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Blackness, emptiness, no thoughts, no feeling, no memories, no nothing. The numbness of your very mind made it so, and you felt as if everything that once was, simply ceased to be. Light, warmth, even the passage of time seems to elude you as you struggle to break out of this coma-like state. Hours pass as if an eternity was passing. And then...


"Rise and shiiiine, wake up now..." an eerily calm voice shatters the silence, you open your eyes slowly.

"Ah, pity. I was just about to slap you silly until you awoke." Your blurred vision sharpened, and the owner of the voice was revealed to you. A tall, bald, well-built human of the male gender wearing a flawlessly-fitting black suit with gloves and dress shoes. He was standing in a background of absolute nothingness, yet you could see the man as clearly as if he was being illuminated from every possible direction. The shadows didn't envelop and shroud him in darkness, but he wasn't exactly a beacon of light either...


One could easily mistake this person for a gentleman of fine standing, were it not for his demented facial expression that just seemed to scream "crazy". His eyes were wide open and mouth twisted into a grin so big you'd think he was about to have a chomp at you. For a moment you peered closely at his teeth, trying to discern whether they were sharp like a predator's or not, but thankfully the man seemed unfit to chew on you.


Both of you remain quiet for a while, observing each other, watching, waiting.


The silence seemed to close in on you like this heavy darkness. Something... You had to say something... A kind remark, a spiteful retort. Just something to stop the silence! You try your best to speak, but accomplish nothing. He, however, seems to notice your efforts.

"Yes, I'm sure you're bursting with questions. Confused - or is that angry? Or scared... I can't really tell. You're like a ball of twine or the cords of earphones... Nobody wants to bother untangling you to figure it out." The crazed man paced around a bit without saying anything further. Before long he turned his attention back to you, piercing you with a stare that sent shivers down your spine.


"And that's partially why you're here, in my... humble abode. You're fun! Interesting! Or was that evil and dangerous? Nooo, I think you might be one of those preachy do-gooders that always try to do the right thing, bleh. IT DOESN'T MATTER!" he came up to your face so the two of you were only a breath's distance from one another and met your eyes with a frighteningly hypnotic gaze. You've only a moment to notice the dim red light escaping his pupils before he pulls away and goes on. "You don't have the look of someone fun, but who knows, I've been surprised before. Hah! Do you care to prove me wrong? I don't expect you to. Let's see if you can impress me enough."


The man then snapped his fingers nonchalantly, just moments before the blindingly bright rays of the sun leave you wishing to be back in the darkness. It didn't take long for your eyes to adjust, however. A few seconds later you notice you are suspended in mid air, far above the surface of an unfamiliar terrain below you. Most of it is grasslands, although you could see the shoreline to an ocean in the distance. Where was this place? Why were you brought here?


Before you could take anything else in, you regain the senses of your body, something you hadn't even noticed was missing up to now. The clean smell of the outdoors, the freedom of moving your limbs... The next thing you knew, air was rushing past you rapidly. What the hell was going on?! Then you realize your situation: you were freefalling towards the ground. Still paralyzed, you panic as the earth came closer and closer to you. Seconds from impact, you hear the man whisper in your ear "I know as well as you what and who you were in your past life. Welcome to your new home. Do try to put on a good show for me."


Just as you clamped your eyes shut, bracing yourself for impact of the harsh unforgiving ground, nothingness.


Some time later, you awaken lying in the same spot you fell, uninjured...

There were no traces that you'd ever hit the ground, no crater, no disturbed turf, no broken branches; much the same for the presence of the man from your experience, not a trace.


At that moment, it all felt like a dream. Even your surroundings seemed surreal. The ground was covered in a thick layer of grass, both flawless and unending. The trees forming the forest's border nearby seemed almost identical. True, some were smaller and shaped differently then the rest, but none of them showed any signs of illness or decay. Their branches were covered in leaves so green they'd make a goblin jealous.


A few birds were darting around, singing bird songs you've never before heard. As two darted by, you could have sworn they had four eyes each! Their strange songs were the only thing that broke the silence. No other wildlife was around, and there was no wind. Not a gust, nor a breeze.


The air itself felt light, almost as if you were atop a very high mountain, but that wasn't the case, or so you could determine. It also seemed to carry no scents. Not of the flora, nor of the fauna. Nothing, not even any contaminants.


As the shock slowly passed away, you realize you didn't quite feel the same. You felt... lighter.

Quite literally you felt as if part of your own weight was lifted off your shoulders, making your moving around all the easier.


Questioning whether any of this was actually real would have to wait though, it's time to look for answers.





Basic Information:

• As you might have guessed from the above intro post, your character is dropped into this new land without a hint of an idea as to why. They can have with them only so much as they had on themselves in terms of pocket contents, accessories and other easy to carry items.


