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Mah Art and general stuff~

So, after some stalking and a lot of thinking (not really), I decided to make this thread. Digital art is very new to me, although I think I have pretty much got the hang of it, but I am in NO WAY perfect. Also, I use a computer, which makes things even harder to create artwork that doesn't fail miserably.

I like traditional drawing much better, and I will dig up some drawings/paintings and post them on here sometime. I draw horses best (yay for all horse-lovers, you got someone who can draw them xd.png), but I can also draw birds, cats, most types of animals. I found out I can draw wolves too! I can paint, pencil and shade. I'm not too sure about hand-drawing dragons though, as I haven't drawn them on paper before. I probably won't take requests for drawing anything on paper unless it is a horse or a budgie, as I am confident in drawing those (and you may also tempt me with nice eggs laugh.gif). Paper and pencils cost money too...

Saying that, I tried digitally copying some DC dragons, and I have to say, I am quite pleased with the results-

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Yes, you can use these, but please don't sell them smile.gif


Mah Banners~

I do create small banners for your signature, they don't take up much space and I can do them in a variety of styles, colours and add your choice of pictures as backgrounds/details.


user posted image

You can also see some banners in my signature (I really like that font, if you're wondering xd.png)



Request Some Art~


Digital Art-

[FONT=Impact][SIZE=7]I would like something digitally created![/SIZE][/FONT]
What DC Dragon?
Or Other (please provide links to images/description)?
Any props (objects/words)?
Any notes?


Traditional Art (I might decline)-

Oh, I suck at drawing people, I'll update when I feel confident in drawing them.

[FONT=Impact][SIZE=7]I would like something traditionally created![/SIZE][/FONT]
Horse, budgie or other animal (specify)?
Breed (of horse)?


Banner (it's gonna be about the size of the example)-

[FONT=Impact][SIZE=7]I would like a banner![/SIZE][/FONT]
Colour scheme?
Font/ font type?
Pictures (add links and how large you would like them)?
What do you want it to say?



~*Since I did not create any of the sprites that are used on site, I do have to seek permission to draw some dragons, and if I am not allowed to draw a specific dragon, please do not be offended. Also, you don't have to give me anything* but if you feel generous, I wouldn't mind a CB hatchie or two.... And again, please only request dragons that are allowed to be drawn, thanks. A list is found here- http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=51554. I can check for you if you want.


As a small fee for my time and effort, I will accept any CB hatchies (4 would be lovely, but just a couple are fine), or any pink descended from CB Frill x CB Bright Pink. I will love you forever if you give a CB Winter/GW/Black/Stripe/Blusang/Trio , but that is just my dream and not required at all happy.gif


I will NEVER ask for real-life money, and any dragons I receive are because of the good will of the requestors



Other Stuff-

~Normal DC and DC forum rules apply (be polite and no spamming please).

~I am trying to get 103 CBs of each breed, so I hope this helps. I need CB Winters!!!

~Again, I use a computer, not a tablet to create all my works, so please excuse me if I can't do your request or if it fails miserably Dx

~Anyone know any other fonts other than the 6 default ones here? lol

~No, I am not a guy and I am in education (teen).

~If you want to give criticism, please give it constructively.

~Please tell me if I've missed some stuff that should be added.

~Yes, I like Wolverine, and a new movie is to be released this July!


Oh, I take a day or two (depending on school and homework, I may take less, especially over weekends) to complete stuff, and I'll PM you the drawings.



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Completed Requests


I have several slots open at once, and I do art in order of requests. I try my best at all the art I create, but I'm really sorry if it hasn't turned out exactly like you wanted to (I'm not psychic but I try and create the best possible art out of the information given. I am not a pro.).


~sunsteps88- Wolf

~Ninetails- Mint hatchie


The Art Itself-

What some of the completed requests look like (beware of the cuteness)~

Please don't use these, use the ones in the first post. I have water-marked these so there is no point in copying.

user posted imageuser posted image

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[/font]I would like something digitally created!

What DC Dragon?

Or Other (please provide links to images/description)? What about drawing a wolf? o:

Position? something cutesy c: idk, i like surprises? xd.png

Any props (objects/words)? maybe snow?

Any notes? i dont think so


Let me know if that's alright o:

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[/font]I would like something digitally created!

What DC Dragon? A baby mint please! biggrin.gif

Position? Something cute!

Any props (objects/words)? Idk just make it cute pleae lol xd.png

Any notes? Your stuff is amazing! biggrin.gif I will get you a few cb hatchies

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Thanks guys! biggrin.gif

I'll try and draw a wolf, but I can't guarantee complete success... fingers crossed xd.png

Will do the mint too!



*Oh, fixed the coding and added a small detail.

*Completed sunsteps88's request

*Completed Ninetails' request

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I would like something digitally created!

What DC Dragon?: Cheese

Or Other (please provide links to images/description)?

Position?: Flying (yes, I know it's not possible tongue.gif)

Any props (objects/words)?: Possibly raining cheese? laugh.gif If not, then maybe some stinky air around it...

Any notes?: N/A


These are really cute and awesome, especially since you don't use a tablet! <3

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Wow, and just when I thought this thread had disappeared! Will get right on it smile.gif


EDIT- finished cfmtfm's request

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