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A New Beginning

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This has been approved by Mousia. Thank for the help. (Do I need an approver as well? Or just a Mod?)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This RP REALLY needs a better name. All suggestions are welcome.




Centuries ago, humans had declared war on the dragons. The reason was unknown, but the dragons easily defeated the humans, and the humans died out.

Then, there came a time of peace, and dragons dominated the earth. Animals strived, and greenery flourished. It lasted millions of years before a few dragons began to lust for power. In a dark and bloody war, many dragons turned traitor to the side they were fighting for. Backstabbing was a common, daily event. No dragon, male or female, old or young, was spared from the awful battle. In the beginning, it had only been a few dragons, battling for power. But over time, they gained allies, and it became a full-fledged battle for domination. Kingdoms and dynasties rose and fell. No ruler lasted long before another group seized the throne. Though few dragons realized this, their so-called "time of peace" had ended, long, long ago. The powerful creatures known as dragons were wiping themselves out.


One day, there was a wise, clever traveler. Perhaps he was really just silly, stupidly believing that he was a genius. He approached the war-torn land, seemingly with no hesitation. It appeared that he already knew all about the war. He was a stone dragon, but it was nearly impossible to figure out anything else about him. Was he young? Or old? What was his name? Where did he come from? Nobody knew him, yet the kingdom covered the entire planet. The only thing people could figure out about this dragon was that he was shrouded in mystery.

The moment he reached the doorstep of the current Ruler’s palace, he openly announced that he was a genius. He managed to gather the leaders of all nine groups, and declared that he had a solution to end the constant fighting. The nine leaders agreed to listen, each hoping that they could manipulate the plan, twisting it so that they benefited the most. But as they heard the plan, they realized that there was indeed no more reason to fight. They would all receive equal power from it.





What was the Stone’s plan? It was actually quite simple. Each of the leaders would be granted a piece of territory, large enough to support them. They would be as similar in size as possible. There would then be another piece of territory, slightly smaller piece of territory where all eggs would go. When the eggs hatched, they would have to take a test, of sorts, to decide where their home would be. If the hatchling did not get above a certain score in any of the areas, he or she would be put to death. After the test, each hatchling would have to begin the journey to their new home. Sometimes, they do not survive the test or the journey, as they combine physical and mental properties.

Each territory would have one leader. Every month, they would meet at the center of all their territories to discuss happenings. The stone said it would work, though they had never even heard of such ideas. But still, they decided to give it a try.


Only one of the nine objected to this: The current King. He was quickly slain. Because the leaders all wanted new starts, they decided together that they would have two of every type of egg bred, one influenced male, and one influenced female. After they had gathered each and every one of the eggs, they began the first step of their plan, which nobody could ever have suspected: They killed all the dragons who hadn't once been royalty, leaving only a few survivors. Those were quickly assigned jobs in the new system.

The eight remaining leaders, with the mysterious stone dragon quickly plotted territories while the surviving citizens watched in fear. There were seven decided territories: Fire, Water, Flatlands, Forest, Air, Desert and Birth. That was not enough for all the rulers. A young white dragon, who was kinder than most of the other leaders, stepped down from being a leader. She decided to become a healer in the Birth territory instead.

Soon after the final decisions, the stone dragon disappeared.





You are one of the eggs, just waiting to hatch. You may also take one of the seven leaders, or the White. There are also allowed to be one of the few survivors listed below in a separate post. Please note that only one of each non-egg is allowed, and you MUST have one egg-born before taking a non-egg.

It is now a strict society, waiting to begin. You are part of the start of it, the first eggs to hatch in the time. You will face trials, return from the brink of death…or not… and possibly have romantic feelings. Do you have what it takes to survive in this new system of living?





Fire: Ruled by Glaze, a harsh, strict female ember dragon. She happily doles out punishment.

Living among volcanic lands, this territory can be tough to survive in. Only the strongest can survive. It is rewarding, though, as the training here grants you an edge in battle. Below the wild volcanoes, there is a field of dry, dry grass which will occasionally combust into open flame.

Water: Ruled by Mineral, a happy-go-lucky male waterhorse. He is strangely sadistic.

A home mostly for water dragons. There are other dragons here as well, usually the ones that are almost always airborne. This territory consists of a beach, leading right to the ocean, along with many smaller lakes around it. It possesses a cool, relaxing climate. Water dragons are able to move through the different bodies of water via rivers connecting them.

Forest: The Forest area ruled by Grove, who is a knowledgeable imperial fleshcrowne. She is not cruel in the slightest.

The Jungle area is undiscovered.

As the name implies, it’s a forest. Tall trees, some are barren, and some are covered in branches. This is the ultimate territory for gathering food, as it supplies plenty of plants to eat, and little critters to catch. There are also plenty of healing herbs, making the forest the easiest to survive in. However, this leads to softness and the residents are often overfed. The south of this territory is an undiscovered jungle.