• There are human settlements scoured everywhere in this realm, mostly descendants of abductees from ages long past. Much as in the old world, their technology has advanced, and they currently live in the era of Industrial Revolution, with a twist. With their access to alien resources in addition to earth-like ones from this realm, humanity has developed all manner of strange and bizarre aberrations of science. Twisted and mutated monsters locked away in specially designed facilities, waiting and wanting to escape and wreak havoc. Barbaric and brutal engines of war and destruction, likely as unstable as the people who conceived of them. Be creative!


• Many bizarre creatures have been relocated to this new land by the man in black that have settled, and made it their home. Some hold sentience, but the differences in linguistics make it nearly impossible to tell.


• The Man in Black from the intro will make an appearance every now and then to give the RP a nudge with a sub-plot when needed. No, he is not a 'god'.





Hello, ladies and gents. This is an open RP. The world is left barren for the participants here to shape it. All you know, and all your character knows is that they are not at home any more. These new lands are left for you and me to shape and detail. As for the person referenced above? He'll make an appearance, eventually.


You also have free reign when it comes to character creation and development, however the no-godmodding/no gary-stus rule still applies! Humans, Dragons, Gryphons, whatever, it's all good, so long as they are not absurdly powerful. Hybrid species are permitted, but again must be thought out and presentable.




Species & Gender: Grey/Neotropical Dragon. (female)

Personality: Socially active, weary of newcomers, both trusting and trustworthy.

Powers & Skills:  Agile and quick-witted. Moderate weather control and limited healing abilities.

Weaknesses: Physically badly built, can't take much abuse. Relies on offense over defense.



Species & Gender: Vampire Black Dragon Chosen by the Mad God. (male)

Personality: Power hungry, incredibly smart, born leader, incredibly aggressive and will smash and destroy anyone who pisses him off.

Powers & Skills:  Incredible Physical Strength, Immunity to magic, Immunity to pain, Immunity to damage, can cause Nuclear Explosions by spitting on the ground.

Weaknesses: Korbomite, a space rock that only he can track.


Character Sheet Template:

○ Name

○ Species & Gender:

○ Age:

○ Personality:

○ Powers & Skills:

○ Weaknesses:

○ Other Details:


Standard Forum Rules Apply!


1. No God-modding (Killing/controlling other people's characters without their permission)!

2. No flaming! Keep it Civil!

4. No spamming or double posting!

5. Romance is fine, but don't use too many details! We don't want a TMI situation.

6. One-liners will be frowned-upon. Think before you post.

7. Submit all new Character Sheets to Me

8. Have a good time.


To-Do Notes:

- Make To-do List. [√]

- Write Rules and a Character Template [√]

- Expand Introduction with Cyda and Lato's assistance. [√]

- Enter in the map (thx Lats) to give people an idea of the general layout. [x]

- Brainstorm a more fitting name, if available. [√]

- Find Participants. [√]

- Fire my lazor! [√]

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Lato Dato:

○ Name: Ninha


○ Species & Gender: Soulpeace (female)


○ Age: Adult


○ Personality:She is a very shy, timid dragon, preferring to avoid possible confrontations at any turn, even if they are over something quite mundane indeed. Quite the coward, she is more likely to flee than to fight,or to try to weasel out of the situation by any other means necessary.


○ Powers & Skills: If she touches anything that has a magic enchantment on it, the magic enchantment is immediately removed as though it were never there. If she so much as pokes a magic user, he or she immediately looses the use of his or her magic until the touch ends, and any magic he or she is casting also acts as though it was never cast. If a spell is cast at her that is purely made of magic, it will have no effect. Feathers taken from her wings, if new, have the same effect as she herself does on magic, but the effect wanes over several months, untill they are nothing but some very pretty looking feathers. Same goes for scales, except the deterioration is faster, weeks and not months.


○ Weaknesses: Since no magic can touch her, if she gets injured or unwell, she cannot rely on healing magic to cure her. She is not very physically strong.


○ Other Details: Is swift, agile, yet flimsy.



○ Name: Gretezel


○ Species & Gender: Canopy (female)


○ Age: Adult


○ Personality: Gretezel is quite used to taking orders from others, and will do so almost without thought if one is given to her. She's vindictive and cruel, yet lacks creativity.


○ Powers & Skills: She can take a portion of someone's magic if it is offered and amplify it within herself, allowing her to cast it or give it back if she pleases.


○ Weaknesses: If someone knows her name, just saying it can force her to do anything they command her to do. Yes, anything. Since she is a creature that is animated by magic, if anything happens to cancel that magic, she will pass out until she can gather enough magic from the elements around her or die if none of the appropriate energy is available. She is quite flammable, being a plant, and can and will burn.


○ Other Details: She is more plant than dragon, and thus has the needs and biology of a plant instead of that of a dragon. That means sunlight, water, air, and nutrients from the soil. Her coloring is a clear silver until she takes in magic, and her coloring will turn into that of a normal canopy dragon if beneficial magic is given to her or a haunting dark autonimal tone if harmful or dark magic is given to her.


