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You sigh. You haven't even gotten out of bed yet and you already feel horrible. You don't want to go to school. You know it will suck. You don't want to experience the hurt. The pain. The suffering. You want to throw away your feelings. You want to avoid getting harassed and bullied. You just want to be normal.


But you aren't. You're different. Sure, you have a weird accent or you have a weird quirk. You like the type of person you aren't supposed to. You don't dress properly. You're hated by everyone, or you’re loved by everyone. You might not have any friends. You might not want any friends. None of that really matters, because I mean Different.


You don't realize it now, but you have powers. They haven't surfaced. The powers are whatever you make of them. You can learn to control them, or you can choose to let them run wild. You aren't alone. You aren't the only Different.


You roll out of your bed and turn on your computer. You joined a website last night. A website for people like you. You were hesitant; you were so hesitant. You were worried someone would recognize you. Even though you have a different screen name, you still worried. It's only natural for you too. After all, you had no idea there were people like you in your town.


You see you have a message from someone. You open it, nervous. "Hello! I'm the President of this group, and I'm just telling you, since your new and stuff, that a meeting will be held tomorrow. Where it will be and at what time is on our homepage. You don't have to come. I can understand if you don't want to. We're here to help though. If you do come, there is no obligation for you to say anything or do anything. You can just listen. We want all of our members to feel comfortable, both around us and around themselves. Anyways, I have to study for a test I'm bound to fail so I'll say au revoir. ^u^"


You reread the message and sigh. You would have to tell your parents you were going out if you decide to go. You look at the time and frown. You'll decide on the way to school. You turn off your computer and start on your normal morning routine.




You hide behind a brick wall. You had accidentally said something that set off an already angry classmate. Now you had to hide until they gave up on you. Thankfully the school day was over. You hear them yell for you and you move further down the wall.


"An easier way to get out of this situation would be to scare them." You gasp and look at the girl who talked to you. She looked like a boy. "Do you want me to scare them away for you?"


"I don't want to scare them. I just want them to leave me alone. I don't need anymore enemies." You look to the ground and sigh.


"Enemies are dangerous." The girl picks up a rock and smiles at you. She throws it over the wall and you hear a metal clank.


You flinch when the classmate who had been chasing you shouts. You look at the girl and peer around the wall, sighing when you see they're gone. You look back at the girl and smile a small smile. "Thanks."


"I'm always willing to help." She walks back towards the field you ran through and looks at you. "Well I flunked a test so I have to go to detention. Be careful when you go back to the front of the school. I would go through the school. That's safer than going around." She waves to you and you slowly wave back.


Going through the school was just as dangerous as going around the school. You know this. You sigh again and make your way to the school building. Maybe you can sneak through the hallways.


When you arrive at your house you get bombarded with questions. Where have you been? Are you hurt? Did something happen? Are you hungry? What kind of homework do you have? You shrug and tell your mom you’re going to your room. She asks if you want a snack and you decline, heading up the stairs.


You turn your computer back on and go to the website from this morning. You notice the bulletin board and read where the meeting will be. It’s in a candy shop. You don’t know exactly where it is, but you know the street it’s on.


You sigh and look at your ceiling. Maybe you could make some friends. You wanted a friend. And the meeting is after school. Tomorrow is Friday. You think for a moment and smile. You could go.


And you do. But something happens at that meeting, and your whole life changes. You get powers. You start to get hunted. You’re life gets put in danger, and you soon have to trust complete strangers. You get mad at them and you befriend them, and you start to like them. You experience things you might not have experienced beforehand.


That’s just the fun part of being Different, though.



You’re a teenager who’s Different. You’re different in many ways, but the one that most people notice is your sexuality. You aren’t “normal”. You decide to look around for a place or group or person who can relate to you. You stumble upon a website that just so happens to be in the town you live in. You go to the first meeting after some consideration, and you feel welcomed by the founders. A storm then strikes and you’re trapped in the meeting with people you don’t know. You feel nervous. The strange feeling in your chest isn’t making it any better.


That strange feeling in your chest is the power inside of you growing. It’s starting to surface. You have absolutely no idea you have the power though, and when it suddenly bursts out of you you freak out. You panic and so does everyone else.


You now have to fight to protect your powers, and you have to figure out just what exactly is going on with you. It’s a tough life for you now, and only those who were at the meeting that stormy night know what’s going on. To band together and fight the creatures by yourself or to team up is all dependent on you.



The setting is the town of Wickersville. The setting changes from the houses of the characters to the school, the candy store, any other stores, the forest surrounding the town, and anywhere in the town the characters go. The town in general has a homely feel, and even if a character is new to town they feel like they grew up there. There are all sorts of trees everywhere, there’s a park in the middle of the town square with luscious green grass, and there are lots of bridges crossing over rivers. There are small shops run by families, and the library is large. The school building is also large. The two large buildings are on the outskirts of the town, right in front of the forest.



✪ All DC forum rules apply.

✪ You are allowed to have five characters! Three of those characters can be regular humans, and two can be fantasy creatures. Don’t make five characters if you can’t handle them all. PM me about this if you have questions.

✪ PM me all of your character forms.

✪ Romance & violence must be kept to PG-13 only. It’s a fantastic idea to PM the person you wish to get flirtatious with before you proceed to do so. In fact, since this is to be a romance, I’m kinda expecting people to like other people. (Unless, of course, you’re character doesn’t actually like anyone because of their sexuality.) My characters are all open to romance *awkwardly winks*

--- Please, please, please send me a PM telling me who your characters have a crush on when you have finalized it! I will edit your characters sheet at that time.

✪ I don’t expect the roleplay to get this intense, but please don’t seriously hurt/kill someone else’s character without their permission.

✪ I know this is freeform, but I’m anticipating longer posts then just 3-5 sentences. You are allowed to have up to five characters, so I expect there to be a few long-ish posts. Please, try to be semi-lit and use proper punctuation.

✪ Put “Fantastically Fantastical Fantasy" anywhere in your form to prove you read the rules. You won't be accepted unless this is in there somewhere.

✪ No perfect characters, and no god-modding. This means no mary-sues, no gary-stus, and the like. I shouldn’t have to say this, guys. Be original!

✪ All parts of the character sheet must be filled out. Don't put "To be RPed". Just one or two lines is fine. I know this can be annoying, but it helps everyone get a pretty good grasp on your character.

✪ I realize that, since there will be gay characters, there will be name calling. Please use censorkipz if you feel it really necessary to use an actual curse word though.

✪ Be nice to everyone. Don’t leave people out. Don’t suddenly make this a one on one. It isn’t very fun when it’s supposed to be a multiple people roleplay and only two people are roleplaying. (If there is any OOC arguments, I will PM everyone involved and figure out what is wrong. If you don't like someone's character, to bad. You can talk to the person who has the character, or you can drop out of the roleplay. Anytime you wish to come back you may. Please, also, keep OOC to a minimum and put it in brackets [[ ]] or parenthesis (( )). This is the longest rule, but it is the most important one.)

✪ If you will be going away for a while, PM me. We can figure out what to do with your character.

✪ I am god. (Not really x3) I have the right to change the rules whenever I see it fit to.

(There will be more rules added with the creatures section, maybe.)

Down be shy to PM me if you have any questions! ❤️





HUMAN (A maximum of three only)



Character name:


Age: (Between 15 and 18, since they’re in high school.)

Sex: (What they were born as)

--Gender?: (What do they identify as?)


--What sexuality do they portray?:


Appearance: (Picture or description is fine. If picture, anime or real is accepted.)

Personality: (Remember, you have to fill this in. No "To be RPed")

--Quirks the character has?: (Can be anything, really! Are they chivalrous, or do they bite their nails? You may list off little quirks about them, if you want to.)

History: (Same as personality, no "To be RPed"!)

--Any secrets?: (Can be something simple, or super extravagant.)

Power: (Please look at everyone else’s power before you decide on one.)

---Description of the power:

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:

Other: (Anything I missed? Your magic phrase to get accepted may be placed here, if that is what you wish.)



CREATURE (A maximum of two only)



Character name: (Can be anything, from a nickname to they’re real name or just what they are.)

Age: (Please be reasonable with this.)

Sex: (If applicable)

--Gender?: (If this applies to your character, then put it)

--Sexuality: (Again, if applicable to your character, feel free to put it.)

--What sexuality do they portray?:  (Same as above bro)



Appearance: (Picture or description is fine. If picture, anime or real is accepted.)