Air: Ruled by Wen, a skywing who has gone insane when he lusted for power. He is still insane, but doesn't feel the same way about power anymore. When he manages to gather his thoughts and calm down, he is quite caring.

Though the name implies that this is for flying dragons, it’s really for a combination of dragons that love the cold, and strong flyers. High up in the mountain, it’s tough to survive. The volcanoes’ larger explosions occasionally hit this territory. Though it is barren, there is enough food to survive if you know where to look.

Desert: Ruled by Dune, a battle hungry brimstone. Dune is always hungry for a fight, and he is often the starter of many border scuffles.

A hot, dry, sandy land where few water sources exist. It skill to be able to find an oasis, and there are often quarrels over the limited supply of water. Rain is a treasured gift, but most dragons here are able to survive without water for long periods of time, or have adapted to survive with less water than usual.

Flatlands: The dry area is ruled by Lash, a selfish whiptail. He thinks he is the best, and often challenges others to races, though he always cheats.

The grassy area is ruled by an ochredrake named Sundra. She is one of few dragons who survived the attack. She is kind and understanding, though not very smart. Her beautiful singing is filled with emotion, and can calm anyone. She is utterly dominated by Lash.

A large, barren piece of territory similar to the desert, but a few differences. Here, instead of an occasional oasis, you will come across the occasional tree, granting some shade from the beating sun. However, north of the savannah, there lies a field of endless grass, nearly as big as the barren land to the south.

Birth: The dragon who takes care of all the hatchlings is Embryo, an albino. He acts cold and unfeeling, but inside, he's really a softy.

The black dragon Vana, another survivor of the mass murder, is the the one who tests all the hatchlings. She is tough, and a strong fighter. She couldn't care less about the safety of the hatchlings.

Sanpello the white striped is essentially the nursing maid here. She takes care of all the hatchlings, and heals them whenever they get hurt. Nobody can figure out how she survived, as she is a hopeless fighter. Kind and friendly, she is loved by all the hatchlings.

Corra is the kind, selfless healer here. She's often absent because she is hunting for herbs, but she always heals the hatchling after their "test". She is the leader who backed down, and she is also Sanpello's best friend.

This territory has a unique shape, because it isn’t a slice of a circle. Instead, it is in the center of all the territories, in a ring around the meeting space. This is where all eggs go, and all eggs hatch. When there is about to be a meeting, all hatchlings must return to the cave as not to interrupt the important discussions.



- Please follow all of the DC forum rules.

- Be polite, respectful, and kind to others.

- I am not setting a maximum amount of characters, but don't take more than you can handle. If I feel that you can't handle the amount you have, I will not let you take more.

- No godmodding, powerplaying, or Mary-sues/Gary-stus

- Released dragons only. One female, one male. More information on this later.

- PM me your character sheets. If my inbox is full, say so in the OOC.

- Only two dragons are allowed for each breed, unless they have multiple forms. One female one male. More information on this later.

- It would be nice if your characters didn't mate with each other, as that would be too easy.

- Please try not to swear. Instead, censor it with censorkip.gif (four little stars in a row).

- I'm not telling you to make your posts a certain length. But to respect others, don't do two word posts, or posts that are too long.

- Put one of the clickable smilies after the name of your dragon on your character sheet to prove that you read the rules.

- Please don't be lazy with your form. Put effort into creating a deep character.

- It's fine to have your character just talk to one other person with nobody else around, but please give us what pages to skip and all the important points in the conversation.

- Use parentheses or OOC when you are posting Out of Character in the IC Thread.

- Please keep OOC to a minimum in the IC Thread. I will eventually make an OOC when I stop being lazy.

- Please try your best to use proper spelling and grammar. We need to be able to understand what you are saying.

- You may post in color, but nothing too bright. It hurts our eyes.

- Dragons can mate with others from different territories. But they must keep it secret, as it is against territory rules.

- Set characters are NPCs until someone claims them. Take turns with NPCs, and do not control an NPC if your character is interacting with the NPC.

- Take turns controlling the enviroment, and don't twist it to your favor- it should be as realistic as possible.

-You may only take an NPC after you have taken an egg.

- It is possible that something could wipe all the dragons out. Don't be surprised if this happens. *insert evil face*

-Rules are subject to change, but you will receive a PM if it does.


*** Gender of your Characters ***


The first person to take a specific breed can choose male or female. The second person gets the one that the first person didn't choose, UNLESS you REALLY want it to be the same gender as the first. In that case, you play Rock, Paper, Scissors with me three times. You must win ALL THREE GAMES. If you win all three games, you can get the same gender as the person before you. This is because Infuence doesn't always work.

To play Rock, Paper, Scissors, we each send our choice to someone who doesn't care what the gender is.

If the dragon can only have one gender, or is genderless, then only one of it is allowed.