○ Name: Chroma Miyalos


○ Species & Gender: Dark Myst Pygmy


○ Age: Adult


○ Personality: Generally a dragon who likes to stay calm and collected, while she is scared of confrontations, she will fight if it comes to it.. Very protective of those she considers friends, she is easy to anger when one she considers a friend is slighted. Chroma is very focused on keeping her head together, and hates when her own mind is torn on any subject. However, despite this, she is not as much a master of her own emotions as she wishes to be...


○ Powers & Skills: She has the ability to split herself into eight parts, one for each color of the rainbow on her wings, one for white, and one for black. Each color represents a different side of her personality, each with their own will, except for black, which only shows up on her actual self when she decides to split herself too far. Her black alter ego has no will or motivation to do anything - sure, it will scream if hurt, but it is unable to actually do anything about the source of whatever is hurting it. The other alter ego's do however have some sense of what is happening to the black one - what it sees, hears and feels. But they cannot magically sense it's location out.


○ Weaknesses: If she splits up too much, since all her alter egos have their own will, there can sometimes be disagreements between sides of her personality. If she splits up enough for her black alter ego to show up, if someone hurts or kills the black one they all get hurt or killed. If all the colored ones get killed while the black one is about, her mind will basically be a malleable, empty shell. If an alter ego is killed, she looses the ability to feel what the alter ego represented until someone manages to force her to feel it again. If one of her alter ego's gets hurt then merges back into another, the wound will still be there. So if they all get hurt and fuse back together, the one that is left will bear the brunt of all the wounds that the eight of them took.


○ Other Details: Her wings are rainbow colored when she's not split, and loose color depending on which personalities are actually separate from her.



○ Name: Varaug


○ Species & Gender: Magi (Adult Male)


○ Personality: Reclusive and quiet, Varaug tends to speak with himself more then others. Haunted by the memories of past misfortunes, he tends to be hard to win over as an ally. As far as friendship goes, he prefers the company of himself, and a good book. Recent events however, may have shaken him out of that behavioral pattern.


○ Powers & Skills: Varaug's life had been filled with constant studies in the arcane arts. He is an ample magic user, although not equally talented in all the branches of spellcraft. He primarily uses telekinetic force to defend himself and assault his foes, though sometimes he resorts to pyromancy, even at the risk of botching a spell and burning himself as much as his enemy.


His unique skill in the field is his ability to drain other life around himself for more energy to fuel his spellcasts, and in extreme cases, heal his wounds. This ability is resistable and demands close proximity to work, thusly he'd never been able to, or will be able to leech the life from another dragon . He strictly restricts its use to smaller enemies, like animals or human beings, limiting its use even further due to the fact that it induces an euphoric state that impedes his judgement.


Lastly, due to his fascination with the void, Varaug's experimentation and attempts to reach into it and discover exactly what horrors lurk caught up with him and took their toll one day. A mis-pronounced incantation opened a rift to the void wide enough for the abominations within to establish a telepathic link with him. The visions he had at that point nearly shattered his psyche, and would have killed him were it not for a chance intervention from one of his friends. Since the incident, Varaug had taken years to recover, and still he never truly sleeps peacefully. A somewhat beneficial effect from this, however, is the visions had subconciously granted him the ability to channel his anger into the physical world. This last stance ability is fickled, as when severely injured, he instinctively calls upon the field of pyromancy to set himself ablaize, and empower all fire magic he uses temporarily. While i nthis state, he feels no pain and no weakness. But it doesn't last, for if he fails to defeat his enemy within mere minutes, he burns himself into unconcioussness, leaving him at the mercy of his adversary.


○ Weaknesses: Physical combat. Varaug is an ample spellcaster, but he's not built to take punches to the face. Caught offguard by a capable fighter, he's got little to counter their assault. He's also prone to halucinations in the heat of battle, leaving him exposed and confused.



○ Name: Jospheal(Goes by Josp) Resalma


○ Species and Gender: Male Marite(A coal black human, crimson hair, glowing blood-red eyes, and extremely sharp teeth)


○ Age: 23


○ Personality: Fiery temper, vicious, suspicious, paranoid, slightly mad(about half-way there), pretty smart (but not a genius).


○ Powers and skills: Powerful, agile, sharp claws, sharp teeth


○ Weaknesses: Paranoid, can be an idiot, has a weak point right below his knee, where he had once been shot with a ANDER-31(a solid steel ball about the size of a quarter of a marble) which was healed partially by a healer, though its still weak.


○ Other Details: I'm taking this from a kind of fantasy world I created a while back and am still using it. Jospheal is a Rank 20/30 lieutenant(very low level officer).



○ Name: Crystal


○ Species & Gender: Female Royal Crimson


○ Age: Adult


○ Personality: She is very smart, noble and honest, always trying to do the right thing, though she does appear a bit naive sometimes.