Personality: (Remember, you have to fill this in. No "To be RPed")

--Quirks the character has?: (Can be anything, really! Are they chivalrous, or do they bite their nails? You may list off little quirks about them, if you want to.)

History: (Same as personality, no "To be RPed"!)

--Any secrets?: (Can be something simple, or super extravagant.)

Power: (If they have one.)

---Description of the power:

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:

Other: (Anything I missed? Your magic phrase to get accepted may be placed here, if that is what you wish.)

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All of the teenagers that went to the meeting and got trapped in the storm have powers. They don’t know how they have the powers, or why. They’re scared of these powers. They believe they’ll be even more ostracized if anyone, besides the group that was in the candy store that night, finds out about them. They want to get rid of the powers, but they feel that if they do something bad will happen to them. And they’re right.


(How they do actually have the powers will never be explained. If you are curious as to how they have them, you can PM me.)


The powers greatly vary. I would prefer there to be more detailed powers, not just stuff like “can control fire/water/air/darkness/etc/etc”. Please look up some other powers or just make your own powers. I don’t want them to have more than one power. That power can grow and develop more as they practice with it. I just don’t want there to be the “can control *element*” because that’s too general and it can be overpowered. Any questions, PM me.




The creatures are things that you have the option to control. They are not generally evil or mean, since they want nothing to do with the human world. You can have any type of creature you want, but the few things I have to say are that they have to eat, absorb, or somehow get the energy they need to survive in the world.


They can be whatever the heck you want them to be. A vampire? Fine. (Just don’t make them sparkly.) A werewolf? I’m okay with that. Something you come up with? Yeah dude, those types of creatures are the best!


There can be romance between a creature and a human. I don’t quite know how that would work out, but whatever.


(Depending on how popular this gets, I may or may not make a prologue-ish roleplay. It depends.)


The creatures can have magic too! It totally just depends on what you want to do.


Rules for the Creatures


✪ All of the same rules for the roleplay in general are the same.

✪ No overly strong characters!

✪ This isn't a rule, but making your own creatures is a lot of fun 😆

✪ As said above, romance between human and creature is allowed. It might be tricky but you know, all of us can make it work.




A Different is someone who has powers. Because of the past, the creatures only call the humans Different. It’s silly, I know.




The schools schedule:


Block One: 8:00 - 9:30

Break (Morning announcements) : 9:30 - 9:45

Block Two: 9:50 - 11:25

Block Three: 11:35 - 1:05

Lunch (Also counts as a free block, if you don't eat lunch) : 1:05 - 1:35

Block Four: 1:40 - 3:10


The school is set up as a block schedule. There are a total of eight classes per year. There can be any classes you want, but please take them seriously and have them be reasonable. If you have questions about this, please PM me

PLEASE NOTE: The schedule doesn't actually play a huge role in the roleplay, but it's here so you remember what classes your character has and at what times the school gets out and starts. If you want to schedule classes together with someone who is playing a character, I do not care.

I would really like it if you sent me the characters schedules so that I know what classes you have and if they are acceptable classes. The lunch at the school is good too, so have fun with whatever your character eats.

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Username: Lil'liz

Character name: Taylor Windt

Nickname: Tay

Age: 18

Sex: male

--Gender?: they're bi-gender, so they identify as both boy and girl.

--Sexuality: Pansexual.

--What sexuality do they portray?: Pansexual

--Crush?: ---

Appearance: Taylor has short, boy cut hair. Their bangs are brushed off to the side and their hair is light brown. The sides of their head are dyed purple and their eyes are dark blue. When they are a girl, they wear light make-up and almost no one knows their actually a boy. They stands at 5'8'' and are quite thin. They’re left ear is pierced on the thin part of their cartilage and they have a lip piercing.

Personality: Tay is generally happy. They like to smile and act very relaxed. They seem cool to talk to and can be approached to talk to about anything. They aren’t nearly as bold as their cousin, Felix, and when they need help saying something they turn to him for assistance. They hate being sad and rarely ever show they are. If you see them frowning, then that most likely means you’re good friends with them.

--Quirks the character has?: Tay gets embarrassed quite easily and when they do they cover their face and pretend nothing happened. They like to play with Felix’s stuffed animal and are the voice actor for it.

History: Tay was only 11 when they discovered they were pansexual. When they were younger than that, they knew they were bi-gender. At the time they just liked dressing like a girl though. They felt horrible about it though, because they’re older brother bullied them and made fun of them. They then met they’re cousin when they were 14 and felt more relieved, since Felix was openly gay. His brother is now overseas and his family has come to accept who they are.

--Any secrets?: They’re afraid of bugs. It can be any bug. A ladybug, a butterfly, a moth, a bee, an ant. They prefer to be called by whatever gender they are that day, but they don’t get mad if someone doesn’t.

Power: Memory link

--- Description of the power: They are able to see someone’s memories. They connect with people on an emotional level after they have seen someone’s memories. They awaken someone’s memories when they read them, be it if the memory is lost or if it is simply put aside. No one can tell when they’re memory is being read, so they just stare at that person and then wake from their daze with a start when the memory is finished. Once a memory has been read, they never forget it. Because of this, they know more about some people then they should.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:

Weakness ~ They have no offensive moves. They are very drained after they read someone’s memory, and on occasion they black out. They get in trouble if they say something that reveals that they know someone’s memories, so they have to try to keep quiet about what they know.

Strengths ~ They know what to say to get someone back in line. They feel a bond with a person after they have read their memories, and as such sympathize with whoever it is. Also, they can sort of read people’s minds although it’s hard for them to do. No one else can see their memories, so they can be a secretive as they like.

Other: They’re power will eventually grow more and they will be able to transplant memories into someone’s head.


Username: Lil’liz

Character name: Felix McCallister

Nickname: Lix, Cal

Age: 16

Sex: Male

--Gender?: Male

--Sexuality: Homosexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Gay

--Crush?: ---

Appearance: He has short, rainbow colored hair that has black undertones. His eyes are hazel and just around the iris is a dark green. He is 5’11’ and is a healthy weight. He doesn’t care about what he wears so he sometimes wears oversized clothes or more formal clothes. He thinks suspenders are super cool and he wears a lot of those.

Personality: He speaks his mind and doesn't let anyone see him cry, except for Tay. He honestly doesn't care what people think of him, and that tends to not go in his favor all that often. Deep down, he actually truly does care about what people think of him and he hurts. He just wants people to understand that people like him aren’t bad or evil. If he see’s someone getting harassed then he will stand up for them.

--Quirks the character has?: He bites his nails when he gets nervous, or worried. He also carries around a stuffed fox, and he doesn’t say anything whenever someone asks about it. He and his cousin are extremely close, and are recognized as best friends.

History: At the age of 13, he figured out he was gay. He never told his parents but everyone at school knows he is. He never really was close with his parents, and he felt if he had a sibling he would be more open to talking with them. When he and Tay met, it was an almost instant friendship. Felix thought of Tay like an older sibling, and Tay treated him like a younger brother. When he was 12 and to this day he gets bullied at school.

--Any secrets?: His fox stuffed animal is named Fawks, and Tay gave it to him as a gift. His one noticeable insecurity is his fox, and he tries to keep it hidden from most people. When he forgets to hide him though, he carries him around like a little kid lost in a store.

Power: Animation

---Description of the power: He can make his stuffed animal come to life. Only his stuffed animal, though. Nothing else.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:

Weakness ~ When his stuffed animal is alive, he is very focused on it. He isn’t very observant of anything else when he is controlling it. He gives his stuffed animal a little bit of his soul each time he animates it, and if he gets wounded he loses his control of it and it goes limp. If he is too badly injured while he is using his power or if his creature is completely destroyed, he will completely lose his power and lose a part of his soul.

Strengths ~ His creature is quite strong. It can bite people, and it can scratch people. It is water resistant. Whenever it gets a little injured during a battle, such as if it gets a tear in it or something, it can simply be sewed back up and it will be perfectly okay.



Username: Lil'liz

Character name: Cyrus Larcey

Nickname: Cy

Age: 17

Sex: Male

--Gender?: Male

--Sexuality: Doesn’t know.

--What sexuality do they portray?: None. He’s just confused.

--Crush?: ---

Appearance: Cyrus has dark hair and it is cut so it covers his left eye. He typically has it pinned back with a bobby pin so you can see both of his eyes. His eyes are dark green and in a certain light they look black. He is tall and skinny, standing at 5’11’’. His signature look are blue converse and multiple bracelets around his wrist, along with anything penguin related.