Also, no cheese, paper, tinsels, or shimmers.


CHARACTER SHEET FORMAT (please delete any non-bold writing I put here.)


[b]Dragon's Name:[/b]
[b]Picture:[/b] Not necessary. If you don't insert an image here, simply leave it blank.
[b]Preferred Territory:[/b] This is not the territory that your dragon is guaranteed to go in. It just ups the chance a tiny bit. 
[b]Ability:[/b] Only for dragons that have an ability on their own. Please do not give any that aren't normal for the dragon.
[b]Other:[/b] Is there anything else we should know about your dragon? 




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Glaze- Harsh, strict, happily doles out punishment.~Taken by LegednOfKorraFan

Grove- Knowledgeable, somewhat kind.~Taken by 0023567467

Wen- Insane, caring, understanding.~Taken by 0023567467

Dune- Battle-hungry, rough.~Taken by Mousia

Lash- Selfish, Self-centered, prideful.

Sundra- Kind, understanding, dominated by Lash.

Embryo- Hard exterior, soft interior.~Taken by LegendOfKorraFan

Vana- Uncaring, warrior, strong.~Taken by KoalaNoob

Sanpello- Kind, weak, happy.~Taken by Silverphoenixx

Corra- Healer, selfless, hopes for a better future.Taken by Silverpheonixx




[b]Username:[/b] KoalaNoob
[b]Dragon's Name:[/b] Astra
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Breed:[/b] Royal Blue
[b]Personality:[/b] At best, Astra is neutral towards dragons when she first meets them. She can be quite aloof at times, making it hard for others to bond with her. At first, when she warms up to a dragon, she will tease them, to test their personality. After a while, when she finally feels safe with them, she will stand up for them, and be kind. She will never cut the ties that keep their friendship. She is also really curious. Don't get her started in a question montage.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Astra is a typical female Royal Blue, though her shade of blue is somewhat darker and her swirls and mask are brighter. She is also a bit smaller and lighter than the rest of her species.
[b]Crush/Mate:[/b] N/A
[b]Strength:[/b] Astra is a great flier. Though she isn't the best, she's fairly good at running as well. Neither of these are really her strongest point, though. Her strongest point is her mind. She has an okay memory, but she can put any piece of information to good use. She is also quite clever, and capable of mind-games that confuse her opponent.
[b]Weakness:[/b] Astra isn't very strong. She can't deal hard blows, nor can she receive hard blows. Though she is a fast runner, she can barely run for more than a minute. If she's going as fast as she can, then she can't even reach thirty seconds. She is also impatient and becomes frustrated easily.
[b]Preferred Territory:[/b] Flatlands.
[b]Ability:[/b] Astra's silver markings can reflect the smallest piece of light. This allows her to see in the dark more easily. She can angle herself differently to stop the reflections.
[b]Other:[/b] As a hatchling, she will be happier, and somewhat different.




[b]Username:[/b] Mousia
[b]Dragon's Name:[/b] Mata
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Breed:[/b] Hellfire Wyvern
[b]Personality:[/b] Mata is the kind of dragon to be easily angered, but to also forgive easily. She is aggressive and loud, but obeys orders if she sees the need to. That being said, she also won't stand for unfair things and will fight anyone to get things as just as she can. But perhaps she's just stubborn and a know-it-all...
[b]Appearance:[/b] She is an average female hellfire hatchling, with a small frame and a red coloring. But as she matures, she will begin to take on a more blue-tinted color scheme and grow more and more aggressive and territorial due to her increased ability to do so.
[b]Crush/Mate:[/b] N/A
[b]Strength:[/b] Mata trains hard to fight harder. She's endlessly dedicated to the fight and will do anything to be the best, learning quickly and keeping her mistakes in mind as she goes forward.
[b]Weakness:[/b] The hellfire can be a little rash and her own opinions sometimes cloud her judgement. She often picks the wrong battles in these times, which is not in her best interest.
[b]Preferred Territory:[/b] Volcano. 
[b]Ability:[/b] Mata can breathe blue fire, though her ability to do that is mediocre at best and cruelly ironic at worst.




Username: Silverphoenixx
Dragon's Name:Cherry Blossom
Breed:Speckle Throated
Personality:Happy, and creative, she loves to make stuff. When alone though, she will sometimes get angry at herself or get sad, but she is always happy in front of others. She likes to collect stuff, as she believes that it might be useful later on. She is fair to everyone, even her enemies, and likes to joke around.
Appearance: Has longer head 'antennae' and her throat is brighter red.
Crush/Mate:none, open
Strength:Creative, fast, and agile. Also shows good strategizing and perception during battle.
Weakness:Isn't good at empathy, can't take many hits. Occasionally, if you get her really mad, she will attack whenever she can, ignoring hits, and often resulting in her getting badly injured. Not very strong and muscly, though can actually run and fly quite fast.
Preferred Territory: Fire or air or water(water as in the beach part of the water)
Ability: She can use very advanced magic, and control elements slightly. She prefers to strike from afar, or while flying. Her style is jumping in and hitting others, then jumping out of reach again. Fast flier and runner, but not very physically strong.
Other:hmmmm, maybe something will be here later.