○ Powers & Skills: She is extremely agile and quick despite her breed's large size, and can sometimes set her entire body on fire (Think Hookfang/Monstrous Nightmare from How to Train Your Dragon)


○ Weaknesses: If she stays on fire for an extended period of time she has to rest for a while afterwards, because if she doesn't she will either burn herself, collapse from heat exhaustion, or both.


○ Other Details: Her best friend is Luna.



○ Name: Luna


○ Species & Gender: Female werewolf


○ Age: 23


○ Personality: Smart, kind, considerate, forgiving.


○ Powers & Skills: She can turn into a red wolf with bright green eyes at will, is deadly accurate with a throwing knife, and can also gain a tactical advantage by shooting her Sonic Bow and Light Arrows while riding Crystal.


○ Weaknesses: She never wears armor and has severe asthma that always seems to act up at the worst times, especially if there is smoke or cats nearby.


○ Other Details: She was not born a werewolf, but was bitten before she was abducted. She met Crystal while she was lost in the forest her first day on the island.



○ Name: Emile


○ Species & Gender: A female human.


○ Age: 20


○ Personality: Emile is a maid, a fateful servant. She is protective of her master, but she is usually calm and joyous, rarely angry. Emile easily opens up to other people, regardless of what they had done or who they are. She likes helping other people out in her free time.


○ Powers & Skills: She is extremely well skilled with swords and knives in order to protect her master.


○ Weaknesses: Emile is extremely gullible, and can easily be distracted using the oldest of tricks. Her back side is completely open while she uses her weapons, making it easy for any other enemies to knock her out.


○ Other Details: Emile's casual outfit is, well, a maids outfit. Her eye and hair color is brown.



○ Name: Viola


○ Species & Gender: Female human


○ Age: 15


○ Personality: Unlike Emile, Viola is quiet and reserved. She tends to be anti social, barely talking with the others. She doesn't smile often, and often acts like a mature adult. Quite mysterious if I say so myself.


○ Powers & Skills: Viola is often a stalker, watching people either in the trees or from a far distance. People usually don't notice her often.


○ Weaknesses: Without the protection of her trusty servant, Viola is completely vulnerable, and can be knocked out pretty easily. Her stamina is extremely low.


○ Other Details: Viola is a blonde-haired girl with emerald eyes. She wears two ponytails and a black dress. Emile is her trusty servant, as you can see.



○ Name: Raskova


○ Species & Gender: Female Spitfire


○ Age: Adult, and an old one at that.


○ Personality: Raskova's a hardened, paranoid sort, intensely territorial and with a mind like a razor. She's rather cold, though anyone who says that to her face might get a little chewed out - her father was a Winter dragon, and it's something of a touchy subject.


○ Powers & Skills: Her skillset's largely defensive in nature. From her father come minor ice and weather powers, only able to be accessed when the weather in question is already in progress; she can turn a breeze into a gale and a light snowfall into a full-on blizzard, but she can't create wind or snow where there isn't any already. Her preferred skills, however, are those from her mother's heritage; she's a tough and incredibly agile flyer and has teeth and claws capable of ripping through sheet steel like it was tissue paper, but that's not what they're famous for. No, that'd be the pellets that a Spitfire dragon spits forth rather than flaming normally; each one is a compressed burst of dragonfire that should glow a bright orange-red; alas, Raskova's burn blue, a source of shame to her and almost nobody else in her clan.


○ Weaknesses: Raskova's fire might look hot, but she herself has an abnormal weakness to flames of any kind, another leftover from her father. On her mother's side comes an almost pathological inability to retreat; once she's committed to an attack, she's there until she's been brought down and rendered unable to fight, which happens a lot. As such, she's almost constantly nursing some niggly little injury, which doesn't do much for her temper, either.


○ Other Details: You know the rules about Fight Club? Well, substitute the words "her father" for "Fight Club" and you're about there. She will attack, and she will not hold back.



○ Name: Sapphire Rose


○ Species & Gender: He's a Human-Dragon Hybrid. He has a mainly human body with his limbs and chest being those of a Royal Blue. His head has the signature Royal Blue Crest on it. His wings are where his omoplates are. He has dragon teeth and eyes.


○ Age: 213 (Nearing end of Adolescence.)


○ Personality: Kind and Gentle. He's shy, which can get him into situations that end up with him extremely frightened.


○ Powers & Skills: Can create Sub-Zero flames on any part of his body. The power of his flames depend on his emotional state. The angrier he is, the more damage they do.


○ Weaknesses: His anger is his main weakness. The angrier he gets, the more he loses control of his mind and flames. Once a certain level is reached, he becomes a mindless beast, lashing out at friend and foe alike. He also has a strange illness that destroys his cells if he uses his magic for a prolonged period of time.

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Second Sheet and Information Slot Reserved.


Map: Postponed.

The artist is having technical difficulties.

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((Huh...I thought this would go into the DC role plays since it includes Dragon cave dragons but I guess not...who wants to start?))

