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The Civil War

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Once, there was the Great Kingdom. It was ruled fairly and justly by a good king. His Queen could not bear children, so he, with his faithfulness to her, adopted any abandoned children he found instead of wedding another woman. Seven sons and daughters he found in all, and it was agreed when the King died the land would be ruled equally by all of them, together.


The land prospered, and all its people were at least fairly content. The King ruled for a long time, until he became old and feeble and his children tall and strong.


Seizing the chance, the eldest of the children approached the four others who had reached the age of twenty. He told them he planned to kill the King so that they could rule the kingdom together. Three of the four agreed and plotted with him, but the youngest of them refused. The others forced him to not speak about their plans under blackmail and pain of death.


The King died of an 'unfortunate and regrettable accident' a week later. The entire country was in mourning. No one suspected his death to be because of murder; why would they? After all, who would think to murder such a good king? The King was getting old anyways.


The Queen killed herself in her grief, and the land was left for the children. All things seemed to be going smoothly - until the fifth child spoke up of the plot. Armed with his supporters in the court and loyal army of guards, he defeated all that his older brothers and sisters sent to silence him. The sixth and seventh children also joined him in their outrage. The country broke up in a civil war.


Out of the turmoil sprung up a ruthless civilian group who called themselves the Democracy, who gained more and more supporters as they sought to overthrow the monarchy and promote a society where all could have their say, rich or poor.


Who would win the war and determine the fate of the country? But more importantly, what would it cost?




The country is in civil war. There are three main factions:


The overthrowers:

The first, second, third, and fourth children who participated in murdering the late King.

Head: Casimir (The eldest son)

They have only the support of the power-hungry, greedy, and blackmailed or threatened. Their vastly superior resources, however, make up for their weaknesses.


The other children:

The fifth, sixth, and seventh children who did not participate in murdering the late King.

Head: Conrad (The fifth child)

They have mainly gained the support of the people of the kingdom who had spent the majority of their lives under the rule of the late King. Their supporters parade them as 'The Rightful Rulers'. The church has also joined them, adding their resources and telling the people to join them. They have the most supporters of the three, but less resources than the overthrowers.


The Democracy:

A civilian group that seeks to either exterminate or exile the children of the late King, and establish a democracy instead.

Head: Alexis Storm

The Democracy is mainly made up of young men and women who have decided they want to take matters into their own hands. They are known for their utter ruthlessness. They are an underground organization; secrecy and non-traceability symbolizing their movements. They have started to infiltrate the other factions, but this is not common knowledge. Even though they have the least resources and the smallest size of the three, they are fast taking new supporters, and their secretive, guerrilla-type movements make up for the weaknesses.


You may be one of the children of the late King, a person who was part of the castle household (the courtiers, servants, soldiers, etc.) of the late King, a peasant, or anyone else who would fit in the setting.

You are either part of a faction or neutral. The factions are constantly warring against each other, and so even if you are not part of one you will be affected.




The time is similar to Middle Age/early Modern Europe. Swords and other cold steel are the norm; however, there is a new weapon from the East that shoots bits of metal with great bangs, and is able to wreck things from a distance - more powerful but less accurate than the traditional bow-and-arrows. People call it a 'gun', and it is a rarity.


The Great Kingdom is bordered by the ocean on its west and mountains on its east. The land is divided in the middle by a great river. The north and west is made up of hills, plains, and farmland. The remainder is mountainous. The coastal area is known for its mild winters and boiling hot summers, while the mountains are colder and have much rain and snow. Most of the kingdom has cool winters and mild summers, however.

The kingdom is known for its fertile lands for agriculture, and its superior wine. The coastal area is rich with fish.




-Respect each other.

-No powerplaying, godmoding, etc.

-Keep this semi-lit to lit.

-No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

-Put a ninja ninja.gif somewhere in your character app.

-Keep everything PG 13 - romance and violence are allowed, but keep it down.

-PM me your character apps.

-Rules may be subject to change.




Username: Your username.