Personality: Cyrus is a nice boy. He’s one of those boys that likes to interject what he thinks. He likes to poke fun at people and he annoys a lot of people, but that is just one side of him. The other side is actually shy and shows how kind he really is. He truly cares about people, and if he pokes fun at someone or annoys them then it’s a sign of his affection. If he hurts someone’s feelings he’ll quickly apologize. He shows his quiet and nice side much more often than his annoying side, and whenever he does say something that throws off his normal personality he gets quiet and embarrassed.

--Quirks the character has?: He likes to smile and if someone catches him doing it he’ll get embarrassed. He has a thing for hair, and because of this he runs his hands through his hair a lot. He enjoys touching people’s hair, which he does very casually.

History: He grew up rather normally. It was when he entered high school that he began to realize he was attracted to boys. He hasn’t said anything about it to his family. His parents divorced when he was in eighth grade, and his sister was taken away from him to live with her dad.

--Any secrets?: No one knows he has a sister.

Power: Will-O’ Wisp

---Description of the power: He can create a white ball of hot flames and use it to confuse people. The ball has a mystifying look to it, and if he makes it move around quickly it confuses people. It also has a strange odor and confuses people if they get to close to it.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:

Weakness ~ He starts the will-o’ wisp without him knowing. He scares most people by it, and if anyone touches it they get burned. This is his only offensive move, and he isn’t guarded when he is controlling it.

Strengths ~ He can burn people with his fire. If it touches someone or something with his fire, then it starts to blaze. No ordinary water can put out the fire either; only magical water can. (He himself can put out the fire, but he has to focus on doing so.)





Username: psyshock

Character name: Zayl Ward

Nickname: Zayl, Z, whatever variation someone might come up with

Age: 17

Sex: male

--Gender?: male

—Sexuality: Bisexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Bisexual


Appearance: Zayl is a bit taller than average with a slim build. He has shaggy black hair with brought green eyes. He has a way of always appearing nonchalant, about everything which can cast an air of ignorance. His clothes are all torn, ripped and old in some form or fashion. Along with ragged clothing he sometimes lacks clothing suitable for the weather. Overall he does look somewhat presentable in terms of hygiene.

Personality: Zayl often behaves semi-flirtatious without even meaning too, there are times where he does it purposely to friends who would have funny reactions to it. You would assume that this would make him a big flirt with anyone he had feelings for but that is quite the opposite. He tends to clam up when interacting with anyone he has romantic attraction for. Much of the hardships he faces with his circumstances are hidden behind his mask of nonchalance where only privileged people are allowed to see.

-Quirks the character has?: He has a bit of a thing with body contact. Whenever meeting someone new he would immediately be putting his arm over their shoulder or grab their hand. There are exceptions to this.

History: Zayl comes from a poor family. His father has been out of the picture since he was at the age of 10 due to drugs. This put a lot of strain on his mother at the time as she had to find a job while caring for him. There were times where they were almost homeless and several occasions where Zayl considered dropping out of school to work full time. Currently he lives under the same hardships but he feels that it would be more of a waste to drop out of school when he is so close to graduating already.

--Any secrets?: There have been many occasions where he has resorted to pickpocketing. Over time he has developed decent skill in the art. There are classmates that have been victims of his and they don’t suspect a thing, merely assuming they misplaced something and lost it.

Power: Teleportation

---Description of the power: The first type of teleportation would be short quick changes in distance. This is a swift burst that leaves an after image of himself behind that disappears within a second. Any objects he may have must be taken with him, which could leave instances of forgotten items being left behind. This type of teleportation is easier to manage in succession and stamina. This could also be referred to as Quick Step.

The second type of teleportation would be the more taxing long distance teleportation. This is a simple poof and reappear form one location to another. He must be able to envision the location he wishes to transport too and it must be within a reasonable radius. If someone or something else is in the location he wishes to appear in he would either appear on top or beside it. His radius can expand with practice, but trying to teleport somewhere outside of his radius would do nothing.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?: Strengths of Zayl’s power would include the fact that it is instantaneous travel. Any situation he needs to get out of quickly he can, this could even aid him in the occasional theft. Weaknesses would include the fact that he himself has no offensive capabilities. In order to fight he must rely on a weapon, which if in a hurry could be forgotten. His long distance teleportation requires more energy and is hard to utilize in succession.





Username: ArchiosLukos

Character name: Edward J Vermont

Nickname: Edward (don't you dare give him a nickname)

Age: 17

Sex: Male

--Gender: Male

--Orientation: bisexual (prefers men)

--Romanticism: homosexual

--Behavior: Asexual (not interested in sex)

--Gender Role: Male

--Crush: Not Decided

Appearance: [baby vermont] [adult vermont]

-eyes: Stormy Blue

-hair: Black, thick, curly

-skin: Pale

-height: 6'2"

-weight: 165 lbs

-build: Lean, Lanky


-- black cape coat [here] [or here]

-- white dress shirt [here]

-- black slacks [here]

-- silver cross [here]


Edward is extremely mature for his age and extremely quiet. He will take charge if it is needed in the situation but his leadership personality is somewhat lacking with his stoic and resigned outer shell. He also has a very rigid and stately air about him when there is business to be done, which is almost always. This often gives the impression that he must be from a very intellectual family and most assume very rich as well. This is true. He is likely to either just relax when tragedy strikes or sit moodily and rack over his options persistently.

However, just because he is mature doesn't mean that he doesn't like a little flair from time to time. When he is in an exorbitant mood and among people he likes, Edward is almost in a mania, frittering about and bantering and furling his coat like a cheap cartoon villain. Part of this also comes from the fact that he likes attention. He really does. Why on earth would you want to have his 'superior' mind if you weren't allowed to flaunt it? The earlier repression of his expression leaves him pining (almost childishly) for attention from those he likes when his parents or authority figures aren't around.

One other thing you should note is that he doesn't like to be treated as an underling. He likes to be in control or have equal footing with others, but it is expected that there will be intelligent conversation to work out problems among them. He only elects himself leader when everyone else is unintelligent, incompetent, and/or impaired.

-Quirks the character has?:

-- Edward is generally kinder to people with blonde hair, especially girls or feminine men.

-- He is also partial to people who are intelligent and logical

-- He will detests doctors, scientists, and needles

History: Edward has been through quite a lot in his life including but not limited to being kidnapped, experimented on, and being 'completely above everyone else both physically and cognitively'. His parents were both wealthy and he was raised to be the best and brightest from a very young age. By the time of twelve, he already displayed a great understanding of his situation and surroundings as well as great problem solving skills. Edward always wanted to be something higher than the mundane jobs that the world had to offer, but life is harsh and you rarely get what you want

-Any secrets?: He's got a few... problems (psst, he's also gay)

Power: Phoenix Regeneration

-Description of the power: "In the event that you are killed you will be 'reborn' in fire. Upon flat lining, your body's temperature will raise dramatically, giving the impression of a fever upwards of 110 degrees. After a peak temperature is reached (usually after a matter of several minutes) there will be several bursts of infrared energy which may burn nearby objects and people. In alignment with these bursts, any external and internal injuries will be healed and ligaments may eventually regrow past the knees and elbows.

After the effects of the regeneration, it is important to intake a large amount of fat and high energy food, as well as liquids. Fatigue and weakness are to be expected. You may be unconscious for a matter of minutes or hours after a regeneration"


--Can be killed by disintegration

--Can be killed by decapitation (the head must come completely off)

--Can be killed directly after the effects of a regeneration

--Can be 'killed' by normal means

--Can be restrained by normal means

--Extremely reduced aging

--He produces high levels of energy when regenerating which are harmful to organisms that are too close


--You're not dead!

--Minor and moderate wounds heal more quickly than they normally might

--Extremely reduced aging

--After Effects





Username: Chee

Character name: Elizabeth Canaan Yori

Nickname: Canaan

Age: 17

Sex: Female

--Gender: Female

--Sexuality: Straight

--What sexuality do they portray: Straight

--Crush: TBA

Appearance: Standing at 5’8” she does her best to stand straight. Long, straight, brown hair almost reaches her waist. Dark brown eyes and arched, thin eyebrows. She has a slightly muscular body due to fixing her car on her own, she is neither skinny nor fat, just something nice in between. She has a large chest that matches the rest of her body rather than looking out of place. Often wears a black tank top, oil stained jeans and combat boots.