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((Huh...I thought this would go into the DC role plays since it includes Dragon cave dragons but I guess not...who wants to start?))

((Hello Jass. I did so too, but it's fine, so far as I'm concerned, it was approved and the mods were very helpful. Feel free to start RPing. I'm pretty tied up right now. I'll do my best to stay active. Cheers.






It'd been a while since Varaug had awoken in his strange new home, the tranquility and quietude of his surroundings slowly grinding against his psyche as paranoia settled in. The magi had experienced so much, both horrible and wonderful, that to him, this was nothing more then a new chapter in his bizarre life. Despite having had experience with the other planes of existence, he struggled to understand what this place was and why he was brought here. It seemed deserted. Was he being punished? And if so, by who? A human?


Impossible, there's no way one of them could ascend to such levels of influence and power. his addled mind denied what his eyes had confirmed just a few hours ago. Whatever that thing was, it must have altered its shape, or used an illusion. he concluded, before his mind wandered from the 'who' to the 'why' again.


This place is far from dead. he could tell that much by the abundant flora. And yet, no wildlife. This is so bad, so so bad... he tensed up even more when he realized what that meant. Nothing to hunt meant nothing to eat. He'd starve if he didn't find anything to slaughter and devour soon. The idea of feeding on plant life crossed his mind for a brief moment, but then he remembered what had happened last time he attempted that. ...nearly choked to death. No, no. No grazing. I'm not that desperate yet.


Making his way along the forest's edge, the magi was torn between exploring the woods and wandering off into the fields, both of which promised a greater chance of finding anything to eat, yet his paranoid state of mind fueled a sense of dread that kept him from doing either of the two.


So I was sent here to starve? That... that doesn't seem right. Indeed, he recalled clearly what the man in black had said to him. Dropping the subject for now, he simply pressed forward, hoping to bump into anything that would provide some answers, or maybe food, along the way.

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Emile fluttered open her eyes and lifted her body up. She looked around. This was not her master's place at all. She looked around anxiously. She had no idea where she was. That was not good. Not good at all. "Emile, what are you doing?" Emile turned her head around to face a blonde haired girl with a black dress. "V-Viola-" Emile said before being cut off. "You mean master, Emile. Master." Viola corrected. Her stare was blank, almost as if she didn't even mind that they had been dropped off in this mysterious place. Emile's anxiety quickly dyed down. At least her master was with her.


"Where are we...?" Emile asked. She wondered if Viola would know. "You really have high expectations for me to know, don't you?" Viola quietly said. "Please, don't ask stupid questions. You should already know what the answer is." Viola coldly ended her sentence. Emile however, didn't seem to mind.


The maid looked around, clueless. "Why don't we explore just in case, well, you know..." The maid asked. Viola only nodded and started to walk. "Gah! Wait for me!" The maid quickly rushed over to Viola, even though she would've caught up with her anyway because of her master's low stamina.

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It's funny. Varaug spoke aloud to himself. No, it's hilarious, actually. Two years ago you knew all too well that you'd get into a mess like this. "Oh, let's breach the veil and take a peek" you said, "It's perfectly safe!" you said, but in the end your curiosity got the better of you. What are you, a slave to your own thirst for answers? Isn't it better to leave some things in the dark? he went on and on, referring to himself as his hunger induced state of mental dysfunction slowly corroded his sanity away.


Magi, figures... Why weren't you born something normal, like a black, or a canopy dragon. Always, always, always with the questions! SHUT UP!!! With that final loud exclamation, he forced his head onto the ground and covered it with both claws. The silence had gotten to him. Everything around him was so alien and so non-threatening, going against his paranoia. It took a little while for him to regain his composure and clear his mind, but once done, he simply sighed an exasperated sigh and slumped down to the ground, deciding that maybe a little rest will help him from going off the edge.

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"Hey Crystal, did you hear that?" Luna asked the Royal Crimson that was walking a bit ahead of her.


"You mean that wasn't you yelling "SHUT UP!"?" Crystal asked.


"Crys, why would I even -need- to yell "shut up" while we're out her all alone? You weren't even talking." The werewolf pointed out.


"Either way, we should probably check it out. Maybe it's someone new to this world." She replied, transforming into her wolf form and starting off in that general direction, the huge Royal Crimson following not far behind.


Luna and Crystal hadn't been in this world for very long either, maybe a week or two, but they still felt the need to help the "newbies" get adjusted.


After walking for a while, Luna's nose twitched, telling her which way to go.


Another dragon...? She thought as she continued following the trail. They were getting close...


Suddenly, she heard a loud crash behind her a quickly spun around.


"Sorry Luna!" Crystal exclaimed, having not been able to fit between a pair of trees and knocking one down to continue on her way.


The red wolf just sneezed and sat down, waiting for the bright red dragon to catch up.