Char. name: Your character's name. (Last name is optional) If your char. is one of the children, please put which one in brackets. Eg: (sixth child)



Appearance: Both pictures and descriptions allowed; give a link if you have a picture.

Personality: You may put 'To be RP'd' if desired.


Faction: If neutral, put 'Neutral'.

Position: Eg: farmer, soldier, one of the children, etc.



[b]Char. name:[/b]

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Eldest: Casimir (Sylverfinger)

Second: Mara (colourcodedchaos)

Third: OPEN

Fourth: OPEN

Fifth: Conrad (9pmg5665)

Sixth: Rin (XiaoChibi)

Seventh: Herobrine (SuperKingKool)

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Username: Sylverfinger

Char. name: Casimir (eldest child)

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Casimir

Personality: Charming, well-spoken, and exceedingly polite, Casimir is admired by many who have met him. He toys over girl's hearts; he is respected and looked up to by men and women alike. But get close to him, and he will reveal that he is actually intensely dark, cold, and sadistic. He is charismatic when he cares to be, and has a certain force about him. However, he can sometimes be somewhat unbalanced. He cares little for his fellow humans and is hugely ambitious to a fault. He is often called cruel.

History: Casimir was found at the age of 6 one unusually snowy day in the last days of December, unconscious and about to die of pneumonia in a forest. His birth mother had died in childbirth, and his father had grudgingly raised him, embittered by the death of his wife and blaming Casimir. Being raised in the castle, he quickly developed skill and interest in weaponry.

Faction: The overthrowers

Position: One of the children, leader

Other: He carries a plain steel sword.


Username: XiaoChibi

Char. name: Rin (sixth child)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rin

Personality: to be RP'd

History: Rin has lived a soft life in the palace under the loving care of her adopted parents, the King and Queen, and her siblings. She doesn't remember much about her birth parents, they abandoned her when she was 5. Her favorite food is brioche, the first snack she had in the Palace. When her adopted parents died one by one, Rin was heartbroken and often wished for them to come back. Despite this, Rin joined her older brother, the fifth child's side because of her love of her parents.

Faction: the other children

Position: one of the children (sixth)

Other: Also called Rinny by others that she is close to.


Username: 9pmg5665

Char. name: Conrad (fifth child)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Conrad is very tall, standing at 7'2, but very skinny for his height, being about a weight of 130. He wears really stretchable clothes, most being rubber infused. He wears a very formal, tux-like suit. He has a weird hair style, having a cow lick in the middle of the hair, and a downward part in the front, and blonde. His chin is a bit sharp, and has a relatively soft face otherwise. he also likes this new thing called a "Monocle."

Personality: Conrad is a more or less blunt person. He hated his eldest "brother", just because he wanted to be the more charming person. His unusual height and weight usually intimidated people, or really just scared them. He considers most things a competition, though he prefers an intellectual challenge to a physical one. He may be a leader, but he never wants the negative side effects of the outcome, and will give up the positives as well. He cares about his siblings, to a point.

History: Conrad never knew his real parents, but suffered from minor memory loss commonly. He was adopted at the age of 8 from an orphanage that really had something going with him, taking money from his winnings in chess, or any real intellectual activity. He may have been a child prodigy, but he never got to reap the rewards, and didn't want them. He didn't want fans getting to him, though they actually saw him. He walled himself up well, but eventually got over his social problem. His parents never really gave him a challenge, but he worked out nicer schedules for the workers, helped with banking... He was chosen as the leader because he had no reason not to be, and liked the idea of fighting a nemesis.

Faction: The Other Children

Position: Leader.

Other: Uses a cane, just to look primp.


Username: Mistress of Whispers

Char. name: Bastilla

Age: Early to mid 20's <-- roughly the same age as the 4th Child, so open to change (see 'other' below)

Gender: female

Appearance: Pretty, but somehow unassuming. Tends to go unnoticed. Very average brown hair.

Personality: Very clever and observant. A little shy. Dedicated to 'the cause', but abhors violence.