Personality: Knowing that the world is an eat or be eaten place she decided to learn to defend herself. She has a bad habit of glaring at people and making herself appear larger so that she is left alone. Being a hard-core tomboy she has no idea how to use makeup or wear nice clothing. While she has a rough and harsh exterior when she comes to trust someone she is highly defense of them, protecting them no matter the cost. When around or talking about cars she can be seen smiling like a kid in a candy store, and it’s one of the few times you see her actually completely relaxed. Around friends she knows will protect her as much as she will protect them she actually laughs quite a bit though these moments are few and should be treasured.

--Quirks the character has: Can’t use makeup, and doesn’t understand fancy clothes. Can’t ever seem to remember to pick up her dirty clothes until all she has left is underwear to walk around in. Collects comic books.

History: Her parents have never been poor but neither were they rich. Her father runs his own auto shop, where many street racing gangs frequent which is how she got started. She makes enough money to help the family be able to afford more luxurious things. Her parents always had a happy marriage, however her mother contracted cancer, she didn’t suffer but there was no cure, and one day she slipped away. Canaan and her father became even closer after that, her father helps her through the bullying and helps her improve her racing techniques. Before she died, her mother rescued a week old kitten, the cat lives in the auto shop and is the mascot for the building.

--Any secrets: Makes money street racing, as this is illegal she keeps it to herself. She does not know how to swim, but finds this embarrassing so she pretends that she simply doesn’t like to swim and avoids bodies of water. Doesn’t like people knowing that her mom is dead. Has a tattoo on her hip, what is it? That a secret.

Power: Probability

---Description of the power: Is able to predict all possible next moves, much like how a chess player can. So, in a fight she is able to see that if she kicks he left foot her opponent will block with his hand creating an opening for her to take advantage of. But, if she punches with her right hand he will step forward and punch her instead of protecting himself. This also works for conversations as well but only barely

---Weakness/Strengths of the power: Strength: Time practically stills for her as she observes all outcomes of every kind of move. Works for physical movement, and only a little bit with conversation. Weakness: It can only predict the next move, she then has to stop and predict the move after that, it drains her energy extremely fast, meaning she can only use it a few times before needing to recover due to the extreme ability of the power. Is only half accurate with conversations.





Username: Raven301

Character name: Déjà vu (Deja)

Age: looks about 16

Sex: Male

--Gender: Male

--Sexuality: bisexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: bisexual


Species: Phoenix; Phoenixes are the daredevils of the magical world. They are always daring and betting each other and love to live on the middle of danger. Phoenixes usually travel in flocks with four or five others and go with the flow, they don't need much to be happy. These firebirds are immortal, when they are dying they will burst into flame are reborn from the ashes.

Appearance: Human- Deja has fiery red hair that falls to his ears and seems to glint and flicker with oranges and yellows. Deja's eyes reflect his mood, if he his happy they are a light yellowish orange and when he is really mad they can turn to a deep ash black. Standing at about 5'11", Deja's wings connect to his back at his spine, just below his shoulder blades, and stretch out for a 15' wingspan. The wings are a living representation of fire and they flicker with flame patterns all the way from the first spark to the dying ashes. When he is around fire Deja's eyes hair and wings glow slightly and he can control fire at will, and sometimes against his will if he gets angry. Deja usually wears a simple shirt with tight fitting pants and boots that lace up almost to his knees, if it is even remotely chilly he will put on a long brown coat that falls to his ankles and billows about when he runs or flies.

Firebird- http://smokeslair.com/wp-content/uploads/2...ire-Phoenix.jpg

Personality: Deja is a very easy going guy, very rarely will he get angry but when he does get ready for a storm. Almost anywhere he goes Deja can make friends, he is easy to laugh with and can break most any awkward situation, he is also willing to view any side of an argument and can be very understanding. When you first meet him Deja may seem like an angel but after awhile he will start to make trouble and tricks and when he figures out how much you can handle without you completely rejecting him he will become the bane of your existence, but always in good humor. Often in disagreement with anyone who tries to control him Deja is a free agent.

--Quirks the character has?: When he's nervous he'll tap out beats with his fingers and hum sometimes

History: Deja's history is like most phoenixes. When he was a teen he and his nest mates broke off from their current flock to make a new one, though while they all found mates no one could hold Deja interest long enough for him to even consider it. Phoenixes mate for life and he didn't want to rush into something. And so now Deja is the leader of a flock that consists of two other mated pairs.

--Any secrets?:

Power: Flame

---Description of the power: can control and create flames

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?: Weakness, gets cold easier, powers are weaker in cold, can die from moderately cold temperatures. The flames are also an extension of himself, if you put out some of the flames Deja would feel pain and such as if you were physically harming him. The flames also copy his emotions if he gets really mad flames can easel get out of control and harm people around him and but if he's happy and sated he can control them easier.

Strengths, fire is extremely hot and hard to put out, although it is doable, regeneration whole body catches fire and burns to ashes before being reborn.





Username: Zeditha

Character name: Mia

Nickname: Mia

Age: 16

Sex: Female

--Gender?: Female

--Sexuality: Straight

--What sexuality do they portray?: Straight

--Crush?: Open.

Appearance: Mia is pale and quite thin, although she's not thin enough to look starving. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is around average height. Although, she thinks of herself as quite a bit taller than she is. She has long, slender fingers that are fairly strong, from playing the piano. She likes to keep her fingernails long, and they are often useful.

Personality: Mis is often quite confused as to who she really is. One moment she can be calm, accepting everything, and after one tiny comment she can be set off into floods of tears, or become frighteningly angry. So watch out, don't trust that any mood will stick around for long.

--Quirks the character has?:

- SERIOUS mood swings

- Doesn't like cutting her nails

- She won't let any arthropod walk on her. No caterpillars, spiders, flies, ants, etc. If anythink buglike is on her, she'll freak until it's gone. Except ladybirds, which she thinks are pretty. She still thinks they tickle, though.

- She's really ticklish. Er... yeah, tickle her and she'll curl into a ball. And probably snap at you, or tickle back. TICKLEFIGHT!!!

- When she's nervous or bored, she'll snack. Give her mints, or small chocolate bars, or anything like that, and she'll nibble away until it's all gone. She doesn't really like opening big packets of food, though, and there's a chocolate bar on her shelf that's been there for a few years.

History: Um, really boring? She lived in three homes before she was three and a half, and since then she's been living in the same house, with her parents. They moved there two weeks before her older brother was born, and when she was eleven she got another brother. She's the eldest of three. She finds the older brother (Samuel, Sam) really annoying, and the younger brother (Edward, Ed, or 'Pud') cute. Still. Although a bit annoying.

--Any secrets?: She once set fire to a tree in the back garden. She managed to put it out before it did any damage, though, and nobody found out. She doesn't play with matches anymore.

Power: Shapeshifting

---Description of the power: She can turn into a dragon. The dragon is about as big as a fox, and it's dark purple with dark blue, black and maroon swirled and splattered over it. Its eyes are the same blue as Mia's human form. The tail is long, and useful for grabbing things. The dragon can speak, with Mia's normal voice.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:

- Strengths: Can fly, tail is useful, breathes fire. (Flammable venom, can also spray venom which is painful but nothing more than a distraction.) Also tough scales, which are practically flameproof and would protect against a glancing blow with most conventional weapons. She's also quite nimble, and can evade most traps due to her small size.

- Weaknesses: Small size, can be restrained or killed by conventional methods (Except fire). Once killed, she's dead, she doesn't have a 'magically be not dead' ability. Also, she's not exceedingly strong and won't be able to carry anything heavier than a large stuffed toy.

Other: At first, she won't be able to shift at will, but she'll gain control fairly quickly. Turning back is harder than turning to dragon. Before she shifts at will, she'll shift only when angry or afraid and turn back by sleeping.




Username: seacatsmew

Character name: Raine Marioneta

Nickname: Cheshire Cat

Age: 17

Sex: Female

--Gender?: Female

--Sexuality: Bisexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Asexual

--Crush?: ----

Appearance: Minus the ears and tail(though she does love dressing like that).

Personality: She's mischievous, and tomboyish. She really doesn't like makeup or stuff, and occasionally cross dresses. She smile often, but she smiles so wide it's creepy, which earned her the nickname 'Cheshire Cat.' Another reason is because her eyes are always open really wide. She's hard to upset, but when she is upset, she turns scary. She doesn't cry when she's sad, either. She just stares at nothing.