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Alone in the middle of the plains, Ninha looked around nervously. This place was too open for her tastes. There was no cover to speak of, and she knew well enough how much humans and dragons alike coveted the rare feathers and scales from a Soulpeace dragon. She turned about, trying to find some place to take cover and find her bearings, and spotted a group of two himans. She squinted at them, crouching low and trying desperatly to hide in a flat plain. Who knew what weapons they carried on their person? Who knew whether they were with the one responsible for putting her here! Ninha hissed at the thought, fear and paranoia quickly taking over. She must not let them catch her!

With this new goal in mind, she squinted towards the pair. Both females. Both were wearing dark dress. She hissed again, seeing no cover between her and them, and looked around. She saw a forest off to the left a little... If she could get there, it would be a good place to hide, to plan from, and if all else failed, likely to live. But she had to go past the humans to get there!


There was no choice. Other options of cover were lacking in this semi grassland semi rockland area, so it was either run or fly past the pests. Reluctantly, she began sneaking towards the forest, keeping a wary eye on the pair of humans as she approached...


((Got rid of Gretezel's part of the post. Is useless.))

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Emile looked around as they walked along. It seemed to be an empty, barely anything interesting. She didn't notice the soulpeace that was spying on them before sneaking off. She paid too much attention on her master, as every few seconds go by, Emile looked at Viola for a moment before staring at something else. "So...What do we do now since...well, we're out in a place of nowhere?" The maid asked. Viola stared at her servant for a few seconds. "I'm actually concerned about how I'll survive in this place." She replied. 'I'll...' Emile thought. She had noticed that her master had used a singular pronoun. "Don't you mean 'we'll?' " Emile corrected and laughed nervously. She hoped that her master actually refers her as a human being rather than furniture.


"...Sure. 'We'll' works." Viola narrowed her eyes. She soon turned her attention back on the landscape, observing it. Emile's face showed confusion and anxiety, but quickly turned away and also observed at the landscape.

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"This land is..."


She stopped, twisted. A snarl blasted apart what looked like a young beech tree, leaving the smoking stump as a boundary marker.


"Almost forgot. This too is mine. I range here, yes, yes. Must find more. No food. No mammoths, no ice tigers, no nothing... how does it work? Not even insects? And yet there are flowers. Why are there flowers if not to attract birds and bees and such things? Doesn't matter. Mine. All mine."


Another brief pellet of superheated flame smashed into a poplar, which shattered. That was odd. Usually, when you got trees, they were all of a type, except in the oldest forests. Humans did that a lot, stand after stand of the same tree, waiting to be farmed for some reason or another. There had been some in her territory once, in the other world, in her homeworld. Humans who climbed mountains for fun, who dragged little plants from the earth for their food... savages, worthy only of contempt. Why eat grass when you can hunt, unless you are stupid? They had tamed cows, though, so they weren't all bad, even though the smaller ones tended to explode when she flamed them. Cows were good. So were sheep, once you got all the white stuff off. So were humans, once you peeled off all the layers.


She dismissed the thoughts as unnecessary extravagances and took to the air, soaring and diving, training for fights that would no doubt come. Territory was there to be taken, and she could smell dragons on the wind. Soulpeace, Canopy, Magus... human?


Or something similar. Little bit of dog. This was good. Humans and dogs together meant hunting, which meant there was a game range nearby. Probably human-sized prey, which was... suboptimal, but no matter. Dragon fangs made short work of deer, and she was good at leading the target. Twisting into a power dive, she barrelled down towards the source of the Soulpeace's scent, spitting flames as she went, marking out more territory with each blistered stump. She bent what little wind there was to her advantage, masking her scent rather than giving her a tailwind. At length, she dropped below the treeline and flittered forwards through the underbrush, her wings half-folded and her powers barely providing enough lift to move her. She then made herself sensitive to the forest's currents, feeling out with the wind itself as she tracked the movements big things made in the air, even when landed. A witless Soulpeace would be no match for her, so she watched, and flew, quiet as a scythe through the harvest, seeking out her adversary.


((Let it never be said that Raskova is a substandard tactician. What she suffers from, alas and alack, is a tendency to underestimate anyone who isn't, well... her. I mean no offence and cast no aspersions as to the combat powers of your characters, Lato.))

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Luna's fur bristled and she looked around.


Sensing danger nearby, she gave Crystal a low growl- telling her to hurry up and move her tail.


The werewolf trotted off towards the scent of Magi, letting Crystal catch up at her own pace, although she knew that doing this would make the dragon hurry and thus destroy more trees and attract more attention...


Shaking off the thought, she continued towards the other dragon. There's safety in numbers after all, and though Crystal was a skilled fighter and so was Luna herself, she wanted to be prepared for anything.


Like if the danger she sensed was the man that brought them here...