History: Bastilla, or Bas as her friends call her, grew up at the King's Castle. Her mother was a serving girl, as was her grandmother, and when Bas was old enough, she too, became a serving girl. She always wondered why some people got to be Princes and Princesses and others servers, when she could discern no real difference between them, but made nothing more of it. This changed, however, in the Civil War. Now it became painfully obvious that being raised as a Noble, did not make you a King that would care for his people. As a matter of fact, the Princes and Princesses Bas had seen, all seemed to care more about themselves or revenge for their father's death, than for the people they should be leading. Now, Bas thinks, it is time for a different government: one where leaders aren't born into power, but chosen by the people.

Faction: The Democracy

Position: Triple-Spy / Infiltrator

Other: Being of an age and childhood friend to the Fourth Child, Bas remains in close contact with him. In fact, he believes that Bas has stayed on as a serving girl at the Castle to spy on the overthrowers for him, when in fact she is spying on both the Loyal Children and the Overthrowers for the Democracy. If this seems like a lot of balls in the air for Bas: it is. It doesn't help that she genuinely likes the Fourth Child and feels guilty about betraying him, either. And while she supports the Democracy's ideals, she strongly disapproves of their violent methods. So while Bas is firmly entrenched in all three camps, her own resolve might waver yet.


Username: Sylverfinger

Char. name: Julia

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Appearance: Julia

Personality: Julia is well known for her brilliance and forethought, giving her the reputation of the best tactician in the kingdom. She is also coldly ruthless, which makes her as a commander great, but in all other areas a hard person to sympathize and agree with. Julia has a rather war-like spirit that makes it hard for her to blend in. She has a hatred of what women are traditionally required to be in the kingdom - servile, obedient, and gentle - and so she does whatever she can to go against it. However, she kept her long black hair, to remind her of her mother (see Other).

History: Casimir first met Julia at the age of 7 as the daughter of a wealthy lord in court. Even though she was 1 1/2 years older than him, they quickly became fast friends. But two weeks after she came to court, Julia's mother died back at home and she was sent back with her father for the funeral. Julia was devastated. She and her mother were devoted to each other; Julia had had to be pried away to go to court, because she didn't want to spend a day without her mother. Julia learned that her mother's death was because of bandits, and vowed to become a soldier so she could exterminate every last one of them. After much hard work, she finally became the general commander, the leader of the whole army.

Faction: The overthrowers

Position: General commander (leader) of Casimir's army

Other: Julia is the first female to be in the military; many suspect this is because of a rumoured (but never proven) relationship between her and Casimir. Her most prominent childhood memory was that every morning her mother would brush her hair.


Username: Kjakings

Char. name: Alexis Storm

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: She wears the uniform of a naval captain, if slightly battered and broken, and in battle she wears the naval leather-and-chain armour. Her dark brown hair was cut short, but has started to escape and grow long as it's hard for a revolutionary to get a good barber. A childhood illness left her with eyes that fluctuate iridescently between purple and green and this, combined with a vicious scar starting at her left shoulder and ending on her right hip give her a very striking appearance, which she has no problem using in negotiations. The naval ensign's 'rite-of-passage' tattoo sits just above the old slave brand on the top of her right thigh.

Personality: To be RP'd.

History: Lexi's earliest memory is of scrubbing the decks of the pirate ship where she was held a slave. As a point of interest, the entire first five years of her memory are filled with such menial memories, skirting around some much darker times she prefers not to think about. This was her life until one day a naval ship of the old King took the pirates and rescued her and the other slaves. Having nowhere to go, Lexi enlisted in the navy as a cabin boy and was taken on by the ship that rescued her. She eventually worked her way up the ranks until she was captain of a small, fast frigate used to intercept smugglers with a loyal crew. When the Overthrowers came they tried to take her ship, but she rebelled and fled to a smugglers' den in the cliffs that only her crew knew about. She began gathering other military malcontents and rebels to the Overthrowers and together they formed the Democracy. They then started to recruit the common man to their cause, hoping to destroy the corrupt monarchy once and for all.