--Quirks the character has?: She talks to herself often. Not on purpose, but... She also has a habit of dodging contact, even when she's asleep.

History: When she was five, her father died in a car crash. He told her, the day before, to try and smile no matter what. Her mother died when she was seven. Luckily, her older sister was old enough to take care of them both. They found out she was bisexual when she was ten, but it didn't cause a big fuss- Her older sister was lesbian. She got a Cheshire Cat doll for her birthday when she was eleven, and grew attached to it- She even died her hair purple. Though she gave it away when she was fourteen, she still loves Cheshire Cat.

--Any secrets?: No one knows that she lives with her older sister. Or that her parents are dead. Or why she keeps smiling.

Power: Stolen Thoughts

---Description of the power: Basically, it's telepathy. The difference is that right now she can't control it, and no matter what, she's unable to talk using it. She just 'steals' their thoughts.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:


-She can't control it. Yet.

-Others notice easily, though they don't know who it is.

-She can't use it to talk to others.

-Their voices echo in her mind, and give her nightmares.

-She can't forget their thoughts easily.


-She can sometimes predict movements.

-She knows what people are and aren't predicting. Sometimes.

-She knows how to help people, sometimes.

Other: She wears contacts.




Username: J-D3v11

Character name: Quincy Young

Nickname: Harley

Age: 18

Sex: Male

--Gender?: Male

--Sexuality: Bi-sexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Bi-Sexual

--Crush?: ---

Appearance: Quincy is tall around around 5'11'' with dark caramel skin. He is of muscular build yet he still seems lanky in his normal attire. His nationality is a mix between Hispanic and black. His long and curly black hair is grown down to his shoulders, yet all around his hair are dreadlocks. Not fully dreaded but he has his long hair and dreads at the same time. The dreads are patterned around his head in a circle. His casual clothes are a gray shirt with a white hoody along with black jeans. Unless the situation calls for fancy dress clothes, he will gladly and happily dress pretty nice.

Personality: Quincy is steadfast always thinking of getting out of a situation without resorting to violence but will use violence if the situation deems necessary.

--Quirks the character has?: Will twiddle his knives without noticing

History: Born to overbearing parents and an ignorant older brother Quincy didn't feel like he belonged. On his 15th birthday he decided to run away with money

stolen from his parents and brother. He found his way upstate when he ran out of money. Attempting to mug a wealthy looking woman with a knife he had asked someone to buy for him, he was beaten and adopted by this woman. She turned out to be a famous fashion designer and thought him how to design, sew, and model, all forms of clothing. At 18 he decided to go back home.

--Any secrets?: He keeps where he's been and the fact that he can sew complex clothing designs a secret.

Power: Heightened accuracy for 60 seconds every half hour

---Description of the power: His power can only be used for 1 minute every 30 minutes. When he uses it to him the world slows and seems brighter. To The others he moves slightly faster and his eyes dilate.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?: When in use his weaknesses are bright lights, and if someone moves him while he focuses he gets disoriented




Username: J-D3v11

Character name: Jossle Dile

Age: 16

Sex: Male

--Gender?: Genderqueer

--Sexuality: Pan-sexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Leans toward female

--Crush?: TBA

Species: Beastman; Characteristics of A stripe-less white lion but the body type and head like a human, ears of a antelope

Appearance: Jossle's face seems more or less human except for his deep purple eyes that seems to be devoid of pupils. His ears are that of a antelope but with a significant amount more fur. His teeth each sharp like a lions and a extra long tongue. He is average human female height and build (without breasts) but with Digi-grade legs. His fur is snow white beginning from his collar bone and goes all the way down over his entire body, his head is a pale tan. A tail begins on his lower back and runs down 3 inches from the floor, it is slightly more furry than the rest of his body. His hair is and will always be an extremely messy and long black head of hair. (like my Avatar but on both sides.)

Personality: Although he has a menacing appearance he is actually quite peaceful. Even playful, but during a hunt or a fight he is a force to be reckoned with.

--Quirks the character has?: He hates it when people pet him on his head, but loves it if you rub his tail.

History: Jossle's history is fairly short as he has lived alone since he could remember. Abandoned as a pup all he knew was how to hunt and survive. Yet he can still socialize thanks to Petra his best friend. He's rarely seen without her.



Username: J-D3v11

Character name: Petra

Nickname: Pet

Age: 17

Sex: Female

--Gender?: Female

--Sexuality: Gay

--What sexuality do they portray?: Gay

--Crush?: ---

Species: Beastman; Characteristics of a Gray Panther with the body type and head of a human, ears of an antelope.

Appearance: Pet's face seems more or less human except for her deep orange eyes that seems to be devoid of pupils. Her ears are that of a antelope but with a significant amount more fur. Her teeth each sharp like a panther and her extra long tongue a piercing adorns the center of her tongue. Pet is average human height slightly chubbier with rather generous proportions.( Slightly chubby but with curves) with Digi-grade legs. Her fur is light gray beginning from her collar bone and goes all the way down over hher entire body, her head is white. A tail begins on her lower back and runs down 3 inches from the floor, Her hair is short but well dressed, blonde with black highlights.

Personality: She is caring and always willing to call someone out on there bull****. She helps those in need and is always kind even when agitated. Whenever trouble arises she falls to Jossle to be her muscle.

--Quirks the character has?: Pet is very compassionate and usually trusts to easy.

History: Having lost her family at a young age, Petra now roams with Jossle. They migrate from area to area when ever she deems necessary helping people with anything they have.

--Any secrets?:

Power: She can sense others emotions/ intentions

---Description of the power: When talking to someone directly she can feel there emotions exactly how they are feeling them. She can also sense others intentions this also helps her know if someone is lying to her.

---Strengths of the power?: Can tell when being lied to.

---Weaknesses-: If the person is a good liar her powers can fail.




Username: padfoot

Character name: Jaxson Fable

Age: 18

Sex: male

--Gender?: male

--Sexuality: Bi-sexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Bi-sexual

--Crush?: Everyone

Appearance: Jaxson

Personality: Jaxson is a huge flirt. With everyone. It's just how he interacts with other people. He is generally a nice guy. Completely peaceful despite being a lesser demon.

--Quirks the character has?:

History: He was dropped off at a orphanage when he was a baby. He was adopted by a very patient couple that taught him how to control his ability and to be around other people. Puberty is pretty rough on him though. He learned then that if he doesn't stop draining someone he can kill them. Thats what happened to his first girlfriend when they swapped virginity. He fell asleep and she was fine. When he woke up he was sleeping next to a dead girl.

--Any secrets?: Jaxson is always shipping people he knows. He writes fiction about his friends and keeps the stories in a journal buried in a very secluded hiding place. He would probably skip town if anyone found it.

Power: Chi Manipulation

---Description of the power: Jaxson is able to sense, alter, and absorb sexual energy from another person's body.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?:He must feed of other people's Chi through some kind of intimate contact. If he doesn't feed enough he begins to lose control of himself. Sometimes attacking people and if left unchecked he could starve to death.





Username: RoD

Character name: Theodore Smith

Nickname: Theo

Age: 16

Sex: Male

--Gender?: Male

--Sexuality: Straight

--What sexuality do they portray?: Straight

--Crush?: none

Appearance: The one with the red jacket

Personality: Theo is quiet and mostly keeps to himself. He doesn’t like to be around people all that much since he’d rather be at home playing video games all day

--Quirks the character has?: If he gets the slightest bit nervous, he starts stuttering

History: Theo was born to a twin sister who is the opposite of Theo. Since Theo was shy at an early age, he never had any real friends he could hang out with. The problem only grew worse when he grew up, become withdrawn into his video games.

--Any secrets?: He’s super excellent with a bow

Power: Creature Bringer

---Description of the power: He can bring out creatures from his video games that he owns by tapping the creature on the screen three times

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?: He can only summon small, weak creatures for now, but will be able to summon stronger ones as he gets more experience



Username: RoD

Character name: Frostbeak (Frosty for short)

Age: looks about 18

Sex: Female

--Gender?: Female


--What sexuality do they portray?: Straight

--Crush?: None

Species: Phoenix

Appearance: Frost

Personality: Frosty is highly patient with others, but if someone ruffles her feathers, she gets mad pretty quickly. She gets instantly furious when someone points out her feathered coloring for a phoenix, sometimes attacking someone in the process

--Quirks the character has?: She tends to go around in circles when getting aggitated.

