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Psycho Cat

PC's Poke-sprites!

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Yup, can't go wrong with the title. As it says, I splice. A lot. Like, whenever I'm not spriting or sketching. As of late though, my entire splice storage folder 'mysteriously' got deleted, so I'm creating this thread to help motivate me into filling it back up again! Yay me! ^-^



  • This is a first come first serve thread. Whoever requests firsts gets their product first.
  • No begging. Begging to be moved higher up on the list is a big no no.
  • POLITENESS! Rude never got anyone anywhere.
  • Maximum of three Pokemon per splice.
  • No, I do not make scratch sprites on request. It is far to time consuming on my end.
  • You can do whatever the butts you want with these as long as you give credit/don't claim as your own.












user posted image Lucario x Scizor

user posted image Drifblim x Electivire

user posted image Dodrio x Hydreigon

user posted image Reshiram x Stoutland

user posted image Dustox x Crobat



user posted image Ho-oh style Fearow

user posted image Crystal style Meganium

user posted image Panther style Liepard

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Not bad. I use to make them back in the day when I was 7 to 10 I think. If only I have links to videos of them...



Can you make Golbat and Dustox? Its random I know xd.png



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Can you make a light blue Articuno? Like Snowstorm. Check the image I linked in snowstorm's charrie sheet. Colors are top Articuno in the pic.Color a Articuno sprite like that please?

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Sorry this took so long. RL appearently hates me.


Also, sorry this looks like... well, it looks kinda awkward. Anyways, just tell me if you need any thing changed.

user posted image


Silver, I'll soon be ready with yours.

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Can you splice a Lucario with a Lugia? It'll be a Lugia-colored Lucario, with the tail and mask-thing of a Lugia. ^^ Thanks!

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Could you mix a Growlithe and a Swellow? I would like it to have the head of the Growlithe please.

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Would a Lugia/Skarmory sprite be possible, would be cool to see a combo of my two favourite pokemon.

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I'm sorry to say that Psycho Cat has not visited this thread in forever, so I wouldn't make anymore requests, because if/when she comes back she will be very swamped. Thanks.

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