Faction: Democracy

Position: Leader



Username: Sylverfinger

Char. name: Jordan

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Appearance: Grizzled and burly, Jordan has a pronounced limping walk with his prosthetic leg. His short hair and stubble are sandy blonde, and his experienced eyes are a clear blue. He is tall and strongly built, like most bladesmiths. He has a big white scar down his left side from a bandit attack.

Personality: To be RP'd

History: Jordan had been born and raised under the first decade of the late King's rule. He was raised a bladesmith apprentice of his father, a renowned bladesmith, but dreamed bigger. From an early age he had been extremely patriotic. He enlisted in the military as soon as he reached the age, and became a model soldier. He rose to the captain of the Castleguard at 28, and Kingsguard at 32. But in a surprise attack by bandits one day, he lost his lower right leg and got a deep slash down his left side. He lost his position as captain a short while later. He was forced to retire as a bladesmith, the only other trade he knew, but kept his position as one of the late King's advisors. He came to be one of the best bladesmiths in the kingdom, and became the royal bladesmith. When the late King died and the eldest son took the throne, Jordan knew immediately that he had been murdered by the usurper Casimir. He joined Conrad and kept being the royal bladesmith and an advisor.

Faction: The other children

Position: Royal bladesmith, an advisor to Conrad

Other: Jordan carries a longsword he made himself everywhere he goes, and owns a fine set of plate armour he also made.


Username: SuperKingKool

Char. name: Herobrine (7th child)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Herobrine Even though Herobrine is horrible at fighting he still carries a pair of knuckles on his hands for self protection.

Personality: Usually laid back but can be serious at times. Due to his age he is still very young compared to all his other brothers and sisters. However he's intelligence is way above all of his other siblings. He always skips school a lot because the information there is way below his knowledge. Herobrine doesn't like to communicate with his siblings but he has the best relationship with the king.

History: When Herobrine was 2 he was found in a small basket left out on the streets of a popular market. The King adored him very much due to his intelligence at his young ages. At age 4 Herobrine could read books and contained an large vocabulary. When he reached age 8 he could help his father figure out strategies to fight other kingdoms. Even though Herobrine is very smart but he isn't good at fighting. He could lift a sword alright but in actual combat he is as weak as a villager. This is a large reason why he's always teased and laughed around his older siblings (mainly the 1st ,2nd and 3rd child). However only the king himself knew about Herobrine's intelligence so none of the other children knew about it. When the king died Herobrine was probably the saddest out of all his other siblings because the king was his closest family member. Herobrine then became the one with the hidden power of intelligence.

Faction: The other children

Position: One of the children



Username: Colour Coded Chaos

Char. name: Mara (second child)

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mara, though her hair is black and not blue. Because that'd just be silly. Also, how sad is it that the best fit for a noblewoman archer is a League of Legends skin?

Personality: Mara is intellectual and aloof, deeming herself above the petty politicking and sibling rivalry that has driven her country to war. She sees the war itself as little more than a nuisance that distracted her from her true love - travel. She yearns to see the world, to experience new ways, new peoples, and bring all the pleasures of the Earth to her court. And it will be her court; she is the one with the diplomatic talent and financial clout to bring in supplies of mercenary warriors and new technologies from the great cities of the East. Her love for archery, and her deep knowledge of it, helped her to gain the respect of the Eastern kingdoms, and she bides her time, consolidating her power and her alliances, waiting for her brothers and sisters to wear each other out and claim the crown for herself.

History: Mara was born two short years after her elder brother was found in the snows, and their lives - and the King's opinions of them - could not have been more different. She grew up tutored in both courtly arts and sciences by the finest tutors in the land, and relished every opportunity to prove herself a better fit for the throne than her siblings. She wrote several loopholes out of the kingdom's tax laws and brought in new trade from her travels to the east and the far south; indeed, she once presented her father with what the Southrons called an "elephant" and rode it through the capital's streets with him.