History: Frost has always been a loner, not really wanting to mate for life. She would rather be a loner than be part of a flock, but she wants to share her wisdom to others.

--Any secrets?: She secretely wants a mate

Power: Ice powers

---Description of the power: She can create stuff out of ice, if she needs to, she can breath ice or summon it up from her wins to fend off enemies.

---Weakness/Strengths of the power?: Her weakness is if she uses her ice powers, her body temperature lowers instantly, and is put near a fire, she'll overheat. Her strength is that she can bring ice sculptures to life if she chooses to.


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✶ littlelizzie's characters ✶


Taylor "Tay" Windt (Different)

Felix "Lix, Cal" McCallister (Different)

Cyrus "Cy" Larcey (Different)


✣ psyshock's characters ✣


Zayl Ward (Diferent)


❂ ArchiosLukos' characters ❂


Edward J. Vermont (Different)


❊ Chee's characters ❊


Elizabeth "Canaan" Yori (Different)


✱ Raven301's characters ✱


Déjà vu (Deja) (Creature)


✿ Zeditha's characters ✿


Mia (Different)


❋ seacatsmew's characters ❋


Raine "Cheshire Cat/Chess" Marioneta (Different)


✻ J-D3v11's characters ✻


Quincy "Harley" Young (Different)

Jossle Dile (Creature)

Petra "Pet" (Creature)


⋆ padfoot's characters ⋆


Jaxson Fable (Different)


✴ Raptor_of_Dragons characters ✴


Theodore Smith (Different)

Frostbeak "Frosty" (Creature)

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Currently, what's going on?? (Recap)


It is Friday! All, or most of, the Different's are at SDQP's meeting (in the candy store.) A few activities will be done and then the storm will come. Everyone must participate in the activities, or they will have to face the ferocious wrath of Taylor! (Not really. He hardly gets mad.) Just please participate.

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Okay everyone! I'm sorry for the wait, but now this is open! Please send me your forms :> Ask any questions you have now, too. The first page can be for questions, I suppose~

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Do the Creatures have to be gay/bi/pan? I know the humans do.

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Neither the Creatures or the humans have to be any other sexuality, if you don't want them to be. It might be a bit hard for them to have any romances though, if you want there to be any romances with your characters.

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Are we waiting for a certain number before we start?

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I'm pretty sure there were about seven people that said they'd be interested in joining, so I'm just waiting a bit longer before we start.

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I sent you my character sheets so im waiting for that to get accepted. im actually looking forward tot his rp

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((littlelizzie, you forgot to take the password off mine. xd.png

EDIT: Okay, now it's gone~))

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I'm home for three seconds then I'm told to go out again! I'm sooo sorry for the wait. As soon as I get back home I will start.


J-D, I have to look at your character forms and then I will approve them. I see a few things that can be corrected, so I'll say those (over PM) as soon as I'm back home.


Again, super sorry for the wait! My mom is making me go shopping ugh. I'll still answer any questions over mobile, but I don't want to make the starting post on my phone :<

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((I have edited the second post and added a "School" section. Please read that and then PM me any questions. I also added in a section for recaps, so please read that and then post! And now, we're starting~))


"Oh, I can't do this. Won't you give the speech instead, Lix?" A light haired teen asked, holding the paper in front of they're face. "Please. I'll die."

"No, I'm not doing it. You're a senior now. You need to figure out how to give proper speeches." A rainbow haired teen said, lifting the light haired teens off his lap. "Come on, it's a great speech. I know you'll be able to completely ace it. When did you write it?"

"During detention. I pretended I was asleep and instead wrote this." The light haired teen grinned and tossed the paper to their friend. "You should read it. You'll need to read speeches because you're going to need to in English classes a lot."

"No, I'm not reading it." The rainbow haired teen smirked and threw the paper back to the other teen. "Pretend that everyone is in their underwear."

"No way! That's weird. I would be embarrassed." The brown haired teen hid behind they're paper again and leaned against a bed. "I'm sleeping over so you can help me. You need to help me."

"The only way you can get better is if you practice reading it now." The rainbow haired teen stood and opened a closet door. "I'll get you some stuffed animals and pillows so you can practice."

"I don't need those to practice!" The brown haired teen sat up and looked at their friend. They groaned when they got hit in the face with a pillow.

"Sure you do. I'll draw faces on them and everything."

"I hate you sometimes, Felix."

"And I love you too, Tay."




A brown haired boy stood at the top of his stairs and clutched his laptop to his chest. "Now or never, huh..." He whispered, swallowing the lump in his throat. He took a deep breath and walked down the stairs quietly, going over how he would explain to his mom he had plans tomorrow. He never had plans for anything.

As he got to the bottom of the steps his mom smiled at him. "Hey there, Cy. Rare to see you out of your room. What's up?" She asked, setting aside her book. The boy, named Cyrus, took a deep breath and smiled at his mom.

"Uhm, tomorrow I want to go to a meeting. It's for this club at school." He said, staring at the ground. "If you don't want me to go, it's okay. It's tomorrow at 4:30. I can just walk there after school..." He trailed off and looked at his mom.

"You're planning on joining a club?" She asked. Cyrus nodded. "Sure, have fun there. Will you need a ride home?"

"No, I can walk. It shouldn't last long. It should still be light out when it's over." He mumbled, looking at his feet. It worked. His asking to go somewhere worked.

"Alright, sweetie. Have fun?" His mom asked with a smile. Cyrus nodded and smiled at his mom. "Okay. I'm really wanting to finish up this book, so if you're going to bed just holler down to me?"

"I will. Thanks for letting me go." Cyrus said quietly, turning back to the stairs. He let out a sigh as he climbed the steps. He would eventually have to tell his mom that he was joining a group for queer kids. He just had to figure out exactly what he was before he did.

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((Chess uses Japanese honorifics for those close to her... Thought I should mention that.))


"You sure about this?" "Yes, oneechan..." Her sister sighed. "Fine." The girl with purple-died hair smiled. "Thank you, oneechan!" "Just quit calling me 'oneechan' in public. It's a bit weird." The girl with yellow contacts nodded. "Wait. How do we have internet?" She looked around. They lived in the forest. At the edge, but still in the forest. They were as close to the village as possible, but it was still a bit of a walk. And that was how they preferred it.

The girl suddenly collapsed onto a chair, across from her sister. "I'm so bored, oneechan!" "Then go study or something." "But..." "Raine Marioneta, either leave me alone so I can read or get out of here." The girl smiled, the smile that gave her her nickname. "Of course."


((I tried.))

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Flapping his wings slowly Deja grinned down at the landscape below him. It was a forest. A completely and utterly overgrown forest. A completely and utterly overgrown forest that nearly doubled in sized every month. A completely and utterly overgrown forest that nearly doubled in sized every month that had a flock of phoenixes soaring over it.


Tilting his wings slightly Deja wheeled off to the left as two other followed him and the other pair went to the right. The call to begin was short and sweet, nothing like the usual war cries Deja would give off, and the flock thought it strange, but only for a moment as they descended to burn the woods back.


As he watched his flock Deja's stomach clenched and his soul dipped slightly, he was weak, weak with hunger and there was nothing he could do about it. He gave any scraps of human magic they found over to the couples. They could breed, reproduce, procreate, keep the species thriving, and he could not. It was simple enough they were more important to the survival of he flock than he was so they were always fed first and there was never anything left over.



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Block One: Senior Comp

(Morning announcements)

Block Two: Computer Literacy

Block Three: Advanced Placement Psychology

Lunch: Go be a sociopathic git time

Block Four: Forensics


Edward's gaze was unwavering as he typed furiously into the text document before him. The computer screen was filled in one corner with a notepad while the rest of it had various instances of his browser compressed down and blinking madly at him, each ploying for his notice. In the background, several videos were playing, each adding either a layer of music or a lecture on some vaguely scientific topic related to the human body. He let each of his senses take over in turn, sifting through the information bombarding him and either making footnotes in his current document or stuffing it messily away somewhere in his subconscious.


He had been assigned an essay in forensics that was due the following Monday, but he was determined to get it done that night before it got lost somewhere in his schedule. For example, he wouldn't be able to do it the next day because he had already blocked away the evening to attend a... meeting. It had taken some serious contemplation on his part. He'd been doing some casual research, exploring himself, when he'd come across a website that had caught his eye. He wasn't quite sure what had prompted him to join their online community, but he had. Being discovered joining a forum for such a group of people would bring up an entirely new realm of needless toil, but he decided that he would be able to keep his mark off of it using a separate e-mail account and a nondescript name.


