around the camp. I then stretched out my legs and padded to the drying river. I sigh and then stare at a fish that had died overnight from too much air. "Poor fish, if only there hadn't been a ton of fires, they would stay."


[ This colour is magenta btw ]

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Applefrost, Warrior


Applefrost purred softly as she gazed at her ruffled leader, letting out a soft sigh as her slender body relaxed. Good morning, sir Hiddenstar. Did you have troubles sleeping? She asked through a narrowed gaze, referring to his ruffled, dusty pelt. He rolled his eyes in a friendly manner, giving his sister a gently shove, causing her to leap onto the ground as she began to lose balance. I'm taking that as a yes, but I can't blame you, with this hot weather, no-one can sleep comfortably. Applefrost sighed, lapping at her pale pelt in efforts to flatten it. Hiddenstar nodded his agreement as his sister glanced at the freshkill pile. She was growing hungry, but the pile was pitifully small, and she didn't want to hog prey all to herself all because she wanted a little snack. Turning away from her brother/leader, Applefrost padded off in search of her apprentice. Perhaps they could go hunting? The clan needed whatever food they could get, even if it was kittypet food.

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Sparkpaw was up at dawn, and was sitting by the food pile. She was trying to decide whether to wait for Applefrost to go hunting or just go by herself. She knew it was a bad idea to go by herself, especially with the recent discovery of a nest of rats by their normal hunting spot. She was hungry to say the least, but she knew to not eat before the kits and elders. She sighed, but then saw Applefrost pass by. "Applefrost!" Sparkpaw called to her torbie-and-white mentor, "Over here!"


((Not my best but nessecary for character interaction.))

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I then got up and leapt from rock to rock until I got to the bottom of the cliff. Then I sat down and sighed, wishing all the fires never happened. 'if they didn't happen then we wouldn't have such a shallow river and not much water for when we're thirsty.' I think to myself and look up at the sky and then back at the cliff. 'i think I have to go back now.' I then think to myself again and climb back up the rocks.I finally get back up and then start to pad over to the fresh kill pile.

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Applefrost, Warrior


Applefrost twitched her ear as her name was called. Who was trying to speak with her? She turned in the direction of the caller to see her apprentice, Sparkpaw. She gave her apprentice a small smile before trotting over to her, her pace slow and calm. Applefrost had been very pleased the first day her brother gave her Sparkpaw as an apprentice, as she had always wanted one. So far, she was quite pleased with her apprentice's training, and considered her a hard worker. But what could she want? Perhaps she wished to go hunting, or maybe even train? But working in such hot weather made Applefrost exhausted, even frustrated at times, but she needed to do stuff with her apprentice sometime. She halted in front of Sparkpaw, gazing down at her with a questioning yet welcoming gaze. You rang? I'm guessing you'd like to go for a hunt? The freshkill pile does look pretty low, it would most certainly please my brother... The mentor meowed, stretching out her slender body as if she was warming up for some exercise.


Hiddenstar, Leader


The massive black smoke tabby tom watched his sister leave with a small frown, as he had been enjoying their conversation. He shook his head, reminding himself that there would be plenty of time to chat, and duties came first before anything else. Hiddenstar stretched slightly, letting out a large yawn before padding about camp to check up on things. Deciding to get some work done, he headed to the Medicine Cat den for some fresh moss, as his nest needed to be replaced. It would often be given to apprentices as a task, but Hiddenstar needed something to do at the moment, and it seemed like a good idea. He plucked a few chunks of moss from the pile, carrying them to his den to replace his old nest. He placed the old scraps outside of his den, intending to discard of them later on. He didn't line his new nest with anything, as he didn't want to overheat in his den. Once he finished with his new nest, Hiddenstar, picked up the old moss and carried it out of camp, sauntering calmly. If the leader ran into any rats, he was confident that he could handle them.

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((Her color's flamered. Or foxred.))



"I was just thinking maybe we could go hunting." Her stomach rumbled again. "And we still have to hunt for the kits and elders before we can eat.." ((They do go by the Warrior's code, right? I looked it up and everything.)) Sparkpaw got up, her eyes glimmering. She loved hunting. And even if they couldn't find anything, at least she's get some fresh air. She stretched, her body tense from staying in the same spot all morning. As smart and stubborn as she was, she had the hardest time deciding on an answer.

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[ I just bred a gold raffle dragon with a electric dragon and I think it made another gold raffle dragon but I had to abandon it cause I had to much eggs... .-. ]


"I think i might go hunting too.." I say to myself then leap down onto the rocks and to the bottom of the cliff. I then pad into the forest where the trees where, not really caring about loners/fires. I creep up the scent of a bird then try catching it, but fail and hit my face my face on the ground. I growl then watch the bird fly away then climb back up the cliff, not realising I had a scratch on my cheek from a stick hanging from a tree. Next I reach the fresh kill pile then climb back up to the warriors den.

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Applefrost, Warrior


Applefrost gave her apprentice a curt nod, letting out a small purr of approval. It seems you're learning fast, Sparkpaw. Yes, we'll go hunting, but near camp, in case the rats get any ideas. Applefrost informed her apprentice, turning towards the camp exit and motioning for the ginger she-cat to follow with a flick of her tail. The warrior leaped up the rocks with ease, as she was born to do so. She looked over her shoulder as she reached the top of the gorge, making sure her apprentice was following and safe. Applefrost patiently waited for Sparkpaw, as she was in absolutely no rush, and preferred safety over time. She could see just about the whole camp from the top of the gorge, and could spot her brother's black-and-silver pelt near his den, slowly making his way out of camp.

Hiddenstar, Leader


Hiddenstar paused, watching his sister leave camp with her apprentice. He considered following, as he was confident in keeping his clanmates and sister safe. I'll let them go on their own, if they stay close to camp, they should be fine. If not, we'll be close enough to hear them. He decided, making his way calmly to the camp exit. He eventually began to climb the rocks, just behind Sparkpaw, in case she did end up falling. He carried the old moss in firm jaws, planning on digging a whole and depositing it in their, as it seemed to decompose at a rapid pace. Hiddenstar firmly placed a paw on a rock, heaving himself upward and casually climbing the rocks, his tail occasionally lashing for balance. Every once-in-awhile, the leader would drop a chunk of moss, causing him to come to a stop and pick the piece back up before continuing on. Hiddenstar unsheathed his claws slightly to get a better grip on the rough rocks, concentrating on the rocks before him as camp seemed to slowly shrink, nearing the top of the gorge.

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I get to the warriors den and pad in, then grab some moss and put it on a place that wasn't already taken. I then lie on it and suddenly feel pain in my cheek. I get back up then pad out of the warriors den and climb up/down to where Hiddenstar was. When I finnaly get there, I ask Hiddenstar, Hiddenstar, is there a scratch somewhere on my cheek? Maybe a scar? and stare at the leader, with blood running down from the scratch. I then sit down but keep looking at him.

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Hiddenstar, Leader


The leader nearly lost balance and fell out of surprise as Envyflower spoke to him, as things had been quiet and full of concentration as they climbed up the rocky slope to exit camp. He turned to the Warrior, his old moss still hanging in his jaws, his tail lashing again to regain his balance. Once Hiddenstar felt safe and his paws were placed firmly on the rocks, he dropped the moss hanging in his jaws, some of it plummeting back down to camp, making the leader scowl. He then faced Envyflower again, cocking his head slightly as she asked him a question. Yeah, you have a scratch there, probably from the sharp rocks or thorns, something like that. Go see the Medicine Cat. The leader ordered, picking up the remaining moss before giving the warrior a curt nod to dismiss her.

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