Travelling the world on diplomatic missions gave the young princess a thirst for new experiences that could never be quenched. As such, she acquired quite the reputation on her travels, as well as a string of wealthy lovers (of both genders, of course - it never does for a noble to discriminate too much) whose gifts and promises helped her kingdom become the economic powerhouse it is today. However, she was barren, as the peasants call it - a problem for her long-term plan of establishing a dynasty that spans the world. There is, after all, only so much you can do with foundlings, as she was once fond of needling her adoptive brother with. She believes that you do not have to be royal to rule, but that they are often best-placed to do so; she has her own spies in the Democracy, and her opinion is that turning government into a glorified popularity contest riven with short-termism and constant mudslinging is inherently counter-productive. She'd be content to let them be, were it not for the fact that their own warmongering threatens her plans. Her end goal is to establish not a Great Kingdom but a mighty empire, one that will last through generations. Her love of science and the arts has led her force to be rather small, but legendarily well-equipped, especially when fighting sieges. Her cannons will sound, and her soldiers will march, because she has a duty to restore the kingdom to greatness and let it stride across the world.


The world is her prize, and she will have it.

Faction: The overthrowers

Position: Second child; technologist; fiscal advisor.

Other: As someone fascinated by archery and new technologies, she bears a variety of assassin's weapons - torsion-spring sleeve bows, knives, throwing daggers, poisons, snake venoms, and more. On the battlefield, she co-ordinates from the back, wielding a longbow and positively festooned with pistols.

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(I'm going to wait for a couple of more people until I start; it's really not much point if there's two people.)

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(Before I send an app, and it seems like you may need more, how old is the seventh child aloud to be? Younger then the sixth? Or just not older then the first?)

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((9pmg5665: yes, see above.

Roleplay will start now.))


Casimir steepled his long, pale fingers together, peering above them at the youth before him. The boy carried a messenger bag and looked extremely tired. His face was pale: perhaps because of fear, or simply weariness. One knee was on the ground, as respect to Casimir -- as he should.


"Your Grace, there has been word that the rebels are moving north to the capital city."


The self-named 'the Democracy' was so rash as to move against them, with so little people?


"They are moving out from the mountains. While they are moving, they are collecting more people."


Casimir could've laughed. He had an army of a hundred thousand, none of them green boys and farmers like the rebels certainly had. But even so... "Tell General Julia to meet me in my drawing room."

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Conrad rose from his chair. He placed a knight near a queen. " Checkmate." Conrad won again. He hadn't cared whether he had beaten Rin, Bastilla, or even Casmir, for once. He was to focused on news from the earlier courier. The same one was standing near him, on one knee. Conrad hated that, and raised him from the arm. He let go of him and dusted him off. He put nearly two meters of space between them, before speaking. " The Democracy won't win. Sad really. To see such a large amount of people betray their kingdom. Pity. Such potential shouldn't be wasted." Conrad sat in a more elegant chair, his own throne, but nothing more then a white metal. "Get a squad of heavily armored troops, and have them bring that revolt to Casmir. I won't have our small force be decimated by the weaker enemy." The courier left, and Conrad waited for a servant girl, or Rin to appear, with something new, or merely a question to entertain him.

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"I wonder where is Conrad off to?" Rin mused to herself. "Knowing him, he's probably off to entertain himself or something." The girl wandered about in the hall until she found herself walking past a courier.


What news did he bring? Perhaps it was something important... Taking a deep breath, Rin entered the room. On a simple throne made of white metal sat her brother, Conrad, the fifth child of the late King and Queen. Placed in the far corner was a chessboard, the pieces reminding Rin of her family. The board reminded Rin of her siblings and the schism that resulted between them. Rin's oldest brother, Casimir, was the leader of a portion of the siblings that killed the King. There were even angry civilians in the mess; they wished to eliminate the remaining members of her family. Oh, how she wished that things were different! Despite this, Rin felt grateful that she didn't participate in murdering her father; the guilt would be too much for her to bear.