Username: igloo9201
Dragon's Name: Jackie
Gender: Female
Breed: Black
Personality: Supspicious and untrusting, befriending her is nearly impossible. If you do manage to befriend her, she is undyingly loyal and caring.
Appearance: Extremely slender, her wings are bigger than most dragons'.
Crush/Mate: N/A
Strength: Very quick. She can squeeze into tight spaces, and her claws are deadly sharp. She is also an adept flyer.
Weakness: She isn't very strong, and her blows are almost pathetically weak.
Preffered Territory: Mountains.




Username:[/b] SpiritWolfe
[b]Dragon's Name:[/b] Sora
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Breed:[/b] Daydream
[b]Personality:[/b] Sora is a fighter, with a slightly stubborn attitude unlike her breed's usual gentleness. She is pretty hard-headed at times but can control herself so she doesn't throw herself into a heated argument blindly. In fact, she is mostly very cheerful, jumping around and not knowing when to calm down and just shut up; she is very eccentric. This doesn't however, make her waver from her love and curiosity of adventuring. She would much rather get rough and dirty with the boys than sit around and pick at her claws with the girls. But this does not mean she is a bully of any sort, Sora is very smart and tactical and always tries to find a place in everyone's heart.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Sora is small for her breed but has a graceful body, with a slender head and long, elegant legs. Her scales are a vibrant sky blue with tinges of silver, and her beautiful, soft mane is a pale violet.
[b]Crush/Mate:[/b] None yet, open!
[b]Strength:[/b] Sora is an extremely skilled flier, and can pull off some serious stunts with grace and ease. Also, she is very clever and straightforward, thinking something through before jumping into it.
[b]Weakness:[/b] With a rapid fear of climbing, worried that she might lose her grip and fall, she has never been able to catch birds though she finds land prey easily with their distinct scent. She also dreads the dark and likes to be around others, hating when she is alone. This makes her not only physically weak, but slightly mentally weak.
[b]Preferred Territory:[/b] Air
[b]Other:[/b] N/A




Username: 0023567467
Dragon's Name: Declan
Gender: Male
Breed: Blusang
Personality: Declan is very jumpy and talkative. He likes to mess around and go on adventures with other dragons. He will be serious when the time arises but he is usually care free and active. He likes to talk and doesn't like dragons who just sit around and do nothing. He is very happy and he rarely gets mad at other people.
Appearance: His wings are a pale blue unlike normal Blusangs. He has an extremely long tail and his teeth are like swords. His eyes are a sapphire blue and his claws are long.
Crush/Mate: none
Strength: swimming, fighting, stealth, flying
Weakness: climbing, running, sleeping (he doesn't like to sleep and it's hard for him to get to sleep)
Preferred Territory: Air, water
Ability:He can bend water
Other: he loves to swim




Username: LegendOfKorraFan
Dragon's Name: Kgosi 
Gender: Male
Breed: Flamingo Wyvern
Personality: Kgosi is extremely proud. He will pick a fight with anyone or anything they feel has slighted him. He is also extremely intelligent, memorizing everybody's strength's and weaknesses, the best hunting spots and tactics, and good nesting sites. Kgosi is fascinated with weaponry of any sort, and some will keep small hoards of it if he can find any. He likes to prove himself to others and be in charge. If he feels threatened by anything, wither it's a rock, wild animal, or dragon, he will not hesitate to (or at least attempt to) put it in it's rightful place.
Appearance: The same as any other Flamingo Wyverns
Crush/Mate: Open/Open
Strength: His intelligence, brute strength, memory.
Weakness: Kgosi has too much pride, and is afraid of fire.
Preferred Territory: Water
Ability: Flamingo Wyverns are completely magic-less.
Other: If you feed him, he will love you forever... Maybe




Username: Jass
Dragon's Name: Tenri
Gender: Female
Breed: Tri horned wyvern
Personality: Focused and and very trusting, Tenri is a care free dragon, and always wishes everyone a good luck, even if one really hates her guts. She will try her best to befriend everything she can. If she creates a bond, she may even die for the sake of them.
Appearance: She has Cat-like pupils
Crush/Mate: not available yet.
Strength: She has very good eyesight, and her focusing makes it easy for her to find her opponents weakness.
Weakness: her strength is her very weakness herself, as if you blind her, she is practically useless
Preferred Territory: Any.
Ability: none

Other: maybe later on.

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I'll be putting updates here.


Update 1: I realized that I forgot to add the Healer White. I've added her, and her name is Corra.


Update 2: I'm going to create an OOC for this thread when I'm not lazy.