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((Looks like the thread was moved to DCRPs. tongue.gif))




Having bested his little outburst, Varaug simply lied still as a rock in his little spot by the forest, almost as if waiting for something. Previous experiences had taught him that if he simply remained idle, trouble would inevitably find him, or anyone who he cared for. It was as if the universe itself was playing a horrid joke, at times. But right now, that's what he somewhat counted on.


Sure enough, it didn't take long at all for two new familiar scents to come through. Two of dragons, one of... a furry animal of kinds. He'd have sworn it was the smell of a wolf, but it wasn't quite there. He looked around nervously, realizing an obvious problem. He had nothing to use as a weapon with Telekinesis, no rocks, no nothing. That left him with the option of using fire as a primary means of defense... near a dense seemingly endless forest full of flammable trees and shrubs.


'Probably won't come to that. -he reassured himself and got up, heading off towards the origins of the scents, hoping there was sentience enough within whoever or whatever he found to avoid a fight. Hell, he might even get some of the answers he so wanted.


Sure enough, it didn't take longer then a minute or two's worth of walking to spot them. No wonder his nose had picked up on the dragon's scent. She was a good deal larger then the magi. Not dissimilar to what dragons looked like in general, the only thing that stood out on first glance was her scale coloration. He'd never seen a Royal Crimson Red dragon before.


As for her companion, perhaps it was the lack of other odors in the surrounding air. Who knew. What was even stranger was her appearance. She was covered in fur and definitely larger then your average wolf. Her anatomy was difficult to comprehend, let alone describe and ultimately reminded him of the monsters he and his clan-mates had to defend from during Midsummer's Eve. Well, except her fur wasn't as matted, and she wasn't foaming at the mouth, nor was she covered in blood, but most of all she seemed passive, contrary to what the monsters were like.


Cursing the day he neglected to practice the invisibility charm, he swallowed dryly, he approached the two, wondering if they perhaps spoke any of the languages he knew.

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As the two walked, Viola suddenly stopped and sat at a nearby boulder. "M-master..." Emile wasn't sure what she should say. "My legs are sore from all this walking." Viola explained. Viola, we only walked for 10 minutes... Was what Emile thought. "You have very low stamina master..." She sighed.


"Carry me." Viola commanded. "If you want to continue on exploring so badly, I ask of you to carry me." Viola said to Emile.


With another sigh, Emile knelt down for Viola and raised her body up when her master was on. She then started to walk again, with Viola literally on her back.


((Do you think you should make a OOC?))

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Luna turned and saw the orange Magi dragon walking towards them. Shifting back into her full-human form, she smiled at the other creature.


"Hi. I'm Luna." She introduced herself.


Suddenly, Crystal yelped as she tripped over something, her head landing at Luna's feet as she looked up at her friend apologetically.


"and this is Crystal." Luna added with a slight laugh. For such a regal dragon Crystal sure was a klutz!


Dusting herself off, the bright red beast stood and offered a friendly smile and a "Nice to meet you." of her own.


Both of the pair was brimming with questions, wondering if maybe this Magi could help them get back home... But they didn't want to be rude, and so they both held their tongues. For the moment, at least.

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Varaug sat down and kept silent for a moment, avoiding grinning at the Crimson Red's little trip. He ran a glance over both of them, cautious as ever. For all he knew they were just demons in disguise, much like those that robbed him of his home some time ago.


Likewise. He shortly replied My name is Varaug, I'm not from around here.


And yet, they didn't carry that distinctive broken corrupted aura that was commonplace to malicious spirits and manifestations. Giving himself a mental slap for allowing his paranoia to get the best of him once more, he simply returned a smile and asked politely: Are you ladies locals by any chance? You're the first living things I've seen for hours now.


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"No, I'm afraid not. We've only been here for about two weeks ourselves. I guess you probably can't answer many of our questions then..." She sighed. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she looked around.


"Something's coming. We need to keep moving." The werewolf barked shortly, climbing onto the red dragon's back and pulling her Sonic Bow and one shimmering Light Arrow free.


She grinned "One nice thing about this place is the more advanced technology. Back in my world we used to have these beauties made out of wood." She chuckled, admiring the metallic cornflower-blue bow in her hand.


"Where to, Luna?" Crystal asked, stretching her wings, which just barely were able to stretch wide enough for flight where she was standing.


The werewolf sniffed the air-


"I think there are a couple of people over there." Luna replied; "But right now it might be a better idea to just save our own skins for now. Something's got me on edge, but I'm not quite sure what." She finished.


"You're welcome to come with us if you like." Crystal said kindly to the Magi as Luna got situated on her back.

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Emile wondered where she should go. She had a feeling 'anywhere' wouldn't really do, especially if her master was with her. If only I brought something with me... She thought. "Vio-Master, Did you by any chance bring something out here?" The maid asked. Viola stared at her blankly or a moment. "No." Was what came out of her master's mouth. "Shame...Even a butter knife would've been useful..." Viola's servant replied back. Emile sighed. There wasn't that much sightseeing for her to see here. "Cheesy Lester, I have a feeling that there isn't any people here at all. Almost like we're actually alone here. Of course, my feelings are always wrong." The maid honestly said. Most of the feelings she had were wrong. Very, very wrong.