As she gave a nod to Conrad, Rin inquired, "Conrad, do you wish that things are how they used to be? The times when everyone was together, and smiling?"

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" Yes." Conrad rose to meet the fourth child. He nearly struggled to stand. His balance was put off since the war. " But even seeing this, had Father and mother still been alive, they'd put it up to us to quell the rebellion. Whether it be Casmir, or Julia who took power at that point, the same outcome would occur." Conrad realized that he wasn't exactly making Rin any happier. " But to give your question a real answer, I wish that we were another big happy family again. We'd have peace." Conrad didn't know how to make Rin feel better, though that was hard at this kind of time. " Look, if you're worried about me, or the war, please relax. Maybe someone could entertain you. I feel like I'd only make you depressed." He looked out a tall window, that looked out onto a small valley. He contemplated it. The entire thing was a deathtrap. The hills were steep, too high for soldiers, and boulders could crush from the top. He took his mind off of it and turned to Rin. " Rin, why don't we go get Brioche? Now couldn't be a better time."

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Bastilla bowed deeply before her King and led the messenger out of the Throne Room. When the boy, a former farm hand clearly unaccustomed to dealing with royalty, nearly made the mistake of turning his back on Casimir, she quickly corrected him. Leaving the room backwards, as was befitting her station (or at least, as the King thought befitting her station), she hoped the eldest Royal Child had not noticed the near-slip; if he had, she did not envy the messenger indeed.


Outside the room, she spoke softly to another servant. He, in turn, would speak with another and another, until the summons would reach the servant of General Julia, who would inform his mistress that her presence was required by the King. Whispers and servants; these were the lifeblood of the castle, but Bastilla was certain Casimir never considered this. As a matter a fact, she was relatively certain none of the children ever considered this, not even her old childhood friend, the fourth child. The children were too busy playing at ruling, moving their armies around like pieces on a chessboard, while the common people suffered, starved and died. Times were changing though, and an unrising swept the land, calling for a new system of power. Bastilla supported this change and fervently hoped that the younger Royal children, whom she cared for and believed to be good people at heart, would abdicate the Throne rather than go to war with the people. Peaceful abdication was too much to hope for with Casimir and his ilk though, and Bastilla had reluctantly accepted the necessity of war with them.


Now that the summons to General Julia had been sent out, Bastilla prepared the war room. She poured the finest red wine into a bowl so it might breathe and pulled out maps of the Kingdom. The messenger has spoken of the North and the mountains, so these were the maps she readied first. She hoped to be done and standing quietly in a corner by the time the King and his General arrived. So accustomed was the King to being waited on, that he often paid no mind to her presence and let her remain so she might serve drinks and fetch new maps. Sometimes he was either more careful, or simply more paranoid though, and he banished her from the room, forcing Bastilla to listen for scraps of conversation through the thick oak door. It was impossible to predict his mood ahead of time, so Bastilla could only hope for the best.

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Casimir gazed into space for a short moment, barely noticing the messenger boy departing. The rebels, however small a force they had, must be stopped. There was even the possibility that his younger brother Conrad's troops would ally with them - no, it was hardly likely. The rebels, after all, were seeking to destroy all of the monarchs, whether they be the ones who had caused the war or the ones who wanted to stop it.


Casimir smiled to himself as a thought struck him. What if the two would fight against each other, cutting their numbers to bloody ribbons? When the exhausted winner (assuming they didn't completely exterminate each other) trooped up to his castle, it would be hilariously easy to defeat them. But then again, Conrad wasn't such a poor commander as to let that happen.


He suddenly rose to his feet from his lounging position on the throne, and walked briskly to the drawing room. A girl servant was bending over the table, readying the room. Casimir waved her away absentmindedly from the table and seated himself in the taller, more intricately-designed chair. He waited patiently for Julia; she was never tardy.