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A small blue hatchling wriggled inside her egg. The darkness was comforting, and the temperature was just right: nice and cool. Though it was getting a little cramped, the way it felt snuggly was nice. It felt safe to be in a small space where there was only her, and darkness. The hatchling inside the egg twisted around, in an attempt to find a position with more room and get more comfortable, but only managed to chip away a bit of the egg's inside. She found it with her muzzle and picked it up in her mouth, proceeding to crunch on it. Though the insides of the egg was usually quite tasty to her, she couldn't help but think that it was too dry, and much harder than usual. Maybe there's something wrong with this part of the egg? The puny little hatchling twisted around in her egg again, and got herself in a tighter position. She scratched off some more of the egg, and ate it. That's better. How it's supposed to be. Soft and yummy... She relished the flavour. After the hard, yucky stuff, the food that she normally ate was bliss.


The hatchling scratched out some more of the egg, but it resulted in a dry flavour again. Not again! She turned around again, and ate more of the egg. Then, she got a mouthful of the stuff she didn't like. Again, she twisted around for more food. She continued this process until she realized she was running out of food. As the thought hit her, she realized how bad it was. No more food. How would she survive? The hatchling mewled pitifully, and began twisting around her egg wildly, and the twisting soon became a thrashing. Eventually, one of her paws hit the eggshell hard enough, causing it to roll over. as that happened, the egg hit a small rock, but though it was small, it managed to penetrate the egg. As she tumbled out, the little hatchling noticed the sudden change in temperature and brigthness. It was too hot. And too bright. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut, and tried to crawl back into her egg, but she quickly realized that it wasn't possible. She was too big now.

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Jeez. Freaking egg! Always getting all up in her personal space! And right then, her tail was in her face and she was so mad that she could just... Ugh! In her frustration, the baby dragon began to slam her little feet against the top of the egg. Let me out, let me out! she thought, growing angrier and angrier as time passed. But then a long time went by and she hadn't even made two cracks.

It was too small in there and she was sure her neck would break if she stayed in there much longer. Her breath warmed the egg to an uncomfortable temperature. Her tail flicked in annoyance as she began to brainstorm solutions to her unfortunate predicament. Hmph. Squirming around, the tiny unhatched dragon nosed the crack, ramming her head into the vulnerable spot. It was bright for her eyes to put them so close to the only place where the light could leak in, but she didn't care anymore. She was took big for her egg and she hated it!


Finally, after some time of corroding the shell, it cracked open and the frustrated dragon burst out excitedly, spewing pieces of eggshell as she went. When she landed on the ground, the force made her collapse with her face in the dirt and she had the wind knocked out of her. The wyvern basked in the warmness and closed her eyes for a bit, attempting to adjust to the brightness of the outside world. Once she felt relatively comfortable with the light, she opened her eyes to see a royal blue trying to get back into her egg again. Waddling up to the other newly hatched dragon, she tilted her head to the side, confused. Why go back into the egg? It sucks. Too small, too warm, too dark. I've been trying to get out for a while, but my shell was pretty hard...

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The royal blue continued strugglng to force herself back into her egg, all the while keeping her eyes squeezed shut. She managed to get her head inside, though it didn't feel nearly as uncomfortable as she remembered. She twisted her head to a side, and wriggled her neck in as well. Too tight... It wasn't this tight before... But I know I can get back in! Using brute force to go back inside the egg wasn't working at all. No matter how much she twisted, squirmed, wriggled, and pushed, she was unable to get her hind paws into the egg. Now she was a royal blue with no front paws, and an egg for a head. In a final attempt to get back inside, she launched herself forwards, back into the egg. It didn't work, but the force of her jump was enough to roll the egg over, with her head still inside. 'MMMFFFTT!" The egg rolled over completely, ending with her splat on her back, trying to shake the egg her head out of the egg. After a few seconds, she started feeling dizzy, and the egg was still on her head. She tried going back inside again, but with a different approach.


Bending her neck so much that it hurt, she began to nibble away more of the egg. As she expanded the originally tiny hole in the egg, she felt the little pieces get stuck in her throat. Blech. This is disgusting! But I'll do anything to get back inside my egg! Deciding that she had eaten enough, she resumed wiggling herself inside her egg. It was much easier to get in, though she didn't completely fit. It was a tight squeeze. Her tail was left hanging outside, because it hurt to tuck it inside the egg. Now I want to see what's outside... The little royal blue shoved her tail back inside, taking the pain. She squirmed until her head was facing the hole. Though she was afraid of the brightness, she poked her head outside and forced her eyes open. Her first reaction was to close her eyes again, and she did. But she opened them again, and repeated the process for a few seconds before managing to keep them open. The first thing she saw was another hatchling, just like her. She was red-ish in colour. The royal blue said the only thing she could think of: "Hi."