He paused briefly to wipe his brow with a towel he'd specifically placed nearby. Sweat had collected among the many ringlets in his hair and continued to drip down onto his hands while he was typing. It didn't matter how many of the buttons on his shirt he undid or he number of fans he liberated from around the house. He continued to perspire. He was always abnormally hot nowadays and the sweating came in bursts. He'd tried parching himself so that there wasn't any water for his body to use, but the moment he drank so much as a glass of water, his body was at it again, spiting him with its endeavor to cool down. Unfortunately, when it stopped he was left with a case of chills for at least an hour.


He'd taken his temperature and all of the other vitals that he could and looked them up in both the library and on the internet. The closest thing that he could find was that he had a terrible case of influenza, but he wasn't exhibiting any symptoms except for the chills and a startling fever, shaking if you stretched it but that only came when he was so cold that he couldn't stand it. He never brought any of this up to his parents in fear of a horrible endless cycle of incessant doting. Besides, he'd never be allowed outside again if he did and in the mean time would never hear the end of it. It had been hard enough to reduce his sentence to therapy, no matter how much he insisted that there was really nothing wrong with him. Also, sickness meant doctors and tests and a million other unpleasant things. It just wasn't worth the payout. In the mean time he'd have to take symptom repressers and bare it.


He tousled his hair in the towel and when it seemed dry enough, continued his work. There was a meeting he had to get to tomorrow and it was imperative that he finish this report before then... He sighed as the air from the fans chilled from his skin, effectively doing nothing.

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Zayl’s head turned when he heard the door open to the small place that his mother was renting. He waited or her to get to the kitchen table, where he was sitting working on some homework where they would soon scrounge up whatever they could find to make a meal. It was later than usual which meant that she probably did a bit of shopping while she was out. Food was something that had a set schedule around the house; a small breakfast in the morning and a small dinner at night. Lunch was something that happened occasionally, be it they had some extra money to spend or he snagged some change on the way to school from some unsuspecting person. Right at that thought some money was placed on the table in front of him. He looked up at his mother, taking in her tired green eyes.


“Mom, do you have lunch?” He already knew the answer to the question. It was always like this when she simply placed the money in front of him without saying anything. Much like always he would press for an answer from her, just like he always did.


“Zayl, honey, you don’t need to worry abou—“


“Mom,” he cut her off, not allowing her to come up with any excuses. “Do you have lunch?” His tone was hardened as he asked the question with more emphasis. He was expecting an answer this time. If he didn’t get one than he could simply keep on asking until he did.


Knowing that this would just keep going his mother gave in, “No.”


“Then this is for you, not me.” Zayl pushed the money closer to her so that she could take it. Before she could talk about how he needed the food he cut her off before she could even start. “Mom, you work much harder than I do and the job isn’t paying as well as your last job. Just take the money and get some food for you. I’ll be fine, I’m not a kid anymore.” Who knows? I might be able to find my own lunch. he added in his thoughts. The fact that he used to pickpocket wasn’t unknown to his mother. The fact that the pickpocketing was still ongoing was what she didn’t know; he had convinced her that it had stopped a few years ago.


Knowing that she was in a losing battle Zayl’s mom picked the money off the table, grabbing two cans of soup from the cupboard to prepare for dinner. Zayl got up to take over as she sat down, exhausted from another day at work. Zayl heated the soup, almost feeling guilty that tomorrow he would be going to that meeting for the website he found while on the library computer. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t be allowed to go, but more the fact that he would consider going to the meeting a luxury, which was something this family didn’t get a lot of.

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Canaan grabbed a tool from the nearby desk, where a particularly lazy cat was sleeping, while taking a bite out of her sandwich, before going back to the car that was raised from the ground. She laid on her skateboard and rolled under the car as she finished up work on the suspension. Her favorite song was playing in the background and she couldn’t help but sing along as she worked. Suddenly the music was turned down and she rolled out from under her car to see her father.


“It’s a bit late to be working on your car, especially with school tomorrow.” Her father stated, he wasn’t so much scolding as he was asking if she knew how late it was.


“Sorry Dad. I’ll head home soon, I just wanted to make sure I was ready for the race this weekend.” She told him honestly as she rolled back under the car.


“Just try not to stain your hair with grease.” Her father joked.


“No worries, I have it up in a bun.” She called back, instinctively she checked that her brown hair was still tied up at the back of her head.


“Should I make dinner, or will this pitiful thing you call a sandwich keep you full?” He asked the shoes of his daughter since the rest of her was under the car.


“Just throw my half of dinner into the fridge I’ll either eat it later or for lunch tomorrow.” Canaan responded as she tightened some bolts. She could hear her father begin to walk away and she quickly rolled out from under the car having remembered something. “Also, I’m going to a club after school tomorrow. So, I’ll be late getting home.” She announced and saw her father nod before turning and waving goodbye. He left the auto-shop leaving the keys for her to lock up and she heard as he drove off in his car.


(you guys started while I was at work, but I caught up quickly, it's interesting seeing the different family dynamics each character has, none of them are the same)

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(Quincy's nickname may be Harley but i prefer to use his name when rping him. So please call him by either Quincy or Harley, same with Petra's nickname being Pet)


Block One: English


Block Two: Photography

Block Three: Mathematics

Lunch: Eats food and draws in the courtyard

Block Four: Fashion Design


It was lunch on the first day of school Quincy, eating alone with a half a PB&J in one hand and a pen in the other was writing down some ideas for his next fashion project. Though he hadn't even had his fashion design class yet he wanted to try and challenge himself with a complex design. Purple frills and beads littered the pink skirt, the sleeveless top matched with purple frills and beads but on white fabric.


His rented camera sat next to his drawing. He hoped Photography would be fun but so far it was just as boring as everyone had said, still it was good experience for capturing the image of a model. Hopefully one wearing his designs. He finished the first half of his PB&J and was about to reach for the second when a rush of nausea ran threw him. He held his head suddenly disgusted by the sandwich he was just eating. He tossed it in the trash can about 10 feet away. "Dahm why did i throw it, now i gotta pick it up." He stood to go and clean the mess he'd made but as he stood he saw that the sandwich had made it into the bin.


He put away his sketchbook and checked his watch, there was still about 20 minutes left in lunch. He pulled out his laptop, connected to the schools wifi. He logged into the forum he had found and joined the night before. He hadn't really had a reason to join or did he have the intention to become a regular of the boards but he had an urge to check them.


The newest thread talked about the first meeting of the forum. The candy shop was near his house and seeing as how he lived alone he could go, and he would. Why not? There's no harm in meeting a few of these people.




Jossle quickly stood and scanned the region that he and Petra were currently in. A small oasis in the middle of a vast desert, on the horizon they saw a mountain of sorts and that was there destination. "We've been here for about a day now, any plan yet?" He looked at Petra who was laying in a small pool of cool water. "Whats the rush? The mountains not going anywhere, take a seat Jossle and enjoy it, once we leave this place we might not find it again."


He sat next to her drinking from a puddle near him. The cool water slid down his throat, it tasted slightly minted. "Odd, hey pet come taste this water here it tastes like mint." She looked towards him but didn't get up. "I made it taste like that, i used this powder i made out of some mint leaves we found a while back." She lifted up a small sack that could fit in the palm of her paw.


He drank a few more mouthfuls and took a breath and began to climb a tree."What are you doing?" Petra asked. She had sat up and was looking at Jossle. "You lay in your puddle, im comfortable in the branches of the trees, get me when your ready to leave."




Jossle was up in the tallest tree in the Oasis sleeping on a branch, Petra began to gather water and food from the oasis. It was getting dark and they should get going while it was cool. She was able to sleep for an a an hour or two, you can never really tell in a desert. "A few birds, a couple of nuts and berries, some tiny fish, and 3 containers of water. This better last us until we get to village under that mountain."


The two of them had decided to save what little human magic they had. She considered leaving the magic with Jossle. He needed it more than she did. He was skinnier than her and almost as pretty. Why did he have to be born with the looks of a female?


She walked over to the tree that Jossle was sleeping in and kicked it. "Time to get up were about to head off." A yawn sounded from about the tree, it then began to shake and within seconds Jossle was on the ground, on his back. He had fallen off the tree. "Oh hey, so we going now?"