Julia was seated in her tall leather-backed chair, in the large-ish paneled general commander's office. A stone fireplace was set in the wall, unlit, opposite her. If the desk, cabinet, and shelves all around the wall weren't made of such expensive woods, the room could be called rather sparsely furnished. The floor was cold stone. Julia pored over the thick multitude of papers on her mahogany desk, of maps and notes and reports of infinite number. A voice interrupted her and caused her head to lift. Hovering near the door was a servant. "General, King Casimir requires your presence in his drawing room."


Standing up, she neatly pushed the chair back. "I will be there immediately." The servant dipped his head in a gesture of understanding and was gone. Julia swept from the room, donning an embroidered coat depicting her sign of office and Casimir's coat-of-arms - a crowned black serpentine dragon against gold rearing up, forepaws on a white-and-red sword. When she reached the drawing room, she saw that Casimir had already settled there.


She greeted him. "Your Grace." Julia swept a glance throughout the room, and saw a servant girl standing unobtrusively in the shadows. "You may go."


Casimir spared the servant a glance. "Ah... yes, please remove yourself from the room." He seemed to have just noticed her.

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When Rin heard Conrad's response, her spirits began to flutter. The duo had somewhat similar views about their family! Unlike Rin, Conrad seemed to be focused on the ongoing war in the kingdom, well...Rin felt that way. To tell the truth, Rin understood why he seemed to focus so much on the conflict. After all, Conrad is one of the older children; perhaps he thought he was suitable for carrying the burden that leadership often provided. Even so, why did Conrad mention entertainment? The word seemed to be out of place and Rin disliked squandering her time on somewhat meaningless things. However, Conrad mentioned having a bite of brioche, her favorite snack. Now that would make her mind at ease.


"That sounds like a good idea," Rin replied. "Food for thought, perhaps?" As soon as Conrad descended from the throne, Rin followed him to the mess hall, where meals were served.

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Bastilla bowed and exited the room, her face showing no sign of the disappointment she felt. Taking up position at the other side of the hallway, she was the perfect picture of a servant standing at attendance. After all, if the King decided he needed something else - more wine, a messenger or anything really - it was befitting his station that he needn't wait for one to arrive. In reality, she was counting to 200. By that time, the King and his General should have settled in enough for her to listen at the door.


1 - 2 -


She was fully aware of the precariousness of her position as a spy. If she ever heard something that could strike a crippling blow to the King, the Democracy would use it with no regard as to whether it would reveal that the castle held a spy, or even who that person was. When it came to winning the war, Bastilla was an expendable commodity. She knew this and she accepted it. Achieving a goverment for the people, by the people, was a great goal and it would require great sacrifices.


22 - 23 -

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Conrad, on his way out, picked up his cane. A meager obsession, but an obsession nonetheless. The older siblings often called it a wonderful waste of wood and metal, while it doubled as a defensive item. He walked to the mess hall, somewhat weary about spies and assassins. His cane kept him from disbalancing himself, though even wind might push him off his, metaphorical, wire.


The Mess hall already had Rin's favorite food ready, out of preparation, and often use. The men who ran it didn't really have a big difference in opinion about the children, besides Rin being their favorite. Or most hated by some of the less liked, few, and negative cooks, who were just, bluntly, lazy. Immediately, Rin was served while Conrad called for whatever the cook felt like making. He was served the same as Rin, Brioche. " So I take it that you may want to talk about something. What subject?"

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Lexi was pouring over the map of the country, looking for a new advantage to pursue when the courier approached her. She nodded and flipped him a silver coin before taking the scroll and cutting it open with her knife.

“I do love our spies.” She commented, mostly to herself but partially to the noble they were holding hostage and she had bound and gagged to a chair. “Sindri, get your arse in here!” She yelled, and her adjutant – once her second officer – came through the door to receive orders.

“Have this sent off to the cell in the mountains. The royals have fallen for the bait – both of them. With any luck the two forces will meet in the road and end each other. They’ll fall on the convoy in the pass, expecting the caravans to be full of soldiers and equipment, only to find collaborators. Our men already in place will burn the caravans and slaughter those who escape the burning from atop the ridge with crossbow and rifle. The commander should already know this, but I want him to understand nothing has changed.”