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Mata was a bit taken aback by the reaction of the royal blue, resulting in her not being able to say anything for a little while. When she finally gathered her thoughts, she spurted them out nervously. "Hi. I was just wondering... Why are you trying to get back into your egg? Mine was too uncomfortable for me..." She looked around, seeing that there were many other eggs. Two of each kind. There was one that still hadn't hatched, but it looked just like hers! Wow. And one that looked like the royal blue's egg. And since they seemed to be the first hatchlings, she wondered if they'd get a prize. Mata wanted food. Or maybe someone to play fight. That was something that was hard-wired into her mind. Fight, fight fight. Fight to the top. Get to the top of your group. Use your fire to burn everyone in your way. It was an angry kind of instinct, but her innocent hatchling ways still fought to the top, dominating over the anger and the fighting instinct.


As she looked around some more, she saw three adult dragons. An albino, a white striped, and a black dragon. They seemed to be watching all the eggs, as if waiting for them to hatch. Turning her gaze back to the royal blue, the hellfire began to hop up and down excitedly. "Come on! There are adult dragons here to play with. They might even be able to tell you how to get back into your egg!" Without waiting for approval from the other new hatchling, the female hellfire bounced over to the dragons. "What's gonna happen now? Are we gonna play fight? I wanna play fight and then eat something. And where are mama and papa? Who's gonna raise me? I want to play fight with mama or papa!" She was actually starting to get a little annoyed as she looked around. No other hellfires to be seen, apart from that other egg. "Where are papa and mama? They aren't allowed to leave me here! They aren't allowed to!" A pitiful puff of smoke erupted from her nostrils as she huffed with anger. Stupid parents! Not even around when she hatched!

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Before Astra could even begin to reply, the other dragon had run off to three bigger dragons. They all looked scary. Except for the smallest one, with yellow stripes. She seemed nice. The other two ere scary though. There was a black one who looked really mean, and one that she could see the bones of. She found that it added to the scariness of everything. She suspected that he was an Albino. His gaze bore down at them, and she instinctively shrunk back. Maybe I should go back into my egg...Yeah, that would be smart... But I want to play with the other hatchling! It could be fun! Astra crept forward, staying as flat as she could so the scary dragons wouldn't see her, even though she was really in plain sight. As she got closer to the dragons, she began to edge towards the white striped, feeling safer around her. By the time she was close enough to the red hatchling to play, she was shivering in fright. I can do it! No, no, I really can't.... Yes I can! No, I can't... She lost the mental battle with herself. She squeaked, and dashed back to her egg, immediately wriggling and squirming inside the hole. Her head stuck out, and she looked around her surroundings.


The place surrounding them was actually quite interesting. It was a little too gloomy, with only varying shades of gray, but it wasn't really too bright, and it felt safe because there was something surrounding them everywhere. The ground was littered with rocks, which she decided could be a small hazard when walking around, but they could be picked up and put somewhere else. She twisted her neck around to view the entire area. There was a roof...and a floor...and walls... and at one side there was an annoyingly bright light coming out of a hole. She didn't like it. Everything except for the hole seemed to be made of the same substance, or at least a similar substance. Then she noticed the brightly coloured eggs littering the cave floor. Does that mean that there are more of us? We're the oldest! Yay! And we're gonna be best friends! Astra leaned forwards to nuzzle another egg, but was suddenly hit with an urge to sleep. But she didn't want to sleep yet, so she forced herself to stay awake. As a hatchling, she had an amazing amount of energy stored up from being inside her egg for such a long time.

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Cherry Blossom(Cherry from now on)

Cherry Blossom felt so,etching nudge her egg, and her first instinct was to lash out, so she did, making a hole with her paw sticking out. She realized that if there was something out there that was dangerous, it could easily eat her paw, so she quickly took her paw back. At first it was really bright through the small hole, but her eyes adjusted almost immediately. She looked around through the small hole, and not seeing anything dangerous, carefully broke free, in a way that she could get back in and hide if needed. She squinted as her eyes adjusted, and the first thing she saw was a blue hatchling. She leaped up on to her feet, and looked at the hatchling. It seemed nice, and a little sleepy. "Hi! My name is Cherry Blossom! But you can call me Cherry if that's too long." She said to it when she was sure it was safe.

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Jackie was surrounded by darkness. Her had been reeling ever since she got here. Where were her parents? She was used to feeling them near. Now, she was alone. Had they abandoned her? She could feel the minds of eggs and hatchlings. She had to get away! There were too many! If they attacked, she would never be able to survive. She nudges the walls of her enclosure. She rammed the wall with her snout, cracking it withheregg tooth. She wedged her slim muzzle out and breathed air for the first time. She pushed her head through the tiny hole, ignoring the pain. She opened her eyes and screeched. It was so bright! She narrowed her eyes and looked around. It was like another egg, but much bigger. It was gray with a bright beam of light on one end. She widened the hole until it was big enough for her to squirm out of the egg. She saw two hatchlings, and began walking towards them.


