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Add Time Left to Get HTML/BBCode page!

Would you like to be able to see how much time your babies have left on the Get Code page?  

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Hello everyone! I have an idea here, not a very large change but I believe it would be useful.

Has anyone else besides myself ever been irked at having to go to Valley Sherwood to be able to see both the egg/hatchling's code and the time it has left? Maybe I'm just being painfully lazy, but personally I find it annoying, especially on a slow connection, to have to check each baby's page individually. My proposal: What if on the Get Code page you could see not only the egg's image, 5-letter code and HTML/TinyURL/BBCode, but also how much time it has left? I believe this would be very handy for everyone; if you have eggs with different times and some are rares that you wish to protect, you could just see with a quick glance which ones you want to put in hatcheries and which ones you want to leave alone for the moment. It could also give you the time left on fogged dragons, which a hatchery like Valley Sherwood can't see.

Any suggestions/tips/support? Please let me know what you think!


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There isn't a whole lot of space there. It isn't actually a page I ever use, so I am totally neutral. Go there or go to a fan site - either one is a click away !

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