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Sym's Art Thread

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my art/commission thread!


I'll be posting some of my more recent digital and traditional art here along with taking commissions!


Unfortunately at this time I will only accept payment via paypal, this may change in the coming months however.


[/b]What do I draw?

I draw mostly fantasy art! I am trying to expand my repertoire at the moment (avoid getting stuck in a rut) I love drawing animals especially


Wanna take a look at more of my work?

Find me at the following!

http://shadow-lockheed.deviantart.com It contains my full terms of service!

Contact me here, there or at my email!



Character bust- traditional or digital, uncolored- $5

Chibis- digital, colored- $5

Full body character-traditional, uncolored- $5

Full body character-digital, uncolored- $5

Full body character-digital, colored- $8


Prices for larger pieces can be discussed!


I do not take requests! I only do requests for people I know very well.

While we love our dragons here I ask you do not commission me for a certain DC dragon unless that dragon's artist has given explicit permission!








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Adding some samples of my artwork here!


user posted image One of my many dragons, Chalia


user posted image

Nightmare Moon!


user posted image Humanoid dragon queen, Sirrush


user posted image General silliness


user posted image another dragon


user posted image Some chibis!


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Nice art here c: I especially like your traditional arts. But I won't be commissioning for now because stupid money issues 3:



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These are neat. I don't think I would pay for any art (but that's just me), though I'll be stalking!

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