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((Sorry for the late response, I'll think about it. For now the RP is simply too small to need an OoC IMHO))


'Safety in numbers. he figured, uncertain whether or not following the two would be a good idea.

So hungry though, they've been here for weeks, then they probably know where there's food to be had.


Very well. he answered nonchalantly and unfolded his wings.

Lead the way, then.

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"Let's head into the village- I'm hungry." Crystal said, not waiting for anyone else's response before taking off with the thunderous roaring of her wingbeats.


((Sorry for short post, I'm in school >.<))

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((Ninha HAS no combat abilities. Consider her paste on the wall. Also, I assume her fire and ice abilities are entirely magical? xd.png ))


Ninha sighed in releif as she watched the humans move away without noticing her. Good. There would be no trouble there. She looked around the grassland with some worry, seeing random patches of burning bushes here and there. Why was there fire and burning? This was not normal... Was there in fact a hunting party out there, trying to smoke out dragons or something? Ninha frowned, unfurling her wings. Maybe it would be best to take to the skies... Some of the burning patches seemed relatively close, and she did not like the idea of getting singed in the slightest. But if she took to the sky, she would be in the open... With a nervous rumble, Ninha increased her pace, hoping to whatever holy being that was out there that there was indeed not a human hunting party out there...




Approaching the forest, Gretezel was transfixed upon the border of leafy greenery. She had never seen such an untouched forest before... Taking a few more steps, she closed her eyes and spread her wings, taking in the warm glow of the sunlight. A slow smile spread across her muzzle, as she stood there, still. And then frowned. She could almost hear speaking, just within the range of her hearing. She remembered why she was here, and turned about to look for the voices. She saw a pair of humans, female, and glowered. They had to have awnsers for her. One way or another. With a flap of her wings, she took to the air, swooping around to land infront of them. Gretezel growled. "Do you have any idea just why I am here... In this forign land?" She spoke, spreading her wings wide. She needed to have awnsers, both to why she was here, and where here was, to better speed up her return.


She had buisness to take care of, after all...

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((Sorry for my absence, life's been tugging me by the tail))


A village, eh? Things just got interesting. Varaug thought and grinned, malefic ideas flooding his mind, pictures of helpless people screaming and writhing in agony while being roasted alive. He took off with a strong flap of his wins and followed closely, expecting nothing short of a vengeful dinner with a show over all the grief mankind had caused him in the past. It would be a spicy dish laced with human blood, soaked in human tears and seasoned with cries for mercy. The very mercy they never showed him or the ones he cared for. But then it hit him, he wasn't home any more. It could be a village of anything.


'This village you mentioned, who lives there? he asked as they flew.

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"Mostly human descendants of other people that were brought here, but there's a place where dragons are welcome too. For some reason, there's something that draws people to that one spot... But the humans are mostly farmers and herders so there's plenty of food. Usually they ask me to plow a field or something as payment, so don't worry about that part. Uh, er, I mean, if you were worrying about that, that is." Crystal replied as they flew.


Luna just looked around at the beautiful sky around her.


She sighed, leaning back against one of the larger parts of Crystal's spine-fin things so that she could see the clouds.


"Sometimes I really wish I had been born a dragon, not bitten and turned into a werewolf." She thought, closing her eyes to enjoy the wing created by a pair of large, powerful ruby wings.


((Sorry I've been gone. School's getting busy -___-))

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((Everyone's very busy, don't sweat it. The RP's moving slowly enough for no one to really be left behind.))


What was left of the sinister glee was not a hammering disappointment when Crystal spoke those words. 'Figures... he meant to say, but all that came out was a disapproving grunt.


'I'm not worried. It's just, they've always been a source of chaos and mayhem in my past experiences. I can't say I'd ever look eye-to-eye with one of their species. It's hard to tell what they might be plotting at any given moment. One is easy enough to read, but their collective, that's another thing. -he explained and sighed, scanning the lands below for any signs of this 'village'.


'You know, every mortal vessel has it's own merits. The magi spoke to Luna It doesn't really matter, monstrous beast or innocent creature, because we're all equal in the eyes of the reaper. he recited an old quote he was more then familiar with not long ago, etching out the words in a monotone as if unable to do so otherwise, shook his head briskly and coughed nervously 'Or, well, that's what I think of when I wish I was under someone else's skin.

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Emile suddenly found herself faced with a...dragon?! The dragon, which sounded like a female, asked them if they had any idea why she was here. "T-that was I was going to ask you..." Emile replied nervously. Yep. She was wrong. There were more people here. She had expected that. What she didn't expect though was that the other people here also had no idea where they were and that they...look different. "I-I never knew that dragons were...real...!" The maid exclaimed. She was shocked yet excited at the same time. Her master however, just looked blank.



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