"Where are we?" She asked, eyeing them nervously.

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Cherry turned to the new hatchling. She cautiously looked at it for a bit, before deeming her safe. "I don't know. I just hatched" she told it. She looked at her surroundings more closely, and found out that most of it was made of grey stuff. She tapped it with her foot, and found out that it was hard. She then turned her head to the adults. "Maybe we could ask them?" She suggested.

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Astra felt herself starting to nod off. Drowsiness was clouding her thinking, and her were drifting shut. Right before she fell asleep, however, she saw a crack begin to grow on the egg she had just nuzzled. Uh-oh... I wonder if I killed it....I probably just let the hatchling inside come out, right? Astra was hoping with all her heart that a hatchling would come out. She didn't want to be an egg-murderer! When she saw the crack escalate to a hole, she snapped awake. Something had punched a hole in the egg from the inside! The hatchling was alive! Shards of the egg flew at her, and bounced off. It hurt a bit, but Astra was too excited to care. What would come out? Would it be nice? Mean? Scary, like the other dragons? She hoped that it would be nice, because then, she would have another playmate! That would be awesome! She poked her head out of her egg even more, staring at the hatching egg curiously. When would the thing inside come out? She beginning to become impatient.


Suddenly, something popped out of the egg. It was pinkish, with a dark thing on it's head. The new hatchling was immediately talking to her. She heard her tell her name, and she sounded quite enthusiastic. Maybe that means she'll be nice?... Her name was...Cherry Blossom. She was supposed to call her Cherry. "Hi, Cherry Blossom." Astra winced as she accidentally used Cherry's full name. "I mean Cherry. Sorry. Hi. My name's...um...I don't have one yet." Astra saw that Cherry had already left to speak with...another newly hatched dragon? She was slightly dissapointed, but soon felt sleep fog her thinking again.

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Jackie flinched at the other hatchling's suggestion. "Are you nuts?! They'd kill us for sure!" She blinked at the blue hatchling. "What about you? Do you know anything? Look, we should find a way out of here we could creep past the adults, and leave this place!" She looked expectantly at the others. I'm sure they'll see the danger...

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Cherry frowned. "If they wanted to kill us, they would've done so when we were eggs so we wouldn't fight back. Plus there's a hatchling by them, if they wanted to kill they would have done so. And if we talk to them, we might be able to get information. It's probably dngerous out of this gray thing too." She reasoned with her. "You haven't told us your name yet. What is it?"

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She blinked. "My name is Jackie.......what about you?" She was eyeing the other hatchling carefully. She didn't look as if she were about to attack. Maybe the other hatchlings weren't going to try and kill her? Best to be careful, though. She was still gazing at the other hatchling through narrowed green eyes.

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"My name is Cherry Blossom, but you can call me Cherry" she said to the hatchling. The hatchling seemed to be extremely cautious. "Well then now we should ask the adults. There's no use in delaying too long." She said and started to walk over.

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Mata looked up at the adults, who hadn't yet responded to her. What was their problem? The number of hatchlings seemed to be growing as they broke out from their eggs. It was great! More of them to play with! But that din't really distract her from the obvious fact that the adult dragons were ignoring her. Stomping away from them, she went back to her egg and attacked it, destroying whatever structure it once had. She hated it! Stupid old thing! And, besides, she needed something to take her anger out on. Once she was done with that, she listened to the conversation between the other hatchlings, though she didn't join in. There was not reason for her to join them. She was angry at everything and just wanted to stretch her wings and fly away! Too bad she didn't have any wings yet... But she wanted to get them as soon as possible. So she'd have to train and fight, fight, fight! Stalking back up to the adults again, she looked at each of them in turn. "Hey! Someone answer me!"

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Darkness. That was all the unhatched Daydream dragon had ever known. Wrapping it's black wings around her body, enclosing her in a still and silent embrace. But somehow, it had an ominous aura of...something. Something bad. Now there was something else. Noises. They were faint, yet they roused her out of her deep, dark sleep. Blinking open one bright azure eye, she surveyed her cramped surroundings. Of course. It was also darkness. But she sensed that there was light outside. She needed to get to that light. But she was so, so tired. Just as her eyelids began to droop, a shriek of agony erupted from her, a choking pain blistering her lungs. She struggled for air, scratching feebly against the slick walls of her egg. Must. Get. OUT! With a burst of determination, she kicked at the eggshell, causing a fine formation of cracks spreading over her egg like a spiderweb. A weak light filtered into her dark confines, and she stifled a gasp of astonishment and excitement. She clawed at the widening cracks with more energy than before, until a gaping hole of light lay before her.