She looked across at the noble, who would be worth a pretty penny if his family could be coerced into paying up. “When they find the charred and mangled corpse of your little cousin,” she told him, hurling her knife into the chair besides his head, causing a muffled scream to emanate, “they might be more willing to pay our price for you.”


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"Well, I personally think that we should use our current resources wisely; if you want to talk about the war, that is," Rin advised. "We mustn't squander them, that would surely lead to the Rightful Rulers' downfall. However, I dunno if my advice is any good; I'm only a girl in a world dominated by males." She then took a bite into her food, savoring the brioche and taking another when she finished. The mess hall was usually filled with people, but with every single day since the downfall of the king, the numbers had diminished slightly. "So Conrad, what do you think about the war? Do you think that we'd win?" Rin glanced around. Every spot of the hall reminded Rin of her siblings and their many rivalries when they were younger. Now, what would the outcome of this game be? Would the Rightful Rulers triumph or wallow in defeat?



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Conrad started to think. He had no true care about the outcome of the war. What mattered was that those he cared about gained rightful vengeance, and the living ones got revenge. " Well, as you can see... Yes." Some cooks looked up, doubting Conrad's sanity. " The Democracy wants to fight the Monarchy Casmir has. Say we ally ourselves with them, Casmir doesn't have a chance. Nor does Julia. Or the Democracy's leader. If we side with Casmir, the roles would switch, in between Casmir and the Democracy, and then we could destroy our opponents. Only real difference, is that Casmir would likely have similar ideas, and feelings would be mutual." Conrad continued, nearly ignoring everything else. " We're to small to fight either one..." He continued to drone on about it, but focusing on Casmir specifically. He returned to the table and focused on Rin's other words. Or sentence. " I'm not exactly one to clean up after myself, nor take the rewards. And I'm too focused on my personal business to really keep a kingdom in line. Why wouldn't you take over? That'd start your way to Not-completely-dominated-by-men ideals. And with Casmir and Julia, Plus the Democracy's unknown leader, I doubt it'd be totally rejected."

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"Nah, I can't rule the kingdom by myself!" Rin exclaimed. "That's too much work; it's like you're asking a hedgehog to fly! Besides, I think I'd be able to handle it if the kingdom was split into seven, just like how Father wanted it to be." When Rin looked down at her plate, she realized that her plate that was once had brioche had diminished down to crumbs.


Embarrassed, Rin added, "Conrad, I'm going to my room now. Thanks for the food." Hastily, the girl rose from her seat and walked out of the mess hall.

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Some of the cooks smiled as she left, pleased by her thank you, uncommon from most of the other children. Conrad decided to take his leave, nearly not touching his food. He left, back to the throne room, and decided his next move.


"Recruitment!" The courier there had returned. " I say that I should have a stand." The courier's eyebrow raised and mouth dropped. " Make sure I'm not going to be assassinated. That'd be a tragedy." Conrad twirled his cane in the air. " The public would love someone who could really show his face. That's brave. They like people with wellful personalities. And get a double. I couldn't trust the Democracy to make an honorable move. Casimir, might, want followers." The courier left, still amazed by the idea. Whether he imagined it as stupidity, he was wrong. Though the courier would still put effort into recruitment at least.

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Bastilla had heard enough and, withdrawing from the thick oaken door, went to find another servant to take her original position at the other side of the hall. She was well-connected and well-liked amongst the other servant and it was never difficult to find someone to cover or send her on an errant so she could step out for a while.


Pulling on a sturdy woolen cloak, she picked up a basket and left the castle through the side-entrance. If the guards had stopped her for questioning, she would have told them that the cook had asked her to get a sample of berries from the village market. It was the truth, too; she was merely leaving out the fact that she was also going somewhere else.



((Who is still active? Shall I send Bastilla to Conrad and Rin, or to Lexi?))

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