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((Everyone has fancy-looking schedules...









...mine's simple and confusing.))


"Oneechan..." "Shut up. Go outside or something." "But it's late." "So what? You go outside later then this." Raine thought for a moment. Then she stood up and left the small wooden house.


Raine walked, alone, in the park in the city. She wore a simple pair of jeans, dark blue, and a purple short sleeved shirt. She wasn't smiling for once, just watching the sky. She had walked along this path enough times to memorize it, so she didn't have to watch where she was going. She was fast enough to run away from any creeps, and knew how to climb. She had few fears of what could happen.

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((Everyone has absolutely wonderful starting posts! The night should be coming to an end soon, though, so we can hurry to the main plot :> I like that everyone put their schedules for the first semester up; do you want me to add anywhere on the form a place for their classes? Because I don't think that would be a problem, and it could be useful for others.))


Felix pulled out a sharpie from his desk drawer and threw it towards Tay's head. The brunette ducked out of the way and glared at their cousin. "Hey, maybe we should add something to the bulletin." Tay said, quickly standing and moving over to Felix's computer.


"What're you going to add? Bring a stuffed animal to hold in front of their face so you can make the speech?" Felix grinned and Tay hit his stomach. "Ow, okay. You haven't even looked at all of our guests though." He looked back at the circle of stuffed animals and pillows and shivered. "It's kinda freaky now that I look at them."


"Exactly. This is why having so many stuffed toys isn't good." Tay opened the SDQP webpage and logged in. "Do you think our groups name is okay? I mean, it's a little late to change it but... Maybe it's offending to some people?" Tay looked back at Felix and frowned when they saw him drawing on a sticky note.


"No, I think Super Duper Queer People! is the best name for the group. It's better then just BQR, which is the best thing I came up with." Felix looked at Tay and held the sharpie up to him. "We don't talk about that name. Ever." He looked back to his doodle. "What are you adding to the bulletin?"


"To bring something to write with. I'm also adding that they should send me an IM if they plan on coming. I'll send out an email to everyone who's joined so hopefully some people will get it." Tay said, clicking away at the keyboard. "I'm really not entirely sure how this whole meeting will play out. Maybe we can do an ice breaker? Or do like, truth or dare?" They looked back at Felix and sighed when he wasn't paying attention.


"An ice breaker?" Felix asked, looking at his brown haired cousin. "What exactly is that?"


"A thing people to when everyone is new and doesn't know each other. They're supposed to be fun things. I dunno though." Tay stopped typing and hit the enter button. A message popped up and they hit accept, then they straightened back up. "Now everyone should be getting an email and they will see the bulletin board is updated. I think you should give the speech tomorrow though. I'm going to bomb it."


"Like you did that math test?" Felix grinned and Tay rolled their eyes.


"Calculus is the hardest class in the world. Don't ever take it in your high school life. It sucks." Tay sat down on Felix's bed and grabbed a blanket, quickly wrapping they're body in it. "Who even gives a test the first week of school? That's so stupid. And why am I the only one that got detention? That's just rude."


"Because you totally skipped the class and instead ate in the forest, maybe? The teacher was your last year math teacher too, right? Maybe she just has it out for you." Felix said, placing the sticky note on a stuffed foxes face.


"Maybe. Just don't ever take calculus. You'll die. Legit die."


"Ooh, legit. I better be careful."


"Shut up, Felix."




Cyrus was reading a book when his computer beeped. He jumped and looked around cautiously, then closed his book and moved off his bed. "It's almost eleven..." He muttered, opening an email he had gotten. "Update to the meeting..." He read what the email said and then closed it, moving back to his bed. "Bring a writing utensil. Are we going to have to write something?" He asked himself, adjusting the pillow he had been using as a seat. He sat back on his bed and looked at his book, then sighed and moved it further away from him.


"What if this is all just pointless? Maybe everyone already knows everything that they are and I'm the only one who doesn't. Hopefully the two people that made this are nice..." He looked out his window and saw the stars were out. We live in a nice area with not nice people. How exactly does that work? He thought, looking towards his door. His mom was probably asleep. Or not, seeings how she hadn't said goodnight to him.


He got up from his bed and moved to his door. He opened it a crack and peered out into the hallway to see if any light was on, and his eyes widened when he saw his mom coming up the stairs. "Ah, M-Mom." He stuttered, smiling at her. He opened his door all the way, casting a quick look back to his computer.


"Ah, I was just coming up to say good night. I'm getting sleepy and I have to get up early to go to work tomorrow. I'll get you something and drop it off at school for lunch tomorrow." She smiled and looked into Cyrus' room. "You need to clean up in here. If you're going to be making friends then you should have a neat room."


Cyrus looked back at his room and shrugged. "It's not that messy." He was right. The few clothes scattered around his hamper and the pile of books weren't a mess. His desk needed to be decluttered desperately though. I was simply used for storage, which he knew was not what a desk was supposed to be used for.


"Right, right. You do actually have a better room then your sister." His mom smiled and he sighed. "I'm going to sleep, so good night." She kissed his forehead and he said goodnight, warning her about night lights and bug bites. When she got to the bottom of the stairs he closed his door and looked at his room.


"Maybe I should reorganize over the weekend."


(Note: Everyone refer to Lukos email from my character because I'm to lazy to edit it into my post XD)

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Edward paused as his speakers made a popping noise before a request box appeared in the middle of his screen. He closed out all of the windows he had open, deciding that they were just creating clutter anyway and that clutter was not at all something he needed at the moment. He muttered something unintelligible about work and heat. There was nobody around to appreciate it, but he found that this 'sickness' or whatever it was made him irritable, more than normal even which was an impressive feat in and of itself. He took the time to read what he had been prompted

|You have (1) new message|
|   OK          CANCEL   |

He maneuvered his cursor over the first option and thumped the left mouse button with added ire. What on earth could be so important that he needed to be interrupted at all hours of the night? The message was in his fake e-mail account, from the same address as the one that had messaged him before. Another mass memoir he was sure. Edward wasn't even sure he needed to read it, but it was better to be informed of even small things than to forgo them.


It read something similar to the following (because I don't actually know what the e-mail says, so screw it)

"Hey guys! I forgot to mention something about the meeting that I thought you'd like to know. If you can, you should bring something to write with and a notebook or something, and I'd also like it if you could message me that you're coming. Like an RSVP. You can be anonymous if you want, but it'd be nice to get a headcount. I hope to see you there!"


A pen? Where was his pen? He shuffled absently around the desk before grabbing a ballpoint which had rolled behind his computer monitor. He stuck it in between his teeth and stood, reaching up to grab a notepad from a shelf above his head. It was already scrawled over on the first few pages with neatly looped and flourished cursive, but it would do. He set them beside his mouse. After situating himself once more, Edward hit the reply button and pounded out a short message.


"I plan on attending but may not take active part.


Sincerest Regards,



The screen name he'd chosen may have been a bit too flashy. He admitted that freely, but he'd been in a rather macabre mood when he'd made his account and there really wasn't any going back now. At least he could take solace in the fact that none of the good names were likely to be gone for a very long time and while the site was still fresh, he could make many accounts if need be. He sent the message and brought up his notepad again. He read over the last few lines. His thoughts had been completely derailed. He tapped the F key contemplatively a few times before huffing and deciding to save the document and actually get some proper sleep for once.


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Raine paused. It was about time to get back; She didn't want to be tired at school. She turned and began walking back home.


At home, she slipped into her room. Opening her white laptop, careful not to damage the Cheshire Cat sticker on it, she logged in. Her background shone brightly in the dim light, and she winced as her eyes adjusted. Just then, a message popped up. 'You have (1) message.' She clicked 'OK' and quickly read it.

"Hey guys! I forgot to mention something about the meeting that I thought you'd like to know. If you can, you should bring something to write with and a notebook or something, and I'd also like it if you could message me that you're coming. Like an RSVP. You can be anonymous if you want, but it'd be nice to get a headcount. I hope to see you there!"

She slipped her black notebook into her bag, along with a pencil and eraser. Then she quickly typed a reply.


"I'll be there!





She smiled at her screen name. She couldn't help it; Cheshire Cat was based off of cheese. And 'Chess' was just a nickname of her nickname. Simple, but it worked. She logged off and shut off her laptop, then yawned. It was pretty late. She switched into pajamas and collapsed on her bed, quickly falling asleep.

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