She let out a cry of delight and pushed her self out of her egg head first, plunging into the light. She blinked her eyes a couple of times as they adjusted, her mouth dropping open in awe. "Wow," she breathed, oblivious to the other dragons around her. "What is this place? It's so...bright." She pounced on a patch of sunlight of a smooth, flat rock with glee, yipping happily in excitement. She flicked her tail from side to side, tossing her violet mane as she hopped from stone to stone. As she prepared herself to leap to a small boulder, she stumbled and smacked into another hatchling. "Oof" she grunted, scrambling to her paws. When she had shook all the dust from her light blue scales, she realized that she had bumped into a young Hellfire Wyvern, who didn't look much older than her. "Uh, hi?"

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Mata looked at the daydream that had just crashing into her. "Hi, there." She tried her best to be friendly, but she was still mad at the grown-ups. "I was just talking to these adult dragons here, but they won't respond to me..." Her words were muttered with bitterness and annoyance. Why did no one but her fellow new hatchlings speak to her? And why weren't her parents around? She started to suspect the worst. The adult dragons had killed them. They'd killed all the hatchlings' parents, maybe even eaten them... Stupid things!

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Jackie watched as the Hellfire stomped over and attacked her egg. She also watched as the daydream crashed into her. She glanced at Cherry. "I don't think the adults worked to well." And with that, she walked over to the new hatchlings cautiously. "Who are you?" She hissed, glaring at the Hellfire. She obviously had anger management issues! The time, it was an egg, but next time, it would probably be a hatchling! Jackie's throat tightened as she imagined the Hellfire tearing through her black hide, gouging her eyes out....she looked at the daydream. Obviously oblivious, it would probably push someone off a cliff without realizing it. That is, if the hellfire didn't rip the life out of it first. Jackie sat down, curious to see what would happen next.

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Cherry looked, and nodded. The adults didn't seem to be talking, just watching. She noticed Jackie had walked over to some new hatchlings. She also walked over. She decided not to talk, since the hellfire seemed angry

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Astra blinked as the red hatchling returned from the dragons. She seemed angry. Really angry. Astra was about to offer to play with her, maybe tag, or play-fight, or something else, but before she could, the red hatchling had run back to dragons, and appeared to be...yelling at them? This hatchling was brave, Astra decided. Stupendously brave. She had gone running back when she just got close to them, but this hatchling was yelling at them. Astra would never dare do something like that. It seemed too risky, as the adult dragons looked less-than-nice.


Just then, yet another egg broke hatched It was like there was some message going around telling everyone to leave their eggs! Astra thought more friends would be nice, but it was overwhelming how many there were now! The hatchling that came out was a pale sky-blue, and looked like it was made out of clouds. It didn't seem to have legs, or at least they were very stubby, but it seemed like it would be able to fly right away. There was a light purple mane around its head. The newborn immediately dashed to the adults, where the red hatchling was. Astra's first impression of both these dragons were: brave. Slightly careless. And then Cherry walked over as well. Matbe I'm just a wimp...

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Jackie was staring at the Hellfire, waiting for one of the adults to wipe her out with a sweep of its paw. She walked over to the blue hatchling, shaking her head. "They're going to get themselves killed," she growled before sitting down. She didn't know or trust the hatchling, but she felt an aching loneliness deep in her chest. Besides, there were strength in numbers.

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The hellfire turned to the dragon who had questioned her. How dare she? But she just narrowed her eyes to slits, looking her over. Up and down and back again. "Who am I? I don't know. I could be anybody. I have no parents around to tell me who I am and these adults just won't tell me. No one around can tell me any more than I already know. So I guess I'm nobody. But I'm not satisfied with just being a nobody. I want to be able to fend for myself without being scared of every passing shadow. Is that too much to ask? Is it too much that I get frustrated when no one answers my questions? Is it too much that it's in my very nature to get angry? That's not my fault any more than it's yours that yourscales are black, like the night. Shouldn't we be afraid of you? You could easily blend into the darkness and eat us all. But no one is suspect of you because I'm the one who's getting angry about all this." The hellfire turned back to the adults. "So are you just going to sit there like statues?"

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The Daydream hatchling's enthusiastic, eager gaze flickered doubtfully for a heartbeat, but then they were as bright as ever. "Maybe they'll talk to us later! Or wait until we're adults like them! How long will that take? Or, or..." She faltered slightly, picking at her claws distractedly. She decided to change the subject, turning her back on the Albino, White Striped, and Black dragons with a soft snort. Well, of they won't care for us, then I'll have nothing to do with them! Then she realized how harsh She sounded. She shook her head slightly, pushing away her troubling thoughts with a brisk lash of her tail.


"Anyways, what's your name? Mine's..." She broke off abruptly, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to think. Sky? No. Sira? No. Sora? Yes! "Sora!" She burst out unexpectedly, her eyes shining. "My name's Sora!" She seemed oblivious to the Hellfire Wyvern's anger, her brilliant smile widening.

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